The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1932
Page 5
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M6MUY, MAY COUBIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS e«to a word (or Cnt tad «u Md * vcrd MkMVMBt *"f '^"l OMB* item* tad PhoMSOC tigiZMt FOR SALE BABY CHICKS 6c each. Barred Rocks, • White" Bocks, Whit* Leg- tiorns. Byruin Produce Co. Opposite Putolflce.. . 7-c-k-U VOSL BESET FOB BENT—Three, four and six room residences, furnished or un- lurnUhed. Dr. J. A. Sallba. • 4C-K11 FOB RENT — Storf building and fixtures, 640 South Lake, Dr. J. A. SftlUta. 4C-K11 FOR BENT — 5 rooms and hath, nicely lurnlslicd, newly papered and paUited, 309 East Davis. Phone »68 or 650. L. L. Ward. Vucant May 10, 4C-TF FOR RENT—Two light housekeeping rooms, furnished. 625 Walnut. Phone 521, Mrs. S. P. Cavendar. GC-K10 BY ISABEL /McELLIOTT W Ht» tttVKl WC, ii i :<:i>' i<en* TODAY IHSAX I:AHI:V ti u love wiih BUB 1IUMIAII, MlllloMBlrf'i .«•. DKMii: AfKlloll), .[x-lrly girl, Irh* lu hroak My Ihr ullucBKit-Bt • MB nucrrrilw ml D hoUM- liarrjr which *,br alvrt. LUIM'ST IIIMTII, IfBJnn'ji rmiiluyrr, bnpprMv lu he |»NM|I:E: when Su»nn Hud Hal* IVBrrrl mid ink™ her huur. 1IU wlfr thread-UN I* • •« fur nllrna- ttwi 4>t kl» nCrcilomt hul cIi»nKr» hrr nihiK tvhrn JACK XVA111M;, H*B1B.'» ttMxUlnBl, pruiUicc-tf 'an In- »rl«l..iln c tt-llrr. HAY FI.AX- NKHY, >lr»Dr.rn|il<rr In tbc nrit oMne, ruiilhlra lu Sunnn hrr illn- 1r*«ii UN bearing Ihul "SKY" M'J'lll! hn« Hmrrlril nnulkrr irlrl, Kt» md KUKBII *ynrrrl «» CbrUl- HER fvi- «vrr fturnr llourrji Urntti •*•! h/r. Waring, utt-rlluc Dent"-, k*rB« uf (MrrrfvrcNve In Sa- JMII'I BRain. llrnib nnki Siuim la h-. bfa wlf* n)irn h.!n dtvorre 4rrri^ hrroMitM flnnl. She lirat- 4acrj. ll*-r aunt VNderr.oi-N n arrl- «UB uperallnM and SUKnn drrlilc* <• marry fclr.i fur Ike unkr uf xr- rurllr. Urn fallo\T« KUH:m niM x.y.dlne klM «l]|:l<llr- T>» llcii turnji Ike RUM «n blmgelf, KO\V CD ON WITH Till- STORY C1IA1TKK XXXV YPIIEN' Jack Warim;.took Denied " Ackroyd nvvay froih Iho (!lcd- fllngs' party on New Year's eve he h;ul forn;;ii;i!cd no exact plan. lie was hy nature a meddler and quick, prying, mind had ficizci! tho little drama ,".s something enter tninlug. Ho could see the WANTED—To buy lot or house and I Susan, thoSpoor working girl; WANTED lot within walking distance of business district. Must be a bargain. Give price and location in letter addressed to "N", Courier News. LOST AND FOUND BTRAYED: Two bay marc mules, 900 pounds each. One with eye out. J. H. Copelaud, Box 231, Osceola, Ark. Gp-kl3 STRAYED OR STOLEN: Pair small old, bay horse mules. H. A. Pepper, Huffman, Ark. British Cuitoms Men Rule That Monkey is Footless LONDON (UP)—Monkeys liavc no feet. This decision was arrived •t after much arguing between British tax officials. A few days after tlic tax on biped animals had been imposed on a consignment of monkeys arrived from the continent, destined for a dealer here. The railway company submitted that monkeys were four-legged animals as an quadrupeds were exempt. But the customs officials ruled otherwise. , They