The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1931
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Serperf &*/ f/ze United Press TTHEVILLE COURIER MWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL .\XVII1—NO. 8-1 Blythertlle Courier, Jllythevlllc Herald, Blytheyllle Dally New*, MKitsslppi Valley Leader. BU'TIIKVIU.IO, AKK'AXSAS. JUNIO 2:t, JHS1 JINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTjJl OFF IT FORREST CITT 23-Year-Old Wife In Critical Condition at phis Hospital. Jury Fails to Agree in Wilsofti Suit MKMPH1S, Tcnn.. .. —A hopelessly hung Jury Tuesday resulted in onicial in 1st rial In the M tFolyjm of Memphis mi-iLce Wilson. , planter. of Mr.s. Lucille Spe n P prominent Wfe,. Art I-'ORREST CITY, Jnne'S:). (UP) —Mrs. Clark Moody. 23. attractive ymm(> Forrest City wife. Is fighting for life at Hie Bapltst hospital In Memphis, a bullet, embedded in her spine, and Harry Gardner, 30. barbecue sland operator, is <leart following a shooting affray here early Monday. Gardner was at the Mnody home parly this morning while Mrs. Moody's husband. operator of a filling station, was in Forrest Citv on business. A quanel between the two is reported In have preceded the shootins. Gardner, nftcr shooting \frs. Moody, sent a bullet through Ills own heart, dyins instanllv. The shooting occurred about 7:15 a.m. Neiplibors. lieP.vinc ' In? sh-Hs. rushed in ami foimd the pair. Mrs. Moody, accompanied by her husband, was rushrd to the Mcmpliis liospilal. The MocKlys have t?e-' married ;V»ul two years. They have? no children. Mrs. Mnody is iiara- Ivzed from the wai^t down and her condition is critical. Tlie jury reporter! for the second time shortly before 11 a. m. t!:at It was unable to agree on !he rmmunt of damages that should be awarded Mrs. FolEom. No retrial date has been set lint it is known the case i-anuot again come before federal court here before the Tall term ns Judge Harry B. Anderson is leaving Sunday night for Mew York where lie will preside for one month over federal court there. Biylhrviile Looks Good lo .Mayor, tiack IVoni Trip Mayor N'elll Herd. back from fi vacation trip (o Little Rock. Hebci Springs and points (-moiue. vc- Ills lullli in IJiytlievlllc ns> the "finest place In the stale" [His morning. Throughout (lie Halo Illytlievlllr is .still considered hi the fust rttiik of progn.'.'.sive cili.?s of Arkansas, mayor declared, adding that if tlie few pcssimhis within the city would take a yood look lU other pluces Call!":? town. The they would (o rejoice Imve plenty o[ In their home mayor called attention !o Hie recent sale of bonds of> Sewer Uistricl Three here at par-value while olhjr tinpvoveini'nt districts. Including one in Little Rock were fcivcd to .sell their bonds at considerable Mow par. Collin Ten of the mcst, beautiful girls or states comprise 1 IS, Tnni-3to.ii;™ com „„. Jailed - Without Bail toi so:ls lvi11 !Utcnd thp ceremony in ,\ •, /-. IT tier honor when Miss Kale Jones Await liralltl JUVV. ,above, or Ashevllle. N. C.. is crnwn- ied queen of Ihe Rhododeiidi Beiunct Bank Brings Suit Against Investment Firm LAKE CITY, Ark— A suit was filed In Chancery Courl at Lake City Monday morning against the Watson Jnveslmeni Company seek- approximate^ Expect Bi? Gathering of Legionnaires Sunday! rs. Ex-service nicsi of Lejwnto. .Ton- csboro. Eai-Ie. Mnrked Tree. Trumann. Marion. Weiner. Metileton. Harrtsbnrg and Bly!hevil!e will tnc grand . gather hern Sund.iv for the annual district convention to he held at the new armory. Charley Collins. Touiaio farmer, waived preliminary hearing this mrniiiis Ivta-n .lusiico Oscar j Alc'-nnrler on two statutory chore-1 He wns 'nnund over io awaii the ion of the grand jurv and returned to the coiintv jail wlierc hr Ims ly:en lvld for several davs. [ Collins will remain in inil ing collodion ol of per- i mooa ow " C(i ">' the closed American Trust Company of Joncsboi-o. Tlie suit, which also iionrs thc i FranUlin-Anierican Trust Com- tival there. She will be t':e "entra'l' " a " y ° f Sl " T '°"' S " 5 " dof(!n<lnnt ' \Vnshington Fears Bcncfils Will Be Losl If Prompt Action Is Nol Taken. WASHINGTON". June S3, <UP) — A nc«- complication In President Ik-over's plan for a one year war debt- and reparations holiday faced tlie cabinet, today, due lo repo-.