The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1932
Page 5
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.FRIDAY, MAY 6, .1932 These Young Men Resist Temptation Proving (hat love scenes in Hie movies don't-mean a thing outside the studios, the young men shown here remain singb. although 1D32 is leap year. Joel McCrca, one oJ Hollywood's most popular young men, is shown at upiwr lea in a scene with Dorothy Mackaill, hut that's just the movies, fjtoree O'Brien, upper right, has be3n about a long time and is still unmarried. Ramon Novarro, lo-,ver right, and William Haiiies, loicer center, arc uther members of (lie "Most Eljqi- l)Ie Bachelors' Club " Hayti Society—Personal Tlie Women's Missionary Union oi the Baptist church met at the home of Mrs. A. G. Sanders Wednesday afternoon with la members present. Hev. E. G. Walker led the devotional. The Ann ClUticrtson cla?s of the Methodist church met, at the church Tuesday afternoon v.'ith Mrs. An- gclo Aloulialis as' liostess. There were 21 present. Including three neiv members, Mesdames H. E. Gill Norris Englc and Hoy Wyrick. The Sophomore class of the Hayti high school entertained die S;n- iors u-ith a picnic Wednesday afternoon at Browns Ferry. The atl- ernoon was spent swimming aid "boat riding. The classes were chaperoned by w. H. Statler, C p Bcrgmann, C. E.-Hagner nnA Miss Sma Duggar and Mrs. H. B. M as - terson, all members of the faculty Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hall and Mrs. Vic Sigler motored to Senalh Thursday and visited Mrs Muse Mesdames Bailey Campbell. Jack Kellcy jr., and Wolf Khourie, and Miss Essie Spencer shopped in Caruthersville Wednesday afternoon LeHoy Myrick is recuperating irom an operation in the Baptist hospital at Memphis this week. Mrs J. P. Hinton and son James Forest returned Tuesday from a visit in Memphis. Mrs. Jessie Watkins returned this ^eek from Memphis where she had been visijing relatives. Mrs S. H Pendergrass. who has wen ill. is improving. W T. Nethery drove Mrs. [{ N nh ? w r /' ltt £ ° n Rodnc y to Mcm^ Phis \Vednesday, where Mrs. Bia«h- cr took medical treatment. Mr Nethery was accompanied home by us brother and wife. Mr . and ^ Herbert Nethery. and childr-n ai-d Ins mother. Mesdames Ola stanfil. A B. Trib- We and a. n. Pemlergrass ntl-ncicd to business in Blythcvillc Tn»i'iay Ellis Koury of Wardell attendee! to business here Wednesday ClilTorcl Kirby. Buddio UiPcntc and Bill Wilkcrson enjoyed a p-cnic at Brown's Ferry Wednesday 'afternoon. Keiser News Mrs. Colledge and daughter lren-_ and Mrs. George Reeves motored to Mem phis Tuesday to shop. Teachers who have goi.-e home for their vacations arc Minnie Bell Shaw, Grenada. Miss., Kathryn Cox, Columbus, Miss.. Pearl Me Clain, Convray. Ark., S:i3 Wliipple Litlh Rock. The rest of the teachers will remain in Keiser for awhile Mrs. Clovis Crockett of Wilson visited in Keiser Sunday. . Lee and Sncnce Williams attend ed a league meeting at Manila Sunday. Charles Nichols spent part of last v-eek in BlythcvlKe and Ban Knob Ark. Esell Joiuison of Little Rock visited here last week. Mr. and Mrs. Dunn and eon Bill motored to Memphis Sunday. Half-Moon .A U 7 ts crowl attended the prayer meeting and pounding given for M \' s Sltllrda y "'Shi. Mrs. Helen Shaneyfelt spent Sal- M« y .," ntl Sl '" lla> ' lvlth " er mo ' h ". *lrs. 1 . j. Ba,: S 0( jj,,,) n ,. 01 ? 