Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 6, 1951 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1951
Page 4
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Telephones 2228 and 2229-A11. Departments -econdclaV matter at the + JACOBY • ON BRIDGE + Member: American Newspaper Publishers' Ass'n" N lEToVn^ r Publi,her»- A 8a 'n. ; Conn. Newspaper Publisher?-'££ THE CLOCK By OSWALD JACOBY Written for MSA Service Don't Go Looking For Broken Bones ,,,.„.,. Frank T, Green, a ,-member »* the Charter Study ; Committee of the Naugatuck •Chamber of Commerce, had a long talk with Aldo Jenks, Waterbury assessor, : prior to .last Monday night's hearing on the proposed borough charter revision.; .Mr. Jenks was unable to attend that hearing, .b.ut hopes to be available for the one scheduled April 16. •-•'- The Rev. Donald L. Kent, pastor o* the SalemTLntheran church, • hM done a commendable job of publicity lor the Upsala college choir concert to be given tomorrow evening tn the Congregta- - tional church, Naugatuck High school Principal Ray Foley in commenting on the fact that many students forgot to vote on the charter question during elections held at the school Wednesday, pointed out that they were similar to adults'... when a question appears on the voting machine, it's amazing the number of people that forget to vote on it... there'll be one on voting machines in the -May,,7,election... "yes" or "no" fo-the proposed reduction of firemen's hours from 72 to 56 a week. Third Ward Burgess Gw'XUm: aszewski who breathed much easier after the Democratic ward ewinw; Wednesaay night, says now maybe hell have a chance to get in:a uttte golf. Four Naugatuck High school gir)s, : with ambitions to become -S^t' v sten °Eraphers, took tran- . scripts; ~of testimony given at . Monday night's public hearing .on~.the proposed borough charter -revision...Joyce.Dethlefsen, Barbara- Nordby. Barbara Horbal and .Esther Donovan, said that they got most of'the testimony, but that some of the speakers went "too fast." Local photog John Thlbodcau received several birthday greetings through » uttle mix-up It wasn't his birthday Aprils, (ifs really on Sept. 21, so he'll have two this year) but Mr. and Mrs. T's anniversary... Firenun Apprentice James Stephen Borbas, USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J, Borbas, 8 City HU1 Oojirt, la serrfiigraboard the submarine rescue vessel XJSS Skylark, recently taken out of the Atlantic Beserve fleet and recommlssloned at New London ... Its job is to seek* out and bring-to the surface the crew of sunken,submarines ...Frank has an interesting jjbb. - Water conditions are prevalent in the borough and now we understand another has developed in Naugawam Village, the. borough's first moderate rental housing-.development ...members of the Housing Authority are working on the matter, but report that action is slow from the state. Ready to wind up reserve training at the Great Lakes, 111. Naval Training Center are Don Anderson, 1 Glenwood, avenue; Thomas F. Johnson, 121 Cliff street; Harold G. Valentine, New Haven road, and Donald P. Fitzgerald, 168 Gorman street ... They'll b e home by Monday. Rudy Anderson and Bill Painter took advantage of the weather and got In a little golf while Bill and his family were in the borough for the Easter holidays. ...when possible. Bill takes a turn around the courses in Washington, D. C., where he's exec secretary to Representative James Patterson. Cpl. Don Sitar of Beacon Falls, a member of General Ike's honor guard stationed at supreme headquarters in Paris writes that the French countryside looks just as it 'tells in books, and he's quite keen on the country... a i so says headquarters .in the Hotel Astoria on avenue Des Champ-Elysees is only a block from the Arch D'Tri- composing the honor guard are the. best the -Military Police Corps has to offer 6" *•> <*zi ...... *t.u.i.4wi* ^(j (j. (jertciiii Kind of person to touch the paint Some people feel compelled to push .past a sign.;that reads "Danger- Keep Out." Maybe that's why North got himself into trouble in the hand shown today. When East doubled one diamond it was clear that at least one opponent had...