Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 1, 1935 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1935
Page 23
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m Monday Evening, July 1,1935 Bride May Induce Baer To Abandon Prize Ring .LOGANSPORT NEW YORK. July J_(UP)Ma* Baer'a return to- the ring seemed to depond today oa the approval of his "Irish Rose." the for. - mer Mary Ellen Sullivan who became Mrs. Max Baer Saturday, Mra. Ba«r disapproves whol*. neartedly O r prize-flghting. She never wantg her Maxle to be champion again, la a startling exhibition demonstrated that the subtle feminity may be evoked such an irrepressible spirit as Baer's. "I think fighting is awful," 8 he said- "1 hate It and I never want Mas to fight again," Max smiled, but was silent. He clearly had no indication to dls cuss hi« pugilistic future i n the presence of his bride. r ~ -w «™,,,uuu, » L The Question of religion entered -make another picture, into the "Abie's . Irish Rose" ro- maaoe. Mrs. Baer. who said she had. not failed to hear mas* every week in all her life, said she hoped to reconcile her church to Max's previous divorce. ^ "I certainly hope Til bo able to reconcile the marriage with ay church.". «h» «ajd. "If not. I realise ill be ex-communicated, but I'm willing to face Jt-' Baer would not say If he Intend- _ n _ ed becoming a Catholic eommunl-J had been acting as asaist&nTcoach cant. He attended mass with his j .. .• - brfds yosterday. While ahe genu- PoniffjJ fleeted upon entering a pew, he I- v -'«l"- l '<« Hanover Assistant [Hayes and HallecF7 Coach Accepts Job | Midsummer G.O.P. Editors Meeting:! INDIANAPOLIS, tad., July i_j (UP)—-Edward A- Hayes. Decatur.i 111, former'national commander of I the American Lesion, will HANOVER, Ind,, July i_ Joseph Maze, senior Athletic star and assistant coach at Hanover college, has been named head coach at Newman fill) high school, it . TOO KILLED BY LIGHTNING Injuries dropped to his knees and crossed Watching her latently, he followed her example .thereafter to the letter. When the collection > was passed, he was hoard to whisper; "Will ten dollars be enough?" While Maxie and his bride'are arguing in private over his future in the ring, they will "loaf" around New York and toe "summer home of his manager, Ancli Hoffman, at Asbury Park, N. J. Later they will I - nmVlr go to Hollywood, • where he will I 'PfUlt.iV. Wins Shoot Honors INDIANAPOLIS, Ind'.'. July 1— (W)—The .-Indianapolis club won the first match of;the Indiana S« cc .. . ..__ association here yesterday, scoring man.'will ipeak at the banquet to 461 points. be held Aug. 2. Halleck is Indiana's Madison was second with 436 and onl y Republican' representative in Newcastle third with 432. Harold "°"" x " '' Sharp, Newcastle,' was high Individual scorer with 9g out of 100, Republican editorial association at Lake Wawasee Aug. 2-3, it was announced here today. Hayes wil lsp e ak at the dinner to be held Aug. 3. Ray Sellers. Franklin, president -of, he associat ion. said.' Rep. Charles A' Hallecfc, Rensselaer. second district congress— Electrical Storm* Congress, Sellers announced- membership of several committees "which win direct arrangements for the annual outing. Mrs. Walter S-'Crim, Salem wa s reported [ ^ When the oil stove exploded it ._*_ , ,> j •• *r"' '" AJI.OJ «3' OJJUJ, OUJ&JJl WBiB ' Fire LOSS At Home nam « d chairman of tba committee A serious fire loM$i"rX£ly' ^^ **** averted Sunday morning at 11:45 ' SOUTH. BEND, Ind... July 1^ (UP)—Two persons were killed and five others.were Injured as sporadic bolts of lightning crashed to earth near -here. August Va n Outreve. 18. of South Bend wag killed while swimming. At- nearby Niles, Mich., Louis J. ndsen, '31, w«, s ' killed when _ ning struck a tree under which •he was standing. ' ' Fred Springer. 