0<xl crowd a "*"ded the uraye/ kn wS l fheh «ne«>f Albert Hos- klns \\etlnesday night J^te'sb f, PrtngCr ' Albert 3anderf - iZ K "" Z anti E 81 " 1 Shaneyfelt «]« broadcast, over KLCN Saturday at noon. wurier Kews want Ads. Screen Sirens Fail to Dent Bachelor Ranks In Hollywood By DAN THOMAS NBA Service Writer HOLLYWOOD.-Anrt how about these very eligible screen bachelors? With leap year already swiftly patting into history—one-ihird has already gone by the boards—quite a number of Hollywood's bachelors are holding tha fort against the onslaughts of Dan Cupid in a manner that is little short ul amazing. Then there are others, once conquered by this same "General" Cupid, who appear to have launched very successful counter-attacks. All in all, it begins' to look as though 10S2 is one leap year which will pass down into history without having accompitsned a great, deal— at least insofar as Hollywood Is concerned. Yet, strangely enough, these hard to-get bachelors constantly are seen in the company of charming girls. They do. however, go in for a variety—which, perhaps, is the secret of their singleness. Take Ramon' Novarro for instance. Considering the number of wives some men have been able to acquire, one might reasonably suppose that, Ramon has had a few opportunities to place a wedaing ring upon a girl's linger. Just what Novarro's defense is— and such a hislily eligible young man must have a defense because lew men are a match for any woman wlien it comes to this busi- of romancing—remains somewhat of a mystery. Perhaps it is the announcement he made a cmipie of years ago about wanting to go into a monastery. No matter liow romantically serious a girl may want to feel, it must be difficult wlwn she considers that her man's chief ambition is to b- ~ monfc. William Haines gels his protection from two sides—his ,.v>thcr his artistic sense. Hill's "best •al is his mother." she is by his : at a good many ot the social events he attends. Oh, of course ie goes out with other g i r ] 5 to 3 ' nit mom" comes first. The girls Then there is that artistic «nse in addition to owning an antique shop, Bill S cc? in for interior cieco- rating in a big way. And how can a girl be expected to excite a nen- icman. no matter l:ow digital- with tal* about boudoirs and decorations when he already knows more about them than she does • « » As far as George O'Brien Is concerned, there Isn't any way" of explaining just how he has managed to live a life of ea« as a bachelor. And George himself declines to ex- Plain it. He has been high on the list, ever since his arrival in Hollywood too. The son oi Dan O'Brien for years San Francisco's chief of police. That sounded pretty good to Hollywood's fair young creatures One could pick a much worse father-in-law than a duel,of•' police. That wasn't all that was in Oeorfte's favor though. He Just naturally k the kind of a man girls rave about. And if you don't bc- hevc that, listen In on g Hollywood hen 1 party sometime. In-fact I have spent entirely too much time hearing of George's virtues when the girls shouldn't have been thinking of him at all.- He goes out quit* a lot U». And, to be quite frank, lie seems the one most apt to make me out a. dishonest writer. He has' been seeing entirely'too much of a certain young lady lately COURIER NEWS 01 "Immune" <ll«tM«. But then Jcxl hi* been nwttni tone iwnl Kol- lywoojt far «oly Ow* ot four year* »ow. f«rh*p« ilwn tlnw, h« may pts» out o( circulation. TUert's no doubt about Jixl's popularly. Even wiv«i rive.a^oui Wn. AW) wv«ril fln|fe |irl» Jiivt balled tiieli hoolu for fclto.'