The Times-Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on June 19, 1969 · 25
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The Times-Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · 25

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 19, 1969
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HOTt NIW JERSEY cnmsTi!E 4300 Atlantic at lakar, Wlldwood, N.J. Th friendly hotel. Uar avarything. ft parking. Two dincri clot by. Bath from room. Clean. Early Spring ratoi to Juno 16. Rooms wprivat bath 93.73 dally por parson, 2 In room. PHONI (Mf ) 522S141 THE SCRANTON TIMES, THURSDAY, JUNE 19, 1969. .25 0)Vf KOOKIIM KMUtOWAUC M MNTUCkf AVINUt note! ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. Ocean view rooms. TV and air-conditioning optional. Rooftop tun dock. Stroot lovol open porch. Spacious lobbies. Cocktail lounges. Elevator. Free bathing from hotel. $e DAILY, 20 of 165 rooms, u Phono 609-345-2146 Hal Boyle NEW YORK m Estelle Parsons, who says she hates life but loves acting, was stuck in a traffic jam here recently and started singing. When the startled taxicab driver asked her why, she re plied: all at those things other people are good at. I have no talent for being a housewife and a hus band's hostess. "The only thing I'm good at is my work. At everything else am awful. The Swedes are healthy on the outside but mux 140 S. TENNESSEE AVE., ATLANTIC CITY, NJ. BEACH HOCK Private Saths & Showers SQ 00 A,r Cend-toomi Avail- large Family Rooms 0 UP Elevator Brick Building Effie. Aprs. Central per person j lobby,Spaejou, Porch 2 in room 100 CKoic. Room, Ph. 344-2442 Free Brochure FREE PARKING ON PREMISES "Pure despair." iky and brooding on the inside. The remark is typical of the "What it boils down to is that 1J6 S. Tennessee Ave., Atlantic City Vi Slock to Beach A Friendly Hotel In the Heart of Everything. Over 100 Delightful Outside from Rooms. Private Baths. Spa-cious Porch. 3 Beautiful lobbies. Elevator to Street. Free Bathing. .r. F PARKING ? L !m Fro. Folder. Write or 2 ln "" Phone 343-6121 N. Carolina Ave. and Boardwalk ATLANTIC CITY ALL INCLUDED: 100 airtonditioned TV A phonts In all rooms Parking A surf bithtag Sun deck A chalm SPECIAL PAMILY RATES 'WrrrA MOTOR flHWm HOTEL froi 4 ironic philosophy of one of the most interesting performers in show business. She is an odd mixture of aloofness from life and passionate involvement in it. Estelle, who won an Oscar for her first film, "Bonnie and Clyde," was nominated for another for her second, "Rachel, Rachel. She also has won two Obie awards on off-Broadway plays. In her fourth film, "Strangers," she plays the bit ter daughter in an estranged family. "I like to play people that ordinary people might dislike to take an unsympathetic role and make it sympathetic," she said. "To develop a little human understanding and compassion, that is what I like to do. Miss Parsons, whose nickname in college was "Parsley," is a plump, attractive woman with deceptively soft gray-green eyes who doesn't mind at all admitting she is 41. Daughter of a New England lawver and a Swedish re other. Estelle decided at 4 she wanted to be an actress. Later she thought of a career in political science. After a year in law school, she became at 22 the youngest member of the plan ning board of Marbienead, Mass. "I gave up the study of law because I didn't like competing with men," she recalled. She came to New York in 1951 and got a job as a production assistant for NBC television and radio shows at $75 a week. Kiwanis Stages 'Sweet Charity Premiere I like my freedom and wish to be alone. I get stifled if I spend too much time with people have to be alone. The freedom compensates for the loneliness."