The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1932
Page 5
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CLASSIFIED ADS Two writs i word for nrst "Metlon and one c*nt a irerd 'or wch wbMquent ln«rtion No idv«tllc*meut taken (or le*. "!»n Us. Count the words »ud tend UM euh. Phone 306 "r . FOR SALE FOR SALE— Baby chieks, I'art cash, pay balance In fryers. Marl- Jyn Hatdicry, Blyllicvillf, Art. OSAGE OHICKS— 100, $5^o]"Hclivy Mixed, $4.7o; Blmx!-lK,U'il, Electric hatched. Barred Hocks, Hods, Buff Orpingtons, White Hocks. Pre- jraid, live delivery. Os;ifC Hatchery. Jefferson City, Mo. 301'-K1 FOR SALE—Coinimtim; Scales, $30. Cost $167.00. Howe Pliitform Scale, $10.00. Tho^js Land Co. 28U-K1 BABY CHICKS te pad). Uai-rjJ Reeks, White Hocks, White L.CB- liorius, nyruiu Produce Co. Oppotiia PoilofBce, 2c-k5 TOR NEWS u-« nrsfln BY MABEL McELLIOTf FOR SALE— Cotlon »hiiii!ii£ seeil. »15 per toji. Meyer Dros. Offito. SliP-K-t FOB RENT—30 acres cdjje of city limits, Sternbere Cotton Co. 27ck2 FOB BENT—6 room house ivifh 3 acres choice truek land, close in. Land ready to plant. Phono 197. See O. G. Caudlll. 30CT-K1 FOR RENT — Convenient, ronuy fire room house in Road crmrii- tinn. 317 Dongnn. Will lense for one year nt 520 iicr month. K. D. Ferguson, Phone loo. 2C-K5 LOST—Purse containing army discharge ami $11. Reward. RHiirJ) lo Veterans of Foreign Wars at court house. 2P-KS flKf.'l.% Ill.'Itl, 1 IU1M1 Sl's.v.v (;AIU:V. It) nu>) iirrll,, »nrl.» 111 iin uiiin <>i I:IIM-:ST llli.vril, arvblKvl. JACK W\lt- IM:. llruib>> ,ii>[Mnn(, crli-> >a n.iihc li»\v to lu-r ruil l« dlsroiir- i ceil, !ju>,aii livr» ^11^ her nitru, Mbn fit uiiutuiilj;- ki/lrl. It \ V ri..V\M:HV, rrniilnyi'J lu ihi' >IP<1 onUu-. luiikn rrEi-inU »liti riu^m anil i-iitn|i] lM |j t . r nniljlllim In life —1*> lunrrj a rich rn:m. SKirtii f« nrrri-ll, In l nvr nl |l< IIDI1 DI'X- I1AU. i,,IIM,. u .,l,^-. , hr nirl ill l.ll>liH>. ...h,,,,l. M,r hriin ril- »li)r* IIP U in mnrr) Dl'I.MM.' Arkllnvi). ilrliinniili.. Sn^urt rr- fu»i-^ nu oflt-r nr nmrrln^i 1 trnrn tll.:.\ I.AMP'IA.V. Ki-rluiiv-iuliiilril Ji'UJ'n ^li-lan. ,\i n «r*-l;-rnil rnrly clirn l.j llrnlx- »n nnj HUN iU;lii nvrr >ilihi|n. M<r ruiiB nivnj nuil. niLTiIni; !•>- tu'il llralh, i,,k» lilm lot hl< |>n- Iri'tlon. II*. ffcrorlM hrr Vrr^ In Itic ArkrnijM, lUrri-'rv; Incurring hU \ilrr'h tiNjilf/iMiirf. l.ntrr l)c:ilt) Infiimik Snxnn hlq nllr Iji- (rialH In r.[ir brr lur nlli-nm Lull ill hlii affrrlhint. VVnrlnc ni:m:iu|.