The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1932
Page 6
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115 FIRST SPLITTING Veteran Spitball Wins for Chicago; Giants Divide Pair with Champions, The Philadelphia Athletics got £»at, the Washington Senators .-won a 14 Inning struggle, Ihe Chl- ; d: two ......,- . - .' s !» ld ftoi bpll games. • i 'Old Burley,. traded by the Cards to the .Cubs after the world series last full, gave the Dodgers :J2 hits but.lite own mnl/ > s hit solidly and fwwerfully behind him. The score was 12 lo 5. Vance was the losing pitcher. Moore hit for .tlie. circuit and Hemslev tuid •Riehbdur'" got three base hits. /. Th; Giants won tlie first eanic- Ijroiji the Cardinals 4 to 1 but dropped' the second, another thriller, :- S.'to 5. Hubbcll held the Cards well in hand in thn first game out "pitching Johnson all the way. Dizzy Dean, the well known convora- 'atlonallst, pitched the Cards to triumph in the second contest Collins aided him b" hilling for the circuit and driving In three runs. • .. :Ht* Take Br»v« Atitn • The Cincinnati Reds bent th •'.-' Boston Braves. The score was 0 to % - 5. Johnson went the route fov Cincinnati althoui;li giving up twelve hits. The victory milled the iBraves still further away from ' their recently vacated first place position: •"• " The Senators beat Cliicago by sctrin? one run in the fourteenth for a 6 to B victory. Berg drovo in the winning rim with Reynolds crossing the platter. Ted Lyons .- irent the entire .distance for Chicago Rmland, the fourth Wsish- ' Irigton'pitcher, was credited with the *in. ; The Boston Red Sox lost to the " St. Louis Browns by a 1 to S.msir- . .gin; Five runs In nn seventh in- rilntr rally reallv did tho damage • and put the Boston aggregation out In front. Hubert wns the-los" ira? pitcher and MacFayden the winner. -The Philadelphia Athletics were 'trounced by the Clcyelnnd Indians. The score itas 8 to S. Brown wa sthe . winning pitcher keeping the Macks well in check. . The ; Indlans hit the offerings of Walberg and Bowman havd for is hits. Avsril), Cleveland center fleldsr, hit for the circuit. . (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ;, Kentucky Bred Horse, Wins Historic Derby ^—— *—• • - • —. -- ',;, ._„ KM^MS^ Bryan Downey returned to the •ring the other night In- Cleveland. With a left to tlie body and a right to" tbe:chln, he floored one Grpn- orv Emlnlan. sprawled upon thn ifaTlen u-rcstler and 'pinned lift Shoulders to the mat. It was the same old nrynn Dnw- nev, and thoueh he is wrestling now Iristead of boxini;. II TVTIS a tynlcal Downey knockout. The old Downey riiiht. secmirq to retain much of its old "o^r. recalled memories 11 vcars old. of a Julv ni^ht In Cleveland when he rocked Champion Johnny Wilson to sleeb amone Die stars— tut failed to win the title. Thai swish Inc rmnch wa^ mindful 'also of another niztil. 15 \cars •aeo, when Brvtm Downey kiMcked Out WeltcrwelBht C'^molon .TnpV Britton at Canton. O.— but. failed the title then. too. because of a referee's slow count. How far Brvan Downey will po amoni; the wrestlers is a question. Unless his luck has changed, his destination Is 'nowhere. -. ,. -.. Alonr . .Chamnlon .Tohnnv Wilson brousbl his-mm refers. Jinmv Gardner. » Massachusetts neighbor of thr Italian mvthrow. The cltv bnvi'i" commission,, which Jiarl tmrvoiniTi Tommv McGinty to referee the JWit. hftd lo fttinounre t^ the r.r-TVd afi-r the nrplimlnarips that unless Wilson could h»v» his own referee he *ouM not fight, 1 There was « preat deal of excitement, hut final!" II was agreed IhH Gardner should referee.' : TJntU IN- seventh round. Wilsin b»d n little the'of It. He opened an oW Tcound on Downey'* no- frmi which blood streamed freelv. Thinkins Downey was Urine. h« rushed In for tbc kill. That Ws where he made hl§ mistake. He m»t t»in old onf-two and reel. *rt back. There followed n swift left to the jaw and rlsht lo the chin. Wilson went down like a sack of sand. .But tht count sareJ him. Onrd- get's. ton seemed endless. Rlneslde newsnapermen counted to 18 while G«rtT*r TBS coui)tin? to