Arkansas City Weekly Traveler from Arkansas City, Kansas on March 17, 1880 · Page 2
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Arkansas City Weekly Traveler from Arkansas City, Kansas · Page 2

Arkansas City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1880
Page 2
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'NATHAN HUGHES. Publ'sher. A U K A NS A S C I T Y . K A X 8 AS . WEDNESDAY, - - MAUC'II 17, 1SS0, . EDITORIAL XOTES. TheFitz Jon Toiler bill which , bas been before the Senate for quite j a sn?ll was nreciDitatelv disnQsed of last Thursilay by a motion offered bv Senator Davis, Qf West Virginia, tQ Jay it on the table. The motion was carried by a strict party vote, the Democrats voting in the affirm-. ative while the Republicans opposed. I This, it is though, vjll. be the last ' ' - heard ftf Porter's restoration to the army, and was the last and only re- Kfirt th nmi,rfita hid of ffettinff rid cf'liie'eleiihaijt which thev had , jeo willingly taken upon tlnir hands. ' The prospects for a reduction of duty upon whit ; paper and t ie articles entering into its manufacture, is not very fluttering. Co nmitteeon Wavs ;iud Jleaus j ! sii til ! -.1 i ' to r.slKWt a tavorable bill, the tree j traders in the House will, in all probability, load it up with all sorts of a moni mont-s in ir.iip' hv t s me.ins. I . . i ..- . i ij oulhui ge:iei;t. uii in n.-i.-5iauuii. This m.iy prevent any definite acfjon 0 ) the part of the Committee, from the fact that wbAle- a majority are in favor of this particular bill, they are opposed to general tariff legislation, and thev know it will be difficult to nr,vontit if this bill is "reDorted. i . . , , , , , avail or not in this case, but there is As an incident of the remarka'dj j . . , . ...... nothing like trying; he should be growth of American Authorship, J,he J . h . . . ! caught at any rate, as ke is too good reu.'n-t of the Librairian ot Cmgiess i . , . . , j t( rust awav in bachelorhood: just in for the past ten years show as fol- . ,. , , t l , of hie; kind; somewhat lows: No. of copyrights issued,! ., . . i, " , j..-, nn ! turn when the fair ses is around, lll,a ; tees f e. , l,ivl.kj4. - in 13 o mere were u,ojj wjiwhis issued, while in 1870 there were over eighteen thousand. The examination of Mr. Ruby, editor of the New Orleans Observer, before the Senate Exodus Committee, develop the fact that there are a number of parishes in Louslana in which negroes are ljqt allowed to vote unless they vote the. Democratic ticket. Prof Edison now has a formidable rival in the production of the wonderful electric light iuthe person of Mr. Charles A. Hussey, who claims to have some valuable discoveiies in connection therewith, of which Edison was ignorant, viz: to divide electric b.ght readily and inexpensively. He claims that by his process it wlir mak'e the electric light practical for domestic purposes and for general lighting purposes, by taking the place of gas and all other lights, being fifty per cent, cheaper, more eeonomicaj, and better lig:)t, chovVing colors at night just as they really are, the same as they are shown by daylight. By a boiler explosion in an oil mill at Fraukford, Indiana, on the morning of th lltij, ten m.Nk lost their lives. The building was literally dc moiished and the mangled, remains of the ten workmen who were in the building at the time, strewn around and thrown in every direction. It is stated upon what appears to be good authority that the Texas dclegition to the Chicago Convention will be solid for Grant. At the H '.Kihliea'i C ) ive itio.i of one of the pounUes in that State, after selecting delegates, passed a resolution declaring that, as Zach Chandler was dead, ihey VjUhtpd Grant for President. Th? Republican State Central Committee of Missouri, have called a Stat? convention to be held at Sett lia oa April 14th for the election of delegates .z the Chicago Convention. (. I. Filley, a strong Grant man, was, on 'eorganizalioa of the