^ tn Knvr Ihr Alliflllliiu. lij iitract* or n Irllrr Invulihiu >lr«. Ili-nik In nn nlTnlr ullli ntiiilhrr uinn. llnr IN Iirnrllirukrii, H'llInK Siixrin Ilinl ".SKV" II'KIIII. oh" hn« ln-i-n Alm^lnu lirr nllvulluixK, linn nitir- rlrrt. NOW <;» o.v wrni THE STIIIIV CIIAl'TEU XXIX o( ujidersondlug Hashed licttvec-x tliria. aiisiiii cauclit her lir0:11:1 Thu youiiK 1:11111 Elared ut l;er. She all In drawn '.oilay. ly acid lono. . •'' Clli; SlUDCCd III 1)10 t'jitt. It o laeU-d but 10 illinium of tlic bcroie.iii! 1 ^I"' l ''° " O l' li iOS ' l01V ''°" r ' T '" J V " tci - S '" " I0 J "' h '" lc brown oxfcriK Shu walled tor tl.v j struggle.! Injo her cnai sh] vHcd sho felt certain wero (o fol- iinollier prayer lo her litany.' "I want to say Spain Iliat I'm sorry tor nlBlit. Tlicro—she bud not dreamed ill Klio looked up ut lilm, her eyes Habiting anil darkening wllli tbe emotion Uial possessed h"r. "it's ijiilie nn mini, it wann'i your fauH." Tho stcrc lines of his faro re la.vcil. "1 was n bll liln'i, 1 know, illlt il'S ,10 CM'diC." She tvamt'd lo reach out luul loucb liiu rcuijli fabric ol hi:, overcoat. tVLat alie did was lo Hick bet laslics demurely downward anil say "Vou ran away." the lioy accused i-r. "\Yliy Uld you dn Uial?" );:osi r/jolish Hale ptir.-ises rnki WANTED MAN - - Aggressive, for and adjoining counties. Collection, investigation and special contact work. Experience unnecessary. Permanent. Full time; good pay. Writ* Associated Protective Agencies, Inc., Room 34-1 SU'rlck Bid., Memphis, Tenn, 30C-K1 PERSONALS SNIDEH METAL. REPAIR SHOP Geilta work, ice (me;; lined, lawn mowers re[Uired an:i sharpened. Gin work a specially. I'hone 293-R. 323 North Sixth st. aopkl ; . .The Offices of DK. FUE1) CHILI), DR. L. H. MOORK, DR. H. A. TAYLOR Will Be Closed Every Thursday Afternoon. ' FRESH RIVEK CAT FISH EVERY DAY Jimmie O'Rrien's Cafe 105 S. 2nd St. Phone 271 SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson 391-383 E. Halo "TMHS wan ibo moment Susan had I ' dreamed of all these weeks, hui! .," ! ( -' :m ' L lillow - " aiiul " cl1 » S 1 „ , . i lnoa at tbo linte." Susan s'ni now that Hob Btooil l«fore her L, l(l ,,, e oh| rrll , R , 1Uncss , l|13 tliere was a curious unreality nl»ni isi.iMibhcd. Sliairiw It was. ibnn It. Her he.irt iiouailed painfully. | Susan, that ivilii some |ieo[ile Ho looked Ihiimer and fu euino subtle way older. Siie mauacQil to say caluily. "\VI1; you sit down!! I'll 60= if Mr. Ilisith Is In bis ofllee. I'm not ijiiico sure." She knew perfectly \vell be was not iu but she must do something, anything, to delay this man. Wildly e on a i:ew and sliluhiK ineaulnK. U'liat- ever Elic said in lii^b, or he lo her. seemed fresh ami curiously their oivu. "Look here, won't you—" "1'le.iEc let lilui slay mull l CD UK' back. It's not much lo abk." Von coulii not run on l.n Snlle street. IVupli' would look m y,i U anil Ihlnk you were mad, • lint how coulii one walk ecil.-ucly nuil .tiulci- ly will, a hcan ratliiR like a wild IhlusV lion- alow :lw teller was behind lliu bars! Wllli ivliui mad dcnliiK dellliernilon he mailc llio en If}'. Usually Susan snilleil nt bin) I and spoko about ibc wcallier. To day tlic i!!i! neilher. -ilurry, liurry!" llor frwlsloiis lie|it tlmo wllli ibo wonls. ,\ irallk 1 Hf.lit delayed lier at 0110 comer. Tins [loliceiuan Bociued niaildeuliiKly slow. !i teemeii IIRCS licfnro Bbe fonii-l lii-rti-lf aRalii In llio olevaior of llio olbio buililius. lloti woiihl l» tliei-o still. Ho would tie eiMiiIng 0111 ol Mr. lloath'B room ns she look oli lier bai.. 