! Miss Parsons has a theory about artists in any field. "Actors need to be actors because they can't live life on its real level," she said. "If artists could live a life fully ln relation ship with other human beings, they wouldn t need to be artists and try to create something which is better than life because it has a form and structure, which life doesn t have." But for a pessimistic idealist, Estelle is astonishingly congenial. She leaves the impression she would be great fun to be with on the days she didn't prefer to be alone. License Suspensions Appealed by Two Men William Wilcox. Dickc City. appealed to court Wednesday :om a tO-day ruaptcdoo of ha driving privUffti. Tht luipe-eikon is bued u;oo a charse of spcedbf Ln MttT.ia burg. Pa . iccordinf to the compJaint made br Arty Ml-I chal R Sfciad4 Court m Aug 20 ai the da'.r ftic tie hear tag In another ,';; Jca J Lt, V Walnut Si, clark t Summit, ask court to vt aeKie I 6(td suspr.sKjQ of hu driving pnviif jm He a.r e i:. a '. the uipenKir, .i baxl j-k: Improper irripoi:Uor. potavi ajauurt b:i record by 'tt Hu reau of Motor Vehit.ei He . rrvreaetited rn At'.y Geori-Houck DANCE FRIDAYNITE WIST SCHAHTOH Cothc-Jic Hh Uhocl St Patrick's Jack t. arte) Lkncln Ae. wi sr thi Fidinl Riurvi mi i iiil 1 1 JEL-X j T H C AT RES I DINNERS COCKTAILS II A L P II ' S U4 N. MAIN AVI. Steaks. OH?, Sea Pa. Chicken, Pity Italian Cvlalna, Cacktella 1IIVINO riON fj Air-CfrdfTo Time Pnoto by Denn.i Members of Scranton Kiwanis, aponaer ef premiere perftrmtnte of musical, "Swoet Charity," currant attraction at ft Cntr Thoatsr, father prior to first txclutlvs tHrtK-astern Pennsylvania screening of rhe Shirley MacLairva hit. From left: John Williams, Kiwanis president; Edward Schwaltior, tveater mn9r; Rebort A. Sproul, presidnt -elect, and Harry Burler and Henry Mann, cochalrmen of bonafit fund preierrtation. Tonight's TV Programs -1:80 fM.- 12 C0L0R) News 44 Communities and Their Schools -S:M P.M.- 12-22-2k (COLOR) News 4 Time of Our Lives -7!fl0 P.M.-1 2 (COLOR) Death Val e Days 22-2MC0L0R) News 44 Home Grounds Improvement 7.28 P.M.-18 (COLOR) News -7:38 P.M.- Per Pers. 2 In Room Just off Boardwalk, S. Carolina Ave. In the Heart of All activities. TOPS FO MODERN COMPORT' SUNDECK. SRICK BIDG. FREE iruiur. IDE 1K. Trim rriaTw pain hq Write for Folder ATLANTIC CITY 344-1147 200 Delightful Rooms Priv. Tile Baths t Showers Three years later she was earn- 12-22 (COLOR) Animal World: ing $1,000 a week as a commen-! The cougar is followed as Center of ATLANTIC CITY mm S. Carolina l Pacific Ave. Free Parking Up Pen. 100 Outside 2 in tm. Roornt Restaurant, Beach Block, I levator, Phono in All Rooms, woiar i v, rick Construction, Private Batht. NIW OWNER MANAGEMENT Wrkto or Phone: Atlantic City .09-343-4771 tator, but quit to try to makei her mark in the theater. A five-year marriage to writer Richard Gehman, which end ed in divorce, left her with two souvenirs, twin daughters Martha and Abbie, and a distaste I for further marital adventures. "I'll never marry again, because I don't believe I could ever have a relationship that close again. I'm terribly