Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 4, 1951 · Page 8
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 8

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1951
Page 8
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WEDNESDAY, AFB. 4, 1961 «%e Baity JJtfa* Telephones 2228 and 2229—All Departments Entered as second class matter at the post office in ; Naugatuclt,. Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES ,»• .. Payable In Advance Month ...$1.80 lYeasr, , $15.60 Member: American Newspaper Publishers' Ass'n.; N E. Daily .Newspaper Publishers' Ass'n.; Conn. Newspaper Publishers' Ass'n. APRIL *, 1951 THE CLOCK That's a hard working committee Al- Robinson heads up for the April dance of the Jeff Klub, to be held Saturday night in Falcon Hall... That one star on the rear fender of Henry Bulka's car has other motorists confused... They think it's the identification of a Brigadier General... Edward Hogan, who was . a NEWS carrlerboy some years ago (not "too many) .was in the / borough Saturday, visiting friends-Ed Is now with the circulation department of the Worcester Telegram and Gazette... Coming events east their shadow*... Our good friend Ed Glnty of MillviUe is very much Interested in the charter revision program .. ;jim Farren stressed the importance of a direct primary provision when he spoke about the charter at the Monday night meeting... ' i Thanks to Frank Behlman who invites us to attend the Industrial League bowling banquet Saturday night- at the Eagles- rooms. . .Henry Moecke!, Jr. did an excellent job as moderator at the charter hearlng.»AU thought he was eminently, fair .in .his rulings... Congratulations to Frank Raucci and his committee for the fine turnout, Saturday night in Falcon Hall for ^he Union City Little League... • Good luck to Bill Ctnnamond and hl» Chamber of Commerce Traffic Committee, who meet Thursday night at The Elton with Charlie Williams, of the New Haven' Railroad, • On the subject: of Improved local rail conveniences.. .With 'the summer schedule -due to be announced, Bill and his boys are angling for o lot bettor service for Naugatuck -.'.. Waterbnry committee member* .will also., sit in... John L,. Kane, 243 North Main street, has enlisted in the 311th Anti-Aircraft Artillery;' Group, commanded bjr Col. John J. McCarthy, Winsted..-.Reports of "missing articles" at Naugatuck Hieh School have been, highly exaggerated, according to the most reliable authority. ...Actually, the school, "lost and'found" department -has many unclaimed articles that students have neglected to call for and identify —including cash... " Janet Tifft. Naugy High student and Cherry street resident, acquired her drivers' license last week and utilizes every opportunity to get ahold of «jhe family buggy. Patrolman and 'Mrs. Harris Burke of Maple street are among the host of local people in the TV circuit...George O'Toole of May street, a senior student at the college of Pharmacy, New, Haven, is in Chicago this week with fellow classmates visiting a number of drug, distributing houses in conjunction with hia: studies.. „•:'•' Florence Lagruna, who worked .for several weeks with the Navy department in Washington. Di. C., is home to stay.; .Tickets are now on sale for the presentation of the Jade Necklace by the Pilgrim Fellowship of the Congie- gational church and.may be'se- cured from Clara Benrendt... The Peter J. Fo]ey little League cake .sale has been postponed from this Friday.. .It will be held on next Friday April 13 at Davis Market. Church street. The General Electric Co.,, "Home of Magic", will be at the, Naugatuck High school April J.1 .. .tickets will be free of charge and more information on the event will be forthcoming hi the next few days.' Several Naugatuck people were seen in a newsreel shown recently at a local theater... the shots were taken at . the . Kentucky- Illinois basketball tournament game in New York city. ..among those identified in the pictures were Domenic Minicucci and Henry Cieslewski. ' Civil Defense volunteers will have an opportunity to be administered the oath tonight at a CD meeting scheduled for 7:30 o'clock in the.Maple street, fIre- house. Hubert Stone of the Connecticut Public Expenditure Council. Hartford, and a fellow council member, were among those attending- the public hearing on the proposed borough charter revision Monday night in the high school auditorium. Scene at the public hearing at the his!' school Monday night... Man sleeping peacefully, snoring slightly.. .loud applause by opposition group on some point... man awakens, smiles and begins applause... t Atty. Lawrence Mat zk i n brought back to mind Monday right the statement made several years ago by the Rev. Paul F. Keating, pastor of St. Francis' church, at the original charter revision meeting in the Tuttle Music Shed... Father Keating after listening to considerable discussion, said, "Well, let's get on and 'start revising the charter right now."