The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1932
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Served by the United Press' _V BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TllK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OK NOHTHKAST ARKANSAS ANT) 6«3UTIlEAffV MW«nni» ^ * <—-J " ^ .XX IV— NO '>,<) lllylhevllli" llully N.'ws. iMyiiii'villr* Tirruicl. - IIOMF KI)ITK)N Vdllcy . Courier, MEMPHIS MOTHER AND CHILD AX VICTIMS r~~~ •— —• .. _. _ _ ' ^^ ^^^ ^p-'. •••§ W-M.^^B^ Hold Farmer For Slaying NearCooter Walter Millingcr Says He Thought Victim W a s Ihrealening His Family. COOTErj, .\fo.-waltjr Milliner 35. farmer, is in jail at Carutli- rrsvillc awaiting arraignment for fatal shooting ol Emmilt Curilan. •15. also a farmer, which accurrid' •at Mlllingcr's t»me two milei east of here abonl o p.m. Saturday. A coroner's verdict thai Curilnn died of gunshot wounds inflicted l:v Mlllingcr was rjlurr.ecl aficr an in- -( Sunday morning. The slory lo!d by Millinger was lhat lie and his family were at the dining: table Saturday night when lvra 'men whom he took to be ne- Ki-oes came within 30 feet of his back door, cursing and til-eaten- ing to shoot Into Ihe house. He ordered them away, he said, and wh:-n they did not leave obtained a shot- Texas Ban on Negroes Ruled Void ! WASHINGTON. Mav 2 <U;')—Illio Miprrmr court today lield the,' i Texns law clvin.i ihc -stale D;nio-1 . cralic executive ccnuniilee power ; i to bar nvjroef sioni parly-primary i 1 t-k-ctirns is invalid. | The i-iilin • v.;-; handc-d down In I nn appeul by L. A. Nixon, 111 Paso. I lestiiy Ihe -alirliiy ol Ihc la» .' v-liich g:'.vj ihe Ucm'ocralic- executive committee power to prescribe ions fcr prim.iry vplcrs. And Vv'hal Did Govbnmr of Ohio Say? FtftLf toith. Millinger called neighbDrs »nd then notified olTiccrs at Coaler. He was taken lo the Caruth- crsville jail V Consliihlr John Tur- Cin-iiairs companion, a ncqro iiained .Mitchell, was pul timhr Ijoncl (or appearance as a wilnas at Millinger's hearing. His version Jf . thc-shcB.'Ing \vas that he and Curilan lost llie load near Millin- pcr's house and became entangled 1rt u clothes line in Millingir's 'buck yard. He said Ihe shooting was unprovoked. Curilan was a well known farmer of this community. He- leaves a widow and five childrrn. FiuiM-a: .°;rvices were to he at the family r.omc. wilh burial al Cooler toiay. :.Iillliii;er ls an employe of P. B. Carothcrs, farm operator. Former Fort Smith Man New Manager at Noble Angus McNair. former manager of i the Ward hotel al Fort Smith, as-1 .'limed charge of the Hotel Noble 1 here yesterday. Mrs. McNair. wr.o is now visiting nl Jackson, Miss., expects to join him here within a f-jw months. Mr. McNair, a native of Mississippi, has a wide acquaintance -in lio!-l circles Ilirotighaiit Arkansas nncl neighboring slates, ncfore go- iii£ to Port gmilh he was in charge of catering nt the Washington You- rec hold, Slirevepart. La. He is a Shriller and a member of (lie Arkansas Hotel Men's .association and the Notional Grcetcis ass"ci.i(ion. Pardon for Convicted Honor Slayers Proposed hy Representative Crisp. WASHINGTON. May 2 (UP>- amt'iul Hawaiian law to prevent disngi cement of> Ihe jury in the '.ciond trial of persons alleged to ha-.e attacked Mrs. Thalia Fcrl- rsciic Massie fi-n:ii, in eflect. :ic- c]U.Uiii3 (hem of the charge. L'elcrc passage O f this bill fcc-,1- i-cscnlailvi! Crisp, y ix-mocrai, Georgia, Introduced a bill in Ihe house which would pardon by congressional act. ' all