'I'liey ii-uii.M iiavo just a moment logutlici lint lie ivouhl linlsb ttliai ho hud islnuril lo t;\y. ' Hu^in iiraiinlcd IM- fore InrniiiK tbo Knuli. savoring Hie flavor ot antldnalion. Tlicu sb'e IhniB (lie ilnor o:iei). trying lo n> luciuber just bow slio, bcliaveil gu orilinary daya. Quic.My she ncjil to tlio closet and luinn away lier coat. Slio would not look In tin; direcllon ol Mr. she , UU8 h, about in Her mind tor! a, tbat In.tant ibo rear Hoo, „„ ^^""^"'IrSHi a way io kwn him talking. Tbe;, | ilunK open and .Mr. l!c:i'h b!iEilc«l llio niotn in K \ n Picr.son the bunk sbe felt nslKiined. tier liainla were- in. book she ley. Slio returned lo tbe mu:i j \y/IlAf be nicLUit to say sins n-as not dcslincil lo liliow DLcatise mau , noi „„„„ „, olhco and looked st ra,ght « Dob. Carey was , hlsllc(1 a . 1(] M .. M cyci] "I'm sorry, lie's not there," she but liicn she was a very pretty i;lfl told lifm. "flc usually (s hy this I and that *vas quitu oaliiral. Susan timo bul rcrlia|is Uiero id n nics- suso i can lake." Tbo young man slood up. No, U was quite all right, he Informed lier. Ho would give Heath n rhiK later. U Ecemcil to Sasau that there nvust be something she c^uld do to detain him. She, mis starved tor tlio very sight of him yet uoiv thai tho opportunity lay before her she was like one stricken dumb. Tbcy might liave been utter strangers, tbcse two young people. Dunbar'a hand was on tbe door knob. He was tlunkini; bor In meanlnEtes ptirasea Tor her trouble. Tlien suddenly ss on thst .far^B summer day In the restaurant at tbt'JJiochsioua that &pari hail to stllie Her dlsajipoliument ns slio watched her employer lead Uob into his privalo oflice. She found It Impossible to keep her mind on her ivork. She could bear the low murmur of tbe two voices and her ivholo bclug tingled with exclto meat. What was it Dob had started lo say? iSbo prayed, "Dear God. giro me another clianco to Itilk to him!" llf-.T beart pounded. I When ricrsou returned from lunch sho slaoccd up, scarcely eee- liie him. I!o siioko Io tier twice before she realized the remarks vvcro directed to her. "I said you'd better go lo the bank right -away. It's . almost conscious of ibo cs Ircme quiet or Ibo i.l.icc. Slie would noi ask. She woiilil not! IMeibon loo!;eil nt her curiously. "The IJOFS said io lell you ho'd bo back at foin-." "lie's euuc?" Susan's volco Bounded unreal to Iier. "Yes. Galloiicd out with tbat collar-ail fii;y just after you left." Tbe Klrl'a stcpa went drearily ncrnss tbo room. "\Vliy? Did yon ivant to JIB!! lilm Honietbiiis 1 .'" I'lcrson couldn't bclp bolus inquisitive. "No. It was nothing," Susan said without hone. "Nolblni; at all." * • • CUR waited Tor Hie lelepbouo to ^ rhifi. Tbo lirst day slio *os sure Hob would call. It was perfectly simple because bo knew the number. She bail EO much to any lo liiia llial sho could hardly wait. .Then us tlic days passed Susan came three." Piorson repeated in a faint- r. l.isi to the realization be wasn't I'B to telephone. 