The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1932
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLECOURIER NEWS **•*•* »•* *sf *»*^*»**«»*»O4 ****** A PI .3 AH AIiD SOUTIUCABT UYFW^FTOF ^^^- BlytlitvDI* Dally Ncm," Blylhevliie Her»W, Mislstlppl Valley Leader. Blythevllle Courier, HOME EDITION JINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS WILL NOT RUN FOR GOVERNOR Guilty VerdietJStunsHo^rMurder Defense PLEOGESiOsceohin j FURTHER FIGHT FOnlflTl Verdict in Kahuliawai lling Comes plete Surprise. Is Hurled from Train MEMPHIS. April 30 (U!>)—W. E founds, 52, Osccola. Aik.. was re- porled In fair condition today :ifu-r ...... ,'"'Ing beaten and pushed frcm a Killme Comes as Com-' jJJ^if lrai " llsar Iirl!u ' k l>y u " w He was found In nn unconscious condition late yesterday by n tiain crew who brought him t o Wi'.sl Memphis from where an ambulance carried him lo -General hospital here. Pounds was en roue- lo Memphis to lind work when he mcl tw-r> young men at Wihw. 'inc throj hopped nn a train. Another man Typisi just- tin* Type HONOLULU. April 30 .UP>-All • Ainciican sotii-iy matron, her naval lieutenant -ron-in-inw, and two sailors sloud i-osviru-il .today in |) )t .. honor staying ol Joe Kahaliawai bill wri-e 'ready with llicir cr.un-' .'-el, Clarence tj.mi.K-. lo appeal Ihe jm-''.s findings to the "l.isi resource". An island jury of mixed natlon- nlillr-s found Mis. Grace Furh-scue woman. LI. Thomas II. U- S. navy, A. O. Jones E. J. t.ord giiilly cl man- . slaughter in the killing of the Ifawflihm. allegedly -a member of a group of flvu \viio brulally outraged Mnsslc's young wife, Thalia Fork-sew ?,fassie. The jury rtccmincKdccl leniency but one lo (en years imprisonment at hard lah=r is the speci- lifd penalty mulcr t!ic> law. Will <: ( ,i, linur Fight Dnrrow, fighting counsel lor the defense, choked back his disappointment mid announced: "I ivlll not give up iiie light until - it is won or (he last resource exhausted. I cannot say lioiv rilx- apiwinicd r am. I thnuglu Cii-ic would be nn end (o the bitterness that has been piled on '(lies; r.oor peciile." Dairov. anil liis clients hail confidently locked, tor acquittal or n hung jury, and .were stunned when jnint'd them. Pounds said near nrlark mil- of them "jumped on my tack" airl ''I tell a silrig on my lace and that Is the last I remember." He said he thought it was about two days ago when It happened. Pounds had several broken rib.<, and is considerably scratched and bruised. He said h c 1 W: | iwn {iau ,, h . ters at Osccola. . the jury crime In after hours u-lth ri verdict of guilty n[ manslaughter. The island authorities had soujht a sucond decree murder verdict. Mrsy. Massie Sobs Mrs. Mnssie, victim of an attad: almost unparalleled for bnit- -Nlity. solited as Ihe verdict was'. ';e3ri and cluii^ rtespenilely to (lie husband who had sworn as a witness that "all went, blank" .e- fire him when lie heard from Knhahawai the words. "Yes, MI- done it." Sentence will be pronounced next Friday. At thai lime narrow will moie for a now trial. If that Is denied lie will appeal -fint to Die Hawaiian supreme court and to the ninth Local Bottler Purchases Coca Cola Business at Caruthersville. CARUTHEHSVFI.LE. ,Mo. AplU 3C—The Coca Cola Uotlling company of this city, owned by L. .A nall:crs and n. H. Ratliers of Holiy Springs. Miss., and C. S. McCord of Caruthersville. was :;qld 'to J A. I.ecch of Blyfherille.'Ark., in .! deal completed here L>st n;-lu. Acqnisllion of the Caruthcrsvillc plant gives Mr. Lcsch Coca Cola franchises in both Mississippi county. Ark., and Pemiscot county, MU. Mr. Leech has nwncd anil operated Ihe Coca Cola Hott!in<; company in Blytheville' lor Ihe years. past Score Government Inter- ( ference and Tariff as Barriers to Recovery. MEMPHIS. April 30. tUPl- A sharp demand Dial Governing bodies eliminate . waste and remove government re-sli'Itlions so business ea adjust Itself to Ihe new situation of (his nation'.? eluuigc frcm a debtor to a ci'e-.liif!!