The Times-Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on June 4, 2005 · 13
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The Times-Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · 13

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 2005
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SATURDAY JUNE 4 2005 FEATURES - THE SCRANTON TIMES THE TRIBUNE B3 Jack airs his eclectic tastes on growing list of stations Mi 'eet Jack. He's a popular guy who also goes bby several , other names including Bob, Dave, Ben, Simon and Hank. And he basically does what he wants when he wants, but people like him anyway. What a guy But that's Jack. I'm talking about the latest radio format phenomenon that blew in from Canada and is sweeping the nation. Jack and his regular-guy friends feature an eclectic mix of top-40 songs from the 1970s to today, all mixed together with seemingly no rhyme or reason. In the span of a half-hour, listeners could hear songs from artists ranging from No Doubt, The Cars and Boston to Super tramp, Jimmy Buffett and the Bee Gees. It flies in the face of conventional radio that tends to niche toward a specific demograph- MARY ONDRAKO ic. In addition to expanded playlists, many of the stations also operate without live, on-air personalities and have fewer breaks for commercials and promotions. The format is designed for FM stations. The idea, according to Billboard Magazine, was the brainchild of CHUM Broadcasting radio programmer Howard Kroeger, who began a newfangled classic hitshot adult contemporary hybrid station in Manitoba, Canada, in early 2002, after attending a friend's 40th birthdayparty. The story goes that at this party, Mr. Kroeger noticed certain songs clicked better with the crowd ranging in age from 30 to 50, particularly those from their childhoods. He decided to research further to learn the true hits of past years, including songs rarely heard on the radio. What he came up with was a loose format spanning nearly three decades that would vastly expand a station's music rotation. He placed the format on Winnipeg's CFWM-FM, calling it "Bob," adopted from a Minneapolis country station's moniker that he liked. The station debuted at No. 1 in Canadian ratings among adults 25-54, according to Billboard Magazine. Later that year, the format concept was expanded to a Vancouver station, and Jack was born. Some industry analysts view the format as a breath of fresh air and a way for broadcast radio to better compete against satellite radio and new technologies like Apple's portable iPod. Others predict that the novelty will wear off and it's destined to be another short-lived trend. But the format, and clones of it, have made their way to many major Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Kansas City, Detroit, Indianapolis, Washington, and Philadelphia and interest is growing. In March, Greater Media's Philadelphia station, 95.7 WMWX-FM, flipped its AC format to "Ben FM" that boasts "Playing anything we feel like." The station's moniker is named after Ben Franklin. The new station was heralded with Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom." Entercom also recently started its own version of Jack, "Charlie-FM," at a station in Madison, Wis. The former '80s station's "WBZU" call letters are being parked in the Wilkes-BarreScranton market at the former 1300 WOGY-AM. Jim Rising, operations manager for Entercom's local cluster, said Entercom doesn't intend to bring a "Charlie" here. Keep your radios close, though. In this business, you never, know when Jack or Charlie or another "average guy" might show up. New Catholic station A station formerly simulcasting WICK-AM's oldies music has flipped to religious programming. Holy Family Communications, a not-for-profit Catholic radio ministry, based in Wil-liamsville, N.Y., began broadcasting "Station of the Cross" on 1550 WITK-AM in Pittston earlier this week. It is a simulcast of HFC's station, 750 WQOR-AM in Olyphant. The 10,000-watt station is being leased from Lackawanna County Commissioner Robert Cordaro, but HFC has intentions to eventually own it, said James Wright, HFC's general manager. "Our goal is to purchase it but we are waiting on Federal Communications Commission issues," Mr. Wright said. Doug Lane, who was convicted in March on child