The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1932
Page 3
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/ KIjjAY , MAY BLYYHEVIU.E. <AKK.) COURIER NEWS PARE THIUOB 4 Worthless Book" May Bring Millions lo Wender'Heirs" Refuses to Let Suit on Life Insurance Policy Go lo The Jury. JONESBOHO. Ark. iSiwelall— A tiiirrled verdict in favor of Hie tie- : fondant fientlm:! Lif; Insurauca , company was ordered liy .liuls: J. ! K. Mai'tiiicau in fcdoral c='.irt yes- '. tc-nlivy when testimony m Ills cj-ic o[ .Mrs. Clara Oavk asaiiiit llu 1 insurance company uas doted. Mrs. Davis sought to enforce payment en ii $5,001) accident insurance |«llcy carried- by her liiisbaml, Hie late Dr. H. S. Davis, prominent Uly- ihcvillc dentist. Dofonsc counsel moved lor a -Ji• reeled verdict when evidence in llic case ,was completed anil Jiuly^ MartliH'au sustained til? inoiion. Julge Martineau declared thai under (the evidence ilieifc "no other reasonably theory thrw MIJ- ckle." Aiineal Is rruliaMi- H was imllcaU'd by C. M. lluck. plaimiil coiimi-l. that ;'.;>PE:I! ;•> hliilier- court v ill Ije taken on :i writ of mo:-. rtri:l, Kvr.irl and JlPiuIcr^u n: i!!y,hevii:o af.:i Me- CuiiRlil ami Y.cDanald of M;-mj>.-.:s u'jic attoiii.y.-. for the lii-fcnte.' Dr. Davis \vr»s fouiid lying fsital- ly homo here 2 by llLs v: liis O'.vsi. l ]>.;x>!, idiaiilVvd a:-> j '.!.• <;|i?n 0..•'...,• of ;r. Dv.- IIUVJ*. 1 . V,'UO v.o..s .-r,r,: tiiroij^J: ii.L' hc-aJ, dirt: the ni;:-:t morning. Elcvi'ii witnesses testified in thu case. They \vere: Mr.s. Davis. W. J. Pollard, Dr. M. O. Usrey, C. H. Hall, Floyd White, C K. Wilson, Sam Hardin, Arch Llnfccy. W. W. Shav- tr. W. H. Stovall by deposition, all of Blytheville, nnd a youth name.i Woods ot Luxora. A settlement WLIS reached several months ago in a suit brought by Mrs. Davis against li:e Business Meus Assurance company on another $5,000 accident nolicy held by Dr. Davis. Terms of the .settlement uere not divulged. Barnes Suits Selllcd It was reveal?d hers today thai suits filed against a number ol insurance companies by heirs an 1 .) trustee of the late Goali S. Barnes. Ijiominent Blythevilie business man. seeking to ioice payment o! approximately 575,000 in policies held by Barnes, have been settled out of court. -Attorneys for the insurance companies arid Cecil Shan;, attorney 'tfy .\rrsrbl%a"Barnes^ widow "of the deceased; declined to reveal the scltiement but it was rpporied to have involved a substantial amount. Mr. Barnes, district manager for the Mid-West Dairy Products C3:r.- pany, was killed "when a Frisco passenger train hit Iris car at. Brade crossing near Grlmore last fall. A nuniter of companies which liad issued accident policies to Mr. Barnes, refused payment and suit* were filed against them by his heirs and trustee for his estate. Eight actions brought by Mabel Simon and Mike Simon, children of F. Simon, Blythcviile real estate operator. against fire insurance companies seeking to force payment of pnlicies amounting to about S45.