-lr, from Rome that Italy's acceptance Is conditional njion Germany's abandoning her proposed nislnms union with Austria. The admUilslratlOLi wns prepared lor some delay and raiinlcr discussion by France, but the Italian development appeared lo inlroduce an unexpected clement. Today's cabinet meeting .v;as the first since President Hoover announced lliv pro- l»sal which created n world-wide fcnsatkm and sent stock market prices bounding npwnrd In a renewed burst ol confidence. High administration olliclals cm- phaslwd the Hoover plini must be accepted speedily to obtain the psychological benefits desired and lhal 11 will lose its force if leillnns. negotiations Intervene. The president's plan is represented as providing Rulli Nichols Uriclismaved figure of the annual toll. further seeks foreclosure of u! for all-around suspension of pajeant and ] mortgage on extensive, lands near!™ Clcbls mlrt reparations pay- Lunsfoi-d. given as security for the;" 1 ™' 5 ]>5' imporlnnt creditor powers Gladish Heln c suit." three notes involved in "tti-? The suit was filed by Attorneys , I;amb and Adams of Jonesboro in !n Slot Machine Drive tehalf of Waltcr R Tfl >' lor ' stnlc Bank Commissioner, and George convenes this. fall \ s - Ij - Glndish of Osceola. district nrosccutor, who was a business vi*-- ilor I:TC this moriiin?. said thqt would co-operate with Sheriff statutes no net provide for bond on one of the charces. He. is ac'-ii.sed or otfpuses atrainst the The committee Jn charge. of ar- ranprir.e'nis" has announced "some buslnra^ r.nrt lots of fun". Tnn "Fomn rmsiness'' includes the elec- lion of a new district commander, tin address by Oran Vautrhan of Searcy. dcnnrlnK"ir. enniniaiider. and nno'J-cT In' Claude Ei-own ct" Liltle Rock. TIT 1 convention will K- cnlled In nrder nt 10 A. M. This meeting of Hie fifth district is exuertrd to artnise even mm 1 .* iritercst in th" 1 comine state convention to lw held at Monticello. person or his step-dnueliler. W. W. Shaver in his drive lo rc- Jiistice Alexander issued i warn-, 1 ' 1 "™ "iack ixjf cambli^s, ma- T "to witnesses ore.seiit tor fiieJ c ^ Jncs from Mississipui connty. heirin? to renort to tl:-> court any ! Mr - Obdish s:\id Ihat he had iittrmnt at intimidation Iwfore the' n °t disnisscd the with A. Knox .special feputy in charge of the defunct bank here. case comes to trial in circuit J Sheriff Shaver but would l-,» glad court. The justice stated that re-' ( o ?ive him s:ip]io.rt. in the move, iwris of efforts to cn-erce wi!i;«ss-1 Oucolioncd in ropnrri to the slu-r- ifr's aiinn:i:iccd inteiitiisi of re- ouiring operators of slot machines Grocers Will Make Tour to Stiicjy., IWcrchandisinB' A new merchandizing plan for qualincation. reservation, or additional conditions of any kind. Loss .Will Hf Offset WASHINGTON, June 23. (UP)— The American taxpayer stands to lose nolhing in the long run under UK Hoover debt plan, according to officials here who hold the temporary less to the treasury wpuld be oflset by the- general good effect In revising business. "If It turns the tide this will be a good investment for thc O. S. Ruth Nichols Hailed by Accident but Others Arc Ready .for Flights. HARBOR GRACE, N. P.. June 23. (UP)—Wiley Post nnd Harold Galty departed at 3:21 p.m..eastern day- llfihl time, today on their projected lians-Allanlic flight to Berlin.' Tlic American flyers arrived here on the first lap of the fllsht this aflernoon and departed after -refueling. The wcnthCT was 'favorable. There was a 30 mile an hoiir (all wind blowing lo aid the- two flyers on (heir, lona over-water voyage. S!!sht im? prevailed to the east- ivard. cs to leave Hie state hud teen uiiile Jo lhn court. 