The Times-Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on May 24, 1928 · 24
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The Times-Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · 24

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1928
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21 TOE RCIUNTON TIMES. TOUHSDAY. MAT 2t. 1023.' ) start tr rater CRocar South Scranton Bride "uwti too M to CCUS 01OU 0oi Af tw st. fit UAJ TttUNfi Yrf YHAf If IJ I. me CAW fHAf HC 1$ tOIU to 6 9 0dtttNAfCf r4 rtSStOCHt AN -f4fiV WA ALL IA0 YWe- foiCMAM vi foOcM-f guievd m juh Jo juir rR tHAtunat to ote isn't coins to wavs Hjm im tu CAeiHfif. AlHY OUJIC AN CNCC6 tooic YAUCC0 6vcf 1V6 NAMCS A fKC CAfllMCT fluNcM OoiLlb t OCR ft I COHt Yb HA VC A MAI TIM T5 JeCRCfAiy CRThS NAVY CAWW ALfTM fCARY eAf TRIO IS ALL H 15 rtltNlJ. Johf -flrti MSll HAV To MAKf ANTHl law fo YHRce jccac Tf.icj rrw NAVV. f HftA If. ALHY CuSSte 1UiH9$ M LfVHSOl WoULO 69 THC Rl Hf FAM tt 68 Ynf JaCtCTMCF MMCUtfoRS tAS-Ht'J CofAfloXfULCf: CRANIUM J IN U WINDOW, ALNf US JL WOWY HAVC A JCCR6TAR.V Of YVU TifttRiOd 'CAJJJ& JftC HA? tit. CUJ WAlloOT ruAMSAWC TW6 WHlteHoLK. SAtS JUSWANTJ TVS RlWIM tOOOA WALL RAM A wrfM FtA JMICIRJ 'CAUSA IT WOU0NY tooic NC6 IF YNey pfOflV -SHOW THAT WY WA5 fA-fRIOTC. V 1 A Kakrka and Mtd. Uiu CUn JitiDMkL daughter of ilr. sad Un Jcxwph Jstokl. ol fceutb Irvttsg iiwitf, nl Eugen K-k rrii, ioa of Mr nd Mro. K. Kikinki. Eort Locuot lrwl. w oro merited Tn4 vtiin tn lb Hurd Heart church by Her. Andrew Zycbewtca. ... Hi brute wore white crop with Uo trimming Her lull roll hod o carnet of loco held in ploro h orange bloooomo Hh carried o ohower of roe co Her mold, Mia Helen Molln nek) were irreen georgette ond motch In hot 8li corded rose t alter hokereka woo the beot mon. After a weddlnx aupper at th homo of the bride, th couple left for a trip They all! reeld on Irvin avenue. NJITIITE OF JERUSALEM SPEAKER ill HABASSAH EDUCATED IN THIS COUNTRY , AND HAD MADE FREQUENT THIRD TO LAND OF HER BIRTH. The Scranton chapter of Hadaaoati entertained at luncheon yeoterdoy at Temple larael and had aa I to honor rueot and speaker for tb program following one of the ouotandln women in th organisation. Mm. Pevld de Sola Pool, of New Tork. Nearly if enjoyed the dellclou luncheon which nerved and the axeellent program which follow i. Rabbi Max Art gave the Invoca Hon and Mm. Anthony Schlff entertained with vocal aoloa. accompanied l.y Mm. J. Rubenetein. Mr Max Kaplan, president, gave the nddreae of welcome and a short address tvae riven by Rabbi Bernard Holler, of the Madison Avenua temple. Mm Pool, who wan born In Jerusalem and cams to this country for bar education, graduated from Hunter college. Now York, and era swarded a scholarship of two ye.tre at the University of Parla. She held tha ehalr of Greek and mathemates at Hunter college for aome time. Nho ha made numeroua trip back to th land of her birth and understand condition! there very well. Bha epok especially of the splendid work being done In Palestine by the Jiadassah and of the four hospital and aeventeen baby welfare station conducted by them. Then agenciee are open to people of all creed and rationalities and are doing splendid work. Spring flower and the Zion color, blue and white, were used in docoi -atlng. The committee in chai re consisted of Mesdamea M. L. Goodman, Joseph Blume and Max Meyers 0 f Interest To Women Mrs A. H. Welle, of 72i Monroe avenue, will entertain Ihe Friday Fortnightly club at her home on Friday evening. Mrs. J. J. Rankin will he In charge of the program and the subject will be Current Events." Th Scranton chapter Junior lia-dassah will conduct