- 000. have teen set. for trial Monday. T Iie stills were originally brought In circuit court at Blythevillc hut were transferred to federal court here. Tr.e actions were filed after Ihe insurance companies declined to pay the full face value of policies en t\vo buildings, owned by the Simon.s, which were hravily damaged by lire in December. The b'.iikl- inps were in th; business district o[ Blylhevillc at Main and First streets. BULLETS IN Here an: two of (he Los Angeles nhimils of The vast Wcndcl estate In Xc'.v York, Ick to charily fnciuis by .Miss Ella Wrmlcl. E ,7 a w , ndcl . was started by Ooltlleb Wcndcl. a Danish jiir.wigrant, who married John Ja- Aslor's daughter, Elizabeth," declares. "He had three chll- n, two of whom died. Th- thircl. John Daniel Wcnilf-l. was the fnlhfv of eight children, who died one by on?, gradually concentrat- the fortune into the hands of (Continued from 1'ntjr! one) rrls and apparently had fcw political enemies. Iimncdlnlcly after the -ihoolliii! a rensoi5hii> was jml on out-solus c.nlile mes.sngr.s. The Ely.'c* palace Irlod to Inflst at first that (he president wns only Fllshtl.v wouiKlnl. but I'"-- hospital adinlltO'.! his true condition. Tlie shootinu r.insrd a tinmen- dons sensation, 'llie cusluntucy rn-1 inois of the pi-esklcnt'.s clcn'.h were preail. but WITO ijnlckly refuted, factors left littlt 1 <lonbt, liowevcr, iiat they lhoiii:h,t the pu-sldi-nl «'*s lying. Doclors niniouucecl the trnnsfti- ion luid .sirrnulhi'iii-d IJonnier lem- xir.illly. bi.l al 4:45 p.m. or 11:45 •vrn. caslevii daylight iinit* he \vi\s u a coma unrl urowin^ weaker, One llullcl Itemovi-.l The uansfuston pave (he pa- fi^l eiKin'-h strength so doctors rotild iirolx 1 for the bullet in (he chest. Thoy were unable, however to loucli the wound behind 111? cm which was cnnsld< reil the worst. lloiimer lintl lost » Rrently qunn- in:. A liowling ]nob gathered cut- •iclc the niT.rby police station wlicrc the assnssin was clialncd l:ehiud ihe buis. At 4:!C p. M. Professor Ganchci said: ] "The ball in Ihe head did not. | touch the brain. Therefore 1 refuse to say the president 1 Is lest.' The blood for tile Iransfusion raeiits were served by MM, W. L. Thomson", Mrs, Albert \Vmli> au. Mrs. \v. U. Nootinn. Mr. and Mrs. R. c. JoaM tine Mr*. W. E, Warren of Turk?!mnr were visitors of Mr. imfl Mr.s. W W. Edwanls Sunday. Mrs. Albert Scolt, U rei»i(ed 111. Waller liosi and little daiiuhli'r fine nf Kiim. Mii-h , vlflU'il Mr. an, Mrs. 11. l',, L . Krldny. M>s. II. ,\. U.ivld is s:ondl:i: j frviTal days In N.-,v|»-i vls't n Shor .-.on. n. ,j. unvld, uiul fatully. I Mi.v I.. K, Mobiey airl Mr.s. [Oee-ruf 1'iKiu.i were In J..iiiv,l)0ro visit Inn MK. [,, .1. HUITKT In the I l:nj>|>ilul 'I'lH'-silny. ! The liev. \V. 11. llcrn uii-J Rcldir |n. David were In .lone-boru oil I business Tui's-day. I Miirvin CnMner went lo .lones- |l-oro W,'d,iK<by to viMt Ills, Wb Costncr. In the lu^ Itieu. Ms. 1 -. 1 l.nlan Colfimui h:is as her ii'M this wer): Mrs tlt-oije Clurlt ind bnby, Cnrollno Ann, ot Barllo vlllc, Okln. Mrs. D. J. Bley nnd son, Hnrold if Leaclivllle, wen 1 dinner guests of Mrs. O. M. Dentoii Wednesday, A. l-Yndler wits In Hlylhevlll.' on br.sini'.vs Tonrsday. Dr. K. M. Mayllr-Jd of Lake. City the Kuest of hlc daiinhU>r, Mrs, Ci. M. Dcnton, Mils work. Mr. nnd Mrs. I,. V. Stevens n! F'loo-.lwuy 'were [;iu'.sis of Mr. and Airs. Allen llrst Tnriday. Mr. and Mrs. II. W. rowan mill Hnn Thomas HlU-ndrd services at Hir: HIM Methodist clmiTli of Jnnc&baro Sunday .-miliix. William norowsky was In Klkes- tcn. Mo., Monday. Hi' was nrcom- |ian'.i';l hnnw by his wife, who had t?cii visllinc relatives llierr for the V. A. Murphy nnd Hnymtnid l!uils<Hi were In M;irkfd 'I'rtc mi buslni'ss Tuo.'xlay. MIsws Maxim k 1'oe mid 'ferry Monasco of Ktnnett wero BIIMIS of Mr. and Mre/H. Poc Inst wtek-end, Mr. »nii Mrs. Mack Blotoood ol Jonesboro are visiting Mr. and Mrs; Dill Knon this week. Mr. and MM. W. T. Coals were In Karlc Sunday vUltlitK relative 1 !. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. E. Scott an; datiijhler, Ml-s Mildred, vwrc the Snndiiy gnral.s of Mr and Mrs, Waller IIAlSCllUV. Dob MrKlnnon wus n Inislnc.s; visitor In Memphis Wednesday. j Mrs. Ij. H. Hiircroft nnd ellll- . dr.'n. IJoyd, Henry, anil Miss Kl:«l, I of Memphis arc vlsUlnij Mr. and Mr.s. Jim Il.irt'roli, tills week. Dr. J. A. Anderson, presl.llng el- ider of the Jonesboro district of thn ! Methodist conferenre. wns tlie guest iof ilu> Uov. C. H. Dmnpcrs Monday, nftt-r holdliiK fputrterly er:;i- I ference ut ik'll .Siindiiy. Head Courier News Want Ads .hown at lower loft. Mrs. Eir.elc Wende] is at upper left and Mr.s. Helen ftanna at lower right. Their efaim Is regarded as one of the strongest of tiie 2000 advanced. | was donated by a young French intern? ut tire hosiiltul. "When John Wendel came to tins country he left behind a brother, Jurgen Hcinrich Wendel. who j developed info a 'man of mystery.' iWlv?n Prussia conquered Denmark, jhc- became involved in some lilnd j of trouble and was imprisoned. He .escaped But feared to return to i Denmark and was officially de[ dared doad in 1850. "However, in 1845 it 'Wander| buch', was issued to Johann Ilein• rich 'Wendel in the kingdom of iHnnovcr, late a part of the Gcr- •man empire. This man was born in Hanover and in tlie ancient W I'M \; i r' " 'records there. I bslicve, is the birth With' INCW YOVK hstatC 1 certificate'which shows that Jur- Ren V.'cndcl was his father. In-WB ; Johann Wend^I came to Arnerici ,nnd married. His son. Fred Wen- clol. ago. Manila Society — Personal The Y. W. A. of Manila nn clmrch met Monday night at th home of Mrs. O. M. Deiiton. Twcn ty niernbcrs and two visitors wer present. The business meeting \va followed by a program on "An Example of Christian Living." TIID W. M. I), cf in? Manila Baptist chutch ir.;t at the church last Thursday afternoon. T.;c topic, "Heroines of the Cross," and devotional, were given by Mrs. I-^e David. After the program vefr;sh- Links West Coast Family!" By \i:,V Service ] f.OS ANGELES. — A Gcrmnn liook, which once seemed worthless, may now be worth millions to ils owners. Years aco Jnhann Hcinnch Vr.?derirl: Wcndcl. a cabinetmaker, dyin« on his b?cl iii Mtimp- ton. III. He reached under his pillow and handed a dilapidated r.ook to his son. Fred Wcndcl. i ".Save this, my son." he said. "11 may some day mean sreat riches lo you. You an r.'lated to the Mew York Wriulcls." Sweet Potato Plants Now Ready Xanr'v Hall * Fnrlo Hican, 20 ernls per 1M: Sl.M per 1,000. came to lx)s An^eJcs 13 years Ho died in 1923." I'rprwr riants. rimcnto, Btl! «ir null Ncse. I.on/j Kert Cayrnne 15c .! prr iloi: "5c per 100. Allanfin in Five nays A new Frenc'.i liner beins con Efructcd in St. Nazaire will mak? j tomatn riant' a trip across the Atlantic ocean in ^[ arke(i niarglobe ft Ponderosj IDc less than five days, it Is said. It will be 1020 feet long and will be driven by four propellers. It is .said to be the largest ocean liner now under construction. Ancl Hen''* "Mi?* West Virginia Now six residents of tins city, including his widow and four children, liopc- lo find that the dilapidated Vmok is an "open sesame" lo n crm' fortune. They exp?ct to find it a key to a nor- lion cf the S125.000.WO fortune tcit by '.lie lale Ella Wcndcl. cc- reWiic Nn\v VoiX sn'mster. who: died rccrnlly leaving h.?r vast cs-' late to friend^ and charities. The six claimants to this vast fortune are Anna Wendel. widow nf the talc Fred Wtnd?l, Mr.;. Helen Hntinn. Mis. Lorcne .Inhn- Eon. Carol Wrndol. Fred Wendel anil Mrs. F.niele Vtmtil. widow of J.I. \>. Wjn<!fl. whnm slie =ays was the ureal imflf of Ella Wendel. the wiil of Klla Wemlfl is- finally probated .In N"w York.; the.'