11 was later dirfloscd thfit officers, aftr,- di=- cr.vTrin? certain material slate witnesses had gone In Tennessee. retm-neri them them here loileed lo r^ciirc certificates prcsccutor altoriicv from retail grocery slor,?s is to be said-1 treasury." wns the way Aclin» Sec- ied by a number of independent re(nry Ogdcn L . Mi| ls n ,, t lt , n , u . grocerymcn of Blythcville and the u,, g Hie upswing ot llic f lock market surrounding trade territory in a [gave every Indention {Mat It would s«ri,?s> of tours sponsored by the ; turn the tide Arkansas Grocc] 1 company. Ihe i tlle i first of which wil begin this after-' lo the IfR-lnnon. alily of the machines, Mr. Glart-j Approsimaiely 18 merchants will said liiat ho had not gone in-'.iccoi mpany I-'red Mathcws, local in a local hotel over-nrchc. l-o the iiiattei- IlioroiiRhly. He in- ] i nal1agor o f live wholesale concern, ( uwailtng the hearinit tills morning. • tim.itcd however that the distinc-! Eleve" Ki'lerl in Nit^o S. L. Gladish of Osccola. district wns here this mor- ! to Memphis where they taki slot vending machines was suf- | \ Hint for thc hearing. Neill Reed, j fir-tent to delcnnlnc the legality of The treasury would lose S24G.CW).- MO by slopping of foreign debt payments in the next fiscal year be- ginniiiE July 1. This temporary addition to Ihe deficit would be olTset in time, it, was helci by Increased t revenue which would follow rccov- in England, !o - n i deputy nrasecii'or. also was] each type. .Urn V,twce,i gambling machines; n s , )edai Pullinan to.a" ninnbe^f C ry of business. The_,reasury deficit Alexander of Alexander j en nnn icr. defers counsel, in n | JU :""U POOLE. Fnglnnrl. June 23 (UP)! E. E. Alex: -The royal naval cordite factory j and Coopc: nl Hohnn Heath, six miles from '. suiprire move waived tlis Pooie. was shattered by a terrific | after it had been indicated that cxolosion lodr.v. Eleven men were ( thc defendant w ould demand a hearing. Mr. Alexander explained to the court the defense counsel or the defendant had no connection with any attempt to intimid- midwcslern towns where tern is now in operation. ] The initial loar will end Friday ' nnd v.-ill be followed at intervals by i others. Members of the first group will al the end of (his fiscal year June to te aromicl $360 '- Hy United Trow With Miss Ruth Nichols, New York avlatrix, In the'hospital at St. Johns. N. B.. and hjr plans tor an :' Immedlale flight to Eurono Bmash- cd In the wreckage of her Lock- head-Vcsa plnnc, preparations for- five other noteworthy .'attempts 'at . • ocean nrassliKt..went ahead today. Holscr .Holrlls nnd Otto Hilling were nl Harbor Grace, N, P.. wait- . Ing for a favorable moment to nt- ; tempt a flight to Denmark. They • were disappointed, that Miss, Nichols could not take off in flie'nii- with them. '• . "' ..'. • ' Wiley Post and Harold flatly, of Los Angelts, *WCVG OH .t)ielr' way from Roosevelt, Field on a prouos- cd flight around the world in which they hope to beat.the Graf Zcp- iwlin's record tor the com»letiy'rir-. ' cle. They-left Roosevelt Field this 7 morning. • . ' • "• *• '-• •: Clyde'Pahghurn and Hugh Herndon, jr., were tuning .up their plane for a projected, around the- world 11 tebtLJia;.denp.i fe j ;i'.lans;.-: for.-, thej,_ tfil:c olf hayc been "amipiiriccd',""" however. ' Captain George- Endrcns . and Alexander • Nfagyar, -HunRarlan aviators, were prep.irlnij at Roosevelt Field for a dash which Jhoy hope will end in Budapest. Colonel Charjes A. Lindbergh, and ^1r.s. Lindnergh were making careful preparations for their proposed trip by air to Japan, but no rial? hns been set for their skc-oif either. . killed nnd 19 injured. The explos-i ion. which occurred in Hie nilro- clvc.irine department, was heard for a radius ui twenty miles. Its force knocked a man from a chair late witnesses. Iwo miles from the factorv. i Fire at Atlantic City,l» made up ot-seven local Ki-ocevy- Shinment Handled at Pine Bluff |H, A. Lcsmcisler Injured in Auto Crash Sunday PINE BLUFF, June 21. (UP)—A new record was set hv tile Cotton Belt railroad icing station hero ye-- terday when the load handled 147 cars of cantaloupes en route to|euts and eastern cities. About ten car loads of vegetables and oilier perishables were nlsr> .'.hinped. More than 200 Ions of ice wcrs required in iein? the car.