The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 22, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 22, 1931
Page 6
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SIX m,YTKKVH,I.R fAHK.) COURIER NKW8 I BRUSHING UP SPORTS Laufer Local Team in 4 to / 2 Vic- lory Over,Missouri Semipro Nine Here. The Blytheville Red Sox defeated the Cooler semi-pro learn in n well ployed game at Haley I'icltl | Sunday afternoon, the score \\.is 4 j to 2. Blyllieville scored two runs In tin: first Inning to get oil (o an early lead which the locals never relin- qulslied. Two fast (touhle plays aided the Hose' cause nt crucial point 1 -. Sjiot Reid, Blytlicvillc liurlci 1 . chalked u|> another win and was never In serious (rouble nil the way. HeiU and Henson shared .MiIke oui honors with seven apiece. Oscar Kl- who was slated to hurl for Center, did not take the mound until i!u- eighth inning. He let the Hose down without a score in that inning. The Sox scored Iwo runs in the first Inning on Jwo walks ami a hit. They added another in the second on n triple followed by a double. In the scv?nth the lies? mrnl 1 - 1 their final counter on two singles. The.Cooler team made both ol its runs in the eighth Inning. Turkrr jingled. With two down liushlns tripled and Bix!=r's single accounted [or the tallies. Bo\ Scnrc , - Blylheville AB. R. Mehrle ss 3 Hires ct 4 Young c 4 Whitworlh ib 3 Warrlnston 3b 4 Ray 2b 4 Clark rf 4 Abcriiflthy cf 4 Reid p 3 "Totals Cooler Rushing ss Bixler 3b Henson p Sadler rf Bean If Fry c Tucker Ib Campbjll 2b MIchle If Elliott p 33 4 AB. R. HOW THEY STAND Pivac Ls Favorite Over Hard Punching Lnxoran . Totals 32 2 a Summary—two base hits, Nfehrie; three base-hits. Bry Rushing, Ab- ernalhy, Mehrle. Bnsss on balls— of! Reid, once; off Henson two; strikeout by Reid seven; by Hen- son six. oft Elliott one. Stanley McRnr, the "Luxora Mnuler" fnccs probably the louijh- est assignment of his career when V? crawls into tlu- rhn: with Tom Pivac of St. Louis at the Aimory uesday night. The Luxora IHjIilheavy without doubt carries n sleep producing iinch In his risht hand-one Hint s Rdine;! te rrspcrt of mtiny liters. But whether 1-.? enn ur;e uuch cfccflivcly against the rerieiiced and crafty Pivac. is n ntter of doubt. Incidentally Plync clnims lo hare von the bis majority of his fiirhls th? knockout route fo McRue vill also have to wutc:!i his opixm- nis' gloves. And in the past Mc- lae has no more than one oocu- ciisp descending blow of the iron What is the difference in the swiiiy nf the iron and Ihe woail? shot. Because the Iron clubs have shorter shafts, one must stand res[>ect for his opponent's leather to make 11:.; bout entirely Inter- esllmj. If the Luxoran appears Itmid to an ydceice he will probably be In the be:iting of his life as Pivac hns been In the gams long enough to know how lo finish a weak lighter. Ilk- Boy lllnnchard nf the long arms and lanky legs will meet nn- hlsi'other St. Louis light heavy in Steve ex- Man-,?. Reports have it that Maree is rather youni; at Ihe tininb. Blannhard is notoverburdcncd with rhiBcrafl ro the two should pair olf well.' Bljint:hard recently won over Dummy McKinncy here. Gllx-r bouts including a p.iir of middle weights and two welter- round out the card with "loser to Ihe ball and use open stance. The iron viated and a .more- swing is more abbrc- lequlres less pivot. At Close Games Feature Sunday Play; Grimes Likes Hoi Weaiher. The Cardinals divided a pair with the Braves yesterday while the Giants last and the risd Birds easily held ihflr leading margin and then .'