The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1932
Page 3
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JU/VyuBVlLJ.L'j. (AKKJiCpnuiKU NKWS Oklahoma Bad Man, Wife and Child LIFE FDR IK ff Fill lies 'Pretty Boy 1 Floyd, 6,000 on His Head, efuses to Flee. WA SrrrJw ILSA. Oklahoma — Here m southwest where Al Jcn- ', llio DaUous and oilier no'.- iad men liavc been ilie olj- ol thrilling iiKinlumLs in !>>•- ridjs, u yculliiul 'phantom it" who is kiiov,-n to have 1 six men mid Mispcciul ur ig killed six mure, iiiitays |>l:i) r j ami >:cek ulth oll!cers anil • n'most Ci'i-i.iiu clcp.Ui lo pay to his nijliiiT anrt also to iind sovi-iL-year-olrl son. Srles "I'rc -' lll'Oll (I; lor c:i];c:.. lik<', thi . Fluyil, ;> I'PV.WJ'U or alive-. fi:, l::.hy-l:irr<l rubfaT fivi|ir. nl!y l.o'i:, HD s (jlcj haunts KI vi -ill iikiiihoi'S s family and, ii trapiie;!, cnlm- loots his way out. orts to capture or kill Floyd been redoubled slncu he bhal killed Deputy Shrriff E. A. r recently v/lien officers tried ay!ay Floyd when he arrived kit Ills wife at her father's home near Tubia. Kelly hid id n chicken house and Ki are on Floyd and a coin- m as they drove up. Floyd ed Kelly with five quick ; from nn automatic pistol drove off. r weeks, Floyd live;! nil!) his and chikl in a Tulsn Iv.inga- rlght under the noses of i fjolicc who were seeking for bank robbery and miir- Officers rhnnecd to locate nideout by means of an in a bank robbery, but \vhen surrounded the house FloyJ a companion escaped. rested, Mrs. Floyd denied lier .ity, but when police showed ie Floyd, 7. a newspaper coi:- 'ng the bandit's picture, the exclaimed: "Thai's my dail- don't know what my daddy " the boy replied in response Kilice questions, "but L lovi? Uly and he BIVCS me lots '. Daddy wants jjie to gc, . so \vncn I grow up I be a doctor." 't only, dees Floyd defy polo see his wife and child, but ilsd seems. : . the $GCHX). price on head ib pay occasional visits is mother, Mrs. W. F. Floyd. jallisaw, Okla. sec him oh" find on," say.s Floyd, with a vagueness thai •ato.i she wants Lo protect her "Every so often he must see )ld mother and he dares them bid risks his life to crane ami uin." .e mother explains why Floyd I't flee from Oklahoma, where hunt for him is hcstcst. e loies me and his wife and boy of his too well to leave she says. "He can't go ...... if he slays here they will • day shoot him down like n do;;.'' Ih his wiiu and mother insist Floyd -is not yuilty of all the es charged to him. They say many crimes have been Ited on him" by oflirers who In't catch the real culprits. it the records tell a cliuerc-.H /. Floyd's picture has been ;lfwd as tile unmasked bancit robs banks nonchalantly, act- as leader of the c nll B an d his ' cahn demands _ threatening machine Bun he carries muiri 1 his firm. In •al cases, bsnl-: nniployes have kidnaped .MH- placed on the ling board c.f the bandit car ct as a sli!.',^ Tor [he flecir. reins of •^K is a d: j:- vuu 1 ca-e,' :d Lieu!. c;-.vitnoi- niirn homa in p:\.tni;; .1 ->1f-jO >':u rd for Flit^d. "Thi-; alan h:i irizrt/ I In 1 t-ntire easti'in-ct'U section of Oklahcma villi hi lyry. Already, sis killings ai bank robberies 'have bet ged to him. Ho .must be ped." • Is estimated thai Floyd's bank- erics have netted him mor i 150,000 in Oklahoma alom much he has obtained i r slates where he has oper , including Ohio, is a malts :onjeclure. Floyd is a fugl from Ohio, having , .