molestation charges, formerly leased the frequency from Mr. Cordaro to broadcast his WICK signal. HFC, founded in 1999, also owns and operates three Catholic stations in Buffalo and Rochester, N.Y., and Youngstown, Ohio. MARY ONDRAKO writes about radio for.SaturDay. JImDanbys Rls. 6 & 1 1, Clari Summit jw, DmrSpeml MoK.DmrSprtH PRIME RM BMYMCXRKS iifurtu. Juof 4 Vg. RHTNfc rVT UUKMH fx ( 'Our Theme Is Dance' Senior company staff members of the Carmel Ardito School of Danoe prepare for the school's annual performance, "Our Theme Is Dance," to be presented June 10-11 at 7:30 p.m. each day at North Pocono High School. The performance features the Senior Company performing selections from "The Genius of Ray Charles" and "The Music of Michael Buble." Ballet dancers will perform to songs by Josh Groban, with lyrical and Jazz productions choreographed to contemporary music. Tickets are available from members or at the door. Proceeds will benefit the North Pocono High School Scholarship Fund. Senior company staff members, from left, Cara Kozel, Catherine Klotz, Danielle Walters, Michelle Occhlplntl and Julie Ardito, will perform to Ray Charles' "Hallelujah, I Love Her So." Truffaut's Mules and Jim' put out as new DVD set BY BOB LONQINO COX NEWS SERVICE "Jules and Jim: Criterion Collection,'" Francois Truffaut's 1962 treatise on friendship, sex and oddly bent psyches is a landmark in the French New Wave movement. Though the film was released several years ago on DVD, this new two-disc set comes from Criterion, among the masters of home viewing. It includes a new high-definition digital transfer, multiple commentary tracks and interviews with Mr. Truffaut's collaborators and archival material with the late director. The title refers to two male friends (played by Austrian Oskar Werner and Frenchman Henri Serre), but the film's force of will is Catherine, delicately and monumentally portrayed by cinematic icon Jeanne Moreau. Their intense relationships, which include deep affection, a child and an often combustible menage a trois, is underscored by a subtle fourth character of a kind Mr. Truffaut's camera. The director uses sparing stops and starts and intense, moving closeups (especially in the trio's famous bridge footrace) to tweak and inform a viewer's emotions. "Jules and Jim" may feel less revolutionary now, but it is among an important group of French films that clearly influenced American directors and led to "Bonnie and Clyde," "The French Connection" and more. IfjnLSaSLaUaaUliaw I ROGER EBERT'S VIDEO ALERT. Be Cool (Crime comedy. P&13, 112 m., 2005). Sequel that knows It is a sequel, with some of the same characters as "Get Shorty" (1995), including John Travolta as Chili Palmer - a Miami loan shark turned LA movie producer in the first movie, and now in the music business. A movie too busy being satirical to be about anything, and too self -referential for a movie with no self to refer to. With The Rock. Danny DeVito. CednC the Dilertainer and Uma Thurman dancing with Mr. Travolta because they danced together in "Pulp Fiction, and so isn't that funny' 12 Byood the Sea (PG 13. 121 m., 2004). Kevin Sparey believes he was born to play Bobby Dafin. and his Mm. which he aiso di reeled, makes a convincing case Mr Spac ey is su'pnsmgiy good as a smger, ard brings sympathy to a life he clear'y identifies wth. Mr Darin had a ..,, (."- J hea't. was not er-c!ed to live beyond 15. became a i "-. . and ?' " a respected pop singer Tre lm the form of a fi m within a fum. tr A3 ." Mr Dh'ih at t.mes debating r. s iie wtn Own yOi,rffit M"vfS V. h K5e ROGER EBERT Bosworth as his wife, Sandra Dee. and John Goodman. Brenda Blethyn and Bob Hoskins. Sftod of Chucky (R, 86 m., 2004). Doesn't work as a horror movie, and Chucky and the other killer dolls are thoroughly tire some. But Jennifer Tilly has fun with her role, playing herself as a horror movie guwn who hates being in a Chucky movie and hopes to Star as the Vi'gm Mary in a film by rap arfrst Redman. Tb MachlnUt iR. 102 m , 2004) Christian Baie dieted down to a ga jnt 121 pounds to pitjy Ute film s hero, a machine s'wp empitiyee w'n se if s. i".a has kept him awvie for a y-par Ki.jf '1 a'xj cv-;i--s.