The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 3, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 3, 1932
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Served bu the United /'I'm- THE 1TOM)NAN ''' NKWSIMPKK OP NOlt^^ 1 iJLj ?f O lilyllu'rlllc Ilernm. ARKANSAS. Tl'lvSDAY. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS '• ABANDONS BONUS CURRENCY PLAN Much InU'resl Shown nn ft Special Services at Bly-l thevillc Ch-jichcs. The churches I'lisas:;:! in the ! C'hiu-fh Loyalty campaign, which • <'jH-ned Sunday far two weeks duration, are beginning the third -jay's tilli'lliss with interested audiences attending the services. Tin and Lake Slreet MeUuxilsi, Pirn IS.iplisi, First Christian and l-'irst 1'icsbylerian churches are cooperating In ihe movement. According to (Ire five pastors the I audiences were linger ihan usual in the services Sunday and last nigJH and nuicj interest manifested in ilic sermons ami 'otifl services. Vi.sitiilff Minister"; i' Visiting minister* whn are as- j ^ting are: the Hev. J. Abner Sag.' DJ Atlanta. On., aiiu is comiiiclinj the music al th? First Mcihoah! church: nr. Homer strong, pastor i.. a Padurab. K.V.. clii.i-cli. ut.o is teaching al the Christian church tlu Kev. Chailes M. Campbell, ot Cctuvay. who Is in charge of the morning and evening wors.-.ip at ihe First Presbyterian church. The visitation pro^mm, begi.n a ' M-ssk ago by committees from i!ie ' different/ churches, is teln^ cnn- _ tinned through this iveek uilii a ft' vi-iioon calls prior to the .service:; (•rich evening al 7:45 o'cL-ek. Al the church t}:;r? • •ire lo be two daily services wilh T'--.iiratioiial services lor -Si minutes cich niornijis beginning ni 8:30 Al Capoiu 1 Sulks in (.VII A waiting IVnitoniiitrv Trii 'Wives aiui Children First' Ihoii- Answer to Uncm- ploymcnt Situation. 11) IIAY.MONI) (XAM'KI! Unilrd Press Staff ('ftrresjiiili'.lent WASHINGTON. May 3. (UPi — Being not only :i United Slates .scn- atcr. but also chairman of the ]<<•I publican naliunal committee, Hi-n- jfltor Simeon 1). Fess o( Oiilo i.s a very busy man indeed. That is why he must, have secretaries scattered nrmmj in various i places, lie has several in his oflire on Capilol hill. He also has his -ilanghter-in-law iloing cleric,!) aor): .in tier home in Toledo, O.. at $'i;>>0 ' e. year government money. Cimhln'l i-'hiil Dorothy Dorothy is listed in the con- cessional dheclcry as ::n» nt ihi: a».!H3iu clerks Df the .senate 11- biary connniliee of which her fath- CIllOACiO, May 3 illl'i .- ,\\ ir-rnc .sulked in his cininly jail cell imlay, cinlni; liaise wt- , rotiijlil ti; sci' lihu litfniv hi' Marls IcniBlit liu- l.eavi-nwcu'lh pnilli-u- Itary ID Lenin .>.en'ln;: Itir rin-en yiars he nin-,1 .s-.-rvc behind UNI liars tor inc:)inc lax cvusion. ."Go In holt, you lousy ruts." Scarface lirlluvvrrt when nntspap- (Tiucii ai.-nrrached his cell. "Want tn luke IIK lor a ritle some inoii'. 1.1,3 W cll I'm not lnll:in». fin (|,c hell out i,l hCVL 1 ." . The aK r.ound !;an«Mer ireinblnl with i-ajjc. lifc i;,,.., „,.,„ :1 si( . t . |y ill-rule. In- shoal: his list. While 'the man who tnce ruled ilit Chic.-icu sangs «ilh machine <:iins and L'C.nib.s, making thin city liic capital uf crime whence' In- ilre-.v ;iii!l|i>|is- in rci-ciimr trom tiu.