31. was seriously Injured and four others .were hurt •when a bolt' struck in the Amidst of a group- of golfers on the Gle*son Park course In Gary.. s Where Art They Now? SAIL FOR KU ROPE golf links week toaled 532, it y from the ftxs tte.bwt week of tb'e.season. Ninety-nine players registered Sunday. 6 REASONS DEDICATE CEMETERY 'PLOT LAFAYETTE, Ind., July 1 .._-_ „..„ ^., OLUrc aApiuneu iti (UP)—With Gov Paul V McN'utt ^^.^^^ h^^^s-xi - »»"• —— novfr H.V.I %• ' enad flameS the Indlftna . State Soldiers- Home never developed. , | - was . dedicated here yesterday. - FLORA, ind., July '1— Rev, and Mrs. W.' C. AEChanhort sailed Sat- .urday from Quebec. Canada, for a Peter Morocco has returned from -vJ?Jt :n'- St. Louis. MoV ARE SO POPULAR Genuine MEN 'Swits $ 15.75 Men who have^been in the habit of paying a great deal' . of money for their clothes, amaze at the fashion,-fit and' comfort of trPalm Beach suit., Pa[nrBeacfh:open.weaves give swift relief from heat but-that, is not oil— their style is. superb, and they resist wrinkling and mussing : ] ' This special group is complete in every respect—All colors: Greys, blues, tans and mixtures, plain or sport backs/tailored to fit as perfectly as any heavy weight fabric, ' $1.95 Here is'-an' amazing expression of value—These robes are smartly tailored by Van Baalen; and styled to the uped degree;- They come in canary and.white,:also exclusive patterns in stripes andpf-aids a't $5.00 and $7.00. Sport Shirt Bathing Smits i * There's flattery in the.smart Fashion's* up-lift lines of the -new'one-piece suit- bright and becoming contrasts in the new two-piece suits, 'tri-color blazer•• body ' stripes, solid color trunks;some with smart ' braid cord,.ties,/style, with streamline grace.\Here you will find all the hit num- bers.of the season by wofld : famous swimsuit manufacturers. ; '•"•" - • Wash By , Wilson ond Van Hausen $1.00 and $2.00 You will .say that these shirts are surely smart, and so comfortable, some made with 'inverted pleat ..belt back—the smart thing for these hot summer days. $2.00 We are showing huge assortments of wash' slacks, most every conceivable" pattern, in stripes, checks, plaids and neat mixtures- tailored as finely as most suit trousers.' : ." -'-" -. AARON ALKRTU* DUNKKL When, no higher- than the meat block in his father's butcher shop Aaron Dunkel reached for the . cleaver : fired with ambition to- learn 'meat - cutting and become a fixture In the Dunkel place of business at Versailles, 0. Benjamin Dunkel gave his, «oa a job following completion ,of his.-educ&t- ,ion at Versailles, 0-., where the family moved from Covington, 0.. when Aaron was quite young. IE; about 1903 A&ron' moved to Logansport and secured employment In. Louis Luick's butcher shop in-the present lo. cation of Carl Bauer's "grocery store at Fifth and Broadway. Three years later he decided to end his meat cutting career and try lor a Job l tt Uncle Sam's postal department. He succeeded In securing a position in the .postofflce at Versailles and has resided there since, ' employed now as railway mail clerk at the Big Four where he is eligible for retirement soon. Off hours he spend* cultivating his beauitfnl flower garden at his country h.om« near Ver- sAilleg and attending Masonic lodge events, .-....'• Mr. Dunkel is father of 'CB. .Dunkel, 2403.-High street,' and brother to Benjamin Dunkel., Treen street and Frank Dunkel, Stnead street. EXPRESS FEAR OF KIDNAPING j Private Detectlre* Gaurd H«rnoidi Cottwe >'*ar Breakwater Court, M«. KBNNEBUNKPORT, M*., July 1 ! —(UP)—2. Smith Reynold*, Jr. po»t-humous son of the late tobacco heir and Libby Holman Reynolds, is under a constant and he*vy. guard against Kidnapers, it wag learned today. . Mrs. Reynolds hag availed herself of every possible .procaution to prevent anything happening to her 2-yoar-old son, who will 'receive •approximately f7,000,000 from hl« 'father'* estate. . Private detectives maintained, a day and -night guard around