- he had been sentenced to 15 s In the stale penitentiary for auk robbery near Toledo. oyffs career lx'?an 7 when he was arrested for a ollice robbery. The following he le?t home to wcrk in the est fields, became Involved in lyroll robbery in St. Lou-s and fpulenccd lo five years in (he Irnliaty. He was released in illi Berl Walker, a Missouri r, he went lo Ohio in 1030 tlieif committed a siring of ? robberies. Walker was ex- ed for the murder of nn Akron :einan. but Floyd won an ac- lal In tills case and was taken Toledo to answer to a bank >ery charee. He was couvict- iml senleuccd lo 15 years, bul by leaping from 3 moving Floyd was recognized by lie and .1 companion •e into Bcwlinic Green. Ohio. Mie ensuing battle, the com- Si. Fi'nuris UqwsiMilativt 1 \\'t II 11 i Would Kccliuv NuinluT in Slate lo Twcnly-I-'iw. i.riTUj itoi.'K. M.iy :i. mi 1 ) - Hvilili-iloil of l':i- imiuivr j| i-uiin- lies 111 Arklllls:!* ;, s ;i HUMUS -jt 1 111- iliii; (joi-enim.-ni <'s.|ivns<> \\as u'l 1 - | C'lmvlos Flrnimi'. | Fleming, Of Ht PlaUCK IMllnly ::i<l:!ll\1Sl<(l U Illllv, M!<I'UII.. Cf IliMV.' ly '-M100 perron- vvlii] uuiliiTcil in city paik lo |ii«iii-...i :i; ; irii>ii -.vasi,. | in siuir mid n.iiii'.v i!oi'.Tnin.-'jii ,., 1K | ] i<i M'-k n sprt-i.i! .-('sMaii of ilu- 1,-t;- ! l.--iull.|[i ID i-M ,1-1 os A\v;n'(ii'd in ClouiMy's Arl jMrmoi . j 'Hie ci'Hj'-h.'iirc.l fit. iv.mri-: .county i'i>|i!c!rn::i!ivi' ivrinwl the j meeihifi "mo'' mm-nar b:':'aiiM. () r ;ihe fact "Only ; , ];„,. ,,|.. lm ,, lf . I iiicolliii; was i-iiri'ii-d In the l,ni|e liork paivrs." "If we couM m.'i'ae our If. cnun- [lles into 2S iv,. «r,,i| : | MUT lll(m , v •• I Fleming said. "Wi- woulil ,[•., mvii'v ] wilh Fifty .-.Irriirs. riu:iiiy judges 1 and other olili-ials. Arkansas' $'!00 I MO.OOO hlEljw;n- .N.V.N|<.;,I ),:„ „;„,( , ! all parts of the siate :icco.«iblr- ____ | "Mure K no mr,l f m - so manv cmn A reward of SCUCO for his capture "de.->.>l m alive, doesn t deter Charles ' 'Prcity Hoy" Floyd Ok i ! IM!i - Mc , ri: ' n ' Ol '' Me ™mtles may lahoma's super-bandit, from defying olficcr.s lo pay visits to his wife and child. The notorious 'tank ' loco™"""' ""' ""^ "" l " '" ""* roblx-r. Mis. Floyd and seven-year-old Jaekio - for whom he plans a cuiee.- .is a «l,Kior _ nix . ' - hown nl»ve. "P.etty Roy" nets his nick-name from (he fact that he invariably appears sieef. croonied when committing Ills bnlil luildii]is, in which he ivc-ars no mas!-.. panion w:is killed, bin Kioyd after killing .