- i:nr. vice ui> ; [ ...amiiiiuu. stormed :n h.s ci'l!. last nrriuivnu'iiLs were made lor .sending liim ui iliu tot- eut Kansas. The, onlt'i- to p|;ii,. U. s. in Ihe was the Here's .-^ pair that won l!u> honors :n Die University of Missouri l.eauiy sweopstakes. Estelle Ker- nioir. Kapira Alptia Theta. of KKII- :as City, top iricUirc. tcok fust honcrs. and Kalhryn __ D ........ o ]io u uu . Feiibtcrmu- -•cicck. This Tnornlng "the" Rev "MT" kcr - Ai ' )ba clli Ol » c S". of Eltav Campbell talked en "What Js me '• Lu -' P 1:1 =ed second. As ---- IILT lain-.-iiinnia nf the U. s. marshal er-m-la\v is chairman. Her ail:lr«sl awaited lo clear tlie «ay foi Is given us the Carlton hotel fee,; penitentiary tri]>. bill when this coiresiMiulcin calkd I [her Ihere the rksk ek'rk said Sena- i ' tor Fess lived Iher? but lie couldn't : recall anyone named Dorothy Fess. i Senator Fess is not .singled om , as unique in doing this. Ti-.e prac- ! lice is common in both houses a-ul in both parlies. Tlie tensile Demo- I cratic leader. Je«p>. T. Roljinvun i of Arkansas has a urollicr-in-law.' the president or a bank in Little i r , , TT Rock, on Ihe same payroll. Speak- TUllcral lor Mother of C er Garner has his son on ih s ,,ay- i A r 'I W/'ll n roll to represent him in Texas. : rt - LlllininotKim Will H Representative. Henry T. Raincy. Al Darclanelle. PurjxKC of the Church?" Noble Gill is boding .the - smiting al- (his The visiting minister :u Ihl.s church is a graduate or the Austin rnealoglcm Seminary at Aiwin. •ISMS, and before laking up las s:udie.s there was principal of tti Camden, Ark., high sclionl. Holds- Mufif Srhonl A feature cr the services at. Hie First Methodist clmrch is to IK Hie Ff'iiool or music caiirlnclcd rree by J. Abner Sag.-.. High sciiobl slu- (lents who are interested in singi-iy :«= invited lo attcnj each aft.v- r:on tor an hour and a half al the or Die afternoon school ::ssion. Thaw interested in nii.iii; will IK given a tryoul ancl diMnic- licn for a glee club is to te »iv3n 1-is group will present a musics! p.-igeani., to be arranged lor Molh- orV Day, at the Sunday niglit EC r- vice. Mr. Sage, who for ten yfars «-as head of the voice departm-nl cf Southern Methodist Univcrsity"it Ifellas, Texas, also was in diaW rf Hie gl-c club of the univraty iUi:l the glee club of Hi-'.ilapd Park high sclwol of that city. A former student of Ilcndilx college at Ccn- w.iy. he lat:r sli:;iied voice in Chi<-•>;!» and New Yctk under leadim- instructors wham was Dr. Jaiiii Finley Willinmvcn. iir. s.^j i'. lo broadcast each morning from 11 :•!:"> o'clock KLCN. until 12 o'clock Young Democrats Club Will Enroll Members An active drive to enroll members in the Yonns Detnocrals club of niyihrvilie was scheduled to lr, start today as the prelirninarv move to the first meeting O r (lie nrv oru.iuixatinn which has been planned lor the Ihiru week in M:iy. connnitleemeii ihe slate tee a membership or abom 200 club cr The men in the local w-idc organiiuu sponsored by (he central to I,;,, Democratic comaiii- jnunser citizens in th l«rty a; K | C.