The Canonsburg Weekly Notes from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania on October 14, 1892 · 1
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The Canonsburg Weekly Notes from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania · 1

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1892
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1IJM3- NOTE m Xif FT CANON-SB VOLUMtl XVI I T.- NUMBER 1. COLUMBUS DAY IN THE SCHOOLS. mouit am ok exercises in the CAXOXSIllltU SCHOOLS. The Union Celebration at Houston ville Will 1)0 the Largest Meeting of the Kiiul In tho County. In thoCanonsburg Publlu Schools. riUKiUAM OF THE 111(111 SCHOOL. jlusio Soug of Columbus Puy Quotations, HwW iStur Knanslod Hannor Tho Address Hurry Moore Tho Ode timoo; Stiiloy jlusio Our Nutivo Umi Htwitatlon I'Hy Sorvosso's Kido Jliuuio Spccr. Essay America In 1402 Colvubii Stewart, Jlusio KwMVhlte and Uluo .Soloct roailiug Oliristophor Coluimbus Stulla, Penny. Biographical sketch Surah Streuimoll Jlusii: Tho Shophords Uumo Kooitation ...Kcgulus Ikissiu llughos. Jlusio v ..Homo, Sweet Homo Medley Alice Cvokina Essay America iu 1S;2 Rachel Weaver. Mueio America. I'll(XiK AM Of 1100 M NO. 8. JIusie. Recitation Discovery Day Louie Waller. Essay lHscoverios Fred Alexander. Music. Recitation . (ilimi'Seti of tho Early Navigator Frank MeCloy. Organ Solo Mabel llauiilton. Recitation A Better Way Samuiio Swan. Music. Recitation llli.viiic of 0. 0, Carrio Crawford. Reading Uirth and Boyhood Paul Donaldson. Recitation., Tho Mutiny File Mutthaws. Mufic. Tho Story of Our Country Recitation... By eight girls. Efsay , Early Life Sammio Smith. Song Lightly Bow Annio Schaughoncy. Music. Essay Voyages Willie Gowcrn. Kocitatiou Tho Boat Soug Nellio Vanliman. Recitation .'...Columbus Mabol Hamilton. Music. The Day at Houstonvilie. The largest and most elaboruto celebration of Columbus dny in Washington ccimly will undoubtedly bo the union celebration by tho schools of Chartiers township at lloustonville. In con. nection with the Columbus celebration, Humboldt council of the Jr. 0. U. A, M., of lloustonville, will present a flag and Biblos to the schools. The following program will bo carried out on the occasion: Parade will form at 10 a. ji. Prayer.... Rev. J, II. Tiinmons Presentation speech Rev, It. C.WoIf Response Rev. W. B. Smiley Reading President's Proclamation A.ll.AIlison liaising flag, Music. Three cheers. Saluto to flag. Song America Dinner, Prayer Rev. Q. C. Skinner Song Columbus Day Address The Meaning of .the Four Centuries L. A, Russell. Music Band Ode Miss Anna Wilson Music.... Band Address..... Object of the Order Bov. M. D. Licklitor. Music Band Address Columbus Day ' Rev.C.n.Prhlgeon. N.oten on the Day. McKeesport wilUhave a rousing celebration on Columbus day. Let all the flags in town be hung to the breeze on Columbus day. Next week The Notes will be printed on red, white and blue paper in honor of Columbus day. The schools of Washington, aiso of East and West Washington, Trill unite in celebrating Columbus day. Next week The Notes will be issued on Thursday in order to allow all hands to celebrate Columbus day. It cost? 2,000, 000 to decorate New York, but the four hundredth anniversary of the discovery of America will never occur again. Ihe officers and children of Morgnnza reform school will celebrate Columbus day. An interesting program has been arranged for the occasion. At a recent meeting of the teachers of North Strabane township to take action with regard to celebrating Columbus day, it was decided that each school should arrange a program of its own for the day. A city exchange says : la answer to numerous inqniries, it is again stated that Friday, October 21, will he a legal holiday throughout the United States in accordance with the proclamation of the president setting apart that day for national observance of the Columbus celebration. The people of New York city have given this week np to a celebration in honor of Columbus and the 400th anniversary of his great discovery. On Sabbath religious services in connection with the celebration were held in the churches; on Monday the tchool children paraded ; on Tuesday 300 ships of all nations gave a great display in the harbor, the shores were lined with 1,000,000 people; on Wednesday there was a. great civic and military parade. In answer to an inquiry addressed to the state superintendent of public instruction by T. H. Pctts, secretary of the Csn-onsborg school board, that cfficial stated that Columbus day will not be legal holiday in schools of