The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 10, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS mi^WWBe^orHO*™*^^^*^^^**. A-1.LJ ff'I^J VOL.XXIV—NO. ,, ' Mlsaistlppl Valley Leaa CTi uiythevllle Courier, PARNELL ANNOUNCES Governor Will Seek No . Public Office at This • Year's Election. LITTLE ROCK. May 10 <TJi>>_ Gov. Harvey Parnell announced his retirement fiohr politics this afternoon. The governor had bscn expected this mcrning to announce either for the U. s. senate or -for third term as governor. In his short statement Pamcll expressed hk desire to return to his Chlcot .county farm. He saic he *ould- seek no public office this year. He said: "I have decided it is imperative that I give my whole attention to my farming interests if I am to protect my family and myself While It would be a treat honor to be United States senator I believe it a greater duty to protect my family's interests and therefore I have decided to retire from public life." Parnell said he expected to make a more detailed statement later. It was thought entrance of ML! Hattie W. Caraway into the rice for U. 8. senator aided Parnell In reaching his decision to retire. Parnell was lieutenant governor v.hen John E. Martineau federal judge. He was elected in 1MB and again in 1930. He ri^s served the state icnger than any ether governor with the exception of Jeff Davis. Dwight H. BlackwODd, Blythr- vllle. who was appointed commis- t l sioner of the state highway de. partment by Parnell. surprised the state yesterday by announcing for •' governor. , . : ,.. . . •• Bljunwopd was reported -at 'Os- cecla today jvhcre It was believed ly; was nrejjartaj. ni». formal state- iSerll* wruch he said will be released Wednesday or Thursday. Terral Important Fl;«rp .Former Governor Tom J. Terral. whose machine • Is said to have remained intact, Is another Important figure in. th« gubernatorial race. . Two other candidates who announced yesterday are Arley Woodrow of Mena and .Chancellor J. M.' Futrell' of. Paragould. .Wopdrow. first filed as a candidate for - the U. S. senate but \vhen he was Informed he had not sent enough money for - the ballot fee for that office he changed, and announced for governor. Terral, who was governor ii. 1925, sajd "'the people of this state do not owe me any time In office but they do owe it to themselves to g& to the polls and vote for an able and courageous .man for governor." Terral has promised to clean out the state capitol. Girt Btackwood Good Chance. United Press was told today Blackwood has probably the best chance of all candidates despite the fact the highway ' department methods for the past five years, his term in office, are being investigated. The informant explained all ol the eleven candidates will ride Black«ood. They will make | It a race between htm and the Held. When the vote is spill eleven ways there is a chance for the one with the largest organization. BJnekwobd has one of the la'rg- t?[ and best organisations In the £.:ale. It is for this ^reason - and Lie fact the vote Mil be split cloven ways he is conceded an extent chance if not the best. "Personally," this observer said, "I believe the race will be between Blackwood and Tom Terral." Other candidates are Judge R. M. Mann, Little Rock, C. A. Walls, Lonokc, Judge A. B. Prlddy, Russellville, Judge Marcus Bone, Batesville, W. O. Wilson, Little Rock, Dr. J. A. Christian, Dardanelle, who has not yet paid his fee, and -Dan W. Johrston, Clarksvllle. IHLIEDIEflt Albert Lebrun, president of the French senate, who today was elected president of France to succeed Paul Doumer, victim of on assassin's bullets. JILBFRT LEBRUN French National Assembly r^i - -. ^ * Elects Him to Succeed Paul Doumer! PARIS, May 10. (UP)-Premier Andre Tardlcu handed the resignation of himself and his cabinet to Albert Lebrun, newly elected president, tonight. President Lebrun asked Tardleu to continue to handle government, affairs until: par- ^^^^^r>'J?