-1. finds soi e fom a fest 'je (Jnn tit jason Le g-i a'O an a-'-r..gM a tress (A;?,-. Sxhe6')'n). but he is guilt-ridden about an accident he has caused, and troubled by a mysterious man named Ivan (John Shanan). A haunting portrait of disintegrating sanity. Imaginary Horoet (Family drama, R, 112 m., 2005). After the suicide of an older son. a family goes through emotional crisis. The father (Jeff Daniels) drifts into shapeless afternoons on park benches, but the mother (Sigourney Weaver) and the younger son (Emile Hirsch) start talking, and healing. The movie was written and directed by Dan Harris. Still only 24. who shows natural g'ts as a filmmaker But he depends too much on melodrama and surprise reveiat-ons. which come so thick towa'd the end that t'w-y detract from the fnm's emot'onai co'e Still, Ms Weaver is wonderful, and her relationship with her son is developed in (Iia'k of unusual efect Tie cha'.wle's dese've a befM mone. tJt fhey get a pretty grxxJ or-e Th AvUttw ,PG 1 3. 166 m . 2004 j. Marvn S'O'yw re-e'e a'es re f - .s r se 8'd k''r U1 of Howa-J H ;'s. a rh k 1 f'Dfn TeS w' C-O'Xie-ed H,!y wood, built airplanes, bought airlines, romanced famous actresses, and ended his days alone in a room, trapped by madness. Leonardo DiCapno is always convincing as he shows Mr. Hughes struggling with his demons, and Cate Blanchert rises to the occasion as Katharine Hepburn, one of a kind. The special effects, including spectacular plane crashes and the lumbering flight of the vast Spruce Goose, are convincing and seamless, and Mr. Scorsese obviously relishes re-creating the penod detail of a Hollywood golden age One of the year's best films. Ara W Tlwa Yet? (Family com edy. PG, 01 m., 2005) ke Cube meets Na Long, but as a lifelong bachelor, is wary because she has two kids Love neverN"'ess blossoms, and he ag-ees to ac company the k.dS from Portland to Vancouver - f.rst by plane. then fain and fina' a ,"-? ? Th-y don't want t'f r morn to M, a tV",erKj. ard piay t'K ks on him that a-e a egd to be funr bjt wNch co.m across as rtn Wl.'NtiC 9'irJ Ca'4"Owi ice Cjt respo'Kls wth t' patierr e of a va'"t. txt te k-is a'e sut.h " .n S'erj t' f,, is !at. MOVIE TIMES 20. M....S-C II 25. 1 15. 3 55. 4 25. 7 35. 10 10. VJ 4 3 C - a C. .-- vi ii 1 1 5 4 15 '4 t v M Th.f. kV'-i C 'f 14 5 4 45. ? 4 5 . ..-- I. . V i: ': 2 "r- r 4-; TM krterprtrw "'.. J; C ' '' . .. . - r : i . : f .'. 'J, ". " i' 1 I -tUrfXwm of H9tm C.. - i m 3 t'. I'; t" 10 25. I'1 50 Ci-jt.H'n 9 ImcW ev,a 1 15 4 i '..'i. I " C 12 3-J 1.230.3. ''W-."'U,y'i 4 30. 5, 7. ? 3-0 9. 3 30. Ma.- C C i 12 30. 2 45 Si -j Q-j-e C '--s. ' 1145. S .'. .( - -'i 11 45 2 20 5 r i 10 Lords of DoCtow '' 1 1 ' C '.' . . 1 3 5 5 2 "-0 5 Vf 05 SO Vt M.SdMCJH C .'., 2 -.- ; :r. : ' 0 12 2'; 12. " - 4 i A V. 4 4 4 5 r - 'c l 12 2 2 -' 4 '. - 4 4 0 C 3-0 7. 9 9 vi MimtMifilw '.'' C'f M.a k ; 0. M . . ' 3 ' 7-5 : . c :- c 12 3 ' :o . -4 12. 2 : 1 - : '." if. C ' '',' ' :; - o ; :' o ' -" c- . ' C , 1 30. 4 :5. 7, 9 30 Ma'3jw C."-" as. S. tci 11 15. 2. 4 5 0 7 20. 'C Star Wart ptoto III. Rvnc of tha Srtti j I C .'va- . J M- 12. 12 15. 12 30 32 45 1 3 20 3 V, 3 0 4 0 4 . 40 7 7 15 ' 12 40 4 7 '-' " T. . 1 - 0O0 10 ( -ri i W-1. ; - C 1.2 4 5 ..JI..B '" M. TK OUmUrlvCf n i itK i-. STUFFED CHICKEN PARMIGI AN A I HA' B .teppeii. topped wnxi'e ' neev & IwHed to pertection mm frvftl w notion oak ftWif A ufexJ 1 I 119 W Market St., Vranton 343 -2W n 29 CWOMI Hi! q Two Thumbs Up-' A . " - i-r PG 9 tMm 1wwMii Oinemork MOOSIC Endless Mounlomi rheolre Inc ROUTE Morque Clnsmas STIAMTOWM 0 Glenmouio Nolionol Blva CINEMA 933 SaonlwvCoitxmaole Hwy MALI t 301 Lackawanna Aw 570961-5922 570343-3305 570558 3456 lo. i-T "0 uui okowi wu-w pernio one mm iwciowi Uttin mm wno i mwfil V? JVt, lS2r32?5S--. mmmm CINEMARK AT MONTAGE MOUNTAIN 40 Glenmaura National Blvd 570 961 5922 ENDLESS MOUNTAINS ROUTE 6 CINEMA Scranton-Cartwndale Hiohway 570 343 3305 MARQUEE CINEMAS STEAMT0WN 8 The Mall at Steamtown 570 558 FILM (3456) IR At fciMMTA4 MdUNTAIM mMfTI C M co tan i ua.-'y .t1 Af ( FSS HOU.YWOOD "The One Summer Movie That Will Make You Stand Up And Cheer!"' Cinderella Man I LWVfMAi t' UO0 4k A FflMIU DELIGHT! SURE fc. MM Klt AMI!! II DPI Ill HAVE LHILUKtlY HriU PARENTS IN STITCHES.' dC TV - fw, ifom "This summer's 'ShrekT A wonderfull-of-tun film... 'Mida ;vcr' u Zooperlttrve." Bnliiantfy writ! en, rimtel and performel-Jt'i a 8o I1H

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