The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1932
Page 8
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>ACB EIOHT BLYTHEVIU,E. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Train May Aid Railways in Bus War HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP INTIMATE GLIMPSES AND INSIDE STUFF ON THE MOVIE COLONY Y DAN THOMAS berg coming In late . . . downs of girls almost' trampling on Mrs Clark Gable In their frantic ,ef- (01 Is to get Clark's autograph . . , Jock Oaklc doing his best to protect his mother from the crowd . . . Karen Morley, nil dressed In white, with Billy Bakcwcll ontl pretly Ccne Slratton looking almost like n pointing In her Mack gown. Constance nnd Joan Bennett with Ihelr husbnnds, together as usual . . . .Jean Huilow, with tin lumaiK platinum Ircbws now veil causing everyone lo look twice before rccognlxliiK her . . . jioi; Montgomery dolnc u stast act will! HccIiinUl Denny nnd Elliott Nugent ami tl*ir wives . . . Mrs. Bob Is In New York. . . . Dtekj and Jobyna Arlcn wondering if football tactic: might be of some use ... Larry Oliver nnd Gil Esmond following right behind them. Marfene U'llli Hubby Seldom have I seen so many men with their own wires . . . Mnrleiie Dietrich wltli her husband . • AI Scott wishing Colleen Moore was with him . . . bat she's just, a |X»r little, working girl In the Ihonlor across the street tlicw days . . . everyone trying nnd finding the- to din I FRIDAY, MAY C, 1932 Henry Halsletnl and his snng cai be persuaded to keep the rouslo wing. PoKsh Red Cross Funds by Amusement .Tax the e.xlts too small New Teachers' Contracts Ban Use of Alcohol) THE DALLES, Ore. (UP)—New j contracts for school teachers contain a clause piolilblllng u« of. nlcohol, narcotics, or tobacco in nriy form. | The action was protcsicd by rtl- reclors of the Chamber of Com- - 1) resume is habits of Uie poison- WASHINOTON. (UP)—Funds for the Polish Red Crois art hew being secured through on adnii«!on tax on all public amusement nnl pastimes, acccidlna to word trora Consul Stcwurt E. McMlllIn, Warsaw. The fee amounts lo five grr.wy on tickets costing from r>o to !)0 Grosxys, rind lo 10 (jrc-.scy.s on llckels . . a .„ u ..v^ wtu jj.tijurt ui but arriving nel of the school during know five equals »„„,. ' ; — .° " t » ul L11 ^ *-n-'iwjj uuuuji kut-'u nuill's i-^*J 01 */K tiially to .stay as long as olf duly," said chamber heads. of n cent. .. , hours 1 1-20 of ztoty which c<m:ik about SO . ' ,, ...v , Above k a rtew of the front end of thr Budd-Mlrhrtln pneumatic tktd ralliny car, showing firstly Ihe type of tins used. h>luw Is. J. H.'Wehtlin, Inventor of the car, pot n tint la an automatic tire which sounds a horn when pfrsj,»rt drops below 85 pounds. By NEA Service : • AKRON, Ohio.—Tile answer to the railroads' prayer for something with which tn combat competition ol bus lines lies, in the bcllci ul J. H,- ; Michclln, famous French tire- nun and inventor, in the pneumatic tired'car he has developed for use on railway rails. -Pot several years motor buses haye cut Into Uie revenue of short- haul branch lines. With his car, Mkhelin believes that railroads can operate cheaper than buses and regain much of the trade they have losl to that, medium of transportation. Michelln has brought his car to the United States and is .putting It into production llvr.ough n Philadelphia, manufacturer and the Goodyear Tire arid Rubber Company. Ten Wheel*—Ten Tlrts .The car on display here is 48 feet long:, can accommodate 24 ceated passengers, and weighs, when empty, about five tons. Ten wheels, all .,«pilpped with the pneumn'tlc tire,.carry, the weight of the car. Four wheels In front, two of them operated by chain and the other tuo by shall, drive directly from the motor. 1 .