claimed that the monkeys wenvbi-peds, having two legs and two hands, thus eligible for taxation. However, no decision could be reached and the question was put before the Honorable Board of Customs. This board ruled that "a monkey has no feet. It has four hands." In other words it Is a quadruman- ous animal. Dciilse, tho spoiled cbild of fortune and young Robert : Duubar, wlion: Cadi lioped to win. The visit to Tony's proved r.itlier dull. There lind been too inucl noise and tho overheated place liar made them uolb ill-temncrcd wlili out quite knowing \vby. The man liad Icarnwl little more of the Btory Ho waa determined, lio'.vever, t know the rest. Driving buck in Hi cold air he Baid lazily to tlie civl "When shall I see you again?" The pale, iKtulaut stars Mraight ahead. The childish, frci fill voice answered plccnily. "Don 1 know. Never, probably. Ilia \vay feel now. Tliat cliEiiupnRiia Laur fed us must bavc beeu poison. feel n retched." "Tliat," countered Jack Warln easily, "was tho lobster you In sisted on having at Tony's. An the ico cream." "It -ivas tlio champagne," Insisted solemnly. 'That's my stor and I'll stick tn it.' *'You're a little mule, aren't you' asked the man. laughing. Dcnlse drew her wrap araim her regally. "We Ackroyds have wills of our own," she- said so iwinp- ously that Waring could scarcely manage to maintain bis gravity. More than ever row lie was cerinln she had beeu reading Michael Arlen..... "And do you always get wliat you waut?" Ho was very grave. "Yes, wo do," She eyed lilin su«-ii--vsycil to tlio little croup of vhlcli ielously. "Why do you wciu to now?" "Oh, I was Just wondci'hiB." Ho .cored tho talk Into other diauncla. U wna a wcclt later tllat ho met »b I) unbar In tho drawing room f the Ackroyds' aiKirliLieut lu own. High nbovo the outer drive wns, with great windows over- ooklng (ho lake. Ucnlso \vnn on* •rtntnluR. Tlio room was liilcd •itli beautifully dressed giila and ored loohins ynun^ nn-ii. "You know - Hubby, don't you?" cnlSL! sabl. "Yes, of course." Tlio two men hook hands. Waiing thoimht iho wy looked thinner and older thuii I'licn i'.o liad last seen him. • • • ~J13Nlsrc snhl, "I'm warnlns you! ^. Don't cllnili Into a corner and alk busUiOfs, because I won't have Wo She IvKtcd on to another group, a Rllm wjiire in n Mack frnck that noldctl every Itnc cil bcr figure. "She looks lovely today, doesn't ilseV" Wiirlnu asked. "Who? Ob, yes. Dcnlso." The l»s mused himself from aouio alistruc ion to reply. Waring appraised him shrewdly Thnt ho was not in love M'llli thl Birl wns plain to the dullest ou looker. • "It's my lob to find out Just Iiov t. You've got to circulate. avo loo many females." was tho center. Slio \vn» be- ng veiy say this aHcniuon. Sho \nn In her elciuont, A jiiisty-fnced •oiilh \vho luul earlier ailvoiMni'd lomo vnguo cunuccllon ivitli the hoalcr »iis tclllni; a filory and Ikuis^'u shrill liiughlcr \vas tho lulsU-st of nil. "Lei's clear out ot this," Dob uutlorcd. "We'll' never niltsod nml I taiow a way wo run r,ltp out liroush'lio t>crrk'<> i-nlranco without Ijclus cauglit." Wnrlni: nsreeil, suitllug