four of" tlie Americans iccenliy ronviclrd' in tile Hawaii honor'slaying. Tluvliilr-would 1 grant . lull and complete pardon to LI. Thomas Maxsic. Mi-s. Grace Forlescne. and the tuo seamen. A. O. Jones and E. J. Lci-'J. "'he bill slates "whereas (he United. Stales of America KXPI-- ;is?s complete Eoveici^niy over its teititory uS Hawaii' the congress has power to grant Ihe pardon na'. wilhstiniding any now™-; dc!the governor of the IRIS NE[D OF PUBLIC Accuse Five In Knifing at Calumet I 1)111 Wright at c'uluiiwl was Mali- •bi'd 13 limes In a brawl !lt <..,!„_ . mcl hitc 8aiurclay aflernoon In •-• ....j niii-i ILIKIII l]l ,trtt^r, a !lTl!S S?" Mon »w D «^ Bed State! More Rcvontic and Be't^i iMaiuigcmciil Are Described As Essentials. teems there was plenty of that olt!-rashlD>;r<t "soiuhmi hospltnllly". -far which Dixie famed when Governor G*or 3 c White of Ohio, u ten meutioned as 'a .possible nomi/cintic piTOden nominee, nlleiuleil Ihe, Ueaux Arls ball givn. 1.1 coni-.tclioii -with the (overimiV coiuTiilion nt nich- monil. Vu. Here is Gavcniur v/hlts. In n Imppy inoncl, between two ' clniriiiln» Rlclnimntl lustrous- Mi's. Wiehtir Dmllcy. Jr.. left, and Mr,. John T. U . v is, riiihl - who s,ems lo IK benl on maklns )ils u.'li n pleasant' one. • ' .• GITIPEOPLF. IN TREK 10 Eljin-i:: tf Ihe slalo board ol education (o work mil a solu- :lon ID the financial problems ecu- •. „,, .1.. .»• Arkansas school ilistrlcls I ™uuccllou with the buiwl. incul That He Was Lured |o Scene of Crime. MEMPHIS, May 3. (ui'l-A Brite- fouie nx- murder of an elght-y'car- old Rlrl and h;r mother became complicated In i( s solution whtn a ni'"io denied the crime just before' dying of gunjiliot u'otiiids inflicted by the husband and tniter of victims. •Zcnlii I'nVycar and = her W 0 o d scribes Movement !Officers Refuse lo Hold Solf-(Confessed Murderer; ii in CALHOUN CITY. Miss., May 2.— A. / tlrange- hit .i'.jiimrciilly well grounded story of n confessed slay- h ° S """"'" "" ! faUh C( Cl "' snjiiioscd to linv; orcnrrcd. it is nd- 'i)'-<t(?d (here Is little liitcli- . heort now lhat Ihc aclual act will I ever \K legally establish?:!. There y esas ere ;hoiin county aisihoriiies in law en- | were no eye wilness-, ID ihe .-Iranw iorceme - ' UY F. O. ISA1LKV ST. LOUIS. Missouri, (UP) — Throughout the Midtllevvcst Iherc ; is a bictuty back-lo-(he-fnnn irck Closiny Stock Prices Chicagoans' Plan Would Enrich U. S. Treasury By About $100,000,000 CHICAGO. May 2 (UP) — A ]:l:n whereby the Unilcd Stales treasury cnuicl lignrativrly reach inU ils pcctets mid pull out a .-.- „ „ .,„,„. foigotlen hundred million dollar of Die Ncllir-rlJiid IK melon was proposed tcdav by Chi- ' hcics. The tide, which for capo economists. A. T. and T Anaconda Copper .. Auburn Cnierpillar Tractor . Chrysler Cilies Service Coca Cola Contincnlal Baking . General Eleeliic ... General .Motors Middlewest Utilities Montgomery Ward . New Yor); Central .. Packard Radio Simmons Standard of N. J. .. Texas Co U. S. Sleel 07 1-4 . 4 7-8 34 1-8 . C . 8 5-8 . 3 7-8 93 1-2 13 1-2 10 1-1 ... 3-8 . G 7-8 . 16 .. 2 3-3 .. 4 . 22 1-2 10 5-8 . 23 1-8 Louis Bank's Territory i !, orce ", lcnl ' s ["ii^'oni maxims llml ;' of tragedy enacted in Ins' loni-lv ) i mill-tier will out' and there ncvsv woods near rirnce on a inoniillclil j was a ''perfect crime." \ I ]lis | U . Onc Df „„ (wo „ , , . Roy Mward Sniitb, driven by liis-l .