The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 29, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 29, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (ARK.) COUHICT TUESDAY, JULY », 1953 Bakersfield, Calif., Severely Jolted by 2 Earthquake Blows BAKERSFIELD, Cnltf. M>) — Two «h»rp e«rthqu»ke jolls hit Bakersfield early tod«y. starling two fires »nd wndtng frightened residents into the street* as windows broke »nd bricks (ell from previously damaged buildings <PDT) and 1:02 a.m.. wpre fellj water heater was broken by the throughout Southern California, in- f tremor. eluding the Los Angeles area, but were slrongcst In nakersfield. A number of patients were evacuated from the county hospital here. One six-room hou*e was bad- Trie new tremors at 12:05 > in. ly damaged when a gas line to a Price of Lean Pork Cuts Set To Rise in Last of Summer WASHINGTON UP}— Hams, chops 1 nrid $1.20 per hundred pounds on »nd other lenn pork cuts popvllnr sales of pork products lo rcstail- durinR tummer months are going up from one to eight cents a pound. The Oft!r<> of Price Stabilization (OPS) announced yesterday thnt celling prices on lean cuts—those .ccounting (or about 40 lo 45 per cent of pork sales—are being In- cre««d through October. Then they may be reduced. These are the authorlwd In, effective Immediately: pork rant, 1 !, hotels anrl others selling meals. f CrilinsR on cuts usually used in 1 making sausage were not boosted. OPS said Increases were ncrcs- sary brcansR the Agriculture Dc- parimnU the parity price for hogs above 100 per rent from .Inly through October. And a new eco;> that higher ceilings tn mnke up for higher Sheriff's Sgt. Car! L. Weber said he believed the shock was a* Intense but didn't last ax long us the July 21st rarthrjjake that left a toll of 13 dead, 12 of them in Kern County. Shortly after the first tremor residents reported they heard a loud explosion. However sheriffs officers sairl they bdleved the noise probably was from lh« earthquake rath er than an explosion. In downtown nakerafield some wlndow.i were broken nntl bricks from previously damaRcd walls fell Another tremor wns felt, here and t.os Angoles, at about 1:02 a,m nomic controls law processors must be shoulders, one cenl a pound: hams, I p -|ces paid to fnrmrr.i. bellies, Boston butts and neckbones. three cents; pork chops, loins and sparerltu, eight cc-nts. Slaughterers and wholesalers mayto buy. Parity Is a price d^s'.incd (o clve the farmer a fair rfturn lor what he sells In relation to what he hns Italians Claim New Explosion To Trigger Hydrogen Bomb ROM! (tr>— The Italian Defense Ministry announced last night that in explosion designed to transform Officers Halt Woods 'Class In Photography SOUTH SAL.EM, N. Y. W) — Sheriff deputies, armed with binoculars and wftlkie-talkies, say they were concerned about, overexposures when they broke up a "claw" in woodland phologrnph. It wasn't Him exposures that bothered them, the Westchesier County officials said here yesterday, but the four pretty models who* graced the scene like woodland nymphs for 23 male earner* "students." The 23 men and four women. arrested in a raid on a farm near here Sunday, were fined $5 each yesterday for disorderly conduct and relented. But /our other men were ordered to trial on charges of arranging the event and "procuring women for purposes of Indecent exposure." hydrogen Into helium—the rcac- oti which could power a hydrogen omb—had been touched oU in this oimtry. The announcement made it clear owever. thnl the experiment In Divert only R "very small nmoun f hydrogen." Atomic RctciiLL&ta In NPW York nid the rtalfan explosion obvious!) •as nimed at achieving the drcat !