The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina on March 29, 1967 · Page 22
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The Daily Times-News from Burlington, North Carolina · Page 22

Burlington, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 29, 1967
Page 22
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6 - D Burlington (N.C.) Times - News, Wednesday, March , 19CT Federal Police Control Seen States Attack Federal Authority By DAN HAMRICK BALTIMORE, Md. (AP) - Twenty - sut states went to court today with arguments that a federal law threatens to era ine federal - state system and could lead to federal control of police departments. The caw raises a question as; old as the United States: Wiere does federal authority end and states' rights begin.' Maryland and the other states - their arguments so voliunk nous that a eroeerv cart was! used lo move the file are at - (amendments brought some erryear, $1.30 in the second year, jlciyes of slates and political J1.4S in me unru ana in uie subdivisions under coverage 01 lourm, some 1.1 nuwun puum. - federal waee and hour provi sions for the first time. A three - iudse federal panel becan todav a hearing on the 'constitutionality of the amend - imcnts and on a request by the jsta;es for an injunction to pro - !ubit the federal government from enforcing their provisions, j The federal government has - filed a motion for dismissal. Attv. Gen. Francis B. Burchl fif MarvlanH initiatpri the Suit' against the law, wtuch seis mm - wiriz, trcieuuy oi muoi, irator of the Wage and Hour emnloves are alfecied. The court action delayed the: statute's date of enactment which had been Feb. 2, 1957. If hosm als and schools can !be the subjects of regulation," iTeias said in its eomDlaint. "then the oubiic health depart ment, the police, the highway department, even the legisla ture woum ot suujbci im regulation al the whim of Congress." Defendants are W. willardj schools. hospitals. nursing homes and institutions for the I mentally or physically handi - fanned nnblic and nrivate. t The law fines their minimum hourly wage at $1.15 in the first and Public Contracts Division of the Labor Department; and William Hai - gadine, a regional director of the division. ; The AFL - CIO, representing! Contest In Doubt LBJ Backer In Close Race Places For Older Folks In Corps By TOM SEPPY WASHINGTON (AP) - The' public may think of Peace Corpsmen mostly as low - paid, college - age idealists. But there ia opportunity to serve at pretty fair wages for older men and women with manage ment know - how. Take Dr. Stephen Dachi. chairman of a department atj Lfllege of uentistrj. Hen be ahn(00 v.,,. . mmv ' this vear's session. initio in Smith imeHca .Tnlv 1 'ted. program in Colombia. I State Sen. Robert 0. Tiernan.j Dr. Dachi is one of 70 personsWarwicb. received 55.288) r. e fAn 1; iJvntes in Tnfic:ri.qv'i: cnppisl plff - ! who'll be replacing Peace' Ion to find a successor to the An independent candidate, the Corps staff personnel overseas: late Democratic Rep. John E.Rev. Albert Q. Perry of Provi - in the next six months at sala - Fogarty of the 2nd District. :dence, received just 3,054 votes, ries up to S23.000 a year. j His Republican opponent,' A pacifist, he made peace in one of the reasons they re Cranslon Mayor James D;Frete changing jobs is Margaret M.jJr. polled 51918. DiPrete, 39, Conroy, an attractive 30 - year - ihad called for a halt to the U.S. oM former New Yorker who! bombing of North Vietnam as a has been the Peace Corps' chief; hopeful prelude to peace talks i with Hanoi during the cam - "Things have really been hee - paign. tie during these past few The district has voted Demo - months, - she said in an lnter - icratic since 1946. view. "We've received !,000 ap - : plications tor obs trom people around the country. Arid we have about 4,000 applications from Teturnin2 volunteers." Miss Conroy, whose official title is director of the Peace Corps talent search, heads aS staff of 11, including 4 inter viewers. 13 5 million members, and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Em ployes, representing more than I luu.uuu employes ot scnoois, nos - 'oitats and other institutions, ijoined on the government sidej as tnenos ot me court. "The areatest simile victorv in the war on poverty," the AFL - CIO has called the legisla tion. The siates which are narties to the suit are; Alabama, Arizo na, Arkansas, Colorado, Dela - j ware, Florida, Hawau, Iowa, sachusetts. Mississippi, Mis - Isouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, 'New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Carolina. south uaKota, Texas, Virginia, Vermont, and Wyoming. By ART HATTON JR. I Tiernac, 38, elected to the An advocate