$Mt w far jtt-hticon- Urt4«4 t^ rt*m wound perfectly c«nt«nte<t with his p«»»ni sUuu. Kdwwd Everell Morton Is in. oUwf. HU tystem is different. He ha? adopted tn undo complex Brother Wyn has children who art exceptionally, foi)d oi UJicle Eddie And Eddie r«lproctit« that filing.. Also, lie finds that Mug an uncle la quit* a ufe putime. Thou, too, Eddie owns a wry comfortable home which amis to function very smoothly without the wsittancc or a wife. There are quite * numbjr ot others tox^-all equally slntle, And all lave had one or more dinners to tie that matrimonial knot. Dm each, through his own particular method, IMS steered clear of such entangling alliances. Walter Byron Chirks Butt«rworth, Chic Sale and George Brent all have clone well lii retiiUng those feminine cliarmers. Quite « number of (he younger boys have- done-'pretty well 100. But they-haven't been In the racket tone enough to'dwrve much credit. Besides, most of them arc simply waiting lor oertaln girls to murmur "yes." • • the Driver Grove Sunday school will not be here Sunday on tccbuni of Mother's Day program at IXHIC Oak. Members of the Driver Grove Sim- oay school arc on the Lone Oak program. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Springer wnt Sunday with- Mr." and Mrs Larson Crump at Pecan Orovc. Mrs. Ben Gardner had visitors from Lcachvllle Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. 'Jermon Wilson visited Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wilson al Pecan Grove Sunday. •Patco Waldrop and Frank. Sackrider visited at Lone Oak Sunday Mr. and Mrs, T. Z. Oaines. accompanied by Mr: 'and Mrs. Frank K«tcr of Halt Moon, visited Mr n * Mrs - M«ck Koaller at Yarbro. Charles Bigham spent Saturday night with Russell Springer. A number of Driver Grove younu people attended the B. y p u and church services 'at Lone Oak' Sunday, Prayer meettnj will be held at the Driver Grove church house Wednesday night, May 11. Every? one Is invited. * Joel Mccrea also is on the list Kansas City Robert E. Lee HOTEL A Room With Bath $<f50 A few t* $2,00 tn j ft J0 AH Room, Witt, Cttling Fttn Because Electricity is Cheap So inexpensive is electric service thar irs conveniences should not be denied. Name the task, and let us .tell you how cheaply electricity will do it for you. Is it water heating? Is it the weekly laundry job? Is it preparing the meals or assisting in housecleaning? Try this faithful, inexpensive servant and see how much it helps. Cskcfucitu ARKANSAS-MISSOURI BOW!R COMPANY Mrs. John Morion wis th« ju«t ot Mrs. H. j. ftjndren sundry. Mr. and Mrs. Roy R*ney vUlttd, Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Oooch on 141- tlc River Sunday. A small croud met at the school house Sunday «fi*rnooii for the purpose, of reclaiming the Sunday school. It u hoped lo h»ve it completely rcoreanijed by next Sunday afternoon. Rev. Sweat o! Lujora *"' hold services. Everyone Is in- Mr. and Mrs. Everett Petty announce tho birth of a. dnii E )iler May 1. Hightower New$ «r.-»n4"«r».- : *>nj; .