-;. JONESRORO. Ark. -Henry ATLANTIC CITY. —A night club, a bath house, and] n dozen other buildings were in ruins today after a live which caused injuries to seven persons and threatened for a time (o wipe out an entire block in Ihe board walk section. Damage was eslimalcd at half a millicn dollars. Thc flames attracted a throne; of I • I men and ten merchants June 23 (UP) I F: - ?c!c all(1 Holland, Mo. the Tax Boost Opposed The administration is opposed lo Ill .-. an 5' ta - x increase at the next session from' 0 ' congress, and is planning it said. j to submit a program of general rc- j vision after thc national election in 1932. Tlie public debt which has been reduced nearly $10.000,000.000 during Andrew Motion's regime, now is beginning lo edge slightly upward again. France is the only European , .,„..,„, ,,,,-„,, country whose' imports of Amcrl- "inmn ivnnn tnl"" pcll ' t of c ™s' ! ead County slat-1 can cotton have held up during the SO.OOO people to ., ,_ rt . hrl . ...,,. ,,. a .. M af t- „ ,,!„,.,„„;„„ ', . ,° Undnimtcd by (he crush at St. John, N. P.. yesterday which force:! her to a liospilal bed, Kulh Nichals, New York society girl avlatrix. is still determined lo be the first woman to make a solo flight across the Atlantic. Miss Nichols and the plane in which she crashed arc pictured abnvc- Will Ask Rehearing ol Drainage District Case JONESBORO. Arfc, — Attorneys for the landowners in suit against Drainage District IS, in the r?ast- Ix-ach and s«rroundin E street thc Jed tortny that they would ask a | depression. " rehearing on the case that was decided last Monday against- is a heavy Old Fashioned Meals Win for Hotel Down in Dixie 11V FOSTKR EATON | an Indication of lunch, the man- United i'rcss Staff Corrcsimmlrnl j agcr said: Z, bruises in an automobile '1 Wfllb week Sunday aflernoDii at five: Memphis HoSDltal Monday _--»__,. _™ *l. n l™inr^,i>-r,_T.!Hln * o'clock on "the Jor.csboro-Litlle jj oc h highway near Bradford. William Kenneth Willis, seven El Dorado Li?htnine Storm Causes Damage Father Kordsmcier. pastor of Sl.| momhs ol(] Jon of Mr and j trs R Roman's Church here, and Perry Diamant of this city, who w^re mussioners could make a re-assessment of the valuation of lands in the drainage district under act of 1020. Attorneys for the landowners contend that the supreme cour^ I passengers in the I T.esmcislcr. were coupe xvith Mr. uninjured. Lcs- E. Willis of this city, died at the ] failed to pass on the main con- Methodist hospital in Memphis, tention set out by them, that the ra. DORADO. June 7.3. IUP> — Wind. rain, and ll^litning which ftrnck here yesterday did considerable damme in the city a report today slio-.ved. The Arkansas Produce company huildine was imtlv wrecker! hv lishlniivr an:I Ihe stock dnini^ed. Power lines were broken and trees iip-cntr-d. Rain ot 1.1 inches fell in one hour. mclstrr was driving th? car. A .skid in loose gravel at a sharp curve caused the overturn. Commission Authorizes Reduced Cotton Rates WASHINGTON. June 23. (UP)— Reduced frc»glit rates for the movement of cniton from twlnls In the Missisippi valley to New Orleans were authored tndav by the In- Monday. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. ThompsrV Brothers' Mortuary of Memphis Ls in charge of arrangen;£nts. The deceased is survived by his act was uncoiislilutionnl because it changed an existing judgment in {he county court. Surgeon Wil! Testify in Faithlul! Mystery NEW YORK. June 23. (UP)— Investigation into the mysterious death of Starr Faithful!. 25, Greenwich Village girl, who was cirownl ed off Lon-» Island two weoks ago parents Willis. and a brother, Edward Judge Denies Retrial to Condemned Negroes ECOTTSBORO. Ala.. June 23. (UP)—Circuit Judge Alt Hawkins . today closed the first alley Df escape at Vienna Attack Jews! lor c 'S ht negroes sentenced to die University Students t(c "' jin the electric chair for e.i) aaacfc VIENNA. Austria. June 23 (UP) on two . "«'«svin<> while girls. Two Under Arrest for Robbery at Cardwell CARDWELL. Mo.