Its last meeting of the season Monday night at 8 oclock at the Y. M. H. A lilacus-aloaa on convention will ba made liy delegates. A ery fine program has been arranged and refreshments will be served. Miss Sadie I)u la. the president. Mill take t barge of the evenings alTairs. Emergency unit. No 1. will meet Monday evening in the Red Cross room In the Chamber of Commerce Instead of Wednesday evening. The executive board of the Welsh Woman's society will meet in the Chamber of Commerce at 8 oclock this evening. Irene McDonough 37 Fourth Ave. Hat just returned from New York with a full line of up-to-date Spring and Summer Dreswea, 110.76 to $15. Adv.-M24-tl LIES NIGHT OBSERVED SOCIAL EVENT IN PARISH HOUSE OF CHURCH OF THE EPIPHANY IS ATTENDED BY 150 PERSONS. ' Residents of Glenburn got a real treat laat night when the members r.f the newly organlred Mon's club of that place staged a Ladles night celebration In the parish house of th Church of the Epiphany More liian 150 persons attended the affar which eclipsed any event of its kind ever held before In Glenburn. William Morris. Jr., presided over the gathering. Rev. 8. Ezra Neiklrk. president of the club, was the only speaker of the evening and gave the address of welcome to the guests at th affair. The program of entertainment was one of high order and prompted words of praise for the commute that arranged It. The Premier quartet aang several number white the Merrymakers, comprising the Strau&s sisters, Mrs. Derr and Robert Johnson, also entertained. Wilbur Nauman, of this city, gave several vocal selections that were well received. Refreshments were served at th close of the evenings program. The Young Women's guild of Grace Reformed Episcopal church, 424 Monroe avenue, extends an Invitation to members and their friends to attend th annual church birthday party which will tuko place In the church parlors this evening. The executive board of the Welsh Womans society of ltcka wanna county will meet at the Chamber of Commerce building this evening at 8 o'clock. Mrs. Myfanwy Bey non Jones, the president, will be In iharge. The Ix) al Workers of the Dunntore M. E. church will meet In the church parlors this evening at 8 oclock Mrs. Rose Correl! will have charge of the devotions and Mrs. Caradoc Thomas will he In charge of the entertainment. Mrs. Thomas Henwood. chairman of the hostesses, will be assisted by Mesdames Frank Ha Hock Jesale Palmer, Fred Stevens, Harry Edwards and John Thomaa. The Electric Delphian chapter will meet tomorrow afternoon at 2 oclock at the Chamber of Commeice building Mrs. Foster D. Keese, the leader, will be assieted by Mesdams J. J. Walsh, C. E. Thomson, Norman Brown, Henrietta Wright, M. A. Walker. J. T. Dunn. J. M. Culms and Fred W. Edwards. Mrs. R. P. Hamilton will speak on Margaret Fuller. Permanent Wave I Special Prices T Suit Your Pecktbok Wgve Formerly $10 Now Wave Formerly C 1 A $18 Now vt, . v v ; , NO EXTRAS Beauty Parlor DeLuze 115 WYOMING AVE. (Over Kennedy's) Phone ton A violin recital In Victorian costume will be given under the auspices of the Womans Foreign Missionary society of Elm Park church, Friday afternoon. June 8. The violinist will be Mrs. Elizabeth Adams Mills, assisted by Mrs. Ralph Bershlmer, soprano. The program will start at 3 oclock In the assembly room of Elm Psik house No tickets are being SMOKING for sweet breath, cool, comfort -able feet in ? Mu-Sol-Dent UMI Mmtt 50 Ugly, Unsightly Hair snd Facisl Blemishes (Warts, Moles, Etc.) Quickly and Permanently ( Removed By Safe, Ban Bur Method. Information and Booklet Fro. t EVAM. HETSEL 516 Ucbwaima Aye. Mine Iorolhy Ie. k, of olive slraet, I HI glva a brhl luncheon Ralur-la) llit gut1 will hum- L r fourteen. 