The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1932
Page 5
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6ATO8.DAY, MAY 7, 1S32 BLYTHEVfLLE. (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS etau ft word for flnt totertk* *ad one e*nt * w»rt g» 1Mb MbWOOeOt tUMCUDB >*» •dmtliMiui taken (or k* w»n Me. Count u» word* tod tb* (Mb. FOR SALE RED6, BARRED ROCKS, Orping- tons, Leghorns," 100-$5.50;^ heavy assorted, ,.$4 50; prepaid; live delivery. . Central ranns, JctTerson City, Mo. OSAOE CHICKS... 85.50—100; henvy assorted, 41.75. Bloodteit- ed, electric hatched. Barred Racks, Reds, Buff Orpinglons, White Hocks.'Prepaid, live delivery. Osago Hatclwry, Jefferson City, Mo. 7P-K8 BABY CHICKS Sc each. Barred Rocks, White" Rocks, White leghorns. Byrum Produce Co, Opposite PosloUlce. 7-c-k-tf FOR HEM FOR RENT—Three, four and six room residences, furnished or unfurnished. Dr. J. A. Saliba. 4C-K11 FOR RENT — Store building and fixtures, C« South Lake, Dr. J. A, Saliba. 4C-K11 FOR RENT — 5 rooms and bath, nicely furnished, newly papered and pointed, 309 East Davis. Plicnc 968 or 650. L. L. Ward. Vacant May 10. 4C-TF FOR RENT—Two light housekeeping rooriis, furnished. G25 Walnut. Phone 521, Mrs. S. P. Cav- eiidar. 6C-K10 WANTED WANTED—To buy lot or house and lot within walking distance ol business district. Must bo a bargain. Give price and location in letter addressed to "N", Courier News. LOST AND FOUND STRAYED: Two bay mare mules, 900 pounds each. One with eye out. J. H. copeland, Box 231, Osceola, Ark. Gp-kl3 STRAYED OR STOLEN: Pair small old, bay horse mules, s. A. Pepper, Huflman, Ark. He'll Boom for Roosevelt! The booming voice of Alabama's colorful ex-governor, W. W. "Plain Bill" Brandon. Is expected to be the first, and the loudest to cast a vote for any candidate at the Democratic convcntio n.u Chicago. Brandon, who won international fame at Madison Square Garden in 1924, when Ilis "Alabama caols 24 vo'.re for Oscar W Underwood" could bo heard all the way to the Bronx, Is expected to head his state's delegation. .And when the roll call starts, he is expected to make the Chicago Stadium reverberate with "Alabama casts 24 votes for Franklin D. Roosevelt." Brandon is shown above In the role which made him famous. The Offices of I)R. FRED CHILD, DR. L. H..MOOKK, PR. H. ,C TAYLOR Will Be Closed Every Thursday Afternoon. SECOND HAND FURNITURE S«c Us First R. J. Dodson 3»l-3M E. Kmte FRIED SPUING CHICKEN EVERY DAY Jimmie O'Brien's Cafe OUR BOARDING HOUSE IN HKIIK TODAY . i;.tm;v >. U love nltk MOB IHI.Ml.-MI, «l||i^.«|, r ., .„„, IU.MNF. A,CUH(H1P. wlrlr |tlr|. lrtf« li> lirrnK up tkr alKrkmfnt *** ••«•«*. ai » ki>mii> mrlT wlllrll ckr KK, «. [lUMIST IIUATII, KMitlN'ji ruiiilojrr, bntipritH la be PNH*lHR tthl'M hua.ta UD4 IIMj <u«rr>-l and r»kr» hor konip. 111. wire Ikrralfub r« *ue lor nllcim- Il"« «r kin iillrflli»i> hul vhnntEri k»r mint HI,,.* JACK WA1IIXU, llrlillTh iishihiaiir, »riidurr« itn tn- «l«l««iroir Irlirr. WAV I'l.A.V- M-.lll, ftCrmtKrnvhrr In Ihr nrxf ohlep, cnnltilrft lo Kuimit h r r UI4- trr,» i>n hrnrlnc 111:,I "SK V" wl.llll k.i> m:trrlfi nmifki -r clrl, Urn and *u*:i» qoiirrrl UK cbrUl- «"• rvi. (JUT • mr fimvi-r* lirull, "•< ki-r. tVnrlnir, mcrllnx llr«- I»r. l»ar»« i>l kfr Inlrrfrrrnrr In Mi"t»n« n(TnJr«. MfnlU mk> Su• »• 10 i><- kin wife whp» kl» 41- >-<.r.'* lu-rnmri Until. Slie k»i- lalrH. llvr uriat umlrrKiir* H Hrrl- aim nprrnllun nnil Snunn 4rrlOrR I" marry Mm fur Ik6 mnttc ft >c- rurlly, xoxv oo o.