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Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania • Page 11

Delaware County Daily Times from Chester, Pennsylvania • Page 11

Chester, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

CHESTER TIMES, CHESTER, TUESDM', MAY 15, 1928 RADIO PROGRAMS WM-ITRAWBRIDGE A CLOTHIER 1.00—Talk by Henrietta Calvin. home economics, public of Philadelphia, subject: "Furni snd Murinrement of the Moore Grcullch, soprano; Fannie ln, violinist: Kerk, Chopin recital: talk, "What Does Your by rjertrude O'Ueillv. 6.15—Hsseball scores. 6.50—-Talk, "The fcy J. P.

Merz. 7.00—Voters' Service: "What.Congress Doing," by CharUs G. Ross; sppak- William li. Wood, National Congres- Committee; Representative Wll- Him A. Oldfleld, chairman Congressional Commit teo- topic, "The Campaign Issues of t.OO—Musiciil 8.50—S«lberling Hour.

10.00—Clicquot Club 10.30—Howard correct J0.30—Palais D'Or Orchestra. reports. organ and trumpeter. a.00—Tea music by WOO Trio. PHILADELPHIA STATIONS UNIVERSAL BROADCASTING CO.

4.25-Department of Agriculture Farm Socletv. he This nnd Hevue. Hot bray Orchestra. 6.25— Haheball scores C( 6 Cantilever Shoe Hour with King 7.00— Lucas Harmony Four. Snellenburg jc.OO Correct S.

Sunny Suds S.oO— Yogis llii Prince. rpreatl Cuslonicr 'Ownership of i- iV 'r. l0h sl vice president announcemcni of prosram Thr fl Colltest; 'Max Seenoftky. violinist. JO.

Tea Orchcctra. 11. correct time. 11.01 Tea Garden Orchestra. LIT BROS.

bats' Vac- SCHEDULE (Compiled by United Pitts) TUESDAY, MAT 15 2 oni tho Announcer's viewpoint. by Christine Kendrich. OTHER STATIONS BEST FTATUKES sinttu known chonii In tonight's Ever- Hour, "la Uw South Dctvoik); The Cootlnenuls, Flelde. Ltsllr. Oliver and wtth orciestcfc (WJZ neU-ori).

Blnci Ths thce IB first column time In second column, tleavy Midnight) CKASTKRN STATIONS) wro, ATLMtrtp ZTJ.S— uoo k. Dlnijtr programs; Neics. Miutcal others. Trio, -music; WBAL. MS.5— 1050 k.

WBAI, rilnntr rouble,^-Pioertjiii iiam WJZ. Sopruw tii CM Eonrano; Malcolm Atterbury Mildred Spencer, piano; Alice man, accompanist. 5. 6.00—Talk, "The Second Alarmrrs John Merg. 5.30—Children's twilight hour.

fifi time. 7.SO—Basel-all scores, courtesy uum Oil Company. 7.55—Arcadia Concert Orchettra. BROS. 3.00—Thomas Studio; Dorothy Heller contralto; Barbara Church, 'coprano: Flora Rlnkn, 3.45—Bible talk.

Fred Casein to i.fli>— It. grket Hints." 4.t'5—Jvleanor Kainie. snprano. 4.15—Harry Kins an-J his uhuele. Lester, "Dramatic vue." 6.55—Weather forecast and market reports.

Wip'K roll call and birthday lift; violin recital. lO.Oft—JRII RuMni, vloltnlM 10.30—F.I Patio LVvnce 11.00—Mayflower Ramblers Dance Orchestra, direct from tho KhVg Joy Cnfe, HOOVER GATHERS MANY DELEGATES Candidate for Presidential Nomination to Pass -100 Mark This Week 10: WKH. BOSTON 1 59O k. Dinner musio; Reports. Big Brother.

Sictehr' Tbe PUETlms. from WKAP. and dance music. WNAC. k.

Dinzier Orxua: Op'ry House. Dance muilc. W3f AK. fc. Nen; String tusemble.

Reports; MuMcile- Orchestra: Gem Trta. Mnsicale: music. music; Onb. orchestra. 'WGK, BCTFALO-- BSO k.

from WXAF. WEAP featares. W5AI. k. 8:00 Club; 8:00 Sunnysuds SerenAders.

7:30 Progmnis trom Old Tlma Party. Songs; mudc. WLW. CDJCDTNATI tZi.3 WO i. 7:08 Dance music.

Talks; music. Crosier Ensemble. 10:15 .8:15 Dacce music. Songt and dance music. WTAM, 7SO k.

Dinner music; Talks. 1:00 Progrmms from WZAJ. StuoUo reclUL 11:00 Dance music. WWJ. S40 fc.

8:00 5:00 Dinner music: 7:30 music, 7 JO PfOKrami Jrom WEAT. 10:30 International program. Blrtng Pickers, others. wcx-wa, 8:00 Vndcale; Reports. StnxnbcrK-Cartson Qutntet Talks and music.