- country was made lodny by Ihe American Cotton Shlp]>er,s association. The association, representing distributors who annually find market outlets for 85 p?r cent of United States grown cotton, made ils demands in the adoption at its convention of a reiwrt of its executive committee. The attention of President Hoo- vei. congress, uovcrnci-s ani legislatures of couon producing slates and the bankers and trade bodlu.-; ol the country as n whole is directed lo (he report. Soirc Farm Hoard "Tlie federal farm hoard and I Us |K)llc!e.s are the most obvious ex- umple of unwise government im- ixxsed obstacles to wholesome enier- lirise. and are tulili' :uul unwise waste of Die tax reveiuws." tin re|»rt says in : board for attack. • "Our investigations strongly indicate well organtod groups of salaried beneficiaries nf government waste are-pressing congress io re- taip such useless, harmful ln d costly ' nostrums an the federal furm board, white, unorganized taxpayers and citizens generally desire the elimination of all such funclbns of government." (he .report continue;;. "While Ibis country prospered during Ihe |>eriod it was a debtor nation, (lie reverse has been true when we became a creditor nalion ant] other counlrij.s owed us incney, but despite this the government ha? failed lo remove Ihe restrictions imposed on business during Ihe pio- OKLAHOMA CITY, April :(0 (U i — ttilllllflriUluns cif iin nllviu'il ITilllllllll l.JXTlltlllll Industry WI'IV Invr.-Uii;iiicd today her,.. A nulliiti- ivMi' sciiiuh ronllnurd for Hi. lili'liard Thac-ker. umisi'd iiboillon MHtrtH in 1 . Comity Attorney Ijiuls Morris (lU'sllimrd n physician *ho was uu- ' Ihen, if necessary, circuit court of rYaucisco. ix'uls at The plant here lias been in op| rr.ilion for many years. The Holly j owned the business during that lime with Ihe latter in active charge. The plant is located in a buikilng owned by J. S. Wahl of tills city ond ll Is undcrstoad that the plant will remain in Ihe neer debtor days. "While wholesome enterprise I same buildin Faints When He Finds His House Burned Down CABOT. Ark., April 30'(t'F>-- When drover McMillan reliiniivl home from a day in Ihe field pir!:- iuj berries the lau of his house was burning. I Upon seeini; II he fainic:!, was n'viml. and today had sMrte-t on plans for a new one. George Barham Speaks to Perry Community Club George W. Boriiam addressed residents of the Perry community last evening at the school on the theme 'Better Homes." as a part of t.-.e Belter Homes Week observance. He gave (he origin ol (lie mov- "iiMit and wlinl had been arcDm- lili.shed in Ihe unllnnal pro»rani Congress Employees Should Work, Rep Uainey Believes WASHINGTON. April SO (UP) — The grou-iDg practice of senaitirs mill congressmen in mainlainin^ eoutact men back licme who ar>- Iklert on (lie congressional p.-i'icll here as clerks was denounced ic- duy by Rep. Henry T. Rainey. 13i>in- ocralic lender of tlio lioiisc, in .in inteivicw with the United Pross. Hc said it was merely a way »f looking after politfcal fencM al government ^.\nense. Rainey inentionpd no names lm> n number of cases have ikvn brought to light recently. Foremost among these is Speaker darner, whose son Tully is on the house payroll as a clerk but M- tually lives in Texas where hc looks after his father's private t't- falrs. Oemocrats Amon? Olknrfprs The Senale Democratic leader, Senator Joe T. Rcblnscn, has on ll;e senate payroll as a clerk, - his brother-in-law who lives In Little Hock and serves as president- of a bank. Rep. Ruth Owen. Democrat Florida, recently adopted the prac- llcc. Rep. Rankln. Democrat, Mississippi, had a Jackson, Miss., newspaperman on the roll as clerk of the world war veterans committee. The young man recently mllee. The young man recently for anr m fty ],,) ^ <| f , ^, h returned (o Washln e ion. however' er". Ihe conf;L"m al i Jld. ' Rainey, who lias served in (he house for so years, was asked about Ihe of employing •""Hi absentees on the most prevalent family payroll payroll, the lorms of the racket. 'T don't sec anything particularly wrong with the situation sen- erally," Rainey Ea ld. "If an em- ploye is not rendering service commensurate with his pay he ought to be fired. I know a lot of these employe.