1 oo ; hftaa Iorlis an pel. f Watn1 burn street, Iv.a laaued InvltaUin for ! u briilg luncheon June L o o ! Sira John Bonner heads the host- j e.a Conimllla tn vharg of the (trial .rd prty of the season at Ihe V alh 1 lie Womens club This affair prom lee to l ot of Ihe nnt enjoabl. of the serlr given the past few months Assisting her will be Mrs K C Hoffman, Mlae Beatrice JUt lenhouse. lira J J. llowley. Mrs )l A Rafter, Mrs. Frank McLaughlin. Mra Milliard M O ltrten. Mrs. Henry Mutter. Mrs John OMalle), Mrs Georg Hturkart. Mr. A. A. Kearney, Mra. Thomas P. Ho ban. Mra Thoinaa Tailor. Mr J. Joseph OBrien. Mrs Ien-nla Kelleher, Mra William Herbert, Mr Emmet Cawley, Mr Thome I Guinn, Mrs. James Hell, Mra. William Gibbons. Mrs Joseph Renting. Mrs. J. J. W)nor, Mr. M E. Wilson, Mrs. Frsnk Hummlcr, Mrs John Murph). Misses HrnrJetla Htorve. Lord t Cawley and Begins Healey 00 Mrs. Willard Bchults, of Colfax avenue, will entertain at a buffet luncheon and bridge party tomorrow afternoon. The guests will number twelve. 00 Member of the Junior class of Marywood seminary entertained th graduate delightfully at luncheon today in the country. Corsage bouquets formed the centerpiece on the tsble and were later given to the seventy-fIVe guests as favors Several members of the faculty were guests of honor. o o The annual banquet and dance of the Intermediate claas of th Nurtee Training School of the State hospital waa held last evening In the Hotel Casey. Th nine young women who will receive their diplomas In nursing at the annual commencement exercise Monday night In Ht. Luke a parish house were the guests of honor. 00 Mrs. John Hollow entertained the Women's guild of Ft. Mark's church. Dunmore, at her home, 506 Houth Blakely street, recently. Those present weie: Mesdames E. Wilson. G. Runs. J. Lor k, T. Butler. L. Hatfield, 8. Howell. Sf. Knower, M. Hazen, C. Wallace, J. Morlang, C. Hollow, A. Hensley, A. Eshelman, G. Kunz, A. Fox, and Misses Hatfield, 8. Hollow and A. Hensley; also Mrs. J. Keaet and Mrs. J. Fenwick, of Peckvllle. A dainty luncheon waa served by the hostess. 00 The Phllathea class of the Green Hldge Baptist church will hold Its annual birthday party this evening at the home of Mra. IT S. Price, 1514 Mousey avenue. E. F. Chamberlin, the teacher, will be In charge, and all members are Invited to attend. miMOFCOITIf MEDICAL SOCIETY E LUNCHEON AT DALLAS Th of IduNoMbi will Atruit) i( card In Wyhirtf (on hall in Jun plfiachl, ond dooUftoe will b pUol tnd pm will bm rdd O O At th rofit card prr ! b) j Ht'rantuft rhapttr. No Ili i. K prtie tttr won by th folio wlof Mdm H. Jpd. A. Keltxerrrun j Mary Hhtnkr, (J A Vrni 1 AlUfxkUf h, A YU. C'wrolin Ilium nd kJttr M HihlfTr ntf J Inter (VJ j Mibb Ipn ilUfhrr of f'orry vb-nup, ntertln) her ilub lwjl yc- ! nlng at cards High eores wrr Ubl decoration Mra M J. .Noon, mad by Josephine Andre and Msr- president, gave a brief talk on the garel Healey activities of th organisation and Its Those present were. Jtphlne success and forty tiw mem her mr FORTY NEW MIMMRI ADMITTED INTO ORGANIZATION OF WHICH MRS. M. J. NOONE It PR EIIOENT. Th Womans auxiliary of lb Urkiinina County Medical society held a perfectly appointed luncheon at the Irem Temple Country club. Lvwlles. yesterday. Mra J. O Mar-Inn waa general chairman of (h commlltr In chare of arTmngauit nls Ullee of th valley and apple blossom were used In the attractive GRADUATES There U that something different in the frocks awaiting your selection here. THE WOMANS SHOP, 532 Spruce Street, Scranton Life Bldg. Adv M28-I2 Andrea, Margaret Long Xlnrgsrel Healey, Mary MvHorle), FTleanors Irving. Frances Timlin, Vlnrgsrtt Hhevlln and Carmel McCarthy. 