«pianW on the ground with uv'o conscience lo confess a i bullet holes in his Iwcly. and the old slaying remains n free man al-, oil-er faded Into the darkness. Both ihoiifh willsiiBly accompanying of- i were itinerants and (he sudden dis- ficcrs Here after lirst revealing 111, [ appearance of one. followed by llie slraii B e stmy I a authorities al Os- | drifting away nf the other, tilihou-h ceola. Aik. feiij.i.-. !-.r,., dclailcd to ; noted by the hahilnms of Die coiii- oihcei-s he killing of Fred llavis muuHv. ocr-asioned ,, n alarm in the Uruce ccmmniMly. but the - ••• • victim remains unfound and in who| spile ct Smitll ' s confefilon Sheriff X.ich Pnii-ell insbrs. that Smith is free man localise ol I -a corpus delect! has of youths,.vvlio. a few years f-nnjlit fame and fortune in llie 'i-ilies. rucoicHiv; to Woori Netl'.er- land. i;.-rsidfnt ot the Federal Land Bank here. Economic conditions have frjrc- i cd youii? men and women, were drawn by the clamor of Ihp . city and its hiyh v/af.c.s. to ie-! n Uirn !o ihe farm witli a sad siory i^ lo tell ll;e home folks, Ne'Dierl.ii),! " said. Elderly persons, who were intent on Epcnding their lasl years snr- J Smith's story reveals him us an army deserter In l-Vbvuary. 102!). Drifting inlo Mississippi he mr-l . D.ivis. a dojie iiaddler, and two fcl- ii! otviDi:s ; low transients. He passed into ISe nol bcc:i; Bruce community and worked foi' Thrce Wilnfsses to Crime years after (he crime is and , a storekeeper. Tom Ivy. ,,, lu ^ I daughter Opal, assisted him for sev- I 'f'nn' -incd Pate T\vo> Children Make Bond for Father Three children, the oldest seven, mode fcond fnr their father =ss~ i=: novel proposal, whereby The Uncle Sam ooiild 'enrich hlinseff lo ibb extent with neglected currency lucked in stray comers -if his jeans, was conceived by a Chicago newspaperman and" has as ils consressional sponsor Rep Henry T. Rnincy, leader of the Deinonratic majority. Sponsors of HIP idea point out thai dining iho civil war. Ihr srral Chicago fire, the San Francisco earthquake, the Johnstown flood, Ihc Florida hurricane, and cllirr major disasters huge sums mai\v years had been flon'in; to the ciiy. tegan ebbinj back lo Ihe farm more than a year ago. he said. Since then, woitn W. . . Unrt- .., found a cookslove distillery c in operation at :i fnvm home near I bpcond Hulfiiinii. The officers found the crudc Er.onomy Mass Will Be Held at Many city people, realizing lhat fauns may 1 now he purchased for a [ruction nl ihe price nskr-d il few years nso. have ROIIC lo tin 1 country with Ihe idea of in-ofillin by Ihe present depressed laiH prices, lie said. Xteuv lhan ^n per New VorA Cnttnn NEW YORK, May 2. (Ul')-Cotlon closed firm. Op:>n High Low Close 552 55C 532 3BS 587 Mas- July Ocl. Dec. Mar. GOO COT 622 570 5M C13 GIB G34 554 5G3 533 592 605 554 55 8 594 G10 CIS 633 of paper money were dcslroye:!, j cenl of Ihe current fnrm sa!.-s but the gold in the treasury ate lo city people, he added vaults to redeem this vanished "' icuircncy is still held to cover money that no longer exists. The sum. Piof. Cyril O'Donnell ! :f DC Pnu! University and other i ernnoraisls believe, approximates jSICO.03d.IXX). They prooose pas- I sajr by consress of lejislaliou dc- clnnn'! nil olci-Mwd cnrrencv Issued prior lo July 10, 1320, illegal tender, dote of the outlawing to be set al some time in the future. From then on the old cur- could be redeemed onlv Spots closed at 570. np 10. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 2. (UP1- Cotton closed very stcariy. Open HiRh Low Close May 542 5S1 538 SSI July =59 5fii 545 SG5 Oct S84 583 56C 587 -Dec. 590 603 r>3l •fan C02 602 587 -Mar 622 C22 607 Ppol.s closed nt 5«7, up 8. am SlOb 62 7b by the United Stales treasury and such bills could be carried as an The movement, according lo Nelherland, results from the fii'sl inslincl ct man. srlt-prc^crvalion. I-'aced with hunger, or liccomin^ a ward of charity, city divclJcrs ni- moving oul where they set a plot of land upon which I" raise food Texan, Found Nude, Says He Was Kidnaped, Robbed BUFFALO. N. Y., May 2. <UP>— A story lhat. he had been kidnan?:) from his Texas borne and robbed - _ ..,. the Mill and headed for mini. "\Vc roiildn'i bring him in and leave those children there so we just lold him to co.nic in loday". Sheriff Shaver explained tlifs afternoon. Operation ol a blill is a felo:iy offense punishable by imprisonment In ihe ftale ncnilcntlary of 46.000 was [old police toiay by track driver found him wandering The plan was conceived by VcrM jWii! Hold Dental and Eye Clinics at School i lilylhcville high school students will receive free denial examinations, aiid will have their eyes tested (or noimal vision, at a clinic arranged for Tuesday morn- ins by (the high school Psrcnt- Teaohcr association. Doctors 11. A. Taylor. L. It. Moore and Fred R. Chikl will make Ihc dental examinations. will meet tonight to make a sec find demand for Oov. Harvey Par iwll lo call a SfA'Clal session of tlin 'rgislatnte (o reduce Knvernmeiital expenses. Governor p.irnrll will be invited lo explain Ids announced plans nf reducing'c expenses willintit rallim; a special session. Rep. Charles Fleming, one of ihe leaders of ihe mass meeting, said: "Taxes in Arkansas must l>c reduced nne-half if v?e '.-ire lo hold r tir lauds.and homes. People are In wrnt. The dro:ith l 6T I93n and the need of 1027 were . Chicago ncwspaiiernian. Rat* Bom in Ly^^^^ Mass., Central S» (UP)-The slork overtook (he Swans n n. race here lawrencc. Swan was takiiv; In.s wife lo a hospital. While Ihe a.i- loraobile was hal'i-d ia IraHic in Central ' birth to "long the highway. He M-rappcd him in a blanket nixl took him lo police headquarters. Salinas, at. first incoherent from exposure, later to'.d police three men kidnaped him in San Antonio fcreral days ago afler he had won S6.000 in a Mexican lottery. Indicated they were Mils- was telling an "essentially tcsl and Dr. J. A. Saliba will the vision of (ho childron. Record will be .kept of ihc results of the examinations, and parents will bo notified where detects are found recinirin" correction. WOODLAND. Cal. (UP> — A three-legged turkey was batched on lh2 ranch of Dwight Breckenridge, near here, recently. Tee fowl was said to be normal In all respects except for Ihe extra leg, which was slightly shorter Umn (he otltcrs. were outlined by Judge n. R. fiiiidli-.ini, c-hiiirninir of ihe board, at n meeting or Mlusl.ssl|iiil cnitn- ty scliool dlreclcrs ut the court liourc' liero Saturday nflcrnoon. The stale director;; recently com- telccl a survey ol conditions in is' 3,109 sclionl districts and are ut pvc.senl conslderlns several coi.iscs townrd cITcctlng pcrmun- ent relief, he said. 11 is llu: Im- medluli- piuimse of Ihe slale board fund short term loans and out- iidini; school wnrrauts and lo secure a comllliillonal Hiiididment Ulinc the iixsosMucnl nl SI j:oll tax iuiahvsl every resldenl of the slale over 'i\ years nl ai;o and cffi'i-llvc incfciis of cnllecliiiK It. Such incasmc.s would provide Ihc hasls for iWTmnnont relief find a more businesslike system of sehcnl »JiiiLni£liatlon. ,Iud(;o Uradham Afust llcl|t 1'oor Districts lold