8h« told herself the wua a. (o,i|. |K hur saner iiwiiienis sho mi firm nnd hrlsk and decided ahoiii It. lx>ta O l iilrlg moinKil nroiiiul over a lust love but bbo. 'I'ho bturcs IIORAII to display ro- DiluiliTK idnt C'lirlHtmns was ut hand. K^tii tlmo Snsnn vvciil lo tlio Mllicma' sho found H,, sa nl>- sJrlw.l in mysterious lienpa of crepo de chnu.. i : i CO nuil unchct. Mrs. Mlltini bail eniiililcii to KUS.IJI ID nn un^,i:.ul|.ti nioiiieiil tbat Tarry In- teu.kil io B lvu Itosu a rlns for "Hui I ilinuulit «ho didn't wnut to ho marrloO for uses?" Susan snbl. snriirlscd. Mrs. MllioiTt iiib was osiiliei.-inl. •Ui.-ii't licllcvo all you bear." Kilo i ^c;l Then her tone, dropped, bei-anio conliilonthil. "I'll toll you bow It was." bhe said. "l! oa<! |,«« been ftrinslne Turry alonu--ynu In: 1 : 1 . 1 . 1 ;;!! about tbat—Jor iwo yc.m. Slie liein laltiinn nlwiu earccrd and I diin'l liiinw what all." "1 iilll dun'! Bt-t—" Susiiii IKKBII, bin llio nher Inli-rriiiitcd. ,Mr.^. Mlliou wanned io her Blory. ''vYi'll. ii ivna all rlKhi ns IOIIR no lerry idnyed lamo ducu," slio said, rclMilin; llio word:), "Thoy would hiivc UiiMr Sunday nnd U'edneaday dntcs 113 usual uml whenever tbe [ii)»r li.ij- tried to l« serious my tltio lady wnniii pin Mm O ff an j , U | k about her chances ol making n irtp to I'arls. Well, thai was all rlsln!" Mrs. Mllion paused for dramailc ellcct "And (lien what happened!" "l>ldn'l sumo cntlo from over In his nt'l^l)bi)rbnt)il ni.ilio u dead set fur Terry? U 0 biisan to cull up every now anil [hen io hrcnk n ilmo. (If couiso I knew wlmi It i\-aa u |i ahont but Uoso didn't.' ft wen Id Hike u bouso to fall on,her. 1 was the one." nursiioil Mrs. Mllion with snilsfactlon, "to lell her which way Ibo ivlnd bleiv. .My nno youns lady dlOn't llko tbo Idea of losing Terry. Sho went io a llltlo trouble lor a cbango and—well, you tea what happened! They'll bo married bo- fore Lent." "You're, tircti't you^" Susan asked. "Cilad? I oliould say I nm," said •Mrs. Milton roundly, "l havo no natlenco with theso old maids who bans on to their Jobs forever and think they can keep a beau dangling. Now what I want no*t to bear," sho nilmonlshcd. "la juat such uosvs about you." Susan shook her head. "I'm ncrer going to marry," eho Bald. "Never!" (To lie Continued) to tox. He a.sks how much uml ! can hear '2500.' I nlvntya was ^oily fair at lirnriug numlwn out ol u telephone Irnnsnillter. "We dash out trylnn to nnd 1'e- trollc. Wo iiavo him iwged in the ll'.euler. In about live minutes h« comes out, nicking Ills Iccth. 