-•About 85 pounds of pressure are carried in each.tire. An automatic gauge .toots a horn immediatel> wheri one of Uie tires goes below this pressure or is punctured. A special Inner rim, now built of wooJ, but to be constructed of metal later on, Is fitted Inside the tlrc^ In case of a blowout, the car only drops irjut three-eighths of an inch on .o tULi inner rim nnrt no danger results therefrom. A four-cylinder, sleeve valve engine, developing SO twrsepower, will drive this car at a speed of 60 miles an hour over the rails. The engine is of French make, and delivers between 10 and 12 miles on a gallon of gasoline. Car Stops Fast At 58 miles an hour, tire car can be brought to n stop by hydraulic brakes on each wheel In a distance of nboiit 240 feet. The car accelerates about twice as rapidly and decelerates-in about oiie-tcnlh (he distance required for a steam train. In operation, the car Is very ciulet, There is a notarjle absence of the "clfckety-cllck" of steel wheels over tire-rail Joints. The cushion of ni on which the cnr rides serves to absorb much .of the s!w>ck of nn even''rails: There Is no hiss of steam, and no flying cinders. It glides along very much like a boat In smooth water. The llrcs have n lo'ad capacity of 1050 pounds at present and (he cnr weighs 11,000 pounds. At' this ratio, stronger tires will.have to be built before they can be installed on Pullman cars, which Up the scales ns high us 150.000 pounds. 'haf a Premiere HOLLYWOOD.—Goings on about town:. The premiere of "Oraml Hotel" . . . and what n premlc-re and why nut with so many slurs In the picture . . . Ciaibo. Joan Crawford, the Harrymore brothers, Wully Beery, Lewis Rton?, Jran llersholl . . . Garbo and John llarrymore the only ones of the cast not present . , . Garbo i-i-vei 1 '.-.lnws In public . . . and .lohn liail to go fishing . . . nl least Dial's what Will Rogers said 1 . jiog'.TS acted as master of ceremonies . . . thereby Insuring success for Hint portion of the evening . . . he had one good crack . . . "fxiuls 11. Mayer Is n very close friend of President Hoover's —In fact, n fow months ago he was about Ihe only friend Hoover had." • • • Plenty of BU I.lehts Just before tlic show wept on it was announced Hint Garbo would appear In person to take n bow after the picture . . . and then Wally Ufferv came on garbed In a burlesque dress ... It was very mod . . . the entire audience started lo walk out on the stunt. Never since the opening of "Hell's ' Angels" have I seen so many of those big lights In front of n theater . . . dozens of them . nnd what a list of who's who in the audience . . . everyone In town who could scvape up a dress suit and the price of admission allemted ... of course young Doug was tlwre with Joan Craw- lord . . . nnrt making no attempt to concenl his pride In rter '. . - fdmund Colliding nnd his wife also present . . . what a job of directing he did on the picture .... he'll be writing his own ticket for a long lime us a result of It. Stan 1 anil More Stan Norma Slicuvcr and Irving Thal- Puxico News of . Vena,. Baxnes vas the guest Maymo Julian Saturday night. ' Hiss.Eva Mansfield had as .her guests Thursday night Ruth Jotics and Mayme Julian. The three attended graduation exercises of the 6»k. Ridge school. - Misses LaRue Bomar and Tetlie Sterling »-ere the dinner guests of Ruth Jones Sunday. • Miss Maymc Julian spent Sunday night, with. Eva Mansfield. They attended church at Oak Ridge. . The Puxlco baseball team was defeated by the Number tight learn, 9 to 8, Sunday afternoon. Thurman and Herman.Yarbro and Oils R3id pitched for Puxico. Roy Henry was the catcher. '; The 4-H club of Number Nine met Wednesday, - . Lone Oak Items Observance of Better Home; Week In Ihe Lone Oak community was completed with visits lo the model bedroom o[ Mrs. Mattic Huey, the kitchen of Mrs. 13 u ford Young, and the living rcon\ of Mrs. Annie Brooks, The D. Y. P. U. officers met nt the home o( Mrs. Matlle Huey Wednesday for a business meeting. Llltle Grace Bernal Snyder of LencJivllle Is visiting her grandmother, Mrs. Nolan, this week. Mr. and Mrs. Cairo Sweat arc the parents of a 9 pound boy. Mrs. Lto.le Wnkedeld Is sick. Everyone is invited to atlenn Sunday school nt 10 o'clock and B. Y. P. U. at 6:45 each Sunday. RITZ THEATER 1 Last Time Today Matinee-i-2:30 - Night—7:00 Adm.—Matinee—10 and 25c Night—10 and I!5c 'Union Depot 'with Douglass Fairbanks, jr., and Joan Blondell Masquers Comedy — "Wide Open Spnces", and Cartoon— "Chain Gang". . Clear Lake Farm | Mr. and Mrs. Travis Ellis and son Oils IT sp«nt the week-end with Mr. Hlis' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer- Ellis. ; Mits Dena Joiner spent fe«n with ItUaw Helen and'Mary Ralpn. Mr. »nd Mrs. Jiles Rombo spent Monday *lth Mr. Rombo's moilier Mrs. Annie" Rombo. ,'Amonsr Uw« who called on Mrs Jiminie RIBS«VJ Sunday vere Mrs. Kenneth Jollier.and small daughter BUier Ruth,.Mrs. Charlie Taylor, Mrs/-bom. Richardson, and Mlii •Sherley Garner. Uiis Georcla- Ralph