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The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania • Page 2

The News-Herald from Franklin, Pennsylvania • Page 2

The News-Heraldi
Franklin, Pennsylvania
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PAGE TWO THE NEWS-HERALD, MONDAY, AUGUST 9, 1943. MEN LEAVE MEN'ND mi HUGHES LIKELY TO BE NAMED TO ON WEDNESDAY LUNCH CLOTHS 54x58 White with colored borders 81.25 Rav-Snun A SDecial WOMEN IN ccnnrcn Farewell Program to be Held for SUPREME COURT Franklin District Soldiers Going Into Training. ROBERT ALLEN IS LIEUT, Martin's Close Friend May Get Robert Carl Allen wasi commissioned a second lieutenant in the Army of the United States on Aug. 4 upon suc Twenty-two Franklin district young Post of Justice Parker; Cole-grove Mentioned for Job. cessful completion of the Officer men who were inducted into the United States Army at Erie a week ago last Wednesday will leave Franklin for the New Cumberland reception cen Candidate Course at the Infantry School at Fort Benning, Ga.

Lieut rayon and cotton blended fabric, hand printed, fast colors. 52x52, $1.50 Genuine Sailcloth Hand Prints in colorful designs. 52x70 Printed Cotton in colorful designs. 44x48, $1.00 Allen i sthe son of Mrs. L.

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Aug. 9. UP The ter next Wednesday morning. The of It. D.

4, Franklin. capltol rumor mill, following a spurt men are to report at the No. 1 Selec The new lieutenant was lndutced In of patronage activity by Gov. Edward to the army on Nov. 20, 1942 and serv tive Service Board headquarters in the Galena building at :15 a.

m. Following the checking of records Martin, went into high gear during the week-end and turned out these re I AS SEEN IN HARPER'S BAZAAR it! 4 1 a nWn ili ed with the 3rd Infantry Training Battalion, Camp Wheeler, before ports in the board offices the usual fare going to Officer Candidate School 1. Martin will reappoint Dr. Fran well program will be hold and the thre months ago. He held the rank of cis B.

Haas, Philadelphia, to his corporal before being commisisoneu. men will be ready to depart on a chartered bus at about 9:15 a. m. They will ride the bus to Pittsburgh, where The new officer is a graduate or position as public instruction superintendent when his Cranberry High School and Indiana DRADLEY'O four-year-term ends Aug. 23.

but he they will have lunch and then pro State Teachers College. will fire Dr. Clarence E. Aekley, ceed by train to the reception center. The No.

2 Selective Service Board Pittsburgh, who has served as deputy JLM LICHTENBERGER IS HOME. of the education department at $7,000 will send its contingent of enlisted re Corn. Francis 11. (Jim) Lichten- a year since the Democratic admin servists who were inducted at Erie two days after at the No. 1 Board istration of former Gov.

George II. Earle, berger arrived Sunday from Lathrop, to spend a furlough here. He has been stationed with the 442nd Engineers Depot Company. group, to the reception center on Fri 2. The governor will name his day of this week.

The No. 1 Board group who leave close friend and neighbor, Common Pleas Judge Howard W. Hughes, of Wednesday are: SPENDING Ft'ltLOLGII HEIIE. Washington County, to succeed the John James Miller. Paul Henrv Sgt.

James E. Ferry, of the late Supreme Court Justice William Cheers, George Milton Perrine, Free- M. Parker, who died last Thursday at his Oil CJty home. land Brown McMullen, Richard Boyd Army Air Corps, arrived home Saturday to spend a 10-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.

J. E. Ferry. 147 Elk Street. Sgt.

Ferry, Jreeman, Chester Dale Nellls, Henry a. James F. Malone, Pitts Frank Packnlck, Lewis Hazen Shaf burgh attorney and one of the lenders of the Allegheny County GOP fer, David Lavern Bowser, John Wil WANTED USED CARS Any Year TO SELL TO LOCAL DEFENSE WORKERS WE. ARE PAYING HIGHEST PRICES Make Year Body aga gm Price Wanted Wa Da UldtCr Name STONEBORO, PA. Address Phone 54-W.