00 Mr and Mr. Claud Arms snd daughter. MU Helen, of VC likes-Harre. who are to tall for Europe In the near fuluya to spend Ihe summer, were honor guests al the dinner party given by .Mia Elizabeth (Joppln-ger, of Vine street, recently at her summer hums at Mount 1ocono 00 Miss Helen Vosbury, of South Main avenue, waa given a dinner party hut evening by a group of frlenda, the occasion being her birthday aonlver-aary. Covert were laid for fourteen guests. 00 Miss Jennie Owens will entertsinl Saturday evening at a bridge din-! ner. sixteen guests have been bidden. 00 Mlaa M. Alice Brady, of Beaumont avenue, entertained last evening it. bridge for her cousin, SI in Mary Brady, who Is to be one of the June brides. The guests were; MLaaeaJule Flannery. Btella Walsh. Ruth Car-mody, Mary McOoff, Mrs. Gerald Moore, Mrs. John Clancy. 00 The officers of Lackawana Chapter, No. 188, Order of Eastern Star, will entertain at carda on Frldtv evening at tho home of Mra. O. VV. Easllnger, 518 Olive street. Pinochle, bridge and dominoes will be played and prizes will be avvraded Ihe winneis. Refreshments will be served. Members and their friends are invited to attend. 00 Members of the Wild Flower club who expect to make the trip to Far-vlew on Saturday are asked to make reservations at the Book Nook by t o'clock tomorrow afternoon. The bus will leave the Flower Shop, 829 Jefferson avenu, on Baturday morning at 9:30 o'clock. Members ar asked to take their own lunch. ()- o Mrs. James Hosenfeld. of Olyphant. gave a luncheon Tuesday In this citv 00 Mrs. H. It. Herbert and members of her committee were responsible for tlie enjoyable dance last evening at the Knights of Columbus clubhouse by Joan of Arc court. No. 459, Catholic Daughters of America. Several hundred couples were in at tendance. 00 Joan of Arc court. Catholic Daughters, held Its annual Maytime dance last tfvening In the Knights of Columbus hall with more than 100 couples in attendance. Music was welcomed Into th auxiliary. A delightful afternoon wee spent it th club Golf and carda were enjoyed Winners of prise at card were: Mesdames J J Curt, Edgar Rturge, Howard Gibbs, E. T Davis and Miss Christine Houser Present were Mesdames J W Lyons, Mae McGuire J W. Orant. T. A. Lonergan, T. H Walker. I. J. Heston. J. J Bulllvan, F J Bcdlak, J. D Lewis, Edgar Bturge, J. I Fulsnsr, Philip J. Davlea, M. A. Peck, F. P. Hollister, Eugene Curtin W. A. Htev-ena. W. F Dickson. Thomaa P. Mar tin. A E. llorgsr, E E. Edwards. F. S. Watson, F. M. Glnley. M. A. Gib-bons. E. de Antonio, J A. McIntosh, Stanley Boland. H A. Dtmllch. J W. Ilouaer, J. O MacLean. Joseph Curt. P. J. ODea, W. R Davie. K. L. Klessl. M. J Noons, I W. Severnon. T. Tone Cavil, M. 1 Pentecost. L M Elslnger. Harry Goodfrlend, Carl Dlmltch, t alter Larkin, A. J. Wlnebrake. W D. Whitehead. Howard Glbhn. C. L. Hosier, .1. Nelson Douglas. Elmer Fhaul, R. D. Roderick, D E Barney, A. Horgsr, Leo Nealon. William Donovan. J. J. Dougherty. A. B. Court-right, E. J. Davlea 'Mlsaes Gretchen Houser, Mary Corcoran. Claire E. Donohue. Christine Houser, Mary Martin and Nan Murrln. I las Uinxil ksltr. af bill strssl, la apswdist Sara ,M leva N C Haklss 11 Mssirws . Is siMsSia III I atlaails IH N J r.l V Tram we a MS iSiai srs- M. I la Iwavills. a a aa calls kg Iks Ssatfe W ktk acilwt J A MrDeassga. s( PkUa4letl. hk rsisrss sftsr vtsius kf aa Mr U. Mslasssr. s qcsadcMw slrssl. Mr S4 Mra JoSs OiL Jr. aa tak-tsr. Hosisrs aa kll Wyamlas ass. Save left kr mMsr far tlarnsasrs kfas Xaihlasa MtLanghlls aa rrask Osargs Urlassall. s ISM cl If sr aaaaa the Scraaisaiaa la Atlaaiki Citr (kla rsl Sir as kfra Thoras T Vaaasdy as daafkirr Msrlaa sf ISIS Oral bsslsrsr. Isri Wdiialir ua a avelsr in S is Sul-tsilss, b C Via Jtsa ArcbksM. af Vlas atrsst. r-ewrwpasisd kr ksc rsasla, kftas gmlly ArchbaM, sf Maffsla R. I . 