Ihc meeting. If the slate board is successful in Its etrort lo Increase Its loliil revenue $2,C(Xi.OOO Ihls year, U is hoped, ncccullni; (o Mr. I!r.i<ljinui, Hull the liiiiiH crux bt> (llslrlbulcd In/lhe more needy Ul^iricis, mJnr- anleelnj a " reasonalile ijcrtrxi' of ircf schcol facllilles 1 to students ilnoiiiihoul Hie stale. Should the hr.]X:d-fci funds bu distributed nn u per capita basis, he said, many rtlslvicls would receive nlil nol actually necC'S'iary while oilier:; would l.o viitlioul any school facilities. Jnd(je Bradham expressed confidence in Ihe ability rjf Ihe Av- katisas imlillc Ethool .•.y.siem lo wenlhei- llie period of llnnni'lal dllliculty and cmer;;c wllh :i vul- nnlile Icf.son of economy. Many dislricls liLi\e found il dllftcult o slay within Ihcir biulcels. he •nid. which nuisi he done if tlie laic school system is to Ix? placed ,\\ a -sound financial busls. -'When the business men of the slale are convinced our school syslem Is operaling without waste and Inelticlcncy, then they will kladly 'come lo our support," ihe ipcnker s.iid. "Mlstiianajjctncnt. rather llian trait, is responsible for the presenl condition. In ' ' schools spent 500,00 Cmore than their income. We then songlil and secured lejj- islalion to prevents districts sjiend- ii)5 beyond their anticipated incomes and in spile of the fact lhat lasl year expenditures In 1351 districts exceeded their incomes, we succeeded in balancing onr schcol budget." Costs H.-ivc lifon Cut 'Judge nradham potnred out that stale schools this ycnr are b3ing oiKratcd on $3,431.000 less than last year yet (he enrollment has Increased 13.000. The survey conducted hy the board revealed (hat many districts were wiliioul pro]x-r bookkeeping systems and lliul in several in- rlances Ihcir directors did nol knoiv ihe amount of their ont- slanding indeblcdncss. He -said slcps were beiny taken by (he ttate board in install erficien .>nrllcl|Mil«d. WrlBhl was still In n serious. Ihoinjh not necessarily i-rii- k'.il condlllon Icdny. Hall. iillOKcd lo have | , wielded a Xnlfe In ihe fmy, | s .charBed wllh ussuiiU with Initnl lo , i kill in a wiirranl Issued oui af mu- ! nfclpul courl. Alb:i( Hull, a brolli- i :t-r, Is clniri;e<l with disturbing (tip j peace. Uud Wrl B hl Is clim- B ed wllh I c 5tinbh)(! Ihe jiractf nucl Bill l »rl| ! lil whh ui;i;r:ivalcd araull l Hud Is n hrolhsr ol Ihe vltllm nl ' Me slabbing, y. j. Richardson Is al- ' so accused of niiiji-avniecl nwnuli In ! lllo ">ei-. Mrs. Stanley I>urycar, wjre .• '" iliniltilly backed U clonlh with, in ax.' . Will Jamison, '27, uefiro, shot by I'lil-ycar who (old police he siiw U;o ncuro flee from his Immc' -.lUi.-r discovery of tlie crime Mvly. toclny, died after telling jwllce ho was taken lo (he Piirycnr Home by n man who somewhat resembled Puryear. • Jamison dented he was 'connected wllh the double ax murder nnd lold a story of being aiiproaclwU early today on Beule street by a iule man wlio said he' hud .'» ihisky Job" for him (o da.- i.urcd by Jnti Offer He was a middle aged man wlltV- riKlcly Ince, Jamison gasped oiil to jwllcc before ho dleci. • Ofllcers said the -descrlplton resembles (hoi of Pnryear. ' : "I wa.'i slnndiiig on Bealc street. Ijofore 5 a.m. w'nen a white man. 1030-31 Arkansas approximately Sl.