of Presideni!3tate M caffi" Johnson's Vietnam policy today jpaigned as a strong advocate of held a slim 370 - vcite margin! President Johnson's pohcies m over an administration critic injVietnam. a special coT - gressbral election! The late Rep. Fogarty had race. jbeen in Congress for 28 years this year's session. Tieman carried Providence. the state's larizest city, by morel than 6,000 votes to give him the slight iead. Vietnam his campaign theme. Harry Lurvin, cnairman ol the State Koard of Elections. said Tuesday night the outcome of the election may not be known for at least seven days. Under Rhode Island law, he said, DiPrete has seven days in o ui'txesi me eiui figures. Curvin said it DiFrele lues a orotest todav. or files an affi davit saying he does not intend to protest, the absentee ballot count can start at once. Otherwise, he said, the elec tion board must wait the re - miired seven days before beginning the absentee count. Dent Likely To Be New ATM! Leader Reaction To Pope's New Encyclical Is Varied NEW YORK (APi Sonic which he finds within his own Roman Catholic churchmen see'eonscience satisfactory." no major shift in the church's' Dr. Frank W. Notestein, prcs - position on birth control in the ident of the Population Counci: of New York, said: "The encvclical renresents a considerable advance. It recog - tuzes the effects of over - rapid population growth on economic: latest encvclical issued by Pope ram vt. But Dr. Alan F. Guttmacher,' president of the Planned Parenthood Federstfnn of America . r - r. t... Isaid the Potie's remarks were! th aMto VTinkMeT Plfrederlck B. Dent, pres dent of a ver - B forward - lernmente should be sensitive to KT PeaCe;Mayfair Mills at Arcadia, S.C.,1 The aspects of the encyclical this problem, and it stresses Staff members wrvo ss F - r expected to he nsmed rrea - ldeaIule with social and econom - individual conscience and mora - . e4 SerSfficers uttd? a 30 - "'dent of the .American Testieic eqmUty at least initial Uty. These points are Important! 1ST AHhS JtiMMtera Institute daring'susplclott from the conservative w themselves." ond SO - monta tour Is oossible.' 106 Aiim wnrenu6n opemng ""muf naooi Jiagar magma, ot uie ,. fc k. j .; Thursdav. have career tenure as do civil! .J1 r4. vice Prfisid' fi service employes. f . wod. UKef "ihiam ?a!ari etaVt at sno cjwil. cnairmai ox ine ooara otna'cn w governmen'i Dirsn, S on oerJn and hif Dan ffiTer Jims. Dan - ! control education to check the The Pone, in the encvclical! iissued Tuesday, gave the sup port of the Koman Catholic JChurch to governmental birth; depend on the person and his experience, not necessarily the job. Miss Conroy savs ber staff is well advanced in filling th: 70 vacancies for overseas jobs which will begin opening July 1. There also will be 24 openings in; viasmngton. viite, Va. Three congressional leaders will speak durina the convention on foreign trade, with emphasis on textile imports, ihey are Sen. Everett M. Dirksen, R - HLlhan on chemical or mechanical ipapulation explosion so lone as mis eaucauon aoes not iaie "moral law.' The D2Dal statement did not ireiax uie enuren s mng - stanoing Senate minority leader; Rep. Phil M. Landrum, D - Ga., chairman of an informal House corn - Miss Conrov said she has!,. T,,,.. , iminee on textues ana nep. S8 IW. J. Bryan Dom, M.C., sec - - Interviewers have. gone toi dpJiv ,ft major cities to talk with inter ested applicants. Previously, all interviewing was done in Wash - d winstoDSalemi N.c.; ington. Erwin will deliver the nresi - dent's address at the opening lunciieon Thursday. Archie K. chairman of the board of Wa - - One recruiter concentrates; Eank only on women and minority Rraups such as Negroes and Mexican - Americans. Weekend Shapes Up As Good, One By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Although its beginning is still two days away, North Carolina's weekend is shaping up as a very pleasant one, weather - wise. will speak to the 1,000 textile I I executives and their wives. Reps. Dom and Landrum will - oiscuss me texuie imports sit uation Saturday, prior to ben. Dirksen's speech on foreign! trade. Catfish Cole Moves To Greensboro GREENSBORO (AP) - James (Catfish! Cole, 41. onetime Ku Hux Klan grand drago,: in North Carolina, nas moved to imetbods of birth control. Vatican exnerts said the new! approach toward family plan - tiinK would likely end organised resistance by Catholics in some nations to birth control legisla tion and dissemination of in formation on the subject. The !,000 - word encvclical also rejected the idea tnat private orowrtv and free commerce ,are absolute rights, saying that help for those who tack basic needs must come first. It also rejected imlimited capitalism as