Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 30, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1896
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TH JOURNAL VOL. XXI. LOGANSPORTglNDIANA;; THURSDAY MORNING, JULY 30 1896. NO. 182 Dispensing- These days is our business. We must cjose out all Summer Goods, and our wonderful prices are doing it. Shirt Waists for Nothing:, In Comparison to former prices. Lot i. All our 650, 750, and 850 Waists for 39C 2. All our 980 and $1.25 Waists for 690 3. All our $1.50, $i 74. and $2.oo Waists for - 8pc HE ACCEEK Levering);'JProhibition' .'NbmiDoe for Present, Willing tii.'Euh. ' ; -'-V-.'- '.V. •';••• ' ' .-/I —.•'. He Declares the Liquor Traffic' Ra- sponsible for Hard Tirtj'es—Views, on Finance and 'Tariffs""' Lo Upbuilding Benefit Sale continues this week. Guess on the Wheel, a guess with every purchase Baltimore,.Mil., July i ccum Uicatci- Tuesday niglii Ui-tpro bitiou pnrty, through -Kov, ''AW' A. Stewart, chuirmnn ot tin;' not'ifl^'t.ion vciimiittct!, notified Mr. ,Id$iiuir Lever-' ing of his nomination 'ns ciiniliiliitc of the prohibition parly for prosiclcnt.' Mr. Btcwart in his notiliuutioji' speech said the p.'ii'ty would continue .w^tigpht the inloou with its attendant ••distresses. In c.oncliirlinf;, he suiil: Tho siin.^s-.risinR 1 , Thu ilny hiistcns. The bu'Ltliiis'jjOined. AB our'liiii^'ht cliosun to lead the.cause 400-411 BROADWAY. sue FOUP.TH ST. Clothes up to Date E I ' Have b<">n in great favor at our establishment. Fact Is no one I has a finer Hn« of woolens aud worsteds to §eleot from than ours. mportant Features . . . in the wake-up of/>ur clothes work their superiority. We are not the cheapest tailors but claim to be the best. Carl W. Keller, Tailor and Draper. 311 Market Street. •y. LOST $15 By Paying $100 for your bicycle when you can get OUTINGS for $85 and $65, We have an assortment of SECOND HAND MACHINES which must be Sold, Call and make an oiffer. CYCLOMETERS OILS CEMENT ENAMEL TIEES ENAMELING BELLS VULCANIZING LAMPS GRAPHITE REPAIR KITS SADDLES TOE CLIPS BRAZING """" LOCKS OLD TIRES Made Good oa New •JOSHUA LEVERING: Prohibition Candidate for f<! the oppressed, the prr)hibiliop 1 'i?aT'ty. givesyou our commission ascfjiuc.ia'iiclt-r in chief. . '. | . •. • :"" Atr. Levering 1 , ir reply rcud-his'le'ttej- cf acceptance, which was as follows: Mr. LcvorJitff'if AccpptHupt-. n . .- ; . "Oliver W. Stewart. Esq., OlkJrnuin, and Gentlemen of the Committee: 1 Jt'.ls .with feelings of • deop 'emotion that 1. stand in tnlH presence this evenlnjr to accejjtjjthe nomination for the presidency ot (he United States, which you teridcr. me, on behalf.of and ,by th« authority -ot Ihe na- HonaU'prohiUltlon convention which recently assembled,,In'the city of Plttabuigh. I bee t'o.^prasii^my sincere appreciation of the honor thuiVionferred, u ni! to ttnslirc you that.lt.''js'.estafcfned all the more hlRhly bccamsV..ot/th;^unanlinlly of action which marked 1 thj'iCWventlon. Such an honor Is worth^ibX/kw? 110 " ° r an v cltlien-of thl», (Treat nat/pnilUut, to my mind, It Is to be doubly aR'piiitlVtPd when tendered., by tho only potlt(cul"p^Tty which has had the.cbur- UEC to /it(irtC(\openly for the protection of hdme, tha^~Q^nanhood and thcchlhlhood of ' Bpoedy settlement. There Is the question, or a.stable at the same time an elastic currency, equal to the demands of business tot every section of the country, and I yot every dollar of. which 'should be of: equal'value and the whole based on a stand- ird equal to the best.In the world. The United States cannot afford,- without dishonor, to havo money, bearing its stamp Inferior to that of• any.country on the clobe. The question 'ofr'tho maintenance cf tho credit of the. government,on which •Its honcr is based, and .for.Avhich.evcryone worthy of the name of an American Is. i,c it'noulij IK\ profoundly jealous, Is on« of Vast Importance, i.