Phone who will observe his 21st birthday anniversary on Aug. 9. has been stationed at Geiger Field, Spokane, Wash. liam Sterner, Thomas Leslie Shay, "old guard," -will be appointed to a Donald Detrle, Jack Strayer Gibson, Charles Eugene Hensen, (colored). highpaying state job, probably membership on the Workmen's Compensa ARRIVED HOME SATURDAY.

James Howard Smith (colored), Ger Pvt. Gene Lerch, of the Infantry, arrived home Saturday from Camp Campbell, due to the illness of his mother, Mrs. Roy Lerch. ald Jackson Fleming. Kenneth Keith Kope, Richard Henry Hackett, Norman Lester Jennings, John Zerbe Fogle, Robert Lee Anthony, and Donald Lincoln Wood.

You'll cheer Helen Harper's "Allies" slip-ons and cardigans in matching colors, to be worn separately or together. They're so soft and feminine, yet so practical they truly deserve a "distinroished service" medal. Slip-ons 93 Cardigans The FASHION LOIS MECKLEY COMMISSIONED. Miss Lois E. Meckley, 1133 Otter PENNA.

SOLDIERS IN Street, has been commissioned third officer in the Women's Army Corps, at Fort Des Moines, Iowa. She was HEROIC ROLES SAVE OTHERS UNDER FIRE selected for olucer traimng on the basis of her ability and record of work as an auxiliary iu the WAC. NELSON PROMISES CIVILIAN ARTICLES Those Necessary to Health and Welfare to be Produced. Third otlicer is the HAC equivalent I FOR SALE The Held property on Bleakley Hill. Greatly reduced price.

Many more good bargains. CALEB D.SUTT0K of second lieutenant. New Castle Sergeant Bails Out RECEIVES RATING OF PFC. MILITARY HONORS ARE GIVEN SGT. SNYDER, KILLED IN PLANE CRASH Pvt.

Dale B. Mortimer, won his After Raid; Scranton Boy first Army chevrons this week, those of a private first class, by qualifying for enrollment in Keesler Field's B-24 608 15th St. Phone 196 Liberator bomber mechanics school. Pfc. Mortimer will undergo the rigid 17-week course of the Army Air WASHINGTON, Aur.

9. UP War Production Hoard Chaimnn Donnld M. Nelson today promised that products essential to the maintenance of civilian health and welfare Will he produced regardless of the scarcity of materials involved. He emphasized, however, that manufacture of less essential articles will not be authorized on a larsre scale CLASSIFIED 'advertisements'' Forces Training Command. He then will be qualified for active duty with some B-24 unit Of the Army Air Forces.

tion Board at annually. Pedigo Will Get Job. 4. In accordance with tradition, former Gov. Arthur H.

James' secretary, J. Paul Pedigo, will be given a Commonwealth post. The former Philadelphia newspaper man, who now is living on his nearby Dlllsburg farm, was withdrawn by Martin as a member of the five-member parole board, which the 1M3 Legislature replaced with a three-member panel. There was some speculation, however, that Martin would give Fedigo the one remaining position in the parole agency. 5.

Martin will retain Charles A. French, Ell wood City, whose term as fish commissioner at $6,000 annually expired early in the spring, but who continued to serve since that time. Appointed originally by Earle, French was reappointed by James. He has the support of large numbers of organized sportsmen, Colegrove May Get Liquor Post. 6.

Arthur Colegrove, Corry newspaper publisher and secretary of property and supplies In Earle's cabinet, will fill the remaining vacancy on the Liquor Control Board. Colegrove divorced the "Little New Deal" group during last year's gubernatorial campaign when he waged a vituperative editorial battle against candidacy of Auditor General F. Clair Ross, Martin's Democratic opponent. In addition to these reports, the rumor that former Gov. James will seek a seat in the U.

S. Senate next year gained momentum. The seat now Is held by James J. Davis, who was Martin's opponent for the GOP gubernatorial nomination and who has not yet desclosed his political Plans for next year. It was understood James will be backed by the Republican faction headed by former Sen.

Joseph R. Grundy, Bristol manufacturer, defeated bv Davis for the top legislative post In 1932. While James is considered politically acceptable to Joseph M. Pew, shipbuilding and oil executive and leader of another GOP faction, it was said he Plans to back state Sen. Wel-don B.