-ivernment. • cciinly inlercsl or the ie IJcinocmtic or stair qiiec-us ol^lhc yearbook, Savitar, they will tc,introduced to the sui- "ieni. he did United , in nn interview witli the | Press last week, condemn this .practice, but he is assailing a Mrs. Bonnie Chandler CiinnlnB- h.ini. 80. died al the home of her son,'Judge C. A. Cunningham, nl usluiiul and F;ilher Victims Will Not Placed Under Arresl. of AII-MI'IIIR. M.iv A. I'myear will 3 lUI'l-SUllley be brou;;lil to , J'S 'folluwhlll Ihr ((cubic fi.ncrul l.xlay of his wile and daiii.linr. victims uf an as slayer ]i»n: cailv Monday. In- jx'ct.-i: \Vill Oiifrin aijnmmu\l. "We uui tl .|.|j ],),„ r c v tuni,!,,. liicv.iDiiln-." On; liisnctiKir ex- iiniiiKd. -ivi- will not him." In.-li.rirr Grill in explained rur- ihi-r that Piirynir will mil 'Won In: i.'iidf-r !<rbriii-al" «lu-n Ih: i-iii1o:ly at jxili^i. ulticcis. Thr ilrci!-l<jn ti> brlnt; him tii hr;idi|ii:nl ( ji.s WHS ri'iiclii'tl ruler a curciirr's jury l( rt lny nilinlllnl it was rmliui'd l;y [(inilirlinv str.r- Ic.s to!:! iTfiaj-dln^ the guiCioine :rlme In ivhiui Mrs. Auivlla Piir- ycar. 38. ami •>•::• daughter. Aur- .•lla 1 2wii,i, age 11. were backed lo ::va(h while they slept. "Wr. Hi: 1 jury, linil Uils crime was coimnltii'd by some iJcr.son as j p et i!ii!:nmtn." ihe verdict read, 'lliciv wine iwo versions or the x slaying. Pin-year nuilninlnrd nesrn. Will Jamlsrin, killed Ihein. 'I'hc uegi-e-, 11-113 lalally sho|. by ar us he Ik'd Jrom the bou;.j, o;i in a deathbed statement ileiiicd kiliini! tlie woman and ?lrl. ami said he was shcl «-hcn he came 1 lo the 1'iiryear Imine tn help move some v.'hiskey." 1'nryeji- w:i.s |>ennillcd lo attend the funeral of his wife iiml Ehier itiday. then Griffin said. lie would be brought into police i!5n(',<iuaucrs lor questioning. . fi..Junior-senior prcm in'TTieii- lidiior. PRIVILEGE MS Representatives of Eiglit Northeast Arkansas Uu- Coming to Blylheville ll The eight units of the American iman'.s code. Legion Auxiliary which comprise the Pifih district ot Arkansas will send representatives here Friday for ilie annual district conference to which the niyth«rille milt 15 lo b« hostess. A number of distinguished guests will enhance the interest of the t program prep-.ucti by Mrs. Howard Proctor, district chairman. Mrs Charles II. Millar, president of ih? stale group, Mrs. Laiirn Lee CDS. oepart!r,ciu secretary. Mrs. Hn^h Wicker, stale rebabililation charr- nian. Mrs. W. S. lli.ssnwn. dejurt- nient membership chairman, and Mrs. Walter Terry, department publicity chnirmnn. nl! of are from Lilde Rock, will b: here. At the morning sessie-n a new piesiclem will be named, as Mrs. Proctor, who has served for three years, i.s ineligible for reelection This election will b; ratified by (he slate convention meeting at Hot Springs in July and the new president will take office, with other or- ficers. in October. Mis. Koycl White, president of U:e local unii. is to be official hostess to the conference. Assistino her will be Mrs. W. j. Pollard, unit activities chairman, who is in charge of the entertainment for the distinguished r.MOsts- Frirlay evenin" Mrs. U. N. Ware jr.. and Mrs. E.-f-' gar noruin. who are in charge of arrangements for the limclieoii in work some of them never t'o, lire college boys and siris who draw pay. the aged relatives, the unsiiccess- till in-laws, the political nceters back home taken care ol al (jov- ernment expense—the United Press correspondent has Otcover?;] no inrticalicns that congressmen feel conscience stricken. In the race of thu unenipSovmjnl situation -wives and children' first" is a popular ni!e in the con»rM?