eluht. At «Htht Wilson stirred. At nine he n*d rolled over on rme lm»e. stil 5»Brring the paraljzfng effttt of to* punch. .. Df/CTey. thinking the fight won Md gone to his comer. He was •»«"* when calW b«)t to ft*ht «*»• dM-flfht A«»ln he drovt »*»'» wmtt tnt WwH • . MONDAY,. MAY- 9, -1932 IT Memphis Chattanooga Birmingham ,. New Orleans Little Rock Knoxvllle Atlanta Nashville Biytheviile, Wins Close "Game at Haley Field, Score 5 to '4. The Blytheville Cardinals officially opened their season at Haley Field yesterday afternoon and got off-collectively on the right fool with t 5 to 4 triumph over BoU Mehrle's Caruttersvilie Collegians. 'Monk WrljHt;- Blytheville. hurler, arid Moore'of the visitors-hooked up In a pitching -duel with each hurler. allowing but nine lilts. Wright .amass-d; the. unusual toiql of 15 strlke-outpylctlms. .- . • . ; Chester Oaldwtll, former Osceola Indian, played-ift the Card -.line-up for the fu-s£i;{ljn$ and adde^a-blg liunch to the locals attack.*-c'ald- wi'll hit for the circuit and also got a triple, while Prank Whitworth, first sacker, came through -.-;,—.•. ; with three hits. Including a triple. pllll! ) [le lP l1 The fielding of the Card? was l Cincinnati ragged, the locals commiting no less SL Loills ' than four errors while the visitors New York nin.. n j —«.-i i _n - -t „ . . T Brooklyn Pittsburgh Standings" Southern W. L. Pet 18 1 17 9 )5 II 12 14 10 13 11 16 0 15 8; 10 Amrrlran Washington Dlioil Cleveland . NCH- Vert .. St. .Louis .. Philadelphia Chicago .'.. Boston .'... Cliicago Boston W: U Pet ,16 5 y-i3 7 1C 9 11 7 11 13 8 12 -.4d( -6 16 .273 . 4 16- .2<K played perfect ball in the field. BOY Score Cardinals AB R Hires If i j Taylor cf 3 o Caldwel! 2b' ....... 4 2 Wlllt»Wtli Ib '. 4 Jenkins rf C. Wright 3b . E. Johns ss ... G. Johns c ... M. Wright p ... Totals Coliegians Melirle 2b Atlums 3b D. Johnson ss |J. Johnson Ib Kyle rf ; (lie finish line to score foi- his a wrier, Col. E. R. Bradley. Tills was the third i. Economic., which plrtccU after'leading the field nearly all the way around, • - ' l " escorting "ine King" to that c.tcJ'uslra sjiot. ilio winner's circle The Ills skillful ride en the winner marie il a clean sweep for the Blue Grass country since owner, jockey and liorsc are "Kentucky breit" ' 30 5 9 AB. R. H. .411 .422 . 4 1 . 4 0 0 4 9 BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laufer HrS !£FT SIDE To 6WE PROOF OF "•rt6 LONE STAR sWe PeNEVuN.cfRcU.EO IN , OM Trtg QWfcO WHfle SoX 7~T ' «5EBftlL CLOB BY CftRMVS/ (PAT) A«0 Hie bout to Champion Wilson on ' IK LUTES Winners Outhit By Wide ' Roland cf 3 Essary If 4 Morgan c 4 Moore p \ ° 4 Totals ; g7 Summary: Emws-Taylor, Jensins, G. Johns, Wright. Two base hits—Adams, G. Johns. Three base hit—D. Johnson. Caldwell, Whitworth. Home Run—Caldwell. Struck Oul-by. Wright 15. Stolen bases- JrJohnson. Essary, Hires. Bases on balls-Oft Wright 1.' off Moore 3. Farming by Rules Lead To Successful Crops IWCrfTGAN CITY, Miss. (UP) — Margin But Play Alert , Ball to Win, 6-5. ..,'•• •• .«.i j.c umiciicH 11 wim a cow. Lutes, always a strong contend- And for every cow he puts in two • in rntmf.v loturim' ni«., - ™»n»rf ariw: of feed crops. He has only er in county league yw»j,-. vri^*^ ^^"-^ ^* iccu urups. tie -nas only the Mississippi county league yes- pure-bred cows. His food crops terday witli a triumph over Sanify '.e?d cows; supply all.the tenants Ridge. Tlie score was 6 to 5. '" and his family. Arid rotation of : The game was wejrplayed and a crops takes care of building up (rood crowd turned mil for the open- »H: "'• : '.". ' n? contest of the leajue at Sandy ''•'So"'when "they talk about de- Udee. - DCesslon. It fntp»*<:ie .Ai^riK*'-. ;...; «» Ridge. Results of two other games in trie :trcuit have not been reported as yet. . Outliit by a tremendous margin, ourtcen lilts to four. Lutes played ine ball In the field and made heir Wows count. Not a single error was chalked up against Lutes while Sandy Ridge made six. ; Oaines struck out thirteen men ml the Sandy Ridsc fielders failed o rrlve him good support in the crucial moments. On. the other