—The 'Tllpp Inn," barbecue ho;ise in Ihe east part of Cardwell, was broken into some time Saturday night. Entry was made through a glass In the hack door. Some candy, cigarets, 10 pounds of cheese, and some other things were taken. Late Sunday afternoon LaVern Parker and a young man numed Thompson were nrrcsled for the robbery. They were taken to the rmnklin county jail ATLANTA, June 20. (UP)-Thero Ls a hotel in the heart of Alabama, the Purefoy at. Talladcgn. which Ls out of the beaten -path and in a section where even in boom limes you would expect nothing bill a rather !a?y trade, but It is doing o "right smart" business. It was built upon thc notion that people like lo eat. Us cuisine L-, famed among traveling men. many of whom deliberately go uillcs out of their way to put up at that hotel/ If there Ls any secret lo the success of the Purefoy. it probably lies in the fact that every meal is as good, as copiously supplied wilh all sorts of food, as Ihe Thanksgiving dinner your Aunt Het used to prepare once a year. "We lose money on our meals, but we make monoy on our rooms." the manager said. which "Sorry you're not going (o lie with us this noon, for that's our real meal." Pea Ridge Candidate Tells.His Qualifications PEA R1DOE. Ark.. June 23 UJP) —Jay Elbert Mcador. farmer-publisher, who recently announced his candidacy for the presidency or the United Stales at a "commoner's rally" said toctoy he had all the qnalincntlons for the job except "a million" and lhat "sometimes Is detrimental." "Some liava had a better scholastic training than myself." Mcad- oi" said, "but I agree to match my experience ill the school of hardships with the oldest hi the land. I am old rnongh and I have all Investigates Drowning of Negro Levee Worker Coroner \V. H. Stovall was called to thc governmcna levee caim>. about six miles below Osccola. this morning to investigate ths drowning of Will Jordan, 32, negro laborer. The negro's body was recovered this morning after 'having been in the water since lie plunged inlo the Mississippi river Sunday morning. Witnesses told Coroner Stovall thai the negro. In a drunken stupor, was walking along the deck of a boal when he slipped and fell Into the river. He wns oft duly at ithe lime, they said. It was Indicated today that the coroner would not hold an inquest. Tlie negro had been employed as a fleet worker for about eight years. It Is understood that his home is in St. Louis. _ - ... ,, the requirements. 1 Wilson and The meals upon which a really CooMgc laughl 5Chool . f0 havc ,. modest, hotel has outgrown is ] Grallt kllcx -" i lar(] | abo r and had original quarters. I'.as taken over a at Kcnnett. All the merchandise j nearby apartment house and even taken from the limcnrocm was re- built an annex across the street. —Anti-scrr.ilic rioting broke out nt moved toward n possible climax to-1 Vienna university today alter the day as Dr. Jameson Carr. ship's Austrian constitutional court had surgeon on the liner Franconla. ap- nullified a university regulation | Alabama court of appeals. The judge overruled a petition for a' new trial and the fa'.e of Ihc condemned negroes rests with the covered cxceivt n fe-.v of the ciga-lare all served in Ihe oM fashioned lo skin mules; so did I." Draws Fine For Part In Main Street Fight Bnlord Martin was fined $10 on a charge of fighting by Claude P. Ccopcr. acling judge, in police court this mnrnlr.j. Ills attorney. E. E. Alexander, gave notice of appeal. Tlie fight in which Martin Is alleged lo have parUsipated occurred about ten days aso in front of a Main street cafe. Chester Hatch was finsd yesterday as an aftermath of the fight. rets and a 5-pound Inif of cheese peared at the MincDto. L. I., court-1 depriving Jtwish slnd'rnts ot the I bnllcr* rMri.- tn taetifu iMfnro n trr.TIi:! rinht trt .'rttn ml !i>iU-ofei+t, it _ bouse ready to testify before a grand Jury. There was not sufficient time in the morning lo hear thc physician. _ however, and Carr went to lunch |wlth his attorney and District At- Commerce Commission sn torney Elvin N. Edwards. Ilia! Ihe carriers could meet motor j —— trurk competition without making |.,, reduction* on shinments where! Will Move Arkansas truck competition did not prevail. Office to Memphis LITTLE ROCK, June 23. (UP) — ... , "he Arkansas offices of the Univer- nn antloue pincushion nnd'" 1 ' Credit company will be moved MFMOM1NEF.. Mich.. (UP)—Re-1 ,A j ouirin<; a ncodlc and finding none I In the house. Mrs. Mary Brlsbon] the ri?ht lo vote on university af- Jewish students were serl- fairs. Ten ously injtir,?d. Dies of Stab Wounds Atlantic Flyer May SWIFTON. June 23. <UP>- Claudc Erwln was dead today of I stab wounds and Claud Jarrett. 