jealous, possessive and insecure. "Insecurity is the wellspring of an actress. You have to have this lack of confidence as an incentive to spur you to achievement. "I have a lonely and awful he prowls the high country of western America and through his encounters with other creatures common to his world 16 (COLOR) Flying Nun; Sisters Bertrille, Jacqueline and Sixto form a singing trio for a benefit show for the convent. (Repeal 28 (COLOR) Daniel Boone: An old storyteller uses his fictitious friend, a bear called Mr. Dob, to help i crippled boy learn self-reliance. (Repeat) 44-A Visit with Carol -1:88 12-22 C0L0R) The Prisoner. The Prisoner is elected to the powerful post of Number 2 in The Village following a seemingly democratic election and surprising support from the incumbent Number 2. (Repeat) 18 (COLOR) That Girl: Ann Marie tries to cope with suggestions on how to spend a residual check. (Repeat) 44 (COLOR) Washington News -8:18 f.U 1t (COLOR) Bewitched: Si- mantha appreciates poetry his no evidence to support her claim. (Repeat) 44 (COLOR) Spectrum: Story of how the ancient temples of Rames II were saved from the waters of trto Nile River in Egypt when the Aswan High Dam wis constructed -8:88 P.M. 12-22 (COLOR) Movie: "The Hellions," starring Richard Todd and Anne Aubrey. One man is left to keep law and order in a South African town when the community is invaded by outlaws. (Is62) 11 (COLOR) Ths Is Tom Jones: Guests, Dick Cavttt, The Fifth Dimension, Sand e Shaw, Julie Dnscoll and the Brian Augur Tnmty. (Repeat1 but when everything sl.e says 44 (COLOR) CMmie comes out in rhyme, a des perate situation calls for drastic measures (Repeat) 2S (COLOR) Ironside: Ironside's Aunt Victoria insists that one of her friends has been murdered, though she 1:38 P.M.- 2 (COLOR) Dragnet Friday gets help from a Gerrran shepherd dog m trac-ng the means by which rraniuana is being smuggled into Los Angeles from Mexico. Repeat) ia a p. II (COLBR) Star Time: "CM on the Outskirts of Tcwn," starring Ann Bancroft ad Jack Warden 21 (COLO H) Dean Mirtm Show: Guests. G ra loUo-brig.da, Ph. I Sie's, Nor-n Oosby and M.ibum Stona. (Repeat) 44 Niwsfront -18:18 P.M.- 44 Evans-Novak Rtport -11:88 P.M.-1M8-22 2 (COLOR) News I -11:18 P.M. IMCOLOR) Joey Bishop 28-4COLOR) Tonight -11:35 P.M.- 12 Movie: "Special Correspondent," starring Jean-Lojis Trint.gnant. A gangster becomes involved with his boss' mistress. (1956) 22- Mov.e: "Destry," sta-r.R Aud'e Murphy and Mr: Bienchard. (1955) -1:18 A.M.-22-(COLDI) News SPEU4L T()IGHT POT OF ST I AMI N 0) CLAMS 35'-- 1.00 J2.75 IN RIAK THE NOOK IIS N. Main St PrHeten, Pa. ICBSTII TAIL PLATTH Am pie t re f a rf I "1i"j'Ts-- iow IWestsidEI lV till P.M. 2nd ARQO'S LOUNGE S. MAIN ST.. flTTJTON ALL TMI$ W1IK TERM SIMS amd nt:VLRLV DAMCINO PIIOAV AND SATUaDAT MrOMT AND FINAL WHK! Till RIG HLOKMY Muslcd ROQMrS BILL SCHREIBIRS SIX PENCE PUB 1041 MmK It wnttelrt Appearlni rly LARRY CILR TRIO Apeirlrvj tetwrdey BOBBY CHANDLtR HAPPY HOUR 4 TO 7 P.M. Srnton't Only AwrKentic Pwk Plenty of Free Parking Servinf Food r Irt F.nn WELDWOOD EYNON. PA. SM0RQASB0RD $2 iviar WID tmuii. ni 00 I it I X PM THE FREDDIE COLE ni:vi i: :r SHARON AILEEN KK MINIMUM HjO COVER Phone 489-9731 naav fSL jii T (RICHARD MICHAt CRIRHA CIAJG If VUiiUrrP'1'1 4 &n'" (TV listingi for Entire Week in Next Week Magaaine in The Sunday Timet) By HAROLD HIPFIRNAN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD (NANA) dor's recent leap Into the I look (or him to Improve Lew Alcindor. kev Riant Ini notoriety headlines. Playing in a rapidly when ne nils tne Dig Prom Me, considered at one ievei. aayUCLA,s 3,. le8Se on IpracUce game, Alcindor slashed time courts, children hate the way 1 c00, America's collegiate basketbaUlout at an opponent, sending him Not all of Lee's coichlng jobs eggs, but 1 m Just d010: championship, and heading intojto the hospital with a compound are as strenuous as those in resorts new jersey 'the tiro time with the fracture of the iaw. The wonder "A Walk In the Spring Rain." Water Gap Motor Hotel Ocean Ind S. Carolina Ave. Atlantic City IOO Modern Rooms, Elevetors, specious; Open Porches A Sun Decks. Also Hous kttplng Apartments. Coffee Shop. Free Bathing from Rooms. SPECIAL FAMILY ACCOMMODATIONS FREE PARKING Oapf. S for Rat. or Phone 609-344-4183 WINDERMERE Ocean End South Carolina Ave. First Hotel From Boardwalk ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. 80 Comfortable Outside Rooms. Elevator to Street. Comfortable, Spacious lobby, Sundeck Overlooking Ocean. Free Bathing. rnvaie eans. up Ph. 345-7081 per person, 1 in room 4 Privete Beth Per Person 2 in Room Milwaukee Bucks, has a reach of more than 100 inches, stands an acknowledged two inches and pounds. to bvstanders was how so much Some are downright pleasant damage could be inflicted with Such as a couple of movies seven teet, lone blow. Lee, however, says ago wnen n wii ciuw on, mu weighs 240: he doubts if jeetkune-do was by Columbia, to teach jeetkune- thA secret wearjnn. do to tJIO aOmmer. bnaron SJ ATLANTIC eavieu? city I S. TinntuM Av., Nar 8ach 75 Modern Comfortible Rooms Mok Summr Resrvation Now. Elevator, Sundeck, 2 Spac!ou Lobbies. TV, Ocean Bathing. Ideol Central Location. 5.00 UP p,r Per$on 1 in room for Res. Write or Phone 609-344-7980 Alcindor's teacher at the an- Currently Le service at Tate Nancy Kwan 10 they cient Chinese science of (teaching his little-known coui P1101111,?, "?,d V5k ..v jeetkunelo is Bruce Lee fivemethods o ,ttsck ,nd defense oth ""aUy to The feet, five inches tall, weighing iare bng utiUied by Tom Wrking Crew. 140 pounds. Ivielrllno- nH Pete Kellet in1 ' Nancy was my best pupil, jeeucune-ao a iorm 01 sixeei. .. lighting" ana aowngraaes si-onpt tor caumrjii siuaios s "street..A w.iu .k-. crjn9 and Sharon read M0TEI OCEAN END - Hertii CaroliM Ave. Children FftEE endw 14 e PMI SWIMMING POOL e FREE TV IN ROOMS e 10O AIR-CONDITIONED e FREE PARKING FREE CONT. BREAKFAST EFFICIENCY UNITS AVAIL from C. gffi d''Y per pers. dbl. cxc. Mod American Plan $4 SO person A daily add Deluxe Breakfast and Dinner RESERVATIONS: WRITE OR PHONE: (M9) 348-0134 HOLMHURST On Picturesque Peansylvtnis Avenue Setsei Hotel tree) leirlwilk Atlestic City From w Brjeakfast A Dinner 39 Wky. (2 In rm.) Air Conditioned Dining Room Free Parking Alto European Plan N. H. Stitier Ph. 609-344-2283 karate and judo as "organized despair." He admits that in giving Alcindor lessons he trIw :r"u. . ";T.n troducUon comes when player, his shoulder comes only to Lew's hip-level. Although conceding that the big net star is eager study" at the science, Lee takes no credit for Alcin- but if Elke this I'm an . 1 . 