- The meeting tenight is '(rmnth of a rump session of the Ixiuse of represen la lives last month. When Governor Parnell adjourned a special session called to pass liljhuay bond legislation the Imt'M volpfl (o continue the session, but Governor Parnell refused In take C0fnl~?.nee of Ihr rebellious representatives and referred to them as a group ol "wild, bray- r.atural | cation, ! ham. Ihc at-' bookkeeping .syslems in Ihesc dis- (ricls and thai il hoped lo provide annual audits for ail dis- Iricls. G. B. Scgraves of Osceola. chairman of Ihc conniy board ot edu- intrcduccd Jndjc Drad- Finally the house quit after n.«_ I r iiumccr 01 tai ures co , thf c tv m k' u Z'f creased "«""* ^ n " 1C clt inrk meeting In the city park, meeting citizens rent n delcgn- llon to the governor asking for a special session but the governor refined, saying: "No special session will be called reduce falls." slate my p!an lo expenses 20 per cc-n, ._ The Rroup then made arrange- incnl.s for a second mass meeting tonight. Miss Winnie Tinner, county supervisor, made a brief talk prior . Kru-lii Loll, Closnel] conM:ible win referral ch:iri;es nuiilnsl Ihf f( iilu- l. said Uiai ns far as he had IIMH ble to lenrn (lie light, followed un vriiuiiicnl o«er n Imnd car, used by wine members or the [iron,, O n Hut Colion Hell (rark which passes that vicinity. B[flT[N IN LflSTPPEiL Supreme Review Court Refuses o f Gangster's Ineomc Tax Case. WASHINGTON, (<|jiy 3 (tJPI — Al Caimiif lost his • Hnal chance to scrrlnii his ll-ycar-lerni in Lenvenworth, Kans., iKiillentinry .. . drove up and nskcd me If I wanted- neyro (or alleged luccine lax evasion. >• Eiipreme court, announced lo earn come monry," Ihe said, "ile said ItxVc was son.; whisky ai his house and he would !!ive me $3 to hol[> him got it. 1- gol in the ear »-lth him 'ami- »o went lo his house. -..'-., • . "He told me to stay in the ga--. |ing« and I'waited (or him," the ••'^;-.."— would not mew tJnpcnc's case. T)ie cteclslon menrfs Cnpoue must from Cook county, Illinois. Jail Leavcinvoilh iwnltentlnry. announced , . Employe Picked Up In Dazed .Condition on Highway 61. W. T. Davis, 27, employee of a Memphis laundry, beaten severely about the face and read, was found In a dazed condition on (lie side of Highway 01. a few miles ssiilh ol Blythoville, early (his morning. His car was discovered on the roadside nearby. The Memphlan. who gave his address as, 1042 Mddison pv-snue. said Hint he had Ixvn a victiai of hijackers and thai approximately $10 he had In his pockets was inlsslnj. Davis was brought to the county jail here by county officers who had been informed by lelcphon? lhal n man was lying on Ihe roadside. Afler lib wounds had besn <lresfecl. Davis described the attack. The Memphis man had drivjii from Memphis to McFerrin, Osceola. yesterday and was returning lo Memphis o'clock lasl night nlone about 11 He raid he had left, a filling slallon n .s!:ori distance below Osceola when cne of Iwo men at Ihe side of Hie road jumped on the running boai'd ol his car ami clambered In. asking for a ride to Memphis. D.ivis said he lold the man he was nol going any further and the latler hit him with a blackjack in the face. He said Ihe only thing he remembered after Ihe first blow was being Jorc- ed lo take a ririnfe out of a jug. Davis was found lying out on Hie side of the road this morning, sllll in n da?ed condition. The glass In one window of bis car was broken Sheriff W. W. Shaver said hr had ! said. The little s>irl. wllh h?r lirad cn^licd. lay dead in Ihe room. '• Puryoar said he sn,uchcd up n st-oi gt.n juft ns Ihe negro was going cut llio b.irk dcnr ind fired. The negro was shot in the chest. The negro kept on miming but was picked up by police summoned by Pnryear. . Ttir as u-e.