The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1932
Page 5
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APRIL 30, CLASSIFIED ADS two c«nti » word for Orrt uutrtlon tnd one cent a word for Neb tubteqiMot loterUM N« idHtilwaicnt Ukea far k« He. Count the words uid tend tlw ewh. Pboa«306 (VTTT-'-L' '- *m FOR SALE BLYHlEVfLLE,(AUK.) COURIER NEWS FOB SALE—Baby chicks. Part cash, pay balance Ui fryers. Marilyn Hatchery, BlythevUle, Ark. 21cll KOR SALE—Potalo Plants-Thous- ands—Porlo Rico uiKl Nancy Hall. Ccrtmed cold bed plants 4t J2.00, 5000 and over, J1.75. Totiiato, Cabbage, Pepper plants, farm and Curden seeds. Banner KIOTO, 113 West Main St. . 21C-KTF OSAGE CHICKS—100. {5.50; Heavy Mixed, M75; Blood-tested, EIcc- Irlc lialched. Barred Rocks, neds, Buff OrphiBtons, Willie Hocks. Prepaid, live delivery. Osage Hatchery, JeJTerscn Cily, Mo. 30P-K1 FOli SALE—Computiny Scales, 530. Cost 1167.00. Howe 1'latform Scale, |10.00. TIw>jis Land Co. 28C-K1 FOR SALE—Pure Stpncvlllc No. 1 planting cotton • seed. Save;; before rains. $25 per ton. No other cotton ginned on our yin except (his coilon. .J. H. Smarl, Sr. "REDS, BARRED ROCKS. Orping- tons, Leghorn, JOO—55.50; heavy assorted, M.15; prepaid; live delivery. Central Farms, Jclferson City, Mo." 17-24-1 VOR REST FOR REST—« room house with 8 acres choice truck land, close in. Land ready to plant. Phone 797! See G. G. Caudlll. 3DC-K1 WANTED MAN — Aggressive, for Mississippi and adjoining counties. Collection, investigation and K|Kcial cou- .tact work. Experience unnecessary. Pcimanent. Full time; good pay. Wrife Associated Protective Afjen- cie.s, Inc., Room 344 Stcrick Blfl. Memphis, Tenn. 30C-K1 LOST AND FOUND LOST — Female collie pnp. three months olil. Urindle. Named "Tillie." Call 545-J. PERSONALS SNIDER MLTAL REPAIR SHOP Gutter work, ice boxes lined lawn mowers repaired and sharpened. Cln^vork a socially. Phone '293-R. 323'North Sixth st. 2Gpkl WARNING OKDF.K CHANCERY COURT, CUTCK,\- SAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Sadie M. Steed, Plaintiff, No. 530S vs. Herbert rage Steal. Defendant. The defendant, Herbert Pasc Steed, is warned to appear within thirty daj's in the court named n: thu caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Sadie M. Steed. Dated 4-28-32. 11. L. GAINIiS. Clerk, By Elizabeth Blythc. L). .C Sam Maualt, Atty. Ad Litem. 30-7-M-2 WAKNING OKDKK CHANCERY COURT, CtllCKA SAWBA DISTRICT. M1SS1SSIP PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Klcona Lamping, Plaintiff, No. 5199 vs. Harry Lamping, Defendant. Tlie defendant. Harry Lamping is \varncd to appear wilhiti thirl; days in the court naiucO in tlv caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plsintilf, Kleona Lamping. Dated 4-9-1932. R. L. GAINES, Clcrlt, By Elizabeth Blythc, U. C Claude K Cooper. Atty. Ad Llttem. O-lG-23-Ui Serf Rescue Obtains Fresh Chance lor Studen PALO ALTO, Cal. (UP)—Camp cr Freeman was annul to "Hun out" of Stanford University, H The Offices of DK. FRED CHILD, T>K. L. II. MOORK, DK. II. A. TAYLOR ^yill Be'Closed Every Thursday Afternoon. FRESH RIVER CAT FISH EVERY DAY Jimmie 0'Hricn's Cafe 105 S. 2nd St. Phone 271 SECOND HAND FURNITURE Sec Us First R. J. Dodson 3*1-30! E. Main mm BY MABEL, McELLIOTT iii:i;i> Jit:ut: TUIIAU RVSAN CAIU:V, IV mm* prHly, wurk* !