-, policeman. PrarccdliiK (o Kansas. Floyd ."C-snmcd his string of brink rob- bcries and murders. One of his •ictiins was Cm Us Hurts, a feci- •inl prohibition ollicer. whom Pioyd killed when Burks ivied to airesl him in n Kansas cilv speakeasy. Feigning drunkenness.. Fioyd let Burks tnicp his B un—I anil tben snatched it from Burks' j bant'i and ..shot him dead. Early l:ist year, iwo Knnsis City narcotic peddlers disappeared lifter [bey bad planned to betray Floyd and Iiis partners lo Hie police. A short time later Ihcir riddled bodies were foiina in n ditch. Reluming to Oklahoma. Ployn began a scries of tank robl>eriV. \vhicb have continued lo the present, featured by the ciarlni; robbery of the Fir.v. Stale Bank of SlonowiiU. Okla., a few clays, ago. Scores nf Okbhamn nfricers leaiied into the manhunt, enlist- intJ the nid of an airplane piloted by Wiley • I'osl,- ro;md-tl)p--,voil:l llycr, but Floyd ant! hi.s companion EM CIVIL dlEflil I Corkran, Elixlibath Lucas. ', ret nrbK, Eva Gem-go. Howen, Kthvard Tillman, . C.ilhs and Joe Ross Htuen partici- ! "vote for u "Only tbroii,:b icdupilnn In slnte an<l \vell- i Jiiul L'tninly r-\jnuse will (be m'O- I pie of our stall' ix- : ,bl e to receive I LI reduction in (axes." Senator Qusrles of Helena nsk- rd for Hie iitoliunn of "(iscless com- llo\v.ini . missions" and nskril that Ihe iwo- Iplc e" lo (be i»lls August Q um In the mi memnry ronlesl, spon- K'vi'd liy Miss Winnie Vlrnll 'riifii- ''r, tniinty .siii^rvlMH', fur MKsli- I M'|i|il i-iiiinty .vliiuK y ; . luinnrs i wen- duid.'d iini.iii;; u nninb.'i 1 ,ii I 1'i'l/i'A of coplo.s of "The Hli'nfiw -'I ilu> lH-1-lmuHoii nf linl!']ii'iiilrnri>" by Tiiiinljiiil and "A I'lmier t;] r | in llollanii" i;y niichcoi'k. nre hi 1 I'll 1 . i'.iv.' 1 ii lo tin 1 inlxi' vilnnc'if. Thrv> wpiv Hie wimilh;; tfaiu-i: Ai-nnni-t: l,m>llle Abbntl, Ar,-nu 1(1- (leiunir. Jack Mtlli-, Diirls Andcr- .-'<iii and Wiiinlfiia I'lekon.s; IViry: l-'iani'cs Mullh, Kv.i MIIP Jnrksnn, Jiilin Kleveii'i. I.iii-illL 1 ilaitnn and /Mill- lll'llc AfMI'lIll; Cli-nr l^k;. llvnwn: IJMlia Williams. J MublL-y. IKinnU. Sinllh, Kiiliuyii Watkins. Mini,. Vnrner. I'erd'ct srorcs wew madu ijy : ynibrn: iiM:t Ayri'.i, Vei.i 1^ ( . 1'Irk- ('11; Ihidimin: Minnie Klssell. Vlr. liinla Meiiitt; IJouwood; Mnrle Kocnre; Hunvah: Ni-llle Mae Hula- iv.-iy. CiJn/lys nuiikln, Jessie. Davis; West Hlrtgi-: oru Ixjuise Anderson' Mabel Alsiip. Oeoin = Fiwman Ah- deisnn. Dorothy Gully; Wllpon: Mn- i.v Hoiviiid SHU. Mary gllialiclli Ki-eci', Itiiih sbaw. Mury Cn-n- Wiiiu 1 ; Central Ward of niythevllte- IJllly llrcwcr: Cli-ar l,aka: Gerlrud" Conlcy; Prnzlcr: Mnry Frances Will- foil. Icy Ti-riTll: Hall Moon: MIU-Ilia Ann Mlddk'loii; Lanae .school of BlylliOTille: C.u-lslliic Turner. Aii- Ha Kliacke, MllcMdnc McDoiinlJ, bara Evinrtl: Ilalchsr: l.clmid RoosevclJ, Sniitli and Giii- w.\- BofpiT Voters in Col- iforniu Today. RAfMUMMNTO, Cnl. May a IUI'1 -A Ihuv-i'oriu'i'i'd Miihl for vti\\- lro| of Die Dpiiwernlh; (leH'nliou lo the nallmiiil conveiitloii was llu- ceiilei- (if inli'vesl fil Callfor- iiln's im'slik'iillal primary election (Oifcly. Till' lhve,> rii'inoiTuIlt: di'len:tlinn^ were pl.'dwd lo <loveinor I-'runk- lln 1), itnii'j'Vi'll, Sprakei Juhn N (Inriii-r iilui Alfi'frt' K. Hiulln. Tlii'iT was mi CUIHCM In llie rii 1 - liiihllfan puily. nu> enllrc ilrlcjiii- U"n l).'