^?»V",Bjnt(5 - 1- "-B&1V - flovwn- nerit Is forined." Tirdieii agreed" to contlnu* transacting the' hCMwary Hismess. • • - • ' ' VERSAILLES, Prance, May 10 tUPI-Albert Lebrun,. 60-year-oM president of the senate, was elected president'of France.on the first ballot today in succession to the murdered Paul Doumer.' The Versailles palace where the senate and chamber, sitting as a national assembly, held the election was heavily guarded by thousands f trcops. The official result of the ballnt was: Lebnm, 633; Paul Faure =o- c:alist, 1U; M arc e) cachJn communist, 8. There were 59 blank votes. Paul Palnleve received 12 votes The election preceded in gocd order and was the calmest in history as a tribute to Doumer. The voting for Faure was mere- y a gesture as he is a parllamen- ary unknown, defeated for reelec- lon last Sunday. He Is secretary )f the socialist party. Shelby County Wtite Repubficuu in Victory NASHVILLE, Tcnn., May 10. (UP -^Shelby county's Illy white Republicans, led by John E. McCa^, former legion commander for Tennessee, scored the first victory ever recorded over the negro organization of R. R. "Bob" Church here today br the vote of the state Republican committee adopting a subcommittee compromise report. Although the leaders warrlnjr on the negro control of Shelby county lost their appeal to the committee as a whole they held the 8ivcn n n seanS both delegations and deferring rec- ognitkxi of Church's county orjani- Substitute Preachers Take Place of the Rev. Charles M. Campbell. The evening services at the First Presbyterian church, as a part of he Church Loyalty campaign 5 pon- ored- by five churches, will con- inue through, next Sunday .The Rev. Charles M. Campbell, is'.tltig minister who has been inducting two services daily, wu ~"-d to his liome at Conuay yesterday by the critical Illness of his small daughter. Plans have not been completed for a ubEtitute but the services will continue and definite announcements of the speakers will be mads tomorrow. Services will be held tonight at 7:45 o'clock, as usual Last evening the Rev. Jack Mar- Ion, pastor of the First Presbyterian church of Carutntrsvllle Mo., preached on "Is God Ntces- sery??'- This discourse was taken from Revelations. The . Rev. Marsh M. C»)!away, host pastor, accompanied Mr Campbell home but he will return late tcday. Churches co-operating in the campaign are the First and Lakr- Strcot Methodist churches, We First Baptist, the Pim Christltn and the First Presbyterian. The Great Wall of China was begun by Chin shlsh about 220 B c and Is constructed of brick and stor*. Ten ye«r» were required to build It, $5,000,000 Building Erected as Memorial George Washington. Three 'and a half million Mpsors of the Usrited Stales will res the culmination of a 22-year- cld dream when the $5,000.000 Cicotgc WasWngtion Masonic National- Memorial is dedicated May 12 on the crest of .a hill overlooking historic Alexandria, Va. \Vilh President Hoover and high Masonic ofTlcial.'i In attendance, the lolid granite edifice towering above the winding Potomac will be open- id formally as a tribute to Washington, the Mason- and the man. One hundred ithousand. Masons iioni nil parts of the United Slates, nrc expected to attend the service which will be .directed by Charles H. Caliahan, pist grand master of Masons of Virijiriii. The memorial stands on a tract onco owned by Washington and I which, but for, his intervention,! would have been the site of the national capitol. From" its lowers, .nay be seen the city of Washington, six miles to the north. Almost at the foot of the memorial lies the city of Alexandria where Is located the Mnscnic :odge of which Washington was .he first master. • « ' * Entrance to the structure is through a portico of eight Doric .lilumns, the whole N '. a unit of .•lire Greek 'architecture'. 