> \VITJI TJII-: sronr CHAPTKIl XXXIV CUBAN'S cntsaecuicut hail not been aituouuced sfnrc nellliGr sbo nor llealh doslrcil tlib publicity but it was a ilcn.-ilto ei)s;>i;e- nicnt Just tlio sajiv;. Aunt Jessie, from Ilic lioaiiltal. lunl IINVI tolii or it. Sho Iiocl met KmvA Healli iind hnil i;rinlRirir;ly lii : ,.,i hiii; nlllioiiKh slio li.iil Krumlileil nf tnc We.i ot tlielr marriage. "1 never tiiouglu to see you marry a divorced ranii," slie niviirned. "Especially uoincimc i.a mitcli older. Not tlirn ho Isn't n flue man. Anyono with linir nn «yo can sco tbat. It just don't seem right." Tho starcli&l nurso Heath hurt Insisted it;iou providina Tor tlio cunviik'srcitt biislloil Into tlio .'oi>ni then and Aiiut Jessie Jell ?ilnut. Tlio plan was thai an tlio (o.'lowlns ilay Aunt Jcssiu ivas to ?o lo yioriila In the nurse's clntrRO. The marriage would lakti place the llnwliiK inontb. "It don't seem richt,',' Jessie went on when the nurse liad disappeared, "to ucccpt BO much from a perfect stranger." "He's not a perfect slratiEer." Susnii suit], laughing, end tlien wondered if she liad really spoken tlio truth, it iiai! boon strange and difTicult for her lo call her employer Eriiral. Elm had llnnllj- managed tt aa clio had learned also to like nnd admiro tlio slim, inlet, aristocrallc man whom B]IO nad promised to marry. There was no liiuo for regret. Tho die had been cast. Heath liad thought It unsuttablo for her to continue working in the office so she was at borne. "Timo for your nap," she reminded tile invalid. Aunt Jessie grumbled. "I- rte- clara I never expected to see the day when I'd flcsp in Iho mlddi* | iuu, frightened lometlmo of tho afternoon. ' less." "You're » It eoema an though, You really must bo bound to hanvou." . told her, leaving !lo looked nt llio girl with eomo dissatisfaction ns Bho got Into the car. "What on earth's tho matter?" Susan asked. "Nothing, cccccpt that I wish you'd let mo Elvo you liiat fur coat now hiclead of waitlua until later," tlio man remarked. CUSAN shook her head. On this ° point Bho was stubborn. Slio would tako anything-for Aunt Jes- slo but nothing for hcrselt until sho was rightfully He.ith'5 wlto. "I thought wo'd go out to that Httlo Spanish placo for tea," he I'd liko wi«/-in ««"»i;uby. ma, rcassuranco »asc,ui- yrns rcimut. "You'ro Just ranctful, that's all." Ecvoral said. 'That would bo nlco. that." slio assured him. Tho luxury and care with \vhMi bo surrounded lier was almost suiTocac- Ini;. Was Plio warm KiniiKh? Why had sho worn Uioso thin Bhoca? Sn.s.iu npiireclated tho solicitude, nl tlio snine llmo llndins it a liltlo trylni!. Young men woro uot like Ilils Elio romliiiioil herself. Vauns incii were careless t.'.\i EClfish nnd nrrogai:t. "What a.-o you thinking of? You look as it you were ciilea away." Slio turned to suillo at him. "Only ot how good you aro to mo." Tbcro! Sho kni! pleased him and willi so littlb. Sua almost ashamed. It 'w.-uj so eaiy to niato him hajipy. Shi) dlviiiud sonio- . Ihini: ot hb former loneliness. Tho drive was longer than Susan liad expected and it was dark when at last they returned to tho city. It haii been a cloir. cold, iUnshlnv day, uau a faint light still lingered on tns lake. On Impulse Su=an said, "fjet's walk along the take wall." She wanted quite unreasonably to escape from the warm, lusurl- wait tor them at tho turn o road. . "It's lovely here, isn't it?" breathed tho girl. Sho leaned against tho parapet, looking down at the water. "Maybe I apn." nut had it boon fancy. Susan wondered, that Imd caused her to imagine tlio tall llRuro strolling past tho hnuno when alie hnd been eayliis soodby