The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1932
Page 3
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ESDAY, MAY 10, 1932 Hayli Society—Personal — i r , . Sol Randolph at Dyc-rsburp;. Tcnn., iual rJection of Club slwnl (lie »•«*-«><! '>"•; visiting ws 'ivi'ii Will CXt D LI 1J IJ aK ' ms ' Mr - nlld ^ ln J. W. DC Hetdjdolnli and his children, Misses Hat- I tl a1111 Mesdame , D i'l'. ami Forest. 0 be an tator- nominations were made for officers. A. M. Washburri or Jen" id will lx?:.prc.T;di?nt nnd (lie \ on;' will bs fir-:t vice presl- '•'" these .were nominated lie highest o!>ic.>. Theie were selected for the job of sec.- Mesdnmcs D. O. Slater and M T Baldwin and (laughter. Hazel, shopped In K;nnelt Friday afternoon Mr. nnd Mrs. D. A'. Hedge ami urday evening and vlsWl' f.-clr daughter, Mr. and Mrs. n. i). Holt. Slanm. who !s al- ollanl. Jesse TY.ylor, w. 1. w and Ftfd M"?:n:in. J. t'ullnnl, A(!di::0!i Smiili and :cr c.lldiiell will contest foj ilticc of secretary. For treas- Fred Warren nnd W. J. Pol- were nominated. fl office of (nil twister v.'ill •*.ci:lkon Smith, Mark Smith ~ u'linderlich or Fred FIs-?- Jack Robinson, Addisoii li or Mark Smith will IK tamer. ''' ir members. Max B. Reid, . Blomeyer, Crawford Greene Nelll Reed, were noinliialvd Ilrectoi-s with two to b- se- I. ro Fined $50 for Possession of Liquor Hie Crawford, negro, "told i C..A. Cunningham In mun- . court yesterday afternoon he had five quarts of liquor, i at his place by officers, which to celebrate Mother's Willie's story failed lo reg- »ith the court ami he was i out a fine of S50. He was ted by , Constable Harry >r. Ilie's girl friend was cleared similar charge. ward Carson, negro, was fined on his plea of guilty to a re of carrying, a concealed on. The negro was arrested a .45 Colt in his possession. il numbers of the gun. an i weapon, had . been filed off. iper Burton, negro, was fined lollar for disturbing the peace. the police division of mun- t. court one man was clearly"-charge of public rtrunken- ^.flsh bonds posted by two s \an similar charges WE re or- 1 forfeited when they failed ppcar in court, orge. Smith, negro was fined dollars for disturbing the ;. Pies,, Slimes, failed.,to .ap- and his ill cash 'bond on'a rbance charge was forfeited. her motlv.T, Mrs. Ola staiifil. L. c. IlcnderJOii cf C^ntralia visited friends here Sunday. Sol Randolph anil daughter Hat- He Lois, visited friends at Pascola Sunday afternoon. Mte;s Eileen and Louise Cob and Wesley Col» of Pascala visifcl here Sunday afternoc:i. Miss Clara Olllem and Forest Handolp:i motored lo Pi»j;olj Ark Sunday. Mrs. J;«i e Watkins an:l rtangh- ler. Anna Sue. and mother, Mrs. Cora Reccaii motored to Memphis Friday to visit Mrs. Riyieaii's daughter. Mrs. Tnnnnnn Adcock Mr. and Mrs. s. r. .Gates and daughter Eileen motored to Pij- eott Sunday on a combined business and pleasure trip. Mesdames Opal Withrow and Ernest Liles and daughter Ernestine and Miss I.averne Foster slioiipeil in "lyllwi-ille Saturday. Miss Christina Harmon spent Saturday in Chaffc-c visiting .Miss Mary Roso Arnold. Saturday morning Miss Marion Scott drove over after her. She was accompanied to Moorehouse by Misses Sina Duggar and Margaret Hilt. Misses Scott and Harmon then motored on lo Cape Olrardeau ar.d spent the day W. A. .McDonald attended to business hi Fredericktown Monday. Mrs. N. Fardcecy and children of Liixora. Ark-:, visited Airs. Woif Khourie a