The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1932
Page 2
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PAGE TWO JttATHEVlLLE. (ARg.j> COURIER NEWS 1 Society fylendqt Tuesday Mrs. Sam Manall is having the New Tuesday Bridge club. The Tuesday Contract club i$ meeting with Mrs. M. A. Isaacs. The Eastern Star is meeting at the hall, ! Wednesday Tiic tvomm of the Church of Christ me meeting at ihc home oi Ms. Joel McFarlaud for n .study of "Tlic Ten Plagues." Mrs. Farnsworlh lilack is hostess to the Wednesday lirldgc club. Tiic Wednesday Contract club is meeting allh Mrs. F. a. Joyiwr. . Tlw Delphian society Is meellnij at tlw Hotel Noble at 9 o'clock with 1 Mrs. George W. Diltahunly leader. The women of the ciutrcli of Christ nre mectlnf with Mrs. Jake Jones, with Mrs. Joel McFarland as leader. ', The Jewish Ladies Aid society is meeting ai the Temple Israel at a p.m. ih? Sudbury P. T. A. is mecllinj at (he school. Tliursfay Mrs. Everett B. Gee is having the Thursday Luncheon club. Friday The American Legion Auxiliary Is entertaining with a luncheon al the : Hotel Noble ot 12 o'clock. Have Stale Assembly, ^ At a recent stale assembly of the Arkansas Delphian*, held in I'hvj Bluir, Mrs. Newton JJ. Wecsc. Little Rock, was elected' presldenl. Adoption of a collect, the annual election of officers and the presentation of two programs featured the third -Annual meeting. Approximately 175 attended. Although selection of ih= iie.xl annual convention place Is si'.tled by the executive board, Camden will the city, since chapter representatives issued an invitation for the mectfiiff. The mecling WKS attended by delegates from mosl ol Hie 80 chapters in the stale ot which Ihe Bly- thevillc group is one. • • • Bzujhri-Nflson, ilcv, J. L. Ncwsom officiated al the wedding of Mrs. Cora Nelson ol Canalou. Mo., and P. D. Bauglm of Braggadocia, Mo., here Saturday. .;. Eatertaias WiW Dinner. , The. members o( tho executive board oft. the Business and Profes- . sional Women's clubs, made up ol officers and committca chairmen. and pasl presidents ot (he organization were gucsls of Miss Cora L« Colonan ". Sunday evening lor a dinner at the Goll Hotel. The lable," laid for nine, had for its cenlerpiece.a.mixed bouquet of spring flowers and shrubbery foliage and., tapers, in pastel shades. enhanced the attractively arranged table. ' • » • Hass -Marsh. The marriage of Mif.s Madeline Marsh, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. W. -Paul Marsh, residents of Blythcvillc for a number of years. • and Mr. 'Guy Gasper Hass, of Alexandria, Ind., took place in Hint, city Thursday, April 14. They are to make Ihcir home In that city.' Tlic bride, who attended ll-.c city high school, was outstanding in campus affairs. • # • McDowell Music Club Members Hear Rental. Jcanctla Jsan Sebaugh and 1,311- isc Anderson were presented in a Piano recital Friday afternoon at the studio of Miss Minnie Lee Jones. Each pupil played five selections which were intsrsnersec" with a talk "The Life mid Works of Edward Johnslon," Ijy Earl B Snydcr and a discussion of th" study course, led by Miss Jnn?s. Besides the members Mcsdnme' Joe McPall. M. L. Jones and Ed Anderson and Miss Virginia Morris were guests. Refreshments were served. , iv Statc Delphian.President Bits-oJ Neics Mostly Persona! Irfc Mrs. Newton B. \Vccse of the Little Hup'k ehnp'.cr, Delphian society, was elected president of the Arkansas Delphian assembly at the annual meeting recently In Pine Bind. Slio succeeds Mrs. Fred of Pine Bluff. Woman's Club Is Planning o Observance of Music Week .With o:ic program already given s a part -of the nlnlli colcbra- lon o( Katloiml Music Week, the •Voinan'j clUb is plniming several lfi-rsllns events fcr this w«k. Stories arc to be published of ongs whleh are nalionnlly popu- iv, ciiimit