• ihv uNlci! ot KHMIST ]|I:ATH. ari'lilucl, JACK WAlt- IN'Ci, lutUlUMi (o Hi-mil, Irlr« 10 make luie io trr bni \* ilUcour- ntceJ. Sui tin IUc« «lth fccr HUM I \\t\u U uriUMUnhr «(rirl, U.tY n.AAM'Kl, cfiuitorr^ IH Chi- m<sf nClco. iiLiiki-i IrlruUn nMb Su»:m nod confljr* her nmMil*jn In life — lo marry u rlrb nkiin l^hc1l^c^ «hr l<it t-a hi in or mil. Hunnn 1» «irrfll, IK ithli IHMt [)U\II A II, mllHiinriEro'K Nt*n »^c nif in ihnr bi t M in nrry DMM f. ti»i,an trrfiipf fr NM-iii *vrr-!t-rnU to know. Is Hint you'ro safe. Tin, Icnatlon £ult la off." "Tlici: they'vo made It up?" Hi; san asked tt." Hay l you In llio lobby In to mln- L'r liur lilioiildor. Tliero ua* no (irlvncy to tw ) in uny ot iho ro.siituriintd ^ "1 wouldn't exactly say Him. Tliu iht-y usunlly Imidiuil. lint Sutian fact of Uio mailer li .Mrs. Hpaili has decided lo cct :i Jlvorco In- slcad. A very lullle, restrained. UlBiiilicd Heno divorce. "You mean Ehe'u—she'd nol £OhiK 10 ilrai; mo Into It?" "N'o, not nl all. Why should sue?" "Oil, I hank "Well, yon illicit nlso tliank 1:10 11 llllltf." \V:>rlns said "1 was tho lilllo fixer, after ull.' a anmll uiulo back near tho ktu-heii In tlistr pel "Sundivtcb Sliopiio." Harried waitresses brutjIiL-d tlioir bLioiildors ivilh duu- Bi'ruiisly laden trnya ami onco or twice liotli i;lrla escaped u tloluso ot hot coffcu hut they iiinuai^ed lioino- how iiuiona Uio clatter and nicam and Kalillo ol loiiBiioa lo uclilcvo a small oasla of calm'. Ray (Kuan, "Iloncsl, Susan. 11 my coat. I'm nil In n lather POK RENT: — Nicely furnished cottage, four rooms and bath. Vacant May 1. Call %8. L. L Ward. 20-c-k-U FOR SALE-Colloii planting b«Hi. $15 per ton. Meyer Bros. OIUcc. 26P-K4 FOR RENT—30 acres edge ot city limits. Stcrnbcrg Cotton Co. 21ck2 ashes. ' , "A iierwn talkl." Rny tM tlilck- i- a(ul unncadlly. "A ticrfon aiiyi i lol of tlihiKj Hint turn out to 09 loot;) 1 when a iicraou lluilu out what It's /ijl /iloul." . Susan haled to look nt her. She Mil not II«H! to look to im OW n,,,, Hny was crying oiietilf. 'I'm lerrllily, IcrrlUly unrry/'.elio said. "I ilhlii'i know yon cared nt nil." Shu mia uliorkcil beyond words nt i|i(u cxpusuro. To uco Ilii)'. no hard nml lirltlil nnO 114. Biirihl. ihus BliaKon was cMu'rluiico. If thla waa love. Susan to homclf. ImlMin- inoruiiely. lialf-iiilylii^ly, lf a BOIIIO- " '"6 lo blear clear of. PAGE Australian Tofl Collector* Shocked SYDNKV, Aiiblrnlln lUI^—Toll collectors, wlio lock iwssngc tees from motorists passing over the