the, .Reynold* cottage near- Breakwater Court, a sequestered aad exclusive section . of /Kennebunkpprt, Sfni. Reynolds, here for a summer of •rehearsals.,-with a Little Theatre, company, ,ha« made it a point to live u inconspicuously aa pottlble Whether, she h» received * -kid nap threat or has been frightened by other kjdnapings could not be learned. Hrs. Reynolds "hope* to return to Broadway, -where'she earned- fajn a« a torca «£nger before her jnarrlage: to Reynolds, &s an actress on the legitimate stage. She ,will have * role i n the comedy. "Accent on Youth,' 1 to be given to a, tumrnw audience here. Sne hopes to perfect «t technique ..Jn varloua role* during, the, gummer- DEITHHIJDTiiSfllilLS MURPHY Funeral services for Mr*. Clara Murphy, -who * died at her home in 1027 Nineteenth sweet Saturday, •were held Monday afternoon from the Market Sreet M- £. church with the Rev. IB. L. .Gate, officiating and burial was made 'in the Odd Fellows, cemetery at Star City. Funeral services will b« held at 2;30 o'clock Monday afternoon from Market street M. E. church with ;he Rev. .E. L. Oates officiating. Burial Will be made in the/Odd cemetery at Star City BQYS'WfAR Cool, comfortable your boys, for over the" Waah suits, ages. 2 to » y^,. 89 c and up. Wash trousers ij* lengths-at 7Sc and up—«port slrt and sport blouses in smart,'* styles— , > , v -fe SETBOED'S—BOrS* SJECIIOJ GKOUSDS LEWIS: BROS. ECXOEEAX CIRCU Greatest AfgrefaOo» of .. tlty circa* «ct« pra««nt«i ; ta| <arlnr feat» of thrilla, " NEWS OF BERRIES B ERRY-TIME, a bright spot in ' the old dietetic year, when de- ..licious Wttle- tarts and topping short-cakes make •• their appearance at feast'timt, has become an all-year-round period, now that housewives hare learned to put canned berries Into these popular dishes. ' -< •:,-•:.: • = Raspberries lead the list of canned berries in ; the qnan consumed, aad taMte they ooow to yon with that right-off-the-tr daror and with their gay natnra color, owing to the gold •name lining of the cans In wfeleh thej are packed, the following r«eipei will be welcome news: F»r Br«a4cfa«t a«4 .DlniMr Jfelo»u Waldorf-. Cot small honeyds-w melons in kalTies and reraore the seeds, allowing half a smsll melon for each serrlng. Scoop out small Balls of banana and place throe' or four In each DMlon. Sprinkle with a* tew drops of lemon. Thtn fill the.rwt at Oa melon cavities with canned black raspberries and , their - syrup, and chill welL Serve for breakfast or tor a first course'at dinner. .The size of the melon* will TUT, but • No. 3 can> of b«rri«« should b» •noflfb for twelve sorring*. BJock Horpberry Frtonfte»: Roll jxurtrr thin and cut in 4-lnch lares. Pnt a heaping t»bl»- . spoon of .canned'black raspberries which have teen, slightly drained, on each square. .Sprinkle with about on« taUespooiL.of s«car end a fnr drog« oC lemon, jiftet. ftM the psfltrr over dtexdMllTV pcvsv* ing the edgca -rerr- -well together so that not.,a drop of Juice win leat oat. "Bake in a hot oren for twenl7 to: twenty-fire minute*, or nntll hrown. A No. 2 : caa - at Made rMpburrle* -wfll make Trained Wild Domestic Anlmali S«i«saU Acrobats Atriallit* AS AXXI og rcinrr cio Sponsored By— C»»s County LlncolM CltkJ APPXTS «k— C BETSY RI5S Famous Juvenile W«*torm Sfw in P«r»o«! — vj(oi' COLD I NOW PLAYING THRU WEDNESDAY ^ COJiVJSUOVS SHOWS DAHT^-J.'iTO II P. Jl. SOe— CRUBAEir lOe drama Ihbt will hit 7 onr heart Blisterina; action I Throbbing romance~a. beautiful: girl i« in the war;on crime! PUBLIC — --— • — » -*. __. . • ^ '• "X !^^^ With UONEtBASRYMORT JTCAVl ARTHUll CHESTER MORRIS totalttitiplaciwith "flftfeliH "Stunt Six —"HOORAY FOR LOV GENE RA¥MOX»~AJf3r SOTHEBK ; ' " Just for Fun, f ., Go and *&• this happj family make each other miter- able! Ott truth about' you next door neighbor*, In a story-of "home screech home." ruesday

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