ovenls of interest !u luslc lovcvs will be announced other prngniins run led out. .nch church in the city it being =kcil to ito-upcreie in the cetcbni- -M. . . "Music in Worship", Is one of he phases to be taken up. Amor- can composers, who have written limns, will be paid tributes l>y cgatlons. Mrs. Paul L: ' >n, Iccal chairman of music .he church, will assist in Ihese irograms. Mrs. C. W. Cochran, chairman i the week's GbjCi\.nice s.iys of mislc In w : orship: "The giver of all good and i:er- arc mmiy Americans who have inspire:! nnd led the people through Ihcir •'compositions. Among lh:se are VMillip P. llllsa, hymn writer and comiKiser. a pionrer In gi:s- pcl hymn iniivuinciil. Perhaps one i f Ills l»si known hymns Is "Wo.i- licrful Words of Ufe." Aiwlhcr is WHILmi 1). Bradbury who wrote, "c Lcudi-th Me", "Jnsl As I Am", nnil "Asleep in Jesus". There are manv cliier Inspiring o!d hymns that have been written by our Americans. ••Music Is HID one art that has iiinlutaincd a close intimavy with rrlljjion. ami ahinys liiicd an ongrcgatlons. Mrs. 1'aiii* ii: Tiii-! i " clis ' )c!islWc l ll;lcc '» worship. In ... ,__-., ..._, . '. early European music we find (here ha\T been two main slreams of development: Through the church and through tin- people. It has ber-n said that the ch.uaclci ol Ireoplo ts revealed tlno-,ii;h theft- iiiuslc. Huskin has given a sjinplc but Eiilisfyhn; definition ,if-an :ir- ect gl;tj Iws especially hono-ed t:s'.. us "On- who has vitaiiiicd nd blessed Aincilc.1 ihrouuh thcjtn a law which it was ivimiul to a eil Is Wlllrll h;iv.i \-cr\\ In l.< j.. --.,-.. .i.-. ,. ' . . . :alen(s which have been given cr. To those of you who loh crlbe to the Editie, you will no- cc in the May publication [hat iiere is a historical musical pcr ill order Ih.u he may bestow a delight which it Is gracious (o bestow". That is also a definition ot religion. There ts nothing in the world so much like - "• »ii|i 111 UIU WOl IU SI scries given, among whom pjnycr us is music." Sconts Sponsor May Day Program at Haley Field The Girl Scouts of Troop 6 were.sponsors of a May Day pro gram for junior high school a Haley Field this morning. The> had for Iheir guests students of Central Ward and'the senior high school. , The program was opened by tlic entire group singing "America" A health play was presented by Mrs. Banister's p-jpiis and a parade of miniature fioals pertaining to health was staged. In the final contest ihe 8-D class won fii-st place, 3A1 socond, Sudbury schcoi third and the 8A3 class fourth. "America, the Beautiful" was 511113 lo conclude ihc program. Mri. W. H. Dyess Named Loxora P. T. A. President .' LUXORA, Ark.—Friday night Ihe Parent-Teacher association met In the high school auditorium for th? final meeting of the year anJ tv.e election of officers, the meeting was -..' presided-over by Mrs. B. o. Wil- klns, Uie president, and a large' . number of parents responded to : roil call. Dr. Thomas F. Hudson addressed the group on "The Valus ';. of Heilth_to the Child." The fouowlng officers wer* ^ect- ; M to serre'dnrin* the 1932-33 school 7*»r: Vis, W, H, Dyess, Mrs. B. O. Wilkins, vice-nrcuftmt; . Miss -Mary Lynch, recording sjcr-;- i ary; Mrs. Pauline Cochran. c;:rrc-1 •'ponding secretary; Mrs. H. c. Ijangston, treasurer. The report for the showed Uiat (he association had torn vriy active nlong nil lines ivrlaininp tu school work and c.'.peei.illy in providing milk for undernourished children. Milk has ton served daily for Ite pas', six montlis lo all undernourished children, free ol charge. -T n i . n 11 KobCft' Dollar TJ ilC 1 ' I III Keported Seriously III SAN RAFAEL, Cnl., M;iy 1 illl'l -•Captain nalicrl Dollar, i'8-yvai-. ;i!cl .founder of Ihc Dollar steam>hip company, was reported scr iouiily ill al- Ins liosm- !inv injlay Hih condition Sunday ))i:r>r t< in overnight Improvement was sa^ "o lime been alarminc.. Mr. nnd Mrs. n. g. nearn-u .spending icday In Memphis, i Mr. and Mrs. dialer Calclwell! and two sons and Miss Minnie Muttlicu's.