The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1932
Page 5
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Merchants Industries, Inc., 2001 Home Ave.. Dayton, Ohio. 3C-KQ WANTED '— Young Men nov- employed to train for steady position in power plant. When qualified pay is gocd and future so- cnrcil. Write Box -18, % Courier News. 3P-KO LOST AND FOUND LOST— Purse containing army discharge and SU. Rcv.ard. Return to Veterans of Foreign Wars at court, house. 2P-K5 First Ncmiinees First presidential anil vice presidential nominees of 1332 are Colonel Frank E. Webb, above, of Washington, D. C., and Colonel Jacob S. Coscy, telow, mayor of Massillon, Oliio, candidates of the National Farmer-labor Party's convention at Omatin. Coxcy headed "Uoxcy's Army" in the famous march on Washington a generation ago. Ice Picks Assume New Domestic Role AUSTIN, Tex. (UP)—The ice- pick is playing a prominent part in home onci industry Ihes3 days. It has tcplacrd the old-fashioned rolling pj;i us arbiter of domestic (ignites, according to police; records liere. An ice pick marked "bone Star Ice Co.. Austin, TcxaV also was found in the jinnies of t;.e Belgian Congo. Catherine Mintcr. daughter of Dr. and Mrs. w R. Minlcr here, saw a native usino it to carve tiny ivory elephants. ND one knows how it camo into his BLYTBBV1LLB. (AItKj'_CQURIER NEWS The Offices of I>«- FRKI) CHILI), »K L. H. MOOKK, "R- H. A. TAYLOR Will Bo Closed Every Tliursday Afternoon. SECOND HAN1> FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson Ml-MJ E, M*la .» mm BY MABEL McELLIOTT ni:i;i.\ 111:111-: TODXV Xl'S.tN C.llli:V, lirclly .ocrr- Inrv, l» In l.iv, »lik IIUII 1)1 N- IIAII. J.MIMK »,nn,,,,nlri- vlit- iiii-< in 1/ui.lnc-k, r,illt-Rr. Ar u (latex Kin-it i» IM:MSI: .vcivitovn. m- rlt-i.v K lrl, SU-.ILII ronll£ri ll<ili 1^ licit hi-r. lluli lli;lil> u-llli I!K.\ I. \.'-ll 1 «.v.\. nmiilirr iLdnilrcr uf jiuxnn'i,. I:II.VI:.ST HIIATII, SLI- "-in'j* i>iikikl,i>rr. bnpiii'itN ulnns tmJ c»i-nrl» Hi,. U | r | lia.-l; 1,1 i|, r A r |;. ninl'N liou-,f. JIIIS. IlIMTK. Wl- a-rlj Irnluilj,, Ittlrr tltrfnli-iiN tu Mle Sn».nit rur nlK-rmllmi or iitrvrlluiLit. JACK IVAiUMi. llrnlli 1 * IIKSM- "11, N ublr hi |irrvi-iit ih[« li> |in»Jiji-]n K ,,„ Ini-rliiLliililIna lol- t«-r. Sirs, ih'.ilJi Hue* In HVJIO In»'i-:i>!. siiktiii irli^ In rorcrt llolj. ItA'i" I''I,A\\I-:HV. hCi'iiduniphrt In (hr IIPM uniri-, rDnllUr-s li> Sn- -SKV «>llu-r. ' 1VI.-IIII *.-t» ninrclril nn- Siihnii'j* rhinii. lltisi: Mll,- Aunt Jessio Einireu. "I'lcnty, i louhl say. lie doesn't \vutii lo to ao iar away from you." Hnsan was annoyed mul embarrassed. H beenicd indecent to dls- ?d this \vllh Aunt Jessie. "I nni'il say i iton'l underslaiut you at all," Iho Klrl sM. "1 was so anxious lo start working and |'U —to mriku something of my- Nov.- when I'm Just beninnins you Pcein to want 1:10 to dn sonic- thiiiK else." Hbo iroiihl not say "yon're c-ncoiuayiiiK mo to marry lien." Tho baro notion offended her. Aunt Jeswlo tossed her head. "Ymi rould do a lot u-orso than lliat." fho Klalcil. "llc'a a real fur Ific mnn ».hr II^I-M, ll,klj rnnirh tit Ihc iitilt-c Inn llcinli Inli-rruiiU lj|» viiiMirmdiiii Hllli Susan. NOW on n.v WITH TIM-: STOIIV CIIAl'TKIl XXX DR.N' cnma orttislonnlly (o see Su san. lly tnclt agreement the night of Denlsc's iiarty wiis never ineiilioncd. Kufaii's uitliiidc toward Hen 57,13 by turns friendly ami tlicti j-eniote. She u-,13 sorry for