Ileyburn, youthful Delaware while materials continue tight. ARRIVES HERE FROM CALIF. Pfc. Richard S. Adams, of Polk, is Saves Pals in Jungle.

Tales of heroism in which Pennsylvania soldiers played leading roles were received from North Africa, Sicily and the Solomons. Tech. Sgt. Bernard Doone, a flight engineer, (705 E. Long New Castle, bailed out with six other members of a bomber crew after the ship was badly damaged In a raid over Naples.

The fliers swam and floated several hours and four of them, including Doone, were In the water from early afternoon of Aug. 6 until the following night, when a searching plane tossed rubber dinghies to them. Doone and 2nd. Lieut. William Ma-hood, bombardier, of Alberta, Canada, tied themselves together and roun'ded up tw oothers.

They kept one of their number alive by holding his head upright hiore than 30 hour's: Doone and his crew-mates suffered from exposure "That is the policy of the War Production Board and a policy with which the leaders of the interested agencies spending a 15-day furlough with relatives and friends at Polk. He is located at Camp Beale, and on July 4 participated in the largest WANTED TO BUY Late Model Used Cars T. V. SLOAN CO. PHONE 421.

LIN TON ILLE, PA. of government, are in complete agreement," he said in a statement 1 We have no intention of deviating from military parade known. A member it." of the armored regiment, Pfc. Adams is on the crew of the tank, Helena," named for. the town of the same name.


Donald Hcn'ernan, grandson of Mrs. Emma Walters, Bleakley Hill, has been transferred from Fort Bliss, but are now back on duty. WANTED. Nelson's statement was an answer to recurring reports that a larger segment of industry would be reconverted to production of civilian goods. It has been reported frequeutly-r-and just as frequently that more electric refrigerators would be produced soou.

The Office of Civilian Requirements is making a nationwide survey of available civilian supplies and is itemizing civilian needs. This survey and other factors available to OCR will influence the requests for critical materials made by the agency to WPB's requirements committee. Pvt. -Stephen Kosnewsky, Scran to Camp Crowder, Mo. He was WANTED Waahinss and Ironings to do at home.

Write Box 232, care ot recently promoted to the rank of pri ton, attached to an unarmed American medical unit in the New Georgia jun- rp bntflfif inlds u-ns pHod hv ln'c offi vate first class. Pfc. Heffernan's new address is: Company 804th S. WANTED Waitress at Lambroe and cers in a dispatch from Munda. While Wars, composed of George Hovis Harold Seaton, Fred King, Francis McDonough and John E.

Graham fired a salute of three volleys over the grave and John Hindman sounded the bugle call taps during services in the cemetery, and at the conclusion of the services, Sgt. Sidebottom handed the American flag which had covered Sgt. Snyder's casket to members of the family. Ray Worden and Robert Graham acted as color bearers and W. E.

Clark and William Pasquale as color guards. The color bearers and color guards are members of the V. F. W. PROMISE AMERICANS LOWER PRICES FOR SCOTCHES AND WINES Aug.

9. UP Americans were promised lower prices for their scotches and sodas. Mint julips, wines and other liquors today by the Office of Price Administration in a change of policy on liquor ceiling prices. OPA spokesmen declined to estimate how much retail prices would be reduced because of "wide price disparities" between stores and communities. They said, however, that reductions would be most apparent in communities where military personnel and war industries are concentrated.

The change Involves a switch from the system of "frozen" prices in effect since March, 1942, to a fixed mark-up for wholesalers and retailers. It is aimed at eliminating "bootlegging" by liquor dealers who either openly or secretely have avoiled legal ceilings. The new retailer's mark-up will be 33 1-3 per cent, over net cost for distilled spirits; 50 per cent, for wine and 45 per cent, for cordials, liqueurs and specialties. The wholesaler's mark-up to retailers will be 15 per cent, on distilled spirits, 25 per cent, for wine and 20 per cent, on cordials, liqueurs and specialties. The OPA made it clear that another source of evading price controls the marketing of new brands at excessive prices on the basis of OPA's "most closely comparable product" provision would not be corrected until it issues other regulations in the future.