1U sail Js Si far S sera a. gate BsraS Rasss. af Csaasctleat as SI rm Haalsl lasts, sf riianlk. ssrs rarest suMVa sf Mrs Cathcrls Possll. sf IIS Ilslsssr strsst Sirs H A. Kslsrr as the Silas Car-rts sad Osrtnxt rWils, sad Sis Mr-tka Uukla of this rlir ! ( by motor for Atlsstlc City I lira. Cborlos Asklss, af Rasas a Cltr Mas, U vtalUn her psronta Mr so i Sira Jobs J Phillip, of West Leruet slrssl Mr aa Mrs. Phillips, whs hors bass rsstArsi of tala my far th past fifty yrsra ar prsparlnf ts mors t Oakland. (al. snd will Isors for Ibsr a assk tomorrow furnished by the Hotel Jermyn or-cheetrs. Mra. Henry R. Herbert ws general chairman. Tha members of the committed were: Tickets. Mlea Mildred Miller, chairman. Regina Carroll, Boee Hal-pln. Dellalah Davern. Hilda Albrecht, Anna Igoe, Gertrude Higgins, Mary H. Flynn, Phllomene Sullivan end Cecilia Lowney. Publicity, Catherine Barrett and Mary Lyons. Refresh-menta, Mrs. Edward D. ONeill, chairman; Mary Devine, Sarmel Meixell and tsrle Kearney. Decorations, (Contlmd on Page 26) HOW MISERY COMES TO MILLIONS Tbootanda of femilies are in want today ! Misery comes, often from dimple yet deaadl cans. Father or mother takes sick. Perhaps wrong treatment is taken a i wrong diagnoaiaT Prolonged illness no work, no money I System poisoning profess tonally called TOXEMIA, i waa likaly th esnaa. Few people ma pact this inaidioca diaeesa. Forty or, more irmptoma may mesa ha begin1 ning. Ordinary laxativ pills and water dont clean oat tb poison I waste tht earns it Take Pastola. the interns! antiaeptic and laxatJvs. 1 Thats the remedy for a thousand , ills, beesase it prevents! All good, druggist sell regular box of Pastola Vi, &bl six bOi. i ixr rLAVoa warns ANTISEPTIC Cr LAXATIVT Doctor in Cmrutif Form sold, but a silver offering will be taken, the proceeds going towards the foreign missionary fund. Tho public Is Invited. South Scranton council. No. 96, Daughters of America, held a regular meeting recently In Jr. O. U. A. M. hall. Nomination of officers was held. At the close of the meeting a social hour was enjoyed. Mrs. Lena Miller, captain of degree team, was hostess for the evening and lunch wras served by the committee of the council. The Parent-Teachers organization of the Andrew Jackson school. No. 17, will meet tomorrow afternoon at 2 oclock. Election of officers will be held and there will be a program by the children. Clear Skin of Blemishes (Antiseptic Liquid .Brings Results) It It so easy to rid your skin of plra-plei, blotches and other Momtahes. Simply apply pure, cooling liquid P. P. P. Clear and stainless drieg up almost Immediately. Ita soothing elements penetrate the skin and quickly drive away the Irritation. Stops itching instantly. A 13c trial bottle will provs the merits of this famous antlaeptlo -or money back At all drug btorea. Advertisement. 9 A NATURAL Permanent Wave For You the Best 29 years of active experience 1 at your service. We guarantee our Permanent Wav 1 Ilk Natural curly hair. Ask or tcrile for booklet . CARL ZIMMER Gold Medal Hairdresser 719 Mulberry Street, . Pbone 2.1567 At last, here are Shadow Garments that harmonize in quality, lightness and appearance with our daintiest lingerie. They are made of beautiful imported French double voile. It will not stretch, break or tear. It launder beautifully. No (mart ly dressed woman should be without at least two of them in her wardrobe. $3.50 up Katherine Gilboy 140 Adams Avenue 1 Tsd Hmk 8. 