Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on April 2, 1951 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1951
Page 5
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hjured Crewman ^ Transferred Te < Japan Hospital Seymour Edward H. Hanley, airman, US Naval •Reserve, son. of 'Mr. and Mrs. Edward V Hanley. 27 Wooster Btreet, seriously injured in an accident aboard the US S Valley Forge on Marph 20, has: been trans? ferre'd to a naval hospital in Yoko- suka, Japan. r He/ sustained, a; fracture and simple compression of thoracic vertebrae and right ribs Last •week the Kanleys; received a letter from' the .chaplain, -of .'., the' outfit, dated the day after the accident, In which he stated that although young Hanley is seriously ill, his condition is hot critical. He was Injured Awhile assisting in towing ah afrcraff t on rboard. the . Forge . : . . '"'•'•• !*e»lt Fire ••• : An; explosion of^fuxhes frpm an overturned : can : pf j gasoline, 'ignited by -an oil burner started a fire in the basemerit '. .of the Riverview Diner, North Main street, Saturday morning. Flood water from: the Maugatuck •. "river; turned over the gasoline can;'' Box'33 was sounded and Citizens- Engine •company, No. 2.. responded. ; : ' , •'•'"'••'- '•' '. Fire' Chief .fames' W. Swan eaid that ' wheri:?th« f umes reached the oil 'burner^;, they , 'we're, ignited, causing an explosion which rpcked the buUdlng..; stayed in 'the basement /ilue 'to . a , cement ceiling, . which, kept .flames ,frp,n\,spreading. Damage was slight'. ";The diner is operated., by Mr! and Mrs. Lester Saycre, whose living quarters are in. the same .building. , /paring the past two .weeks, a government cpntract 1 amount not, announced, has been awarded to? the James Swan company for augur, woodboring and tool steel . firm \. was among- those in .tHe-"Wtrterbury,iiar8a awarded . the contracts;:- with' other*.- being U. S. Rubber company, Naugatuck, -one contract for shbepac and two contracts for boots;' Lewis Engineering company, .Naugatuck,'- one contract *o*"S thermocouple- "leads' -and temperate indicators; • and tvw> others for .temperature indicators; and Ansonia -Electric • company, An- so'nia,, telephone cable. , • 25-Year Members Attend Banquet Wftterbury Countr y Club gathering of over 100 members of the 25-Year-Service Club of the NaugatucTchemical Co" Nov. 1 and once a. week from Nov 1 to April 1. Compensation Award Workmen's Compensation Commissioner' J. Gregory Lynch has approved the following payment during disability: William Glasson. Seymour and the Farrel-Birmingham company, Ansonia, $32 beginning March 13, injury to left hand Mrs. School Lunches Harriette Warnock, dietician, has announced the following lunches, to be served at the Center-Annex and Maple street school cafeterias this week: Today—Spaghetti and meat sauce, green beans, Vienna bread- and- butter, apples;'-'milk. ' ' • Tuesday— ; Orange juice, cream of chicken soup,, vegetable sandwich, peanuts and raisins, milk. Wednesday — Corned beef hash, spinach, bread and peanut butter, apple sauce, cookies, milk. Thursday—Meat biscuit roll with kernel corn, vegc- chocolate pudding, sauce; whole table salad, .-nilk. Friday—Baked fillet of flounder, boiled potatoes, stewed tomatoes, bread and butter, apple sauce cake, milk. ;<• Garbage Collections Twice ' - Beginning this week- garbage collections in .the 'Might district", will be made twice a week, Jay Friz- Mil;; ; garbage5 collector, ,has announced." .; ( " '.. ,;,.-. Collections in Seymour are made twice each .week from- ApriV i 'to Birth A -daughter, in Griffin hospital, Derby, .March 27, to Mr. and John .Sedor, 23-Beach street. Mrs. o Club Dance The fifth annual semi-formal dance 'of trie Women's college club of Seymour,. Arisonia, Derby and Shelton will be_ held Saturday, April hotel of distinction tpTON 3W ." ' , Vountry-like quiet jut* a f« w blocks from Radio City. ^Delightfully comfortable accommodations...many air-conditioned suites...television available in all rooms. Free Swimming Pool—Roof Garden... Restaurant...Coffee Shop ... Cocktail Lounge- Moderate Rates. 330 EAST 56th STREET You Build Or Buy Your Home Be Certain That Your Mortgage Arrangements Are In Order. Come In And Talk It Over. BANK Target General es „.„.