new Sydney Harbor Urldgc, »lso Mioil clcdrlc tUocks wlien thdr ham'.i (oucheU those, at i|>c mot- orisls. , . | Tlie bridge authorities »vre iMitil. but tho InveMisnUons ol J3r, liriultlolcl, siiirervlslng eiigl- nour. revealed thut tlic cliMlcss I>iu1ty ot the Rlmos|)hfre over Hie harlxir was H'siwnsluU'. In Iliu uidiiiury wuy llic cleclrldty ca- i'ii]i!nii from the linttcvles of iiniu- mobile* l s nllnii-U'd. by particles ol (liu.1, but ill the dust-Ireo ulr o( (ho new bridge it rushed to the metal bodies of curs and the bodies of (he iwssi'iigers tli;insrlv«E. • Toll collectors arc now wearing rubber pads on their h«uds. America "0. K.' RepUcing "Rifhto" LONDON, (UP)—'lliv Aincrlcttn "O. K." Is rapidly displacing the HrKlih "Wglilo' 1 lli ewri'dny con- vei'siulon In Great BrlUln, (k-splti Uw o|>iKi3jlloii of educators. .Muilon pictures in«dc la Holly- \uxxj continue lo gain In twiitilur- Hy In the Old Country anil luvi Die iirliicliwl nucncles o) 'the AuerkMiUi'tlon of Eiiglind" one English columnist the ct£er day made fo^r 'letcphone' calli to the conmwHon enrttd wltl) "O. K." froai Uw person it th« other end, ''••• HUIi, (UP) r-. Wal.tcr BrocW«- oank, rumibij to mtct his dpi • hlch »ai'rating on llic giey- lonmt track, »•»» knocked down ;y the cleetrlo litre, and both his inkles wcro broken. . "OlUdfe" Alttf 33 Vew» SEA'ritB.' (UP) - Joe Dexter, Aiasta trading jiosl 0)>cra(or, Who uailc Ills ilrat trip "outside" |ii 33 fc»r» arrived lierc en route to the UUK UUAKDUSG Y Noa'R > « niiMlrlai;. i l<r llrnlir nnd flofa fl^lil nvre Sintim. Hirrllnc i'rnrxl HrMlh. tl^k* him t(i (nkf krr huntr. HP effort* t><-r be ArHrujd* I Ililiik It W iia marvel- MACK «— PAP VOAS ABou-r-rH ... lid AUS-TRAUA I 1\ ^-^ SE& WAS oMe-IFKT BLGW5 so HARP^M^S; > } **«^ ****?* Irl' WlfviPMILUS \ IJP ifoT WAnfcR, rle SAVS ,' t }\€s seeM WIUD DUCK'S flie meant It. SIic t have inisniulcrslood lie souinCfl tio kind now. lie isrluneil. readlni; her thouglus. "Do you lliliilt I cnn keep my Joh Susan looked her surprise. "Do you mean to say you liavcn'l licaru.' Sky was married lasi nlghl it Crown 1'olnt. Stnt mo a wlro. tool as you plcaso. 'Consratiiluto BAY dried her eye.1 and bcKau to lulk imlckly and Irrelevantly iitiout noihlnR ut all. Sho renewed NOW GO ON WITH TIH? STOK V CHAPTER XXVIII or will It be too awkward?" Susan .WAIllNr, entered wliUlling. \vaa llio morning afier rtliday. Ills ruddy faco under lio tlwlcli of smoollily coubcil. nndy lialr was aglow with Ihe con- icioiisness of a fjootl deed done. "I feel like a blooming Hoy Seoul." he chuckled lo himself, ils heavy ulslcr over o chair and bcgluiilti; to sort hla her makeup mid boforo tliey wont "1 didn't know you -cured nny. "Awliward for whom? No onu knov.a nnytlilns ahout It hut the tlnco ot iiii. We like yon tiero. Why you irnU around town an- want win because a oul on llio Blrect eho Bccmeil her own, bright, slanfy sM. Hut Su- tliluc about him." BIUU AM' AM' ViQRlH f I -ous-r \-\. T?'