The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1932
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Seriwi ha Ihr. United THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER C* NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND 8OOTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXIV—NO. 42 Bl>thevUl« Dully N.--WS, Blythevllle Herald, Mississippi V»llgy_Uader. aiyihevllle Courier, HOME EDITION m,YTHKVIU,B. ARKANSAS, THUUSPAY. MAY 5, 1982 SINGLE COPIFJ3 FIVE CENTS ^^^^^ , - - ...... ....... - .- — f •__ . „__ --- _ *>fi« ±.a TOOK $100,00110 RETURN LINDY CH FOR OIL TEST MIL HERE IS Dyersburg Men Offer lo\"£™ Contribute Local Prop- re . d b: erly Toward Move. CHICAGO, May 5. —(UP)—The rage of the Chicago Tribune appeared for the first time carrying a cartoon in colors. The cartoon was the usual po- htk-al cartoon which appeals daily.! It pictured Senator Joseph T. Ucb- i Inson of Arkansas standing nnd?r ! Cooperation of Uie business men and property owners of Blythcvilte and nearby communities in financ- in? 111" sinking c'f n test well for oil and gas on the ieasj blxk signed up northeast of town last year by an Oklahoma City concern is to li; EOught. Franklin W. Lalta, an attorney, and Henry Fowlkcs. furniture dealer, both of Dyersburg, Tenii., who some time ago acquired much- of the Pride addition and adjacent property west of Blytheville, have offered to contribute tilcir holdings litre toward financing the project if local people will help turn Ihem . into the necessary cash. The plan has been explained to small groups at a number of meetings recently, and last. niglU at a meeting attended by abr>ut a do?.?n local business men it was decided to organize a committee to see what could be done with the proposition. Can Obtain Lease Block Mr. l.itia and Air. Fcu-lkes have obtained from the Oklahoma concern which obtained the local lease blKk an agreement to assign it lo o Blythevllle concern In exchange for an interest in the undertaking. Action must be taken promptly, -Wonever, as the Oklahoma people ( want u definite answer by May 25, and the leases expire before the end of June unless an actual start on the drilling operation is made before that time. The. propc.sal advanced by Mr. Latla and Mr. Fowlkcs is that 'a Blythevllle . committee • appraise tlieir property'here and u'ndeflake its sale. Each purchaser of a lot would also receive slock in the drilling company, and all money obtained from sale of the lots would be used to'finance the drilling operation. Mr. U-itta and Mr. Fowlkes would receive nothing except stock in the oil company for their property. In outlining their proposal the Dyersburg. men said frankly that ihey regarded it as a gamble, but if BlythevUie people were willing to cooperate they were ready to risk Ihelr holdings here to determine once and for all whether there is oil in this region. They exhibited an opinion by an Oklahoma geologist who made a survey here and who stated that all indications were favorable for finding oil or gas or both in large quantities. Local Mm Interested Local business men at last night's meeting expressed Interest in the prop?oition. but indicated tome doubt as to the possibility of raising the necessary money at this lime. At least $10,000 would ba necessary to sink the well, it is estimated, and U is possible that difficulties might be encountered which would run the cost higher. On the oilier hand it was pointed out that drilling costs arc lower i now thnn they ev;r have been in the past, by a wide margin, and the community's need for the stimulus the bringing in of oil or gas would provide has never been greater. Men ii'ho were associated wilh an altempl to sink a test woll near here some years ago. which ended in failure because of inadequate equipment and lack of funds, are still enthusiastic over the prospect of bringing in oil and gas In large quantities here, and have expressed ready lo help in the new venture. The matter (s being discussed today with various business men nol present at last night's meeting, and If any encouragement is received organization or the proposed company and marketing of the Isle r.nd oil undertaken I Issue in «"s the caption. KTI OFFICERS _ Vx-Convict Wanted Here On Safe Robbery Charge And Companion Arrested The sheriff's