-liij: liisiruclnl 111 v»u-> Uir ilorbi'it Hoover. Piohhiiiuinhi.s wore ihi> only ollu-r paily lo nualify for the California pilinni-y. their oimlldate b-j- liiff II. Clay NciMlliiim ol IAS Ank'S. Interest In lite Democratic cnin- lfin was K-fleclcd in [he sluie ijlstnilluii, which dLsclased lliat i'lic iiiiiiilwrs ol liepubllcnii vol- or.s had rleseited lo p.irllclpalp ji> .he I5;mocratlc conicst. ncttUtralloiv returns shnsve;! a de- cu-nse of npproxlnmlcly 10 jier cent in nopubllrau tealslnittoii over IBao mill iniirked ^n\i\a for ttie Ucmo- crnls in every cniimy of Hie state However, ilw llepubllcans Mill iiiiihitnliied (lielr .L'-(o-l lead , Will Sci've at Term o( Circuit Court Which Convene May 23. OSCF.OLA, Ark.—Jurors who will ;:m-e nt I lie regular tt'rm of civil division of circuit, court for the Osccola. district, which convenes here Monday, May,-23, ;.re being Munmoned by llu: sheriff's oll'ce. lliey are as follows: IJcy Waicrs, .1. R. Clillorn Wilson won the fiilcnuancc •ith H pere^ntaue cf 1M. l,. ix - ora was nexi wilh 101 and Blyilic- v '" e ^"' sl churcli third wilh O 1 ' The next mcelin.- will b- held li. caiulfdaii'." names were nipii- I rluuton Oseeobi tloncd. I It was an ntlciuive. orderly crowd. Many were from llio nn-al ilistrleLs more jicrbaps Ihan from blulc Rock. Cates; Sudbury sehcol of Dlvlhc- uller. Joyce Siimiipj-. r*r the- best copy cf n n American paiiiiint' J, j HiuiMt, Hlyihu- won first |ilare. and Rulh Kd- Sivimiuln. Slum \\ m .)„(, New O.ils AiiuouncriT AMES. la. IUP>-A iiciv variety I AUBURN. j J«st a .^ c!ectlic . . of oau practitsilly immune lo .stem Y. !UP)- H was t when Frank Ii:'acham reader', coiniiauy mclei •wain across each of the rust, lilii'hly resislain tu crown "tu"i ! l '^ es . ln( sllcoc - si "". 1"t it turned rc-slst* lodgiiiK and wUlislaiuis hie °I, ',° W l )mcl!ral *hcn he re- [)lnnling. has been uimoiinrcc! hv , c " c ",.; n " ••>l'J>»i»lnieiil i>Mienna- > I 111-1,1 hfr, ,,„;,,,| .„ ,.,,!,. J|awn , . . , . II. Cramer. Cl.iwle Shaw, ivilsjti. C. L. Asl'.more. O. .). LowraiKe. Uriver; 11. H. Robinson. W. O. Chiles. Reiser; .!. T. Davidson, IS. II. Wihnolli. Etowahi L. fL Brown- Ice. W. VI. nnrkctt. BaS!:ftl; J. T. I^e. .1. IT. Campbell. C..W. Adaniii, i Joiner; Marshall' bp^ck, Frendi- 1 man's li.iyr.u; J. T. HajK'y. J. 13.! Ihe agricultural .section of lovu Stale College. Th« m-«- seed will \K j '-j ((-vc-IO|H-(l this summer for clisiii- ,, ai "' Tiuck Saves Money in Delivering Prisoners 1.ITTI.E HOCK. Mny 3 iUI')_ Accmdlni; lo s. L. Todhiintci' wanton of Hie stale'pcnllentlary,' the larei'Sl iinsk- Item of exiwnsc Hie de ran ibuticn lo farmers in 1333. Read Cornier N™-s Wan'. Ads nt ihc Institution is tho to sherllfs of costs lo livery of pi ianicr.s. Tudhunier said Hie rosls ftj'ouml Sll.fjoo aniiii.illy. He the iicnltenliary commisalon had txiiitht a truck for the purpose of bringing piisoncrs here bul only 33 of the 75 slirrltrs in Hip slate were using II. The renminder PARK THRBB 'New York Cotton NKW YORK,'Mny 3 (UP) Cotlon c!os«i ateody. . open lilfh low " Mny * 5S5 July . .W8 ' (K)3 X2 5SO 004 54'J 5S9 S84 r, 57 5«0 614 000 .S|)iils cluscd uL 6V5, up 5. New Orleans Cotton NKW ORLEANS. Mny 3 IUP)- Colton closed steocly. low May July O.:l Dec Jan March SSI ft(i5 MO CM C1J 660 697 COO 010 CiO <W7 0:!ii Bar. dosed nl !