him. Usually lie was too si-rl-. ous but there were times, as lor in-j stance the night they popped cum j In Aunt Jessie's lininaeulale kit- clien. when the girl almost Ilkeil 111 in. "This Is Hie way boys ami girls should lie together." she ihouglit nftc-nvaril. reiiu-mbc-rliig tliclr foolish laughter. She had forgotten thnt evening to bo Bolf-coiiECions wilh lii-ii. llu had seemed more like a lirotlicr Ulan a suitor. After Urn limi gone Aunt .Tcssio got up from her rocking chair, where she Nad been danilns sleek- ings, and followed Susan inlo her bedroom. "That's a real nice yonn;; man," siic said witb unwonted approval. Susan was brushing her hair and did not reply. Aunt Jcsste seated herself on Hie edge of tho bed. '"Tisn't every girl has a young man b'ive up a chance to gel ahead just for her." she commcntcil. Susan tossed hack her elmiit nt dark hair anil glared her astonish- meat. "I dou't know what you're talking alwiit." she said. Annt Jessie continued to look mysterious. "Uo you mean lo tell me." sbo demanded, "Ucii hasn't told you about that offer to go to California as a band leader?" "Oh, that." Susan murmured. "Yes. be did mention it once or twice but. I thought it was all in sleaily. peiistblo boy ami It would In} a satisfaction to iiio to BCO you settled." "'3 not talk iiliont it," Susan said vvitli weary patience, ijlio was anh'ry at Ueu for liavlni; conlideil bis l:u[>i-a lo Aunt Jessie. How like him, iilic thoiiRht! Sim was liewll- i]rrod. Ion. Kvcry one ?coj::nl In l/o pusliini; her toward m.-ivria^e. i full a siiiBO of ri-bcllluu. hKiutij; tiiem. Slittinp; a nnno wlnto cnvi'lopo she found, to her emprlsu, a greeting from Denlse, Tho caril was u nianimolh silver almlr with modernistic deer prancing across II. Ku liko DiMilse! Klin went to lie klU'licii lo lliul Aunt Jessie. "There's a MK box ot lloweis for you," Aunt Jessio threw over her shoulder. "It HIT I veil this afternoon. I almost dropped when the boy rani; our bt'll." gUSAX new. Her lingers fumbled at Ifie knolr. She \viis ton lin- 1-atienl ;a untlo them nml Bltceil llie-m acros-j With n kitchen kulfo. Tho green paner folded back, dls- rlosln;; he.ips of exotic blossoms. Thero were liltlu tltjlit yellow rosca. Thcro was fiesla and Inllm a C lha.air. Anyhow do with It?" what liavo I to IllilSTMAS KVE. The roc,f3 ot the cily powdered with snow, the high Mars blhililtii; above. AhniK Stn(e sfioc-t, [ihitigin.i; tliroti^li the -shisii. crowds nf fnrrcil women and \veil-drcsseil men. Tlio shops alive wiUi Haht and tinseled wrcalbE. Vi'eary yulespcople diootihie behind their counters. The old. old music of Hie season eiuiglit Susan (n its spell. Christ- n;as was a lime when anything might happen. Kvcu as n child she ri.'inemljereil Aunt Je.^le h.-jil ]iever icelicd their door* oil Christinas eve. Aunt Jessie hail calil they were safo from bui'^lars. Bate from all harm. It was KS though a magic circle had lieen drawn aronnil tho day. Climvh brlls nius atid u-omcn put lighteil eandles in iho window. Susan, felt nnaee'ounlably nanny as she trudged homeward. Sho had a chock from Mr. Heath (limy all hid) n:nl she was satisliwl for once w ilh her nresenl for Aunl Jessie. It ivas n paihlcd robs of dark Ijlne silk. She passed a Catholic chnrcb on tho boulevard and heard Ihc choir practicing the "Adesle Fidelia." Tho thin soprano voices sounded sweet and imrcaL Aunt Jessie had buns a big hollv wrcalii in the front window and the honso sm.clleil of spice cake. Somo consiiio were coming to dinner on tliD iijorroiv. Siii-.nn had the sensalion of hc/iding her brcalh anil walling for something to happen, though she didn't know what. She turned through the little nilc- ol cards eagerly, almost fevcrishlv. violcla unil u Bprny nf mimosa. Pabuliuis llower.