... he was all for doing it that very night. Mollusk Answer t,o Previous Puzzle |K?li ,' HORIZONTAL VJEBTICAL ' 1,4 Depicted 1 Fries lightly '•• mollusk *2'W^cile., 8 It l«Kits — 3 -**&* s"'* 1 * . in long strinfs jpetest 12 Also " 13 Seed vessel 14 Ruminant ISShoshoneao Indian 16 Strained 18 Exist 19 Polynesian plant SSuperflcial ' extent 6 Peel 7 Otherwise 8 For exunple (ab.) 9 Gazelle 10 Fertile spot 11 Horsey , , ZOSihoolbooka ITCoiaparative 22 Down :"i'. '••"'V^f.":'~' 20 Remains 23 Gaelic 25 Noxious plant 27 Suture 28 Taverns 29 Xt is found • most seas" : 30 Tungsten (ab.) 3J State (ab.) 32 Symbol for 1 chromium S3 Atop 35 Demigod 38 Sour 39 ParadiM v 40 Correlative of : either 41 Achievement 47 Parent 48 Apple seed 60 It seldom bas i -t ' 81 Wheel tooth »2 Nested boxes 64 Likewise ' 65 Goddess ot 1 intatuatioo, MEras whips 24 Mariner 26 Hardened 33 Ideal state 34 .Peeling 38 Distant 37- Wild ass 42f Pronoun' 43 Roughen 44 Small room 45 Feminine r -appellation 46 Aperture. 49 Before (prefix) 51 Headgear S3 Bone j V-JB- f ' '^ ; " ' What Our Farren Favors Direct Primary System; Says Charter Proposal Sets Up City Manager Editor Naugatuck News "It seems to me that this new Charter takes away from the voter a great deal of the power of his vote, and puts it in the hands of a man -who might as well be known as a city manager. Once he has been appointed, it .would be hard to remove him, the longer he stays in the stronger he will become, because of the power vested in him. If he was to decide against an in,- dividual, or group you might just as well throw up the sponge, so to speak, because of the requirements necessary to override his decisions. What I think is that a way should be made to make it easier for people to seek public office. I believe there are many people who would become good politicians if it was not so difficult to" become a political candidate. I think that the solution of this condition is a direct primary system, which is simply an election within the vari ous parties for the office which you intend to represent the party you belong to at the ensuing election, lit would be conducted by setting up the machines and letting the registered party members vote for whom they pleased directly instead .of. for delegates. Under this system every candidate • is -responsible .to every member:of his party for his actions while In. office. .; In closing I would, like to say that as I see the Charter it" conceals too many booby traps, so to speak, it weakens the power of the ballot. I think the people need and should have more to say on the nomination and election of. candidates in their parties. Their vote should be strengthened in every way possible. Under this system. we need, never fear .Communisht or any other ism that might weaken our nation." Respectfully, (Signed) JAMES FARREN. t JACOBY ON BRIDGE + By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NEA Service Here's ARule Good To Know Written for NEA Service THERE/ are certain situations that every good player should memorize. A few times a. year they are bound to confront you, and if you're ready for them you save many hundreds or points. Keep your eyes on the West cards in the hand shown today. One of these important. situations will soon develop. West, opened the jack of diamonds, and the defenders easily rattled off twp tricks 1 in this suit. South ruffled the third diamond, led a club to /dummy's jack and returned .a. low.spade: East played NORTH V A1096 4 #KJ A-oae ''' . * J 10874 *.942 EAST *K5 VQJ52 Smith 2* 4*. 