-, ':'.'••-"•; "Attain, a proper, fid'justincnt of tariff, so that labor can have fls Just protection without at the same- : tJmo : pivinK undue protection to the manufacturing Interests at tho expense of the great consuming portion of the people,- Is .worthy of pro- found.consideration'and early solution. "The question of favoritism in legislation. \vhereby trusts, monopolies nnd corporations are fostered ana prelected to the detriment of the Interests of the people at'lar'Kiv Is a vital one nnd should have OLj'nost and prompt- consideration as a mutter of common justice to an oj>prcssod people. "The strained relations c-istlnj? between vnrious foreign couiurk't> as well as between some of them .int] their iK-pemleM- clcs require the exei'eisir .01' broad btatc-s- manshiu in the conduct of our foreign policy, so that, while maintaining the honor of our country iiind affording the amplest protection to every citizen of our republic, thui-c shull be manlfcbled that fairness and magnanimity whleli a SLron^- er nation sliould evct'^how towardsu ^\ 1 eak- er pow.er. Tiiest and other'muttei's of im- portiinnc ;u'fectlng the - best'• Interests or all tho |clt!zL ; ns of the country'domatid attention. (VIII l)o Hl« Duly. "For jiiyself, T can' only say that should thtt vot-ers of the United Staiu-s soe Jit to call me to the duties and 1 • re:;ponslbllltU;S of tho .h'lKh and exalted position of the chief miih'lstrary of this na'tioil, tin tri'Cul- C)ft Oil >lhc face of the eurih, 1 CrT.'n only 'promise, In the fear of God uind in i-eliiince upon' the t'uiUttnce of the Holy Spirit, to dlscharcc these duties to the best of my ability;, with an eye single to His glory ami for the good of the people of every section, of our land, without favor or partiality. "L now leave the matter to the decision of my fellow-citizens to be expressed at the ballot box In November-next, and to the guidance of Him 'who Is.-the llnal arbiter of all thine*.' " . • .Dou't Nc«U II Third Ticket. Prio.r-to the notification meeting Mr. Levering in an interview said: "I do not sec ony necessity for the gold democrats who do not wish to vote for McKinlc-y to nominate a third tioket. Let •them vote the prohibition ticket. Wo ahull havo electoral tickets' In every state and democrats and ot hers who cannot conscientiously vote for.-either Bryan or Mc- Klnley can vote, for our ticket.''My views on the money question and on the tariff question also are-ln accord with, the vicwu of these people in general, and are decided nnd definite:"' •- -'•''•' •/••', GUNBOAT SUNK. Iltis, of the German Navy, Lost in a Typhoon Off Chinese Coast, SPEECH BY REED. ZINN & COMPANY. aoa Sixth Street. •ELECT )TOCK Straws That Show Which Wa> the Wind Blows Show that It must have blown a tie- mendous gale towards Flsher'a, for they have straws of all the new •tapes and sizes, straws In straw color and any other color yon wish piled on their shelves and waiting to be called "the last rtraw" In the newest atyle boogh at Fisher's by every pleased resldeff of Logansport. ZJght Derby'i, light nobby straw bat* and Jaunty handsome bicycle caps are what w* have a Wg run on now. HORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. ivitations- Are always appreciated and especially so when they »ro tastefully gotten up. THE JOURNAL Job Printing Department is making a INVITATION*, PROGRAMS- LETTERHEADS, NOTE HEADS. BILL HEADS, STATEMENTS, CARDS, CIRCULARS, ETC., ETC. test Styles in Fancy Type and Material. ?