to Heath looked strangely llko Hen? Somehow tlio Idea had made her uneasy. Slio hnd refused to sco )jcn elnco Christmas evo whuu ho hnd outrageously kissed her, "Wliat'B thai?" she rukoil fearfully, glancing over her shoulder. "Nothing nt all. Just tho wind In tlio branches." "It sounded llko somcono running." Bho looked back alone Die wind swept csnlauado. "Perhaps vro hnd better go." IEY began to walk briskly In tlio direction from which they had como. Susan flung iinotlior anxious glanco over her shoulder. Her nerves were cerlalnly in u liad' stato. Sho could havo sworn Bho bid seen the shadow of a flsuro talilnd that oak trco. Sho heard ths n-hlne o; eome- hlnff past her ear. Heath .rasped her arm roughly and bc- San to run. "WJtat's tho matter?" cho pant. cd, (lying alon him. "Nothing, nothing! Onl'y come along." The footfalls behind them wero no ImiRer Imaginary. They wcro real. strango. T.'Mnfug Bound cumo again ami Susan recognized it for what it was—ihe tuom ot s biillet; Site Mt her companion sway against her. "What Is It?" Bho cried. "Somc- Mag n-s-ir. trict.'ej iasida Lcr glove. "You'ro hurt!" "It's nothing. So;nc =st!;c kas turned snipe.-." He.-.:k gasped. Thsr could see tho car only a oua car feel the east wind m few feet R i,cad~ Kc-ath sVra'bled her cheeks. Heath told Eirr.oa to nnri foil and SIISM through » o roaring In her cars, Iie.nrd a cry. She wheeled. Tho street light! £liw;uering, Nrfited tho nightmare' belore her. There was Heath, unconscious at her leet. Thero was !!en 'Not ns much so as some ot tho|tur;;I:i Places you and I arc goiiiB lo see soon," tho man reminded her. She shivered Involuntarily. Instantly ho was all sollcitiiilo. You'ro would h?. to tho car. "No, no. cold. I knew you beneath the, trocs, irlgat barreled object ujion himself. "Stop it, you fool! Stop it!" H was her own voice but It sounded hoarso and strange. Bon lay gro- We'd better co back It's not that," she -,. „ nui. tin 11, 01 it- n s tiitininr ilft Cinlv cnr mn Protested. "If i! _o n iyihatl fac | , k .} ie ,rm," ifealh muttorcO? "HI tesquely a fallen marionette. . Simon came running nnd lifted his employer. Ho only got }>o -ill rliilil." ,„, *,, Tfa „,„, ,„ «" cur. odilly cnoiiBU tlnsra wer» in spectators (or thin littlo dram*. l»o |>;ir)f at ilils hour at ttili p« r . tlculur placo w«» dosertoa. "Who la tho fool!" lleith it- ra.iiirtcil iti n Ion-, nngry xolce. "I know him," Sus«n mur- murod. "I saw him for an InaUnt tnidor tlio llghi. H'» a boy I used tO ROQ." Hi'Mli Klanred nt her shrlwdly. ilo kniitcil his brown (or it mo- mcnt. (leliatliiK. Thon Inj ordered billion tlnrply, "Ncltor ,|rax tha youm; hiiot.ln horo. \Vo must I'us'i lliU up st all costs," . CUSAN tried to prolost. Calmly ~ lloatli ordered her to get into tho front s^t hcslilo tho chauKour "a Ic-Ct arm hanging at liln side, ho iiianagcd to heln Simon drag tlio limn flguro of tho hoy Into tho CiLT. "llrlvo to Dr. Illako'n In B»nk street," ho told Simou fierculy. I'ho young fnnl's still nllvo thank Heaven, nltliougli ho doesn't dCEi'rve to he." Kusau put throbbing hanila to her temples. Tho horror ot the situation ovc-rwliolmoj her. Suro- ly ;-!:ii wonlil wake,.ami mid aho i'r. nir.ko'd homo had a rlrlvo- wro 1 si;d a 'sorvico dnor opening directly unon ilmt. No 0110 mo- lestoil ilmm or riuostloiicd thorn na they lifted tlm unconaclons llgur* and carried It inside. "You wait here," Heath tohl Susan, "i don't want you mixed up in this." Ho looked oldor, stcruur. "Your arm?" alio fallcrod. Oh. she had not meant to bring Iroublo to him! "It's all right. Bla*o will attend lo It In a few in I num. IJon't worry. It's Inuky ihls happened so near his office. I've known him for years." Simon catno out, vailing orders. Heath laid him, "You'ro to take, Miss Carey home and coma back tor mo." Susan naked timidly, "You'll telopliono mo Intu.