The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1932
Page 4
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•-*"«* COMUER NKWS OOUBQBt MKWV OG., PUbHSlURB -.•. . • 0. IL BABCOCK. MJK* •. W. JUCff"*, Auverouoj Yocll> cltjr, PuNtabed EVBTJ Alternooa Except ;•:.-, B»t«red.u Kcond class matter fit the port >••' : Wire at Bhrthevillc, Ark«n*»s, under tci c* -., Opocresi October B, 1917. S*nf« uy in« Umiej Prca -SUBSCRIPTION RAT18 '; By carrier In the city of BlyCicvllle, 15c per T»k or $6.50 per year In advance. ' By mall within a radius of 50 miles, 13-00 per jre*!, tl 60 (or EU months, 66c lor thr?« mouths; bf mall In putal conei two lo alx inclusive, I».M per year, In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable lu advanco. -.;: 77?e Cow Musf Be Fed Vr~. . ?V '.. Viiicenl Mile.s of Foil Smith, cnmli- J^.- date for the DcmocnUk noininiitiun *"." for United Sfntes .senator, )ms iuiiiaiinc- 7^7 cd his advocncy o[ I'cilci'til aid lu local school di.-lricls williotil federal intci- . - ferencc in iooul school policies. »",'. Let Uncle SHIII pay (he hills, lie says "•--" in effect, while we nm the .schools lo -suit ourselves. t> _ That oujfht to he popular. II has ''"-become (lie fashion to regard (he 1111»*•. tibnul fi-ovoriiment as a iniraciiloii.s sort ---•of co\v from which unlimited' <|ii:m- N titles of milk tan be extracted. tZy? The tliint; we arc inclined to' fur"""*' get Js thai the more milk we lake ;j^ fi'birt tliis cow the more we must fowl ^"her. Most of \is do not fonliilnile ^-- directly (o t[ie /eed hill, but it comes •••'. out of our jxJckcls just thu sann. 1 , anrl •-.- the unfortunate part of it is thai a .-,: great deal of it sticks lo licV rihs in. stead of coming hack in the form of . milk. The cheapest way lo pay for local .improvement.!) or services is by direct, local taxation. When we aecepl s(alo a,)d Or federal aid wi; are merely . licensing (he state or 'federal govern- merits to tax us—for onr benelit, which is perhaps all rij;h(, but also for the support of expensive Ijiireancracie.s. market for cotton ]n-odiiral in Ihu community. Cotton from a community where a great variety of staple lengths we produced (ends lo sell down to the value,of the inferior .staple*. Collon from a community where production is.slamhinim'd on a high ipial- ity variety will Im'ni; its full value. -A Worth While Mootment. ;•'-';.,-. A recent issue of thu .- tells of an urgam'xalioii ' group of farmer.; in the extreme soutli- i ern part of tliis coimly lo standardi/.e -• cotton production in thtir community on a tjuality basis. Sixteen Bussutl, Joiner and 1'ccau •Point farmers have formed the Sliaw- .'.".. Jiec Cotlon liuprovciiienl associalion, ;.; which 1ms for .Us inajur inu-poHt) Ihe •; production and inarkolinj,' of pure bred _; Jlisdel No. 1 cotton ami • eollon seed. •-- 'Harold Spicer, agriciiltiiral teacher at - Shawuco school, is co-operating. E. B. Chiltir is the president and W. Uryau .,. Burketl the, seci-Etary-lreasiirerl We lliink the Ijuiolils of such ;i community ju-ogram are ob\-ioiw. Ji»y- ers of planliiig^ seed naturally will favor seed from a community which spcciul- iws in pure bred cotton of a single • variety, lims elimiunliug il )0 danger of admixture with other and possibly ; inferior Varieties. • At the simie time :-uch .a slamlard- ixaticn program ought to improve the / he Caponc Case The country is doubles highly relieved to Iwirn lluil the .•aprcjiu! omrl will not hear Al Caponc's apjieal, and thai there is nothing, now, ,lo prevent him from serving the prison term that he has so thoroughly <>;miwl. Jiiit there is no sense in jubilating loo fervently about it all. Through it all, we must remember that f.'«poiK> is notjgoiiig i f) j ;l i| |- r , r any of the imnimerable high crimes that have been reliably ascribed to him and hi,-, agents. || 0 is probably jnsl us imii'h Ihu imdiWorld cxar as Jic: has bi'cn s;iid l (1 ]».