short while Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Harmon were in Osceola Sunday on a combined business and pleasure trip. Mr. and Mrs. J. w. Golden and son J. W. jr;, spent the week-end in Greenway. Ark., visitin" rela- Mvcs. itain Lancaster Charged With Murder [AMI, FJa., May 10. (UP)— ain W. N. Lancaster. British or and manager of Mrs. Keith r, Australian flyer, is under degree murder Indictment torn the death of her sweet- t. Haden Clark. e indictment was returned late rday by the Dade county grand constai-riiig the death of the g writer April 21. It is believed resage a trial in which an in- ing love triangle will te re- id. Vantl Hill Whisky 3YSTONE, Va. I UP)—After «.x- ling a kitchen shell here three s, prohibition nffirers we're t to give up discovery of whist'!:en (hey di^covp':^.J ;> "secret 1." Behind the- i^ivl I(i2 pints •hisky were r::r: :•,---;. | Langdon Jones to Enter , Missouri Senate Race , KENN§TT. : .ilo.-Langdon, n. Jones of Kenirelt'has'decided to enter the-race for the Democratic nomination for state senator from this, district and has sent his official declaration io Jefferson City. If elected hs will serve the district no«- represented by Senator R. L Dearmont. Mr. Jones, who served as representative of Dunklin county in the List legislature, has been urged by many to enter the senatorial race £o that he may be in n better position to carry on the fight for taxation reforms recommended by the State Survey Commission, of which he was a member. He was the leader in the House for the tax and school measures last session. Reports from the district are that JBLYVHEVILLK, (ARK.) COUHIBH NKWS GIRL SCOUT BETTY—Mother's Day—By PAOE THREE On .Mnjr stli, Mother wnkos to see fllrl Scwt ilmijjliur liistiy MinKling by lu-r t«l ullti a ilaluly >«v:ikraM Iflly, mi wlilch slciuns tliu fra-ivMH inonilliK lilltw, "liMiipy luilUlny," sajs I "'lilts Is iiilMlnrrs day. No work tor you." Monlfort Amory i nmilo unil iMviikfuM ilNIi,. rtl bi-fniv Ili-ity gm-x (.1 iliiin-ii. for tin- IIIIII IK: mm ulu-ti incitluir mm,-, 1,.,,-k nm | „!„. Hill Inn? imicli to ill) l:j UK- litdlim there will l;c no opposition to Mr. Jones lor l!ic Democratic nomination. Counties Included in the district nre Capo G tamtam. Duller Bollinger, Carter. Dunltlln, ninlcv and Wayne, li! Ilif cliuivli Melt) mill ii vr ntMlier iiii >l:irj «ln> Is mfniniuiiytiiK IKT mnUmr, MM) MIC UMI rlili'm Miitp Murlis nlxmt Kliat • llk-o niurn. I"H ilir>- huvu Imil. "You iimlil go tor • walk ln'CtJir tlliLiii-r," Mijjsi'slH Ili'Ujr, Hint llie um'iil* iiBi ee . Dinner Mlikh Ik'tljr luu prrpmml ill akM JurU* miHlK-r'.i nbwuoe is . ,r™, »«,,<«. i u dm^ l.i <li« cliiKiitarc! om>r«l c«ke, » Uvorfte dtak o» iniHtier and <UU. Bi - Partisan Organization Will Seek Balancing of Federal Budget. WASHINGTON, May 10. (UP)— A bi-pariisaii economy committee mis organized in the senate today to frame a program that will reduce governmental expenditures, to a point wlwre. with the old of the billion dollnr tax bill, the budget can be balanced. Tlic newest move in the economy drive fitted in with President Hoover's rscen! conferences with 'senate leaders. The president was said to b; pleased with the progress that was being made. Charles G. Dawes, president of the reconstruction finance corporation, wns at the capitol and reports of a government financial relief program were revived. The senate will get to the tax bill | later this week. I