lo himself over the success of his lirst allot.' They swung iiloiiE SlIcLtgnn avft- nuo fide hy Kldc-i'Tho winter wind pceiucd Kood atlcr Ilio scanted, hot' atmosphere they liad jusl li'fl. l!ol' Fciuared Ills Khmilders and Waring, glauclni; sldcwiso nl Ihu (Ino profile, appluuilcil Su^iiii's lasle. "1)0 yon mind It I Elup In inmor- roiv morning lo hwk nt Ihoso llilnfis?" Hull asked him al purling, "Altonl 117" "Not al nil. That will ho spleu did," Wnrlim told liiiu licsirdly. Aa he went Inck lu liiu hok'l where ho liycd lie felt a ylow p( conscious rlKhlcoiisnpE.s. "1 war, n. Iloy S;out ucforc," lie rc-ficctcd. "Ko-A- U loo!(» aa thoiiisl I am Bolna to bo a bloomliiij Cuulil." * • * T>UT Iloli Dunbar did not como to tho olilco Iho ncxl ilny. lie tele- ht I:>K|( iclcphoio Susan or her « letter hut he did not (n ,!„ vlllicr o' theno thlnei. li:ul_l:ceii inlsundcralamlliiKi uinnifili Ik'lwrcii thoin. Hob fell ho mist wo her faro lu fan'. Whut in Idiot ho had been nil H!«III;! 11« Kusun fitco to Inco and hvn (bore would ho nu moro of this imngcnso. fuhic tolopboucil Holi told Ilio (.'hlaese Imy to Bny be wus too 111 lu hpeak. Sho iinisl not coino uvrr bccauso Ibo sore throat was lilgiily I'ontiiuloua. lloh knew that «'u;ihl tifip jiuulBo; tho bated any con «f Illncts, ' "Wo Ai'kroytls linvo niarvclcill health." she 1 was fbud o( saying, throw Ing hack her hi'lulil. liule litad arroRanlly. lioh'o ll]ia curled nt tlio memiivy. \Vhal a frniid was! Why hailn't he seen through bei- before'? AH'KH sovi-riil days thnl hud rl pi-cnicd niilloss tho doctor tlio young man might go out. Keel- Ing I'xcllcd nml cllmk'd Into a lax I Ebakcn, Hob nml gave the ( . bo laud lies," Waring oliscrrcd tojpiiuiicd tci say that Iho doctor had iiimaolf. Skillfully ho led Iho lalk iroiind to the olllce.- -Tim house at was working 1 out lutcr- eslingly, wnsu't ItV Ho had some new plans (sketched for tl:e stables. He v.-nulil Ilko Uoh to stop liy the office pome day ;mcl ECO llicm.- Keenly lie watched the boy's eyes. Soino new emotion darkeiicd them for the Instant. 1 • Yes, Boh Bald. Ho'd rto that. Waring was shrewdly Mlcut. "By the way," blurted liob. "I don't siiptoso Miss Carey ia etlll with you. She was married, wasn't she?" Waring flid not need to nsauae astonishment. "Married? No. ot course not. WImt put that Into your head?" "1 was given to understand." Do!> said slowly. "Wait a minute—lot ma think tliib oul. I was.certainly lold die was going to l» married to Hint nrcheslra fellow, nml go to California." Survey Shows Food Costs Lowest in Cleveland, 0. Waring shrugged. hear3 nothing libout it." he said, "and I don't believe there's a word of trnlb in It since she's not tho sort of girl to leave without giving notice. Who tuld you?" he pursued uyain. "Honestly. I 'don't know." nob said, tig tnvohnit.irily his fiazo I driver Suj.iii'ii addreKx. Tlic liouso. when ho reached U. was o,ullc durk. Tlu-ri) \v:i3 no sign uf unj-unc aboul. Hopelessly, lie rang tho twll mice or twice. Tlifii, falling to rnlao unyoiie. ho tllpiu-d his curd with » scrawled mcs^ago on It Into th« n.