Pennsylvania. The board on learning this decided to have the schools open as usual on Colnmbus day, but in the afternoon inMeid of the usuil literary exercises, programs in keeping with Culnmbus day will be carried out. Ech room wl arrang and carry out its oww profnuB. DEATH'S JIAKVKST. lioniNSON. : Peyton Robinson, one of Cuno.iebiirn's oldest colored ciliwiiii, dtpvU'd thin life, suddenly, ou Tuesday nioruing, "Red ever 00 year. For years Mr. Robinson made a livelihood by breaking tlone on the streets of our town, And tliij season be worked nt It as usual. Ou getting home from work on Friday evening ho complained of feeling uuwell; by Tuesday morning he was feeling somewhat better, aud as his custom was started out early for a walk; he had hardly reached the porch, however, when he was attacked by heart disease and fell to the floor. He was carried into the house, where he expired in a few minutes, Funeral services were held at his late residence on Water street on Wednesday at 2 r. M. 1UC111E. On Oof. 10, Mrs. V. II. S. Kicliie died at hor home at Poiut, Ky., iu the 40th year of Ler ace. Mis, Kicliie wa.-, i 1 Lu five days'und her illness was not thought to be dangerous uulil a short time ' before her death. The remains were brought to the residence of her parents, Mr. and Mrc. Thomas Miller, West 1'ike s'reet, ibis place, where on Thursday at 2 r. m. funeral services, which were attended by u large number of people, were held, at ih conclusion of which lite interuieut took place in the O ik Spring cemetery. Mrs. Kicliie was an excellent Christain lady, who leaves behind a husband and several children arid a Iarg-3 circle of frieuds and relatives to mourn her loss. CAMPISELL. The sad intelligence reached us Wednesday morning of the death of W. T. Campbell, Esq., which occurred Tuesday afternoon at his residence in Steubenville. Mr. Campbell will be remembered by our older citizens wheu a student, and graduate of Washington and Jefferson college. He was a lawyer of nisrked ability and as a stenographer, second to none in the elate of Ohio. He was a half brother of Chailes W. nod Miss Agnes Campbell of thoj place. The took on Thursday. JA.MKS. Mrs. Laura James died at her home in the Etst End on Thursday, the 13th, aged about 3:3 years. A husband, but no children, turvives. The funeral takes place today at three r. m. The services will be conducted by the order of the Household of Kuth. 1IEWLLJON. Alvin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Johu Bedillion, died at the residence of his pareuts at McQovern, on Wednesday, in the fourth year of his age. The funeral took place today at 11a.m. . . MOufil'.S. . h Mrs. E. K, Rogers died at her residence in Washington on Monday, and was buried on Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Ji.ogers was a sister of Mrs. MeNary of the South Side. Xhey Endorse No Candidate. At a lueeiing of representatives of tho different councils o the Jr. O. U. A. M. held at Washington, Pa., October 11th, 1892, the following resolutions were adopted. Wiiehkah, It having been circulated among tho general publio that tho Jr. O. U. A. JI. had endorsed the candidacy of one of the candidates for congress in tho Twenty-fourth district ; therefore be it ll'soked, That we, as tho representatives of tho various oouncils of the county, positively doBy that any candidate whatever has been or will be endorsed by the subordinate oounoils of Washington county, and that we urgo every brother to yote according tothoidiotates of his own oonscioneo lieaohed, That these resolutions bo published in the county papers, W.U. Pips, No-303, Chairman. Frank B.Gai.i No. 201, Secretary. AMOXft THE CHURCHES. The Cumberland Presbyterians will organize a congregation in Washington in the near future. Communion services were held at the Central Presbyterian church last Sabbath. One person was received into the church. The annual meeting of the Pennsylvania synod of the Presbyterian church will be held in Wabhington on Thursday, the 20th. Communion services were held at the First Presbyterian church on Sabbath, two persons were added to the membership. Communion tervices will be held in Chartiers U. P. church on Sabbath. The pastor will be assitted by Rev. C. W. Comin of Pigeon Creek, On Saturday at a meeting held by the members of the Central Prefbyterian congregation it was decided to make no repairs to collrge chapel at present, Rpv. J. B. Uber, tho new pastor of the M. E. church, preached to a large andience on Sabbath morning and even iog. The impression made on his hearers was a favorable