The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1932
Page 5
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MAY 10. 1032 (or He. OMB* UM wonU Uw cub. : : •: FOR SALE BABY CHICKS 6c each. Barred Rocks. White Rocks, White Leghorns. Byrum Produce Co. Op pwite PostoHlce. 7-c-k-l TOR RENT FOR RENT—Three, four and six room residences, furnished or uii furnished. 1 -' Dr. J. A. Eallba. - 4C-K1I FOR RENT — Stcre building and fixtures, CM South Lake, Dr. J A. S»llba. 4C-K1! FOR RENT—Two light housekeeping rooms, furnished. 620 Walnut. Phone 521, Mrs. S. P. Cavendar. liC-KlO FOR RENT: MODERN FURNISHED HOUSE. GOOD LOCATION CALL, 202. IScklQ WAJJTGD WANTED—To' buy lot or house am lot within walking distance o business district. Must be s bargain. Give price and location In letter addressed to "N", Courier News. "" HELP WANTED—pleasant profitable work ill towns • lor large sales corporation. Writ; qualifications, Box 82, Blythcville. 10P-K13 LOST AND FOUND STRAYED: Two bay mare mules 900 pounds each, One with eye out. J. H. Copeland, Box 231, Osceola, Ark. . G»-kl3 STRAYED OR STOLEN: Pair smaU old, bay horse mules, S. A. Pepper, Huffman, Ark. IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE. CHICK AS AWBA DISTRICT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS R. L. Bradley, Kecciver for First National Bank of BlytliDVille Arkansas, Plaintiff, No. 5211 ys. Mrs. Louis Humphreys, and Myrtle Sheeley, Defendants. WARNING ORDER The defendants. Mrs. Louis Humphreys and Myrtle Sheeley and •each of them arc warned to appear -in this Court within thirty -.(30) days an<3_answer to the complaint of the plaintill. li. L. Bradley, Receiver of the First National Bank of Blythcville, Arkansas, herein filed against them. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this the 10th clay of May. 1932. R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Elizabeth Blylhe, D. C. C. M. Buck, Atty. Ad Litem. IO-n-24-31 Te*as Graduates Will Find Jobs Hard to Find AUSTIN, Tex. (UP) — College graduates this year may as w;ll "go home and pick cotton," according to Dean T. U. Taylor of DID College of Engineering, University of Texas. The economic depression has shut the doors to the business world that formerly stcod open for university graduates, lie believes. The engineering profession has been hard hit, re declare:!. Only in the College of Pharmacy havo there been advance offer; of posilions. Dean W. E. Gidly believes each of tho 15 graduates in the College o( Pharmacy this year, vrill be given positions. Oversiipply of teachers will work a hardship on several hundred university graduates according to .\flss Miriam Dozier, secretary lo the Teachers' Appointment Committee at the University. A fc«- inqiiftlcs'iliiwc tsen received by Dr. J. A. Fitzgerald, dean of the school of business administration, bul they have resulted in no advance employment. * Railroad Two Million Miles EL PASO, Tex. (UP)- T. H. Carter, 73, has traveled 2.IOC.OOO mile-S back and forth between Fort Worth and Big Spring. He has worked for the Texas Pacific Railroad for 33 years "without missing a pay cay" and now is a retired conductor. The Offices of DR. FRED CHILD, »R. I,. H. MOORE, DR. H. A. TAYLOtt Will Be Closed Every Thursday Afternoon. , „ , r ,,,,u.«I „, mar . . tuit. him. ||, ..... J.-al.m. and «fv»rnl m-rk. |:i<rr nlitn Su.nn JKtccji 10 murrr i:»M:sT II1HTI1. frr rni|>l, l>rr . u r> >butiln xi llr:icb. turn turning; lUe cu« or. Uliu^.-lr. Mrnntdur DIOMSj: .UUItOI!) hn* Infiiriiiol Hull ifcnl £u»:ili l» Knliic <a wnrr) Urn. Urn M rundlt;,.^ [ N *rrliiii« UH ^ ^y•an I. dMrr.ti.rf. ,IA<-|{ \\\\l\. l^<- llc;illi'. n.xNc.iil, lr |[ > II,,!, Itnr Siiknn IK mill tn-c.. llc.l> trlr. to find l:r r l jut ,. n[1 , lot _ Suknn'it n""l «l, , U III >;nc.