Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 1, 1935 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1935
Page 17
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Monday Evening, July 1, 1935 LOGANSPORT PHAROS-TRIBUNE Royal Center I BAER'S SUDDEN MARRIAGE SURPRISES SPORTS WORLD The Boone H. E. club will" enjoy their annual picnic tomorrow at Dykeman Park. If it should be a rainy day they will picnic In the basement of the jchool building. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Felte entertained th* "Kum Join Us" class of the West Union church at their home Friday evening. Mr. and'.Mrs. Albert Strauch and four children are making a two weeks western trip. They will visit "William Young and family at Haley, Idaho. Announcement has been mad of the marrage of Miss Sylv Swayze, daughter of Mr. and Mr Claud Swayze, of Burnettsrill and Cleo "Rodger* son of Mr. an Mrs, Harvey Rodgers of Roya e-ntre, Tbe ceremony wag perform ed by Rev. Walter. Adame at tii Erangfllical parsonage, June 22, a eleven o'clock. The couple was at tended by Miss Mary Yount, o Haadlee, and Gfarold- Swayze, bro ther of the bride. A dinner wa given in their honor at the-home of Mr. and Mre, Harvey Rodger* The couple left at once for Illinois wher e the groom IB employed. Mrs. J. F. Knarr is entertaining her sister, Mrs.- Jessie Gale and sons of Anaconda, Montana, The-Indies Aid society of the Evangelical church will meat with Mrs; Mae Ro»s. Wednesday, July 3 P Ned Walter, son of' Mrs. W.H. Walter, i s confined to a Logansport hospital where he underwent an appendix operation. I. jr.. Druley has returned to his home ,at Atti'--. after a viait with his son, .I.E. Druley and family. Mrs. James H. .Sullivan Is rapidly improving since -her' return ''horn*- from St. Joseph hospital where sfc« spent three weeks following a major operation. Eugene Ritz and Mrs. Charles Behny have entered Butler- university. Mr. and Mrs. John Zimmer were called to Pontiac. 111., early Saturday morning by the death of the latter's-aunt, Mrs. Finnic Morton., Mrs.' Zimmer's mother who Delphi Mrs. Charles Sandifur, president ot the Carroll County Federation of Clubs has named the following department chairmen in the county: Rural Cooperation, Mrs. Charles Sannel. Co-operation for the .blind, Mrs. Stella' Naylor; Fauntleroy Home, Mrs. Will Snoeberger; reciprocity, Mrs. Leah Be'ckbeil; Amer- can citizenship, Mrs. Chalmer Loman; American Home! Miss Mary Alread; Education and Loans, Mrs. Guy Clauser; conservation, Mrs- B. B. "Waybill;-'art, Mrs. Charles Lane," music, Miss Edith Peters; VanDopran; literature, Miss Helen international relations, Mrs. James Obear; ^legislation, Mrs. James P. Wason; Junior clubs. Mrs. Venue Stj>hens; publicity, Mrs. . JE£". B. Wilson; Club Woman, Mrs'. . Joe Turner; .mental', health and .child welfare, Mrs, Levi Blickenstaff;': community service, Mrs. R. S. Tldrlck; foundation fund, '. Mrs.. Elmer Huntley: Epsilon .Sigma Ornicron, Mrs. W.. L'. Cowdin. The Carrollton township 4-H club boys'will meet with-Kenneth Cook on the evening of July 2nd- K AH Gamblers" Society James Sullivan is confined- to his bed at the home 'of his. sister, Mrs. Mary Haugh. Miss Orpha Heiland will be employed at Dame's Ice Cream parlor his summer. Miss Virginia Fletcher and-Miss Winitred Dyer attended the annual onventxm of high school Sunshine Societies at Hanover College last week. Mr., and Mrs. David Varnon.-Lo.- gansport,; attended meeting of Mount Hope Young P.>O:>---'S .Su»-si^) col class in thf- horns- -of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Vsrn-n of near Grass Creek recently- Fort.''person-; wer<- present .it :hV • -ssVo n'PS v - fcich business w;is trcia- sac:ert t.iid sanies and refreshments Orermyer, ^^ Mary and Grace TroutmaiucJ Klng'ery, Veraon English. Florence" Creek, Fern R*«on; Marion Alders Jake t^..™,* aid Stoughton, Dale Conrad:^ "Hollis. Dr, and Mr«v Logai: family, Robert Tlmberman] and Mrs. Charles English,-Ml Mrs, Lloyd Moore. Rep, Edward A. Kenney Coming as,, a .surprise to the. sports world, Max Baer, former heavyweight boxing chatasion' is was vls-lting here, and slater 'of Mrs. Morton, accompanied them to Pontiac. Body of Mrs. Morton was taken to Iowa . for burial. YELLOW CAB CO.