The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1932 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1932
Page 7
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1932 BLYTHEyn/LE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS fl«t one cent a word [or Mdt tubuquent Injtrtfcm •dvertlMment Uken (or IMV lh«n 50o. Count th* words and KOd the cub. PboM306 FOR SALE FOB SALfc-Baby clUcks. fart ctsh, pay balance in fryers, Marilyn Hatchery, Blythcvllle, Ark. 21cU FOR SALE-Potato Plunts-Tlicms- anils—Porto Rico and Nancy Hall. Certified cold, bed plants »2.00, 5000 and over, $1.75. Tomato, Cabbage, Pepper plants, favm and garden seeds. Banner Slore, 113 West Main St. 21C-KTI-' FOR SALE—Com outing Scales, $30. Cost $167.00. Howe Pint (or in Scale, tlO.OO. Iliads Laud Co. 28C-K1 FOR SALE—Pure Stoneville No. : planting cotton seed. Savet; be fore rains. $25 per ton. No other cotton ginned on our ijhi e:\cciu this cotton. J. H. Smart, Sr. FOR HE311 H, mm BY MABEL, McELLIOTT 9/932 6Y Uft tHVUt t*G. fOR RENT: — Nicely furnished collage, four rooms anil bath. Vacant May 1. Call M3. L. L Ward. ' '• 20-c-k-tf FOE RENT—Five room bungalow, 605 Chlcltasaviba. Good repair, cheap rent. Apply New York Store. 28C-tf TODAY SUKA.V <-AKt:V, fttltr »«« <*i lit •rrrrlnry fur IIH.N'KST IIKATtl, rfclclifio iirchlti-rl. She live* ivt.k hrr A!'\r JKMSJI-: UN Ibc t\r*l klile. One nl ferr ndiuJrcm I* lli:.\ I.AMI'.MAX, JuBiiif inuafrJaB, lybv mka her IN ui:irrr him anil t» rcfiuvJ. JACK \V.tUI.\G. a man aluiul limu uko !• divorced. iNkf* Jirr JrliluK «ae Mliifct nad kUkrit livr. Jjliv r*-*ulv«-» nt-\rr lu fa lllck him uuiiln. Jt.lY I.'I.AX- M;HV. njipl u>l .j In :t nvliflilxir- Inc uHlfr, Klvr« HIT fcnnu- ndtK-c UN puiiuliirltx. Susnn Ix ta !iu« "Ilk l!( ..... HMIVI1. liniidMiuic TIIUNS rvll]lr,:,.,lro .ho mrl til liu»1- nr«Ji •rkool l.ui Khi> lirllrrv. In. I. roKnurd Ici l)!:\l.S!-i ACKItltVI). N ilclilll.'ilili-. IK-iiEhp u*L* Siisnu, Itl-Ji nnil K(]ii]r iilhrr* lu uIlirrLi! • S iiuAr I>^rl>. nuuu:ir N|i|ir:ir«, lie rhikM lihi niufli nnd nrruhi-N Nu• TLN or Nk'inK n 11lrl. She mnkc-» him BIOI» H|N car nnil tzrt» ouc. l'"riirKt Urcitk hnRpi-NM nlnn^ nnd dtlit, krr l,!irk Co c!.o A.krujd.' hnnir. 111. „](,, ,,!,,. I, 5r;il,,u., lvnm» ^|NJ nt:nluMl dulo? 1 1. Srv- i!n» l:,i,., II,, nt, tell. Su- ^nn hN Mlfr Inlrni]^ In «nr her for alkrmllnn <if W. «ITr,-(l«n» NOW CO ON 5VITII 'l'HI-1 STOIIY OIIAITUR XXVII fFIIK solid tloor seemed to rock •*- iniiler tho cirl's fcnt. For n moment slio thought sho wns KO to fnlnt nnil uut n linml out lo Btcm!y herself. Krncst Ileatli repealed what lie ii:slil. "Do you understand, Misa Carey?" ho askcrl. "My wlfo is t'otng to bring a suit namliiK you." "Hut 5li9,.cau't do tliat!" Susan protested wildly. "I ilon't kuuw just It means but It's all FOR SALE-Colton-planting seed. $15 per ton. Meyer Bros. Olfice. 26P-K-! FOR RENT home. Price Chambers. My Walnut street reduced. H. L. 26P-K30 FOR RENT—30 acres edge oi city limits, sternberg Co'ttou Co. 2Tc)c2 LOST AND FOUND LOST — Black rimmed glasses in brown case in Iront Borum's Drug Store. Reward. Call 30G. ' ' 25C-K28 PERSONALS SNIDER METfAL REPAIR SHOP Gutter work, ice boxes lined, lawn mowers repaired an.