-i in hacking Ihe girl . .. _...„, - .... .ivis w.v>i nn<t mother was t.isen to \\c.\i- lo that' by Judge Bradham ? fn drinkljig- when lie 13ft McFerrin. I quarters. It n-as found in n room. • • • in Ice house. B:il Lemmer, head of thj hcml- condiided nn investi- the Puryjnr homo. called nip and i .„.., „ ovlral , ,dcoi- and lie shot we. . , | "I ran. I didn't know anything ;nbont the things that happened Inside," • • . ..." The Uitngs that happened Inside were ihc brulal hacking ot Mrs'. Puryra'r and her daiigliler ns the'y lay In bed about 4:30 ntn. today. The c'rl died at 7:30 a.m.. Ihe mother at 11:10 a.m.. and ihe. , w - at 8:45 a.m. Urnlfs firgrt's Story Ptsrycar denied h;' had had any Mnunr tlcallngs wllh Jamison. ~. "Times a lie," Puryear slionted when lo!d of Jamison's charge..."! 1 liad never lieurd or Ihe negro. 'I don't even know hini." Puryear nac2d the lob- . hy, pleading with doctors and nnrs-." e.5 lo "1st me do something." ^ " "I lore my family. 1 he sobbcd.>"I did (be best for them. I can't bear to Icsc (hem." Jamison's story was conci!!' 1 -^" with "wlilte folks, I known I going to die and I'm telling truth." "The \vhlte man called me and r went and he shot. 1 didn't sec ri'n white lady or no on;. I didn't have no ,ix." he moaned as he died. Puryear told police lie shot in? negro with a shotgun after finding the negro with an ax in the hand striking his wife as she lay In bid at 4:40 a.m. today. Puryear U In a hysterical condition and Is unable lo Rive much Information concerning fee crime. He and their 10-year-oid .»n Porter escaped Ihe ax slayer. They' • i were sleeping in another room. Fonnd Nrjr* With Ax ' Puryear raid IK was awakened at 4:40 by a scream in bis wife's bed- rcom. Ile found n r.cjro with an ax. in his band striking bis wifo. t-.e am Iho been Informed that D.ivis iu inst oy oiioge omanum in "ii"M*.5 wiivn nc i^n ,\icrcrrin. which she acquainted ihe visiting Davis Mid he had lakcn a drinl: school directors wilh figures on Or two of liome brew belore lc.iv- u:il Lenim Irregular enlrance, ailendonce and]' 11 ? McFerrin bin lhat he was not ride bureau, Ihe resulting high percentage of Intoxicated. Ho said lie would fce gallon at tl failures. She urged directors to "blc to identity his a<%illimt and — m-nn*rQtrt U'llh loin\-*re {ti en- CftVP A r1p^*r[ntl^n nT thn i n with cnlrancc forcing lime and regular , pointing out that in this way Ihc number of failures could be de in en the proper attend it nc saving to the district in cost of addlllona) Instruction. Au oil stove explosion at the Ike Goodman residence. 217 Dougan, caused slight last night. City firemen, responding to on alarm, carried the slove out of Ihe residence. gave a description officers. EATHER Settles Million Dollar Suit Over Song; {or $400 LOS ANGELES, May 2. (UP)— Becoming co irw official weather Settlement of a million dollar suit 'observer. Charles Philips jr.. the against Rudy Vallee. singer and cr- j minimum temptrature here yester- ?Mt jchesira leadsr. for $400 was ifvcak'd j day was 46 degrets and the maxi- ear(j [ i n court records today. 5 mum 7ii degrees, cliir. Today a year valles agreed (o p.iy R,^berl,T a^r. (he minimum tomp?rature w»s ARKANSAS—Parlly cloudy and warmer except in extreme east tonight. Tuesday partly cloudy, warmer. According to ttw official weather Hudson McKay $400 for exclusive rights to the vtris and mi«lc o! (he song "Vagabord Lover." 54 d»grf»s ant; the mixtmnni degrees, cJoudy with .03 Inches o£

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