one. Communion services were held in the Greenside Avenue U. P. church on Sab-bah. Fourteen persons were received into membership, five by profession of faith and nine on certificate. Uev. C. H. 1'rWgeon and sister Lillian are at Altoona ihis week attending the Kate convention of the society of Christian Endeavor. Tly represent the society of the First PrejVterian cbnrih. The services i-1 the Greenside Avenue U. P. church on Sabbilh morning wit! be in the iniere!t of the children. Reports from the delegates to the Sabbath school convention et Pigeon Creek will be heard. On Fridny afternoon last a meeting was held in Pitts'.iOrg by some 50 laymen representing the U. P. clurcbes of Pittsbnrg and vicinity, for the purpose of organizing socmI union. Another meeting will beheld today. Attend the Republican meeting in Opera bouse on Monday evening. the OANONSBURCr. PA.". FIUDAY, OOTOBEIl 14, 1803. TO OPEN THL CAMPAIGN. CANONSlUKUREl'l'BLICANSUET TIN'U AROl'HEl). Col. W. A. BtoiioofPlttNlmnr toHneak Monday Hvoiimw-Nowi of Interest to 1'ollticlnnn, fS The Republicans of Cawm.-biirg and adjoining towinhips will open the campaign on Monday evening nxt with a ravelin in the Morgan oper house, to which the voters of nil parties are invited to turn out and hear the issues of the campaign discussed from a Republican standpoint. A special invitation Is extended U the ladies to at' end. Col. W. A. Stone of Pittsburg, a speaker of ability, and who is well and favorably kuown to the people of Western PeuusyWania, will be present and addrfss tho meeting. Good nmsio will be furnish ed, and uo pains will be spared by the commiitrp hsvirg charge of the meeting to make it a success. Let all attend. At a meeting held by Republicans in the council room on Thursday evening to mal;e arrangements for Monday nighl'a rally in the opera house, Dr. J . B. Donaldson and D. II. Fee were appointed a committee to meet the speakers, and A, B. MoCIoy, J. J. YanEunn, W.K.Gaihraith, Joseph Templeton and W. H. Sipe a committee on finance. - The Chronicle Ttltgruph says: When Senator Sherman speaks on the subject of finance, his words are of the highest an-ihority. He rightly characters the Democratic proposition to go back lo the old . system of state bar.ks as n kind of lunacy, and a proposition which he cho scarcely discuss wilh palience, for it recalls the old adage of "gold for tha government and rags for the people." In his speech at North Fairfield, O , after vigorously combating the state bank platform of the Democratic party, he ad vom led uniformity of coinage among the nations and the adoption of an int"rnalio:ial napt-r monev as the representative ol g-ild c !'a t'ie world over. The marc!) of improvement will no doubt eventually bring this convenience. The Reporter says: Mr. Bennett, the Kansas cyclone, epoke in the court house Friday evening to n large audience. There is. a general opiciou to the effect that his answer to Mr. McKiuley's speech was not well given, but all agree that his defense of prohibition and his arguments for the party were strong and convincing. The Washington Observer says: Washington county scoured fleece 6ells in the United States for CO ccnta per. pound, twice as much as received for the same product in the Australian or London mar-bet. The amount of tariff is 33 cents per pound. Ex-Prt siiient Clevelaud has sent his check for $10,000 to the Democratic National committee. It is also reported tbat hi. personal friends, E. C. Benedict, W. C. Whitney and Don M. Dickinson, have each con'.ributed $10,000. The Republicans calculate on having a big parade in Canocsburg the week before tiii! neciion. umos are expectea rrom me neighboring towns and surrounding townships. " 1 hit eveniug the colored voters of the borough will meet in the council chamber to make arrangements for attending Monday evening's meeting. .'., Small red, white and blue lanterns are now carried by marching clubs instead of torches. The effect is fine, The Pitlsburg Press is confident Acheson and Stewart will be elected. that Honor Koll. The following named persons belonging to the Welch school, Chartiers township, who have been presant every day during the moDth ending Oclober 7.tb, 1802, are: Maud McKee, Daisy McKee, Bessie Mc-Kee, Eva Crumm, Edith Crumra, Delia Welch, Jennie Welch, Mattie Paxton, Yanghny Dunn, Charles Dunn, George Paxton, Me!vin Paxion, Oliver Paxton. Those who have only missed one day arei Ethel Paxton, Delia Grounds and Wil- bert Grounds. Ada S.EfPY, Teacher. - Historical Soolely Meeting. The Hi-torical Societv of Western Pennsylvania