'This cads -the great afaunv'-'cotnV arising the. central room ot Ihe structure and forming the memorial hall. In a-faithful replica of the old hall of Lodge, 39, of which Wash- ngton was. masler, will be housed ihe priceless collection of ' relics and intimate records o( Washington's participation in -Masonry There, ten. will be housed also Washington's personal possessions and relics associated with every. la»e of his career. : A few moments.nfter Washing-! .'on died at Mt. Vernon. Dr. Elisha Cullen Dick, an old friend, who had held this nest of honor during the Masonic ceremonies at the laying of the cornerstone ot the national capitol. cut the pendulum of the c?ocfc which stocd in Washington's bedrcom. ,Itt hands still point to the moment which ended Washington's glorious career, 20 minutes past iO p. M., on Dee. 14, 1799. This -'icck is but one of the many relics o be- enshrined in the edifice. ? * * The second colonnaded, s'tory if the structure will be the Siate 'Memorial room, the third a ill .house an extensive library and the lop will be for observation purposes. "The Gtorgc Washington Mem- rial," said Louis A. Watres, Scranton publisher and president of the memorial association, "is mere than a memorial. It is a monument to Freemasonry, a •nomunent lo civil and religious liberty " and to a stable, orderly >nd constitutional Government. "It will proclaim lo the world hat Wsshington's sentinel ideals 'ill guard the inipei-isbable pur- oses by which his great career was governed—ideals that consti- ute the real foundation of government," Puryearndicted Masoiiic National Memorial Imposing faencle or-the Ceorge W oshington Masonic National Mom- oral and. at he riyl.1, -Washing ton as muster of the Alexandria Va., Masonic Lodge, : from mi old palming. Mississippi Boy Held for Funeral Services for For- Dirigible Akron Sighted This Afternoon at Pecos Shooting Man Who Had Threatened His Mother. SILVER CITY, Miss., May 10. (UP)—An 13-year.-ol'J bey totlny fticcd a murder cn.irg; because he avenged "the death of his niother. Mrs. Sam Henderson, 40, died af a heart attack last night, brought on by fright when Ramsey Abernathy, IS, a farmer, threatened to kill her. Less than an hour later Marion Hanib;rJain, son of Mrs. Henderson by a former marriage, shot Ab- mer County Resident Held at St. Louis. S. C. Ynrbrough, former 'well known Mississippi county planter died at tlio West Side hospital of Chicago Saturday following an emergency operation. Funeral services were concluded in St. Louis totlny burial was made. Among those from distant points who attended the funeral are Mr. and Mrs. J. Y. Turner and Mrs. Tom Martin who motored to Chi- wn uy u iuraier marriage, snot Ac- »*<'iini «nu muiurea 10 uju- crnatliy as the latter was in the caRO SunA *r lo accompany the re- cuslody of Deputy Sheriff Sam mains to st - Loul5 ' flnd Mr - Mar- Nichols. • . "". his dauehtcr, Miss Elizabeth Abcrnathy died instantly Aber- an3 John stcvens . (vl 'o weiit to st! nathy is said to hare been tintier L ? llls 3'esterday. Mr. Turner is an Ihc influence of liquor when he -- ••t 1 uvi 1^1 it n JHJ t!?rcat?n;d to 1:111 Mrs. Henrbrson because she refused to leave her husband and clopc with him. Will TesTSanitv of Negro Who Struck Child ;— •' Jess Johnson, negro, alleged to I have struck a ten o!cl white 1 uncle of the deceased. Mr. Yarbvough is .survived by Ills wife arid several other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Yarbrough have been spending most of their time for the [Past tira years In travel and spent the Christmas holidays with Mr and Mrs. Martin, since that time they have been'hi (he Croat Lakes. Mrs. Caraway aid Will G. Button Add Interest to Contest. LITTLE HOCK, Mny 10. (UI 1 ) — Mrs. Hnlllo W. Caraway, U. S senator from Arkansas; will Wk reelection afi.ilnsl at least"seven ot Ihe slate's most colorful politicians. Tire (juict soft-spoken niother of three sons sent licr ballot fee and party pledge Id H. Q. Combs, assistant secretary of the staio Democratic central commute? lust night. Almost simultaneously n one ilme Pulaskl county sheriff. Will G. Kullon, out of politics for ten years entered the senate rn-e for nil l.on|f a Public Idol Hul ton Is one of (he mosi colorful raid picturesque figures over in Arkansas politics. For 'ten yours he was the Idol of Pulaskl county Ihc largest in Hie slate. He served Inrec leims as sheriff and t\vu as county treasurer. Also In Ihe race' is the war time governor, Chnrlts Hlllman Brough who recently resigned from the University of Arkansas where he has taught at Intervals since 1903 Associate Justice of the Supreme Cotirt William F. Klrby, one time United State.'; senator, Is another candidate. Klrby. lllns'thi olhen has had a. colorful career. He has been elected twice to the state supreme court. \- . . -.- Mile* for V. 8. School Aid ' ' Vincent M .Mllev national : Djm- oeratlc cbmtrtltlce'mlJirror" 17 Vfeafs', with the exception of the ilm- during ihe world war, is another candidate. Miles lold the United Press that In hU platform he will pro- Itose "the federal government do for schools what it has been doing for roads the past ie years-federal aid for schools." The one time national commander of the American Legion, O. L Rxicnhamer of El Dora'do, also Is In the race. Whelhcr the legionnaire will have the support of that organization Is problematical but he- Is sure of a big vote. Others In ttic race are Melbourne Martin, who started his campaign several weeks ago, and Earl Hardin wlio has not yet paid his ballot fees. Politicians in Arkansas prcdlcl he senate race will be the most heated ever run in the state They point to the fact that all of the candidates are popular and carry large blocks of votes. navL- mrucK a ten o!cl white u „ , toy. was to be given a sanity hear- Mcijehee Man Appointed State Purchasing Agent ini ; tojay. The negro was brought Into municipal court ycsterila-,- on a charge of assault and battcrv bull LITTLE ROCK Mn- ';> nrpl -I 1:0 action was taken by the court' M. E. Sherland. of M:-;:"'.'- A-:- \ "•an? further investigation of has been appointed stat- puV - • negro s condition. A relative ing agent by Gov Harvey Parnel' he had b;en In an Illinois!The appointment was mode n-c"- onc i,e ""^ *"*** •»!«•*'tor the death of V. O. j«t °" Q t "" e ' son who died hft week. City Council to Hold Monthly Session Tonight The city council will hold its regular monthly session at the city hull at 1:30 o'clock ionlght. It Is possible Hint a move will t» made to further Ihc city's Inter- fst in the power rate controversy with the Artels-Missouri Power company. However it was gener- llv i:ni!cr.'.'"o ' tbat onlv routine -•-!f«-.- vc-'V. be ! .'-r.--nrtp(l. ' Stanley A. Puryear. Memphis stc- ontl-hnml enr dealer, Indlclod to •Juy for lli.c, ax murders of his wife and daughter and the fatal shooting of A negro whom Pur year accused of the ax crimes. Vicksburg ancf Memphi) ' Delegation v Francis Will Demonstrate Product of New Blytlieville Industry at Memphis PECO3, Tex.. May 10. (UP)—The Akron passed over Pecos .it 12:45 P.m. today, flying low and slowly enroute to California. The huge craft disappeared In t!:e clouds over Uis Davis mounlalns. Hndspeth Offers .Help in Liquidating Buks HARRISON, Ark., May 10. (UP) —A. T. Hudspeth, bade here after »n. absence of eight months after disappearing when nine banks *hlch he headed closed. h»s ofler- *<l to assist liquldalln? agents In unraveling the Institutions' affairs. H«<Jsp«th faces three Indictments [or accepting deposits In banks he xnew to be Insolvent. He b:w made "o formal statement and nsvcr has revealed where he spent his eight months ol absence. The product of a new Blyihc- vilte Industry will be i, ilro diic.'d to the public of the Mid-South