£ CLASS' PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hlrchberg Optical Co. The well-known Specialists or New York Have appointed D. A. H.4.UK iis agent (or their catenated apeotaclM and IT Glasses, even pair guaranteed, D. A. HATJK baa 'complete guotnnent'andInvite* all'to utlifr UiemjelTes oltbe.great superiority o( thMOgoods otei any mmnfaotored, at the store of D. A..HAUK,'Sole agent fo ' '. ••'"... Ho Peddlen BuppUed. . «lostruc.tl^n lof.tho legalized liquor traffic. ' V'V/Approren lh« Platform, ''The ,'platrorrn adopted by the convention metf.tfl-'my hearty approval, and though based on'o.'single Issue, l» In reallty.sum-. clently/'brpad: to, allow all to. stand..on .ty. who oie ODposc-d to the saloon and Its con- Bequenl'iW}].!?, regardless of thelrvlcws on liny or-/.th», other public questions cf the •Xbl/JJuo.to OVI»F-Production." ' "It Is Jplie, and no thinking mani regardless oC-JiliVsurroundlngs or residence, can for a inomeri.! doubt It, that very many of tho peoplo/ipf our beloved land, and espo- clally those/engaged In Industrial anil'farm- Ing pursuits', are suffering from the general depros»il9n'.i6\wldely prevalent at present, and also jt'liat thoro has not been a time elnco - tHeV"nibmorablo days just preceding the. breaking .out of the civil war, when these difficulties weighed so heavily upon the people;'or .when thero was ao much unrest and'aireiforebodliig for the future as fcxlst to-day,' 1 ', 1 ,' ' .'...' . "The prodpcti of the soil—tho mainstay of the natlon'i prosperity anri wealth—aro no low In value In many Instances an not to pay tho c'oBt of production, IcavJnK nothing for the labor of tho toller or Cor the capital Invented. Many persons hold tho oplrilon'tnat':th« cause ot-all this trouble Is over-production.. But can »uch.an explanation b.e true?. Is not the thought an Impious one? ,Can anyone who believes In a beneficent 1 Creator believe that He bestows Bountiful harvest! to be a curse rather than a blessing to mankind? NoV-no: ner- Ish the thought. The roason-'of all tho .prevalent trouble In our fair land'to-day Is not- over-production, but under-consump- tlon. - -• '>;.' Liquor Traffic Reipontlblo. "That being so, where la'there cause which .prevents tho consumption of the necessaries, to say nothing of tho luxuries of life, comparable to the liquor traffic? Wo arc told by the advocated pt one of the political 'parties' that a high tfirlfj Is the panacea of all our Ills, and yet the average annual receipts frour customs lor [he three years ending June II), lSW. : whon tho McKlnley tariff bill was In operation, wore only 1171.000,000, less than J2.W'per eaplta of our population. Others-tell-us- that tho free and unlimited coinage of silver will be tho cure-all of the evlla afflicting our people. It Is strange such an Woa should bo entertained when the fact In recalled that tho total output of silver In this country for last year was, only. JliO.000,000, a sum much less than.the.an-, nual product of familiar barnyard'fowl:'"' 'How utterly Insignificant are either of these, figures compared to the (1.200,000,000 which Is reliably estimated a* the-direct yearly tribute the people of thin,.country pay to the support of the liquor traffic. A stupendous sum, and ao large aa'to bo difficult of.realization. It Is nearly twlco EH largo as the'aggregated capital of all- our national banks, or, to state It more plainly, It Is equal to about35rP e r.ci>nt. jf th'e entire" money, gnld, silver'and-paper currency of. the. United States. ,.,' r ~, ( j,.