-a..: good hand. When NORTH (D) A843 ' VA5 *KQJ7 *AJ65 * A 10 9 5 4842 *Q109 *K84 SOOTH 4k J 10 9 8 VJ1063 483 *732 Neither vul, N-S 60 part score North East Sooth West 1» Double Pass IN. T. Double Pass 2V Double Pass Pass • 2* Pass Pass Double Pass Pass Opening lead—* 10 ~ ri — ••—« j«^*- oanjng ior irou- ble He got what he was asking for, Against the final. contract of two spades doubled, West led the 'ten of clubs. This was allowed to hold, and West continued with-the nine of clubs. v Dummy took the second trick with the ace of clubs, and declarer should have led the king of diamonds; at once to establish two tricks in that suit. Instead he led the low heart from dummy, hoping to get, a ruffing trick eventually East boldly stepped up with the queen of hearts and drew three rounds of trumps. Then he returned a heart to dummy's ace. Now, too late, declarer led dummy's king of diamonds. West took 'the ace of cashed the king of hearts' Questions and Answers Q—How does the state of Arizona rank in area? •A—Arizona, has a total area of approximately 114,000 square miles, and . in , its area size is the fifth largest state in the Union What's Doing In liaugatuck Friday, April 6 Bake sale,, EmblenT club, Culver Florist, Church street, beginning at 10 a. m Business meeting, " Pond Hill rt United Nations? ...-:' status '"' the and ears, and gave his partner a heart ruff. East then cashed the king' of clubs and gave the last tricks to South's high trump and dummy's good diambnd: ° Wa Set f ° ur> for a South failed to redouble, it wa clear that. South had very little strength at best. That was the tip-off. North had ~v! ?'L hand ' but had been warned nat his partner was weak. Hence he should have stayed out of the auction. The opponent would probably play 'the hand at one no-trump, nd they would make that contract. No bones would be broken, and no lood would be shed. When North climbed back into tie battle by doubling one no- of 7™ > a P ena y of 700 points, on a hand in which tie opponents would not have dreamed of bidding a game. CARD SENSE ' '< Q— With neither side vulnerable hold: ^^eTk^^t/™ Tk<«'*~. j . -ntzarMj o, .Diamonds A-10-9-4, dubs K- 5. What do you. do? A—Bid one spade. If your mrf. Z ^iTi*^ •,:«••*>£ -~ •• —~s to pass. M the opponents play the hand, a spade I«S from your partner will be the best way to begin TODAY'S QUESTION .,-. —* " *t*smoimin n**;?* 1 ^. side • ' vulnerable, next player : A-K-i Passes. You -J-7-3-2. Hearts JACOBY ON CANASTA EnglishTwist To Canasta A—Italy,is not a member of the united Nations. But Italy is administrator for the UN of the trusteeship area of. Somaliland under a General Assembly resolution. Q>-Why do we speak of something as being a "swan song"? A—A swan,song, today, is an artistic work composed just before the artist's death, or at the end of his artistic career. The term is an allusion to the ancient superstition that the swan- sings a beautiful song when dying. ' _„ what purpose were the Brahman cattle Introduced into the foutnwestern United States? • Afi--Tne /Brahman breed were brought over for crossbreeding W?, d °n>es,tic. cattle to produce a strain of : hybrids that 1 are not only resistant to ticks, but which also are largely immune to Texas fever Brahmans are .generally crossed with ^erefords, the'short-horned, white-faced cattle that have practically replaced all other breeds of beef-cattle. . Q—Why is candy included In the rations of the Armed Services? Armed Services because much^our- ishment is-packed in a small and easily carried form. —-,....