'Conn; on dowij |i) [he hole! iind eel your Junk, 1 says Jwlt. 'You're 'Not on your life,' la Pdrollo's r'liu'lwrk. 'I've gal n som j» tlio «io»- iiiui u 5t i[ S mu huck t wo (illlKS.' '• • •' K IVa.s it (juud Show Itnaylho the yuy. ][? don't, even nsk who hu's uolnu to iluhl or when?, or doesn't |iut (l|) mij . s<Hia»-k iibout HOX, being j n , w )iow much. He just, likes the ilx>w and iiet&s to leave irilliout netting his two bucks' y,-orlli. But llnally Hutley dr«gs lilm off and aw»y w» go. Wrolle all this tlmu lias ut> Idei where we're toliig- "We diuh to the holcl, JJIIIy |>!cks uu his tr*p< tnd away *u go. We m tlKro just, ui time and Ul|l hus lo dress in ,i liurry, '('lica lit) finds lie has UVcn ilong two left aliocB. Bu I borrow n sliox; from u licavy- wt'luhl. on Hit) card—It's kbout slzj H—mid Bill's tool goes Into It no lew limn flva thuea. We itufl Die too wllli imi)crs, ,«> It will 6l»y on. • • • Waul* |u Oo Afuln '"llio light BOCH la rouiuls, iintl 1 don't need to ttll you aboiii the tauglu I get watching Petrol^ vtAltvi around In Uiat shoe that nia htm like a jum boot, Pelfoto gels the duke and »> pile into \he cab to to back to the hotel. • • "On lh« way back, out of a clear sky, Petrolic aaks Hurley how much they nmko. Jack tells him Iwo and n hall grand, ' "'Nct'ba'd,' says Billy, 'soo'If you cm; dig me ui> another OIK like that. for iqmorvow night, will you, Jack? 1 "There's th« Buy for you. That's why I'm not surprised If he tak-w .1 meerschaum out of Ills trunks and Marls niifflng bcUcen rounds." Heart Courier News Waul Ads. UUK HOARDING HOUSii WAKXINO OKUEK CHANCRRY COUHT, SAWBA DISTRICT. MISSIS'31!'- I J i COUNTSr. A1IKAK3AS fiadic M. Slecd, riaintitr, Ilrrbert Page HtL'cd, Defeiuiaisi. The defendiini, Ik-rlH-rl Pa;;c Steed, is ivarned to appear ivit)i:n Ihirty days in the conn nam»:l in the caplion hereof and answer hie coimihiinl of tire i>laiinifr, Sadie M. Slccd. Dated 4-28-32. R. L. GAl.NBS, Clerk, By Elizabeth Blythe, U. .C rwE FEU.OUJ uJito HiTs- J ANP RUMS Aimv SHouin S;:m Ally. Ad Lilcm. SO-7-M-2! Head Courier News Want Beautiful Walls! Delightful Effects! Sanitary Cleanliness! It's easy to have all this with VKLVK- TONE FLAT .WALL PAINT. V E L V K- TONE is a durable, \ washable flat oil paint, easily applied, shows no .laps, is rich in appearance a n d permanent in finish and color. The delightful, velvety tones produced with VELVETONE FLAT WALL PAINT makes it the first choice in thousands of homes. Come in and get a color card. i "Velvetone" "THE FLAT WALL PAINT' E.C.ROBINSON 1)S \MNTKD Wcs'. .Memphis. Ark. April 1, 1332. Bills ffir utiliiir^ svecds aiul tin lib; 0:1 about 1110 miles of Icvu: In l Ii Sl^lc llr.e lo end ol levee Mile 2ia, will bo i i i\ 1 ^it Ihis olu'ce until noon, \ i\ 1D32 uml then publicly niwnecl. Cerfineil check for 5'c o i mint bifl ))) jicco)))]}Mny tarh nroposnl; v;ork In Iwgin June 'JOIh anil IK comiile't'i by bVptemtsgr 1st. 1932. J. L. WilliriMi!,. I'residcnt. St. Fraiu-is Levee no.