< .nulk :mJ Mlxnn »!,,>» ,,1,1, r t | r ,,J». S |«. Uoi-« nni Krl Uui,'. .[^..n,,,.. MOW cici ii.\ WITH Tin: STOBI C1IA1TKII XXXVI CUSAN diil not sleep at all the iiiulit nfler Hie sliouling. She lay toiife anil s!ii\-crlng. woiulcring what would Iiniipeu on tho tnorrow. Kncli linio slie closcil her eyea she cuuld see that liorriblu sceno ona!ii. Bun with Hie uuii raised In Hie air firlni; at Uratli anil then at him- eelf. How could slio have dreamed tliat fcatousy would drivo Den to sucli leiinllis! What if Hie newspapers should nt [ho nffnlr? Uealli's [lopitlon and hers would Inml tli(Mnscli-es to vlvicl licatlllncs. N'u. sfio would not even Ililnk of suclJ a tiling, llcatli Irad assured lier Hie matlcr would lio liuslieil up. But what It Den dieil? It would be iliniciilt keeping ^uict. Tho wliole ivretclied slory woulj ho blazoned before tlic world. "I mustn't let Aunt Jessie knoiv," Susan said lo licrself. "Stic must leave in ilio morning without llnd- ing out aiiyllilne aiwut it." Somehow tile Kirl arrayed hei- sliatterol forces. She Inslicd herself liHo a Bt.-ite ai calm so 'that the older woman suspected nOthlnB. Crumbling a little, but well pleased oti the whole, the Invalid allowed herself lo Lc stowed away in a drawing room .with the crisp nurse. The train men began to give warning and Susan kfsseJ the ifiin cheek, feeiing a rush of emotion. "You be good now!" she admon- isticil. "Do v just as you're told aud you'll he fat and sassy in no time at all." Aunt Jessie promised with unexpected meekness. "I feel c.isy about you as lous as you're staying with the llihons," slio said. Susan dashed to the platform slewiiug on Just before tho train to more. Slia ran after it. waving for a nilmito or two. Then suddenly it dwindled Into a mere speck along tbo track. Slie felt forlorn. She was quite nlona now. Was U or was it not a bafl omen that Iho expected tolcnhouo call failed lo coino through bctoro the left tlio liouso? Sho felt now that slic could not possibly wnlt to know ot lion's condition unlil reluming home. Slio stopped it n pay- stu- lion a ml called tlio number of Heath's club. After n long wait during, which her heart palpitated frlglitoiilnsly Blio licsnl Ills voice. "How is he?" elio asked foar- fully. "He Inil night," Hcnlh (old her, "anil he's running a high fever, but Ill.tkc says It's not alarm- Ilia »m! you'ro not to worry," "Where aro they keeping htm?" Susan wanted to know. Heath mentioned (he na:ne of n small, private hospital. "It's going to Iw all right," he (old her cautiously. "There's iio need (o worry. IJIako has fixed everything." S'J tar--. Mill on designate Hc.Mh in private) for hlx S!i(i ijisnilsacd ilio thought, wasn't (hot kind, sho Nevertheless thcro was uo grieving tho Elvl. .At six Hrath telephoned 1I» said. "1C I send a cur for 7:30 will H IK (ill ilKhl?" Ihing 111 hta tono frightened "Yes, of course, but what sho asked. Ilia voice was very low. " tell you just now." < understood and was grate'••' (ill, but slio was not entirely reassured about Ben's condition. A high temperature might mean many things. She never knew how she got through that day. It wns a godsend to Iiavo tho task of straightening the house after Aunt Jessie's departure. Thero wcro Innumerable lltilo things to do hnt as Susan went about tlicso tasks she listened apprehensively for tho ( lo ring. Bcii must eel betler. Ho simply rauEl! At four o'clock ebo went to Hose's home. Mrs. Milton noticed the SiiTs silcnco arid nut it down to a natural reaction following her aunt's Illness. "Your aunt's going to do fine now. Don't you think another bit about it," Mrs. Milton said. "Let's you anil 1 havo a cup of tea, lovey." Mra. Ulllon eyed her young companion flppMlslngly. "You look mighty peaked to mo," she announced. "Did you Iiavo any lunch?" "I don't remember. No, I guess