office here was advised this afternoon that authorities at Caruthersvllle, ,\fo. have arrested Forrest "One Round" Chisholm, wanted here on a charge of robbery, and Arthur Sounders of St. 1on. The two custody near Haytl" whlie"ridlng" ... a car which contained a complete Louis, a compan- were taken into in set of burglar Torts. A dispatch from Haytl said t(X) j s according to the two men were being'h'eld suspects l n the robbery of the Weaver service station at Steels recently. The message also stated that a half pint of nitro glycerine was found in their car. Chisholm has been sought by officers here since the burglary of " Matthews in March. cated Clilsholm and Monk Rutledge, both ex-convicts, entered Packing company safe Jack Ford, who implt- plea • of guilty nnd is a prison term. now serving There'll Be . No News of Gangster For . Seven Years Unless He Dies. ATLANTA. Afar. 6 (UP)— Pe-r sonal informalion on Uie activities oi Alphonse "Scarfacc" Capone dethroned Chicago gamr lord, has ceased. Warden Arthur Aderholt of Neither Natives Nor Whites Pleased at Disposition of Massie Case. HONOLULU. T. H., .\fav 5 <U1'>—Militaiy ]x>licn isuimli'dCuv. Lawrence M. Juild today In Iol:ml pubce. ancient houi-> of Hawaiian monaiclis. where threatening mes- wg'.'S were received alter he freed the four American honor slayers by commuting their ten year prison sentences to one hour. Wide dissatisfaction among both whiles and natives over Judd's 'iidden action again menaced the Peace he had sought to restore to Honolulu. Both Slrtrs DhpJelsrd ' Native elements, led by Princess Abigail Kawanakao denounced the commutation as "a farce," while navy circles and other while residents were openly bluer because the ijoverno" did not accede to demand for full pardon. The commutation was as unex- i P'cled as 111- verdict of the mix-1 jurv last Friday which convict-1 Tj! "' 'rout probably ciiose to run-but he T DIVIDEND TD BE T! " ROCK, May 6 (UP) — Ken. Dan W. Johnston ot Johnson county announced today hu is definitely In the race for and win open his urJiiy, May 14. 'Mil not governor campaign Sul- slaughter of Joe Kahaliawai, street car conductor who assertcd- Iv confessed a brutal assault upon Thalia Portescue Massie, daughter of Mrs. Fortescue and wife of Lt Massie. Clarence Darr<nv revealed himself as a moving spirit in the decision which brought to a sudden close the most famous murder trial hi south seas hislory. It was teamed narrow and associate counsel called on Judd Wednesday and applied for ths comrp.utat!G,n.. , HUGE GUI; I JUDGE IIVETEIUE Will Transfer Sailors WASHINGTON. May 5 (UP) — The four defendants in Honolulu's honor slaving freed by commutation of their ten year sentences. probably will return to the mainland on the first Honolulu. Lt. Thomas Massie and the Iwo vy enlisted men will be transferred to other stations, it wus said authoritatively here. boat leaving penitentiary the Atlanta federal announced today. Capone now Is convict number 40.886, and that's about the only information available now or likely to be available except in case of death for more than seven years. The huge Iron gales of the pen clanged shut on the fat Capone at 7:10 p. m. last night, climaxing a spectacular career of crime and a final Homan holiday all the way south from Chicago Wednesday. An urgent request was made to Warden Aderholt for some indication of exactly what Capone was going through, some positive statement ol the fate thai has overtaken him. In strict accordance with prison rules the warden told United Press: "Well, tliore Is simply no statement to be given out. When a convict arrives here he becomes a closed Issue. I am srrry but there nothing to be said." Mistakes Nitrate for Salt; Three Cows Dead BASSETT. Ark.