It said "limited personnel and budget" made it impossible to issue the other regulations at this time, a criticism of Congress for cutting its 1944 budget. Barracks 3.j78, Camp Crowder, Conomikes. Mo. many of his fellow-soldiers, helpless to fight back, were slain and WANTED To buy hardening box, 100- gal. capacity.

Call 2SBxl. ix Kosnowsky continued his rescue mis LIEUT. O'DONNELL HERE. WANTED To buy a used sedan, no older Impressive tribute that included i' military honors was paid to Sgt. Ken-i neth H.

Snyder, 20, son of Mr. i and Mrs. Kenneth II. Snyder, of 27 i Lamberton Street, Rocky Grove, in funeral services conducted Sunday af-! ternoon. Sgt.

Snyder was killed in the crash of an Army bombing plane near i Tuscon, on July 31. His body, accompanied by Tech. Ssrt. Paul Side-i bottom of Kansas City, who acted 1 as a military escort arrived in Frank-: lin early Saturday morning and was conveyed to the Park Funeral Home. Sgt.

Sidebottom and Sgt. Snyder were members of the same squadron in the U. S. Army Air Corps, and in training used the same plane, but at different times. Hundreds of persons visited the Park Funeral Home Saturday night and Sunday and paid their respects to the memory of the deceased.

Sgt. Snyder was a former employe of the Arms-Franklin Company and his father is an employe of the Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company. Large groups of employes of the Arms-Franklin and the C. P. T.

were among those, who visited the funeral home Saturday night and honored the memory of the dead flier. The casket, draped with an Amer-; ican flag, was surrounded by banks of many beautiful floral tributes. It was the first funeral in Franklin of a Franklin soldier who died in the service during the present war. The funeral chapel was filled to capacity with the large number of friends and relatives during the services. The services were conducted by Rev.

E. W. Chitester and Rev. Patterson of Cochranton and during the services, the ministers read several hymns. Sgt.

Snyder and his family formerly resided in Cochranton and Sgt. Snyder was graduated from the Cochranton High School. Veterans of the First "World War acted as a guard of honor and paid military honors to the memory of the deceased at the grave in the Franklin Cemetery. The guard of honor was in command of Capt. Joseph P.

Connell. The following members of the Frank-lin post of the American Legion acted as pallbearers: J. W. Bail, Walter C. Neely, G.

Haylett, C. II. Cozad, and Howard E. Moore. sions in the face of heavy enemy fire, First Lieut.

Robert O'Donnell and than 11)38. Will pay cash lor suitable dragging wounded men through the Address replies to r. u. aux. in, Mrs.

O'Donnell, of Fort Belvoir, are here asi the guests of the former's tf jungle, treating them for their injuries Franklin. DANIELS MOVING STORAGE and administering blood plasma. WANTED for old or disabled mother, Mrs. Mae O'Donnell. Lieut.

O'Donnell, formerly Rationed- in the In Sicily, Pvt. John Kostechak, horses delivered, at your form. County farmer and majority floor Write French Creek Mink rlanch, H. D. i.

South, with the Army Engineers Corps, Cairnbrook. a senior scout with Cochranton. Zot Phone 1000. now residing in Alexandria, and the First Division, hid in underbrush leader in the state's upper chamber, as Davis' successor. WANTED We pay cash for good used is stationed at Fort Belvoir, which is only a short distance away.

if" cars and trucks. Karl Weaver, 11U State itireet. Oil City. Phone 513. If It is his first visit here in several MRS.

DOUGLAS at the edge of the city of Troina, watched every German move for hours and then signalled the beginning of the enemy withdrawal from the mountaintop outpost. years. tOR SALE. SERVING IN SICILY. DIES AT AGE OF 87 American troops poured into the l'OB SAI.E Two saddle horses, one l'our-vears-old and one eix-years-old.

FINE DIAMONDS WATCHES STERLING SILVER DICKINSON'S "The Jeweler Who Pleases" 10 SENECA ST. OIL CITI. According to word received by his city, with Kostechak among the first. Priced to sell. Call 708-L-.

wife, Pvt. Homer Bruner is now serv for SALE Six 66ven-week-old pigs. Other Pennsylvanians in the drive were 2nd Lieut. Stan Mastyl, Phila ing his country in Sicily. Widow of Rev.

