The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 6, 1932
Page 2
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BLITHE VILLB. (ARK.V COURIER NEWS Society Calcndai • . ,$ Saturday • Ttife *omcn o( the Promised l*o£ church are serving dinner In tfc bulWIng next to Miss whlt- Mwntcrt tttti. Junior Mac'Mbce court teld IU wcond nieeiliig; Wednesday eve- nlng'.'at the hall when Miss- Alia Luri^y of Litlle Rock, state director, was Ihc. gucs\ of honor. H. M. MlUer, district .manager, also atte w^> Beatrice Miller, court director, ^presented a program of tr.ssc nuinScre: "Prayer song" by Mary Berii Downing following Hie court p«»fjr; pwm. •'"'Trees" WlnifHN Klntts; coin; "Yo Ho, Ye Fortune Setters" junior quartet of Virgi Bom Sleven Johns, Recce Stan clbf aud .Charles Stand lit; son "iUM.'Hull. t,lie" • Maccabees" "— |y pownlng. . &$s Ludy was hostess for rc fresfcnenls served at Kirby Broi Druj store. Tlie next mccllnjf:wlll be hekl Ftk^iy. May 13, at''7:30 p.m. made lo acquaint the guesls with tlw work ol the Junior Hadassiih. Plans for the lea were made nl a meeting held In Cnpc Glr- ardcau, Mo., Sunday. Misses-Rose {Samuels, Dorothy Slonmrd mid Rgy Mlnnen were hostesses. 'Has announced thai complcle mis for the Dance ytola wire ado wllh music to be furnished H. Jay Woolscy and his ten piece orchestra. Woolscy. who is brollicr ol Robert Wooln-y of p famoii.s Wlweler and Woolscy comedy learn, will B^'C several suc- alllcs which he has also given i tlw western coast recently. This ante will be' at tho city auditor- m May 23. .Alter the business session young neii friends were guesls for dune tig. The next mcelina will l>c hcli at Lsnchvlllc will) Misses iwn WeliibcrB and Frances Fendlcr n A£, Ihe meeting of tlw Armor Pinjnt-Teacher association ye terd»y afternoon these office 'wttf. installed for 'next ymr: MI 1. JE. Tate, president; Miss Bo WllBpms, first vice presldcul; Mr R. Ij. Ncal, sejond vice presiden Mri< J. if. Steadinarj, Mcretarj Mrsr Jesse Ridenour, treasure •Uisjwm Anderson, hislorinn. !s finest : g, A. G. Little was hostess to lhes;ThurscU\y Luncheon club this wtc^. in special compliment lo her . hoipeguesl, Mrs. Fretl Scully, of Cul£ Oil,. JLA. Another out of town - iueij was : Mrs. Joslah ' Fort of Clatisvlllc. Tcnn., who Is visiting her-harcnts, Mr. and Mrs. T. J, Siarjjiii, for a month. : : -Jrl«y flowers from the hostess' garden of hjr country home were gatfiercd Into a loose boiuiucl. for the ^-centerpiece of the luncheon tabS. A two 'course menu \vns . Mn§jd at one o'clock. Mrs. H. F. Klrshncr sori tho pri*, a summer bag. In the con- tr«<{l bridge games enjoyed during the .afternoon. To Srrve Dinner Women of the Promised TJMI hurch will serve dinner tomorro n the builcihiB next to Miss Whll sltt's shop ior ^5 cents. Tlie pro cecds of the affair will bo place n the general Ueasury. • • • Allcrtd Whitlor P. T. A. Meeting. Miss Wllhc A. UTWsnn, conn superintendent, .anil Miss Whin Virgil Turner, comity snpervlso attended n meetlnf! »l Ihe WliHto Parent-Teacher nssnclntlou la night. There were 100 present A feature of the program w nn address by Miss OoUta I'yle o Llltle Hock, director of Parent Education work In the state, who Is'conducting a school-of Instruction at Marked True. Mrs, Gus McClciulon. of WtiHton. ulso s|»kc of Hie P. T. A. charier. Soug Enlercd in Competition ior District llojiors Mis. Walter Wood ol Liixorii, an outstaiidliii; club woman of Missis PIGGLY m WIGGLY • outstanding duo woman 01 MISSIS rc Invaluable In Hclpinftj-;; ' wumy w) ,n i s competing to r-1 "i I) 'I i r I 1 llonors '" tllc <lli>trlct contest for Children DUllci Cultural club women, comixwcil a song ap- Background. BV ,MKS 11. A. SMITH Ubrarlun Today a "Better Honw" is nn- hlnkahlo without books. In most oincs llicy arc to be found In very room of the house mid In I c homes Un;y have collected ., they have to te accomcxlatcd wllli a room ol their own. A large library Is not necessary, >ut to really love..books so that hey may ho wovti'i. into the warp iml wont of Ills Ufc a person ihoulcl Imve his oivu Individual Ibniry. which -i:ro?vs year hy year with his giowtli. 