- it ,'. '. • .Would Remove the Trouble.' '• 'Let this'vast sum of money which li now spent yearly In this way and for which no value Is received, but 9n^he contrary; Is only adding to the suffering of the >eoplo In .varied, and manifold forms, be .urnccl'Into ,the-channels 'of legitimate fade/, vtp Abo-sMVJrchAsc of thesp^hlngs'. rnlOMjWlit'JniJK 1 comfort arid happiness :o thaVBome,'and family, then, I believe, :ho''troubles whjich aro now weighing so I'eavjllj-'upon-th«ra will be largely.things >£.:the pant; and;ipntll It Is done uo-Mul-re- • Uei cin.-tw eyfiected. 1 • . Ron»»iB tho I!c|)uhllcHn» of York County, Bin., s to .Hlgli. .f.tftlKi.off, J6ntun»l»Mn. AlfrecOfe., July 29,- 7 the York county republican v,oohvention met h?re Wednesday,-the chief event'beingan address by SpeakeiylJeed; who roused the gathering; to u higtf pitch of enthusiasm,. : Mr. Itced was unanimously renora- inated for congreW Mr. Heed nddrewed the large gather- ln,p in part nsfolipjys;..".-.-.-•;';;.-.' ' ''"Two months '*to'' ; .BbVma'n"- of any standing would -have•-.' risked his reputation as a prophet -by hln Ins: the slightest doubt of republlca success.' Now there are those who tell i that all things have changed. This mayb •o, but to me It docs-not seem probabl It would be unwise, unjusttand senseles to confound the democratic onjanlzatlo ^wlth Individual democrats;-',;. "When Stephen A. Douglag'declared.afte Sumter was tired on.--;that.v'Thencefort thero could be but two'parties, patriot and traitors,' he won the respect even o foes and an Imperishable place In hlator> We shall certainly welcome: all such me to-day, not that they are to'be republicans for they will not bo, but because they ar patriots, for that they must be. ' "If we are going to have a dollar Inferlo to what we have to-day toh'tt-wlll be th offset of.,It? Higher prices, they say. No for everything. If you have $100 In 'th savings bank to-day, you.ca'n get 100 golc dollars from the bank. If'this wild nrojer. succeeds.and you are.paid In silver, you will got the WOO, but they will be DO, or 6 or 70 cent'dollars. ..If you have a pension .that must be scaled 'down: 1C- you have c .bond, that goes down too. .What you buy will go uni Will wages'go'up too? Wage during greenback times 'measured In gol #lld not go up an other things diiL .They went part way, but not all-the .way up, and were vary slow a'bout that.-.,.. "Now just us .soon, as this",.election Is over and the future position-of the United States Is nssured.'-both as to'money and to the eniploymcn,t ! "6_f lour!people, capital Is ready to come to US' fronr abroad and from our own people, and we shan'afraln be prosperous, ' ',- '.'••-. ..-.•". "With revenues equal to our emergencies undue export of gold will cease; With the certainty 'that the.dollar paldiwlll.be equal ..to the dollar lent will -come, credit and "confidence. With that other certainty that i we are to do all our own-wprk.wlll come tho earning of wages, •tricrdealng .steadily, which Is the basis of. that, prosperity which Is alone worthy of this .great nation, the prosperity of the whole pepolo." . Seyenty-Five Officers and Men Perish—Only Ten Succeed in Making Their Escape. Shanghai, July 29.—A dispatch from Clio l-'oo suites that the German pun- boat lltis was lost in 'a typliooii on July 2,'! at a point ten miles north of the feoul liensi promontory, which is a low, reef-girted is'and, lyhig about SO miles southeast of Hie Shung' Tung 1 promontory. Only ten of those belonging to the war ship wore saved. All.the others, including tlie ollii'iT.s^perislieil. London. July £!!.—A dispateh to i.he J.loyiis I'roni (.'l-,e Fon. on t'ie north toast of the Sluing'Tiiiif." promontory, slate:; tiilU. 'lit' (Ii-Vlaal! iMmUoat, 1,'tis has bren to'.ally losl. 