- aud let mo know what happens?" "Of course." Sho had never liked him as much as alic did at that moment. Sho leaned toward h)m and said, sofily and hurriedly. "Tills boy hasn't any claim on mo." Heath'u faco lighted, hut ho nai'd rather brusquely. "You didn't need to toll me. I know H." "Will ha live?" aslced Suun. fearfully. ileatli shrugged. "Blake says ho iooen't to**.." (To lie Continued) One Caesar to Another j Another Kind of Air.Hook- Up ,.i~ -1(3f3 •.--;»•,"-' ••--• I1XT-. )"- : ;-.-.- -..- -./• ...... ~ i , . _ A ,'JASf'•:?; >->-• • .^*J v . : t Two mighty men of Rcmc were gelling an cyciul ol each other when this unusual picture was taken, sho\vin s PrciiiJe-: BwiilD Mub'olinl (indicatetl by arraw) as he B a7*tl with evident admiration UIHHI a stoii" n K!l ™ of Julius Cacmr. This slatiic. a copy of the celubrau-d |:icce In the Senatorial IMbco, is seen here after ih installntiou in (he recently c"cavalcd fcrmn which Caesar caused to bs built in celebration ot or.c of hie victories. Widow Denies §200,000 Thcli Arraigncrt in a Chicago court on charges of stealing $200,000 worth of deeds, jewelry and bonds from Henry Wirslng. 7G, fo.- whom she had worked as secretary. Mrs. Sophia C. ['.ml, 5G-ycar-o!d widow, pictured above, denied the charge. She and Wivslng were to to married and he had given her the deeds to apartment houses in a prenuptUl agreement, she testified. The \vil:,on dam in Alabami contains lAK.tMO culic yards of concrete. W.lKM.Vtt ORUl'.tl CHANCE.;Y COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTKICT, MiSSIS'jiS 1 - I'l COUN'TV. AKKAN'SAS &idic M. sued, I'lainUIT, i>'o. 5203 vs. Kcrtort P.i^c Ktccri, nffcndant. Tlie defcntiant. Herbert. Pa?c Stccit, is vurnctl to appear \vitliln thirty days in the court named m the capiion hereof and answer Ilic complaint cl thu ])!aintiiT. Saciie Some aerial act, (his! Here you see a spmly llttl'j "spider" plane jus 1 , niter it hnd ho^cd unto a tiii|;c^c under the dirigihlc Akron while tolh craft were in fllshl ov:r La.Xchurst, N. J. Then— I the navy's mainolh airliner dropped Us liltlo ncqualntancc — In other words, gave lire, piano the air—as this picture -shows. Naval olllclals expressed pleasure over the success of the unusual lest. M. Steed. Dated 4-23-32. R. L. GAINKS. Cleri:. I3y L'lizaocth Blythc, ». .C Sam Ma u at t. Ally. Ad Litcni. . . 30-7-H-21 DEPENDS ON THE CUD All of the ruminants of cud- chewing animals, such as the cow, sheep, antelope, goats, deer and camel, invariably get up with their hind lejs. HOOTS AND HEll CHOW ,W\T1tM-.w!pv»>.VJM I r~^ H&. Rt»y'. vvt'* && or I j J< TtR K \.OOP O«TVW—WW\JL \ (^ "*«>**" A\VJ'T ^«oo^io J»*» .wwRtY\. we so?. OH, MV!V '•tt«tw.;oi*vr' WASH TUBBS 90 LONG, RIP! OUT peciecav, "(00 WM>JT To GET R.W OF RlP V& W^MTS TO 6et tUV O' FRECKLKS AND HIS KKIKNDS I'D TftftEWELt TOft. VOU IF-IF R\P ST6PS INTO ~n<£ PtANE. THERe IS ., ft ClOOP Of WST-MID'WE'IS, &ON LCCV AT A'.l. T-'S O-'.'JD/ tSOI^ C7AVE ME fafL coa COGS • 1 I' £A-A-y!.' LET- f£ MAVE TV16W.... 1 HAVE A 6000 IDEA. 1 .' W*..^{:*-Pr\'**#*- rr/A^P -u/ yoy AIWT ) I SWOOLO <30]WS TO \ SAV kJoT... SRIUD THENv J VXJ G.-.V6 UP iWTo j lUTb TUg HASH, / H=<JS£ AVJ ABE you j ^ AIT f^E- •2 7L we-- SOMETHING GOOD!

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