-.ll box. Would Susiui let know r.-!:cii H would bu convenient for hi 1 • ••! conic mid call? lie . • iho uoxt nlKlii, nud th« IICM. :i . iho next, but nhvays ilark- n ml silence rewarded hl» ctliirl. Ho licgim to ho genuinely aliirnicil. TrU-iilmiilng the odlce. he «-:is luformcil liy iMIm Snillh, tho new Kcorctury, Ibal Miss Carey iiot lhcr» and '.vmild not t-o any moro. Some sickness In tlic fiimlly, slio llmuglit. Tliat night niiuhar ni:uhi niiollicr try and when thoro wan no answer raiiK tho bell ot lh« next neighbor. A thin'man In cur- pet sllpiieis answered tlio ring. "They're EOIIO awny and I don't Know wlicn they'll b« back," man said sourly. Stnco he did not know ihat Susan camo over Iho MlltoiiH every il;iy to ECO the lire ho could not ylvc IJob that of hope. When Susr.ii arrived tlio next day accompanied hy Mrs. Milton. lli» older woman ualcl Idly, "Don't you want to look In the letter honey?"' Susan pointed to the heap o! i which was revealed as elio pushed op2ii iho front door. "Tlio poslmnn never uses slio explained. It alie bad known what lay behind Urn I email Hob Dimhar, at liorne, raged iindjiroa Ssp. csscd about liko a caged llou. i : -;l . <To {*! Cnnlinncd) diagnosed his soro lliroal us tiuliisy, •mil ho would uoi bo allowed lo go out for several dnyB nl least. Dhl Waring Inuo Miss C.irey's home nd-j dress? Warinu eald that he did and supplied It. Tlio young Jiiau aecn'.cd grateful. Wai-Inn did nol inonllnn lh» tad that Susan was no longer at the office. Ho hud learned It IilmscK only tint morning, lleisth had «• plalncrt rather »tllTly Hint Ulsa Carey's aunt was III nml Eho would not return for coino time, If nt all. "The old man's keeping something back," Wariug eald to himself. After he hail given Susan's ndilrcEa to Dunbar lie felt belter. Tho lioyVouhl j;o lo sco her and everything would Ijo mado riglil. "i'vo spiUcd Ibn young lady's Buna all right." lie uuillcrcd, thinking of Dculso. He looked with ills- Inslo at llic Kirl vbo had come from the agency lo fill Susan's place. £!ie wus tall and thin wllh a iiiuk HOED and pitlo bluo eyes which looked as It shs might uavc IKCII crying. "I'll miss that kill.". Wnring tolr] I'lcrsoii conruloullnlly a lew mill- utca later. Sky Ablaze as U. S. Fleet, Flashes Greeting LOS ANGELES (UP) --Food costs are.lower in Cleveland, O., than in any of the 20 largest cities of the nation, a survey made by the Chamber of Commerce here revealed. The rale of increase in food rosts since 1913 in Cleveland Inn been 6.6 per cent, it was found. Los Angeles had the second lowest rate of increase, eiglvt i)cr cent. The chamber's survey found the average Increase in food costs for the 20 cities was 15.2 per cent. Greatest increase In the cost of eating was in Chicago, which lias hod a 26 per cent rise since 1913. Washington and Philadelphia liad increases of more than 20 |>er cent: San Francisco, 15 per cent: Detroit and Pittsburgh. 