^ don't do any work and that ought to be stoppsd but I don't see that its a matter for legislation. H' S up to ll]( , conscience of the members and the ultimate lest Ms (he attitude of the electorate." Believes Wife Etnu Pay While Rainey was talking his wife, an elderly woman wearing a black hat, came Into the ofTic" She sal down nt a atsk covered with newspapers from Ralncy's Illinois district nnrl began stacking I hem. "Have j-ou any member of your family on your payroll?" the correspondent asked. "Yes, Mrs. Rainey .there Is on as n.clerk. She does more work and get-v less pay than anyone in the office. I wouldn't trade her could survive in a debtor nation environment witli its increasing values in spile of, many artificial handlcaiK. wholesome business rail- not survive in a creditor nation environment if subjected at hctne to government Imposed restrictions and Interference, and to excessive lux- ation." Waul I.UWIT Wire Ral M The association ouened a fight today at. its convention in an attempt to obtain lower telegraph and telephone rates over Ihe country. In addition to demanding lower communication charges the a«sDcla- .1 thorough and complete investigation of federal farm board operations and demanding legislation (o relieve "(lie injustice anrl hari- ship of Ihe tariff.' T. F. Brush of Waco, Tex., was Kt president and New Orleans was selected for the 1933 convention. Adolpli Well of Montgomery. Ala. was elected vice-president. R. c Dlekerson of Memphis was reel.-ct- cd vice-president and secretary, and C. \V. Butler. Memphis, was elected treasurer. tion lai.t nighi In connec with numerous deaths ol ynim]; wnnii-n initl Rlrlslt Oilier physicians. nurses, nnd o|>erat(irs ol cimvnlrscent hcmic.s will In 1 C|Ui'SlloiU'd. Morris usserled. The Invc.stlBatton was prompted by d«Uh. ol Iwo popular University c>[ Oklahoma eii-cds lusl .voi'k, nlli'ji'dly Irsin illegal npcrntlnn:i. combed Auslria in <|iii'si of "Hi,: perfect ;irl (o ]iluy adolescent rotes- The perfect ty|)c was (liscnvcrccl to be a pcrh'cl typist—Mile. Tnuic-j Huybey tnbuvet—who worked In a Vienna oflicc. Uji went her .nmiM? Into ibc brlshl lishls In several siii.-ceE.srnl product!™;;, unit' now slie's to have the leading rule In u :>|k'Clnc!c to be blagcd by Max IlcinharaH. noted Impresari,-). BISWIffBEIIE? Ihe Meetings in Five Churches:Houston .Cotton Shipper Tomorrow Will Launch! Impressed With.-Missis- r> • i r-rr . I . ' . „ Effort After a week of intensive visitation !liroi:ghout the city on the part of church members cooperating In tl:e Church Loyally campaign, the effort will l>c underway tomorrow morning with services in the Pint Baptist. First Christian. First and Lake Street Methodist and First Presbyterian churches. It U (he de.sire o( the promoters of (he loyalty movement that interest be stimulated In church attendance and unidentified .......... . (llu iimi imiuuimiii'u church members become affiliated. Special sermons have been prepared in the interest of this movement and appropriate musical features will also be included in the Bin each evening a'l 7:45 o'clock. The campaign will class May 15. sippi County. W. L. Clayton of Houston. Texas, lienrt of the Anderson-Clayton Cotton company, largest cotton shipping concern in the world, visited Blythcvlllc for a short time this morning. BllMllllLE HI Seven Students at Local School Take Firsts at Paragould. Blylheville high school, with 51 jiolnis, won Ihe literary sweepstakes In ihejinmml meet ol District 4, Arkansas Inter-Bcliosl Contest Association, al Paragould yesterday and today. Paragould was .second with 40 points. Students of the city high „.,. placed In almost every contest In which there was an entry and seven first honors aided (,-reutly In the victory over UK: other 12 schools In northeast Arkansas which par tlclpatcd. Complete results were: Coro]iosl- Ikm—Mildred Cuclcl. Hlyihevllle first; Harrtsburg. second: Para- goulci, third; Marked Tree, fourth. Plane Geometry—Stanley Atchison, Blylheville. , flrsl; Tyronza. Paragould, Welner. Typewriting—Jonesboro. flrsl; Kathryn Martin. Bly- lheville, second; Paragould. American History—Paragould. nrst; Le- panlo. Jonesboro. Wilson. I.atln— Parajould, first; U. S. Branson