- G-harlc.5 F. Wilkins officiating". Burial will lie made in the family cemetery. 'I'ht H'lii.-iins nre Iwint; arcam- patiled to IJarrtanelle by C. A. Cmi- •ninginm. his brother. Di-. n™ L ! Cmminelinm. and Mrs. Cunningham. Mr. and Mrs. O. 1'. Moss anil N. F. Knight. The Col:b Un;l:r- I taking ccmpany is in charge of ar- Snccial Assessors Complete Task Assigned Them by City Council. of the 48th Arkansas general ns- sembly did 75 miles per hour is almost, possible. The road to Slntlgavt (10:11 Little Rock llnongh EiiRlirtd is almost imp.issable. One garage uwuer told llv United Press lhat -during rail's « ---- ......... ILij; IIMH; be held a! the Hotel Noble. These units and their elnirnrn !are included in (he district: Carais chairman of lhr' w 'V- Mrs - J- E- Nieistheuner- r»- ccmnilltee. other mem-! l"» to - Mrs. NT. o. Whayne; 'mi...... " "" " ..... "' - . ,^«. V^MIUI IJIVIII* q;, r l,". lhls . dlslrlrt nre: Graham Siitlbury, city chairman. John llasc. AtWison Smith. Norrls Moo Qimiry Oliver Alexander mimliera at large. Rov N I-'ied Fleeman. m. and two J.'on nnd Lovers Take Poison maun. Mrs. H.irry Rice: Marked Tree, Mrs. W. H. Harris; Earle Mrs C. n. O'Neill: Marlon. Mrs. Howard' Curlin: Jonesboro. M rs . Lowell Sow-lc ami Blythevil!c, Mrs. MacDonald Will Undergo in Savannah Hofeli Another Eye Operation SAVANNAH. Gn.. May 3 (tjp)_ Two lovers lock poison In n suicide pact in n Savannah, hotel ^ LONDON. May 3. fUP)— Prime Ramsay MacRonald will mit p.ui in u bjvnnrinn. hotel I ivuiu»ny iMacnonaid will early today. Lorraine stubbs •>! | lnicl "8o -i» operation on hb right Claxton. r,a., was dcnrl and Wil-'l cyc Ttlllfi «l ll y afternoon, an official vn Weldon. 31. nls-> of Claxlon i announcement today .taid ..-s dyltti! when (hey were found} The prime minister's They hart registered as "ir ,in:l Rcnoik" Ihni^'^i Mr., Wilson Weldon. Utlro^M.n'ncJlw nff'^toleS •nients. ' Tiio deceased, wlio was born in D.ird.-ii.-elJe wliere she .spenl masi ;of lior life, was the wire j( Uir • late Judge G. S. Cunningham a j prominent, lawyer in western Ar! kansas. For the past 15 years she ; had divided her time between this : flt.v nnd D.irtinnelle. Slic was the mother of four children. A daughter died in infancy. ; Tnc tbree sons who survive her a^e lack of Maintenancel^^.K&nU',^ I hrcatcns t o Wreck Darilill " >!lc - ••'»•-' J'tfec c. ,\. cun- ,V1 , I f c, , ir I • njh8h! " n - S|1C 'S also survived by a IVlUCh 01 Otate Highway : granddaughter, uetly Sue Cnnriln"- , ham. ,nul a RramUon. Robert f, MITtE HOCK. Ark.. (UP! -- Ci'nninsham. Willi practically , ro maliileiiance through ihe hoi siiinnier montlis i r- i * Arkansas' S200.CCO.OCO highway sys- I rCfJenl Court tem wili be sadly in need ot re- iair by SeplnnbC';. The rcfmidiiig bill passe-l by the second extraordinary session Shooting Fines JONESBOno. Ark.-Jimmie Ixrl- - .- - , h " trr '• )nrt O. I>. Flint of niy- allot any money 'heville wore fined five dolla-s to be spent on maintahimg the c!!cl1 by Judge Marlineait in fcci^ liighv.