—Phon« 303 Free Bang Guns! BOYS and .GIRLS—'Here's lots Of fun for you. Have mother, dad, or any friend drive into an O'Day Service Station . Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, July 1, 2, 3 or 4 and purchase Seven Gallons of Gasoline and get a Bang Gun FREE! O'DAY OIL COMPANY Hf<mn & W. Market Sts. Between 1,500- and 2,000 Modern Wbodme;v, 'attended, the annual state nieiiing held, over Jhe weekend at the Colonial Hotel. ,A James Lawton Child's Memorial _ plaque has been preseutej] to the Argbs azaac Walton league The' presentation • is 'made each year to, the: most active league chapter in. the United States. ' annual Farm Bureau' picnic will be held at Adams Grove along the Tippecanot river on Sunday, T --'v 21. ' .- '. , Betty Jennens, Betty Sherrard, Judy Gordon', Marcia Pontius, Elizabeth. Field' and Kathleen Cann, with Miss Narcissus- Cowers, and Mrs. B. G. Field as councilors, have'.gone, to, -Lake Tippecanoe where they .entered a'girls' camp/ sponsored by the Baptist church-.,, The regular monthly meeting ofi the Richlsind Township Farm Bureau-will. be held Tuesday evening at; the gymnasium in Richland Center. Members- of .the New Castle township unit will present a play "Harvest Time in Peaceful Valley." -Mrs. Marie .Behmer: of. Logansport. was elected • president of the second district "'"Legion Auxiliary Epsilon Sigma meet on July 5. Omicron will Stating that nearly all Americans are sramblers and that at least 70 per cent of, members of the House have purchased lottery tickets Rep. Edward A. Kenney, Democrat, of New Jersey; is pushing bill for government lotteries- to reduce Federal and State taxes. He esti mates lotteries would yield $1,000, " 000,000 annually. Miss Mildred. Hammon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl J. Hammon, 1026 Nineteenth street, and" Charles Kenneth Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson of 515 "East Market street, were " married a four o'clock Sunday afternoon in the parsonage of St. .Tarries Luther an church. The Rev. E.. H. Reu r \read the single ring service. Attending .the couple -ware Mr and Mrs- Frank Hoover. . Mr.' and Mrs. Johnson will reside at 516 East Market street. Spring Creek Christian church Loyal Workers' clas,s convened recently wiih Mr. and Mrs- Lloyd Moore, members naming Doiini- belle Sassier and Aralee Creek delegates to Lake-James Christian Service camp at Angola. A picnic was planned to' be-held: : at Fletcher's lake. '• --'..'"Refreshments were served- to: Clela Windle, Roy Lee and. Bryce ASTHM CHOKING Hi GotQuk*Refief -*tiH fine after 17 YEARS a»hn» (or 17 yurs? I; ^ItSJM^ tried everything but '^"TiSHS irew so we«k 1 could hurilyliralfc. Af3n Nioor, I couW do my hotnewotltl^t 5 >-«rsago. r.«m still fceljnrfine, *itha>t 01 asuirn*. —Mrs. Muy. Bean.--RI^NI Io«. July 31.1933— "I continue ii»ioc»] »nd»ra suit pman E JM»cor."--*to»:,B»i Don t lec-aitlima or broocWilc- "^ eLl^Sl 1 ;,™! h«ppin«. Ma For ASTHMA and Br MCM at a meeting held recently at KB-' wanna. Mrs. Hugh Holman of his city, .retired after two years '.president" r i?s Dalp 1 Litchenwalter . has left for a trip to West Virginia.' where she will spend two weeks •with 'friends. Mr. and'Mrs. ;0r,vi]le' McGriff left yesterday for a trip , to California. . . Superintendent and Mrs. -A'. B. Whitmer have gone to Denver,-, Colo., where the: former' will attend the National Educational As-' aoclatlon. ,,, DON'T KNOW A CARBURETOR FROM A CRANKCA_SE Grant Jacobson of Chicago epent the week, end-in. Delphi Mr. Jphn Gaynor is seriously ill at the St. Elizabeth hospital in Lafayette. Mrs. Gaynor was called to his bedside Saturday afternoon. A fishing license was issued on Saturday to Mrs. Charity Swain, -S7, one .of Delphi's.oldest citizens. A marriage license- has'been is-, sued to George Orman Plumb,- sori'l of Frank Plumb of'Lafayette and Miss Edith Mae Hobaugh. • daughter of Henry Hobaugh of Delpni. • Letters of administration, in the estate of George Schlaug has been issued to John Henry Schlaug. The - Ro'tk Creek township-Boy's 4-H. club entertained' the girls club at French. Post Park,Friday evening. -County Agent'and ; Mrs. Ralph Maggert attended the" meet| tag- '• • . . . . :.