-i lo receive cm n snowy Clirlstinas eve. Sho found Iho caul, her lliiKcru Ireinlillng. It ivna n iiaiil, eiiKRivnl ralliiij; onnl nud the name It luio wns thru of M". lOrnest Ciililwcll llealh. Susan aspcil. "Let me sco H." Aunt Jesslo Jo- maniled. Wordless, Kusan held out the card. Sue would not udinll even to lieraelt bow keen her illsapiiolnt- inent was. Flower* lll':e tliij B lioulcl cimio froai tliei one nun, (he icart'i ile.irest" as Ihc Cermans 1'ail it. l-'iom nnyono clso they wero mtanli!|;les:>. "WVll, I must say It was real nice ot him," f aid Aunt Jessie, 'All rlslil, ho won't IK, slio inl4, '•but maybe. to como. Maylii) , back to her inashul iwlatoes, ' f uro it's proper. he?" Jlu's n married uuiu, Isn't Susan s!inic S cd. a divnrce." "His wife's get. "Well, 1 never! t You didn't tell mo thnt. i:re .1 close-mouthed yoiniy one," Aunt Jessie saltl. Susan carried tbc llowera Into tho living roura and found vasrs for tbc-ni. Tl;cy nmclc a bravo array, illling tbe littlo borao with light and color and scent, Ben dropped in at eight, bringing a big bo\ o( candy, lie looked lonely nisd Susan fell sorry for liim. His relatives were all home in low Susan didn't kno\r much about, (hem except Ibat Iherc. waa a stepmother. Shi felt borry for a:iyin:c wiio was homeless tonight. Aunt .Icssle beckoned her out Inlo the kitchen. "Ask him lo dinner tomorrow," sbo whispered. Susan debated tho. matter. The cousins would be euro to lw curious .iljont Den. They would put Ihelr hearts togrtlicr later and tal'; about . "Kne'ii beau." She would hale that Thonamo she sought was Bol [Uut I! wouldn't, after all, ho Den's ho !i:u mother Invllal! Aunt Ji-ssle pmllcil wisely, "llu'll conn>," tho Bald. W/1IICN* Hen arose, lenn and ilnrk in his Bhabby elolhcs, the girl felt a Miri;o of |iity fur him. U 0 wasn't lin.l Inoklng. really. Sumo Bii'li «.Mild think lliul dark faco ills(liiKi:l;bi>il. Snsiin sighed In- win-illy. "V.m'rc nwtnlly swccl," ho told her wilb unoxpeclcil linmlllly nt she nlaycil her uiint'a invltntlon. He her hand. "('MII-.O for u unlk," bo hOEtsed. "Jiif.t liall an hour." Si;san said. "Wlialever forT' "tm. 1 ilmi't know, I wanl lo lalk in yon." "I'an't we lull: here!" Sbo dhln't want lo go out Into Iho cold bright Clulticias evo with thlji iwy. Jt wa.i tiioniih to bu toiry (or him. Cimblu'i im (;u awaj. nt ,ij i cllv o her with her tboHKhrs? As If for Iho llrsl time ilcn'n eye tonk (n the cxpenslvu llowerd. "K fnnviicit. "\Vlio Bent yon lliosoi" XuKnn llioiiBht. "I Ilku Ills nerve!" but fho aniiwereil cnlmly eiiuuuh, "Sly lias's, .Mr. ItcMli." glared. Snsnn nut her hand on bi-i niui nnd gave him a lltllo shake. "Don't he- silly, lie's very nice." At If thai lom-li bail cnlvaulzoit him into life Iho boy swept, her Into his arms. Housli. maBenllne nrma Ihey were, ruilely |ins?eaBlvo. SiiBan singled. Furious anjiir welled np in her, "You—oh. 1 halo yon. I,cl me RO!" Hen Ulicd lier face upward. Slio was a lull Klrl bin lie. towcrcrt above her. Ilia oycn wcro ilnrk with emotion lu:it looked like rai;o. Susan was conscious only ol a sonso o[ outrnKC, not at