Committee, elected chairman. LEAP-YE AH CATCHES. A LIST OF MARRIAGEABLE TIM-k EEK TO BE FOCND IN Alt-KANSAS CITY. PY AN OLD BACHELOR. This is the oul3? year, ot four in which the ladies, through propriety, are admitted to have "first choice" in the matrimouial Hue, aud for their special convenience we have been o'pportuned to give a list of our young bachelor frieuds, with short Vlkwjes of each, bring out the best points in theiv character, believing il'VrHfbe of material interest .to onr fair friends, and hpj that much gp l an I h ippi j'qsi aris herefrom. MA.ny iu the list' are ejuite anxious," and are restrained afy thiough bashfulnes. We call atteutioafrstUeri to pui geuiaf friend BEN MATLACK. Cen'can't boast of any beard yet, but he is making every effort possible ; n that direct ion;. rf;e spring-i; suits nnuai Uiiuvc; km- .p. fi i - . -. n ' " i- ,i " 'i ... - f I0oa 4;3rtsU JU cVeO r-.-spovt. Us certainly can make some young Tady happy. We expect a good deal from Beu in the matrimonial line. .. w. J. PEED. Will is a tip-top feJlQW; age about 19 j-ears; rather shy, but would bi easily caught if managed riht. Wi sintereh hope some young lady wii. improve this chance. ! DR. CHARLES II. HOLLA WAY. Charles is imnjeuse; rather dry. but good on rainy days; youthful; haudsome; fruitful, mustache; very affectiQuate, should he seem to be appreciated D- s R0SE- Wc can commend David to any wanting a good husband, and I a a- . f I . .n nlAini ft n A nit V-) r pearuce; easMy "goue;" bashful ox on snoracquaiuiauce;noooy uurusiaes; i . it i : i not disposed to stay out late o' ,,5Snts' We consider David a ED LE CLARE. El is a fine young man; prep.os goo.t dancer; hashjuj; a little huva to vaiui, n in maac x uuui, u a ; u i . - l tf J u. a it alii o. Rather inclined to be a bachelor, t-ul- n jotfli onl -.! ti wiif?. i n ir .... for; tender as a or; tender as a spring enjesen; i smooth face; good tcniperamentjdon't admire "banged" hair; should be married, and Ve hops will be caugh FIIED FARKAR. Fred is not a very good subject to guess on; can't tell whether an earn- est aPV 'rom a 3'ou:fg My would ,. - - , . . which wears off on a long acquaint ance. We will give a chromo to the 3'oung lady who can successtully halter Fred. PROF. C. II. SYLVESTER. We guess that in the Prof, we have a hard subject tor any one to 'tackle" matrimonially. It is unfortunately evident that he does u t "catch pn" very readily, in fact, don't care for the girls as an agreeable, nce looking young man should. Strange things, often Jmppeu, however, and we will say that thej'oung lady who successlully gets Herb around hanging on her papa's front gate two or three evenings in he week is to be congratulated. JAMES LEOXAKD. The fact in this case is that Jim must' get married. He was never cut out for a bachelor; is too genial and talkative to waste away in any such condition. We warrant a capture here if the "oung lady is good 'ook-ing $11(1 will work on h;s affections, lis is abundantly able to take care of a wife, aud if we are not very much mistaken there is a bargain at Sip.'s' Corner for, some young lady. c. 31. SWART5. It would never do to leave Charles out, tor we are anxious to see him successfully settled in life. Fine appearance; beautiful mustache; genial; fond of the girls; very bashful, and could not be beat in the State as a captain of a household; yv. r. 310YVHT. One of the best "mashes" on the list; very interesting iq domestic affairs; flourishing mustache; never gets tired of talking; good provider; entertaining and ambitious. Will would make a home as comfortable as any young man we know of, but there is one thing positive, he isn't afraii d of "ghosts." The happy womau iu his case may foreswear corsets forever. Dlt. I. K. D03YXS. There is uo possible use, wepie-suine, to go into details in regard to Porter, as judication shows he has it very bad already, iu fact, common rumor reports him completely gone. We are "yfciy happy to state that it would be a complete