- '; ; - The Wide-Awake 4-H'. club'will •hold thejr next • meeting at the school on .July S. • , , Moy-oe and. -Jackson , township 4-H clnb boys will have a tour on' July 1st followed by a-co-operative [ supper. The Happy Hearts 4-H clut girls of Democrat township 1 , will meet with Belva Cook on July ; 2nd- Guest dax..will be observed. ~, " The- Happ/iHarmony 4-H:' -cliib girls'xill entertain the- Washington township ' girls on July .1st at the school building. Mr. and Mrs. .Lee Henderson will entertain, the Tippecanoe-township Farm Bureau this Monday evening a.t'7:45 o'clock." Jefferson township will present "Grandmother's Grains of Advice". Deputy States Attorney General and Mrs. Ralph-Hanna and.daugh- ter of Indianapolis spent the" week end here with relatives. For the. flrst^tlmijn, America,- Se«.r«\pre««ntf the tan -. . • • ; - , • ;. ., .• . -' " •'.-,..-.,..-•;• -- - ,-• *• v ;.'.'' ,.^\-*| sensation of ^Eu*opi(!-^* -,fan thatf cools with/ Set Trial July 22 See 11 in the Kursery'..'. It Can't Harm FInyersi Switch It On and Sleep , It's Absolutely Silent: 1 Turn It Directly On You . I'on.Won't Catch Cold! Use I tin the Office ... It Won't Disturb a Paper: Carry It Anywhere ... A Child C«n Lift It: At Sears and Sears Only ,.. instead of ^ dangerpu*. : met*!' h&rml«g« — abgolutely «il«nt !n operation— a without drafts— this new invention ; air-condltton»l .• • ' • - - . •'-.- -,:•:•:. .v-. -•,•.;;. ^..vii'V- rooms Instead: of throwing- a direct .a£fcicolumn,>.ai high, velocity^ as 'does the ordinary fai :'-. You!' catfl tell ,lt'g running, yet you're cool on !th.eJ hottest Cdky| Made of light-weight-' bakellte. wl part 'exposed. Here' is- the fan". of ' the , future for -•• .- - •'. - -.••'•'- : • •'. '.-. '.- • ' - ••'• ::-> : -.-^ homes, offices, .hoipital rooms, and,- •waiting -r •omethlng-new under'the Summer sun! .95 You Won't Believe It Until You See If! .is ITS SEARS FOR • *• (dk&izv&i f/uce Ifvu "I feavt mecli»ii/c»/ things to other*, but lam Interested in «fy/ e and comfort and economy—so naturally my choice for 1935 Is a Ford V-8" "Of course I wouldn't want a car that wasn't mechanically perfect. But with a Ford you take tM» mechanical perfection for granted. Anyway, my husband is an engineer and you ought to hear him rave about the cylinders and all thoae things under the hood. He says you're sure of quality in a car that's made by Henry Ford.' "I am really proud to drive our Ford V-8. Every one comments on its good-looking lines and smart, modem style. This J 9 ja«t as true inside a» out The FOR V upholstery and other fine appointments just make me glow with pride and satisfaction. "I have to buy oil and gas so seldom that sometimes I wonder what the car runs on. That's the truth. And there's nothing like a Ford for ease of driving. There's one thing I tell all my friends, and it is this: 'After you drive a Ford V-8 you wffl never be satisfied with anything else. There's something about this car that just naturally wins a woman's heart!'»» AUTHORIZED FORD Gerald Thorapton Gerald Thompson, confessed ravisher and murderer of Mildred HallmwJr, pretty «f e ho«ew-- 0 f Feoria, m., was spirited a^-ay to a Mcret dettination by authoritiw to aroid moi yjofencc after/July 22 *M fixed as the <kt« «f to trial. SWIM SUITS Suits -from Seybold's Water-Wear Department. Scanty, ^tight-fitting Maillots for misses, -skirt suits for matrons. Bandana suits, -rubber suits.with,'detachable skirts. 'Conservative, models and novelty numbers. Upwards from $1.95— SZTBOLD'S—23T) FIOOE $1.19 $149 Cool off . . . it costs so little-at Sears! Plenty of invigorating breeze frozn this, efficient "Artie"! Guaranteed one 'year if properly oiled. Durable black finish. A. sensation at this low price! - - - Cool as its name . .. "Coldwa>«! . Gives t steady breeze on-the-Hottest days. .Does a more thorough. ; job than most fans at this 'low, '', price. Green crackle finish, with- cadmium plated trim. Guaranteed .2 years if ; properly-, olfed. Costs only as much as -a 40-watt lamp to operate. . : '. .J . $449 Highest quality 4-bIade fan: we . know''of! Efffcient,' ecoaomlcil, Qufct. and.,«turdy, this 9-Inch oscillating -"Airflow" is a real"^ay"! Guaranteed 5 years' It prpperly. oiled. Smart .black Oafeh. '-'-'• ' Sears, Roebuck and Co. «0fl Broacbrtj

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