0. k R. Of Sale of Dresses Printed Crepe Flat Crepe Georgette and Printed Chiffon You must sec these dresses to realize the value they, represent T Exquisite, , fluffy afternoon dreises, with mid with out sleeves. Sports Dresses in strik., ing color combinations, Cool dresses m dark shades ideal for traveling and business. v All the newest fashion touches." J. R. Shoucair V 3rd Floor, Miller Bldg., Spruce St Opposite Strand Theater.' Mr os Mr SI1, sf k4 Hsrrt- . ks os IS sir sMU ssss Iks sst-ss Mr. a4 Mra J W. ( 'sis S' ksU. sf Mssfcrnth Mslfkia N J, ss Mr. Mra C. H hsssa sf CUrfcs ssiiii Mra Slksrt Mra r. sf XMUn s(rsl OsUis ss Jtstss bssstf Jr. sf Orrksr rs(, as Mr ss Mrs Wsssr sf Hlrrfc (rest, fcsvs rstsras kss MsrTsla M. T. asrs Ikrf . i leads ifcs furrsl sf Mrs JsSrtS !, WILL ENTERTAIN Mr W. I- Drouln, of 1271 Cstler vsnus. will ntrtln at card Friday evening for th bnfK af th Taylor hospital. ITyr ar asked to bring their own carda and to h d hv I'HT rvcltvlc YAUDEYHIE SHOW AND SUPFER NU BE SJVEM AT r TOXSHT Krrl huadrsd boy ar aaetd to attend th combination vudv1il show and uppr, which will b NJd imlgM In tb Y. M. C. A Tb hew, wblcb wll) start at I o'clock will b In lb form of a bsasflt for buy f other lend and will b part of th World Rrolhsrhood movement of th Y. M. C. A Th veadrvtn pscforminc will roaaist of ktrha and vocal and In-trumrnta) slC( Iona There will lo he a flv-rl motion ytrtar A auppsr will be ervd following (he enter lalnratnl under th direction of a commit! heeded by John Hueay, Warner Kllemtan, Richard Hughs Earn Short. Vernon Walsh and Joseph Hussy. Remove Make-up Palm .ni Olive Oils The lurest way to combat coarse skin, blemishes, blackheads. The beauty oils embodied in s true complexion soap ('.Si I l A V HERE is way to make washing jroar face an actual beauty treatment Women are amazed at the softness of their skin, by the fin texture of their pores, at a result of tint complexion habit If the ikm is regularly cleansed each day if make-up and grime are thoroughly removed natural charm results. The moat effective means to do this, in gentle safety to the skin, is by daily use of Palmolive Soap. Its rich, luxurious lather embodies two famed beauty oils the oil of olive snd the oil of palm. They Jently penetrate and cleanse the ores when applied in the following way and keep your akin radiantly dear, gloriously soft and charming : Each niht wash your fact gently with soothing Palmolive. With your two hands massage the magic lather of its oils into your pores, cleansing them thoroughly. Then rinse, first with warm, then cold, water. Drv r gently patting with a soft towel. Add a little cold cream for dryness. perhaps, bat that k alL Remember alwaya remove make-up before yoa sleep. If left on it dries skin, fill pores and bring unsightly blemishes and blackheads. Alwrays use Palmolive. 10c a cake, everywhere. The Palolv-Peet Company, Chicago. Ilk Special Offering OF THE Gotham Gold Stripe AND Onyx Pointex Hose Chiffon and Service weight in all the new and desirable shades at reduced prices. An opportunity for you to prepare for your vacation wants. Lingerie Specials Dainty Underthings In Fine Crepe de Chine in pastel shades. Also black and white. Included Are: Stepins, French Panties, Chemise, Slips, Gowns and Pajama Suits.' Alto Bridal Sets for the June Brides at very attractive prices. Exclusive Styles of Sweaters for Men and Women , - V v, - A , f M. , , - 4.1.,, . ' v Also Sweaters with Golf Hose to match, for men and boys, specially priced for Decoration Day ' ,4. . Schneiders Hosiery Shop ; Davidow Buildingr Cor. Spruce Street and Wyoming Are. Xr i' mm

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