loss of time lor any young lady to adjust her cap in this direction, WILL GRIFFITH. A Romeo; grami blonde mustache; anxious; quite' haudsoire; talkes like a machine: we think the easiest "mashed" on the. Ijst. We hop-some young lady will' stoop him in. L. E. XOKTOX. A gallant of rare abilities as a conversationalist; but one who never imposes on society, and "hardly ever" known to repose ou the affections of the gentler . sex. Good hight; straight as a die, and one that most aiij' fcomau could look up to. J. c. TOPLIFF. Good nature (when the mailes are ou time); killing mustache; age unknown; blushes easily; ''air talker: easily wnuuded in the heart; We know James- to, be anxious, and he should receive encouragement from our fair ones. WILL 31. BLAKEXEY. Will M. hasn't been in town long, but there are two or three strings out for him already, and we hope he will "bite" soon; rather good looking; good business qualities. Some young lady can get a bargin here; ae an incentive -'crackers mitrht be :'. . . IJiX PARSER. 1 tl s -.-T 1 catch ; q;K,t iuht; . i i' m n. io ie; a fast pe.'ics : trUi. Ulstastt-s; reliable; a '' heart as big as a barn door. Take yur word for it, Parker will do to tie to. GEOROK HOWARD. A Brignolia; chuck full of music; sings lise a nightingale; splendid form ; a graduate of the regular army ; oviiig; can be had. Give George a hance ladies. ABIOS WALTOX. Amos ought certainly to be asham e l of himself. Tlie idea of a man of his good quality sliding along to-warus the 'forties dnd ant married,' We are astonished when we think f it. Haudsqine; the very best of hab-itsj no "lodge nights," in fact the bet t possible fellow you could imagine. ROBERT MAXWELL. Bob can hardly be classed with those who are taucy free. H2 is partly spoken for, and if it were not for his extreme bashful les he would long ago been enjoying the comforts of a lounge near the stove, accom pauied by all of the other "little conveniences (?) of home. A little "pressure" brought to bear in the right direction will bring Bob to his knees, and we trust that our suggestion will occasion some one to at least try the experiment with him. DR. JAMISON VAWTER. Well, we dout know how about the Doctor. He is always too busy to give iruch attention to the matter ol love making, but we are of the opinion that a square business proposi tiona first class prescription, as it were 'would cause him to "tumble." He is worth the ttouble it would occasion to take him in. Very fond of socials. E. A. BARRON E. A. is a good material to work up into a husband as there is in the city. "Most excellent talker r. o danger of death, howeve; very domestic; affectionate; good appearance. Some voting ladv can have a life lease on E. A. by' a little per sevo.-ance. II. B. VAWTER, M. B. is a fine fellow; handsome; full of business; charming mustache; good, talker. Some say that M. B. is "taken," but we are not as , positive as rumor, and think he will be safe to lok after. mr. o'haiiro;v "A nice plump young man of fine Appearance;' beautiful blonde side-whiskers: preposessing mustache overshadowed by a some what romau nose; good goer single or double. A spleuded iuveslment for any ladv who is "hunting" for a first-class business opei ing. The temperance meeting last Friday evening was well attended consider ing the inclemency of the weather. The meeting was called to order by Iiev. MiCIung. Father Thompson, elected Chairman. A temperance on g by the choir; prayer by P.ev. McClahahaii who remembered' earnestly the peace, purity and morality, ofr the people of Arkansas city, and the unflinching faith of our Governor on the temperance question. The Chairman then introduced the editor of the Golden Gate of Newton Kansas. Mr. Rood arose aud proposed to give a plain common sene lecture on the subject of temperance. In the first place he showed clearly that saloons were not profitable to 'any community, and not wanted by the minority of citi zens, and the fault being ours if li cense