—|,ut he isn't lieing impiisoned I'm- (liar. He's tieing sent up solely because 'he .lidn'l pay taxes on bj.s iJlegal caniing.s. That was (lu; only way we could get him. The fact is a terrible commentary on the ;-laU> of law enforcement in I his country. ' The imprisonment of Al Capoiie, considering (he circumstances, often; us very little lo crow over. New' Banking Policy Two en mutinies for K<m-mur hnvc iulvoc:tlMl uoliisj an;iy wllli Uii! bank eoininKslon ciHLrc- ly. ictivini. llic iipiwiiiltiient o[ rei-i-lvcrs in Hie liands ol llif eluinccry roints of die c(n(e. The plan trills rur iip[>ulntinents of rcrelvcvs by llic clinnccllur aflur n miijurlly In dciusil- ors iiml n mnjorliy t n vnluc of deposits imvc Belcclccl the receiver. Tills Is n move ivlilch will iindmibicilly gain Invor with Hie masses. At (lie prewnl time mmi.v intnibrrs of t |, c ],. g ( r ,i.,|ii,-,. |,, lve bct . n favored willi rccclvcrslilj« ivho UCHT lin.l 11113- tanking I'xjKTlcnci-; • arc tol:ill.v wllhaiit knoivl- eOye of lxiiMn K reqiiliTiiK-nls. ar.d IncoiniwtciH to csrvi; Toi' tlio Ix-st UitprcM of nil conccriK-d. Wlii-ii it Is known that (he bank conmilraloner under llu- proscnl Iniv imui i,arc Ills aiijislnt- inciit by Hie (jovt-rnor conllrmccl by tlie iciiatc. It Is plain ilmt such itppotiitmriUs were mrulu with Uic motive to tjuln fnvov with tiiosc wlio «.3vq il lu lliclr j-o^cr to^ronlirm or vcjccl" III* ap))0lnt]iiunt. The iilun to luivu (he cliiincellor mine Hie receivers after (he ilcpusilors luve spoken nill "I least take Ihe rccelvurbliijw out of |, ; ,!n; c .,. and when that Is done the nubile will sin- tiie imilscs of Iliasc- who l>rln K sm-li a condition lo If " lllon - . -Joinstoro Trlbiiin.-. Wlicn 1 K cl ready to i mU Ty, 1 won't be Iwlli- ci-ecl wllh ii long riifiiccmcnt or n chiivi-h LTIP- mony. -T.illidaii BankliiMd. movie activLs * » » TlK-rc is nclhlnir «, rnhioiii; lo the irarii- uf a coiinlvy, Inlcrnally ami cMcriinlly, us violent iiill.itioii of (lie ciirrciicy. —Eugene Meyer sm-mior ul the I-cderal Hescrvc Uoard. * * » I'm ready (o trade my innkf-np bo.v for an M. D. dcsrcc right now. -James Casney. m.ivl-j stnr In .contract row ^ , . \Vc have hiicl thu test forced on us lt> dcti-r- mint- i( employees (Iraivlng larce sums of monry weekly me. in fact, employes or can do u:, n-y ])lraic. —1). I'. Sciinlbcr-j. movie inagnali!. OUT OUK WAY By Williams "C'un 1 lie of any assistance? I'm a doctor's wife." Most Maternity Fatalities Now Believed Preventable UV lilt. MORRIS HKHHKIN line first week Is called a de •'ditor, Journal of thr American birth. Metllral As.sin-ialiiin, ami uf Hy- J Kxpcrt 6tatl5tlcinns have fount! ficli), the Health Ma R «lnc • tliat the race ot the mother, her Hie clealh rntos of mothers -InI occupation, her economic status lihc united Stales durlns ctHM-!tlic ngc at which h-r nrst child is ii-th Imvc aroused great lnlerejt,;ljon«. the period elapsing belwcen ,lhc .subject is being constanUy'Uo birllis. and similar factors arc ;u:iin(ed liefnre Congress Iwcaus^jof the grrulcst. importance, of iL-Klslallnn ulunncd'lo provtdej Dr. Haven Emerson shows Ural '.ncii-ased uiiproprinlloiis lor cdu-jlhe itolli rates o{ mothers In clt- uUlon and in'evenllvc medicine ies. lor both white and colored applied to this calico of death. ijne 00 tu 75 per cent litBher from Just ns Inn;- n:: any Hrcvcntablc puerperal sepsis and about 35 per dculbs occur. Ihe morlnlily rates nmy be considered excessive. There lire, however, .wine factors which are hardly controllable. Jn n recent survey of this siA;- Jecl, Dr. llavi^n Kmcrson, protest .MVi"' uf' |Miblic' : adinlnijtr.ition vifh Cublinl'lii University, points o'lft ,':6rnc of tlic factors ivliich arc...roni- monly disreirardcd. but which ne.v- filliflcM are of the t;rca(est In'i- lioitancc in calculating maternal ilenlli rates and in classifying them us prevonlahle and tho. r e not yre- ventable. For Instance, many calculators fail to nole the. Instances of multiple births, such as twins and tnplctr,. Obviously (he number of children born is greater than I In; total number ol periods of childbirth. There are