Senator ' Bingham, Republican, . Connecticut, continued the --ffort j to obtain legal recognition of beer .by introducing an amendment to .'obtain revenue from this source. I Chairman Norbeck of the senate I banking and currency committw | announced the committee's siocfc market inquiry would b? continued The house debated the war department supply bill. Chairman Collins of the war dc- liarlment appropriations committee ceiended reductions in the bill and attacked war department heads for what re siid was a short sighted policy. The tonus controversy reappsar- ed when Chairman Crisp of the v.'ays and means conimitlc- spoke I m deiense of the adverse report •worried tli> Pac.-nan bill Finances Big Problem for Baptist Convention ST. PETERSBURG, Fin., Mny 10. —Balancing the denominational budget will be paramount to every other problem coming Iwforc the Southern Baptist Convention, whir'i will meet in this city Mny 13-16, according lo many of the denominational leaders. Several pra-convojitlon meeting; will be held In the city. Including the forty-fourth animal session of the Woman's Missionary Union, ai;x- linry to the Southern Baptist'con- tention, which will meet in the First CongrcGatlonal Church Wednesday nnd Thursday. May 11, 12. and the Baptist Brotherhood at the South, which will injet In the First Baptist Church. Tiitirs:ln v, May 12. Dr. w. J. McOlothlin. Gr;envillc. S. C., will deliver his praEdcntlai address at tlic opening session Friday morning, followed by the address of welcome by Dr. James T. McNew nnd the response bv Dr. w! C, Boone. Shatvnee, Okla~At this imtldi session. Dr. James Whitcomb Brougher. paster of the Tremont Temple B.iptist clnirch of Bcston, will bring gi-eetlngs from the Northern Baptist Convention and Dr. w. Marshall Craig, jraslor of Ihc 6ns- ton Avenue Church of Dallas Texas, will preach the convention ssr- Cwirler News Want Ads p a v. Only few York Cotton YODK. May 10. (UP)— Cot steady. Open High Low Close 549 556 5« 563 588 ..... 602 ..... GOO ..... 628 SG7 592 605 CI4 630 5S9 584 598 607 622 553 Sfi3 588' 610 627:. . ots closed at 570, unchangei). 'W Orleans Cotton W ORLEANS, May 10. (TO — n closed steady. Open Irish Lov close 561 M6 585 559 60S 622 568 5DO 603 609 635 553 531 554 605 622 5ls closed at 568. off 4. 559 563 585 599 606b G22 Stock Prices T. and T ........... .59 aconda Copper ...... 5 burn ................ 36 .crpilhr Tractor ..... . - rysler ............ .... g ics Service ........... 4 :a Cch ............. 04 itinenlal Baking ..... , nera! Electric ...... 14 noral Motors — H Idlest Utilities ...... - ntgomery Ward ,v York Central :kard irnons Beds of N. J 7-a 1-8 3-4 3-4 5-8 3-8 1-2 1-4 1-4 3-4 5-3 3-8 3-4 GREYHOUND mon. Anollirr l.iu fciuure of the Convention v,l!l )„. the a:idre« of Dr. George \V. Triiclt. Ij.ii!-i 5 -f fx . RS, Sunday nfU'inuon, Confidence of Lindy Kidnap Group Shaken -NORFOLK. Vn.. May 10. <UP)There was furthor delay today iu the Norfolk Ueuotlatlon^ with n group renresKitr.-l lo l.-e kUnniicis of Charles A. Lindbergh Jr.. far John Hii£hfi Curtis, chief negotiator, is ollcmptlni; to roeslabllsh conndsnce of the B raii]) after mi admitted br.