-ajs until Reptemlxr. I eial court here yestrrdai- nn cltai- Already miich of the (jr.uel! 8es ef shooiing 'ducks out or scu- roads has become full of holes i sa ". ami in .some Instances irnvel at j The livo men cinerKl p,eas of emlly ic, charges or vlolalini; red- ei-al game statutes. Grain Bishop or the same place was .cleared of a similar charge. Oeorge Peery ol near Blytheville was nned five dollars (or fliooliiiii a tcxia 1 oul M S.MVHI. Approximately ilei;r;' licenses fnr ni:i,.'j liiolorisls Muck'". Tlir used lo be among the besl. It has been predicted that unless ihe counties help (o keep he roads in repair the bill for repairing at the lime when money Is allotted for maiiiUininf the loads "will nmoiinl to ihe initial cost or building the road". Dirt fills between Little Rrvk "'id Memphis oulclrte ot Brinkley roe beginning to crumble—the road is new. Deep nils and large holes hinder and endanger the motorist. It was E.I Id, Concrete pavement along Highway 70 lias begun to b'.ickle and sink, nnd n warning was issued °1' the highway department for molorisls lo heed the signs. Georgia Bank Robbed AMEIUCUS. Cia..' May 1 (UP)— Tl'i-ee unmasked men l-.cld up the Bank of Leslie. 12 mile.' casl of hero at 11:30 A. M. today and escaped with an unclcitimmcd "mount of casli: S10.UOD in priv- . the last half of 11)32 and the first half of 1933 lias been .'el up- as revenue Ihe city may ob;aii: from these sources in tiie twelve months period be- f.inning July 1st, by Herman Cross and Frank Webb, assessors, and Sidney Craig, cily clerk. The total amount listed represents an iir.oiricial estimate rcm- piled lr' Ihe Courier News on the basis or license rces charged against Ircal business firms by Hie assessors who completed their task yesterday afler devoting si-venil days lo the job. 1'tivilegi- licenses are payable !-wnl-anjiii.-illy ivliich me.-iiLs- ' thai Jin 1 ixis-sibic leveniic or the cily iroin privilcgn hcensi'S the lasl hair or will be nbout sn/ilM, according to the imalficlal estimate. Sidney Ci:ii» city clerk, pointed oul Dial ills- assessors and clerk had lisled s.evcral businesses ahich ,irc no: i a.vert In [lip privilege license cntie but which will he included in an amendment In the cede ordinance. No license tec was extended agalnsi ihcse businesses however, iiending action by the council. License lees charged apainst restaurants v.rrc regaided as prchlbitivc. Mr. Cr.iij slated, and It is probable lhat action to redme Ihe privilege license on Ihis (>pe nr business may Iv taken ::i (he council inccliiiR wxl week. Urges Liom to Support i hall or 103) and die half or 1S32 ha\e nminal wilh atom ChurchLoyaUy Drive « ./-"-ft, '^T fiicivnt. first been Mow SO per cent churrhr^'lvnc"; "«*'"", " )li1 ""™ to "'urge privilege licenses « ^T^ir^ii 1 ^- ,nr :°,= rtalement lo the council al ihe close or each six nunlhs period accoimllng for privilege licenses paid, unpaid nnd action taken lo —'---- payment or privilege II- 0 ons cu oy Dr f.'omer Slrong of Pr.ducah. M'., who is serving as guest prc.i fhcr at Ihe Christian church. He asserted the church is iiiiliUillon which irerlts \uf.noi ')-°m e P«.re.y busing'sta^Sj declaring thai It is n,e slroiws' factor for the maintenance nl KM! i In snpnortlne the Church L.y- alty campaign, | 1C ^w Llcns rr>n render an especial service by; carrying Into the churches ^nit-l of the spirit Owens Seeking National Committee Seal LITTLE irover T. ROOK. Ark. Americans Drive Back Jap Raiders .'