<i sharpened. Gin work n specialty.'Phone 203-R. 323 North Sixth st. 26'pkl Duchess of York Reveals - Thrills She Has Missed LONDON (UP.i.r^Trie Duchess if York, daughter-in-law of the King and Queen,, went on the sb- tiety confessiojoAl- stool, recently,. and confessed that-she nevev had seen: ^Jf. ."' ' The Oxford 'and Cambridge universities' 'boat race.' Tlio. Offices of DR. FRED CHILD, DR. L.vH. MOORE, DR. H. A. TAYLOR Will Be Closed Every Thursday Afternoon. FRESH RIVER" CAT FISH PAY Jimmie O'Brien's Cafe 105 S. 2nd. St. Phone 271 "L tliouelit 1 should tell you." the man said doggedly. "This Is all niobt disagreeable. It's horrlhle but there seems ue-llitn;; 1 c:m do." Susan drew her hand over her .eyed. "Hut what hnre ! lo do will: It?" shu Inquired bewildered. "I've done her no harm and I — I scarcely know you." The man. shrugged hopelessly. "All that (incsn't seem to mailer." ho said. "Whai you-aml [ nnisl cleclilo is what vc'ro lo d« aVuul It." "Do? But there's nothing ! tan do," Susan told hlto, "eicept to 50 away. "K^a that." Heath reminded her, "woulil uot sotvu matter:-,. Ttic pi;b liclty-". KiiRan gave a litllo cnsp of horror. Sbo was remembering suddenly .;hea<llines and uif-tures she luid »eeo In riewsimjiers. None of them had soemetl to menn much at the timo hut the thought of her uaiue. lier photograsih perhaiie, in connection with such an unsavory talc appalled her. Young ns she was Susan fcnew that a girl's innocence or guilt counted for little in affairs of this sort-: Once branded, she must remain st. Sueh things .ww* never - forgotten. She, would be "Hint girl wlio WKS iniicd uu In an nllcnnttou suit." It was all hideous! Her wholo lie- iug revolted <U tho thought. Sud- cleiily Susan realized hor employer \va-> etui speaking. Sho had nlmoEi forgolteii him, BO absorbed was she In this new, terrlllo prohlcm. He woro (he quiet, dougcd, »tr of a man who had gono over tho Kruuntl ninny times before. sho especially trades on Is Iho ulgtil I drove you lo tho Ack- rnydf," ho lohl her. "Sho was angry then and 1 knew II, but I thought it of no Importance." "Surely sho cnn't thtuli," began Susan fiercely, "curdy she muBt know you wero only doli;8 mo n kindness such as you might havo to any neighbor!" * • • TN spite of hlnuelt Ernest Heath ^ bmllod. Siie was so earnest In her simplicity. Ho must mako her see. "That's just It," ho said. "You weren't 'just auy neighbor. 1 You're my Eccrclary. That'a tho rub." Su^an flushed, "f Bee," sho murmured. She si a red through the his window. "What do you want me lo do?" she.asked. "Nothing, at present," tho man told her. "My lawyer is meeting Mrs. Heath tills morning ai'd I hoi:c lliey m:iy eomc to some sort of an agreement, f only wanted you to know In case tho trouble broke soon." Susan was very whllo. "I seo," she wliispercj f.j;aln. Oh, it was itli wild anil absurd but knowing that diil no Liarllcuhir good. The cloud hung over her just as it had. She felt branded. "Perhaps if 1 went to her myself it I explained juat how It happened." she eald, grasping at slrnw. Heath shook his head. "I'm sorry. 11 would only make r&attcrs worse. This." ho continued, "this Is very painful lo me al f-usaii. "1 know Jealous mini- jiofjrmcd (he older mat. en," lie raid gravely, "ami .Ml f «] -1,01 mo BCO U " «:••>• is pretty to go uiino-l ..^ ilt ,,.., ,.