Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 1, 1935 · Page 21
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 21

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1935
Page 21
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' 1 Mi Monday Evening July 1,1935 LOGAKSPORT PHAROS-TRIBUNE SOCIETY Ruth Archer and L«e Abbott o 'Whitley bounty have secured * marriage Ilcen»e from County Clerk Sylvester Kelly. <•! Market »treet M. E. 'Women'* . Bible class member* enjoyed con' tests at meetlnf Friday afternoon •with Mrs. C. L. Stewart of! 1519 Spear street Prizes went to Mr*. Frank Reed, Mr*. I. M. Walking and Mrs. Norman Haner. The program Included, as well, a song by Mr*. Florence Bre«c«, accompanied by Mr*. Rab» Griffith,. and the le»son and devotional* by l«Ir*. J. 0.- Holme*. Next class meeting will b« held July 26. Market »treet M. E. Home Builder* and their tamllle* held »'n out- 1ns Friday evenlnjr in Rlver»id« park, enjoying game* and refre»h- ment». - , . The .committee In. charge. Included Mr. and Mr*. Gu* P*achal and Mr. tnd Mr», Orov*r Be«». Regular clai* meetinf will be held July 26, Bunco prize* at 'Harmony club meeting Friday'afternoon with Mrs. O. E. Nelson, 1800 Smead street, went to Mrs. William Varnon and Mrs. Frank Wjiitm«y«r. Th« ho*t- «» servad refreahm.en.ts at the conclusion of the iciilon to be 'the la*t until July 26 when Mr*. Homer Hunter o* 1528 Ba*t Market «tre«t will entertain. We»t Side Pre»byt«rlan Friend »hlp Circle class convened Friday night In the church with young people of the church presenting the program. Ruth R'.ine took charge of the-program and led devotionals 'France* Steffey and Edith Wilson entertained with a piano duet, Evelyn Gangloff gave readings, Martha Bowyer played, piano numbers, and Frances Steffey presented the le*«on. After the program Margaret Jone* and Betty Berg •erved tea by candlelight. Andrew Thompidn remains ill, at hi* home near Royal Center. Mr. and Mr*. Homer Ruth of Blooming-ton, Ind,, spent Friday in Logan*port. . RuwellMorrical, Muncle, Is visiting- hi* parent*, Mr, and Mrs. L. K. Morrical, 319 Grove street. Mr*.' Edward T. Ledgwick, daughter of Mr. and Mr*. Andrew Thompson of Royal Center, and Mr. Ledgwlch of Fort Wayne are making an extensive tour of the western states and Canada. Mr*. C. H. • Terry of 205 Bast Miami avenuo will rreturn home Sunday from the Cleveland clinic In Cleveland, 0., following a major operation. Donna Mae Rehm on her «iith birthday anniversary. Assisting with the vent was Mr*. Kehm's sister, Miss Monica Bruck. Children enjoyed games, prizes going to Betty Ann Lewis and Joa a Werai**, before luncheon wa* served from a table appointed In pink and green. Flowers were used throughout the ..house. Those present follow: Jane Ann Kelly, Marilyn Chase,' Joan • Wer- mee, Nina Lois Murphy, Betty Ann Lewis, Selma Skoog, Shirley Ann Brenner, Marilyn, -'.Jane Elpers, Mary Jane Kaln, Betty Ann Foer- ach,-Wanda Jean Rehm and Donna Mae NOTES IN THE 'DIAJRY .OF A FASHION MODEL By GRACE THORNCLJFFE Mrs. E.F . -Hllkert,• 1S30 High street, will enterrtain ' Market street M. E. Women's Home Mtss- onar'y society Tuesday afternoon Mrs._ John Hunter will open th* meeting with devotional^ after which .the Melody Maids will play mslcal selections and -'a review of the year's, work wili.be presented. New-officers will be installed ad follow- Mrs.""'Gevrye McDanel—president; Mrs! Roy Hay, vlce-prebldent; ; ,Mrs. Barnabas Deane, '• eec-'etary; Mri., Kind's treasurer. '.. ' Mrs. Sso'ffe Clayed Mrs, Kia- dig have been named In charge of the social-hour. > Chlorosis Is Benefited By Sun Proper Diet Also Is Aid in Curing the . Disease -- Copeland By ROYAL S. COMMAND, M. D. United Stat«« senator, ftwa New Tork fomutr