-bomb bnt the vnhic of the rrlment apparently Is not knowi el. even In Italy. Defense Minister Randolfo Pac larril said results of the expcri pent could not be determined un 11 a scientific examination ha been made. First reports of the explosion, ap pearim? In the Influential newspa II G lorn Ale D'Unlla. said Italian scientist actually hat) ex plotted an H-bomb. Plcciardl denied this, saying sue reports were "completely wit foundation." The experiment, th minister .laid, wn* "regarding the possibility of transforming a very small amount of hydrogen Into helium." Todiy'a rju-ikes wpre not M widft- irrad as the original tremor. Al- iounh felt hi the I/is AnRolcs area i ft rc were no reports of Irnnors in he -San Francisco area lo the north r San D!PRO at th*> southern ent f the stafe. The .Inly 21st Irpino RA felt from Ran Frant:l<co to thi Ipxican border. Ot ^4*1- K n r n Coi i n ty tn \v n s UT r- i?kcn by the quakos lod^v, Ho'.v at. Tcharhnpl, which bore th runt of the original one. .sheriff cnutv Charles ScotL snid there wa cvirlrncc of additional dnmac* U nrarbv Tafl, residents ran !n( strrctA this mornlntz and Call ornin h[<fh« f av natro] officer Rich Clirk said It was the mnst ; this town had experience Ince July 21, In the original cjuake a (io?:c lersoriR In Kern County were klllr iy crumbling w fills nnd faHIr oof.«;, 11 of tlifftn in TeKachani. I3' 1 ' victim died in LOR Angel' yesterday. Parents Tet Life To Punish Son Boat Survivors Still Are Hunted Vcitelf and Plants Died After Explosion Near California Sentence Is Expected Today n KKK Flogging Cases of 71 RUGGED MUSCUL1NITY—Muscles, muscles, everywhere won Jucm Fcrrcro, left, the title of "Mr. Universe" at an international contest in London. Ferrero, a Spnnidrd, lives in Bordeaux, France. Ar.othcr winner. In his class, was Corrie Pretorius, right, of Johannesburg, South Africa. King Farouk Halts at Capri On Yacht Ride into Exile SANTA MONICA, Calif. f/D— Boats and planes kept up the search today for bit* of wrcckaRe that might support any survivor of the exotottecl fishing vessel, Spare Time Three of (he 12 men aboard the boat were rescued yesterday ; part of a body was recovered. It was tentatively identified as that ol Martin R. Vollner of. Los Angeles A piece of leather belt, found ai another .spot, was identified by hi; wife as hclonKlnp to the skipper and owner. Wes Wiggins, W, Plucked from the shark-infe.stet waters yesterday were Harold Ha Jpy, 44, La Crescenta. Calit.. Al fred Buzz Pachse, 16, Los Angeled and James Knight, 23, Culver City. Others aboard the Spare Tim were listed as Gerald Drcnner nn< Stanley Munn, Los Angeles Carl Jackson. Hollywood; Evcret Turnipseed, Al Tlarber, Jack Suka n**a. Leonard Yshlno. nil of Lo Af .,,,v s Haley said the blast came abntit 4 p.m. Sunday after repairs \vere marie on the engine powering the pump on the live-bait tank in the boat. Some of the party, survivors paid, were hurt so badly they sank at once, v/ipgins tiled to group the others on the wreckage, then struck out lo attempt to swim the 14 miles to shore. The three survivors v-'ere found yesterday morning! WHITEVILLE, N. 0. (V)— Super- or Court Judge Clawson L. Willam* wa.i expected to pajw. sentence oday on 71 defendants in Ku KUix Clan flogging cases. Including Imperial Wizard Thomas L. Hamilton of I.eesville, S. C. Hamilton and lh« other defend- By JAMES M. LONG NAPLES. Italy OT'i—Egypt's ex- King Farouk stopped today at the Isle of Capri, across the Bay of Naples from this great Mediterranean port, on his yacht ride into exile. to receive the ousted monarch's foiir-million-OoHfir yacht Mahrous- sa at the city's central dock, clo^c alongside the anchorage of U. S. Adm. Hobert B. Carney's flagship, Adirondack, Egypt's ambassador to Italy, Ab- Niiplcs police Raid the former I del" Aziz Badr Bey. awaited the king was due here later today. Port officials marie preparations TAMPA. Fin. '/Ti—Three days minirhmcnl whiell broncht dcalh tn 4-.vei\r-nlci Wayne Dolhnm liave brought, life Imnri^ontnrnt to hl.s parent*. John nnrt Alice Cltffe. Circuit Judse Henry C. Tillman «>ronounced sentence yc.sterrlnV on the Cliffcs. H was the mnxiinuni sentence under the conviction