^, u .j "icciiiiu, fr\J Community club, 8 p. m. 1 ' .Saturday, April 7 GrandfDeuoration of Chivalry to be conferred, Odd Fellows hall 8 THE DOCTOR ANSWERS By EDHTO P. JORDAN.,!*, i). Writt*. for^Servtee p. m. Paper drive odist church. by men of Meth- Upsala college choir concert, Congregational 1 qhurch, 8 15 p m Jeff, Klub April Shower Dance, Falcon hall. ; ' Sunday, April 8 East Side Old Timers llth annual.. banquet. Odd Fellows hall v .- .Monday, April 9 Monthly, meeting-, public welfare board, towi> hall, 8 pj m. Field trip to Research Station, gethany, : Garden department of Naugatuck;. Woman's- club, meet 'at railroad station parking lot, 2 p m, •••.;••. .•";--' ' '- '• Tuesday, April 10 Annual spring card party of Sis- BPrlOfln • f~lf,'-t~*f\t*,rrrtr,~~i: •*-» j, _ The name of Marilyn Nardello was mistakenly omitted from the list published Wednesday of the local students attaining fourth marking period honors at Sacred Heart High school, Waterbury, . Marilyn, a member of the freshman class, had an average of 91,2... Johnny Wrinn, Jr., vacationing from Brown .university chauffered his dad John Wrinn home to lunch Thursday noon The seniors at Naugy High school have decorated their favorite wall across the street from the school with the large white letters spel'l- ing out S E N I O R S... Because it happens at every caucus and on every election day one would think the registrars of voters would get on the ball. ...noted at caucuses Wednesday night that the names of people who registered with the Democratic party years ago weren't on the primary lists or in the primary books... at least two people were sworn in as registered voters in the third ward caucus Wednesday night, and names added to the list. A weird new Canasta idea ha just been developed in Englan. They call it "Acaba." At any time during a hand, whe •t is your turn to play, you ma say Acaba"—'according to thi iew English - custom. That end .ne hand' immediately. The card ire mixed without any countin at ail, and the opponents get 150C points for the hand. No more am no less. Your side gets nothing a One further wrinkle: At you urn you may-ask your partner fo: permission , to say^. "Acaba." Thi Derates just like asking for permission to meld out. Let me make it clear right from the beginning that there is nothing tega or official about this strange fi.ngrlish practice. However, I find t rather interesting —and I am jure Canasta players will want to try it out once or. twice. It has a curious effect on the ?ame. When you'pick up a really big discard pile, you {tend to meld out at once if .you ckn score substantially more .than 1500 points. Otherwise the next player will end the fun by saying "Acaba." Suppose the pile is. born frozen and just stays that way for round after round. It mounts up and up each player discarding carefully until it contains several natural' canastas. Finally, you reach a point where you have to make a dangerous discard. This is a familiar situation, of Oldest course, and in an ordinary game he United Stab you 3 ust cross your fingers . and ally of Louisville make your diescard. ' Not so if you are using the Acaba feature P Maybe you should say "Acaba" enemy. If you don't? !n the t0 next tP ' ayer ™*y Srab the' P i, e , S core rSt e out° USand P0ints . an <> m.ld «t -you leel like a prize fool if r°"vff/.: Ae _ abda " a " d then discov- dicsard would have Lin to try once or hink it will last, s an ingenious idea and ve,opme e n a ts. tOS ° me0ther ^ odde ^One more reminder: This idea s not a new official rule. It's just i new wrinkle you might want to experiment with if all the at your table agree to it What's Right? DO YOU REMEMBER? One Year Ago "Some 33,000 employes of the U. S. Rubber company, with about 4,300 of them in the three local