spent last week with, her aunt, krs. Mattle Bynnm. ' Mis* Opal Fondon is spending this week with her cousin, Mrs. Ruby Jackson. GEM THEATRE Friday and Saturday Matinee—2:30 - Night—7:00 Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c See 'Fighting Marshal' with Tim McCoy Serial and Short Subjects Saturday Only Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 2Bc 'Behind the Mask' with Jack Holt, Constance Citmmings, Edward Van Sloan and Boris Karloff Serial—"Lightening Wni'rior" with Rin-Tin-Tin. Aesop Fable—"Cats Canary". Udtt Wheat IGae Per Cent KROGER STORE Bargains For Friday, Saturday and Monday WASHINGTON. (TJP) —Indian's pre»ent wheat acreage has in- cw*««<I nine pet cent wet lie 1931 «o»tae, the Commerce department l»« been notiaed. • '. . ToUl acres sown to wheat In 1931 numbered 31,OJ«,000 anH increased to 33,745,000 this year. B*ery province and state shared hi the Increate. Condition of the crop throughout India Is reported to be fairly good, A5 oflkfck of Ut. Ida, Ark, are Sunday and Monday Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25c See 'Nice Women* with Sidney Fox and Frances Dee Novelty .Reel — "Wrestling Swordfish". Comedy—"The Perfect SiiH- er" with Benny Ruben. Sunday, May 8 1—Day Only—I —Two Performances— Matinee and Night See and Hear America's Greatest ALL GIRL BAND (In Person) "Doc" Shelton's "TEXAS RANGERETTES' (AH Nine of Them) Presenting a program of — Popular Music, Novelties, Songs and Dances. All Girls are Master Music Makers. On the Screen — "LETTY LYNTON" with Joan Crawford and-Robert Montgomery. (This Picture Now Playing in Fox Theatre, .St. Louis) Comedy—"Love Pains" with the Boy Friends. Latest Paramount News Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and <10e ft KtQCt« ANNIVERSARY SALE CELEiRATES SO YEAKt OF SERVICE ft -ft BEEF ROAST K. C. Huby Reef. Fresh and Fine for Mother's Day. Shoulder, Lh, 17 l-2t; Chuck Ib. 12k PIG LIVER Fresh and Swe«t Found 5c SPARE RIBS Fresh, Meaty *7i*% Pound / 2 C Pork Sausage 100% Pure Pork ' And All .Meal Lb. 7!/ 2 c BACON BOLOGNA Pound lOc SALT MEAT Pound 4c HENS And Milk Fed Full Dressed BACON Sliced Center Cuts Very Best Smitll Sides Breakfast Bacon Pound 10k COFFEE 19c FLOUR 45c OLEO Purity Nut Pure Nut Margarine i Lb. 8 l-3c : SALADDRESSING Pint Jur 15c MAYONNAISE Hellman Blue Ribbon. One '/; Pt. Mayonnaise, One >/ 2 Pt. Spread. StandardjXlualily. No. 2 Can f+ _ '-, ^y- ;•--, Each ;OC Cookie Special nut Marshmalkn Cakes Lb.23c < Cotoanut Marshmiilknv Cakes STRING .'BE' sta 19c APRICOTS Evaporated 1QC ' Lb. 10 I PEACIffiS Choice, Evaporated itedllC Lb. U CRACKERS >«,IJj. Box ,20° PEANUT BUTTER "Llf 5 C : PORK & BEANS Cake Special Square While Layer • Vanilla Fudge Icing 18 Ounces Each 25c BEETS No. 2 1-2 Can 1AC '•-•: Each 1U JELLO All Flavors 17C 3 Pkgs. ll BROOMS G<wdV;llu Lc n 25° Can PICKLES Souror ^U15 c SODA WATER TEE 15° CORNFLAKES 2 Pkgs> 15c BEANS Hand Picked Navy I'ound 3c GINGER ALE Pint lOc Quart Boltlc 15c Special Deal 3 F'kgs. Oxydol and 2 Rig P. & G. Soap (A 40c Value) All for 25c Gem. A Delicious Table Syrup OQ ft. Merriroac. Fancy Columbia River. Size I-2's Prille o f Illinois. No. 2 Can ioc POTATOES Smoothe, White Best 15-Lb. Peck 27c STRAWBERRIES^^ Quart 6k ORANGE Calif. Valcncias Nice Size Doz. 12y 2 c BANANAS Fine Yellow Fruit 3Lkl5c GRAPEFRUIT Merah S««<ll«ss. Size 54's Each 6c LETTUCE Firm G«*n Heads 2 for lie Sweet Potato Plants Certified Nancy Hall 15c per 100 GREEN BEANS FancyT S 23c CEERY I^arge Sialk Well llleached Crisp and Tender Stalk 7c TOMATOES Ripe. 17ic ITHMP ^ROWN M«ist«rd, Spinach, Turnips, nUlflL UliUTf il English Pe«s and Kale RHUBARB Fresh California Pound lOc CABBAGE New Texas Gretn Pound SUGAR Pure Cane and Fine Granulated.. In Cloth Bags. Limit 10 Pounds 10 Lk 42c LEMONS Doz. 15c Men's WEAR at low prices Men's Kreidcloth Dress Shirts New patterr-n, stripes and small (inured designs, all-ovrr patterns. 51.35 value. 89c Shirts-Shorts Men's rayon shirts and col- orrd Broadcloth shorty to match. Colors of peach, green and blue. Per set 49c Rayon Sox New 19c.: 50c SIfn's Flannel Trousers M.ike use of that odd coat, bay tr«»ers In harmcni?1r.( shades.... tar.? and greys in solid colon; or nuh effects. $3.95 Men's Fine Wash Trousers Linens In solids or whit* or blick stripes., .'.new low prlre $1.95 The I Grand Leader L

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