^!!^ Frank Whilworlh s|»nt ycs(«rdaV;,'at Tiickerman, Ark. Mi 1 , and ; 4i|K R.-.c. CMrniaii |\fl^ us their gikeijis Sunday 1 'Mr. Oa'i- | man's pareiita, Mr. anj --Mre, S.'-S. Caiman, Mr. ami Mr.s. James Carman and daughter nnd Mrs. w. M Thumpson, of Friendship, Tenn. George Williams, o! Nashville T'jtin., Is spciKIIng several days al Aimorel with his parents, Mr 'and Mr.s. Sidney Williams. Mi.« Jiol) William!, Dr. W.' M Owen, Fred Pleeman, Sir. and Mrs l-'rcd SaiKleiuv were among tho'e who \venl to Muscle Siioals, Aln Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. w. F. Winifred and Ultk H;iry. of Uassetl, \vero "iif-.ns of Mr. and \fr.5. W. If, Wil^ ams Sunday. • :• ; Jinimlc Smntherman sjiont' lost reek-end In P.irajjoijlrl. liaymond Holder has accepted a ")slllon as bookkeeper wllh ihe ^e Wilson company at Avmorcl. Mfssw Maiidiillnc McKinnon - and .iUherlne Itidriionr arc spcndiiiB a <.'«• daws In Dyer. Tenn. • • : ' .Mrs, Pmil H. HosMitlwI and her oiitcgtiesl, Mrs. Jack Ool:bsrjf of •t. Louis, spent Saturday In Mem- Miss Lula S;oll has ralnrai-1 icm .Columbia. Teini., where she .as called by the critical .illiief's pi 'ei- fnllicr who later dlotl. Misses Mario Uo BRC tl. Louise Jaurlnnd and Doris McCiehce al- endcd the track mm in r.ira- ;oiil<l Salui-day. MI.SS Jamie 'Nichols and Miss Christine McGfUig'.cy spent Ihe veek-ciid In Paragould. Mrs. W. J. Pollard, Mrs. w J W.iindcrlich. Mrs. Clarence Vollmer iilJ .-Mp;. r;irnsn-oit!i BJack spent •cstcrday in Memphis. Mrs. M. C. Cookc and dau B lu er Miss Eva. of Ijiixofa, were girils of her (laughters.^ Mrs. Clarence Vollmer and Mrs.-'W. J. Wunder- ich Sunday. Mr. (inti Mrs. c. V. Wilson an:l 1-0:1 Huol, of Qiiilman, Avk and Mrs. M. K. Wilson of Hot Springs, who vlsiled Mr. WJI- ^on's rou and da»s;htcr-hi-ltuv Ml Hid Mr?, C.,P. Wilson of Doug.ii- ivejiue over Ihe week-end, have re- .umed to (heir homes. Llllle Edna Jovrp Loveless acroiiipnnied (ht>m. The Rev. Marsh M. Callaway motored to Memphis lodny K'lierc i:t nei it;c Rev. Charles M. Campbell, of Conway, who is lo. conilucl sua- clnl s^.v'icza al the ; Hrsl Presby- lerlan 'cliUreh for'tiro weeks, lie was accompanied hy Guy Walton who visited Mrs. Walton who recently nmtcnTOiit an operation at he llaplisl hospltaf. 1 . Mrs. C. M. 'Gray jrijo has been 11 from hitlnenza 'for two weeks, Is now improving. Mrs. Hay Worlhinglon has re- tinncd from Memphis where r!ie spent tiro weeks willi her daughter, Miss Tl:elma. who initlcrnrnt MI cper.ition for apiKiidlcitis. Shi Is now convalescing. Or. Honii'i- Strong, of the Murvell LDu'.evin-d Christian church of Paducali. Ky., arrived twlay to be- '.hc guca of Mr. and Mrs. W. T Barnctt while In charge of i!io special services al the, Cnristi-in olnircli. Nfr. nud Mrs. W. W. Shaver Mr and Mrs. h'ddlo B. David siwnt ves- Icrday at Hardy. Ihc Kcv. Chai-ics M. Camplvll of Conway. who arrived today to conduct services al Ihe First Pres- bj' church for two »wi- is the BHCSS of the Rev. anrl M I5 Marsh M. Callaway. Miss I/.ic-ilc Holomcn. Df ]3r,-)»i|.-- vllle. -loiin.. is the haiiscguest of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmic PelL-rsnn. Mrs. Farnsworth Black aiii -mdscy Testifying in Federal Court Today! I Western Coal Operators Oppose U.-S. Regulation ." , . , .„ . i w wtern coal upernlors to:la>- lo shcntr. '.s t i, c sciwte mines ami . il'.ciiJliiE federal coun in Jones- :oro ;;i .1 ivllne.'-.s in ;>),- :ascj of four boys cliarji-c! witii :tca!hiB a' car in • st, Louts ai.d riving it, l-.crc in Uobiion o: 'the Jycr net. Lliuljoy arrcslcd ccmnu'iiee thai rusnlaiicn of tly Litnmino'us tnduslry wo'.::d I: cifaso rjthcr than riecrca.