and Beacon Falls plants, were affected by the $100 - a - month minimum pension, including social security, agreed to by the company in New York city. Midshipman First Class John G- Stinson, USNA, was appointed a company officer in the Brigade of-Midshipmen at the Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. . JOXeare Ago Jack Wood, Al Meier and George Foley won awards in the K. of C. League. A' total of 130 men were given jobs today by the street department. to .is friends ~°~ """" in fr ° nt of p ' WB . OI « }: Bawl him out, if y ou eel he deserves it, or if you arc ufficiently annoyed BIGHT: Be as firm as you like ut be courteous or you win e ™- State To Reduce Draft Call Number In June .--™-r' =*"««6 uaru party 01 Sisterhood of .Congregation Beth Israel, Community Center, 148 Fair, view avenue, 8 p. m ; Conferring of Entered Apprentice degree, Salem lodge, No. 136, AF & AiM.,.. Masonic Temple, 8pm .Regular monthly meeting, Naugatuck chapter, American War Mothers, VFW Home, 8 p. m. Wednesday, April 11 Annual spring, card party, St. Marys Altar society, church hall, 8 p. m. . . Republican ward caucuses and town' convention. Combination: meeting, Salem and central Avenue schools Parent- Teacher associations, at Central Avenue school, 8 p. m.' Church Helpers, of St. Michael's covered-dish luncheon, parish house, 1 p. m. Thursday, April 12 Civil Defense first aid class American Legion Home, 21 Cedar street, 7:30-p.. m. Smorgasbord sponsored by Ladies' Aid society, Salem Lutheran church, church hall, servings at 5 p. m. and «,p.- m . . Friday,April 13 The Jade Necklace,' a comedy mystery, to be presented by the Young People's Fellowship, Congregational church parish house. .£ a "^±' l ,, String 0 ™hestra Pre- The first question is importan because it asks this writer to d something which he could not pos sibly do without putting the ques tioner's life in danger—and perhap the lives of others as well. •• Q—Please write about the care o heart trouble. We live in thc'coun try and are somewhat 1'inancialJj embarrassed. Sometimes when bend over in the -garden I -get a catch on my left side and m breathing is painful. L.T.M. A—In the first place this may no be heart trouble at all. In the sec ond, if the symptoms are caused by heart disease, L.T.M. must have tests made so that the treatment is adjusted to the particular kind of heart disease present and the capacity of the heart at that particular time. In other words, he may need one kind of medicine or another—or none at all. Furthermore, someone else could nave symptoms which sound exactly like those of L.T.M. and vet which are due to an entirely different cause and need utterly dif- ' —«• vttui^m *wrur>, -_.-— must find some way to get an accurate diagnosis and the exact treatment he, needs. This cannot be obtained by mail. .•**.* Q—My hands are in water a great deal, and .although I use lotions and creams they turn fiery red and are this way even when I am in a warm house. Could this be a nervous condition or should something else be done? K.B.S. A—This sounds like a true irritation of the skin from water, some chemical in the- water, or an allergy to cold. It is probably noi due to "nervousness" and you should consult your doctor or a skin specialist about it. * * * ^ Q—What causes tinnitus, can it to deaf- ;A—Tinnitus is merely the medical name for ringing In ears. Consequently it may; occqr in the presence of several different Muds of diseases, especially tKfwe Involving parts of the hearing; apparatus. Tinnitus will not of Itself cause deafness, but < If it Is associated with a disease which does, deafness may come, f ~ Q—Are cats.injurious to children in the respect;,tha v t'they might suck ' the;,'breath of '"'a ' sleeping cfiild? Reader. ^\ ' •-.