-. (NEA Telephoto) Maj. Gen. Robert.Soule (right) hits the dirt as he's pinned cloven by enemy sniper fire in the Uijong- Lu area after his helicopter landed near the lead'tanks. Tlie pilot, Capt Robert Winkler, (left) of Flanada, Calif., and the photographer also had to tahe cover. (Photo by NEA-Acme and staff photographer Ed Hoffman.) - . •, .. • . . • A at the Highland' Golf, club, Shelon. Miss Winifred Barton and Miss iarol Happy, both of Seymour, are n- charge of '-arrangements. . ; The Yale 'Ollegians will furnish music for dancing. Reservations'for hs event are,to -be niade by.Mon- ay, April 9- .: . -•- •••• . .''"'_•• ' Jiinior-Prom,'---.. , ' The " annual .promenade of ; the linibr class .'of Seymour High school vill-'be ihetd'' 'Fr'ia'ay,' May 25 1 in lark -Memorial 'auditorium.:. Louis 'Bevacqu'a arid-Mrs.' Lillian yle, v 'class advi.sors, are- being'as- s'ted with' 1 arrangements by .Jack arbera,. 'Shirley '-Brlckett, .Loren' urton'. J" June Ca'tlin, .Rosemary, tibe,. Eleanor F.olpy, Mary Ebley, lor.enpe Folger, Joan Geschimsky, T-nice Haincs, Eugene ' HJbbard, anet -Krajnik.i Irene- Lamorski, ouis' Menillp, Ramon iMorais, Bar- nra p,aigB, : "Thomas "; Muchisky, :argaret ' Pudim, • Marilyn-. Quinn, 'iane Sader, Claire' Semplenski, ou'ise Senger, Eileen Sheahan, arol Stoddard, Marion Sullivan nd Lucille Waskewicz. Made Corporal Private First Class Thomas E. inikowski, son. of Mr. and Mrs- Alexander Konikowski, 2 Broad reet,. serving with the Eighth Vrmy in Korea, has been advanced o trie rank of corporal. Recalled to Army duty last Sep- :mber he was assigned to the Sev- nth Division in December and n January was made a private. In 'ebruary he was..advanced to first lass.- and Deceived his corporal tripes March, 10. Anniversary Marked Over 200 people attended the 44th Baked Cabbage ' , -'(Scrv'e^'6) : ,. .. One medium-sized head of cabbage,, 1 teaspoon salt,;,1-8 teaspoon pepper, 1-2 cup; grated cheese, 1 1-2 cups hot milk, 1.tablespoon flour, 2 tablespoons butter. ; • Cut cabbage in wedgies 3-4 inch thickj i 'Cook in salt water for 10 minutes.,- Drain and place cabbage in a greased, casserole..- Sprinkle with flour,... salt "and popper. Dot with butter. Add hot milk and top with grated cheese. Bake at 3£.0:: ; degrees :F. (moderate oven) for 35;minutes. A b'it" of: chicken takes' right to a combination with condensed cream of, .chicken"soup and noodles. VV' , ' / Fixi the last; of the holiday fowl this way and/it's really a "bird in a gilded cage". Takes just a. short time to .fix too. You can also make the dish with turkey or ham. And to go w;ith it, how; about hot buttered broccoli or peas and a relish dish of celery Squash Fritters One egg, 1-2 cup flour, 1-2 .cup milk, 1-8 teaspoon'salt, pepper, 2 cups; squash cooked, 1 teaspoon baking., powder,'2 tablespoons butter, melted, bacon fat. Place egg in bowl, beat well, add flour, milk, salt and pepper, squash that has been previously boiled and put through ricer, melted butter. Blend well. Add the bak- ng- powder, stir lightly together, drop from end of spoon into deep fat 350 degrees F. Fry un:il a golden brown. For a variant: Grease the inside of baking- dish well with, bacon fat, fill with leftover squash and "a dash of cream. Place bacon strips on top. Dust generously with cheese, bake in a taodierately oven (360 rcgrecs F.) until lightly browned. Wintertime Apple Salad (Serves 6) Thuee • tart red apples, 2 cups shredded cabbage, 1 teaspoon salt 1-2 to 2-3 cup mayonnaise or salac dressing. Core apples, dice with out peeling. To prevent darken ing., .(if the apples are the darken ing kind), sprinkle the cut frui with lemon or grapefruit juice Combine the apples with shreddec cabbage, salt" and salad dressing o: mayonnaise. Mix well. Variations:; On the' fruit side add 1-2 cup raisins or other driec fruit; or 1-2 cup grape halves To add protein and pungent flavo at-the same- time,:.include cheese Add 1 cup. of shredded Americai or Swiss cheese with the basic in gredients. Or : try celery instea< of cabbage, and add 1-2 cup cran berries . to the combination. An for still another variation, us French dressing in place of mayon naise, . Here' ars two recipes for dresi ings for cabbage: "MUST BE THERE SOMEWHERE"—If you're looking for that silver, lining through all .the dark news, you might try these worlds largest binoculars," being focused by D. P. Bushnell of Pasadena, Calif. Valued at-,$3000, the 75-power binoculars, make an object a mile away appear, to be only 74 feet : distant.;, This pair is the sole survivor of 12 built by the Japanese during World WMT II for use on battleships; -The. U. S. Navy sank the others^ •.riniversary .of bt. Stanley's Society Saturday night in St. Stanley's hall. Dr. Joseph A. Chbbian, toastmaster, introduced the-.guest speaker, Rev. Benedict G. Sutula. .assistant pastor of the, church of the Holy Name, New Britain.