-inl. 5-12-10-20-2 Courici- News V/anl Ari.s Yon can always drpcncl on Will McCarncy for a story. The unofficial cc-nKuiasi-r of IfL-avyweUnl Cli;iii)ui9ii Max Svlnm-liiij? has l>ceii FIU-K'.KI.KS AND I1IS KRIENMJS in strange .5|»U) mid seen odd things. So when he slnrls wang hi5 chin somcllilng sure to be interesting pops out. Here's n little yarn he relubs ancnt Billy I>e- Irolle, the Fargo Express: "Never we a tuy like him, so unconcerned. He could nil his pips in the corner between rounds and I'm not ciirprlss'd. '* few years ago Jack Ifnrlej brings him from Pargo. N. D., lo New York. The guy was oul o[ tralnli)y at ijit- lime. One afternoon I'm Kitting tnlking to Hurley when in \valks Uilly and says he Biies he'll take tho evening oir and sec a si'.ow. He buzzes Jack for a couple of bucks fur n spnghelti dinner I'roinulrr nil Hie S|M)t "It's about hnlf-p.iit six, aiifl Hurley ami 1 are .still sltlinB (here li'lllng eaeli other lies wlmi the l>!eone rings. It's sonto promoter in Newark and he has a story abc|:t Iltiby Gold.slcin iiinning out on a right which leaves him not In such a swell fix. He wunts Petrolic to sub. "Hurley lion't even know who I he E»y Ls that Goldstein is supposed und the shoiv, vlilch is two bucks. OATlS f . BEEki HAR6IM6 VOL! WARMED AtW WNSICAL EFFORT,J}V AW see ~ i •pa Vou caoap -^ -fir TAT OFF Look A UM- All ---feu- ME ,TA-rHftR How DIP VoiJ COME -To MAKE VoUR BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THE SHADOW! By Mann I r tttSE IW W MpOVt Mt Cts»4 ftS ftVOKV. t'i'VlO'X TEtfrt-WcO WO \ " OOT OF VAVt &VitX\. OVT , ^'^yKs, SE, rr-s vvowsEapui. J~-/EAH... CW A COS V-"U- ) S'/^JTES ONE IN A MILTON! 3>C /. . /* ', \A ••'•A'^k ( ^*™?°°)\ /^••••.'.J'-J*^- 1 ^^ L ::, o-:/ ^-?/~^^(',r- WAO > B!R^ P^J, All' DNS TWr HEVER r/lLE-O OM A PoiMT...oj.'i; D.iy i. HA.D HIM out ft-a tr^sa- J? IhJ T>J' P/.o>; v/HCN AT ot^cC ne POINTED, STIFF AC A STOWE ay THAT i CO.IUD SEE....A^' K cstss iw 7»e PA«K V/AS cor SHORT....TK DOS HAD HIS , -v STOAkJHT Op A MA^ 9TTIVJ' OH A BEMCH.... •* I cHOOGHT T^6 fr.f-U MISHT BIPD I(J HIS POCklir... WASH TiJl ._8i)T Mo, True MAVJ WAS SHIRT S'-eeves-.THEtJ * HAD AH )*>»/ -jo. TEACH •*OQ. D0« 16 WALK OM HiS FHOMT LCfiS? TU6U DOMT ' WISS THE WCXT STttlP. _ LUMBER CO. PHONE IOO A/UfAHSAg l;i <i£T Trf ., c,\yy, o? iK' ft PW- v;iTrt . 'ftT AOlWlt . MOKSTER ? , KASY'S JOKE! "sou stc, i SPENT weeks" UOOKIH6 FOf!. XOO. THEH T«|\T VHJAO. SCWit CAME iN CHlNr\ —I V\WT . WONHT TO MtSS IT, SO I PUT f\ OET£.CTl\iri ^EWCY ON VOUR TRAIL. FCLLAS MESSED WtNQS up ?LtNty. XOU UK6 A AMO SCAR 'STRUCK. Mt FUWNY, SO I oectoeo TO CJKRRV rue , sou i 'AT w)f\^> NOU OOT A &RQ of HUMOR, M -J . S . si . Mf, l». s PAI. orr.» \vati nt* een-ncc. iv. /

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