'Affording to present iidvkvs. only leu of lier crew vvi-re saved. They have landed on the so-Jflu-ast pniinonlory. • .The lltis \v.''Sa single si:i e\v- iron vessel of iSO Ions, :i:id xvtix built ai D.'intx.ic in 1S7S. Slie -.vns i:;n fi-i-t 1 ii'u-li lon.ar, 25 feet 9 ii:e],es Ijwin; a ml hi-r nii-an driiu^'lit of water was l.'i feet > inelies. v )l'er enfrine was of ,'M:i ir.ilif.'Hi'd liorse poivt-r aiul 't"r speeil \\-:> 1(1.J knnt.s. Sher^onntecl only ;:0 ii-uns. lifrlin,- July '_".!.—Tlie officials at Hie lini.-erial .'ulmn-ally eoafii'in 111-: report of III.- If.v.'s o 1 !' the 1'llis, • Dispiil'.-hos leeeiveil aMhe admiraily show tiiat "',")-jllic^rs and nu'ri lose their lives in ' he (li.-asler. The lii'iehsanxi'iffpr, tl-,e oflieial pn- I-IM-, ]iiih!!shi's a tlispateh from Emperor U'illiain. u'ho is no\v or, a yachting cruise in nnrth»rn waters, e.xpressir.j? his sympathy with the navy in the Joss of-the '|!tis .'nul with the relatives of. those who were lost. The message is aihli-esved *o Admiral ^-o]] Knorr.ciuef of the llallie 'ir.v:il station. ' OVER THE STATE. Events to Various Portions of Io> dlana Told by 'Wire. Miner* Are LiioiiKy. Sbelburn, Ind., July t?'J.—The unset* lied condition of the mining 1 situation remains about the same as before the '.onvention at Torre Haute, and the situation is growing 1 more complicated rncli diiy. Star City, wliich suspended operations pending 1 the :u;tion of th« convention ;it Terre Haxiu-. resumed « o:'k Monday wfi.h a redueod forc<:. The princip:)] move among the ten or twelve mine oi'fi'aiiixalions/ is if) induce all miners world:!!; below the G0-<:en! scale \fi coa.se unlil the dinVr''nee is adjusted. HiK IllltlHlonCK ttt lUutTfnn, J'liiil'Uii), Inci.. .)u!y 2!).-^-TIn; most violent hailstorm ever witnessed in this section r:i£'ed south of 1 his,ei1y Tuesday nflt'nioon. Kail fell in immense quantities, bre.ikhi:* window pjmes. fniash'- i!i£" ; in roofs and destroying cornfields and orchards. .\ seetion of country about five miles wide wasiifl'et'lfd. The nes were exireinHv J.i!••,••(>. and somo that 'were picked up weiirhed eipfht ounces. Montpelier. 15 .niiit-s south, suffered spcci'Clv. FIFTEEN LIVES WERE LOST. Additions t<> D«ur,h* In l j nnni«ylvnnlii Storm—Seven PeplHlunl lit Cecil. Pittsburgh. I'a.. J'U'ly 2'.i.--Tii_!"s of dentli and devastation./fi'om tin.' nwf.il stonn which swept-.'over western Pemj sylvaiiia Monday night continue to pou in. Konr more drow-nings are reported and another victim of the Sugar Grov< accident is not expected to survive. th< dny. This wil.l inu-ke the death list 15 incIiulingsevcndrowiR'dnt Cecil. LAND BI'.L PASSES HOUSE. ! Hail ii Tr;»;i<- Jllnr.iry. •' Indian:'polls. Iml.. .liily 2!i.--Daniel' Strain, a we.-ilthy fanner of Vermilion, roiiniy. |j;'OJjiilH')31 in social aud church* life, commii'ed suicide Tuesday, using 1lie same revolver wilh which hisilaugh- t'.T.' 'i.ii years old, committed suicide 14 years :i<. ll o because of disappointment : .n love. This revolver had been eai-e.-'ul- ly eone^nled by him a.i this rime, none of I he family Knowing its whereabouts,' nil hon^h iis loss was frequently m~u- t'uincd in his presence. To He Invi m i*tltrnT:«'<!. Indianapolis. Ti^'., July 2!).—Tim investigation into The ^-ilfairs of the United National Savings : ind Lonn association, of which Charles ]•'. Griffin, of Hammond, is jircsidcm, and Nicholas Knsley. ox-pension ajrent of the Indiana, district, is secretary, before Special Judge Hammond, re.sul'ed in the court tijreetinjj that a motion be prepared looking to the appointmentof a receiver. "'WBll'le.;th'u's'.'pni'phasIzInE tho. resjilts of. he (.liju'p'f .trBfjiaias.lt exists to-dayfln our'; nidijt,'-^a7i^-;tn^-. absolute neceasltytjof .It* ' upp'raiHUonJti^jieverase purposes If pcac« ,nd bMnperitwCid the blessing .at, Ood arj, o rc»vSipoii' r »nli abldo with pur.pe'opl»>l- lo nutjundarmubiiitt the foct'that there? re 'otner^tiu^iidbns ot -'grave Importance . .... --""^ucHindis S erlou»lyagl-'- WATSON WILL.STrbk. Did Kot Seek 1'opulUt .Npuilnntlon for ' • ' . .; •' Ties' 1'rcildent, ', •'" ' New -York, July 29.