Commlttioner of StnltK, H!ew York Ctiv ' • CHLOROSIS 1* a lort <tf anuelo condition rather commonly found la young 1 women b»tw««n th* atn of IS and 25 years. <• It l*^ rarely encountered in males. Years ago, b«- ors girls were ctlvely engaged . Xiacoln Circle No. one, Ladies of th« Orajid. Army of the Republic,- will convene at twr* o'clock Tu«»day afternoon .in Memorial home. Delegates to the Grand Army of ti e Republic..encampment *t M*rtoji will report during lbe> bu«Jn*«* *e*»lon which will precede a. social meeting. Visitors are «j>ect«d. • . •'• ' . Mr*. Jack Rthm of, 1(23 . High. »tr»«t entertaind with a prettily' appointed, party; .Saturday afternoon honoring her daughter, Mrs. Mine Explosions Kill52 In India CALCUTTA, mdia .juiy i_ (UP) —Two explosions in .the Bagdidji coal njine killed 52 men and injured about 60 seriously, a dispatch from Dhanbad said today. But for the heroism of the mine" foreman and the manager;, who gave their lives to save the men below, the deaths would have b&en several times more, it was-indicated.. ' The foreman discovered something wrong, in the mine. He told the manager and together they descended the pit. They found there bad been'an explosion : in,a gallery some distance from • the shaft and that fire had started. , letter from Bill cams today. T don't- know what has | happened to tb« man. Here .we -'are S.OOO miles »wajv : »t dsffg-erg drawn, after •«.-. dreadful flsht, . our engagement '.broken, and Bill ]c«ep» writing to me and cabling- flowers. Not that hla letters betray any; great eagerness to patch' up our! quarrel and begin all over asaln^ No j such thing J I've read and re-read | ,th» letters arid can't find any trace, of .love. Yet Bill's letters seem in- .timate, friendly, not at all the letters of a chap who is Just casually lnt«r- ested in a cirL ' Well, maybe that's silly, for If a I chap.l* only casually interested, he certainly, doesn't, write lettera to a girl .Anyway, what's the use of inB about Bill's letter*? Iti» more important to analyze jmyself and see how I feel about things ' far as Bill ia concerned. Do I' still love him? That'» 'what I want to know and up to now I haven't found, an answer. Of course, my vanity .is fed , when I realize that Bill still cares to write to me and send me flower*. But flattered vanity isn't 1 lov« — far from Jt Bill Juit Lon«Iy? And then,, there is Bill to consider Maybe he Just writes to me because he 1* so far from home and he feels a trifle lonely. Maybe, when he, gets back, I won't seem go good to him and he will find other friends. What a puzzle! And Just when I I had schooled myself to put Bill pretty nifty, to .make me sit up and - - - • • |GreyJ>.ounds Return To Winning Stride ! PXOEA, Ind. July 1—The Brins- j hum Greyhound* returned, :o winning stride 'on. the Flora Com- I munity .park' diamond Sunday afternoon: with a 7 to 6 victory over ' the Indianapolis Baby 14ncolns. The Hounds slammed' out 11 hits to six for the visitors but comm.it- ; ted" three errors. The Lincoln* also were guilty of thrd-j bobbles in the field. Critchley and L.Hea- 1 ton -were on the slab for ' th« I Hounds with G. Heaton receiving while Lame and Williams hurled for the Indianapolis club. Graham I caught.. . ... relatives a* South Bead. Mr. and-Sirs. j tra Grant were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mr«. Charles Beel at Crawford. Mrs. Mildred Richardson ot Reusselaer is spending * few days with Dr. and Mrs. H..J. Halleck and family. A daughter W*B born Saturday to Mr. and Mr*. Charles Co»per. Mr. and -Mrs. Omer Henry. an< family were in Reasselaer Sacu day and visited John Heary in th hospital there. Mrs. 0-H.Crawford and «o and sweet p»a» wid Mliei Zel! corsage of sweet peas. - '\-3>s Mrs. Long i« on* of -t popular young ladle*- of -O>tt Inity. Mr. Lons * •«. sonXof Si Mrs, Jesse Long ol Hy They will reside in Plymoutl Something nifty in tw«ed. out of -my life and had sue- j take "notice, qeeded in doing no! .1 feel' rather Something that do«« attract me 'is worried and I'll b« glad when I. can this: put my arms about my mother and A tan tweed suit,'which is a'pret- have a heart to heart talk with her. ty nifty little affair. Its reefer style- Wonder K Bill gu«gges that his jacket has some especially smart Utters have nj« all worried and won- touches, particularly in Its unusuaJ derlug. Perhfcp* taat . Is what -he revers which are-cut in' one piece wants. If »o, h« certainly has sue- its smartly buttoned, front and the ceeded above hi*, wildest expectations.- tailored'seams which appear at the I'm .a'ot even interested la the new back ajs well as the front. The skirl, •prmg clothe*,, neither professionally which is gored with double' seams nor for myself. It take* something I matching the jacket, IB quite flared, • Brsnffhurst Plans July 4fh , BRINGHURST, Ind. July. 1— Manager Gordon Keim ha s planned 9. double .header for the Briag- hurst and Flora baseball fans on July.4. .... . • ' The. Greyhounds will meet the Indiana, Southslde Merchants, champions of the Indianapolis Industrial league- last year, and the Burlington 'nine is to, meet the Flora Oilers. McCain will be on the mound for-Bi-inshurst. Winarriac Mr. aud Mrs.John Spaagier and their guests. Mr. and iMrs.Frank Spangler of Detroit, Mich.,, are spending ^the week .at Bassoka cluo. j house. •Mr', and Mrs. John Bockelman and daughter Betty,.Mr. and .Mrs. Leo Holmes and Mrs. Emma Horn of Chicago spent Saturday with.l Mr. and Mrs. Mose Reynolds.Mr*. Horn remained for a weeks' visit. , Mrs. Thorna* Dwyer' and : son Jack of Lansing, Mich., spent the week end in th e H.H.Hodgen , home..-Mrs.Hodgen who;.had spent | the past two months in Lansing returned home with them. ' ; Miss ' Louise , Zellers returned home after a few week*.visit with, John were business . visitor* a Shelbyville Saturday. Harold Yearling of Bedfor cam e Saturday to spend the wee here with Mrs. Yarlic* ind, chl drea .at their cottage at the lake Mr. and Mrs. Guy Kestlen o Peru spent the week end her with relatives. , ' On« of the :mo*t beautiful an unique weddings took place • a high, noon. Sunday at the Centenn ial park at Pymouth, when Mis Louis McClare of. Winamac, became the bride of Orl* Long o Plymouth. The ceremony took place at the Thomns iamily reunion, and Rev. G-.G-.Canfleld read the single ring ceremony. Attend- ing'the couple were Mte Olive Zellers of Winamac and Walter Parson* of Plymouth. Both the bride and her'attend- ant wore gowns of- blu« mixed, silk'organdie and wore white hats, slippers and gloves.* The bride wore a corsage of pink ro*e buds I Nagging Torment of , ITCHING RASHES I New Yodt/Patttr$ 15 CENTS- quickly lubdned byReatooLItmiet the itching, when tldn ii «nd leader from •eratcUaf , yon MM Mfely cpply liefud Resinol Pattern cut* *[*•• n to . _ catalogue for lan» •«l«cUon,i New York Pattern*. All 15 THE SeMMlBT-KLOIWE «9 latt Bw*e!way logunport, tidlaia outdoor eser- an<3 sports they are to- the 'disease Oopeland . i more jireva- l«it Without an altundanca of f»sh air and pnshine. chloro- Is likely, to 6»velop, • Tho dt*«a*« should be suspected wh*n the young person become* Irritable, extremely sensitive, aad and .mentally dis-' tressed. Chloro*!