•:•' : •I have heard :thls story' but have never kjiown.of an authentic case where it really happened. . Q—My,,son goes to\isit a friend n the hospital who ha* a. bad case of tuberculosis. Is there any chance -hat he might catch the disease rom being so close? 'W.M. A—if the patient Is coughing and las tubercle bacilli In his sputum ie can transmit the disease to others. Since your' x son's friend is In he hospital, however, the doctors here presumably consider visiting afe^or they would not allow,It. ,9~ A lady I know had a pul- nonary,.emboJism. when .she had her aby and was under an oxygen tent nd .very"sicttTfof-'seve'ral weeks. What causes it and is it likely to appen again? Mrs. E.M.P. rare;in.childbirth, hap- .3. oWly.once'.,In 'several' thou- and. It is a clot breaking off vhich is carried to the lungs. Just ''hy It should occiir Is .hard- tb' say nd It is so rare in"the first place hat there is not much-information n the likelihood pf a second at- tack-'from'chllabirth.-- 1 '' ' " •• NOTE ; ON,.QUESTIONS Dr. Jordan, is unable to answer directly individual, questions from readers. However, once a week / in this "Q & A" column he will / answer the most interesting and •th.e most frequently asked ques- >- • ' ' . -~ ^*> Mi -"»'*o' • u.a«vi:u mHJS ^ tions received during the week. Bake sale,,Peter J.' Foley Little strefrio^m^otp-^ CM Saturday, April 14 Jornt installation of office Crusader post. Veterans of Fo eign Wars and T " • -— r AVULSUCI avt 'The Jade Necklace," a corned mystery, to be presented by th Young People's Fellowship Co Sr ^'i 0 "!. 1 .. C . h ^ rch ? arish house all cour Washington, April 6— <UP)—Cone „ necticut and Rhode Island wHl have reduced draft calls starting in the Univer- 5 .'SO-WATR-Bis John and Sparky - - WBRT-H^T ™ * nrmT^i -» . ~~. . . - _- ".Dl^z—±taalo NlfA r*1..». famous cathedral j 7 Itfis Vanf'.' 13 Beginning 14 Lightly JSEucharistic '- wine cup -16 Force* down : 18 Canine " 2 Unassuming 3 Greek letter 4Exists •5 Allot t 6 Asterisk 7Apertures 9 French river 9 Transpose BE i ASIATIC ELEPHANT [STo . <ab.> 50 Beads 23 Otherwise V 25 Competent 27 Expeiislve *8 Booty 29 Pronoun-: 30 Not (prefix) ;81 Palm lily, 32 Cerium'' .K ', (symbol) /* .33 Enemies > * 35 Angered ;38 Deteriorate ,3» Part of the I face,- --'.- •- r40Whfle ;. ' : 41 Comfort* 10 Secreted : 11 Philippine seaport •• , -i Young swan 17 Greek letter 20 Keeps on 2lGlucosides 24 Fries lightly 26 Short jacket 33 It is in —_ 34 Blackbirds ) 36 Landed property 37 Nicked 42 Above 43 Boys g£S 44,Any , 45 Ancient ax 46 Jacob's brother 49 Make lace edging 51 Cooking utensil 53 Pronoun 55 Near (ab.) 5 .'30-WATR—Bis John and Sparky WTIC—Just Plain Bill WW B C e?tTy AdVentUreS °' C ' yde WBRY-i-Hi School 'Hilites WLCR—Best on Wax 6:45—WBRY—Curt Massey -Time WTIC—Front Page Farrell 6:00—ALL Stations—News WBRY—E. Christy Brk 6 :15 ~iTATR—NAUG. NEWS WWCO—Sportsoope W ,BRY—Penthouse Serenade WTIC—Strictly Sports 6:30-WATR— Von Tobcl; Song oi WBRY—John A. Cluney WWCO—Who's- Talking c .A>.- S^JSr" 11 ? 1 ' 16 c °te Glee Club 6.4!,--WATR—Al Vestro's Sports WTIC—3 Star Extra WBRY—Lowell Thomi.* 7:00—\VATR—Camp Pickett Inter- s . ,. WWCO— Fulton Lewis 1 " 10116 Tour ADav ot 'he Week t (symbol) 48 Seine iSOWMtber [ inditator* '51 Light; touch ;52 Scratched 04 Woolly 158 Compound . etban . !S7Rev«w* 4 ^ S 1 ^ iz. " •*-*- iv * —j-^ttum Nile Chih 11 ^""^c^ 6 ' 8 "^ HHites 12:00-AU 8tatlo^-N?wS" . TEMTVISION WITHC-TY CHANHEI, • 5:00—Lucky Pup | ; 15—Time lor Beany 5 :30—Howdy Doody b: 00—Twilight Time 6:30—Faye Emerson 6:4o—Sport Spotlight 7. : ?n 5"? 13 ' Fran and O'Ue —Roberta Quinlan 7:45—Newsreel S : 00—Mama 8:30—We. the People 3:00— Big Story . n 'i??T Henry Mor ean 0:OOA-Cavaloade of Sports 7? nn~S reatest Fi ghts tt : ?2~S roadway Open House 11:15—News Lewis ^num£rSrS a ^™" up%ftSss i : S£H e ! Among the few states to get ™b stantial reductions of draft ca.l win be Connecticut and- Rhod wirfed Th ?