are granted for saloons, showing the respectability of saloons, claimed they were made so by the majority of citizens over twenty one years of age, both male and female signjng petitions for saloons, showing clearly the wrong iu licencing saloons. Respectable ones as thev aie claimed to be by the great evil which grows out of them. Respectable men visit these saloons, ami respectab e boys Qre not sl w to observe this respectaljliity anil follow after, and he temptation are just as great in these respectable places, as in the most degraded, and think it no more harm in them pbn ing a hand than there is in these respectable men Indulging in playing and drinking, fhen the cry is raised if they can't et 'whisky at the sajppns by he glass; tiiake a dive at the drug stores tind get it 'by the pint or. quart. That is a lamentable fact ampiig men who are in, jibe habit of dunking to excess. However we never see bovs nd young men. tipling iu and about drug stares and form "the habit of drinking liquors; that is he class we have a great hope of saving from becoming drunkards. He should love to avoid this evil. Statute says the city council in a third-class town may grant licenses by the majority of bonatide residents over 21 jears faVoring saloons. He showed' clearlv that the ladies throughout were iu favor of prohibition as they were the principle sufferers. He highly favored the ladies organization on the temperance work. He never referred to saloon keepeis with any iutima ;ion of disrespect in onr city. They are men of culture, intelligence, refinement a.nd (means too) capable ol 'engaging in any legitimate business thaft VP."ld tend to the elevation ot morality society and christian piety. He showed h&t citizens had a right to examine tlie council docket 'and have these saloon petitions published if desired. Otiicial reports say that for twenty-thiee; past C0,0GG deaths annually from drinks He produced strong arguments i favor ot prohibition that no man, t.oyu or country was ever ruined without the use of strong drinks, that no city endangered her future prospects by sustaiaiug morality, society and christian piety, and further our enterprising anil wide-awake country men was not disposed to drive twelve or filteen miles to do a few dollars tradi::-- and get a glas of forty rr.-; whiskv. We need a better opinio;; ; ot onr aeiirnbors. iae ladies are liioviuar in the riijbt direction; lend. thnm a heipuis-tiand. ' D. BERG Eli, Secretary. Wo have Enlard and Refilled the Old Oreen Front, mfilsing the largest and mo?t commodious Iloom in tha City in which to di.-play cur Mammoth Stock of l)ry Goods which yill be complete in all linei. Our lELAJX1 ,2X5 Ok3 Department is by far the largest and best, "and of course the Cheapest," of any House in the County, Ui Alices is now mostly in and With prices to suit the pocket, oo Well just come and see and be convinced we have the largest and most elegant lino and cheapest in th. country. Wo have a scpeiatt- department for Our ( lothiugr. Are alo .Agents for the well lsuuwii House of " Wanauiaker & lirown, Philadelphia fur custom work. t guarantee a fi!, or no sale, we have over fifty samples to select from. - A I5IF? We will nhv.-tys I eep a lull li: e fi -m ih ch. apest ti the best, in;he very latest designs. Lntest style ir. 8ltC'! Efc fcJTT'rV at the Green Fiont. ( hoice line of llamlmrg Edge and Laces of p kinds, and in fact every thiig sou want crni-. be :ound at the Green Front. lemember we allow liu Town or l :usc to undersell us. Call at the Gieen Front, inspect our Goods and get our piices. Respectfully, 27 O. P. HOUGHTON. PATRONS PLOW DEEP. it' You Plow Shallow ym Will Heap Burs. ToUh' r.irHiiiiconnniinitj wt desire to s:u t!i.:t we h ive on a large and u ril ns-orti'il Stork of Marsli ai Pari & OriMif Ml Plows. Also Wood ami Iron 2er.m Stirrinir Plows. AIo lite Oel-lratetl Challenge, llotary Drop Corn Planter is scemd to none in America; and don't forget or Oaxitou V silking; sisl Coinhlued