at Memphis tomorrow when Blytheville Wocd Products comp.utv will open a display of a new naval war game-toy at a downtown drug store. ^ The toy. which consists ol a batleshlp which explodes in realistic fashion when torpedoed by a submarine, is the invention o: a Memphis man lo which the local concern has obtained manufacturing and sales rlghu. It Is being prcduced at a shop on West Main slreet. E. B. Gee and William Afflick exhibited the battleship ar.d submarine nt n toy slur In Chicago recently, where It attracted the interest of buyers for a number of large department stores. The local men were told that if it could be produced at a. cost to difficulty would be experienced In /hiding a market for it. The demonstration at Memphis this week Is to test public interest In the toy. if the reaction is favorable production of the novelty on a fairly large scale Is probable. A drug slore window at Main and Miidi<o:i has been obtained for the demonstration. Local men Interested In tho Blytheville Wocd Products company, besides Gee and Aflllck, Include R. N. Ware, Victor Bray and C. W. AiTllc*. The company manufactured the ~.^.u;'. U r .r .:. ,1m? for tonight's session. L. G. Thompson. first ward alderman. Is in Jcnesboro today attending trial In federal court of Insurance cases groiving out of a fire which de-. slroycd the Simon and Smith tulldlngs here in December. He is nl;p expected back for the coun- :ll 'ECiilon. - Manila Merchants Will Pay for Street Lights MANILA, Ark.—A meeting was held last night by Ihe merchants of Manila to see whether the merchants will pay for the vvhllcway lights or do without. Mayor O. o. Wllborn told the merchants that the town was so much In dcbi to the Arkansas-Missouri Power company that the company refused to extend the town credit any longer. Several suggestions were brought n h n a number of local drug stores and hotels, ond has « so experimented with card tables »'..d a number of other articles of furniture. A plug poi-.g table, attractively finished in natural red gum, was shipped to the Chrysler merchants will pay for tr.e . . T"* larger merchants are !o s-.c one dollar and the lesser ones fifty cents a month. Twenty-seven dollars a month was subscribed that way. The Arkansas-Missouri power . was represented by H. and Hjmin ~ engaged in a survey of the jloo; control situation In .the St. Francis valley, visited B!« Lake today to inspect Drainage District ITs levee In the party,- which .include! heMs of the army engineer corr* offices at Memphis and. Vicksburg 1 are-MaJ. Brthori Somrriervell, engineer of trie'Memphis district, Maj L.-D. Wwstiam, «hd Messrs. Qrui ver • «nd Parkin, civilian engineers in Immediajte. cryrge of 'the a Francis valley. The survey,' which w)Il cover both the Missouri and Arkansas section! of the St. Francis valley, is to determine what modifications, If any. are to be recommended in the 192» flood control act. Accompanying the engineers on their Big Lake trip today were Clifton H. Scott, receiver for District 17, who arrived here from Little Hock this morning, and John W. Meyer, engineer for the drainage district.' District 17 has applied lo the government for reconstruction of the Big Lake levee according to government specifications, with a view to ending for all time the menace of high water In the Big Lakc-Lllt'.e River bosln, and white It is not known Ihut today's inspection trip will have any direct bearing upon (hot application It Is hoped that the first hand study of the Big Lake silualion by the army engineers may lead to favorable action. I::<rfinn§r2s Shots With ^mo^/lionss Burglars Surprised In an attempt to break into' a smokehouse at the Joe Har- Cett home on Highway 18. oast of Blytheville. a trio of thieves exchanged shots with Ben Hargett who went out to Invcitlrats when he licird the prowlers. The shoot- Ing occurred about 1 o'clock this morning. Hargett