BJO f.SO— Rlpples. 10:00 Clfar Otrls; Cotton Pickers. IUOO Red Apple Glut. WTIC, k. from WBAP.

10:30 Worthy Orchestra. 11:00 news and wtttber. WOR. k. Dinner music.

7:00 programs. 8:00 SkeMhts. 9:00 Piano solos. 6:30 10:00 Bamberger LllUe Symphony. 11:00 orchestra.

SEW k. dinner music. Press baubaU acores. 7:00 Serriee. 7:30 Skelchea.

8:00 MlDlatures. 8:00 Hour. 10:00 Esklmea. 10:30 orchestras. WJZ.

NEW 8:00 music. 7:00 Shoemakers. 7:30 Gang. 7:00 Brothers' Miners. 7:30 of the Law.

:00 Sextet. orchestras. 10:00 Continentals. 1:00 Music Ensemble. WIT.

k. Roll Call. 10:30 orchestras. 7:00 Service. 8:00 from WEAT WCAE, k.

8:00 dinner music. 7:00 Service, 7:30 Gimbwe: Mosic, 8:00 from New York. 10:30 KDKA, k. 8:15 LHtle Symphony. 7:00 Bakers.

8:00 from VfJZ, 10:00 Program. 10:30 feat concert. WXVA. 8:00 Orchestra. 9:00 Harker, orraa 10:00 WHAM.

7:00 Time 7:30 from WJS. 10:00 program. 11:00 recltaL 13:00 orchestra. WGV, k. 6:00 Dinner music, 7:00 from WEAP.

8:00 muslcale. 8:30 from WEAP. 11:30 program. 12:00 orchestra. WBZ, k.

6:00 hour (eatnres. 8:00 from VTJZ. 8:30 K. G. P.

Hour. 10:00 Bports. 10:25 in Dixie. CKCL-CFCA. k.

6:00 Hour. 7:00: Hour of Mnslc. 8:00 musical proKram. 11:00 Orchettra. 8:00 dinner music, 7:30 Orchestra.

from New York. 10:30 MadrtUou Orchestra. ntw (CKJTT1L4L THIE STATIO.TB) fttT) WSB. t. 7:00 from New York.

Program. Orchestra KVW-KFKX. k. 6:00 Organ recital. 7:00 from WJZL.

8:30 Armand Glrts- 10:00 Music. WMAQ-WQJ. k. 6:00 and lecture. 7:00 orchestra.

feature. 10:00 Dance Orchestra. WGN-WL1B. 6:00 Dinner music. 8:00 from WEAT.

9:39 Feature program; Ship; Features WBBM. 7:00 and organ 8:00 Fishers; Orchestra. orchestras WLS. k. 7:00 features.

8:00 program WFAA, k. 7:00 from WIAr. 9:00 prorraais. WOC, k. Service; News.

7:00 from WEA.P. Merry Gang- 9:00 from NBC. 10:00 11:00 Orchestra. KOA. A2S.3— 920 Singers.

8:00 Orchestra 8:30 Palace Orchestra from New York. WHO. DES k. 8:00 Service; News 7:00 Automatic Agitators. 7:30 from York.

11:00 WHAP. FORT 10:00 of Commerce, 11:00 features. recltaL KTHS, HOT 7:30 Avey; organist 8:00 Fiddlers. 9:00 Orchestra. WSUT.

IOWA k. 7:00 WO5. JEFFERSON 7101 8:00 and sports. WDAF, KANSAS 6:30 Dinner music, 7:30 from WIAP 9:30 Painter Bors. KFAB.

940 -c 7:00 hour concert. 9:00 programs. 11:00 Hour. WHAS, LOUT.SVtLLE-^512.4—030 k. 6:00 from NBC.

WCCO. 7:00 from New York. 0:30 Artists. 10:30 Long's Orchestra. 11:00 and baseball.

WSM. V. 8:00 from New Yorfc 9:30 Orchestra. 10:00 artists: program. PENNA.

BANKERS MEET AT SHORE Bates of interest paid by commercial banks on sa-vingra accounts, servlqs charges on low-balance checking accounts. "Blua Sky" laws and real estate and mortgages -will bo among the topics discussed at Atlantic City this week by more than 1200 officers oC Pennsylvania banks at the thirty-fourth annual convention of ths Pennsylvania Bankers' Association, which will open at the Hotel Traymore Wednesday morning aijid continue through Friday. Harry J. Haas, vico president of the First National Bank of Philadelphia, and head of the association, will preside. In addition to Mr.

Haas, who will deliver the annual address at Wednesday morning's session. the following Philadelphians will "Walter K. Hardt, vice president: O. Howard Wolfe, cashier; Paul B. Det- assistant cashier; and E.