iiltivfori. We di fy j-oinju'iiti'Hi u iili tlirse good j, :i ji1 w i- tu v all these ;oo:Ts lr s il" ain! c;'ii l'r ji n as . id it 1 1 i ii i t p.ienis than an (! I house in toe Valley. A to riuims hi. t ike tr om cjj to one. uo I (j yii to ijve u a cli;iiiei to tjwiir' on what yon tipiy vawt and vu 'e.d situ to eon . i nc voii tlwit xve mean duchess and will -ell. 80 cine sdoi jr jin.l rie ns an cpnoi tuniiy to help you to good and deirai!e goo U at low tigiires :iad easy teriu. i-'ratenially Vors, SCHIFFBAUER BRO's. ATTENTION The Arkansas City Water Mill is now prepared to grind your Wlieat,Corn or Rye with promptness and satisfaction guaranteed. Will grind wheat for one-seventh toll on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and exchange on other days. Jan 1. 1SM. Q if ?oa canrot r--ad tiyi'. I -".ti.ct ly i:.n.norint;;rht In theT 'n. dbrtanrvof lOlncbe r yg ere f.-ii.u tr. to tn..!t .- At'ur s: T. i li"-f e;'rtiIL 1 Y-ur:-hlr- ;i bo fapnml - "r.rV ryrn'" Jti-rr t .: ! ;;.J3K.TOigi apecW-s ma.d le 4i-:en4 rli n hr--ri - m ' c.r-a. 1 --'re . 1.0 i.nsrercr aeci:r? U w Kt i-jag aw kje priui ii t uiuaL&ii '. u ua u oci ruTj ba: d Ikm l tali to veura trr- L,-Uti i I-1! By Kiarjc Cj-stcm; aai C'.lc I H rz Notions, .Tobacco. igars, Confectionery, jewelry. Stationery. Cutlery; alo Agents for Tlis World Mm lils slDe Sewing lacll 1 Nilles-, O l Pari ami At I achtntMit 8 inr all kimls ! Sewing"! Mirill-CS. i:WJC$ AtIIIYK IlERti'tiXG. A SPECIALTY. OoiortMl an ! Whi E nbrit!rv, Ral and IinitHtion Lice Ediur. I'alile (Jloilis. Napkins, Towels, R;ieMinir. T I'lnt Arliole &'. Quick -Hiilo.s and Small Profits i.s our fotto. P.& TS MT F. A. T-hinariii. 5yli(5tor of Aninican .mil Fnr iwti I'afeiiis WaIitiioai, I). C. All Jiif ii.-. r-i'i-i il with Patents f.-l !i-r i"'or- the Pif-ni I. !!- or tlie (. ort.riii jti aitfi-ala-d tt. N ....,, rue ; iiiadi- unl-- a j.a:cs:t is icirii!. i5eiid J lor circular. till OTLTD TFFir T A fl" W Out ring i cr.n safely say ts the nnest and largest ever otlercd m the Curg. nra vrlti I ring's Paleat Comtiaatlos cTilr It JOSEPH SCHUSTE , jiiXcncirKrit of Boots 8i Shoes Arkansas '"ity, K tnsas. ir- iti vu rfiv rnv eiinnr ,.:f... Oivr" m-a JSh.-p f toutli of Jaiuei aViion' fcKrt. - 35 'AP'MERS 3 3 i "you.caii sav-- your 33 z&r&ZSi.m: ; ' .---ci-ar ii ----s-v.-.. '4-37- VM fev -''Sf;fl We. have rcct ivid a largrr .-tock tli.iii cvc iid can give you hctter prices on SHELF & HEAVY HARDWARE than an house in the Southwest. W: have a full liiK ot , ... Wagon - Wood Woi k, Mt, Iron, iloisc S!:ocs ;u:d Cairciiters Toob, Our stock is all new and bought; for cash, n we ran sell to yon right. We aro Age ii is lor the Marsh Harvester and Twine Binder. You c: v pit repairs lor the same by Ciilliny on u.-. HERMANN -BAKEIl AND CONFECTIONERIES, Staple anfl Imported and Domestic Fruits, Oysters, 1 he bt tock of O-XiJSS & Q,TJBBiTSWABB In tliis vunty, Ihis hout has coiiium-iicm1 its fi.h year of doin bii.incs in the ame nlil Iai'. MoLto: "QooiJ GooiN at piibK low pricca." J5 o ut h S ? i f ii it t rc t r i n sa 'ity. FCHnas K B W F UKN1 TIJ K E STO RE IN 13U1LPIXG, SU3IMIT STJtEET, ALL KINDS i Tin nnnTfiT! m, uiiii PALOH, CHAMBER OFFICE aM KITiiM FDMOHR Ot all I cripl 'ons. PICTURE FE A M IS MADEto ORDER AM orilers pphMv xcutiil hv a PRACTICAL CABINET MAKER.- Satisfaction rn;mu teed. Call stwl my stock hiiI x:inin rfe. LutestStyl of Chihlreti'js C:ii -rlafs. CofTiiir- alwars on or iiiiult to onler. if5. Fmjttsoisr. J. T. SHEPARD. S2SESPABD fit (Successors to J. DEALERS IN DRUGS, MEDICINE IS! innn Hi PeifiimeiT Fancy anc msm, Patent iraes, Soax er.c&d Pharmacist. Allowed to Hankie' Goods. South Summit Street, Arkansas City, Kansas. Ave have all Grades tnd Styles ia iuoue l' cjliim :!t th 4 II GODRHARD, DEALER IN Fancy Arkansas City, Enns, OF GOODS: if rm i ttti ' 411 R. J. 31 AX WELL. EVI.&XW3EiEi, T. Shcpard,) is, BristeSjaies Toilet Articles, Etc STORE Grocsnes 3EI

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