—Thoirins'E. Watson, candidate for vice president on the populist" ticket, In' o telegrani from Thom'as,,Ga., snyt: • :: '' r '.- :; ; ' :; ' i: - : ..: "Our, executive .coinmittjMrUmust decide the question of dlylditij-Blnpfbrs, 1£ Utr. Bryan accepts our;, nomination and Mr. Sewall.qjiould retlre.Teixa.fjio'puJIsts -would probably. :Bc oontent'wltlj.'ljryaaanil Watson, even though Bryaii'tild .not Indorse all .tho -.platform.' •• ..*;;.:'.: V. •„'.. '•• • •» . ."I .wan .abioLutely, slncero;.when .1. aiid I would notiaccopt either,Ulttto.tfniih'e popu- . Ult national ticket. I thought/our, party would, have, no difficultj^f-In,''naming a stralghtout populist 'tlotfet'^iirtd 1 1 did not desire either placo. '^'pfsyea away from the convention partly ,W ovoW prominence, and the Georgia delegdtfer'had positive Initructlons not to allowi',tlie : use of my name. . After the nonvcntlon'ttet.and tho fusion strength developed 'if teemed that • our-party would be swallowedlup 1 by the Brynn forces, and to hnvS'tone Into the presidential campaign with "no''populist on' the. national;;-ticket meant death to the pwple's.-.partyi.'-. :. ' . .. "Tho,- Georgia delegation;"then," telegraphed me, urging mo. tO"'in6w tho-use of my name to harmonize: the factions and save the 'party, r consented, and I will abide tha.conseauencc-a.'-'fWlien I said I- would not accept I. did 'HjMX'drearii that luoh'a 'crisis could possibly com* tipon.our; party. Me»ar« LoaMnx to tbn Rollef of Irtih AKrlciilturiAt* Get* Itn TlilfU Keudlng. London, July 20,—Tlie.?rish lund bil pnsscd its third reiidin^ic tho house of commons Wednesday. The bill was presented in the house of !ords ut <i:XO o'clock Wednesday.'ftvcning and'passed its first rending'. Divorce for Mr*. Varde-nullor. London, July 29.—A decision wns handed down Wednesday In the divorce division of the hi^h court of justice in the Yarde-Bullcr divorce case. The court grants, a judicial separation to Mrs. Yarde-Buller, who i? the daughter of the late Gen. Kirkham, cf San Fran- i-isco. This dismisses the petition of ihc hnsbnnd, Hon. Walter Yarde-Bul- !er, for divorce, ordering hini to pay .the costs of the act-ion. T]ie case has excited much interest in the fashionable circles, and much sympathy is expressed for Jlrs, Yarde-Buller, who while testifying in her own behalf told a distressing storv of her domestic ilfr. Prcach.cr Kli'ot In Texn«. Texarliana, Tex., July 2D.—]»ev. W. A. l-'orbes was shot nnd seriously wounded nt t'uc Cotton Belt depot Wednesday inorn'mg- by .Col. John H. llallum. Forbes 1 was formerly piustor of the Bap- 11st church here, but is now o. residejit of Arkadelphin, Ark.;, ; aud AVIIS urepnr- iTig- to board the train for thnt place 'vhen Ha'luin appenre^cl nt l.iie depot and shot him. The cause of the shooting 1 not known, liut it' is thought >to be the outcome of n quarrel they hhd some time ngo. Knows Nothing of Killing of Atklnton. Washiiiirton, July SO. — Consul Gcu- eml Fit/hugh Lee has telegraphed the state department, in response to inquiries made »t the instigation of Otn. Miles, communding'-tttt. department of the west, that there is no information in Havana reg-arding: the reported killing of Piercij Atkinson neor there. It was reported in '.he west that Atkinson, v.-hc s suid to 1mve gone to, join the int>ur- grents, bus been killed in battle. Uafc» Smith May. Retire from Cabinet- New York, July 29.—TheHernld's Atlanta -special snys: 'The persistentm- mor that Secretary Hoke Srbith is to re;ire .from the cabinet: has be«n - given strong color of truth 1 by',the announcement .that Mr. Smith will visit President Cleveland at once, at Buzzard's 5ay, in company 'with the business ionhgcr of his paper,Henry Cabaniss. HoRn of III! Father's Death.. New York, July'29.