••llrtNfillAi. May ;( ilJp,--tJiiii- id !:inli\: tnlalltly lrcil|;s (nicod a .l.i|> laidlnji p.uly' |,> , ( '.. Hii 1 limn Hie Ami'iii'iin dc'fonse :e-. in- of Hhain:h:ii Innl-ihi allrr .- .ll-]l:ll]c:.t' |-.ii : | | n whirl! t|,|. .loiiiiiilidl:, were called mil (a ( [|.. ren:l Chinese i-lviiians. 'Ihr .lnp;nii'.s.-> relired snililjiirn- ly. thiiMivnlii ; 10 n-Uirii In fnrci! rcjardh'ss ol Hie Amcrk-ans If :iuy n, me f u..ii'h Mm- ihrnwn bv ; j Chliu-iu nc-i-nss the creek inlo Ihe j ' .lujiaiir-.v Mctnr. a.s Ihey alU-e(f A clash In-iweeii the Americans mid JiipaneEe was nnmuvly nveii- u u-iii!n .lupaiii-sf: nuirine.'. [HI:II I he chaiiei dlMrlol eriiweil Kuo- llil^ 1 I'HTlt inlo l| 1( . AllH'l-lfllll :.l i'I ,r. liivallni; Tliendore Dreiser's "An Ainerlcun Traijcdy." n tnlc; «| yoiilhrm lave;' llml Jlamed, faded mid Uniiixhi disaster was unfolil- ed l>v l.ols Wade. n-ycar-r,lil roiiioii.i, Ciilir., high school • (;lrl, imiiiictl iiiiovs. lit the trial In I.on Angpli'M of H-aiik Nevland, 19, hn- rnrnicr siveethenrl, Mew, with chilibliiK her ninl liiii-lliiS! IICT Into nn abandoned wi-ll. The pro:i!H:iilloii charsjed MIL- nllei:ed a i lack lollowtd Miss Wade's ilrnriiid Hint Newlnml obtain a divorce juicl miirry her. She rays Newland kep', .|nushln<; her IvirH into the Icy water as she Iricd desiwrnlcly - lo ,clhnb. from the well. Finally escaping, she was taken lo a hr.spilni by a (Kusing Govcrnor Jncld of Mnwaii Asked to Free Massic And Co-Defendants. WASHINGTON, May :i. luo- afllng niomljcrs of' the house In a iietllton aponsorcd by nepiewn- liillie Thatcher, nejjiibllnni). K;i,. lucky. Implored Governor Jndil of Hawaii in pardon u. Thomas 11 Massic unit ills co-ilefenrlnnis coti- vleicd ol mnnslaiiuliiur. Th; u«u- lion was cabled to Governor Judil PflSFflFFf SITE Achon Removes l.asl Obstacle to Acquisition of Properly by Government The niial obstacle (o the government's title to Ihe properly ,11 Die southeast coiner. of Walnut and Dioadway Klrecls, site of the i>ro- po-'.'d new pcnoffice building. Is believed to have been removed wilh the gra'nlihg of a decree by Judge Martincnii in lerl.-'nil cmirl ,il Jom-fboro yeslenlny, csndemnlng tt'.e site on payment of S1.0M and. cosls or Ihc Utlgaiicn by.the RM- ernmentr The condeinnaliou decree Ix- accepted by Irrasiiry ;lcparln>."nl onicials before ihe actinn is cr.m- pleted but this is regarded as c;r- tain in view of action already lak- en by federal atlnrneys. Tlie decree was handed down in on imcontcslcd action. U. S, Hran- son and Mr. and Mrs. A. M. li. Branson, owneis o! Hie site, agreed to the eondeinnalion nctiun which was laken primarily to ipiicl title to the site and cancel liens wMch various improvement districts might have tor paymenl nl rminv taxrs. The decree eiuerrd hy Judge Marllnean yesterday provides that the government pay all cosls ot the action ab:ive J150 which is to l:e paid by the Tinnsmx Costs in tlie suit are known to r.avc mminled high because o! ihe government's action in making parties lo the suits all iK'rsoiv; liaviiss any interest In (he proprrty ovi-r .1 juried or ninny years. W. Ifon Smilh or ll.trrhoii. Smith ami Taylor ntteiule:! court in .lones- boro