B. Shields, assistant cashier, all of the Philadelphia National Bank: Jay Gates, vice president. Pennsylvania Company for Insurance on Tjlves: .1. William Smith, president. Real testate-Land Tltlo and Trust Company, and Franklin Spencer Edmonds.

ivlll discuss "Tax Problems in Penn- yy I van la." MARINES RECOVER NICARAGUA MINES MANAGUA, Nicaragua, May Marine forces have arrived at th- Luz Mines scene of recent rebe. activity, after one of the most difficult trips in tho history of the corps. to Information reaching; headquarters here today. The out hacf'fled before their arrival. Several days were required in as cendinp the swift ami dangorou- Prlniapolka river nnd progress 01 this part ot the Journey wns mad( only when the marines discorded their oars and resorted to poles as a propelling force.

With the arrival of the marines It is believed the owners vill make ar effort to reopen the JMT. mines were looted onrt greatly dam- ajeed by tha rebels. TO HONOR NAMES OF THESE DEAD WASHINGTON, Jlay The "unwept, unhonored and unsung" of soldiers, sailors and marines died during- the World War without (heir names ever being assembled, are at last to be remembered- Representative Edith Nourse KOB- ers (R) oC Massachusetts, today at the request of the disabled American veterans, introduced a bill providing that all of these names be assembled in public volume and published with the place of death, military rank and organization, together with the name of the nearest relative. A copy of tho book will be furnished free to each of the nearest relatives. MANY MOURN HIS DEATH JOHNSTOWN, 'May children including wo sets of twins and one set of trip els.

thirty grandchildren. 14 grea rrandchildreh and four sreat-grea were left to mourn In leath of Peter Cordwell. 34. a nativ of England, who at Portagt lear here yesterday. SED Affected Knees and Elbows, Cuticura Heals, "Eczema broke out in red spots which scaled over and affected my and elbows, later spreading to other parts of my body.

It disfigurement and also itching, sometimes I my on account of ihe irritation. Ths trouble lasted about four or five months. "I used other but received no benefit whatever. I began using Cuticura Soap and Ointment in about three 1 could see an improvement. I continued the treatment and now I completely healed." (Signed) Mrs.

George W. Sccor, R. 1, Box 13, Delmar, N. Y. Cuticura Soap.OintraentandTtl- cum are ideal for daily toilet utet SoapSic.

25 ma4 Me. Tdlcna 2Sc. Sol Sample racb frM. Dtjit. lutes.

VV" Cuticura SkiTinc Slick 2Se. Washington Return Baltimore and Return Excursion to May ZO now to take this interesting trip. Take the family along for a day of sight-seeing. The Capitol, the White House, the Washington Monument there is plenty to see and all day to see it in. Special train leaves Chester 8:48 A.M.

(Daylight Saying Time). Returning leaves Washington 6:45 P.M.; Baltimore, Camden Station, 7:45 P.M.; Mt. Royal Station 7-50 (Standard Time). Another Excursion June jrd Baltimore Ohio Stop Skin Itching Use healing liquid Zemo Stop worrying about such skin troubles as Eczema. For a clean jmooth.

healthy skin apply Zemo. I senetratea. soothes and quickly 're ieves Itching, in most cases It bring from Blotches, Blemishes, Pirn pies and other skin Irritations tha are dangerous If neglected. Zemo flay or nigtit. 35c.

COu. and SI.00. Us It does not show zemo SKtN IRRTTATfON' WASHINGIOX, May hit by tho apparent drift 'ennsylvanla to tho Hoover candidacy, tho antl-HiH'ver allies wore In today for protruded, and ubhoni last-ditch fight to "stop" 'he Secretary of Commerce at City four weeks hence. Their task has been made doubly tho apparent willingness of Mellon nachhid in Pennsylvania to Hoover President C'oolldge cnnnot pei-sntided to st.ind ngiiin. Upon hat nearly all the practical poli- Iclans of Washington were agrreed today.

Hoover's pledged and cornmltleil ilegato strength is; duo to cross the this week, not nny votes from New York or Penn- ylvnnia, whose combined strnngth Is 3G9 in tho convention. From this it that if New York should How MuchAVater Should Baby Get? Famous Authorit ninth 'Drlttafn follow KMinsylvania, into Hoover tho ht nsaliist lloovor nt i C.ty becomes moro or loss an Idle gesturo. lio of lias npproxi- si), coinniiued delegates. New f. Vvi Ddd 3l Tuesday's prl- nnd on next Friday Oregon Into lino with 13, i i 11 I i.