I didn't." "Lord love you! Did anybody ever seo such a girl," Km. jliiton tiaid fondly. . "You'd better not go around looking like a ghost or your ruan won't iiko it." Mrs. Milton had been taken into tlio secret of Susan's engagement. Tlio girl Hushed. "Ho won't mind." she said wearily. Mrs. Milton wont about the business ot making tea but her heart was not in her work. Sho was puzzled over Susan. The child didn't look happy. Thero wero no two ways about that. Could she ho marrying this old fellow (fiaui l?incJl niicyT flnean again. you at Souio- Bus-in, Is It?" I can't Arkansas Boxer Collegiate Star , CIMON was loo well trained to ^ fi|ioak o! ilio events ot tho night Wore. Susan rode along wondering "lint her destination might bo. Her heart beat rapidly when alio observed they wcro turning Intolhi! street on which she knew tho hobiii- tnl was located. What could havo happened. Was lien cloud? she tad never known eiich misery. As the- car slid to a slop Hcnlh, who ImJ oTldcntly bceu walling willilu, camo lo meet lier. "I'm tlad you'ro here," lie said with emphasis. Susan searched Jils faco for a sign of n-liat mlglit havo happened hut found none. Slio was afraid lo ask. Slie might slave oft disaster by pretending It did not cxlsl lint sho found as sho wciil up Ilio flairs, tint her knees were trembling so slio could scarcely stand. "Aro yon all rl B hl?" Heath glanced at her wilii moro than Us usual .solicitude. "Den must he dying," tho girl Hiought. That was why they had sent for her. She wmi icil down a narrow corrlilor llnukcd on cither sldo by closed Joors. Tho milet of tlio place, tho autlsepllc scent that liovercd In tho air weighed on her spirit. licforo ono ot tho doors Ilealh paused and knocked ooltly. A nurse's face appeared in tlio aperture. She nodtlcil to him. 'Yes, you may conic iu," she said. "He's awako now." Susan entorcii on unwilling feet. Slio scarcely (iarcd to look at tbo face on tho nlllow o! tho high hospital bed. Ben's eye* wcro open, 1 slariiii- In !ier direction. Susan glanced around her wildly. Healh hail vanished a:iil only tho nurse, ljusinesstiko and cool, remained at the foot of the bed. "Yon may have two mlnules," slio said in a matter ot fact voice, "and that will bo all. Tho iloctor," she added to Susan, "doesn't want lilm to become excited." Ben's volco sounded unnatural, slrauge. Sho had to go very close lo understand what ho was saying, ''Sorry, sorry. Terribly sorry.' 1 / was iii'illerlii*. TFtHlcd lo tell :'-is:in bout ovor htm wlih a rush l'«>'. "It's all right." Eho nv fan?! " ' ' " v '" 6 "' t r ""l' >' ollr Tims,, had l:cen the right words. li» taw Hint instantly ami was Kl.iil. b'.'ii; knew, (oo, <ha( she had llio vU'ilni of a fovor, a nuilnesa. W'o nmh-rstood ( Klio luul full smiii'lhlu.; voiy Iiko It llmi nlglit wncn S hj soon Di'iiltawltli Dob jialon-.y was a fearful (lilnir. It was a i,eaal Hint ili'ovo you to un- ;|uvU'[| violence?. She was i;lnil Eho had s.ilil (lint The side boy's faco llghlcncd. "Hotter iniw," he iiiuiioixo. "Think I Cllll i-tci'li." 'That's fine," tlio rmrso Inter- iiosc.l. "Tliafa JUKI lovely. Sleep I" What you ,, cc ,| ,.| S|)1 ,, ow ., S|](J Susan oiil of Ilio room. gt'SAN foil shaken Iml Bomehow cmlted. Ikmli, pacing up niid ilottn i!,o corridor, wan utiirtlod by tint luiniiions Ilitlit in her e-ycj. Slit took Ills ni'in impulHivcly. "Tell |)r. lltoko ho must »av« him." sliu whispered. "Tlicj mustn't let Ilio poor liny dlo." Ili'ath looked im/ili'il. "flu's not going to," liu Bald. "He's going to Iio liiii!. JI'B almost u miracle." "Ob," Susan collapsed against I'll". He led her into Iho lltilo ck-VHior anil iiresscil (Iio unlton. "You'vo liail a frightful day," h« muUcreil. "I don't wonder you'ro iil'sel. J'oor chilli." If M;ia sweet lo Iw taken caro ot in tbis