1 T- . I A 11 . starring Ingrki Bergman and oui-ina-oui uir. iwnruuy, Anthrmv Ouinn. ncy Kwan may be the tops In this flick. FieWina is seen as uuinn s son, ana because she's oriental STARTS WEDNESDAY The ROUGHEST RIDE IHTOWN! I VH AcWci f J anltcij and c m ctll niliroVftr t rv nt VI T ta" tuai she-devU with in-fighting. uuiii If p-... T rtn K e w u and Miss Bergman find him at Wlth movi he.d telching a backwoods sawmill engaged no one but durQHjumSi or doUs, in a brutal, stomping, groin- v. .. it tVu. h,- .Ikirlriro- fisht with Kellet an " "1 " T L. 7, 11 a quick: andlTl Z ..vZi ...v.. Kei more out oi u, i ao, ne "mvu OTITIC kiesecs at uic uiuci a Mil SUTt m R&JLRKE jkui UK Plus In Color, Kir Douglas "THE BROTHERHOOD" 2 FIRST RUN HITS STRICTLY M VIT REI) AT 9 P.M. S)S) Women IT TOFI "THE i, F0XM FRII PAR KINO Dewntewn Parkirvf Cerfar ni yj if ttcxe w ,et Eight You'll Loy or Hote . . . SMASHED A f OKDEiWOSLD APJLMTt I sri MIT WID. I 1r Wreiwi CARROLL IAKIRS NIW WAIHII MATUU PILAU "Th Body of Dtboroh" aaa i a lati as ic iTtirt nixt wtDweaoAT mrrmh 1 a - r i win '6.00 Radio HIGHLIGHTS aIlanticoty Kentucky Ave. on Boardwalk Marion For A Simmer Vacation At Moderate Rates Parking Ice Free Bathing Air conditioning and TV Available in Some Rooms Spacious Lobbies Came Room! PHONE 609-344-5236 M. Enjuj the Spain? Hew Luxury ol ATLANTIC CITY'S MMADA INN mm 1 MO. CAR0UNA AVE, Next te rUddoa Hall I Boardwalk 260 Rocena and Luxury Suites. 100 Air-Conditioned. Free Parking. Swimming Pool. Cocktail Lounge. Lanei Rooms with Color TV. Sauna Bathe. Sun Deck. Free Chaiea Lounge. Private Terraces. Free TV and Direct Dial Phone in Every Room. Special Family Accommodations and Rate. (No Pets.) COMPtCTI CONVENTION FACHJTIES ACCOMMODATING 30 TO 300. hee tawvatisa freea eev af the 30O Ceeat te Coast, or write or Cal AMantk Chy tO444-5101 PKJeUER SEASON - e. successor to tht 5fSfc S ORONET WEJL 630 KC 11:00 a.m. daily Radio Time 4:25 p.m. daily Stock Report WSCR 1329 KC 5:00 a.m. daily Wm. B. Stuart 7:55 p.m. Baseball: Yankees vs. De- I troit WPTS 1540 KC 7:01 a.m. tomorrow Sacred Heart Program 6:00 p.m. daily Sports WICK 1408 KC 8:05 p.m. daily The World Today 11:05 p.m. daily You're On the Air WS6M1I KC 10-.30 a.m. Dear Abby 6:45 p.m. Lowell Thomas WILK-9S0 KC 7-.30 p.m. Baseball: Phillies vs. New York WBAX-1240 KC 11:00 a.m. daily Stock Report 3:00 p.m. daily Speak Up WEJl-FH-167.1 He 5:00 p.m. Music with McMaster 8:00 p.m. Stereo Soundstage WWDL-FM 184.8 MC 9:00 a.m. daily-Jack Widow 5:55 p.m. daily Stock Report WGBI-FM 1IU MC 7:15 p.m. Candlelight and Wine Brewery Employe Injured in Fall An employe of Stegmaier Brewing Co., S. Washington Ave. and Beech St.. suffered a back injury Wednesday when he fell from the bak of a truck at the plant. Joseph Acculto, 57, of 124 Mortimer St., was removed to Com- wife. It is Bruce Lee, expert! at the little known oriental science who choreographed the brutalities. And they're strictly for shudders. Torture Tutor Lee's services do not come cheaply. He has schools in Los Angeles, Oakland and Seattle, and his rates vary between $150 and $500 an hour. He claims to be the "highest-priced martial artist in the United States," and it's quite possible he is Movie TIMETABLE N.E. Penno. Reserved Scat Engagement CENTRAL CITY Comrford "The Devils 8 " (M) 11:15, 1:15, 3:15, 5:15, 7:15, 9:15. I Strand "Once Upon A Time TODAY At 2 And 8 P.M. taught his type of, m the Uest." 11, 2, 5, 8. Cantar "Sweet Charity " 8 on Wednesday. 