* 1 six persons will appear with j their counsrl. former .ludsc Ben; Lindsev and Edward Hazellou, to claim a portion nf 1'ie estale. ' Don't f.f( tho idea that Ihi:;! claim i'= !he unlv one for tl'.e cs-' *ate. R^jiovts frmu New York dis-; c'^se i:cv; clairrauls every day i and Ihe number has already pas::- j;rt lh.? 2000 mark. They are rep- ircsentrd by more than SCO attor- |«cvs and. although many of the 'claims have been proven fals<\ It . •r..u- lake years to solve the bt;? 1 " , How the "Wanderbiich" of Jo-[. .hatm Wendel. which may prove lo'l •be so valuable, links the six An-1 Mcxieo. because ol its fcrlib soil i nnd almost inexhnustib'.e mineral and otl'.cr natural resources, is' known as the "Storehouse cf the World." Stone. Gulf State. t * Pi iloi; SOc per 100. ' Egf Plants 20c per iloz; $1 per 100. BYRUM PRODUCE COMPANY Paul Byrum, 112 K. Main All Orders Postpaid EXTRA SPECIAL This Week Only Mahogany Drum Table 59 After a record vote by Ilic sLurlcii 1 . body oC Hie University of West Virsiui'. Miss Mildred Fctty of Clniksbing, Minwn above, wa= 1932. Miss Petty, A striking brunet, Is a freshman in Ihe college of arts and sciences and n member of Belln Gamma sprorlly. Sweet Cream Under 25e I.h. Bennett's Pasteurized Milk Iflc Qt. Delivered I'hune 7.! Itiiljjnrinn Rutleiniilk K>c Qt. On fo Church Sunday *4 ! Beautiful Finish, 1 Drawer, good size this week only CARD TABLES Special At - - 6ILLEN FURNITURE CO. McMULLIN'S I'lmnr (iOit CASH GROCERY » SPECIALS for SATURDAY and MONDAY MULT Koso Hud Nil. 2 \-2 Can 40c ORANGES lU-:il Nice l-'loritlii'ii Doz. 17ic lettuce U "L 6c Strawberries Home Grown Quarts, 3 for SUGAR Limit 1 ((Pounds 43c BUTTER Pride of Arkansas or Wwxlhtirn's. Ib. 20c Cream KS. 15c Brooms 4 25c Beans "si. sad, 18c ,CORN In Hull lull C'J I.b. J p. & {;. one 10 Bars Oil Mil If EvaporuJcd. All Flrands 1AC IfHLIl ;j T;ill Cans 1U BANANAS Yc "" w ' SALMON Chum 1AC Tall Ciin III SOAP t'amiiv 2 Bars KAKING POWDER Li). Calumot OfTC !-8 I.b. Box Cntoanut Free. All f BREAD Old Fashion Suit Rising Post Toasties for 22c JELLO Assorted .'t P;icknf;es for 20c Children's WEAR Boy's Play Suits Slirs 3 to I 98c Guaranteed fast coUrs . • • pretty patterns In irwit> H«*. tan and yellow. M(nctl«e Sun Suits For Tiny Tots 25c • Play Suits Sl»s 2 to 8 B»ctl(.ul line of fast color y suits at White Water Rose Plain or Self Rising 24 Pound Sack 62c Salad Aid Durkee's, Pint 18c Half Pint lOc Hcef. Loin or T-lione SALT MEAT Rest Itellics C'^1 I.b. 02 VEAl, ROAST ,.„. F FRYERS I '" ESS|: " OI! ON FOOT ROAST Htcf. ttib or Chuck 1AC SHOULDERS Fresh - T? I.ittk Girls Frocks Sii« 3 (o C 98c Fa^t coter B«c.-vdci«th an* piints with lials to m»tth.. pink, bine, yellow and freer. Misse; New Print FRANKS CHEESE Wisc( SJ: ul l., If HAMS •Sugar Cured Picnics Cellophane Wrap •1 to G Pounds Ib.lOc T'oUito Sal:id Caljhngc Slaw Baktd Ham Salami UraunsrhwciBcr Spiced Hani Hoilod Ham Souse Spiced Vork I.oin Head C' Minced Ham BACON Center Cut Sliced ,1 Pound l.imil Ib. 10' Dresses colors, siifs 7 ilr styles. 69c Fast colors, siifs 7 lo H. Adcrablr styles. Women's and M LINEN FROCKS i $1.95-$2.95 Vat dyed, ak*Utt<r purr, white, Siren, t.Iw, ytU«" iwi brown.. Most attracUrt The Grand Leader

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