Jr. Blylheville, second; Jonesboro. Marked Tree. Algebra — Wehier, first; Tyronza; William Crowe, Bly- thcvllle, Ihh-d; Marked Tree. Short- hand—Jancsboro, first; Paragould; Mildred Cudd, Blyllieville. third. Sjrelline;—Paragould, first; Harrls- burg, Rector, Tommy Thompjon, Bljthevillc, fourth. Boys Qlee Club —Wilson, nrst. Paragould. (Blythe- - •• f . —wiuon, insi, paragon d (Blvthe- Acconiinneil by Ijimar Fleming vlllc had no entrant), dklf Glee jr., of Houston, also a member of Club—Marked Tree first- Wilson the firm. R C. Gregg, managsr of Paragould. (Blytheville had no en- I llf" \fnilll\lllc nfTlon «nd T TT n«l. t it --. . I- . -^^«^U^ll the Memphis office, and J, H. Bak-• —" ..».tt/. i^/^rt ucuan., oyron Morse er manager of the Boslon office, Blylheville. first; Jonesboro Para- Mr. Clayton made his first motor gould, rector. Olrls' Trlo-Blylhe- tnp through Arkansas ••'"- -••• - -- - - "''"^ n , . , r ........T, MtLu rage Mcuon, virRln ; n.'.h lmo ,f ou i lrasl MlsM " ri "> Cn- Tompklns and Otlms Bmckln. first- nhersville. They relumed lo Mem- Jonesboro, Rector. Paracould Girls' DlllQ I llrf>110>! In tilt AC til A nfln. K.-. jtal\ntf, trlu i ">|,«*iii»i. \Jll 1.1 aeoate—^fi|dre<I Moore. Blylheville, first; Rector, Ptiragould, Jonesboro. Boys' voice, Jonesboro, llrsl; Paragould. Alvin Huffman. Blytheville Ihrcugh Tennessee after hav- crossed tl:e .Mississippi river at ing . Cottonwocd Point. In co/imifjiiling- upon this pnrt. of the country he said hc was i;rsatly plcascd with Ihe nsricultural prospects and (hat county Hoover Starts Season's , : Fishing at Rapidan Camp presented an even more Impressive picture than he lind Imagined. While in Qlythevllle hc held a business conference with W. I. Osborne who is in charge of his company's loenl office. LURAY, Va., April 30 — President Hoover, off on a holiday week-end, lost no time today on arrival at his Rapidan camp in starting the senfon's fishing. The president went out ilone with his favorite rod ond reel. We was expected back talc fo/ lunch with his s«"ls. Inclining various members of his "nicdicins ball" cabinet. Secretary of Interior Wilbur ar.d Atty. Gen. Mitchell also fishrd during the morning. California Family to Move East by Air LOS ANGELES, April M (UP>Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carpenter plan to move their entire hoiisc'.iolrl to Atlanta, Ga., tomorrow by .iir. They will take oft with Carpn.- t«r nt fin- conlrols of a 10 passenger plane, his wife and two- year-old daughter beside )ilm. In the cabin Rill lie their honj-'liold goods. Developments in Li n d- Case Are Confidently Expected. NORFOLK. Vr... April 30 (UI 1 )- numor ridden Norfolk waited today the return of the yacht Marcon, confident It would bring gaji news In connection with negotiations with men believed to be kidnapers of Charles A. Llndbero'i. Jr. Escllement here wns greater thsn at any time since March 9 «htn John Ifnghes Curtis nrst was ap- proaclrcd by men who said they represented the kidnapers. Curtis relumed from a four and one-half day cruise Wednesday, Ik> expected to leave again almost at once, but the Marcon. hastily le- fueled and provisioned, la; at Ihe deck- until 3:15 p M " yesterday when -it .made out into Hampton Roads. There were no official rmnnnnro- menls today. Mr. Thistles SUJI Anto NEWCASTLE, Neb. (UP) _ .,„ and Mrs.- Carl Peterson went OM Into, the country for a Sunday aulo. ride. Peterson tried to drive through a drift of 'lliWle weeds. He was stalled for an no\ir In the thistles. Unified Public Works Control Wins Approval WASHINGTON. April 30 (UPi- The house today approved anoi'ier of President Hoover's major proposals for economical reorganization of Ihe government when it adopted the section of the' economy bill establishing a unified public works odmlnlslrntion. The house voled to down, 91 In 20. a proposal to strike out that seclion. It ghes the chief executive authority to consolldace under one administrative head the scattered public work activities or numerous government departmen'^ The only exceptions are the army engineer corps, the navy bureau of yards and docks, and the «f- flce of Hie architect of the cap- Itnl. . . third; Corning. Bo.vs' Declamation —Tyronza anrl Parneould tied for first: Corning, Jonesboro Girls Voice-Page McCall. Blylticvllle first; Jonesboro. Rector, Parn»3iild Boys' Quartet-Marked Tree,"first; Jonesboro; Alvin Huffman N B Menard, Tommy Hawkins anB Frank Huffman. Blylheville, third' Paragoiild. Girls' Reading—Para- JouW, nrst; Tyroma. .