.oinc in the Notional circuit. In the American loop (he Mackmen cop-' nod a game ns the Senators lost to Wes Perrcll and his Cleveland Indians. IJuiletgh Crimes gave the Cardinals ail even split in their two games with the Brave yesterday. Grimes blanked the Braves, 1 to 0 In the second game pitching duel, wjilli Socks Seibold alter the Cardinals had last Hie Initial encounter, C to 1. Frnnkhousc and Brandt let the Cards down with five hits in the tame and Grimes gave the Bos- ;>iilan.s but five In the second. The New York Olanls were bumped off by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the eleventh Inning, 5 to 4. The ant Infield went to pieces in the eleventh. Errors by Jackson and Marshall and Gramham's single cave the Bucs two runs. French was the winning and Heving the losing hurler. | Watt limited the Cincinnati Reds! to five hits and the Phillies won, 7 (o 1. The Phillies secured 20 hits with every man hitting but Pitcher Watt. Robins Win Close One The Brooklyn Robins won a close till from the Chicago Cubs. The score was 7 to 6. The Bruins scored three runs In the ninth but their rally fell short, Dazzy Vance was the winning pitcher, although badly shaken at times by some extra base hittin. Grimm, Cub first baseman, got five hits out. of five trips to the plate. Grove and Earnshaw staged the brother act to win over the Chicago :••* White Sox. The score was 6 to 5. A ; Chicago rally in the ninth drove Earnslmw from the mound and Grove came -to his rescue. Thomas W. IJirmingimni .'. 45 Chattanooga 37 Atlanta 'J5 Memphis .. :le Hock New Orleans 32 Mobile 29 Nashville 25 Pc.t 652 .552 .522 .493 .485 .471 .439 .379 Undefeated Games to With Three Go; Promise Land and Holbert Close. i Aw»ric»n t-cut.s'ville ... fit. Paul .... Minneapolis Milwaukee .. Indianapolis Toledo Columbus ... Kansas City W. L. 33 30. .559 . 33 27 .550 •23 29 29 33 31 Lutes kept its record clean and continued to stay In the fore of Pct the Mississippi county league ra« Sunday by defeating uni e River at Little Hlver. The Lutes team 32 23 27 29 21 525 .500 .482 A6U .•(CO 1>C 32 .448 National League W. Philadelphia 43 Washington 41 New York 29 Cleveland 28 Boston -. 21 Detroit 23 Chicago 19 St. Louis 19 p-i .768 ,C&i .547 .483 .39« .390 .358 .352 leads the loop with seven victories and no defeats. Promlst; Land and Holbtrt in n tie for second place with six victories an one defeat JUNE g Whitworth and Eberdt V Aid Wade at Memphis Je.«s Eberdl and J, 13. Wliitwortii of [his city, members of the championship Alabiimc unr/ersity foot- bail team of last fall, will assist Coach Wallace Wade, their former tutor in .staging a coaches' training school at Southwestern University In Memphis this week. Wade, now head coach at Duke University, Durham, N. C. will uso the local boys and other members of his crack Crimson ol last year to demonstrule his football methods. Training courses in other branches of athletics including basketball. track and kindred sports, will be given by members ol Wade's staff when he served at Alabama. apiece are close behind. Three days ; remain in the first. GAMES TODAY the top of the backswing for. an Iron, the club makes a varying tingle with the ground from 10 to 35 degrees, whereos with the wood club hi the backswing the club usually Is parallel with the ground. • * * TOMORROW: Is the explosion shot (he only way to get out of a Irap? Read Courier News want ads. was (he losing pitcher. Wes Ferrell limited the Senators to seven scattered hits and bested Alvin Crowder in a hurling duel, 3 to 1. Ferrell hit a homer To aid the Indians' cnuse. The game gave the Indians an even break in the (our game series. The St. Louis Browns defeated the I New York Yankees in two games t'TIie scores were 9 to 7 and 8' to 2. - The Browns won the opened 9 to 7 Sonthfm I.tapie Nashville at Memphis. Chattanooga at Little Rock. Birmingham at Mobile. Atlanta at New Orleans. National I.fafur Philadelphia at Chicago. New York nt St. Louis. Boston at Detroit. Washington at Cleveland. Amrriran I.rague Cincinnati at Boston. Pittsburgh at Brooklyn. Chicago at New York. St. Louis at Philadelphia. and the nightcap was won. 8 So 2. Stewart was the winning pitcher In the opener and Wally Heberl. young recruit, was credited with th3 second game, 8 to 2. Ruth. Gehrig, Laizeri, ftrrell and