Douglas, She Was Mrs. Grace Foster, Route 3, Franklin, Pa. Greatly Beloved. HAS CHANGE OF ADDRESS. SALE Retail coal yard property delphia; Pvt.

Wallace L. Kuser, Gil-bertsville; Pvt. John Volak, Wilkes-Barre, and Pvt. George Ryan, Irwin. with railroad siding, trestle, warehouse, Pvt.

James E. MeCleery. son of Mr. scales and offices. Price Address and Mrs.

Carl MeCleery, of Oak Hill, Mrs. Frances Grove Douglas, 87, be P. V. Box 177, Mew Pa. loved widow of Rev.

T. W. Douglas, has a change' of address. It is Battery 5th Battalion, 2nd Regiment, vah SALE Living room suite, two Diece. overstuffed.

Bargain for quick sale. A. R. T. 3rd Platoon, Fort Com ha aoon a 1't.

PhinTM RTAwf RU'ltV former Methodist minister, died at 2 a. m. Monday at the home of Dr. and Mrs, Thomas Barr, 1312 Elk Street. BITTER FIGHTING IN WAR YET TO COME Grove.

Phone 642-K. Bragg, N. C. Mrs. Douglas was born June 7, 1856, FOB SALE One 9x12 American Oriental rnir.

one 7-6xa rug. stair carpet, two- TRANSFERRED TO VERMONT. in Cooperstown. For 27 years she was piece blue mohair living room suite and Correcting an error in this column a teacher in the public schools of Oil chad comDination cnair. a jjioeriy at.

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 9. UP Ex last week, Pvt. Paul L. Blair, son of City.

On June 20, 1000, fhe married Dr. Douglas, who was a veteran of the tensive and 'bitter fighting still lies Air. and Mrs. Rov Blair, of Manle FOB SALE Hotel with beer license and itole, lias been transferred from Fort Civil War. He died 18 years ago.

ahead in the war, Dr. Ralph Hutchison, head of the State Defense Coun IAndorson's 9x12 FELT BASE RUGS all modern equipment. Steam heat Good location. Will sacrifice for cash. Meade, to Fort Ethan Allen, Vt.

Surviving are a step-daughter, Mrs cil, told the Pennsylvania wing of Apply at Tucker Hotel, Sherman, M. Samuel Hemphill, of Uniontown, and A squad of members of the Jesse G. Greer post. Veterans of Foreign His new address is: Company lotlth Engineer Combat Battalion 1. im the Civil Air Patrol here yesterday.

Sounding a warning against over- four step-grandchildren. Fort Ethan Allen, Vt. Mrs. Douglas was a member or the FOR RENT. confidence, Dr.

Hutchison snid, "too Firs Methodist Church, of the Progres many people are being convinced that EXPECTED HOME TUESDAY. sive Bible Class of that church school. it is all over but the mopping up opera tions." Interested In the welfare of the com FOE REST Six room furnished or unfurnished house, coal furnace, also three room furnished apartment, including refrigerator, steam heat Private entrance. Pvt. Glenn Weaver Haminerlee, of Polk, is expected home Tuesday to munitv and nation, Mrs.

Douglas was KEEP COOL "We are pecking at the periphery of a member of the vennngo cnapter, inquire ll iluflalo street or pnone spend a furlough here. His address upon return will be Headquarters Bat D. A. the Eastern Star and the tremendous military empires, he declared, "and the war is just begin ning." Woman's Relief Corps. FOB RENT Five room house partly fur tery, 84th Brigade, Box lllH, Norfolk, Va.

nished, 9-10 of a mile out on black top The body has been removed to the Dr. Hutchison pointed out that Ger road. Electric and water in house. Phone Burger Funeral Home, where services 137 or call at 1135 Chestnut Street. J.

many still has the greatest resources HERE FOR SHORT VISIT. And still have that smart appearance that goes with a A. Matthews. 9-3t will be held at 2 p. m.

Weanesuay. Burial will follow in the Franklin at her disposal in the history of the world, and that the Pacific victories Corp. Donald Steele returned to Camp Campbell, Tuesday, after FOR RFiNT Threa room furnished apt. Cemetery. coal furnace heat, 1136 Buffalo St.

ix are mere dents in a few Japanese-occupied Islands. a week-end visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rood P. Steele.