* 1* oft« spoken .of as the "green sickness", because of ;• tho gT«eni»h-y«]low color of th» •kin. In sever*: casei, u>« face, hand* •nd ankle* become »wollen. Th« sufferer loses weight, has no desire for food and as a 'rule suffer* from vari- ' ous digestive disturbances. Constipation Is a common complaint Impror** Quickly Sh« cries -upon tlv» «llght«*t provocation. Painting spells, breathlessness, palpitation ot th« heart and fever are other symptom*. It is amazing how quickly «» victim of chlorosis Improves wh«m she gets proper diet, frwh air and »ua- shlne. A .tonic IB *om*tlm«* glvwj, but the b**t mtdicin* 1* outdoor lif* «nd simple, nourishing'food. 'Within • a very short tim« the complejdon loses lie steenUh hu» and t)t« app«- tlto. return*. Th*r» 1* gain in weight, -with *nJoynj«Bt~ to . »»tlM- and marked improvenjeat la t^« disposition. Sometime* a caf* of chlojtxl* 2* erroneously djagnowd by the family as a. mild form of som» mental dl«- turbance. But it Is gratifying to ace how ftTiloWy *!s» patient respond* to the- siqjpls treatment I h&va m«a- tioned. Every affort should b« »**» *o- toprove the eeneral health. Constipation must b« overcome. If necessary a daJly anstna should b« taken. Th» diet should Include, foods that hava laxative properties, such as etewed fruits and vegetables. y 0 th» very young sufferer, it Is a good plan to glvs cod-liver oil dally. M«\l» RegnUr Meals should be taken at regular hours and the, food must be thoroughly masticated. At least six to eljrht glasses of water should be taken dally. Exercise 3s beneficial hot should b» Indulged 4n moderately. .As the strength return* It may be increased. All underlying physical defects ahould be corrected. If there are centers of Infection, for example, in •Useased teeth, tonsils and nasal stouso*, those roisst be remedied. The pattent should avoid poorly ventilated, overheated and badly lighted LIVE POWER ...for the .-. . for the Highways > *;« yO^:K" '' w^s jfili V.J ^;«$ United Air Lines—Largest in World—Use Standard Motor Fuels ' ^4^^5 %J^f &ji \aE'/.*>*^*:^ -^*** $ k* fe^ V,Vi .' °*«!Sis\, "V-Cs> • i- \s t h*ve pointed out, sunbaths are extremely beneficial. If th» weatber ts not suitable benefit may b« ooulned from the us« of the modern iJBfflps, pretty good robstitut*B ..for ,tn» yon. . , | (Cop-Ms**, me, r, r. s» j»cj United Air Lines leave nothing to chance. Oa the basis of 80 million miles of flying eacperience, the . company uses only Standard motor • fuels; That choice is basecl on proved performance. Day and night, the new fleet of Boeing 'twin-motored ships covers 45,000 miles. United carries approximately 150,000 passengers, nearly half of the country's airmail and hundreds of tons of express annually; Above appears one of United's fleet of fifty-five twin-enginedBoeings;They have reduced travel-days to hours, and hours to minutes;, United's passengers leave the Atlantic rim of the continent in the afternoon and breakfast on the Pacific rim. next morning. These big, safe, comfortable transports cruise i from Chicago to New. York in |four hours and twenty minutes. Standard Oil supplies the lire Power required for this brilliant performance—8 million gallons of motor fuel. yearly' for 'the world's largest fleet of .multi- motored ships; . ~ . , lie keen, responsive Live Power in Standard gasolines—., which enables United Air Lines- Boeings to fljr from Chicago to New York ia 4 hours and 20 minutes—also -will bring oat the £nest performance in yoor automobile engine. If you have a. motor that is getting along in year*, Standard RedCrown is exactly what the automotive doctor orders JNote the big difference ext r<zlive Power makes on all performance counts: getaway, highway speed, hill climbing and mileage, If you have a new car you'llfiad out what * great performer it is when it gets a load of Live Power under its belt. Standard Red Grown is ready for you where you see the familiar sign of . r . STANDARD OIL SERVICED 8S&1 HV „. j.- £; ': ^ r P* IOSC*.

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