fusliloit. Susnn wniilcd to relax (n (l,o comfort of tills man's affection hut something hnnl wllliln her told her aho must not. Tboro wiia tmincllilng sbo must do. BOD'B eyes liacl sbowcd her lliiit. Ijivo was n ilrlvlng force. It was sonic. Ihlng- iicrco ninl elemental. Slio would bo iloliiir Heath a wrong to marry him fcclliiB na sho did. Kho begau to speak hut ho slopped lier. "Don't talk now," ho fold genlly. "Lnlcr you can tell mo all about It." Susan licsli.itcil. Sho lialcil'io hurt anyone. Sho would hide her time, hut of ono thing she was certain. Mnmngo without lovo socmcil nn Impossibility. What about Aunt Jcsalc If slio decided lo take hack her promise to Ernest Heath? At the thought Susan shivered. Was ever a girl so torn? No nmt- ter which way she looked Hie way seemed black. She did not know what to do. (To Bo Continued) Anhitimate Angle on the Roosevelt Family Circle &=©== SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson FRIED SI'HING CHICKEN EVERY DAY Jiramie O'Brien's Cafe Hack in January, 1.131. Dayless lill, above, Tulanc University stu- cnl from Arkansas,.donnca a pair f boxing gloves and want out for Is firsl amaSciir fight. Ed Klioiiry, -ouisiana Slate football slar and eleran Iicavywelght, gave him n ound whipping. But loday Hill is alions] intcrcollcgiatD heavywclsht h.imj)io:i. Lndefcatcd in his lust f> star!s since that day Khoury de- eatcd him. and fine prospect for x Olympic boxing (cam to b? selected this summer j n tryoul.s at San Francisco. "H' s the short blows that, win for me," MJ- S mil Jacfc Dcmpsey used to say the same thing. Private Building Plans Depression Bright Spot WASHINGTON. (UP) _ One of the bright sixXs in the Rumanian economic situation is (lie slight boom in private building (hat Is foreseen for (lie early summer. Reports received here Irom Bucharest by the Commerce Department state that there h.ive teen more than 4.0CO building permits granted in Ihe Rumanian metropolis since Jan. l, 1932. The majority of these permits are for small dwellings, usually two- family affairs. The mail man nt Warm Springs, Ga.. must Dave loll some important for here yon see the serious mien witli which Governor correspondence. They're en their sprnv vacation at the tending strictly to her knitlin?. twin sisters, will preside joiniiy asi president o! the sophomore c'.uss Twin Sisters to Rule College Class Together CLARKSDAL!!. Miss. (UP)— They don'l like to dross alike, th;y have different dispositions." but when it comes lo lior.ors tlicy divide them. at Bine Mountain College ill North -Mississippi In 1333-33. Tills is believed to b-j the first lilr !C in the history of Amcrlmi colleges that two girls ruled a class together. They were elected jointly to the So Margaret and Mary Myers, presidency recently. In tile first KRECKI.KS AND HIS FRfENDS Ballot, they were tied. The class tneii decided lo elect, them jointly by acclamation. The twins, 10 years old. arc frcslimcn at the college this year. LOVELAND, Colo. (UP)—Traps, set for coyolcj. canghl, two golden' ca Bles, each having a wing spre.i.-l of between six and seven -feet. OUK BOARDING HOUSE rum nn \ RACKET? You WAtf-T-6 WITH AUto AA /W6, AFKAIP NfaU 'BE SCXReP Q A eer SrfftES AR6 to TILL up ice-cusps -fa ec, up, FATHER TELLAS AROLWP -ffl' r) USep-To CALL ME "BALP T~Aa.[_e A -jaKe t ^ "RATTLE' LOOSE S£Ve»iTV HOURS OF sato TWiiU' J Moui, I.F VQU'RE: AFRAID,' SAV iH/tf ARE -TO PILOT -rue HKR KIIDDIES WASH TUBBS SEH. AN 1 MEN / ItUM VXJ THE IDEA NOOR GONE \ _ IS tUEM PlVE POWN 1 . I DOWT THl'vlif svs VWOUI.D ROM AWAV....SWE GEE...IT c EG A . ucse. , wow SHE'S LEA5WED A LOT OF II , To L THE Boys' HOUSES 60 AW LOSE H6BS6LP, I eecAusc SHE •• •- - ' SHAOyfiiDS TOO \WHO STEAL \WATCH Aos OFFEBI>J FOR THeia' psr<ift(j

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