will hold its next regular meeting on next Thursday, October 20th, at 8 p. m. in the hall of the Carnegie library in Allegheny City, Pa. Some interesting historical papers are ' promised. Music and recitations will be added to the ordfr of exercises. All who take an interest in the preservation and study of our local annals are respectfully invited. Further particulars will be anuounced in the Pittsburg dailies early next week. A Live Paper. West Elizabeth Star. The CAsossiiCRfi Notks is a live country newspaper. We believe it has more local news thsj any of our exchanges. I's successful cereer is due to much shrewd management. An attractive fea lure of this payer is that when it clips an item it never forgets the piper it clipped from. Oil and Gas. The Philadelphia company completed its big line from the Linden field to the L'm k froi torth of town on Wednesday. The Light and Fuel company has 107 meleis in use in Cauousbnrg, and when the inspector vr-ils them he travels in his rounds about eight miles. Attention, Jr. O. V. A. M. Radiant Star Conncil will meet in their l Jge room Ftiday morning next at 9 o'clock. Tbey vci'l march from there to HonMonTille to take part in the Columbus du crltbration. A special busine meeting will b? held reit Thnrsdsy evening. PERSONAL PAllAUKAI'HS. William Eastwood moved his family to Pittsburg, thjs week. Will Gruhba.Jr., Canonsburg printer,'! working at his trade In Ihe city. Thomas Bell and Davie Johns of Mans field rpeid Sabbath at C. Franz's. Mi a Maggie McCloy of West Pike strettt is unending school in Pittsburg John Cain ssks that his nddrtss be changed from Nobleslowu to this place. J. Work McKown recently paid a visit to his uncle, John Work, of Gallagher, O Rdv. R'. O. Wolf and family moved this week from West Pike s'reet to Pitts burg, Mrs. Dr. W. B. Stewart, of Moberly, Mo., is visiting Dr. J. B. Donaldson and family. Mrs. George MoPeak is vit-iting her sis ler, Mrs. William D.iugherty, of Freeport, this week, Mm Mamie DouglahS of Cecil, who has been seriously ill for the past five weeks, is improving. Mrs, George Munce and children of Gretna visited frieuds on the South Side the first of the week. R v. J. B. Uhi r, the new pastor of the M. K. church, will move his fimily here this week fom Leechhurg. Rev. J. M. Ccckins of Cape May, N. J., is visiting his brother, 'Squire J. L. Cockins.of West Pike street. Mrs. Frank Btldwiu of Milwaukee, Wis , who has been visiting friends in this place, left for home on Monday. Joseph U. Stiicklaud and wife, of Oxford, O., wer the guests of Mrs Mary Templeton and family last week. Mrs. J. B. Scott of West Piko street is home from a visit to friends in Cambridge, New Concord and Bloomfield, Ohio. Mrs. Dr. J. B, Donaldson has been visiting her parents, Mr, and Mrs. Walter Foster, East End, PitUburg, this week. W. Q. Robinson, the new proprietor of the Commercial house on Jefferson avenue, has moved from Burgettstown to this place. Mr Samuel Rutherford and MiBS Alice and Ella, of Peicrman, Yirginia, visiUd their cousin, Margaret B. Giffin, on Mon. day. Henry Hamilton of near Cambridge, O., has been the guest of James Wasson and family, WeBt Pike street, the past week. Mr. and Mm. David Campbell of McKeesport visited Mr. Campbell's brother, T, F. Campbell, West Collfge street, last week. Miss Olive Alexander will leave soon for Chicago, where she will fpend the winter with her sister, Mrs. Thomas L. Page. . Roy McKirahan of Ridge avenue left on Wednesday for Cleveland, O., where he will ipend a couple of weeks with friends. Mrs. H. M. Clark of Pittsburg, who has been visiting her son, Harry L. Claik, of Central avenue, returned home the first of the week,. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph StickUnd. of Oxford, Chester county, and Mrs. Mary Tem pleton, of Canonsburg, visited at John M. Gi din's last week. J. N. Cookson and wife of Oil City, and Miss Jeunio L. Reed of Wilkinsburg were the guests of M. V. Douglass and family, Cecil, last week. J. B. Scott of West Pjke street is working at the carpenter trade at Homestead. lie receives 33 cents an hour. He reports business booming up the river. William Giflin of West College street and William Young of Boyce left on Tuesday for a three weeks' vitit to relatives in Olathe, Kansas, and Eldon, Missouri. Captain W. G. II irsha was over at McDonald on Tuesday, and paid the Outlook a visit. The proprietor, Mr. Fulton Phillips, is flourishing and is building himself a home. Will Donnell of Bellevtie visited friends in town the first of the week. lie was on his wav home