yesterday at raun:el for the Bransons and u. s. Branson, local architect, was also in attendance. Dr. Sliong Wls iniroduccd (lie nn: R. 1C i.nimer. Jltlo Bock at- succced Vincent Miles. Port Smith as Democratic nslkm.i] rnninilttrc- mnn. Two Divorce Decrees Granted by Chancellor Dncrees have bern granted In In'O divorce cafes submitted at Ihe adjourned dav or chancery court here last werk, n. L. dailies, circuit clerk, has been advised In a letter from Chnncellor .1. M. rnlrell. Hies of the cases were taken by Ihe chancellor tn his Paragoultl home at the close nf the- adjotmi- rd dny of court and (tcorvos n-ere recorded, on Judje Fiiirell's lel- | tcr or confirmation. The decrees tvcre granted Hie ! plaintiffs In (he rollowing iincon- testrd actions: Pleas Wallers vs. Dome Wnllers and Mnttle Mathaney vs. Uithcr Malhancy. Women Prab.c OAKLAND, Cal. May! 3 t Tlie.act. of L.t. Tliomas\H •; wns defciifled as "a right / can women exptct rrom Aiiie'ricii'n men- by the Oakland civic Center it women's organization. In calling iijxm ['resident. Hoover today to liardon (lie four honor slnyjrs. llelil Out fur Acquittal HONOLULU, T. II.; May j ( jjp, -A Iliiwaiiaii-Amcrlcan Juror held ii|i the verdict In Honolulu's honor murder case lor live hums In a single-handed iiml vain elforl to sain acciuitiul i nr t ] K ftM . United Press learned George Mclmyre. Ihe Hawaiian-American, l:ettl ent for five horns against thi; manslanglHcr verdict anil save In •nly Ihcn alter he had rcrred the lucrdon er a leniency recoinmen- tlatfon In the jnry^s verdict. The firsi ballot. II was learned, brought a division of voles along .atial lines, six of the seven cau- casianr, vollnj with Mclnlyre fc.i arqnitlnl, ihc nlhcr live jurori (lenianding conviction for second .legiee murder, arguing Hint while l.t. Massic inljlii linvc been lem- I'.orarlly insane when he llrcd the shot that killed Joe Kahaliasvai. .is.\erlcd ccntesscd alluuker uf his .iv.crioci ccniesscd alluuker uf his wife, the evidence 'showed conspiracy If, kidnap tin- Hawaiian .mil assault v.ilh a deadly weapon. I'roseci.ior Kellcy's hints lhai riccd. Finally the seven holding foi ac- f|iilllal wnvereil. Willie Heyer. po- lato chip king or Honolulu, was Ihe last in go over lo the man- slaiighter UTdict. save for Mc- Inl vi-f os Stiind Rccmise of OpjiDsilion Kvokcd |>y f}lew Money Proposal. WASHINGTON. May 3 ilJP)- A pro|insal lo issue two bllllim 'hulin.s- In new currency for :uild-' '••; bonu:, purf.orx!S was ahaml- ''I by Us r.]iam:nr | 01 lay In .fu- i'fi- ul » Icxs i-ontinvci'slal prn- ui.nn. [ii'iirr.M'iilalive Palnian. ricmt:-" enil, 'ivx.'is. Informed the hoiiw ways and means commlUce ha lr.' willing lo nuljinii m i| lc owon- 1 lioma.v pliin pioi'lillng for « Ixinri fur the purls of Ills own bill wlilfh have teen mcst vliioi 1 -. -isly atlnckcd. Ih-liali- (tin for Vrlrrnns I'alman did nol n«iec with the iincl delivered a series 'nf nltacks ipo.i Hecreliiry of Treasury Mills uirl Hllicrs who t>rlllcixcd the current 1 )' plan. • •._ The hniife. rcniiinlni: UK • cm\- sUleration df Ihe S-OU.OM.CBn cmn- omy bill, wns plunged Inln a II 8 1,|. over pinpott-d way:; to reduce-vet- cians' compensalion by some $50,- ' nno.non. ,\ nlahl scMion wns planned. Speaker dinner -uld he believed Micro i..v. lllile. th(nir:.j nr the house nnirovlni; the bill | 0 'ap- liroprlalei Jl.lKin.coi) tor iirru-shnj,- |v-r e.:r.dlrallnn In western ;:la(e.i, 'the house iigrlciilliiral uiininll- lee voted Iavm..v.,y on the lluwf-s Wild life conservation rura'mre. IV.isscd by the ^elpt[:.' .