1 A few hooks should \K aitdcd each yenr anil the standard of choice kept liiyh. It is impossible to surpass as a literary taektronnil Uu old fashioned library built upon the classic novelties, Dickens, Thnckery, the monies, H.UBO. Dumas, and the Americans, Murk Twain, Poc, Cooper, etc. A child whose taste Wins ol life have been formed upon Ihc craftsmanship. Hie human umlcrslaniliui; and the sincerity nl llicsn writers can later be subjected to any Influence mid honlil be- iibl; lo separate the best prourlalc to Ijtixoru's Week. This SOI'IB has been entered as a p»rt of her achievements. Sung lo the lunc of "It's Springtime In the 1 Mountains" the words ace: I 11. A. Wise Is our new mayor, He's very nice and neat, He issued a proclamation , To clean up every slrcet. oiionua Clean up, clean up, Luxortt; For we want our lown (o compete In Ihc llellcr Homes contest In our national Clean Up Week. Wake up, wake up. Luxora, Can't you hear our mayor's call? Since he Issued a proclniuallon, Spring Festival and Libby's Canned Food Sale Bargains For Friday, Saturday and Monday Pure Lard Wilson's finest Pound 5c . NliCB. Edgar Brown gave a qullt- at hcr'.'-liorw near this ' ' Sjcoats Olvc .Members ot the Girl Scout, •Troop 4 ot the Lange Elcincnlary school BIIVC .a program in 1 thu Wednesday mornlni; assembly for National Music week. Miss Elizabeth: Halslcad is leader of the group. Selections by. thc i Flnit gri\i]K klrtdlfs Brinci, gamcsj -Jro'fh pupils of olhcr grades, voice, pimlbcrs. piano -selections -and slorl'es of tlie res! of composers iverc given. Students of the sixth finuln gave a program today under tlw direction' of Miss Gladys Hardln . • Tfc 12 Kiicsfs^Mo cSjBJtd saints. Siflss Minnie'-Brown won a plllcrv In a" fishing game. Mrs. J. H. "JBornar was given n doll' for namtng Ihc quill and Miss Ruby BroWcls prize for niaklns words was^also a doll ornament. Sandwiches, cold drinks and cake ^ s to Elect At? Ihe next meeting of the Dcl- phi|fis officers will be elected for nex^.- year. In the -moling Wednesday a nominating conimittco of Ac Ihrce i«#t presidents. Mrs. L. S- Mathis, Mrs. C. W. Afflick, Mrs. and Mrs. Ccjcll Shane were in Memphis yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. J. Louis Clwrry motored to Purls,"-Ark., iodny where they will spend Mother's Day. Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Moss motored to at. Tioiils today lor the week end. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Owens of Capo airardcnu, Mo., have moved Li M AiMinio, mio. v>. "• nni"-"t >jo|«j I,*.-."»,-..•.., 1 _„.-._ Mr»f James B. Clark, and. the Here and arc residing in Ihc J. S. present president. Mrs. W. M. Gcsscll apartment on Chlckasaw- Wll8aros. was named. Other prcs- entiipfficers are: Mrs. Otto Kocli- titilj-, vice president: Mrs. Horace T. Bui p. secretary; Mrs. Lloyd V. Wise, treasurer; Mrs. R. N. Ware Jr.. ^senior chairman: Mrs. J. R. Stettman. critic: Mrs. James B. . Cltuik, paTli»menUTi»n; Mrs. O. W. -McCutchen, reporter. Ttir the program on "Narrative Pocjns" Mrs. Gforgc W. Dlllarmn- ty M-RS leader. In Ihe lopics lor T.