It A. MI II I I 1 iiuovpi- nc-ross tho -100 line. In bo those Stiisos. Hoover has r.o opposition, mm thn State lenders ar.i 1 JlK'lr 44 votes go to him by w' ha! Xdw Yo 90 would put tlu. a imdidat 9 within a low votes of 0 necessary Secretary Melton cloavlv ho still hopos of revealed rtrafting iie-Mdenl t.oollclgo.

and tho fact that ls tllnt Tennsylvanla'a bloc go to Kansas City un- pledged and uncoiumittod was re- Barded by tho ftliies nsia slBiiiflcnnt and favor.ihle HOPE FOK HIM ''Miss I'uKfnla is eivat 'over of animals. I understand!" nk there's still sbo called )S on Baby specialists agree nowadays, hat during the first six months, babies must have threo ounces of per pound of body weight dally. An eight-pound baby, for instance, ieeds twenty-four ounces ot fluid. Later on tho rule Is two ounces of luid per pound of body weight. 'Hie amount of fluid absorbed by a breast fed baby JK best determined by ivelghing him before and after fecd- ng for the whole day; and it is easily calculated for the bottle fed one, rhen make up any deficiency with water.

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Just a. word Lool: for tho signature of Chas.H; Fletcher on the package so you'll to set the genuine. The forty cent bottles contain thirty-five doses. NEW YORK AND RETURN 3 SUNDAY, MAY ZO SPECIAL TRAIN 2:46 A.M. RETURNING Nfui Ycrtt Liberlr Sired Standard Far Ticket A Baltimore that out-of-tow-n fricud to come see you.

How? A telephone Up to forty or fifty miles, it's just like a local call. The telephone number rectory, or lnfonnation" will give it to you. Then tell the operator I it's just like is iu the di- WALTER S. JAMES, Manojsr DAY'S DOINGS IN WEST CHESTER AND VICINITY Miss Mary Roundsley, a member of tho second yenr music supervisors coursa at tho Teacher's Col lego spent tho week-end nt Buclt- iiell. Miss' Mary-Belle, daughter of Mr a nd-Mrs.

Jlemlerson DowHn. of Chntwood, nna Mrs. Edgar Warvlnc- ton, of Kcnnett Square, loft recently for tho POCOIIOK. where thev wiil probably spend tho summer mo'nlhs. Frank L.

HodRcrs. Mortonville, Js eei-iously ill i Philadelphia. Ho has been sick for a Ions time. Mrs. Alicfl Few Klcane, formerly ot Chester, writes to friend saying she wns in Vienna on the second day this month, leaving for London.

Holland, Paris and llom-y D. Moore, 2nd. of Paoli entertained nt bridge, recently. Mr. Mrs.

Moire wore guests later In Atlantic City, Mrs. Miriam J. Shunk. of East Minor street, is III and confined to hei- bed nml ia Gradually growing weaker. tteoi-go Kodcback, of North New street, wlio has been In tho Homeopathic Hospital for the past three weeks suffering from blood poisoning, had an operation which has relieved his suffering.

PROBABLY SEEMS THAT LONG Advertisement in a-Chicago dally BROADCAST STATION tor sale or lease; 503 watt, type Now operating 25 hours nightly. 60 hours daytime. BumsteadsWorinSyrup "To ehlldrM of IHM-CT." we (oiluwrd. IT NKVKK Uripltc ncnrrltv of SANTONIN. It routnln.

tali doM. U.t. SolJ or Uj Mo boltls. C. A.

VwrhcM. ASK FOR ALLEN FOOPEASE SPRING COLDS ATTACK YOU IF WEAK RUN DOWN Ourlno the trying days of Spring cold quickly develops into pneumonia. To drive off tho cold build new resisting power no belter tonio food medicine can bo used tliari Father John's Medicine, because the pure, nourishing elements of which it Is rnado rebuild health and strength! In uso more than seventy Father John's Medicine is guaranteed free from alcohol or any dangerous Tho wholesome, fltrensfh- buililing food which it contains easily taken up by tho system mul'it Blves tho vory power so jjrcally needed nt this time. Dexdale Repello HOSIERY Guarantee We guarantee our prices to l)c positively I ho lowest in the city. If anything can he bought for less elsexvhere wo will refund the difference or return your money.

Spcare Brothers 'Where you CM bay for Less 629-31-53 EDGMONT CHESTER DEPARTMENT STORE NOVELTY WASH Specially Priced REGULAR EXTRA SIZES Suitable for porch street wear are.ihcsc Novelty Wash Di-Qsses. Cool summer frocks suitable for clay time wear, featured at an attractively low price. Matron and miss will be delighted with them. Guaranteed fast color prints. A touch of style added to each individual model by the clever UKC of contrasting trimming, or a novel collar or pocket effect.

Speare's Infants'Dept. Chester's largost nnc j. mos complete lower prices. CHILDREN'S WHITE DRESSES TO Voilca and silk xrepe de 2 to '(3 years in straight trimmed and ruffled ,7 to 14 years in voile and crepe de chene. SECOND FLOOR BABY DRESSES Fine nainsook.

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