- <i»rijl«nt with » en- Croqeh of Blyt)i«v||k. v. S»«|t o( i Thursday of },,t »«* iU community. Mr. and M». Ekron News Notes Mrs. Fuller Teatord of 28 was the SIIMI of Miss Mildred, Vlneslon Saturday. George Locke and family of Mc- Dcarinnn were gucsls of Harvey Hargclt and family Sunday. The Kleron school will' present Its closing program tonight, Friday. D E. Bragg and [nmlly and Miss Waltereen Autth, attended the closing program of the Oosncll school Friday and 8»turd»y mints of lut . itn icyd of a » w ru <* Mr,. ctwvJy Nichol. vyfdnfsdiy ., J <*8 Holland and Umlly and w H. Po. vuil«4 C. V, WooldVirtge Vd 41 Buidett* Sunday Uwmid wid 'M»rrla i, taww of Opsntll w«« w ^"«" •«« family apeni lh» (Jw Nl " nb * r 1S »™> «lt! Jr 11 "' u ,? rn Norton, d.ughtfr 0 , IhU k "' ' Norl<)n ' is "' Leonard Hill and Will i ! lenjj t church Ht Butdett, ' > re- led home after vlslllni,' rein- lives and fr | en( , 5 ut H |, Xmban c " y _ Mrs John 'Long and Mrs. Cas- f r *•?"•*" ° r B1 J""= v '"e visited this community Monday. E. M, MrDoiiBlcl attended to iBlncss In Blylhovillo Wednesday and Thursday. E. M. McDonnld and a. \y Stanford were business visitors In Osceola Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Howard and family of Luxora visllcd Mr. «nd Mw, O, W, Btanlord »nd jamUy »«»<Uy. W. W. Shaver of Blytnsvuie vu »» on butlpH* Monday, J^, Hubert Co)» »nd children y_Wt«d Mrs. Cole's son and fam. |)y, Mr. and Mm. Clyde Sexton, »M«!ay. ' ; MiMet Jttta and Lura Byars and B. t. Thorn vUlt«d In Blytheviiie ufldiy, Mrs. Boos Wooldrldge vUlted Mrs.-Jack HDI Wednesday. Gosnell News J" Wrl|llt u wlfwlng 'rom |f( wounds received in a nght litre Saturday evening *; R ^., Nlck! « of Mountain w is visiting relatives nt Oasnell lor several diys. . v «rtiw>ia:i Vernon spent sun- flay evening with rj m southard. Mr. and Mrs. Eg r | Snll[Il ,„ »*uro»<J the Ooaaell echool HEADACI Because-] **"** — ' k *«a..Ca« • Won't »«*tt *»•»*. ^ A£& in f i-L. "•v.:V:"Wi>;igjf^.. R : jJ i,.: 4 . js.v>-; ;:V'-*I,': *a p'^iiS^i^? feSs-, '^> THEY ROWED ACROSS THE ATLANTIC 3,000 MILES IN 5H DftYS. SOME ROWING BY THESE TWO flDVENTURERSI THEY LEFT NEW YORK ON JUNE T, 1896, IN AN 1&-FOOT OPEN BpftT. RND ARRIVED AT SCILLY ISLANDS ENGLAND, IN LESS THftN TWO MONTHS. NO LESS AMAZING IS THE EXTRA MILEAGE IN EVERY GALLON OF PHILLIPS 66 GASOLINE. ITS GRAVITY NOW RANGES FROM 62.1° TO 66.5°. THESE SPECIFIC FIGURES PROVE THAT IT'S HIGH TEST-PROVE THAT'YOU WILL GET MORE MONEY-SAVING MILES. £.55^^ r ;'. wMx>v?sC WITH PHILLIPS ••-"*- ^°^. W M " nOUX * > VOWIUTY Hk^j^l&r, i ^- ' ^-xmteff "HIGHEST TEST" at the price of ordinary gasoline If you are tired of claims and pretty phrases, here is how to get some action from your motor, which will speak louder than words.—Just fill the tank with Phillips 66 ; = . the greater gasoline. It is high test, and how! Proved by the definite gravity figures above. Proved by the added power, pep, and snap you quickly get from your engine. Proved by the extra miles delivered by every gallon; We have yet to hear of a single motorist, among seven million satis* fied car owners, who has not enthusiastically repeated his purchase after one trial of Phillips 66. It never fails to produce far fiaer per< formance. It always saves money. Why be satisfied with low gravity motor fuels, when it costs not a penny of higher price to get higher test gasoline? ; : . at any Orange and Black 66 shield; AlSOPH,UIPS6oETHYl AT THE REGULAR PRICE OF ETHYL OASOIINE THE WORLD'S FINEST OIL FOR YOUR MOTOR 30? A QUART BIG NEWS .about Tires You know the PhiHip» rep» Ution.foc fair, friendly, dealing— for giving greater vaiM. Now we offer * complete *•• of Lee tires, tt price: which are wonderfully thrifty. Backed by tie mott amazing and lib«r»! guarantee you have ever seen. Ask the man at the service station to show yo-j the tirca for cars or trucks, and the registered, written guarantee.

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