48753 SOUTH(D) 4AQ872 V73 • * 95 * A,Q 10 6 N-Svui. West North Pass 2V Pass 3 * Pass Pass Opining lead-*4 East Pass Pass. Pass the five of spades, South finessed the quen, and West made the correct play! without any hesitation. Figure it out for yourself. What happens if West plays the six of spade?? South looks the spades over very carefully and sees that his only hope is to catch the king of spades alone at this point. If fiast still has K-10 or K-9, a trump trick must surely be lost. Actually West properly played tfce nine, of spades. This gave South something to think about. Apparently West had started with the 10-9 of spades, and. now he had the blank ten left. ACTING on this reasonable assumption, South led ; a club to dummy's king and returned the jack of spades. He hoped'that this would continue the finesse through East and at the same time pick up West's ten. East covered the jack of spades with his king and South .won. with ace, but now West's ten was established. Since, the defenders were bound to win a heart trick sooner or later, the contract was set. Now, all you memorizers, study the West hand. When you hold three to ten in the trump suit, make sure to play _the middle card on any flrst-rourid" finesse. It may not always worky but it costs nothing to try.. Q—With neither side vulnerable, your partner deals and .passes and the next player, also passes. You hol'd: ISpades ' pK-9-8-6-3, 'Hearts J-7-4, Diamonds A-8-3, 'clubs Q-2. What do you do ? A—Pass. Your hand is not worth a normal opening bid and you cannot indicate a desirable opening lead. You have an honor card in each suit and are .therefore willing to let your partner choose his .own lead. . ; • TODAY'S QUESTION With neither side vulnerable, your partner deals and passes and the next player also passes: You hold: Spades A-J-8-3, Hearts K- 8-4, Diamonds 6-2, Clubs K-Q-9-5. What do you do? • • Answer Tomorrow + THE DOCTOR SAYS:- By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M. D. Written for NEA Service Painful Pleurisy May Yield To The New Germ Killers No one who has had an attack of acute pleurisy ever forgets it. Although it is not as painful as kidney stones or some other things, pleurisy is | most, unpleasant experience and often' lasts for 'quite a long time, too. This .disorder gets its name from the delicate membrane which surrounds the lungs called the ,pleura. If the pleura becomes inflamed, .which may be the result of infection or for no apparent cause, there is pain felt in the chest. Also, there is usually a sharp dry cough which the .victim dreads because it makes the pain worse. Eyen .ordinary, breathing or any other motion."of the ciiegt is likely to bring on sharp pair.1. An attack of i pleurisy is apt to begin after exposure to excessive cold, though it may come on at any time. It; is sometimeii only* one sign .of some other disease of the lungs such as pneumoniai Even if the pain is more or less bearable it isn't smart to pretend lo be big and strong and ignore the whole thing. Rest in bed as soon as possible is not only a lot more comfortable !but a lot safer. And it is wise) too, to get an X-ray and other diagnostic tests before too long.- CHRONIC STAGE The severe pain of acute pleurisy is not likely to last long under proper rest and treatment, but unfortunately pleurisy often has a tendency to become chronic. This can go on and on with a good deal of discomfort and interference with normal life. Furthermore, fluid sometimes gathers ;in the space/ between the pleura and the lungs. This mayjor may absorbed inHime and sometimes it has to be removed with a'.needle. ,, ' . One good thing about that because it is usually infec-; tious (but: not catching), it sometimes yields to the new/ gei-m killers. - t Questions and Answers >Q—When was the Army Nurse Corps, organized:?. A—Ddring the Spamsh-Amesioan War, the government hired its first professional nurses for the Army. That actually was the start of the. Army Nurse Corps although it was not until Feb. 2, 1^01 that. Congress adopted the legislation that established the Corps as an aiihorized part of the military. Q—What commercial use Is made of the black; locust wood? A—Black'locust woodi is perfect for use as insulator pins are inserted on the crossarms of telephone and- power transmission lines. Some of the wood i* nude jnto hubs for wagon wheels, fence posts, mine timbers and tool han-, dies. + JACOBT on By OSWALD JACOBY Written tor NEA.Seryice How To Play In The Clutch "You recently wrote an article with, which I. disagree," writes a Chicago correspondent. "You said that it pays to play for a big score when.,the opponents are far- ahead of you. I ihaintaiif that you should play for a fast out. 'Recently .1. was ^involved in a Canasta game, in which my opponents had 4400 points, while my partner and I had 1400. We needed 50 points,; they needed 120. They had two red treys on the table. "My partner and I were able to make two canastas, score approximately 900 points and catch, our opponents with a minus 500. The fact that they were minus 500, with two re'd treys, is evidence that one of them was very close to a meld. At the conclusion of this hand we had 2400 points and they had 3900 points. "The succeeding hand, fortunate- XContinued on Page'.lO-) DO YOU REMEMBER? One Year Ago , Members of Beacon Hose company donated .