„,,', „,__,_ c. u.' Susan refused lo meet his eyes. ' if I talked to Mro. llcalh," Wnrlng tUKgoslcd, drum- K on (he desk wllh hl3 carefully nianlcni'ed lingers. Heath sulil. "My dear fallow! She ke.i you, of course. Lui I'm afraid you'll not get anywhere!" "It bn't a divoiTo she wants, Ihen'i" Waring ubkril. A caller presented hlnibelf In iho o;iler otllco nnd Susan, Fcarcely knowing what she was doing, withdrew. Healli answered the other's i]iies- lien. "No. llml'ii nol ll," ho tuld slowly. "I iliink what's happened Is thai she's got herself lulu a blind rago Pt thin girl aud wants lo fihiim* her publicly." ll'n dlstasio at this open discus- s1o:i of affiilis to iuliinato was plain. "Not that wo haven't spoken ot divorce hifnro this." ho said, "llulh Tunis iny way of living dull, lu fact." ami licru ho sighed wearily. "1'vo come myself lo tho decision that a divorce would bo best for boih of us. A clean cut." Ho removed hia eyerJasscs and polished them nervously. "It that Is llio case," WarlnR said with Brent deliberation, "1 thluk perhaps 1 know a way out.' "What <lo you uica:i?" "Trust me." said Waring. "Walt r# hit and sec what tho room and closed the door. "i'ou won't Ilko this," ho wavnei "It's rather disagreeable." "Vi'hnl it IU" »ni\|iued hts sup*- rlor. "Out wlih It." \WAIIIXO too! ** pocktl nnd riMIE hours huely vrawlcd. Susai: - 1 answered Uio lelophone, wrole Icllers iMid went lo lum-li. nil In i sort of duze. Surely this ivna bafl dream. K!IO would lell herself uk a letter from bit held It out. "llofore- you rend this 1 want •ou to know how it camo Into my ho mild. "When )rou vero In Kuglaiid last year anil Mr«. llenlli win lourhiK llio Bfliilh Ilili hlng was forwarded lo tho offlca. t eniuo in a hotel envelope—0110 ot Ihoso KlortdR places—and It wns opened along with ttio rest of (ho :n:iil. 1 don't know qulto how It happened, llollovo me, It wna an Occident. Tho enclosure wlilcb tind iiccn foru.tnlfd to Mrj. Hcalli was laid on my desk wllh all tho others, I had reail fairly through U butoro I realized what It was," Heath's oyos were dark with Impatience us Wiirlng handed |ho U-i- ler lo him. He rend II onco hastily and linn onco ngaln. Tho blow color statiicil hit face. Waring went on, "I had a little tin bos of my own In llio Tault." ho said. "I didn't know what to do wllh tho Ihlnj; and so 1 decided lo put It (hero for safe keeping, tourso 1 might haro destroyed It hut ll liiidn't been mlno to read In Iho first nlaec. t was pretty, well ait up about tho whole thliiB, way." IlE.'tti squared his ahoulderx. "You nera ijulto rluht," ho snld gruftiy. "I apyrcclalc your dlscro- lion." The pliono rang nnd WarliiR answered it. Cupping M» hand ov>r PACK SEVEN John Usinnlowtvh, Lll(iu*i:!»n; rblop Joe IX>bosyiisW, 1'ollsh; Left Fielder acorge Urodwlck, Irish; Center FloMfr Id BaitoU*. Italian! Hlglil Fielder Junei Carr, . This t«*m actually pitted u a unit In a recent ganae,.wlille Juks ailU, Qer*Mpr tfarold OoWen »nd Martin Maimanlan, Armenian, ut on the bench. .'.'. About 20.WO.WO residence! In th<! (JnHed SUtM »re wired for eltc- ulclty. from which she would presently } tho inoulhnleco he Mid" to the othtr avrnticn. Slu would nut let herself! man. asj It is to you., t ap[ire:!:ito your position but I seem to be powerless. There's only one tliiny I had thought of. If yon don'i mind I should liko lo ask Mr. Warin^'s ad vice. He'd had a greal deal of experience, lie might he ahlo lo Bug- gcsi Eomo way out of llils." Surnn agreed Jack Waring might as well know. He would know nnyhnw later. Waring received the news with admirable calm. "You don't seem surprised." think of Aunt Jesale-. llnw could slio mako htr