\Y winked liiose preposter'ouE sun could not forset tho u'fmpso of lashes onco or twho and licr ebo hud seen. It mudo her fniHlcr ot Hny. This lltllc doll- jcrtlons wonmn hns a brain Elorai?" eyes were hard and brlslil as uiar« |)UT tint uuy, U seemed tlio tiiost ^ simple nnd reasonable ItiSiig In Clio worlil. SuKiin drew a deep "Sky v:ns— well wo wore world, sho iniijeJ! Hay bad cally jusl llto that," slio said, liold Ing up two nui;ers. i Btnpld. vapid, ordltmry youus brcaiti anil bcld up her head again. tiiau lir.d broken It dow Kveryllilng was all right. Sbo was mo up Is llio W ay lio did It. Nol Of ono Ihhig Siisitti u«a certf.ln. Susan cnnic in looking as though t grateful for her escape from that 1 wouM hnvo married him my- Uay would uol be hurt hi tlio muno ai:d slio put that graltludo Inio her sho had spent a bad night. "Good morning." self. llonc.;lly, Hie kid hasn't good woik. 1'ho tliroo men in the oPJce. Ttio Incident aivoko for n wbllo Slio looked at him In surprise. Tuesday iil K iil claiicliiR anil ho come lasles. felt (he tingle of her pie.i- tho old pain Suaati had felt ubout astonished that anyone should feel cheerful enough to call this uioru- ng "Uon't ho so woebegone," |i 0 ^. up lo Uio houso aflcrwnrd and ho Hob. Slie bad not hoard from Utm slnco that evonlfiil hlclu at llio .VOUIIK i;irl sniilcil at was ust as swcol ns could bo. ckroydv. Whcro was be aud wliat thoughl Kchuylcr Wdib liailn't uoo "You'ro a funny one." Hay salt] think ot him but in her heart knew that dally slio dmuled llio ncwa of bla marriage. Would sho over rid bersclf ot this foolishness? 11 wna sciiKe. why did shu mind his liavini. > ..... .l^ulu tLL visetf. seatins l»i.«c« on her desk , Ktly h married someone else? liny Ka ha|J| , iu5 t lo work a ,. d . uot and walcbing 33 slie removed ilie small hat and Uuug away her coal ve any fun." Susan did nol Iry lo csiilaln the Ilko H fever, an ague. Vou tliougbt In tlie closet reserved for lliat pur- i;toriousi sense of freedom and ro- s Klrl all winter hut lie you wcro over it completely and always pretended lie couldn't se leaso which had coino to her that poso. Suddenly he remembered. llicn Domo word— aomo phra3 bor. Slio has scads of money. Thai's morning when Waring had brongln "Surely you'vo heard Iho slor strain of music, porbaps. would starl it all over again. licr tlio good uc'.rs. It was cnou;;b is over?" ho asked incredulously. "I Uoa't know \vhai you mean." Ho took her hands and gave her a liltlo whirl. "I lixcd everything." just to be tafe anil secure. So no longer seemed Impalleiu for "1 tlioushl Sky was rich," Sn?a Sho shook her head impatiently. This was gelling her uowhero. Sho won III bo llko Uay, cool and determined ami rulhless. Sho would put Eiob out of her heart forever. Susan bent over hor work, trying murmured, feeling s!io ought to