various ways .of ,c»l- culallus the death rules "of infants. In r.omc European coun- cent higher from all causes than arc death rates of mothers in the country. If the aue of the mother at the first childbirth is over 25 years ami if she has on the.average less tlinn three children, .slu will .t'Un a [ircater" danger -of rtenth '.Jii clpldbirth (han when the first and other clilldhlrtlw occurred at an earlier twiod in her life. Tlw tendency in modern times Is for women to wait longer for marriage and for the birth of a first child tlinn previously. Dr. Emerson Fays that in some of our modern slates within the past five years one-third of al! deallK of mothers in childbirth have.i'occur- among rather elderly women who died with the first cbl'id." The most important point made In his aunlysis is the demonstra- tion.that It is ' impossible to com pare the rates lor the United tiii-s the birlii Ls not reported "as (states with those of other .coun- a livi' birlii unless Ihc child lives tries because of the difference Ir until it i:; loptl/ed. This may nol melhoib of recording ngures. several duys. Obviously Dr. Emerson is convinced tha such c.ilrnl.ilion is not lo he cnm- two-thirds' of Die deaths in chlld- paivd with one In which every! birth arc preventable. Toward cliild dyiiiK at With is called a jxiich • prcvrntlon every |»ssibb ef- illi or every child dying within ! fort should be applied. BEHIND THE SCENES IN WITH RODNEY DUTCUER >-i''"/K li J 'i£<-S\ s" r^y* *'*x /*•> WA81IIXCVION—For the benefit,. Another reason is thai they ars oi all these who Iblnk Ihis tan- reasonably sure, in Ihe tlrsl clec- Ricss. lunclioning in an election I tion alter reapporliomnenl. lo scar, looks prelty sour. II may be ' carry all the 13 House Scats from said lhat ti'e next Congress Missoml. which now has 12 Dem- ably will display many dliri-rencrs. • ocrals am; iour Republicans here. One of the favorite conversations' Missouri is expected to go Demon Washington, even al this early | cratic when it elect.? its congres- d;ite. c-cnrrrns (he probable general flllTcrcniialimis between Die Srwn- ly-secontl Cuiiiji-esi. which sional slate at large, as il must do because il failed lo re-district the state, and the congressmen dolng business, unit Ihc Seventy-' doubtless irill IK the .selections of 'Ihhd, \vlilrh will be elected-tx-' Tom 1'endcrgast. the Democratic cop! fur ttto-ti;ird> ol the wtt.Uars : boss. —In November antl will assemble- a i • • year from next November. I The Minnesota Anglr. There is more than one • Another quaint possibility Is dial .1.; lo u-bcllirr the net effect of tb; : the nine representatives from Min- chaiiRc is likely lo be lor b c ;-cr 01 (or wo ™ Announcements Driiis .ll.iy <;cl Srtnlr Fi = in !iic sliuidiwtnl of political civKiciis. th-rc is almost crtlain In b-.' another tctup. Hardly .i:u-- one doubts the Senate "will £ o DnuccMtic. aHroii'ti it has now a hair's- breadth Republican mapri- ly. and the piotab.imios arc it:r will have a Deisiocrvic niaj'U'ily. Whether or not the Democrats nre cohu; lu t .!crl the n ; xl ,,,„,. "nit will b'.- a niuic- Mntable «-r lor pudlction lain- (.11 t,-il |f lln-y don'i, the c;..mci- ; .,„. lha i ih-.- «opubli..-.iii prwidi-ni mil i- a vc to wort with a th-inocratic Con- gi-rss— a Eitujlion «lnrli n- iv always br dcixMided upon to prcrnce !!lo" b *'. of rxcitmc »t anil plenty of One reasKi the Democrats «P«te* (» have mcre sc^ ,,u, «hc h€|)i:bl!c«iu in the next Ho ii Is they already have -, ,,f Jorlly of six or sivcn and thai the prcsoni P3pu i ar Uend ls I™ 'fd to be still toward them mh- , tl ? an - «auwi them. The Courier Rows nas Been authorized to announce the following candidacies, subject to Ihe Democratic primary, August 9. For Prnstcntinu Attorney DENVER L. DUDLEY S. L. OLADISH (Re-election) For Vomly Jtd|e ZAZ, B. HARBISON (tor 2nd term) For Sheriff ROLANI) OREEN CLARENCE H. WILSON Trtimrtr W. W. HObLIPETEH (for 3nd term) Crrtan Court Clerk R. L. "BlU/ir QAINEfi (for 2nd ttrm) Cntalj tat Frolnte Cltrt