2, 8 on Thurs day. He has attack to James Coburn and Steve McQueen for filmed fight scenes. And business is still 6:30, munity Medical Center in a Fire judgment of distance r i H . i - -- . treat- basket-throwing became ! accurate. brisk, despite the anti-violence yy EST SCRANTON crusades on show business, he'Wttt Sid 1The SUf Although reluctant to say . what he charges Alcindor for,CLARKS SUMMIT his services, Lee says candidly, ,Cinm Norttv II Its Tuesday if cryptically, "Lew can afford its Belgium." 7:20 , 9:20. it." CARBONDALE TV fans may remember Lee j "Winninp 7 9 in the role of "Kato" in ''The; REN R,DJE vjiccu nuiuci sciica. lie acxwi i a major in philosophy as I Roosavtrt Closed for vacation, i junior at the University of, DRIVE-INS I Washington to do the continuing Comarford, Dopont "Trouble role- with Girls." 9, 12:30. "Ex- Born of Chinese parents and traordinary Seaman." 11. raised in Hong Kong, Lee came Mid.v,,, E ..Death to the United States at 18. It of A Gunfighter." 9. 12:30. was in xiong xvon uiai ue "Better A Widow." 10.30. ' learned the classic science of r . , rrmrrK.u' jeetkune4o, which he refined C 'r 1 and adapted in his own version. RXS l iir 1 He can leap and kick over; 9- Hell s Belles. 11. Alcindor's head, and says he Di ir- r-a rU can defeat him by taking ad- UC Iran's Charter vantage of his shin and thigh ipor Aircraft Service wua a aucx; ne aamiis ue net, . . tl. star's long reach thwarts any Th stte Pubhc Utility Corn-attempt by him to use his hands 1 misslon 111 Harrtoburg has au-in attacking. .thorized Paul J. Rennard, Inc., Htlpad His Scora jMoosic, to furnish chartered air- Alcindor, an oriental. craft srvke from Wilkes-Barre-philiosphy major at UCLA ,!Sc"nton nxwl, Avoca. learned about Lee through a I PPcant said he would reference in "Black Belt use 006 Plan to c,rry Pen-magarine, whereupon he stud- gere andcargo. ied with him for more than! " a year. Lee claimed he helped Tavern Association tne player s coordmation and SEHSATlONAir -oat "A CANDIDATE FOR NEXT YEAR'S ACADEMY AWARDS.4 CIS f5 m mum': tn : sot nlN fj.1. c JOi0 B ADVANCE TICKETS NOW ON SALI W241J1 NOW! ,;Tm II ' . V-'-.- i A SERGIO UONE FILM CLAUDIA CARDIHALE HENRY FONDA 1ASOH RO BARDS CHARUS BROHSOH OHCEUPCI'IATILIE IN THE WEST GABR1ELE FERZETTI LATE SHOW 8:13 FJML LvivriaM CHaa Lunf f r- rKra Sanric 'in CWckimaj ION 7 AID I .M. F.xriutiv htrteinf' "TXf "UN rMCTU! OF TM E SIASON!" jrrm asanas E2SJSSM. "MirV I I fflSLalaUZ Ouanf C bM 4rrtara II I IXCLUSIVI DHIVI4M VMO W 1 HO I AT r.M..U: Faa Maln! Muii(i!l IN COIOI ELVIS 69 -TbetrcxabkwtthrTj"' (and how ao tH ro ) CO-MIT AT 11 PM. DAVID FAYt NIVIN DUNAWAT "THE IIT R AO BDIB ART SEAMAr u' (R) ambulance for Bureau ment Mrs. Jennie West, 1131 Farr St., was removed to Mercy Hospital by ambulance crewmen and admitted as a medical patient. His To Meet on Sunday more The Pike-Wayne Tavern As sociation win meet Sunday at 1,11 never find another stu-,Tamiment in th Poconn dent with such coordination and' Members seeking more infbr felxibility," he aays. "He lacks , rnation about lb session are only the small, quick, explosive thrusts to be near-perfect and asked to contact Mrs. Louiae C. Holdren association secretary. 333 G TEEN-AGE DANCE O FRIDAY NITEa 8:C0 to 11:00 P.M. SOUTII CATHOLIC MUSIC BY THEE AR3AC5ES ADMISSION $1JM Li Scranav-CarbndaU Hvf. spa UORIVS INr NOW . . . M:7 PM. "Death of a Gun-fighter" Plus "Bttttr A Widow" STARTS FRIDAY 1 1 lrjKLty PLl . . . "A Mat Carta TTXlT I AHC lOiA (K)

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