laml Lutw was hit hard but aided iv good fielding, came through. Oaines was wild and. Lutes base •miners took advantage of it. Tho winning run was scored in he olghth^jnning. Jack Smothe.r- man was safe on an error. Warring- on doubled, scoring ;SrBotherman. R.. Lntcj; struck outJ-Mohn Smoth- ernian singled with^Warrlnjton go- ns; to ttiird. Kolwyck .sacrificed and Warrington crossed the plofe with he winning run. C. Lutssr hasky first baseman of he Luics nine, ran wild on the >ases. He 'pilfered three during tlie mered him to the floor n second lime. Again came that endless count—and at nine Wilson managed to drag himself half upright clinging to Hie ropes. A Helping Hand Marty Killltea. Wilson's manager, leaped to the pint form and put nls hands under his man lo keep Win from sliding to the- canvas again. The act constituted a foul, which nude three times in all that Downey had iron the fight In that memorable scvcnih round. Jimmy Dunn, manager of Downey, nished around and pulled Kll- lllea away. There was Wilson. hang- Ing helpless on the ropes like n nig on a clothesline, and Downey pumping away at him with lefts and rights. Only the ropes, close to the corner post, held Wilson upright, A Friend In Kett Then Gardner stopped tlie fight. Most of the spectators, bellevlnf that Don-ney had won by a knock" out, cheered. But Gardner signaled u> the tommtwkxi (hit he hid foul! A riot fallowed. The ring \vas filled with s«othing spectators pummcling .Gardner. A score of police finally cleared the platform, and newspapermen asked Gardner Ihe grounds for his decision. "I gave the decision lo Wilson." lie said, "because Downey hit him when he was down." You hnvc to hand it lo Jimmy Gardner, at that. He "went nil Ihr way" for n pal. Invents Honllin; "Teach"'Clarence Ednmndson, University of Washington track coach, lias created a hurdling "tcnclier" marie of two uprights with a tar across at two Icct six inches or three feel fix indies. A curtain hanging from the top piece Is lowered to form the sp.icc through which the hurdler's body must go over ihc bar. Capt. Albert W. Stevens, of the U. s. Army Air Corps, recently took an aerial photograph which took In an area of 331 miles. Rend Courier News Wnnl Ciilp Strok< Country Club Course In 33 _ H. T. culu. who has been de- cidnily on hts game this season turned in the best score of Ihc year at the Blytheville country cliib Culp, dWrlct conimerchl n-i-iu for the Cotton Belt, played the nine hole course In 33 strokes, four h low par. He marte birdies on flvi. holes In turning in his sub-par score. Culp had been threatening to turn in a low score for some time having been medalist for the golfers of the country club i n a pair of inter-club matches this spring. nances "TurkfT In Straw" at 98 PITTSFIELD. Mass. (UP) _ At 98, Mrs. Catherine HallRan finds Inn dancing to "Turkey in Straw." Her slsler, Mrs. Miigler, likes fo watch her is 102, ;amc. Snndy Rkige 'Bo.\ Score AB. R. H Ouarles c 5 2 TBS. Smotherman 5 1 Whitney ss 5 1 Vance 2b 4 a tCaldu-cll i o R. Games rf 4 o Bramlett cf B 0 xxCroiich i o Cutler If . : 4 o Sexton Ib .-. 4- o M. Oainej p 4 i Totals '.,-'...... 43x"fT tutci • Whittle If Jack Smotherman Warrlngton ss R. Lutes p .............. 3 John Smotherman c... 4 Kolwyck 2b ...... ' 3 C. Lutes Ib ..... ...... ' 3 " AB! R. H. . B. Lutes cf II. Lutes rf Payne rf 32 x—Batted for B. Gnines In ninth xs-B»tted for cutler in ninth • Score by Innings' Lul « 201 000 Sandy Ridge 003 010 170-S 010-5 A red salmon marked by the U a Siberian •w»y, «f*am, 1300 miles Cops Car. I.rave Traffic Corner BERUN (UP)—Ileiiceforth Berlin traffic cons will not be bound to stand a definite time at their corners, but can leave tiieir posts when traffic lightens up, keeping an eye on .the'vehicles from the sidewalk, according to rie\v rules just put in force. ' :. E. Aldrich farms by rules and ;tlcks to them. When he puts In an acre of 'cotton he matches it with a cow. pression, It Interests 'Aldrich nut at 11. -His farm was washed by gullies and many other things were wrong with it when he first took it over, but Aldrich