Lary hit home runs. , The Detroit Tigers lost a ball game to the Boston Red Sox. Th? score was 7 to 6. A home run in the seventh liming with Rothrock on base gave the Boston Red i the game. Kline was the winning and Wyatt the losing hurler. of play race. Lutes won a well-played game from the Little River clan at Little River. The league leaders received good pitching by Clyde Lutes who let Litle River down with two bingles. Promise Land had a merry go round in their win over the visiting Hightower team. The final score was 22 to 8 with all kinds and typos of baseball - featuring the game. Burdette playing at home lost to he invaders from Yarbro 8 to 4. Yarbro presented n strong line-up. Armorel playing its first game after taking the place of Ekron won over Dell at Armorel 9 to 4 Armorel had to assume Ekron's losses In joining the league. Hermondale failed to put a team on the field when the visiting Ho!- bert team arrived at Hermondale according to reports. Holbert was awarded the game by the S to 0 forfeit route. It Ls understood that the Midnight Inn team wll probably take Hermomlale's place in 1 the near future. [ The league games are played onj undays. I Standin/rs W Honor Unbeaten Ilimnrr Edv.'in P. Russell of Rochester, N. V.. perhaps the best quarter- miter in all University of Michi- 1ms been elected cap- of the 1932 Maize and liluc track team. Russell MMS l)>lh .gin history 111 tain iiidoor and outdoor 440-yard (lash champion of the dice this year. Ten Confer- A GOOD -HABIT TO GET\T WOVnr GET YOU Sundays. Lutes Promise Land Yarbro Dell Hijjhtower Armorel Burdette Little River Hermondale iion displayed just a trine to miifhj_an opening kittle royal. Are Golfers Serious? If returns from Cincinnati. O and Galesburg, HI., are to be lake] as a gauge of sentiment in the nation-wide poll on Ihe new golf bull the conclusion seems to lie (lint golfers prefer talking to voting. There are at least 15.000 golfers of both sexes in metropolitan Cin cinnati, says Tom Swope. spr.rls editor of the Cincinnati P<i=t, but the total vote cast was less than 300 Tom says: "This doesn't indicate that golf ers are not Interested In the sub ject. It shows they merely were neg ligent about It the same way Amer leans are negligent in many mat ters." Five who voted In the Post' poll advanced the idea that lie irould prefer a ball ol th? nei large size which weighed as nine! as the smaller ball .in use previous to (his year. Five others voted that they would just as soon play one size as the other. - - A total of 54 votes were cast In Javor of the new ball. Against this I 225 golfers voted for tho .old ball. What! No Stamps! Wilbur Rogers, sports editor of the Galesburg Register-Mail, faars 1 the depression has resulted in an economy of postage stamps. • "Either that." writes" Rogers, "or golfers here arc not interested .in .the change from the old ball to the .1931 balloon model. "One dozen players out of an estimated 1000 in Galesburg. -whore •three courses arc kept busy every day and are crowded to capacity on Sundays, returned ballots expressing their opinion. "Ten amateurs voted no on the new ball.' One professional approved the new pellet. One amateur was doubtful. The solicited opinions of two other pros and retailer of golf equipment also were, in favor of the new ball. » « * Six Reasons. ' '"Reasons why golfers opposed the hew ball .were: putts poorly i7); lea distance (4); erratic In flight (5), easily affected by wind (4): fails, te hold on pitch shots (1); absolute!) inferior (3). , . "Among reasons why the nev ball was found satisfactory with th professionals were that it gives bet ter lies on fairway, good on shor shots, helps beginners to learn moi rapidly and makes more careful, ac curst e golfers."' Meanwhile, the noise continue . But the votes come, in slowly. '•: In 1930 there : were 116,670 fed .'