was arousod when he heard th« thieves pulling a plank- on* the irall ot the smokehouse which adjoins the. rear of the residence. He walked out on th3 back porch »nd turned on the light. When he did so one of tho thieves flred twice. The thieves flsd wlwn Hargett returned, tne fire, emptying his pistol. Apparently all the shots wsne wild. Raymond Bomar, deputy out of the office of Constable Harry Taylor. Investigated the robbery No arresU have yet been made. ' Death Held Accidental' LITTLE ROCK. M»y 10. (Up)_ Authorities hero were convinced today the dsath of John Attebcrry, 34. and tb« injury of his son Earl was accidental. Earl told officers his father and ! were blown down by a terrific hall storm here Sunday. ' . „... With Ax Cnrrre-v-for Which He Killed Negro. MEMPHIS, May 10 <UP)-bl»n- y A. Puryear was Indicted today on cliarges of murdering hlj wife anil dau^hler, victims or an ai slayer, and of fatally shootlnt a •vgro, Will Jamison. First degree murder charges were returned by the Shelby county grand Jury at 11:30 A M after the Juri'rs' hart listened, to testimony for 45 minutes. Mrs. Aurella Puryear 38 and her daughter, Aurella Zenia. e were hacked to death Miy 2 as •l:oy lay In tliclf 'bids sleeping Negro Denied Crimes Puryciir- then shot Jamison liotn he claimed' he saw striking JJ wife with nn ax. The liegro iinde a death bed statement that was picked up do*n tonn early the morning of the murder and taken tfj the Puryear home to do i "fthlskcy Job", At the Pttrjear home he waa shot, the negro said! Jamison denied he axed the urthcr nnd daughter Puryear admits killing the negro. .."•:»dly to ,-: : ;-- '. 'he. fiendish ..tiyln-r of Ills 'ffiie*"aml..daughter,' but denies tlw murders ofi the i»t. Puryear. was riot notified at onw:,thtt; three Indictments : in he three murders were returned lialnit him. The attorney gtaer-/ A'* •; office wa to notify him The jurors Ijegiin Hieir"...,,.,..- gallr.n just about 'the ^tlma 'Sgt. William Lemraw 61 the .h'dmieUe bureau and- on« • of\ the .principal Investigators - in . the Puryear case suddenly died, .."I'm sick at my stomach," Urri- mer complained, and qied a fen mliiules laieriin.a .hqsrlltaj Prirycar was'.arrested the day after -the. murders 'arid" charged with tho murder of Jamison. Eight, witnesses told police they had seen Puryear down towii bs- . v.w.n 1 s'nd. 5' A. \f. the morni ng -f the murders when he clalrri- d he was In bed. V!eans Indicted for $100,000 Kidnap Hoax WASHINGTON, May 10. <UP)_ 3«ston B. Means was indicted by a federal grand jury today oh Up charges growing out of his strange operations in connection with ths Lindbergh kidnaping. • The flrsi charge alleges he <!mV *£2led tlOO.OOO given him by Mrs Jvelyn Walsh-McLean with which o pay the ransom for the' Lindbergh child. . ... The second charge is "0110 of larceny after trust, alleging the larceny of the $100,000 with which Mrs. McLean says she entrusted Means. • • ,-;•.: Each charge Js-'contained-in a separate Indic'tmenr. • Hold Funewl Today ; ' 'for Clifton Moose MORRILTON, Ark., May 10. (UP) —Funeral services for Clifton Moose. SO. son of the late W L. Moose, former Arkansas attorney •jfneral, were to be held this oft- rnoon. ."..' Mcose died In a Little Rock'hci. iltal. . ' v - •- h»«tt.TlMft Are Released on Bond B,\SSEnT, Ark .-Andrew .and Bill cwell, .arrested several' w«rts : ago n connection wlth'jthe robbery the Idaho Grocery osmnany here early In March, were at lib- rty yesterday on fiend furnished y Baker Turner of OSceoli and others. ! . "'EATHER ARKANSAS—Partly night and Wednesday. , ' According to the official weither observer, Charles Phillips, jr, the maximum temperature here yesterday was 85 degrees and ths minimum. 55 degrees,' cloudy. Today a year ago the maximum temperature was 71'degrees and the minimum, 51 degree*, partly cloudy/

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