11 per cent; New York and Buffalo, 10 per cent. Father Taught Son Golf Now He is Assistant CLEVELAND (UP) — A dozen ytars ago, Herman Bhute was drilling his son, Densmorc, inlo the rudiments of golf. Now the father is helping Densmore teach duffers the game at Lake Forest. The younger Shute. who placed third In the National Open two years ago, turned professional six years ago to become his father's assistant at Columbus. The Offices of DR. FRED CH1M). DR. L. H. MOORE, DR. H. A. TAYLOR 'Will Be Closed Every Thursday Afternoon. OUR BOARDING HOUSE IVte .SCREENS UlAS SUPPOSED -fe Soa Btcs TArT cHAiR- i-r cowes -nine -TO -Trlese scREEtsis UP, Voa'u. DO IT ( ~~ AU' f LL Bg t(d BACK o 1 ? VotJ WrrH /W EtEPriAUT PROD-HOCK, f<llS-nLE Vaii HOOTS AND HER IU] 1)1)IKS WOULD WANT TO KNOW! VWvV, 600O ?\\JSX . OF T»VV V\l;WKS UP OU Gianl cenrchlinhts of 125 naval craft in tlw U. S. battle fleet swept the night skies above San Francisco in a, spectacular drill celebrating the licet',-; return. Ueyond the city's business di.strid, tiiu ramikable nifht photo depicts Ilio scene as the shafts of Muht turned nml scintillated lite the rcllcctions from a huso diamond. O.iklRii:l und Alamerla arc sho-i'n aciots'thc hay with the baltleshlps slrclched out across the watcifront. Extreme left 15 S.m Francisco's lamous Ferry buildiiis lower a 1 , the foot ol Market street, the city's while way -^n T "lS™"^7yrT,,ffi ^a P S Produce 13 Billion l 1 ^" "<—'«'- ''"'veri,,, cca! —wncn jjinlanc i.o. J7JH, piloted, *• ;at slrcam lmvm stations Is show- by John La Salic, Worclu-sler I EltdriC KlioWat HoUfSiin.; «• stroiiB tendency in new 'plants, rciwrts rcvr-.ilcd. Al the WASHINGTON' iW)— Japanese-Pit^nl time there are 2-13 liydro- public'ulilitie.s. including rail roads | electric plan!.- and 80 s'.ram plants produced 13,312.000,000 -TiiJovalt 'H O]wrntlo:i. \vilh 42 hydro-electric hours cf 'jR-clricily during lQ3l,<nnd five slcain plants under eon- thc Commerce Department hRs! s tructioii. During the past year bccn »»f<"- n:c(1 - ithere were G317 -plants in opera- Cost of elcctricily in Japan has-11011. in, over v.-hilc iand- . in^ at Worchcster airport, uilncsics j of the mishap were amused to i ncte Ihat, upside, the number read: 77311 SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson MI-MI X. HUa FRIED SPRING CHICKEN EVERY DAY Jiramie O'Brien's Cafe WASH TUBBS I EVER HIM). GEE., BUT/ IT'S bOOP TO fcE ' / "1 ~ "^ff^^ INTRODUCING IwTMiSH'APf " 1 RON't MISS Rtt> ML. HONEST. A UEM. Guy. PRINCE, A MM4. NO OftftNO- STUFF ISB001 VOU. WHY, VOO'RE - / -Jvvifte- see / SWt'S Yue OUE ''M ftUYVNCY FOR CftQtSE To T«e SOCWiefvS. OCEA.M WASIIIKOTON (UP)— Automal ic tele]ihonc5 have taken the plac of o!cl-slyled instruments li Shanghai because of the man Chinese dialects and the polyglot lar.eiKi^ci spoken; according lo icpcits received here hy the Commerce O-.-pnrtrncnt. The Shanghai telephone system Is now 02.85 per cent automatic. Read Courier News Want Ads I'ltECKl.KS AND HIS KRIliNDS TMAt (3WE-& K&. ...ii-L SET ES Tb TEACH THATS A ea'.l L MAMS THATUV. ee JUST W! K>:5:-J co H s /YW VigKTrj o -nig TVto DOSS ' F1HST 7H£ S/AARTES O06- t SAV EAS-.EST ....JOWBo POOD US .'! las fop. poooce. WAH...I To TEU. YO>!' ISKT AT ALl- LIKE coitss

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