-.' the prAJcms. facing t!:c IiKiiistvj-. Grnnt 'Stauffc-V, reprrse'::iiu'; : •Hunic-sinclalv Coal company ?•?•• rrcslcd the (nuirroi atir.;; in Kansas, okla'honn . ,-,e;e when their car ovcrlurnoil Arkansas, and F. O. SancMro:n nc .n li:g!uv:n- 61. . Colorado and New Mexico Crv Cporators asinoUtiois. Eup.uvit nf eastern mine cm.'.i Ion iooves: Returns to , - . - - . • _ I on Iho gramds federal <..•:,:;. Push Economy Fight "°" w - inca11 mcre Ux " aild |C1 Hospital A'wes WASHIN'GTOX. May 2 (UP)-' Fresidcni Hoover, icfreshcd bv a I week-end at his Virg|ni a Hsjilinl cair.p, entered tlic eco':i<i:ny iijriU ajnin today and rontcrrcd with Republican leaders who said there, was sim hope of pulling acrois the program. Tne S200.COfl,OCO.economy bill im tccn all but wrecked in f.ic house. 1'arts that remain are juincipal- ly those favored by Mr. Hoover. The scna'.e finance coir.inltlcc, approved gr.idualir.x t.ixes on ti'lc- ! phone and t-elecraph messages and! struck ont the house provisimj exempting news metEiigcs. The aonualttec Uripled^tho. house rates '.cr taxes on brewers wcr;, MOTIIKK'SDAYSI'KCIAI, neauiiful Permanent W.\\x-%. Your choice of Marcel \Va\e with ringlets or Famous Hollywood Push Up Wnve ircqiiiKs no setting). Make your appointment today. KLAIN1C HKAUTY SII01' Glcuro- 1)1,1,; I' l:i Patients admitted to the niMiit-- ville hCfpllal: Mrf. Tconie Bond, Caj-ulheisvillc: Mrs. .1. w. Ul.ick- wril. sicele: J. C. Hcn<on. Cooler. i'.Hieilts dismissed: Miss Alma Ma- :anty, city; Mrs. Marie Willis and -0:1. ci;y. Dog nips diving I'lrr AJ.irm 1'ETALOMA. C.ll. lUPi-rr-li-.'.^. hr.vkmg of Frank liflles' fox IIT- ner fpreart th; alarm and sived his masler's hoii'e- from b?inj 1c- txioyci by lire. Bui the do;, cinin- M to the .porch, .p»rlshed.-before firenun could cxtinsulsli flames. Sweet Crc;im J5iillcr 30c I-b. Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 'lOeVl't. Delivered J'honc 71 Hnlgariiin liutlci milk 35c (Jt. v go to Clinrch Sunday medley co Officers Refuse to Hold Self-Confessed Murderer ,11 tho,-,e in favor of this chic lilile .Uhlng .suit, and the attractive •oiiiiB maiden it partly enclasps. :iay signify iu its usual manner. Ah. it's unanimous! Seriously, (Continued from 1'age one) eral weeks. Smith, then known as Albert Weeks, iiiill ivy's employ and shortly jan into Davis again, the lalter having also drifted 'into the Bruce country. Davis told him of plans lo rob the Ivy store and kidnap tlic storekeeper's daughter, who was then 15. Smith attempted to ireriiiadc Uavis to give up Jus plan but failed to deter Davis an.i then determined to thwart his plans. • n<Hlj- \cver Discovered Smith was waiting wi:en Davis came lo Ihe store on that moonlight night and again sosirjhl unsuccessfully to make Davis give up Ills pui-jiose. They- moved oft into the wckxfs near the slorc as Ihey talked'and fin argument ensued. Smith shuck Davis and Ihc latter reached for what Smith thought inleht b? a gun. Smilli pulled his own gun. a .32 calibre pistol, and shot Davis twice. 112 walked oil. leaving Davis lying on tho ground. So far as known Smith wa.s the last person lo see Davis. If anyone ever found the wounded man or his body he never repor(:d the discovery to authorities. A car, which Smilh £ai,l was parked on a road- tide near i!:e .scene of (he .shooling, might have been occupied by companions ol Davis wiio remove J or Jiid tlit- tody, but if to it. has never come lo light. Smith, following (lie mysterious sliooiinj, ]iii;;e;-;?rt a few weeks longer in (he community and finally worked his way to Liltle Rock, Ark., where he- surrendered lo army officials on a desertion charge and served at Fort Leavenworth milll January, 1331. Once freo again he ronmcd from place to place iinlll his conscience caught up wilh him. Now willing to