*50 to the police department's uniform fund. Charles W. Vaughn received an award for being with the Naugatuck Chemical division of the U. S. Rubber company, more, than 46 years, longer than any other active employe. 20 Tears Ago Joe Moore" and his collegians broadcast 'from a Bridgeport radio station. •, ; Mrs. George Lambert-. was chairman of the arrangements committeee for St. Mary's Altar. Society card party. Q—How many dogs are there In the average litter? Aj-The average number of pups m a litter is five, ** — How l^S* Is the statue of ^^T*^ °" thK CM * Hali In Philadelphia? A—It is 37 feet tall, atop ths 54S- f6ot tower of City Hall. It 13 the best-known human effigy on top of- a U. S. building. y Q-What Is the all-time place- kick record? A—On Nov. 30, 1882, J. T. Haxall booted a 65-yard goal for Piince- ton against Yale. What's Right? ni and your nusba nd would like to call on another couple and you telephone to see if it is convenient: R P NG: Ca " "P an <* ask. hat are'you doing tonight?" RIGHT: Say right .off that you would like to visit them if it is convenient. BOTABY NOMINEE ; A North Haven man has been nominated as governor of the 292nd District of the Rotary International. David A. North: will succeed Howard W. .Dickermari of Hamden. North will be elected at the Rotary's annual convention at Atlantic City .next month. ' Greenland's .ice cap is estimated to cover the island with a 5000-foot thickness. ' •'."'". Have Your The Music Shop < — eTerythtng musleal — |88 CHURCH ST. PHONE 6881 1 Wear counts. SHOP ROSENBLATT'S Naugatuck's Work Clothes : Headquarters Famous Brands—Lower Prices -Featuring ".Lee!' "Setlow" "Madwefllf—"iSig Yank" "Campus'? Regular and Extra Sizes— All Work'Garments WORK SHIRTS Chambrayg - Coverts - Poplins and Army Chinds. Mtitch. them with your work trousers." All. Sizes — Sanforized OVERALLS For Carpenters -'Painters . Mechanics. . * : Blues - Browns - White* Stripes. All. SizeSrSarifprized. Jumpers ... 4 Work, Aprons . Work Gloves . Work Shoes .. Coveralls . . 6. Work Caps . .. Dusters Jackets .. ... .95 by "Lee" . 89c to 1.49 . 39c to 1.95 5.95 to 8.95 95 by "Lee" . 25cto69c 3.79 to 4.95 3.95 to 9.95 DUNGAREES Blues - Browns - .Whites Alt Types built lor your . specific needs "Riders"— Western Style ' '• 3.78 -to i.49. '<"•' WORE PANTS Coverts - Twills - Whipcords Army Chinos - Sanforized Regular and Extra Sizes Uniform Pants 25bO Pair MENS'DRESS TROUSERS Gabardines and Worsteds— Sharkskins Solid colors—Plaids—Mixtures Our largest selection ever 4.95 "• 12.95 SHOP AND SAVE AT SALE OF $uit& Reg. 39.50 to 55.00 by Nationally Famous Makers 3150 to 4150 Gabardines - Worsteds - .Sharkskins - Shctlands— All Models ROSE N BL A T T' S 85 MAPLE ST. NAUGATUCK'S LARGEST DEPT STORE TEL. 3742 LIFE CAN BE With STORM MASTER A 70 BY PER WEEK FOR THE AVERAGE^ WHILE STILL AVAILABLE NO MIDDLEMAN—DIRECT FROM FACTORY ; TQ YOU Waterbury's oldest and largest Aluminum Window and Door Company tells you why you should buy NESCO STORM MASTER WINDOWS. Installing almost 25,000 windows in WATERBURY AND VICINITY, WE TELL YOU — YOU CANNOT BIT* A BETTER COMBINATION ALUMINUM WINDOW, NO MASTER WHAT YOlj 'PAY FOR IT. : -'•"•• .-'•'•" •' " '"' • • .{•;*• ---t. j . Here's! Why! ' - • ' " .•:•... p j i I . Nesco Storm Master Windows are made of Alcoa. (Alum. Co. of Amu) .062 or 1/16" ' „ 'extru'ded 1 (not rolled) Aluminum. These extrusions are made by them in their own mills: . Compare with any made anywhere.' ? ".- * 2 Nesco, Storm .Master Windows are beautiful. The neat appearance of, these windows will \ *•. add great value and looks to any home. ' i ^ 3 Take a good look at the Storm Master Screen. You'll agree it's more than twice the quality of any other make. ; : ! . "" , , 4 , Nesco Storm Master ventilates from the top or bottom or both at the, same time if de': sired; ••''• .• ' ' • ."" ... •-•..'-•* . , . ;•.' _-'•''• " " 5 Bonded representatives and insyred workmen for your protection. !•••.'•;..- "•:""":". i,y-.-."',.' '-''.',^" '- • ; ; / .. ; A certificate of guarantee goes with, the purchase of all Nesco Storm Master Windows; 6 EASY TEEMS • LOCALLY FIN ANCED — Up To 30 Months To Pay (New England.Sales Company) ' ^ ft -"" 29 HARRISON AVE. (Just off Exchange Place) PHONE 4,9319 WATERBURY, CONN. OUB POLICY:—If you can buy a better combination sash, we'll install them in your home free of charge.

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