say Uay rushed In one day at isom lio iiracllcally lost tils BOUTS AJND JUER BUDDIES THBRK NOW! ho announceit. "Me. tbo Boy Scout!" and Bald excitedly, "Have luncl shin In Ihe market l "You what?" Her face came alive, "Just what 1 salil." the man In. with me. won't yon?" Susau bcsan to explain U;al she aceouiit was nil used up. 1 knew Urn last week." "Tho danger's over and had planned to uicct Hose. t|], ilien." baiil Susao, rcniom- to efface herself In HE calm Im- there's nothing [or you to a " oi "-" "Plcasu break it. llnucM, this Is „ , „ „ Illinonant." Hay ur«M. Her .l.m-1 nbnut the folly of Incoming a lioor 1 don t hellcvo It." Susan told! deliou locks were runicd ami ihtrci maii'a ivifu, "Well, then licrmi! llay'a ori-rcneated remarks A voico said at her elbow. 6fe f, CooWvt.Wt WRt I see Mr. Heath. Oh, I beg your him but her eyes danced just the was a streak of mascara under ono wouldn't have- waulctl him anvwav. pardon. How do you do?" same. "JIow did you do It? eye. Could Hay havo tiecu crytnu? You know what you'vo always said Wnrlng put up ona hand and about wantm B a mink coat and a plinmcd frishientncly. She heard struck an attitude of mock modcsly something In tlie other tjlrl's air ol duplM aiiartniciit and a roadslcr." herself say cn'--sly, "Mr. Dunbar. "It's not a story for little glrlf MWUMO KtRE KV.V. suppressed excitement ruado her de< liny leased lur head and Suaan cido to go wlih her. sno n tear clitlcriiig on hor (To lio Continued) ^ THtSZt AKt ABOOT OV- V\\Wl, TOR ' AROONO eiOlK16 TO VA«t \T mrtrs. Ills profi'ssors nsrced. were not so gonil, They tUought he should nol come back. ITU'XIKLKS ANfi HIS FR1KNDS TKY. TIIV A (IAIN! 3UUUJLI nut collie OLICr.. Then IIP saved the life of Forrest Giiylord, IB-yrar-nlrl Oaklau: MEWER. S'rtxJT AT A DO6 I'LL SHOW >t>0 Uov/ B£VaMB6R THAT >bO APE HAMH-iKie A cue AM- HOT A P6RSOVJ, AW THAT A D06 LEARW FRCW H6 B6ASO»J 9UT TMeae xx) AHE— DEAD DOS '•'. JUST ^ . keep ooiMG THAT ^. "V CNER A»J' CMEB. TO MAXS HIM pmv ...BOU. c»jea— SLOJJI.V PUSH HIS LESS UMP6R VII.'A, ROLL ilRJi rchool 5'outh who swam too Inr o'.il into tin surf at rjarmel. i.u U.IL iuiu LI:J MJTI at uaniui. Elmer Cox and Willard Wtiil- ncy. Carmcl bnslncM mm. Irarn- cd of *hi?i scludnGtic clifliciiltii 1 ;;. TO H:W...SIT t»KW ,'^V C OOS'.TWTS WHAT VbUSMAHT Like A w-ce FEUA ci o *is schcnctic diflicultiis. went tn univcr.sily a'.tthoritir.s. and pleaded his case so wrll thai lie was permiUcd to rcgibttr [or the spring qunrler. - ff^^Lj^J ">» g~^S>^ m ^^^. wcspr AiujriiAveA cot-i IN rn- WASH TUHHS GUTTING ACQUAINTED! <iL^t) To Stt VOO, \ ALL oueti \ UJORL9 FOR VOO. / HERE.-MCCT MY / llMfi LO.. CiREM 6UY. I AROOMO s^^NClH^l IN SQU^PRON /-W,'»JSTe«" ReMOV'CS HIS ^ TRICK 61\!eG A S\lOl)T OF MY. ? 8IAZ.tS, FELU,, 1 SUftE HOPE TrttRt'5 NO WftftP ftELINfjS / t RESTS 'A Bit " OvJER OOP-UTUE ' '

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