pay whatever price society might demand for Hi? tragedy on that moonlight nigM | Smith (or'Weeks! liiiDr, Ihc Mute j unwilling to require any penalty I for an act il canno; definitely establish—and the wanderer is free | to roam again. Hand Without Art Oft*» COM Game in No Trumu . . v -I * AKTKIX NO. 512 HV \VM. K. McKKMNKV Secrflary, American Bridge Ua«« A hand lacking aces twill jjejj- crally not produce game ai a ;uil unless, of course, partner holds the mkslng curds. The expert today Is inclined to open with a suit bid rather than a 110 liHiny If (he hand contains a biddable suit. However, when tlie hand has a good scattering of honw cards and is void of an ace and the biddable still is none too strong, It generally pays to open Iliis type ol hand with a no trump declaration. Then, if partner makes a suit Hike-out of only two, •cu arc happy (o pass, while ii raitncr holds two or more of the instills aces, in all probability lie .111 jump you to three no Inimp ind it probably would be -better o [)lay the hand at no trump than a suit. The following hand is example of this type ot bkt- liiiv.; and in addition, there is a itovcr trJulc squeeze play lo l>e developed. Citizens May ful •••-• L-uiiipctltlon, is a nice eye- in this pose. She is in lios An- fs pivpiiiing to defend : lier title;- ships. d.-.ughtei-. Belly, and Mrs. Black's mother, Mrs. A. M. Dull, nMurned Saturday nighl- from Fort Smith, Ark., where Ifey spent a week with Ihe nev. and Mrs. George W. Pyles. i While away they also visllcd at lycllcvills and Buenu Vista. Ark. Mrs. nan M. Dmikin, who re- ctiitly iindrrwcnt a major opsr.v i at Ihe Memphis Biipdst has- |)ital. is now improving. Mr. Eun- kln spent jT.stcrrtay with her. Mrs. Cbrence Voilmcr, Mrs. W. J. WuiKbrlich and Mrs. Farns- worti> Black ar: spending today In Memphis. ( ', Mrs. H. J. Kl?inil:'e:is(; an^ daughter. Fern Lois, returned Saturday rrom a. two weeks stay in St. Louis. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Kleiiulinisi's mother, Mrs W. Hatz, Mrs. E. Sicckman and Mrs! V. Krcit, wiio returned today. Mr. ant! Airs. L. D. Chamblin and sons Jaek and Donald, spent the week-end in Memphis. Bill Afflirk n.'id Everett B. Gee have relumed from a week's business Irip to Chicago. Arkansas High Court Affirms Day Conviction MTTLK ROCK, May 1 (UP.'-The supreme court tniiay upheld !he rciiviclion of Sam 'n,iy, 10. who was convicted in Miller coim- :y for the slaying of Siievift Walter Harris In July, 1031. n.iy was sentenced to life Imprisonment. JONESDORO, Ark.—An organization which will raise funds to provide for the maintenance of state ty will spring into being In the next few days, according (o a plan advanced by C. u. Barnett, former chairman of the Craighead County Good Roads Association. The o!d organization, which rendered good service in the days b3- fore the state took over th? ht»h- ways, will be reorganized. As the last, chairman of the association he is starting the ball to rolling and will Jinve a meeting of a number of leaders Monday night. individual members will be asked to pay 51 per month for a period of at least six months and owners of trucks, including wholesale buses and- oil companies will be asked to pay sums_of $10 and SI5 per, month. Mr. Darnell has conferred wilh highway department officials who nave volunteered to ,furnish the machinery if the labor can be provided for dragging and otherwise repairing the stale gravel roads that rim through this county. He has reached an estimate that- the cost, ol tills upkeep will bo ba-,v»cn S35Q ai-.d S400- psr month. If 159 individual members in addition lo the liuck owners can be secured the plaii will succeed. Woodmen of the World Will Hold Initiation Asluvocd Camp, No. 154, Woodmen of the World, will hold a meeting here tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock for the inu-proc of conferring initialicn. All members have been urged lo be present. FINE TEXTURE in your THE DOUBLE TESTED DOUBLE ACTING BAKING POWDER SAME •* FOROVER „ 40 YEAtf > ounces for MILUON5-OF POUNDS UfED BY OUR GOVERNMENT "VJ-8-5-4 4A-9-2 *9-8-7 4.Q-3-2 ¥9-7-6. 