-'n^tt Mrs. W. M. Williams gave "Tli K\-c -of-St. -Agnes." Mrs. Howice T. ciilp "Kin? Robert ot SkUif" and Mrs. William McComb of 'Utllc Rock "The OMdcncr's ?d with pany. W, J. ba avenue. Mr. Owens is coimccl- thc Robinson Drug corn- Pollard allendcd to business In .loneslroro Wedncsilay. . W. Finley attended to business in Memphis yesterday. torn the Knoil ami the good from In. nnwortliy. Bullil your library nccordlni; lo your iaslrs provided vou build II lilion the Irulv i;rcat. Of course, the child's reiullnu will 101 Ire slarlcd wllh Vnnlly Fair, vanhoe. or David Coiipcrlleld. but rtter good bnuks of yesterday and today should be vallin'B for him when lie Is ready lor them. Goort jooks.wlll IK in u "Belter Home, 1 so that he will naturally them. Those wlm love beauty 111 thcli hoirfcs,'\tn llowcrs, and In carefully :p]o,ntcd Bi-onnds will .surcl; wish lo lild by any means wlthli their power u child who shows ere atlve promise. Even when lh child is too youn? to understJni stories, he is Influenced hy lh literary background of the foirilli As he rends good books his laste will be : formed. If he has tt* ability tp .think and lo wrlle his tftltni «ll\ ,b4 {.ed. . Si 11-0 child 'on rpnclidig aclul'.- lioad does nol dlsptiiy Ihc creative l»wcr you must rot consider your efforts wasted. The biu-kfironiKl ot the -Belter Home" makes ciiltiucd meii and'women, able lo take their place In nny society, by having u never failing source of inward pleasure on which to draw. Literature has changed Ihc world and continues to change It. WJien the day ol Judgm:nt comes all sccrels arc talrt bare,- it will no', be a -surprise lo. learn that the real reason we have left our'cnvcs nnd ilropucd our bows and arrows nnd now sit around tl» Ih-es in "llctlcr Homes" and talk and filvc lo the poor nnrt help the sick, tho reason we have made shelter and kocicly out of Ihc wastes is be-, cause we. biwe loved resullriK BVSSVI- ng tlirough-thn mcclhini of books he Ideas and ideals of olhcr peoples and olhcr nations. The tin cans must be hauled. \Yu planted trees for the Bicentennial, On the school campus of which we're proud. So now let's all net busy Show Luxora to the- visiting crowd. Law ll»«l Twice In 05 Yean BOSTON. (UP) —Tire "common lient" law was invoked for Ihc hccond lime in or> years by Boston wllcu hero recently when war- ant.s were obtained ngultvst Joseph i. Corcoran and Henry J. Miller :liarshiB fraudulent 'automobile transactions. Rend Courier News Want Ads CHEESE Finest Wisconsin Pound 13c •••••••••• Fancy Fat HENS • : Full Dressed Pound UVi Black Hawk Hams .Made by Jhe Makers of Htockhawk Itacon Kinest Onlur Slices Pound 26c Hiilt or Whule Pound 13c PORK ROAST Solid Meat Pound 9V 2 c [^•••••••^•H Our Finest STEAK Sirloin Pound 25c Bacon Hickory Smoked Hujfar Cured lb.9c Salt Meat rst Streaked I Ib. 6 Flnrst Streaked IJellies Beef Roast Our Finest Branded Fancy Brisket Ib. lOc BAKING POWDER SAME PRICE In double rUF PDV Fresh Bleached ^C IfcLLlil Stalk i 4F1TVI17C? Winesap Tl^ Arr Lilj Lb. lz_ PADDATC 1 or BEKTS CC lAaLlulo i^h. Ben. 3 ^nilA^H Fresh:anrt , 19^, u VJV(lJ-rlk311 Tender.. IM- lJui niTV 1 8-Oz. Jar Mayonnaise 18c DU I Gol I 8-Oz. Jar Spread lc Both for 19c BANANAS PINEAPPLE PEAS Frcsh English Lh. 10 G RHUBARB lrcshc "£10 ( BREAD ™%£\£ 5 C Sl'ECIAl, I)EAI, 3 l'kK3. OCC Osvdol & 2 Itnrs 1' & G Soap£J LETTUCE 1C . GRAPEMJIT^F EGG PLANT Fcy1 S k 9 c White I-rfyerl Van: »- Uiij Fudge. Icing, Cocoariut Marsh- 1AC Mallow. Lh. 13 OUNCtS FOR III MIUIONSOF POUNDS USED Bv OUR COVfRNMtMT Ben Caoyci 1 , Marlon Gray and Jlroinl? Boyrt Jr.. will leave Monday for Ix)s Angeles, Ciil., where Ihsv expccl to spend the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brown and Mrs. Lonis Humphrey, of California, arrived last night for several weeks slny ..with relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Brown who liv=tl here uulll three years Daughter" These were followed aso. now rrsfds at'Corcoran, Cnl wit* wi'wral dbitussloiB ' 1«1 by nnd. Mrs. Humphrey., Msc, ^ form Mr<- Dlllahiinly In which Keats. Tciinyson, Wordsworth and Lons- IelI<J»- were taken tip. l{ observance of the OcorKO T^aiiitngton TJiccnlennlal aixl National Music Week.Miss Margaret MeSilt. a new member, B^vra SBV- eraK piano selections Inchwlln'! . fav*ltes of George Washington "Tl» Minurt" and "George Wash- er resident of Blylhcvillc. lives at Los Angeles. They motored. V) Ntw Posts Oriaiilifcl KANSAS CITY. Mo. (UPI- ly-ninc new Veterans of Foreign Wars i»sta wcro organized during March .selling a new high record for any previous nionlli. according to aii_ nnnoiinccnicnl from Ihc Hospital Notes Miss Mae Warren, sturtenl nurse,; underwent a Ipnsllectomy tmlny.. Miss Trma Hayncs, cily, was dls-1 mliiscd. ... SIOTHKK'S DAY SPECIAL Beautiful Permanent Waves. Your choice ol Marcel Wave with ringlets or Famous Hollywood Push Up Wave (requires no selling). §3.50 Make your appointment torlay. KLAINK HKAUTY SHO1' Glcncnc Bids rimnc -13 PURITY NUT (Mconv.irjjarinc 1'urc Nut Ma 3 Lbs. 25c JELLO All Varieties 3 Pkgs. 17c Oranges California 1 ^Jl A Met Doz.l&2v Potatoes :EL 27c Strawberries S Peaches JSL 165c TOMATOES Standard Quality No. 2 Can 3 for 17c CREAM MEAL Fancy 24-Lb.Sack25c the Match." ... meelins! closed : with motto "Not what we have l)"tj whffj we share;" for ccaslni; to we ccasi to have." tcrs here. -,-- ^ Enifrtaincd .•:. ,-'' ' V Mrs. J. lx>uls ChErn' • cntertaiii- «i ^he Mid-week Bridge chib nnd Me^arees *(. N. Yfarc Jr.. James H jJBell." R.'"H! Bennett, John W. Flnfey, Rton-W. Klrby awl Mrs. : ' J. ft Keliey jr., ot Delrolt. rtuestj of pirs. R. N. -Ware jr., Thursday wilit a briflce luncheon. .' KTfees. peonies,' • Iris • awl daisies xetE the early summer flowers uscdi-'for the three smillhmcrveon Ublfe ananged for the two course mci5i. • ~ in" the eontracl brWue aamcs toilet articles went to Mrs. IT. -\. Smith »nd Mrs. t?:nnell for high fiCOrtS. '„ . 4 •«*..; T« Jlwncr MMhcfj - -• ' Mrtlwrs of member, of the Junior Hadassah of Arkansas. 111- iiioli and Missouri, will Iw. .guests of n*nor 'at'the Mollwr's-Day tea to b* Biycr n? '^" WOIMII'S club here". Sunday aflcrnoon. - Mis Cella Forlas. ol Mnnpliis .' is «i>- be the s.««t speaker. Friend I of t|ie RwiaMah chapter have also . terlted to this tint inter nd mt etftrt will b MOONLIGHT DANCE EXCURSION ON HEAUTIFUL ISLAND MAID \r°>^.. FRIDAY, MAY «TH OSCEOLA, AKK. LEAVE UETTURN 3:30 P. M. 11:30 I'. M. Dance to Ihc Music of EART, MARCO'S HARMONY KINGS Enjoy a delightful ride on the: palatial Island Maid. Glass enclosed dance salon. spacious decks. An evening of ~c :•.'.: i;-. c entertainment on this bfaullUil rU-cr simmer. Ailulls 75<! Children 25c Dancing Free Course- You are all set for summer when your * -, LINENS and Panama Hats Leave the UNIQUE CLEANING SERVICE But Have Your | fJ-\ Got Our Number ill. ASI'AKAGUS TII'S Libby's 1710 1'icnic. I'an H 2__ DP* no Libby's Hartlelt 1Q1C lEj/VIlo Ijiirge C'iin i.«7^ MI SALAD !^S25 C SPINACH 'ffi^n 15 C I IDDVC Gunned Food Siilu LlDDlO May (ilh to Hth Inv. POTTED 1 " 0 ^' y b ffi 10 C VIENNA Kn'g^o.n. 15° GUS TIl'S HillHtlJilc No. 1 Square Can CHICKKN v \ T,A KING Liliby's. Can CORNED BKK ^?S DEVIL HAM ^^ VEAL LOAF JffSn LUNCH TONGLK IMihy's 1-2's. Each CHERRIES SLn Sugar hClott ;L42c Beans String, No. 2 Can, 3 for 19c Salmon Ked. Libby's L;irjrc Can ISc Medium Can lOc !»_„„ nMiof' tOm No 2 Can 1UC 14!c Libby's 1.ari?e •."Til Can * * 2* Evaporated Milk libbj's, Tall Can 5c, Small Can

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