. eral and state prisoners in th r-son Hurls Steady Ball \Vhil.: Indians Mil Hard for Triumph, 12 |o 0. tailed second Game, Messenger lim- id:rt the Pels to four lilts while Hie Cnix got to Glintlo for eleven, lip.vous, Taltt and Ryan hit hard. The Memphis Chicks won over the Nashville Vols at Memphis, It (o (J and S to 2. The Chicks won I he first by timdy hilling and Griffin Inn led uoc'd ball in the fecund. The Chicks moved back into (lip first division by virtue of tlii'ir victories. FOR STYLt In TflE OSCEOI.A. Ark.-Thc Siutlenrt Rice O-vIs proved oasy vlciims fnr the Ofcroln Tnrtlnns yfslrrday. Os- ccoln winning 12 to 0. Lowrance. Gllchrist. Slnttr. nnd Twer lc;i the nllcck or the Tn:lhn, on three Stuttgart hurlcrj. Crcson. Imiir.ii pitcher, recouvrl 1 in making a wood shot the club spectacular support by his team- i should be nt Ihe back of the ball, n mates. Three sparklum double plays I sweeping blow as compared to the materially aided tl-e Indians' cause. Osccola scored five runs in Ihe first inning on an error, two bases on tnlls. four hits. The rcsl of the way ihfi-p >.-as no question ns to the Easy Terms 10:.;" Down 21 months lo pay balance. U. II. F i uUpnrt .. Ofin 000 Ol)0-r> 3 I <ceob ... .100 OuJ 43x—12 18 3 natteilcs: StutUarl. Gn<-liii. Krr- ck, Davis nnd Coffuian; Ofccola, reson anri Tarvcr. PEGS II Lasl Time Today See Kay .folinslou and "llrrl Lyloll in Bavons Win One Bui Other Dixie Teams Do BnUer. The high stepping Barons of the Dhie loon won one came yesterday but tho Chicks. Crackers and 1'ravcbrs won two apiece. The Barons won 5 to 2 over the Marines as Touchstone limited the Marines to seven scattered hits. Hutsou of the Bears hit a home run. Owens was the losing hurler. The Lookouts, 1 wlx> have been traveling at a fast pace of late and nre now in second place, wire beaten twice by the Little Rock Pebbles. The scores were fl to nnd 4 to 2. pH;hi?r of 1 Moon was the winning Ihe first game and Barnabe of the j-econd. The Ux>k- c.:ils htliugg failed lo find the range against the Travelers pitch- The Atlanta Crackers won over the N.?w Orleans Pelicans. The wore wn.s C '.o 4 and 3 to 1. The Cra;c drove from Ihe mound in the first came. In the boh- Single Sin' -Jlatincc and 10 and 2r>c. Xisrhl— N R1TZ THEATER Last Time Today Sec Clive Rrook. Buddy Ko<:er.>, Fay \Yniv and Jean Arthur. in lawyers Secret' Admission—15 and - or;:,- Klortrir K« frige r.i tor lias tho KolhiliH-. a i;oinparl and |K)\vi-rfnl rcfrigrriilin: nuvli;iiii*m lliat U ;i]mo.-.| Kvory ji.irl of llic Norse lias Wen liuilt In IK- nninlly long lived", ami thai inrliiiii^ ils design, too. Tin- Norgc caliincl is styled" along lines, harmonious iuili atl v ilocnrativi: sehcmo , stay a thing of Wanly for all of Ihe yesrs and year* you own it, WAT^ftVOIR If you would have eveiy refrigeration advantage . . ; sec (he Norgc before you liny ... vt like to show itj superiorities. Manufactured hy Norge Cor)X)ration, Detroit, * division of Borg- Warner, originators of fre« vi heeling. WITH ROLLATQR PARKHURST CO. 105-inn K. Main SI. Phone 57 lilylheville, Ark. tVKV AMBON CAR MADf TOt-AV CONTAINS MATKIAL MAD€ BV »C*0.*AINB[ Here's How At— The most exclusive and beautiful moun-. tain resort in the country— Eight thousand feet up in the Jemez. Mountains of New Mexico. You can be on the go from morning to midnight—or later. Or you don't have to be on the go at all. You can ride, drive, hunt, fish, swim, : climb mountains, go to rodeos, play arch-' cry or polo, visit the Indians. You can read, play cards, pool or bil-- liards, play the piano and the Victrola,-dance, listen to the radio. Or you can curl up in a corner and snooze, or lie on your back in the sun and' look pu at the bluest sky anywhere in the world. Whatever you do, do exactly what you want to do! What happens to suit you will suit everybody else I Here's to the time of your life! Season—May 1 to Thanksgiving Day. t j;mez Springs, New Mexico Write far fail information to 155 BAur SUPERIOR STREET

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