23. Iw :-as in jail at Uatcsville, htld in , connection with the slayins. Jnr- VlSlt Stuttgart CoUSin If?lt w *s said to have stabbed Er- STUTTGART, June 23. <UP>— Holjar Hoit Holrlls. who In company with Otto Hiling flew to Harbor Grace, N. P.. yesterday on the second leg ot their proposed flight lo Denmark, may visit here afler In Ih" powdered old straw found.' 0 Memphis Monday, P. F. Crow-.completing Ills trip. Mrs. J. E. Ball. an aswlmrnt of 9(W, including all 'ley. manager, said. About 25 the needle tm-y. yfcs of the past ceil- jptoycs will go to Memphis with the company, first cousin lo Iloirris. said today. She said she received a lelter from Hoiriis' mother to that effect. win when Ihe latter made some remarks to Jarrclt's sister. Store Keeper Victim of Pennsylvania Riots PITTSBURGH, Pa., Jiine 23 'UP'—A store proprietor was shot to death as he stepped from the porch of his store and four miners were wounded today in the second fatal oulhroak In tlie western Pennsylvania b'.itimino'.is coal whenl strike in two davs. style of putting every dish up?:i j the table at once. I A recent evening meal (price 75 cents), consLsted ot the following dishes, steaming hot, brought in by negro waiters and piled on one of the big "family" tables: Steak, chicken, chicken croquets, ham patties, creamed chicken on tonst, creamed chicken (plain), grits, sweet potatoes. Irish potatoes, fruit salad, tuna tish salad, spaghetti, spiced peac!!?.>. string beans, Icltuce, French fried potatoes, fresh green peas, slaw salad. Tlie store keeper was flain wnen I ricSi i loncy , co fr c c Station Redecorated The Toxaco tilling station, flt the corner of Main and Fifth streets, has been redecorated both nn the outside and inerior. Thc „__* . uto, iiuiJLV, imici; ntuw >/ I coal 8 ,,d Iron police and several ! tea (hot O ' r kcd) and milk, deputies attempted lo disperse, a| Picket line of 75 men who had 1 Hnt h ' ! "" t < nnrt h " lll>r <hot or ic:-d). buildings vero trimmed with green. .„.,„ bul " Chinese Professors Feel Pinch of Poverty PEIPIXO. (UP) — Government universities in Pelplng once more Services Held Today For Kanamore Infant Funeral services were held this morning at the North Sawba cem- ctcry for Charles Edward Kana- painted while a light shade nd mtu »nu M..MI. . , . gathered in' front of the store In tr « n evcrv " ve mlnllles ln a ncvcr Arnold City. Faystte county. In ^ ending parade, battle botween striking miners nnd To the uninitiated there's a ten- special deputies at Wildwood in'dency to attempt too much with rt | Allegheny county yesterday one]such a layout, rather thbn make 'j minor was slain and eleven wound-1 a rational selection. c «. | That's the evening meal, and only rears, and some of the universities are unable to meet their bills. For a generation, government universities here have had periods of poverty, and professors have sometimes been almost a year behind tn their salary. Since the Kuoininlang government took over peipini; in 1928, conditions have l-sen much better, but the huge national deficit this year is making difficult for the central government lo make prompt remittances. LONDON, (UP)-Coltecting marbles Is a new hobby proving popular among society people, nccord Ing to dealers In antiques hire. The Rev. JMcMinn officiated at thc services. Funeral plans were in charge of the Cobb Undertaking company. WEATHER ARKANSAS— Partly cloudy to- nlght and Wednesday, light to moderate easterly winds. It was 07 again yesterday. accord- Ing to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips jr.. and the promise is tor even hotter weather today. The minimum . night was IS degrees. Today a year ago the maximum temperature was 101 and thi> minimum 7t degree.*, cloudy.

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