- Dancing-followed'. , , '. . World War I cost a ''total '- of • $107,000*000 a day. /.-',.--, - Some Parking Meters - //Q, Midshipmen Shower Teciimseh Congress is now considering a postal economy bill that niay do awa.Y with one of the nation's fe-.v remaining'-one-cent bargains—the penny postcard. But; of some consolation is. the ; knowledge that a penny .will still buy."in most places, the'items pictured abov*. In areas where none of these purchases can be made;-the man with : a penny is'advised to: win. appointment to tlie-Uv'3. Naval Academy, where copiers are Tecumseh's statue-for-good iuck-b!y ; .' Middies niarchinfi to their .final'exams- ". Teaspoons vary in size. as much s. 40 per cent. 1 ffliy Thousands of Doctors prescribe pleasant tasting (CAUSED BY COLDS) PBRTtrssiN acts at once. Itnotonly relieves such coughing but also loosens up phlegm and makes it easier to raiae. PEHTDSSIN is fate! Mighty effective for old •fld younel Pleasant '\astinal THE NEW • FANCY BOLLS .OFFERS YOU THE FINEST IN RYE AND PUMPEKNICKEI -• DELICIOUS PASTRIES • CAKES FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS 122 School Street Union City Dial 3985 YOU GET A . BIB. PAINT * BONUS HOUSE PAINT PADDED EXTRA YiEARSW BEAUTY Buy Your Paint by Years and Square Feet...not Price per Gallon /t P*y$ to Cetttie Best BPS Covers More... Looks Better... Lasts Longer STOKES PAINT, WALLPAPER and SUPPLIES 98 WATER ST. Open Friday Night TEL. 7084 ... "BILL" STOKES, PROP. . . NAUGATUCIy NEWS, (CONN.), MONDAY, APB1L 2, 10K1-PAGE 5 ONE FOR THE ROAD—Only man in the U. S. able to ride inrhfe- ' automobile and watch TV at the same time Ts William B. McDonald;''-.'• Jr., Chicago house-trailer manufacturer, who had it custom-built Into the "back of his 1951 Cadillac. Frances Sadrowski watches a program. Control panel is on arm rest of rear seat. '•'- \'^ ( Musicians Hear Dire Prediction Of Future With TV Cheshire, April 2—(UP)—A top advisor to musician, czar James C. Petrillo warns that "television is coming in so fast, and broadcasting is slipping out so fast, that if you greased the skids under it you couldn't hasten it more." Clair E. Mecdor of the American Federation of Musicians struck a pessimistic note at a Connecticut conference of musicians. "Television- is another Frankenstein we don't know how 'to handle," the Petrillo assistant declared. "Every time mechanized music takes a step up, we take a step down.". ;."••.' '" By 1356. Mceder predicts, broadcasting will be mostly a thing ,pf uic past except in the widc*~open spaces He forecast a vast loss for musicians in the entire entertainment field. : , • ': *'-' •' •- Attending the Waverlx^Inn ,fi ins. from Naugatuck, were Albert Veillelte and Rocco Marianq.'CThe next meeting is scheduled 'in Torrington, August 26. ••-,'•' . . . BIG ESTATE New York, Apr. 2 — A New Haven man shares a $1,200,000 estate left by his father, Charles D. Hilles. Frederick W. Hillcs of New Haven and his brother -and sister receive the bulk of the estate o£ their insurance executive father, who died in 1949. Hilles was once chairman of the Republican National committee. LOOK I ONLY PHILCO No Smear! Now, even at this low price, we bring you genuine Philco Balanced Beain television—the sensational dev«l* optnent that-ends picture blur and smear.' .' ,'%, Pay $3.00 Weekly Stop in at Androphy's—where you'll find the largest dig- play of Television in the area. v -'' 5 When you purchase your TV at Androphy's you are buying from Naugatuck's largest dealer — the dealer best equipped to service and install yonr TV set. 15 Church St. <Tel. 6490) \%- Naugatuck (FREE PABKING LOT FOR ANDBOPOT'S CUSTOMERS) ''. •••''•'• '.

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