7 A- ft neatly laundered shirt. LOST TWO TEACHERS IN The 500 officers and enlisted per sonnel of the state air group were cited lost Canning sugar certificate issued All WOMAN BADLY HURT for "distinguished work'' in helping to to A. E. Gordon, lie aieaavuie tr use. Hind y-vu rairern.i HIGH SCHOOL RESIGN win the war.

er please return to owner. Lt. Col. Earl Johnson, national com in LOST Gasoline ration bock A series, IN FALL ON STAIRS Please return to M. H.

Graham, Franklin, mander of the Civil Air Patrol, pointed to the record of the civilian fliers in it. L. 1. S-St Resignation of two Franklin High -Nil School will be presented to the spotting 172 Mrs. Charles Elliott, 211 Eighth LOST Ration book No.

2 issued to Sal-lie L. Hancox, 1316 Otter Street Finder School Board at its regular meeting on Tnesdav evening. Street, who recently went to Meadville pleace leave at News Herald office. 3t WAR IN BRIEF. Miss Evelyn Moyer, English and MISCELLANEOUS.

sir. rtsi SHIRTS EDUCATIONAL. By United Press. Latin teacher in the High School for the past 11 years, has resigned to take a similar position in the Oil City High School. She resides in Oil City.

Perfectly Laundered SICILY Americans capture Cesaro, Would you be a secretary? Take the full course at Welch's Business College, 25 San Agata and San Fratello, nearing wooiwortn uu city, sept. 7. Mb Bernice Anderson, who taught to be employed at Allegheny College, was seriously injured Friday evening in a fall down a flight of stairs at the college. She was removed to Spencer Hospital and later to St. Vincent's Hospital, Erie, to be under the care of a bone specialist.

She suffered cuts about the head, her collar bone, right hand and arm were fractured and her shoulder dislocated. Her condition is considered as serious. junction With British troops, which occupy Bronte on western side of last term in the commercial department, has tendered her resignation Batteries recharged 25c. Motor oil 6 qt can S9c Pre war grade 1 tires. Official tire inspection station.

Dean-Phipps Auto fine Mount Etna and Acireale on eastern Her engagement to Richard Ramsey, Stores, JjranKlin, pa. side. sq.ya. with every $1 worth of Dry Cleaning MOSCOW Russian advance 43 miles The itome naoio, speculating on a of Oil City, has been announced. FORECASTS LIFTING OF past Kharkov from northwest, cutting rumor that President Roosevelt, Prime nr.

.1.1 rail lines and narrowing German es ti. width. Minister Churchill and possibly Prem lor 100 SEND AS MANY AS YOU WISH PLEASURE DRIVING BAN cape corridor to 50 miles Red army ler Josef Stalin will meet soon, said Sunday in a broadcast heard by CBS kills 5.000 on Bryansk front. JAP NAVAL ATTACHES IN BERLIN NAMED ON COUNCIL AUSTRALIA Gen. Douglas Mac BOSTOX Aug.

9. UP Secretary that the conference would conceri Arthur announces, Japanese forced to Frederick Moore of the Massachus post-war problems. take defensive in faciiic; Americans etts Retail Gasoline Dealers Assocla cleaning up last Japanese resistance tion predicts that the ban on pleasure on New Georgia Island. driving will be lifted in the east oy LONDON Adolf Hitler's power re Sunday. ported endangered by German military Moure said he learned of the OPA By United Press.

Admiral Nobutake Koiffio and Vice Admiral Noakuni Nomura, both former naval attaches of the Japanese embassy in Berlin and former chiefs of staff of the combined fleet, have been made members of the Japanese war council, Tokyo Radio said today. The announcement was recorded by U. S. monitors. Coup: diplomatic, moves to remove (iiUSlpadSi "i CI Anderson's action at a conference of gasoline dealers in New York.

He said the an Italv from war anticipated. LONON Weather grounds RAF af nouncement was made to the dealers FRANKLIN OIL CITY from the Office of Price Administra ter week-end raids on Milan, Turin and Genoa in northern Italy. tor Prentiss M. Brown. 4.

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