-A tenant on Dr. Johnson's farm atout a mile out of IOHTI made the mistake Sunday of feeding the cows nitrate of soda .arkcilng of the re n , es- ^^ ^ Tida's ' ^suH uTee cornnany stock *,!» be fine co ., s died . ,„ a Vcr y7hort tl™ in the near future. The nilrale of ^ > -J/™;, Excavators Find Home Of First Antique Collector PHILADELPHIA. tUP> —Discovery of two well preserved Sumcr- lan objects of 2400 B. C. In n ftoiis? a-hich was not erected until 200 years later has led archCDlo- gis!s of the University of Pennsylvania and llic British Museums to believe they have stumbled on the nome of the first antique collector. The objects, an unbroken mug of gray stone and straight sided bowl ot dark polished soapslone, were found at Ur of (he Chaldees, where a Joint museum expedition has Just completed its tenth sea- soda was'left over from a supply purchased for use on a young orchard and the tenant thought it clean white salt. One of the cows belonged to Dr. John- Wn ami the others lo the tenant. AUTO KILLFD BEAVER OLEN, N. Y. (UP) - In son-.g parts of the United States beavers are fairly common, but It was news of the first order when one was killed by an automobile near here. Citizens fon«d a commitlcj II HEBE TO mm William McComb of Little Rock Will Soeak Would Eliminate All Payments for Non Service : Connected"'Di"sabih1fes.' ; .' -NEW YORK. May 5 (UP)-Im- , mediate and total elimination ofj all government liaymcnts to veterans nut disabled in actual war service has been demanded in a Tuition lo President Hoover and congress by the National Economy Committee, consisting of war veterans. It was announced today. Success would mean reductioii Pine Bluff Couple Succumb Ajmost at Same •Time"to ; Heart Allacks: I'INE IJLUFF. Ark., May 5 (Ui> -^Judsc Waller B. Sorrels and Mrs. Sorrells, parents of John Sorrells, executive editor of Scrlpps-How- fird newspapers, died almust simultaneously at their home here today. Judge Son-ells, 62, former circuit Judge and former prosecuting attorney here, suffered a heart $44,000 Ready for Distribution Among Defunct Bunk's Depositors. 'Hie nisi dividend checks for depositors in (he defunct First National bank, which closed Its itoois on Oct. 30, will be Issued Friday K. L. Bradley, federal receiver, announced today. The checks, rjurcwnllii; 33 t-3 per cent dividends, will make slightly more thun 144,000 available to depositors, who have already filed their claims wilh the receiver. There arc C73 checks In the group. No complicated red tape will be Involved In Issuance of the dividend checks, Mr. Bradley stales. Checks issued out of the office of the Comptroller of Currency at Washington, D. 0., have arrived and will be given out at the bank o deiwsllors who have turned In heir pnss books and had tlwlr claims confirmed. It is not n-ces- wy for depositors who call for tlieir checks to bring any record of Ihclr deposits .if their claims 'lave already been verified. Mr. Bradley and his assistant. Mrs. Bess Walton, who haw been preparing the checks for distribution, will be readv to Issue the dividend checks Friday morning at 8 o'clock at the Plrat National bank building. It was first announced that distribution of checks would start Saturday but Mr. Bradley said later that final details preliminary to the first dividend payment will be completed tonight In order that city depositors may secure th«lr checks tomorrow and depositors from the rural sections may be given prompt service Saturday. .^ :, . Checks"' wiirbe" nialicd"to" out "of town depositors and others who do not call for their dividends within the next few days. The 33 t-3 per cent dividend was announced several weeks ago by Mr. Bradley. When the first dividend checks are Issued certificates also will be given to depositors to be presented when future dividends are declared. lie I where. he Johnston will decided houdqunrlers f o r maintained lit to Chrksvllle but will be removed ,„ Little Rock the last two weeks before the primary. Oil Scaiidals Figure Charged With Fraudulent Deal. . Ministers Pleased With Resnonse to Blytheville Revival Campaign. by more than W50,000,000 of the j attack about -1 o. in He aroused billion dollars in the national bud-j Mrs. Sorrells and she helped him being sp?nt annually for!Into-a chair and called Dr. E. C. McMullcn. Before the doctor ar- yet tiou" veterans relief. The national Economy 'Commit* tee Is composed largely from the eroup of men who launched the Military Training lion hi 1915. 1 Captain Arrthibalrt youngest son of the Camp rived Judge Sorrells collapsed in his chair. Mrs. Sorrells, standing teside him, reached for his wrist ussocla-. to feel his pulse nnd fell backward In a faint. Hard Work Blamed A son. Waller B. Sorrells jr. and Roosnvcll. late Presi- dput Theodore Roosevelt, as exec-1 a daughter, Mrs. Gus Wllley utive secretary of Uie raw organi-1 caught her. She was drad from zation. made the following state-] shock when'they carried her to a at |ment: Court House Saturday. ..