-"'.' : .- Wauld' DctJalc. Uollj r's .VnW. ; lion; -Ui?_ that thii iNxIcrul lie.sen'e.-'Tkiurd -tlicy can lo : what II used lo 'be. it, aiipiovcd, MO lo CO, the Galds- boroiiBh bill charging- tlbne tn'o Rovernmcnt agencies with Ihe duty of fixing the tlollnr's pur- chuulng power nt Us average 1)0- Iwccn 11)21' and 1020. This, nrn- Ijonents or the measure clahnfrt, cmilil Ix.' done by purchases or 'ales of covrrnnicnl Kcciirllies. art- iKKllug Ihe discount rates and con- Inilling. the volume of iMnreney. GoKlstoroiigli advanced lhc.-e argnmenis ror ihc measure: "All authorities iagrcc that it is hnpxslbSc. ror the debts of the ennmry lo be paid at the present price level. Thai unless tin: price level Is raised the business of the country Is headed lor inevitable bankruptcy and thai Ihe present, price level Is unjust to debtors." He maintained a reduction hi the purchasing power of the dollar tiom the Sl.GO it iiaw re.sprc- scnls tn the *t it averaged tiom 1921 to Ifl^fi. "would make lower standards or living unnecessary,' would justify falnrics aiul wii;;c.s. u the i)rc-de]>ressicn level, would make uimcccF.sury the of liainrul economic rCLKljnsiinent •.vhi:h will have to be c^nsiinnnat- .xl if cctnnmdity prices are not raised." Milk Shower Brought Out Salinas' Cats SAUNAS, Cal. iUP)-It rainert milk anrt cnls an cue of Salinas' bnsii^s streets hiir; rccenily lo such an extent lhat police had lo tieal with the situation. A mill: truck struck a bump In the pavement. Pan of its bounced off. the bottles broke, and the milk flowed into a ]K»1. Then came th? d?!uge of cats. From every alley and street they poured into the, lapping up Ihe milk. Police dually chase:! them away so traffic could be resumed. Will Demonstrate Budding of Paper Shell Pecans Budding or p.i]wr shell pecan slock on native seedlings will be demonstrated at Huffman nnd al Osccola this week by J. E. McKeli of Little nock, district ajririiJtiir.t) extension agent. Tlie Huffman demonstration. In ivlilch Comity Agrat J. F. Crliz w:l! cooperate, will be held on Hie W. M. Williamson place Thursday. County Agent S. D. CtirjHiitor will cooperate In tr.c Osccola deiMvtra- it:3n to be held Wednesday. I Northern varieties or pjpcv shell pecans, which ais bslirve'd totter .suited to this climate ih.m the southern varieties, will be ujcd In ihc demonstration. 1 ;. i:leolrorii(prt hy Fisliin<r Km! DAPln CtTV. S. D. tUP> — Rob- ,ert ,1. Morris. H. was electrocuted [recently when the lip of his steel fishing rod touched the rxrejr lin»- near (he spot where lie wns costing. His companion heard a .-harp buzz, whai the rod touched t'r.e charged- wires, and saw the borty of his Irlnwl fall. "' BATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy, warmer toniaht. Wednesday elottrty. According to the official weather observer. Char!cs Phillips Jr.. ihe inimi, « decrees, tor. To4ay a year ago the inaxlnium leniperalnr,- was 83 degrees nnet the minimum 54 degrees. .

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