uudersland? She. loured, yet'drcaiicd, for live o'clock to come. Waring stopped at h« desk lu mill-afternoon. "Ulieer up." be whispered, "il'i no! aa had :i3 it seems." Hut Knsan refnsid to he comfort- id. Her eyes when sho raised tbiim lu his were so shadowed and mournful that tho nian felt a new twinge of pity. " , "Han nnylhlnp, been settled?" Susan nuked fearfully. "jN'ot yd." His tone, she thought, held false cheerfulness as lie passed Into ihc private ollice. llcntli looked up. Heath commented dryly. "Well. sir. 1 think I havo found Tho younger tm;i drugged Ills I something which will BCtllo this shoulders ivllh an <ililirme Rlaiire ' bnsiaer-i once anil for all." Waring "It's tlraiifior. Mrs. !leath'« attorney. Do you want to Inlk lo him?" Heath picked up tho recolver. Ilia mouth wus very Rritn. "Yes. I've been expecting you," he said. -"Is Mrs. Healli with yoiit Good. Would ymi mind lolling her before, you go any further wllh the papers that 1 havo hi my hands n document I think will Interest her?" Thero was a brief wilt during which Waring entertained hlraiclt by Imagining tho esdiango of remarks at the other end of tho lino. Then Heath said rapidly and clearly. "Tell her it'n a letter postmarked 'Nassau' last February and Blgncd 'Erncato.'" Ho looked acror/ at Waring, the room electric wlli susuenso. (To U* Continued) .;_.The Lord Mayor's Sliow. Greyhoniicl racing. Ss>eo\lway racing. Slie also faid she never had; Ridden pillion on a motorcycle. Done liigh uivins. Driven a team of horses. Or ridden in u "swliyboal" at a fair. She lias, however, ridden in a brother-in-law, the Prince of brott!icr-in-law, the I'rlnrc of Wales, occupied the front neat liming a visit to the Wembley Fair in 1S24. Incidentally the Duchess confessed that one of th? |il;ict'.s she would like lo visit is New York. SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson . 301 -.It And If She Burns the Toast- Collegs Offers Team Oi Many Nationalities | bei of which traction. is of KINGSTON. II. I. iUP>-Coach Kiank W. Keiiuey. of 111? Tlticcle can field (iiffcrcnl ex- Tl;ore'.s Pitcher Mickey Martynick, whose parents were Ukraln- nan; Catcher Ken Ooff, Swedish; Uiiscinan Jimmy Hodgson, First .ate College baseball Icnni, Wtlbh: Second Baseman Ken Pota 1932 nine every mem- IIT, American; Third Dasenuin HEALTHY CHILDR1 d II, lie MV . MiMl^rKbWccUaSW^ U.UK BUAK1J1NG BOOTS AJXD 11EK BUDDIES THANKS TO THK AVt — an wio TUX. ME *KD VXK. KOM tr IT TAKES 1'ATIENCE! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS f CO.V6 OiJ, POOOLS .. )' I IV.VE JI/AtC»|- ME T oco I'LL HOI.O HEQMOU'H UP TO TUG v.Mo3 LV TOOK HOLD OP /V/AIT..M1E1-1_ rr AV.L MOVlF / J fWTP GO 1W CHDU'T s\\f-.v a "me OTMER THAT WAS /I HOC*A AUO Vi^l\-/\'pfl 7-'l-U CALL CAW 7 TEACH ! A OOG TO OPE>J A OH.. PooS. KUO8- VMAT T VJ.-AUT H6 To Do- ;: IF *>u | Hf/ia A runny Moist AT ti\GM,: [ AM UP, WEX1. BABW- 1 ! KASY HIMSELF! WASH TUHUS FftT EOY, VOU ftEWV TO be. HEP TO TV.t AHP / Off I V Itt' HECH'S TH' BIG " 'Herc|s a pvclly liov ti'yc i\tt, Knu'.lsh ilyliv The wciW.nj ni.ircli sounding and everybody ^-as all teal's and .-.miles. . Then Frederick Stanley, nephew of Lord Derby, niEt a cameraman as he escorted hls brKe from St. Margaret's • church In London. And Icok at the expression on his lace I- The bride is the 'former Ann Collins, niece 1 of the Duke of Roxburgh,

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