—I 0 .""_* _ m ? de . rn ,. b _"L" prc _ s _ s .!™ CausD of botl1 <lcatlis wa * 8 lv «" William McComb of Little Hock r»nri>s(mtative of the Property ae ' a T latl0n - an oreanl B amendment, to substitute a ceueral snles tax for a major nart of th^ state property tax. will speak ot Ihc courthouse at 7:30 Salurda" nteht. May 7. nt n meeting called by Counly Judge z. B. Harrison. Thi» amendment advocated bv Kr. McComb and the association he r.'Drcse'.ls would cut the state, oropertv ta\ from $8.70 per thon- r and. the present rate, to 50 cents iwr thousand. It would nrovlde for n 1 per cent tax on all sale 1 :, '•hich its advocates belicv woiil'l comixMisatr for the prowrty tax reduction *id provide some additional money for relief of the schools. Mr. MrCnnib c!(es as one advantage of the pronoscd sales tax that it would broaden the tax base to reach even- family in Arknnsis instead of beine confined to the 170.000 TOrsons who now pay general property laxcs. M. S. Harris of Little Rock. ?/>c- retarv of UK Prowrty Tax Relief association, in a lelter railing at- fenlior. ( 0 (],e Blvllierille meetlntr ot which Mr. McComb will speak :lan?s that the reduction of the state ireneral property tax Is essential to save nronertv owners of the state from bankruptcy. Unmasked Bandits Rob Bank of Havana, Ark. to have the animal mounted and I HAVANA, Ark., May 5 (UP)— presented to a muspum IT«.« . , . . v..._j n.- <2CM*MA »«» CIUL.I HT..I. Two unmasked men robber! the Dank of Havana here of 11.40J shortly before noon todav. cashier, who the past 15 years In a street-widening plan that Is 75 per cent com- plfl*. | was Jn (he bank at the time, said i the lass was Insured. The nv?n escaped in n car which was wall' ing outside wilh a third man at the wheel. slang term, a vast legalised racket as angina pact or Is by Dr. Mc- sorrells had been chief bccn foisted upon the pco- Mullen. ;i!e whereby one quarter of all I judge the revenue received from the'defense counsel In three promfn- whole nation is being expended! cnt criminal cases in the lost lew for the benefit of less thnn one | months. ]f» also had been active per cent of the people. | as county chairman of the fed from Ihcir \var service." "The outstanding oppression cral government baby bond cam- placed on citizens of the nation j palgn and his death Is attributed today Is that series of legal acts in pnrt to over work. B-lieroby veterans arc rcceivinj. Judge Sorrells was bom 1 at War- componsation and benefits cost-] ren, Ark., in 1870. Following his tn° th cpcople over $400.000.000 for! graduation from the university ol disabilities not in fac> resulting ; Arkansas Inw school he bezan | practicing in Pine Bluff In 1892 Two laler he married Miss Mary Read of Pine Bluff. Enter Ine politics early In his career he was elected prosecuting attorney then circuil Judge. After rcliromcnt from public life he resumed his law practice bul always maintained an interest in Three County Convicts Released by Paroles LITTLE ROCK. Ark.—Among ID convicts paroled by the state iien- llentiary commission yesterday were three negroes, one from Mississippi county, \vlw> \vere serving 21 year sentences for murder. B. F. Johnson, negro, of Mississippi county, sentenced lo life imprisonment muted to 21 In 1925 years In civic and public affairs. F.»vrt Fisherman Judge sorrells had a reputation of being one of the best bass fishermen In the state and he cxoert nt flv and bait casting. among the trio of murderers released. Arthur G. Seals of Mississippi county, sentenced at Osceola last v^ar to one year for delivering a Ihrealening message, was paroled. James E. Hardin from Mississippi counly, sentenced to one year for grand larceny, was also paroled. County Doctors Discuss Appendicitis, Malaria The death rats of appendicitis and malaria treatment were discussed by members of the Mississippi County Medical socicly who nnrt com-1 The couple arc survived by two 19.10 was,sons and two daughters, John and Walter B. Jr.. editor of Ite clal, Mrs. Wl ley. who Is managing ine Bluff Commer- Grcen of Oklahoma City. Mrs. T. H. John Sorrells. was editor of one of the sons the Fort Worth before assuming executive his Tex.. Press duties as Scripps-Howard newspapers. A one time he was managing editor of Memphis Press-Sclmltar. LBI11J EFFORT sponsors of Campaign The plan of Church lavalty point out the Imporlancc'of church In the community and wlml. It LS trying to do" Is b:lnif realized, so say ministers of lh« five cooperating churches who nrs having nlghlly services for Iwo weeks. From reports of the churches conr; increased attendance and Interest and the special attractions are receiving hearty responses. The Rev. Chnrles M. Cnmijbel] of Conway, in charge of th.