fear. Til-let—you-go- nil — right," Ben pantea. Ho iiresscd his lips to hers. II waa all over In ao in- slant. Then ho was fliimlus hlm- 6el( out Uio iloor. Susan put her liandi to her hot cheeks, film tried to lansh but discovered she was trembling. Sh« was desperately afraid sho was RO- iug lo cry. Aunt Jessie called from tho other ronm, "Hen gono already?" Tho girl steadied her Toko to reply. "is he coming to dinner tomorrow?" Susan wailed a fraction of a second. Then sho answered, "No—yes —1 do:;-'', know.'' (To He. Continued) c" -vr -foff r^(L- Tne fA o -To lcO.iE.ltj AU, T PAGE NEW HAVEN, Conn. UJI'i-Yalr-l kuv Helical has just attiur;cl lor 'is library an o:i;Mnal ec'l:ticu 0 ! fatatham's Abridgement. ))cl:cv;ci i) to the lirsl printed En^bi] law took. A n aiii mnU3 O f ihc imivr-r- sity. who pr;fcrvc:i to remain ar--n- J-mous, donated Its bcsk. whrh is priceless. TODAY ISTH& Miicn (he liner A ti)|:;(ii)Hl in Hie ; 'I'nc linir. al'.lwiiLjh b.idly (I a"f:l, iTachrd j-.orL under hei- i OUR BOARDING HOUSE 'I here was little maji.r activily :i tliL 1 \vrsi'':ii froisl, allh"Ji:i!h Cicrmiin raids weti- ac- i jccmpnnicd EASY To BLAME i r,\cr \VJTII xoit'.VAY SIOM:D : Gn May 3. 15K:. the War Tra-i'j ; B::ai'<i i:i the i'niicrl Statra an-: ' iir..u:cfd Ihc. ^i .r,i:u o; ! inrvcidl n:rr<i'1'iir.t viith iNor^ay. | This r^ct i;-.rrfa ai the aniciint I cf American shipping avaiiacle fcr u.ii- p'.apo.-^. Ten isi;.:,cii;cij "eve killer*. -heavy nrlilltry were c-..vric<l ms: r.rcp,->:atic;i a:.i by strong forces. Alter weeks 0; fjnict. hcsAy n^ v/as iosi:n; rf .i on n!m-! ihc entire Italian Iront. Aiibliirin rw. | trocpi altatked the Italian lines at. several points, hin i:r.ii d to make gainv of any im])art;' Cou.'iri 1 TMti^l.'if. ! Youth Just Misses Marksmanship Honors DUHOiH, t'a. iUP!-An ll-year- oM boy came -Aitliin one (>3int of' annexing; individual scoring hoil- ors at a. ritte match hero in which he competed with ih e best marks- n;en of this district. Frank Ticmlcy, Jr., 1!,- l ur iicd in I lie only perfect score for one event in the match, making a mark of 100 in Ihe shr.rrt from prone position. His total number of points for the meet was 131. w. Pollnm won Individual honors with 132. Bj Aherp see. ^fou po -rH\s { rlAMPS FtAfOiU TH 1 "FLOOR, VflUR ; "• size OF ! ^ i po TIMES i-r KEEPS ME AS LIMBER AS A I A rlEAPACrie UOOIS AND KIIDDIKS Ads A ONK TRACK MIND! WAV OOWCAN ON*. •'IM V S«EAV>,W>\? WASH TUBES uSStNeKiY," I "DON'T GET " ML THIS —NOD 'ROONO TW M^P, MV UOOKJN 1 FOR fA6 - WELL, CiEE UllZl WrtERE'S MV ,«IFE?J -M rl WASH IS CURIOUS! m OWT SHE 010.L NOU ML THE IROURlt IT CfvUSED? H\OW TWt VJf^S M1NUUED? IN M07H6R. TOLP «e ML. ABOUT IT. "ZZS&S I-'HECKI.KS AND 'TUACH A DCS \ ^'~'~~,' T> '^f r ITS A p.\ao ;. QUIT VlDUK. Tj/5 5O5, BUT .. VoO JJ5- )' t' I / •'£&\ HIS |'JUUNM)S AU- VbU> HEED,TO DD Tll.S TRIC^, IS A LITTLE STSC-' iUD A LOT Of= PATIENCE....POX IS SMAKT.. .ALL :SHT JJV3>'-' ^5L^L\^ ONE ON ALECK! MOW!, 1>«)OI6, LET'S JUST FOR6&T IT. SO ^ae WHEN LEFT ^ TA'^e TUEija WlhJO LE<5S A^? PU'.l- TUE.v, UP I<J TU£ Aid... CO Tn-,S A LOT OF TWES SO THE • C>06 l^^Jov;3 V."JAT ~/oV ExpfcT ! OF VIS 1 ....TAP H',5 FSET C5E)J1l.y -. IM STRAVSWTBl-i H:.','. Up By ASfP BY Ue idMO»(S Jcx-'.n To keep HIS LESS UP...JOW33 LEA3(JS TMESfi TRICKS CJUIC'^LV 'CAUSE V*S EXTRA 5WAaT—'.P TMEV OO IT re?. yca,Gfjf- '&!• A p.ece OF Soy-ETHWS S*'S£T, BUT Cran

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