—Among the pus- eng-ers thnt arrived nt this port Toes- lay by the steamer Caracas, 1 frciri la "juayrn, was the son of Jose Maceo, who i - as killed in battle in Cuba recently, 'he young man is, together with ten ther young Cubans, on his way,to the slrind to joic the rebel .army. ... He earned of his father's death on landing. .- • -Xew 811v«r CertincKtcil.; . Washington, July 29.—The new.two- ollar silver certificates are as fine n pecimen of, the artiste' skill as has ver been issued frbni the bureau of ea- nivinp and; printlnif. Httd Storm Noikr Runltvlll«. liutihvilltf, Ind., July 29.—A terrifto \'.'ind and rainstorm struck this locality with destructive effect Tuesday aitei^ 1:0011. The storm lasted only 25 jnin- . nit*, but. in that time corn, wheat and, onls in shock wore daniaged tothecT" tent of thousands, of dollars. Fence* were leveled, buildings unroofed and trees uprooted, but no loss of. life 1» reported. Trailed by Itloodhound*. ' . ' Columbus, Ind., July 29.- -Ulood- hoiiiids trailed the jailbrealsers, AJei Bell and Sim Bryant, 30 miles into Jlrown county, nnd when they were overtaken and rearresteil they had n mule and a horse and bugpy in their ]30ssession which ihey had stolen to facilitnte their flight. They are now back in jail here. KchooluiBteii QaarwL lirown Point, l«d., July 29.r-Jo«, Howe'and Khner Kemp, two school-. mates niid fast chums, became involved in a quarrel over some trivial subject Monday afternoon, and young Howe struck the Kemp lad a vicious blow. breaking one of his ribs and ot-henviao seriously .injuring, liini. ' An Incendiary Flro. .. Veedersburg, Ind., July -20.—Hi Iis- boro, a smaJl town a few miles c.-iSt of here, had the worst fire in it-s history. It originated in John Walker's restau- - 1 rant, and totally destroyed ttata:id several other business buildings, tin; total loss being $7,000. The fire is supposed lo tie of incendiary origin. MAnnfacturen AMIffn. •Laporte, Ind., July 29.—The J. W. Ury'ant company, of this city, manufacturers of paper bicycle rims, has assigned to Charles !•'. Sonneborn. The assets arc about $4,000, the liabilities) greatly exceeding them. The com- lany has been in operation only a short ,ime. ]trl[[i' Boilj- Found. Crown 1'oint, Ind., "July 29. — Th« ifldy of J. Eoger Hrlggs, the Chicago, bookkeeper who was drowned in Ccdnr al<e lost Sunday uf ternoon, wns rccov- reil Tuesday night, nfter 50 hours'.con- inuous searching, about 350 yards from ho place where it went down. Drowned In Four Feet of W»t*r. llra/il, bid., July 29.—Henry Fore- inn, section.man on the Evansville & ndianapolis railroad, wns drowned ia four feet of water in Eel river at E«l Kivcr station, south of here: He was25 years of ogc and leaves a wife and child. Ice Hou««* Burned. Lafayette, Ind., July' 29.—Fire destroyed the tier of ice houses belong- ing.to the Artificial Ice company. Thn buildings were .worth about $12,000 and the ice was valued at about the samo 1 amount. There is n full insurance. Tfages Cut- Hammond,' Ind., July 29.—All-'foremen, superintendents o£ deparlment» nnd employes in important position* with the G. II. Hammond Packing com-. puny were notified of a 20 per cent, cut in wages. ; Think SJie"S»«"Bi!cn Lo.t. .' London, July 29. — Further reinsurance cannot be obf.iiued on the clipper ship City of Philadelphia, Capt. Johnson, from Xew York IVbruaryiforSan Trancisco, which is long overdue and •hich is supposed to have been lost with nil hands off Billy rock, Falkland rt« ^M^S§&:^&£^

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