of second dcprer murder returned by a jurv last week. The Cliffes admitted bealine, Louisiana Vote To Be Held Today NEW ORLEANS <£") — A fl Ixmiaiann political campaign endc today with primary voting for seven seats in the lower House of Congress and a few minor .state positions. Democrats voted in seven of the eight congressional districts. Hep. James H. Morrison was unopposed In the Sixth District. Opposed incumbents were Rep- F. Edward Hebert. First District; Rep. Hale BOBRS, Second District; Rep. Edwin Willis, Third District: Rep. Overton Brooks. Fourth District; and Rep. Otto Passman, Fifth Dis- trlct. Rep. Henry Lnrcnde Jr., (52. Seventh District, nnd Rep. A. Leonnrt 1 Allen, 61, Eighth District, arc retiring. Ires (or Evn. Peron, the nation's first Ijdy, at least until tomorrow. President Juan D. Peron an- MnrvEn? nnd hnnRinp the child but n ounce d Inst nl^ht that the body Instated they were punishing him • of his wife would continue tn lie royal yacht on this side of the water. He had hurried down from Rome* last night, not because of the arrival of (lie deposed Farouk. but because the ex-king brought with him Egypt's new ruler, his six-month-old son, KlnR Fiiad IT. The infant « p a.s proriiunif'tl • king Saturday by Eiynt's cabinet utter his father bowed to the military pressure of his country's new army people has postponed funeral sirv- j commander. Cm. Moliamcd Nngtiib ' Bey. That nit^ht Farouk, with bis gSri-wlff! Narriman. their babv and his three daughters by a former Final Rites Delaye For Evita Peron BUENOS AIRES. Argentina lir>— The flo^riing orlef of the Argentine Truman To!d Svminpton Is Touch to Beat KANSAS CITY lift — PresidciV Trumnn cot another fiH-in toda> on tile difficulties facing his per sonally-endor.sed candidate for tl\e Senate. Even .some of Truman's closest associates told reporters that J. E. (liueki Taylor. Missouri attorney General, was facing a tough fight ants were ordered t« app««r tn court this afternoon, with sentencing due to start at 2:3ft p.m. They ace a possible maximum sentence t four years in a prison. Hamilton leaded guilty last week to com- llclty In two flogging cases. The state planned to complete It4 iresentation of evidence early to- ay in two violence cases. The vie- ims were Esther Lee Floyd and Dflrsey Robinson, Chadooum Ne- Toes." Fourteen defendants have plead•d guilty or no contest to charges >f assault and conspiracy in the ? ]oyd and Robinson cases. Charges were dismissed yesterday against eight other defendants In the two cases of lack of evidence. Witnesses ('lifted Robinson was ^ Flogged "because he wax drinking ;oo much." The Ployd woman escaped the lash, witnesses testified, because she said she was pregnant. However, one KI an s man took a pair of clippers and cut a cross in her hair. Witnesses said she was singled out by the nightrider* because she was running around with a white man. More than 100 Klan indictments were disposed of at last week's lerm of court. "ME, TOO!"—Jane Wyman makes n welcome contribution as she joins the latest Hollywood trend of "movies are hotter than ever." Jane began her screen career as a dancer, but not for several years has she worn such revealing outfits as this one, which shows her as a Broadway song-and-dance star in "Just for You." lif RENEW-RESTYLE HflLTCRS dL. TV SHU€ SHOP III W. M B > N S T eenerat, was I.ICIUK A IUUKU ^r- 1 "- . * w to defeat W. Suiiirc Symington fori Italy I op the Democratic nomination for thel Qf EutODCan Nations Senate seat no'.v held by Sen, Kem I r for disobedience and had no idea he would die. He died during the third niehl- nf ncinc hune hy the neck so his feet barely touched the door. London Shouts 'Go Home' at Mr. Gromyko LONDON f/Ti—A crowd of demonstrators shonlitiR "Kft Viomn" met Russia's new jimbiusartor. Andrei A. Gromyko, when hn nrriveci In London Inst night lo tftkc u[j lits post. Police had to clenr n path throufih the crowd which mlllrd