-.ik. •Associates or Cinlis. blamed the lireafc on l'.:« presence of n d'stroy- er flotilla «inviltin B |y n | ths .spot ivliei-e a boat sent out by the s->!f- slylert kliln.iper.5 wns sunposctl to deliver the Lhulbcigh baby to Cnr- Us in the yacht Marcon. Local neivsp^iwi- reiwrls re^arrl- mq pi-otcetlvr nrrni)i;em;nls for Ihc Marcon also did rmm. it Is held. Taillpfs Calf Born PUEBLO, Colo. <Ut')-There Is a tail-loss calf on ]|. n. Hnmllionis [arm The calf was born with no In". It has altrnrted consiticrnbl-- Attention, and many have stopped to £ee. it. Head Conrii'r News want Ads Poplar Corntr Wins Again From CardweU MANILA, Ark.—t'oplm- Corner MOD another game from the Card- Mell Tigers In Hie Cardwell narlc Sunday, May 8. Poplar Corner hns won tlx stnight goines. drfcnting Ciirdvvell twice. The team Is undefeated for the season. Canhvcli nllowed Poplar Corner M hits, cm-dwell got a lilts. The score wns 1-t to 0. Batteries for Cimhvell ivcre I). Jlnrrlson nnd E. Thoriw. for Pojilar Corner, E Mol- letle nnd D. Joim. The next' eame will l« played at Poplar Corner park Sunday, Mny 15. Sons of Confrdcratn to M«l RICHMOND, Vn'. (UP)—George n. Tnlx>r, comiiiandcr-ln-clilcf of tlie Sons of Confederate Veterans hn.i Issued general orders covering the 31th uiiniiiil convention here June 21 to 24 in connection with he 42nd animal reunion of (lie United Confederate Vjterns Iniiton Memorial of Hint city, nc- cordlns to information from the office of Secretary of the Navy Chuiles Adams. Constitution visits Hnme Port 11ICHMOND. Va. (UPl-Aftcrnn ntecncc of 120 ym s, the historic Irijato "Constitution- «jn rctinn lo Alcxnndrln. Va., to bu ene of the features in connection with I dedication of tlic George Wnsh- et naiure give you appetite and vigor N ature Blorteil jfou mlifulK'KHliyrm.l vigorous. Nuturo will kwp'you hcultby and strong if you don't let unnatural conditions ulHlructlierwork. Get rid bf fermenting food tlwl clog* intwtlnw, causes gM. headache, ^ j tlL/.ziudUt, low of •|)p&< (25 or mart dotrt) tile- A doee of Black- (or2Sctnti. Buy Draught, nature'* own now, lake tmifhl, laxative, will do it. Itj tniay umanaw. pure, wgctaLle ingrcdi- ent« do niture'i work in nXure'sway,foul- ly Btimutiting nctunl iuteatlnal action, let you enjoy food, wort, plsy again I BLACK- DRAUGHT^, UlNHALlt at , tn&ue, TRAVEUERVKE tares effective cvcrv day thV month r'- 5 ' 0 " 'T^^ rchcdule. Return anv time in M d I « r a " y da> '"" r " 1y lormation. fot the fecal Vent comply in- KXCUHSION MEMPHIS § 3.30 ^CHATTANOOGA 13.80 I'ADUCAH 7.05 ST. LOUIS 9.50 NEW YORK ROUAD-TRIPS EVANSVILLE 1153 BIRMINGHAM" 1230 ATLANTA " 18.30 ;.;; 2 i.6o •10.50 100 Free Trips—S2.500.03 Cash frizes 6:30 Sunday Nijfhls, April 3rd lo June nmbia System, WREC. KMOX, WI.AC UNFON RUS DKI'OT 3nt) * ash Streets -nin» i,, 0 ^ "co Phone 239 GRE OUND Why are other cigarettes silent on this vital question? D O you inhale? Seven out of ten people know they do. The other three inhale without realizing it. Every smoker breathes in some pan of the smoke he or she draws out of a cigarette. Do you inhale? Lucky Strike has dared to raise this vital question... because certain impurities concealed in even the finest, mildest tobacco leaves are removed by Luckies' famous purifying process. Luckies created that process. Only Luckies have it! PO you inhale? Remember—more than 20,000 physicians, after Luckies had been furnished them for tests, basing their opinions on their smoking experience, stated that Luckies are less irritating to the throat than other cigarettes. Do you inhale? Of course you do!So be careful. Safeguard your delicate membranes! It's toasted' 1 0. K. AMERICA

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