\farked Tree, r r . T . . „. Margaret shaver. Blytheville. ror hirst lime 111 E even fotirth. Piano. Viryiuia Tompklns Blytheville. firsi; TITOHZS Welner Par^gonlrt. LEATHER ARKANSAS-Parfly cloudy tonight and Sunday. According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips. Jr., the minimum temperature here yesterday was 57 degrees and the maximum, 68 de&rees. cloudy with M Inches of rain. Today a year ago the minimum temperature Has 00 degrees and the maximum, aj drjrees. cloudy, trantj. Boys' dcoaie, Byron Itforse, , . ville, w/tn Page Virginia and Fall Hurt Lineman Finis Williams, Arkansas-Mls- •ioiirl Power company lineman, was knocked horn a power- Hue. pole by nn eleclrlu shock about a-jo u'olock this afternoon. The ex- lent nl his Injuries war, not known pending mi examination ai Mi- lllylhiivllle hnspliul | m r Ixith wrists v-crc repelled broken In the fall He did not lose consciousness, i: •*-tis .itnlcil. / Tht ucd;li-iil occurred In an n 1 - li'y In the business section. Immediately In the rear nl The liooteiy, a» West Main street. Williams was mounting one ,jf two l>oles. on which u transformer platform Is hung, when he received Ih,. shock. The lincuiun had climbed Ihe pole to the irans- lormi-r plallorm nnd apparently was atoul lo slnrl out on ojj the steel platform to make a minor leptilr. when lie received Ihe shock which knocked him to the alley ••""•i-incnl. Houl '20 fecL below. Williams fell on his hands and luce. He mis rushed to Ihe hospital In a Cobt- ulnbuluhre. Tennessee High Court ^Reverses Conviction o{ > Nashville Banker; v« '— ^fAS{i.VlLLB, Tenn., April M (U P)— Tlw conrlction of Rojers C»ld»'ell, head of the now defunct Investment banking house of Caldwell and company on a charge of. fraudulent breach of trust was reversed today by the supreme court of Tennessee and tire matter remanded to (he tower court for u new trial. The grounds'on which'the new trim .was granted hinged first upon the "private. Investigation" of the court as to Caldwell's ability to get n fair Irlal In Davidson county, and ulso upon the "responsibility, ol a corporate officer for the criminal actions of another corporate official." The momentous decision came iflcr months of study by the hijjh court, following a trial :n part one of the Davidson county criminal court before Judge Chester Hart. Caldwell's conviction In the fraudulent breach of Irusl case resulted from the trial ol a series of Indictments against him fol- lowhiK the crash of Caldwell and Company nnd Ihe Bank,of Tennessee. November C, 1030." Friend Says }^n Has Definitely Decided- Not .to Enter August Primary. UTTLIT HOCJi. 4prll lift (UP) — Bluekwpod. ehiilnnan of the Arkansas highway commission, will not nnwninc« [or-Rovernor "or any iHhcr political office ihln year", ihc United Press .learned luhiy Irom u reliable .source llluckv.ood luu not madi an of- - iclal announcement of ,l)is |)liim but hla decision', pot to Vun " w«s disclosed (cday by a personal friend vjlio hud receive^ ' u letter from Bluckwcod whleli'psald he would seek m elective $m<:c this year. Rlackwood hx? Ilie hlpljway of- tlce lor two more years- regardless ol who Is elected, tije infor- iniuii snlii. It ^as believed Black; . wood will line up with some can- dklnte for governor, possibly Toin Term), "nnd when lie Js elected Ulackwcod will r.ecelvc the highway appointment for another 10- yeur lenn." Late lust year 11 war, known Ihe highway executive expected lo make the race for governor, but it waslthxnighl loday recent" developments In the highway audit ccnimltli-e Investigation had scnu- lliliii; '.o do with' liis crnnge'o! mind. . . Another figure wjio-2^.