- 43 / d infantry «"^ss was federahzed in September an. Con n ecti cu r s Air Guard was mobilized early this year. The 43rd is composed mainlv o irnd^rve^rr^- Rhode Milford Manager Takes New Position (By United Press) tntHn^Yv mana S er of Milford is UlUme ^.._ f i r l ° f Ma ^ t° take Sunday, April 15 Concert by Chapel Echoes Quar ice ot fSLdiQ st&tion.' WlOf* triiicf ~ Covenant church, 5 p. m.' Monday, April 16 n,,^h Wi £ h . earin S on proposed bor ough charter revision, Naugatuck high school auditorium, 8 p. m. Tuesday, April 17 . ». »T . "i-« oi May to take ^ et or^ nc ,riho^^ Adolph J. Koenig says that'S "substantial increase in c nn m OT 6:00— The Rear McKay 6:30— The Early. Show 7:30-CBS Television Newa 7 s WBRT— Club 15 W gg0-Gabriel Heatter ?— Edward R. Murro 8100—WATR—Richard Diamond. Priv. WTIC—Nero Wolfe .' ?,S5I-? la >-.Rad^ of Monte Crlsto la Your FBI. -•wu j. » iaeattir 0 :00—Star ot the Family J;30—We Take Tour Word , ll:00-->News oi the Nighl 11 :10— Film Theater - mo WTIC— Sam Spade 9:0 °-WATR-,o zzl e P& Harriet WBRY— Hear It Now " 06 "' Montague — The Sherilf »:-j^esjM"=r-— 11:00—ALL Stations—News WB ^Y—Russell Sumph and the 11 :ts—WTIC—T.B.A. : WWGO—UN Today 1 WATR-^Sports Report . ,. Ctum i 6:30— Tex and Jinx S : 5S~ Weather b y Weiherbee 7:00 — ^Kukla. Fran and Ollle 7 :3«^-Roberta. Quinlan 7:4o — News Caravan S :00— ^Qulz Kids 8 :30— We; the People 9:00— Big Story 9:30— Henry Morgan 10:00 — Boxing }J : 2S""S roadway O"™ House i6 :uu — News Koenig became town manager of Milford a little more than three years ago.. His administratfon was one_ controversy after another-and high-lighted last fall when the town a ear redUCed ' his aalar y >>y $12TO Indignant citizens rallied to his support. Unable to get the councH to change its mind, they appealed for; public donations to restore the salary cut. The put contribution .barrels outside O f stores, on which were placards reading: ! "Help pay our town manager's ; salary." . . . S ee ' ih E- Shepherd lodge American — •„' -...o.»i's club, ion Home, 8 p. m. Wednesday, April 18 ii n a W m°t er o tOWn hal1 COUr t 11 a - m. to 2 p. m. - Spring dance, PW , - * e ' sponsored Play maker?| st M . chaer3 April 20 sponsored m.' VFW MEETING A regular meeting of the Veterans of Foreign Wars will be held this evening at 8 o'clock in the VFW home, Rubber avenue. The newly-elected officers are requested to attend, for preparation for installation on April 14. Refreshments will be served. An overwhelming majority of motor vehicles l involved in accidents last year were treported in appar-' ently good condition. j Roundtable For Boy Scouts leaders MOIL -The Naugatuck ^District of Boy gcouts will meet for a roundtable Monday evening, April 9 at 7:30 p clock m the meeting place of Troop 15, Robert Holdsworth, assistant district, commissioner, announced today. ; Subjects to ; be discussed include training programs,: Camp Matta- tuck, : Explorer 'summer activities, summertime program for Cub Scouts and the district camp jamboree. Chairmen are asked to notify their committeemen and leaders their assistants. Rev. . m. , Saturday, April Monday, April 83 sc< 01 - -"("cnaersCt Helpers, parish house, 2 p. ffl . Tuesday, April 34 Master Masons degree conferred at_meeting of Salem lodge, No. 136 in A ' M '' Ma sonic temple, 3 '_'_ 'Saturday, April 28 Cabaret dance, Pond Hill Community club, S:30 p. m Saturday, May S court We Have Your T. V. SET _ The Mussc Shop — ererythmr moilol —"^ .. ___—-- J mnileal — ( «8 CHTJBCH ST. PHONE 5287 No Blur! No Smear! Now, evenatthi8lowprioe,i*ehriiig you genuino PlulcoBauux»dBe«in television—the sensational JaijJ- op ment tint ends picturt Uv opt PLUS TAX,-AND WA&BAMTY FREE HOME TRIAL THE MUSIC SHOP everything: musical— 88CHURCHST. IMQNE5287

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