nlong the platform'in Victoria railway station. One mnii pressed Into the envoy's hnnd a pamphlet which st\id "we don't want communism here. Groin- Rice Producer Gaining NEW YOT?K //riTtie Domlnlrfin Republic, which 20 years aco tle- nendcd enlirnly on rice imports, now ranks EI.S tin; nmjor rice pro:inclns country-of the Caribbean nrc.v The --Dominican Information office In NeuTYork said 1051 ricn production was 66.2ftt tons, The announcement, noted Ihnt the threat. f>f Com- In the Fnr East madn imperative for Caribbean conn trios to Ero\v products formerly obtniner there. Tliere were many scuUlcs between police and demonstrators, At !et\st one man ^a,s arrested, Gromyko, who sucreed* Oeorgi N. Zarubin. appeared unruffled. He told reporters it was to Britain's Egyptian women and other; sometime* dye their fingernails am other portions of hands and fee with henna. n state In nn improvised chapel in (R-Mol. Symington served as secretary of the Air Force and as RFC cleanup ROME tifi— Italian film producers mo busy keeping I'Jily in the rlnder" Truman! The No. . spot as the m«t ,««va fi.m- Preent has E .ven his support ,o fllms He hasn't, so far. taken sides In either in production or being edited marriage, sailed away Irom Egypt. | the gubernatorial primary between | Production schedules ^for Nothing was known here about! former Oov. Phil Donnelly Farouk's plans. Tliere M'as specula- Labor Ministry until waiting lion he might idle awhile on Cap,,. • where he and Narrimgn spent their could pay their last sor- o\ving respects. WARNING OROER > L, In Hie Obancrry Cutirl,• ChlcM- satvhit District, Mississippi County, Arkans^.s. Gcrnlcline Dassctt, Pit. vs. No. 12.113 Charles B. Bassetl, Dft. The defendant. Chai'les B. Brcs- sett. Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In Ihe caption hereof and answer the complaint ol the plaintiff. Geraldine Bassctt. Dated this Hth dny of July. 19S2. Harvey Morris, Clerk Laverne Ball. D.C. Guy wells, atty. for ptf. Ed B. Cook, atty ad lltem. 7:15-22-29-815 hotieymoon a year ago. Other suggestions that his destination would be the French Riviera, or Rapallo. on the Italian Riviera, where the ex-king owns a villa. Read Courier News Classified Ads national interest to ne on frieuttlj He knows who has the cleanest, freshest wash in town . . . who is satisfied with halfway, nlrt-fashioned methods. How do you rate? Do you know out delivery \Ve think you should . . . for he can help you to a new way of living. Let him take washday drudgery out of your house ... let us show you the results of professional laundry and you'll look forward lo his visits every week! Blytheville Laundry-Cleaners PJaytexWPER' sanitary snowy-white diaper pads use only once, then <fe T 9Q ilush away like tissue/ _|_ Rep. Phil Welch ID-Mo!. ind i month call for another 10 film!, 10 go before the cameras. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Old WSB to Die Next Midnight WASHINGTON Wi — The olri age Stabiliznlion Board dies at midntpht Innighl but a new one, with less power, is expected to he nnmert shortly by President. Tni- mnn. Members must be confirmed by .he Senate, but as it is not in s«s- iion Trtiman may name board members to serve until Congress convenes in January. It is reported he is having difficulty finding men to (ill the posts. TUESDAY "MY SON JOHN" Helen Hayes Robert Walker AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION TUESDAY, JULY 29 "KID FROM TEXAS" Auriie Murphy Gale Sloriri in Technicolor WED.-THURS. "SOUND OFF" Mickey Rooney in Technicolor WED.-THURS. "DESERT PURSUIT" Wayne Morris Show Stirti U'eck- Inside Bunny-Soft Nylon-lined and Walcrproof.' 100 Regular Size Playtex Dryper Pads 100 Large Size Playtex Dryper Pads .. .$1.49 PIAYTEX DRYPER PANTY .. . 81.49 Free Gift-To All Expectant Mothers WADES Store AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION I DIDN'T KNOW... 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