2 »10-3 NORTH Dealer SOUTH AJ-5-4 VK-Q »K-J-5-4 410-97-6 VA-10-3 *Q-8-76 *3-2 r>i2 hand it Is quite a natural development. The Iriple squeeze enables the declarer to make four odd. (Copyright, 1932, NEA Service, Inc.) Max Arwood Draws $50 "'~ Fine for Disturbance Max Arn-ccd has been fined S'O and meied oul a six months .jail Ecnlcnce by Acting Judge Virgil Greene on a charge of disturbing tho peace. The jail sentence was suspended pending good behavior. A charge of assault and baUeiy against Arwood was dismissed The charge grew out of a light between Arwood and his father. Arwood said he would not luvj struck his father had he not been drunk. Arwood admitted ho had been In court several times for fighting but blamed his pugnacity on liquor. Mrs. John Wilsm and Mrs. Incy . Lane were fined five dollais eactUlV for disturbing ihc peace, 'ihe/' V were arrested as. the result of a neighborhood quarrel. A charge of malicious mischiLf afeainst U. a. Phillips was dismissed. DOG INSURANCE A British Insurance o\peit reports' that bulldogs and Faint Bernards arc *poor Insurance rhks, and that terriers and hunting doss nre good risks. The Bidding Soulh has u biddable club suit, —lacking in aces - - a good dis- ribulian and a good scattering of ncnor cards. With this type ol -land, it Is better to open with one no trump. North, with three quick tricks, will jump Ihc contract to three no (rump. Tho Play When the hand was played. West opened the jack of clubs and South employed the hold-up and refused lo win. Rather than continue his clubs, West's next lead is Ills fourth licst- heart, which East wine" with, the ace and returns the deuce of clubs, declarer playing the nuee nand West winning with the ace. West continued \vith a . sinall hea^ "which South, the declarer, wiori wUll'tlie 1 king and limn led a small diamond, winning in r 'dummy with the ace. A small diamond was returned from dummy, declarer finessing Ihe jack. The king of diamonds was next squeezed in all three suits. If he discards a club, the declarer will lead his two good clubs anu again squeeze him, while if he discards a heart Ihc declarer 1 go over to tho ace of spades and cash his two good hearts, which >\vill again squeeze West. If a, spade is discarded by West, declarer will run off the three spades, which will pnc another squeeze on West. A triple squeeze- is generally one of the hardest plays in bridge to recognize. However in this For Nervous Headaches A headache; is Nature's warning of high nerve strain. Yon can get quick and delightful relief from headaches and other nerve pains by using Capudino because it soothes the tense nerves. Contains no opi- ales and docs not upset Ihe stomach. Being liquid. Capudine acts almost instantly—much quicker than tiblets and powders. Sold by druggists in luc, 30c, and 80c sizes, also by the dose at founts. —Adv. 1. Sweet Potato Plants Now Ready Nancy Hall & Porto Rican, 29 cents P« 104; $1.50 per 1,MO. Pepptr PUnts, Pimento, Bell or Boll Nose, Lone Red Cayenne 15c Tomato Plants, Stone, Gulf Stafc Market, Margtobc & Ponderosa IDc per An; 50c per 100. E;g Plants 20c per dm; $1 per 1M. BYRUM PRODUCE COMPANY Pan! Bjniro, 112 E. Main All Orders Postpaid every grave Jno. C. McHaney, Jr. "The Xonuaenl Man" r i LOCK AT roue HAT Olher People Do We guarantee you will not be ashamed to wear a Hat that we rebuild for you. Give us a trial and be one oj our many satisfied Customers. We will also Store your Felt Hats for the Summer Phone 180

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