has stuck to his rules, made hay, cattle and cotton his cash crops and now is raied one of the 10 best farmers in Mississippi. Necking Gels Texas Okeh —If Hands Are on Wheel EL PASO, Tex. (UP)—If 'your girl friend necks you while you arc driving In El Paso, police will not interfere—that is, as long as the driver has toth hands on the steering wheel. Police Sergeant J. W. Fitzgerald made this announcement In his campaign for safe automobile driving here. "Boys should keep both hands on the wheel while driving," he admonished. There's nothing wrong—so far as traffic safety is concerned —. with a girl putting her arm around her boy friend's neck, as long as she. does not hamper his driv- It is estimated that Americans "Lady Killer." pay $25 per capita annually for all forms of medical attention. W. L. .'ie a 12 7 n o 12 n .. a n : 3 11 712 7 H Pet •w .63 .55( .522 .53; .42 .3M 333 TODAY'S GAMES , at Birmingham. Knnxville, at Nashville. ' LittL: Rock al New Orleans. Atlanta at Chattanooga. Amrrlran I,»:ivne Si. Louis .it New York. Chtcaso at Philadelphia. Detroit at Boston.' Cleveland at Washington. Brooklyn fit St. Louis. Boston at Pittsburgh. New York at Chicago. Philadelphia -at Cincinnati. Sfrf.ims Frifhten Eafle Thief NICE (UP)—A large and apparently hungry eagle, seeing : a woman skiier put aside -her opossum coat, swoopert down and seized It and fleu- away. Believing that she was losing her coat, tile woman screamed. The noise frightened the eagle so badly thai U drbppefl the coat. GEM THEATRE Last Tuni! Today Matinee—2:30 - Night—7:00 Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c ' .See 'Nice Women' with Sidney Fox and Frances Dee Novelty Reel Swordfish". "Wrestling Comedy—"The Perfect Suiter" with Benny Ruben. Tuesday. Wednesday and Thuredav .—Matinee and Night— 10 and.25c Impatient Maiden' with Lew Ayres and Mae Clarke Also Una Merliel and John Holiday Fox News and 1 Comedy — " not Mil, i«»te (hoe for yo« b« ah. „,.„. „ Interview with »w Inter- projpett at the treate.1 «,. In* »f UBW .ad effort Phone 3O6 I II >• KEEP J FRONT Clmttanoopa Wins . arid Pres=ps Leaders; Rocks Are Rained Out. The Memphis Chicks, showing the wav in the So'ilhcrn circuit, wore tniitiwl un twice by Uu> .vc- nml division Knoxvllln Smoltlfs '.'inrclay hut maunqed to hold ""ir pnsilion [iesnlte n win by Cl>^ttannoa:i In nlace. Tljo Rmokfes disnlaved n hcnl- :hv.{ iNinch in 'praMilng the first same.; ]U'to D. KPllev went t.i>e •nt'lc but 1 eavtf.un 10 IiiU Inciud- nq homers .hv Nf>is and Dolton. • In>-n,> was thr> winning nUclyr. Williams bested Jacobs In a >iirlln<r duel lu the i>i"ht can Williams ]|milr>,l din Chicks to K'cn hits in (he Bis-lh. innin? bob ,, iiln'1 affair. Tbc score was 4 to 3. i [•'rei»nu halted in three of the Smokies' four runs. Tlie r /v*onl,s h"it the New Orleans Pelicans. Tho s^nre wrvs 9 in ;S; McColl jimite'l (lie Pels to ?lpht hits. Siurdv of New Orleans ind.Bolton of ChattanooBa were tl-S-hcavv hitters. Rain .itooned.a f"no at LUtln Sock between thn Travelers an-l l,!ie Crackers. Atlanta was Icad- .ig 1 to o In tlie (ift'i innlnu when .be <mm4 was called. It will not be counted.. Th* Nashville Vols trimmed the Birmingham Barons twice. Th* Vols won tire- first same bv fhe ilose margin of 4 to 3 but hit mrd and- timely to grab Ihe sec- •iiKl game, 13 to 2. Home runs i;nv e ordinary in the second game with Keve.s. Clataujih, Shirley and Gooch hitting for the circuit M<*rJ? every grave Jno. C. McHaneyJr. "The MoBonent Man" RITZ THEATER Last Time Today Jratine& T -2:30 - Night—7:00 Adm.-—Matinee—10 - and 25c Niflit—10 and 35c See letty Lynton' .. '. with Joan Crawford and Robert Montgomery '' N Paramount News :orhedy—"Love Pains" with the Boy Friends. Tuesday .and Wednesday Adm.—Matinee—10 and 25c Night—10 and 35c THE N o t h i n g \vc din say will add to its glories. YOU'LL write its praise with joys and tears. WHO PLAYED GOD...,. with' Violet Fleming and Itettc Davis Screen Song-"\Vait 'Till the un Shines Nellie". Movelty R C el_"p anc Cu C3 with Babe Ruth and J aramount News.

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