W, H. "DOC" SOARBORO MRS. .JOHN LONG iRe-electlon) MIS3 CAREY WCODBURN FRED FIEEMAN ,„ AiMtsor JOI B. DUiAHDNjv (lor 2nd t*na) the Bcvcnly-ltilrd con tu turn out to be Farm er-Uborlte*. « „, the ftamer-La. eorjtfs may hold a b»]»nc« ol ps w . tl In the House between Democrats «iul Republicans. They would, O r COUTM, if the i. won between the major panl«s «« very close. Minnesota will also ««ct her next congressmen by a ttite-wlfc-at-large vote, she now ias nine Republican represcnta- ves and one Farmer-I/jborilc A still larger aspict ot the probable change, rowcvw. Is to bj sf-n m many reports from ov«r t'lc country which Indicate ttml the Y al- ew are getting set to do two thin -elect wets and gel rid of the "" Astute- observers predict *£f , 'T co "fi res w'en will be «lectca because ol their * 0 t Bpecchis Hlorw tllali ,„ an ou.s year and that quite „ (cw n , m hers who j - FRIDAY, MAY 6, 1932 m . , eu tt ,eni«lve--, firm- will be booted out by « I trs H'lio have become, incensed al them for the first time as part of a general dissatisfaction. Jump F«K-»S Politicians are falllmj all theinselves In declaring for s torm ot "re-submission" slmplv M1 ,» „,.,. ^ rc frlghtcnK| J 'i Voters are gelling the tde: proliibition res|»nsible many of the 'bad things Mini lia|>r.eiied to the country. „„„„. er riglil or wrong, they llrc expected to vote nceordhifly In many con- "rcslonal dlstrlcus. And members of Ifhtcned as never Iwlorc at "the Prospect of losing tl.elr jobs are ^fuiat"^"^;,; 1 " 10 ^ cR0 ;; y °' ! ' >ts holds up lx;foro them. ' "" !»at the Ntwcoiwrs Some of the new mcmbDrs. cl-c'- cl," * e :\± l ,' btl ^>»' "o ab,e , ians washed In by toe tide ST.,. 01 th ? 1>ri:6e " t illc "»'*H , '' C|lla ™" by llo "« t . ted Insurgents of the Norris Borah and LaGuardia type, where-' ps oilier newcomers iloiibtlcw will be demagogic rabb)e rousers of u " 1 to C °™° '° oise and nauwa. .Saves Lots of Trouble EMPORIA. K TnT ,UP) -_The «." eicc.; te . h ; ™:^i^r pmcnt flic im-enior, Floyd Kendiu noor c sa|c5]11M ^ (ac Knd B irelrtc light cord 1 0 one end nr ' -led rod. sharpened al M,P other «<1- The cord is ;l llached to -i ght socket and the steel bar tnned "> [0 the ground. Kcndlg claims If there arc any ' orn if «•"!"" four feet of the ", "j l!yMcri " vl ollt of «!"-• ground ud all the fisherman has to do i to pick them up. More than 47,000 women a r - employed I,, United Slates banks. THIS CURIOUS WORLD - . If* CORONA, AROUND Me SON, cAN&eseeM one/ DOWNS A of rue PELICAN isosetcssw A LlaUOR Of SG\ INT&XKTATfON up fish from the vj ^ i<it _ land. II has extreme difficulty in reliiev'ing"it' "I!? 1 , ' S '^' C J 10m lhC J "' cc ° J a » ! " 1 ™ "o'- and until NEXT: rf},crc is Diile Land? CHURCH EXCUSE =By Gtotgf w. ! 5tory about that church- . 'jdfoppcd out I did not have a Tlic church did not have a very Poacher, I dirt all of the talking iar«e membershtp when I was myself (that is when there was made chairman of the official' anyone tliere to hear me). The Age of Selection is h is nere Our times are marked by one vast advantage over all past history—freedom of choice for the average person. A young man now has a hundred interesting- careers to consider. His grandfather had ten. Many paths are open to the scientist, writer, teacher, athlete, business man. Wlienwc travel, we often choose between rail and bus and car and plane. Every last thing we buy is one of many offered. ^Jhis is the Age of Selection. For. advertising keeps us informed. Tells us the special benefits of this, the new features of that. Shows us how to build houses and how to make muffins. Explains why and where and liowmirt:ii. v-, As we read we learn how to discriminate, to vecog- ni?e worth, to be sure of value received. Before we buy a car or refrigerator or a can of beans, we~kmJv/ what it is and what it offers. Advertising teaches"^ how to live by this year's rules. Read the advertisements in this paper. They bring you up to date in this Age of Selection.

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