--' canted. same concern over" the'" comliiR". primary Is Qov. l-ijrvey Pintell. -II. 6. MnntorlBt candftbles arc wondering whether "hcT-.H-lll . annouuci- us planned lite last yiaf . Nothing .definite (»uld' be , leaihed. bill It .was said". ||^-ti-'p»rly: close ~ to the goveri>qr7Jic:..wlll . wall 'tiiilli the last day betbrf revi-allru; \v)w|. Youlh Dies io Wreckage of Bomiikf AoteA*bile Typhoon Takes Lives in Philippine Islands MANILA, p. r. ,\pni 30 (up>_ time since the modern new "break- proof" structure, which serves the or Jojo. damaged several towns and sank a coaslal ste.imer, a dispatch to (he Philippine Herald said tcday. The storm was reported Increasing 'In intensity. Jojo Is the most important city of the Sulu archipelago. It Is on the norths est coast of the Island. The population Is about 1.300. The steamer Remedies sank during the storm and bodies of one officer, one sailor, and one woman were washed ashore. The steamer Fillplnas ran aground. Many homes were reported destroyed at Cagaya and othfr towns. EdlUrs Rji> Town FRfEND, Neb. ttfPi-Two editors head this to?;n'.= administration. W. .A. Rnran was ely.itd mayor and H. E. Hsnnes. edlto: o; a competing narm 1 , was chosen police Judge. Years County Has No Prisoner Here. Doors of Ihe county Jail here stand open today for (he first lime since Die modern now "breakup" structure, which serves the Chickasawba district of Mississippi county, was built six years a»o. And it's (he first time in at least eleven years, maybe longer, that the new jail or It's predecessor hasn't had an occupant. If the memory of the oldest county officer (In years of service) serves him right. The doors s»iing open this mornlnj when T. w. Pittsenbar?er, was carried off to the county fa'rm to serve a stretch for vagrancy before he Is brought back this fall to answer a forgery eliarjj They will swing back shut when another prisoner enters the fold, md Judging from the consistency with which officers have put-'"11, in in the last eleven years II won't be long. Turnkey Floyd Sharpe and Jailer Eddie B. D«vid have housed as many u so prisoners hi the bastllH at one time. The second and thM floors of the building, with J downstairs entrance, are used ss the J»il proper. The remainder of the first floor houses the Jailer and his fimily. rERN CREEK. Ky., Aprll'30 (U f)— Jercme Respess, Jr. t 18, Unl- virslly of Kentucky sophomore and ton of a prominent race horse breeder, died In the flames of Ills' rirccVed auto here today. The young man was siKedlng (o Louisville to join his father . at Churchill Downs when he .lost control of Ills car which struck a culvert lind spun through a fence, llually snapped off n telephone pole and exploded. ."-v-. Hord Services Today for New Liberty Child James Elmer Williams, year old sen of Mr. and Mrs. Elrtsr? D. \VIIlituns, succumbed at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the family home In the New Liberty community. . - • Funeral services'will be held this alternoon. Interment will be made at Sanely nidge cemetery. The Cobb tlndeitakiiij company is In charge' of limend arrangements. ','.'. Tfle deceased is survived bv, be-, sides his parenl-s, (tircc sistcr.i ar.d one brother. Nf.w Kor/fc Cotton NEW YORK; April 30. (UP)— Cotton closed barely "'steady. Open High Low Close 5CT- '5«9 5-H S8fl 609 Nfay July ..... 584 S8fl Mil Ocl ...... COti 609 586 Dec ...... 020 621 CM Jan ...... 626 642 B22 S[)0ts closed at 5(10. off 25. 547 5C3 588 IMC 023 Cotton NEW ORLEANS, April 30. (UPI- Cotton closed barely steady. Open High Low Close :• May 562 562 545 545 July 582 587 559 559 Oct 602 $07 581 581...-. Dec 619 610 596 596 • Jon 624 62< 601 603 Mar 633 ... 620 620b Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T ........... 91 7-8 Anaconda Copper ...... 4 3-< Auburn ................ 33 7-8 i Caterpillar Traclor ____ 6 Chrysler ................ g 3.4 Cities Service ...... .-... 4 CCca Cola ............. 94 7-J Continental BaXInj ...... -^_ General Electric ...... 13 3-S General Motors ....... 103-4 Mlddlewesl Utilities Montgomery tord NJ»- York c«ntr« Packard Radio Simmons Standard ol N. J Texas Co V. S. 3-» 7 1721-4 . 4 1.4 5 JJ 5-8 ' '

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