>T>. up 5. 651 568 OS1 COS 02 clo.w 658 571 503 <W9 HIS U32 Closing Stock Prices MOOnilEAl), Minn. (UP) _ There uro no -obeys" In miu-rlng" ceremonies perrormr-d by Juduu E. U. Wmlc, Mom head's [Wlicc inu.;- ^Ir.lLe. After innrryhu: Karl Ken- nedy'and lyuira llnlomnn, ton. of Fiii'uo, recently the JiuIJi! dectured; "I'll not muke n llav oiit of anybody." hrliil! llirlr prlsont'v.s liy niiiaino- bllc m train al tlalc expense. Slu-riir W. W. SJiuror ol Miwls- slpiii coiuily is one of the n shoflirs uslnu the liuck. Watden Todhuntcr usc<l Missls- •slppl ratmty us nn exntuple to «lio\v Uii! savlnes tirectcil hy use of thi; truck. Iln suld recently It was KL'nl to thl;; enmity wilh a UU'ti'd nntl a driver and returned tl'.e saint; day wilh pri.soher.s nt a tolfll cost uf $12, Had the shcillt dcltvHcd UK. jirLionera him. M-ll. Mr. Todhunler said, ihi: chninc would have been $120.51. , . . . . . cs " |;c ."' , i U;:'fll. Ii. r:. Pecan Point- Hcem- from this holdup, the w . D . Kyss . c .,,. £0]1 L . t[ . c . L ,,' iKljts kidnaped Tatclc Hcnson, I Kid.ulvjn. Tyrone • W F M Fi-r- fillms slalion aileuriant at Ada, • fl ,:;r!n. Marie- O \v 'Kiii.'-lu w Okla.. and held him prisoner, apparently for iwssible usu n.s W. Flail. K. A. Thome. J. a. McCants, a:cm EdrliiKtou, V. J. Ash- sWell while they bid in a Ihic-kcl Jr ' y . E. ft W<l. M. 'R. Sisco. ovcimght.; jack .Majors. R. \V. they were pretty aoocl fel-1 Tlimmis.'h. CS. Lniiijslon. Sidney ows.' jaid Hanson, after his re- Evans. Charles McHaniels Mix- lease. "1 could .have grabbed ora. N HALE Alieinaus: E. T. Nicholson. Uriv- : or; Ch:iriL-s WootlnilT, Lepcuilo; L. , R. Clark, Frenchman's li.iymi; II. U. r/t!id. Tyi-nnxa: CJcu. icdritijj- Floyd's- autcmiitic pistol and might have brcn able tn slico; (hem l>olh. EIL!. I couldn't 'In dial—not atirr lltcy had been »> u consider:!le of me when tliey lit-ld io;, my life in their hands. They | shared llieir too;! with IIIL- and treated me swell." Hov: Floyu ;c;-js aimti'i. jiimr-clf is ilttistraic<i by a remark he made recently It, an old fi-iciicl «h;n he bobbed up en one of his phantom-like, visits to • his ho.ue town. "I'll never be taken alive if I. can help it, rnr 1 wnulrt rather be | killed than lo serve another Icrm 1 l n '°3r.un at the meeting cf the in prison," he said. "1 know they uiil bump me off some time, aitc.' the -.concr the Iwlur. Whin liavs i-/ Mini i la YojiTum I.UXOIJA, Ark.—Ths Liixora Ej>- wonh league; was in char I to live .for?" Rarr ttiick in Museum MINNEAPOLIS. Minn. lUP'-A Pacilic harlcciin'n, ilie first duck of this series ever found in .Munr- !H)ln. was a pn/e exhibit today in Ihc University of Miniiwoui nalu- r;il history mu^um. The duck war, caplureii on the north snore, of I ah' Superior by w. J. Brcoksn- 111 ridije, intisriiin curato;'. comity association at Maniia Sunday nfterncon. I-"e Williams of Reiser, coiuily preridcnl. presic'ed. Tne |>rogr.iin included «crii>;iu; ic.Kling by Elizabeth Lucas, pi.iyor by Brother Rumpers. duet. "Jui: A i f Am." by Mildred Tillinai: an:l Elizabeth Lucas, and a play. "Th? Only Day I I/)ve." in which Charles Hiir'tar Alarm Failed MILFOP.D. Conn. (UPi—Pro'.iri:- tors of a furniture store Ji^re Mioiisht Ihey were preltv clover when they wiretl every dMr and window itiside and . outside Hie | building lo a burglar alarm bul! burglars cut a hole through Hie! wall and kicked down a partition' witboiit tcuching a ooor or window ! to loot, the safe. Itead Courier News Want Ads Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STEKLK, MO. Phone 85 "In the Style to which she is accustomed" Travrl back in nKmory. Vout pi wpeclive UtKerin-U w li aitir. f, ""Can icu mppoit my d*uiK:er in ll»...7" Thsrc *•« no cpic«onJr.g your ringini wu^-cr—then! ArJ you have "nuije jooj" your pronuw. Bul—have ycu providftl lull I n J fxnnplew pcotecdcn !or yonr vil* JJcqiwe supjx>n—Jiitta cvml •Hf hii w travel part c) liit'l n»J widwut you? DtuU. A. T. mill T Alliil'Qiutu Ca|i|KT ., Auburn Cntciplllar Tractor . Chrysler Cities Sunlco Coca Coin Continental linking General Klcclrli: ... (iciimil Motors ... Mlil(lleu't.>.sl Ullllllcs Monlfionicry Ward . N<!»- York Cetitriil . 1'iicknnl nuilio Cor|i ..: SimiiionJv Stnucliirrt of N. J. . Tcxns <?or|i U. s. Sled M 1-3 ^ 1-2 30 1-4 0 8 1-2 3 3-4 til C B 3 3-4 13 5-8 1C 3-tS 1-3 0 3-4 15 1-2 2 1-4 a 7-8 s 22 3-4 10 1-2 27. 5-8 Sweet Potato Plants Now Ready Nancy Hull A Porto Itlran, 20 cents lirr 100; SI,SB prr I,MO. piwr Plant", Plmfnlo, fell or Hull New, I.onj K«d C.'iymnc ISc r ilfi/; 75<? prr I9». Tomato riants, Stow. G»lf Blatn Markrl, Marjlob* i 1'underou Me ftr duz; 50o (*r IH. F*t rbnls 2»o r*r JOT; *1 p»r 1M. BYRUM PRODUCE COMPANY I'.iul nyrum, 11? E. Main All Order? Postpaid Why is this vital question so much avoided by other cigarettes? E VER since Lucky Strike created that special process for purifying fine tobacco and MJ told the full facts about cigarette smoking— the industry has been in an uproar. For Lucky Strike has dared to mention things that were considered "taboo" in the cigarette trade. You may have noticed a striking avoidance generally of the word "inhale" in cigarette advertising. Why? Goodness only knows! For everybody inhales —knowingly or unknowingly! limy smoker bieathes in some part of the smoke he or she draws out of a cigarette. That's why it's all-important to be certain o. K. AMERICA ' TUNE IN ON LUCKY STRIKE—CO mJan nhtla uiib lit uirU'i final 4imv mttanu, aid /-"""" i-^h Siritt ftattns. tury Tun/a), Tims Jay anil Set* r Jay tuning nirfS.B.Ciiau'rla. that your cigarette smoke is pure and clean- to be sure you don't inhale certain impurities. Do you inhale? Lucky Strike has dartd to raise this vital question—for it gives you the protection you want.. . because certain impurities concealed in even the finest, mildest tobacco leaves are removed by Luckies* famous purifying process. Luckies created that process. Only Luckies have it! "It's toasted"

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