a "woeful system" that sees profit as the key to eennomic progress and suggested more lazes on the wealthy to help! meet me. cost ot am programs tor uie poor. The Rev. James McHuzh director of the Family Life Bu reau of the National Catholic Welfare Conference m Washine - Inn s. - iiri 111., eivwlirsl'; nncl. lion on birth control was "basi - j ;callv a restatement" of the' church's position as set forth in The weatherman said tnrlav Greensboro, and Klansmen sav that with the exception of a few he will open a health club soon, scattered showers in eastern' Cole was top man in the KKK North Carolina late today, skies1 in North Carolina in 1958 when should be clear to partly cloudy and that warm temperatures should prevail through Friday. I The extended forecast called! for clear to oartlv plnudv drips! through the weekend, with pos - iiniy some ram Dy Mommy. v a band of Lumbee Indians force - slful'y broke up a Klan rally near IMaxton. Cole' was convicted for d, inciting a riot and was In prison s! almost 18 months. J. Robert Jones of Granite Oiiarr. hflq taken an nnnarent us'" iiuma uuutigu uie weeA - jreins in ivjnn arouna in re - ispuusiuie fiaiems tan titiaac Wilshire Bottleyard Temple in, Los Angeles, saifl: "The encvclical does not criti cize capitalism as such but means, I think, that capitalist countries with plenty should help countries that haven't got it provided they use it wisely, and there's no objection to mat." Milton Friedman. Universitv of Chicago economist, com mented: "One of the basic principles of economies is specialisation of. i function and division of labor. It is clear the Pope snould stick to bis special function, which is theology, not economics." Humphrey In Germany For Talks By HaRkY kellv BONN. German? (API Vice President Hubert H. Hum phrey arrived in West Germany today for talks with West German officials and the top Amer ican diplomats stationed in Europe and Canada. Humphrey flew to Wahn Air - ; the Ecumenical Council ctmsti - 1 nm Se wlFe,h,e tuton "On thfl Church in the.La" - wn" Modem World." iTuesday - Father McHuEh said: "On the one hand, he is calling for a cer tain maturity of conscience on the part of married couples and for responsible parenthood based on the structure of the family, the needs of society and the moral law. "On the other hand, eovem - Iments must provide and protect end are exnected tn ranre intnl the 70s, with nighttime lows be ing mostly in the ws. These favorable mnditions! are being caused by a large Ugh prewure system now centered over Canada which is ex pected to move southeastward; durins the next cowrie of dv. ! Some representative high - low readings miring the 24 hours ended at 7 a.m. today were Asheville 66 and 50, Greensboro 5 and 57, Charlotte 73 and &S md Wilmington 74 and SB. Heaviest amounts of precipi - aiitm Quring tnis perioa rangefl rom fix - tenths at Charlotte to I'ven - tcnlhs at Hickory. cent vears. Some of Cole's colleagues look upon the sometime Baptist Breach er and onetime circus roustabout's move to Greens - 1 'boro as a bid to regain a position erf influence in the stats Kim Clvde Webster. Titan of the 5th District, said Tuesday that Cole a native of Marion, S.C., would be performing Klan business in the Greensboro area in addition to operating a health CJUD. Webster expressed confidence that any differences between Uie and Jones can be "ironed out." 'true moral choice, and it is this problem that most concerns jAmencan bistwpt. I "The Pone asks onlv that the stronger governments retrainj jrom seizing upon lainuy pian - nine as the only answer to dov - ertv. and that they avoid gener ating societal pressures that might infringe on the freedom of married couples." Dr. Guttmacher said the Pone ."gave complete benediction, as lar as i can ueiermine, w countries to mount their own nation al programs in population control as Ion as they respect the rieht of the Individual to make Ichoice and to use the method His discussions in Bonn were iexpected to focus on relations jbetween the United States and (West Germanv and nartictiiarlv ine west Lierman government si lacs o; enaiasiasm tor me proposed treatv to check the soread jof nuclear weapons. From the airrort. which serves both Bonn and Colofine. Humphrey drove to Cologne to visit a catneorai. 'inen ne was lo so to Bad Godesbere - out side Bonn for the conference' of U.S. ambassadors. Later Humohrev was to meet wim winy uranot, west Germany's vice chancellor and foreign minis ter. The meellMs todav and return visit to Germany April S - l 6, when Humphrey will have talks with Chancellor nun Kiesineer. Humphrey will be trying to smooth the way for the nuclear nonproliferatHtn treaty. 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