-j .two services d«llv at the First Presbyterian church. Is conductlnK edu- catlonnl mrvlces each motninx fl:30 Unlock, for leadership training The pINc Is belns used; us s textbook ftllh familiar scriptures for references. In commenting un- on the Lovalty Camnalgn he said "we.are seeking to give to other a decner nxoerlence. and knowl- ed»e of Ib* purrxiM ot thn • rhurcv and rhurch membership." Tn m«ht hn-.wm sr>nk on "beocnd. 'tp Mlfi LiUinn Brlscne will sin 1 "Well Tn Tin- Heart." by Gains I'ornupb. Noble Olll lends the «in«irut. At the First Christian church K Homer S'rong will -siwik m "Whi>» Will The End Be?" Th' v. E. K. Latlmer. nn«tor, is con- SILEIT IN DEATH PRQ6E Circumstantial Evidence J>inks Him With Crime But He Says Nothing. MEMPHIS, May 5 IUP>—Silence thwarted the efforts of officers today to penetrate behind the mystery of who hacked a mother and daughter to death while they held Stanley Puryear on a charge of murdering a neitro whom he accused ol axing (o death his wife and child. As a web of circumstantial evidence was spun around Puryear he steadfastly, at the advice of his lawyers, refused lo talk to any one. Ally. Gen. W. T. RfcClain said Purycar's slaying of n negro, Will Jamison, accused by Puryear of hacking to death Mrs. Stanley Puryear • and their 8-year-old daughter, Zcnln, will be presented to the grand lury. but he would not say whelher the olhtr two murders would be probid by the grand jurors also. Police learned little from Mary- Sunshine Walker, said to be the , lr i of Puryear. She was found at Ooldwater, Miss., ye.itcr- ii r *'Hi<! trn sontr Th«re w?s t\ noo-t ittondance af the Lnki> Street. Methodist churc.* 1 vl*"e last evcnl^e. The W. .'. L»Ftnv snnkc on Art. Thou?" Miss Marina le a folo "P'viiid One Ho"Win. .Tf^iR" nnd the social piusl' ii»hf. will he n di>"l. The snhlec of the wrmon is "Your Sin and M-- Sin," The pastor, Alfred S. Hnrwll "111 sppntt at thi> First Buntlsl church this evcnlne frnm Isaiah nnd l>"t "The Ox the Asp -H doth nnt. k'welli his 'owtvr his muster's crib inv TV>O- nln dnth not consider." The cnn- 'ent'"ml sln?lnc is one of the main features of the sendees nnc Is bein» Iwl bv o. C. Miller. Edii- '-.ntlo-'nl Director of Ihe Church Mr. Miller Is also irainlmr nnrt directing n Booster Choir. There wer.-? 40 In this Choir last "vcnin^ Tho Choir from tHc si. Pan Rnnttst Church. Colored, will sine n sneclal numbers Ihis ^vr.riin? This Is considered one of the besl colored choirs In the cllv. J. Abner at Snaa Is teadln? the the First Methodis' day after havlmt day from the federal office where i she was employed. The Investigation st.irtfd when Jamison, in a death bed statement, said the was taken to Puryear's home by a while man. Puryear maintains he was In bed nt the lime. Jamison said he was accosted by the white man who offered him a Job. Witne«es hare Identified Puryear 1 as resembling a man they saw downtown about 4 a. m. ,"1 „*.>,? thcvillc ^P"* 1 Tu«- j maximum temperature here yesterday was 84 degrees and the mtnl- l>. McGhet'. nf Memr»hK.| mum 58 degrees, clear. Today a year ARKANSAS—Clo\idy tonight nr.d Friday. According to the official weather day voted against the couzens mo- observer, Charles Phillips Jr.. the ""- *- —*— ——' J — • day night. gave the paper on appendicitis and the on malaria was led by Dr. T. p. Hudron, O f I.uxora ago the maximum temperature was Bl degrees nn.1 the minimum 82 de- gress, clear. Move (or Wartime Income Tax Levies Voted Down WASHINGTON'. May 6. <UP> — The senate finance committee to- tlon to restore world war income »nrt surtax rates. . Couaens moved to restore the 1»U kv«l of taxation. After that motion wai defeated Senator R«d, Republican, Pennsylvania. m«de n plea for the" general sales tax. church :>nd the • rmlor. P. Q. Rorlf Rives the sermons. This church has a school of music with sessions held each .iftemoon nt 3:.1D o'clock. Greene Building I« Destroyed PARAPOULD, Ark. — Tire de- slrovnd Greene counly high schoo five miles southwest of here, earls yesterday. The loss ts estimated :H he Uwn $20000 and $25,000 will nboul $18,000 insurance. The buildini?, a two-story brick stricture of eight rooms and an auditorium, was complcled In 1025 at cost of J20.000. A $22,500 bond Issued was flmt- ed to build the school and *16.50:) of the securities remain to bo paid. W/JSHINGTON, May 6 <UP)~ Qaslpn I}. 'Means, former secret trvfce Investigator who gained f\ notoriety during the admln- stritlon of President Harding, mi. arrested by District of Col"Mu authorities today charged with inking »ii»,f»o from .Mrs. "_ fard McLean on a repn«tila- lon he knew the whereabouts of Ifc kidnaped son of Col. and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh. ' i Means was a sensational wlti- i?ss when the oil scandals 'of tlie Hiinlln? administration were .be- . Investigated, and the author •of a book, 'The StrmiRe Death of President Harding," which .'insinuates that Uie president was poisoned by his wife. NORFOLK, Va., May 5, (UPH- Unsuccessful In their fifth cruise.lo . sea In search of Charles. A. Lindbergh jr., John Hughes Curtis and hh associates expected to start an- oilier today. They hope that, weatuer permit- tiny, a group of men who say they have the Lindbergh baby will meel them off tlie coast and deliver Urn' child. . . There .wcmed little Coubt now Oint Charles A. Lindbergh sr.. hss been aboard Ihe Marcon, 'the yacht In which the Curtis cn:ls?s are made, for at least one trip. Hls.pies- ence w-ould be a guarantee of his faith In the authenticity 'of the sroup with which Curtis Is negotiating. - -- . JOLIFT. III., May 5. (UP)—Belief the same gang that suppossd- ly got »SO.OOO-from"'C<51:-Charl5s-A.- Lindbergh witliout returning his baby Is attempting lo exact the same amount from Max Miller, wealthy Jollet wholesaler, by representing that Its memters held 23- year-old Oustav Miller Jr., was expressed todny by Chief of Police Fornnn go. Sue to Force Paymeirt on Insurance PpKcy Suit has teen filed In circuit court by Mki. Constance Westb'rcok, • Anicricnn Building and Loan-asio- clatlon and Ihe E. C. Rbblnmn Lumber company seeking to"!coni- pel payment of a $2650 lire insurance policy on a dwelling destroyed several monlhs ago.-Trie-;Wprld Fire and Marine Insurance^ som- pany of Hartford. Conn., is delend- aul In (he actkm. The complaint sets forth lliat.a dwelling house, owned by the fllJIn- liffs, in the Punk Willis addltlptijio • this city, was destroyed by fire -on Feb. 2 and that since that time the Insurance company has failed,", to carry out Ihe terms of'its pblioy. -. Harrison. Smith and Taylor 1 tfp- rossnt the plaintiffs. Closing Stock Prices 96 3-4 . 4 6-B 323-8 6 : ' . 8 M .31-2 90 AdoltKent Girl* More Alert Than Boys SALT LAKE CITY. Utah. (UP)— Just why It should be. Dr. Aurella Henry Relnhardl, president of Mills College, didnt explain, but, she does maintain that girls in the | A. T. and T Anaconda Copper . Auburn Caterpillar Tractor . Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola. Continental Baking 3-1-2 General Electric 13 1-4 General .Motors 10 1-J Middlcu-est Utilities 3-S Montgomery Ward 63-4 New York Central 13 $-8' Packard '•-•''?&&. Radio .•;.". _".'."." Simmons ...,V;i Standard of N. J.' ..-liV'Jj Texas Co. '. to 1-4 U. S. Steel ....27 5-8 York Cutton .NEW YORK, Nfay 5. (UPJ-Cot- ton closed barely steady. Miy July Ocl. Dec. Jan. Mar. Open High Low . 549 559 542 . 559 575 555 600 579 610 592 618 603 639 582 597 605 623 Spots closed at 570. tip 5; Close 556 563 581 60S 614 630 Oct adolescent stage arc fur mentally alert than bovs. This is why, the college oresl dent sild, that there Is a tendency Ds ' c towards unbalanced classes In co-j jan fducallonal colteg«— the youths J M «. do not like to be shown up, Cotton NEW ORLEAKS, May 5. (UP)— Cotlon clowd steady. Open High !»»• close May -'- —5*2 556 542 556 554 573 553 5M 5»! »5 577 591 M2 809 591 «S SOI 612 501 «lJb 620 (33 $11 SUb Soots closed at MS, up 5. ••

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