from West Middle-tcwn,Vhere he had been spending his vacation. Andrew S. Miller, Esq., wife and children of Piltsbuig and Rev. D. R. Miller of East Palestine, Ohio, are hero to attend the funeral of their sister, Mrs. W. H 8-Ritchie, which took place Thursday. Cards are out for the marriage of Alonxo Welier of Canonsburg to Miss Mary, daughter of Samuel Linn of North Strabane township, the ceremony to be performed Thursday eveniog,Octobcr 20th, at 6.30. " Prof. Benjimiu Evans, until recently a teacher in Jefferson acidemy, who entered Lsfayette college, nt Easton, a few weeks since, Las left thtt institution and entered the University of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stickland of Chester county are visiting A. B. McCloy and family, West Pike street, and other friends in town and vicinity. Mrs. Sticklaud's maiden name was Sloan, and she is a native of this place. J. Miller Hill of near McMorray, it was stated in last week's Notes, "is now a student in Chicago university." The item should have read, "a professor in Chicago noiversity." Mr. Hill is a graduate of Johns Hopkins univeraity, 'Baltimore. Notice to Natural Gas Consumers. The flagrant disregard of the company's intes relating to signing of contracts and properly filling of fire places make necea-rarv the following notice : Ail contracts must be signed nd fire places properly 6 lied at once. Consumer failing to comply with this notice will be required to pot in meters if they desire to continue nsiog the companv's Efts. CASO.nCRQ LfOHT AND FcKL Co. John F. Bndke, 8upL September 30,1892. NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS lXr.Ma BKXT l.V BY OUU COUPS OF COltUKSl'ONUKNTS. All tho News IVoin Chartiers, Hons. tonvlllo, Peters, Lawrence and 11 lokory Personal Notes and Items of Local Interest to Our Readers NOUTII STIIABANK. Mr, and Mrs. John Fulton Are home from a visit to friends near Cambridge Ohio. Work on tho South Side 'chool house Is progressing iu a satisfactory manner, aud the building will soon be ready for the plasterers. On Tuesday next the road commission. erH, D. MoClure, R. D. Fulton and R. L, Muuce, will sell the opening of 80 rods of road, commencing at the McMillan and ending at the Means bridge, The sale will take place on the grounds at 1 o'clock. The Farmers' league will meet at liar dy's school house on Thursday evening, October 20, at 7 o'clock. The subject for discussion will be i ' Do you Favor a Law Restricting the Power of Syndicates, Corporations and Trusts? The affirmative of tho question will be argued by J. B. Mo Bride ; the negative by R. L. Munce. All are invited to attend. CECIL. P. G. Walker has finished baling his hay and straw. Yenioe Young People's society gave a social at the house of John P. McCnn-nell, on Friday evening. There will be a meeting at McCcnnell's school house to organize a singing class for the winter, on Wednesday evening, October 19. Aa John Giflin and friends of Venice were going home from the social,they drove on a pile of stone and upset the wagon. Nobody hurt. Mrs. P. G. Walker was thrown oat of a buggy last week and got somewhat hurt. The horse Uecatue unmanageable and up set the buggy &ni threw M-s Walkt r out. HOCSTONVILLE. Mrs. Cspron and son Wil'iam are visit ing Mrs. C.'a daughter, Mrs. C. L.Thompson of Boonborougb, Iowa. It is expected that Civil Engineer R. V. Johnson will run the lines for the propos ed borough of Houstonville on Saturday. A great crowd is expected here on Fri day next, Columbus day. The teachers of the township and other committees will meet here on Saturday to perfect the arrangements, On Friday evening of next week there will be a weight social held by the Young People's Ohrlstain Union of Houstonville P. church, at the house of Robert M.Thompson in Houstonville. All are nvited. CHAKTIKKS. Work is progressing on the Plum Run school house. Miss Anna, daughter of Thomas Wilson, is ill of bilious fever. H.N.Reid of nearPitlburg,who has been spending a couple of weeks with friends in the township, returned home on Wednes day. Dr. H. Hanna, treasurer of Chartiers school district, has received the warrant for the state appropriation for the district. The amount called for is $ 1672.22. THOMAS. Scott's school opened its winter term with an enrollment of forty scholars. J. C. Matthews attended another course of lectures on embalming, in Pittsburg this week. Communion services will hi held at Mt. Prospect U. P. church, on next Sabbath week. I. X. L. . The report current on our streets on Tuesday that James McLaughlin, of Cecil, had died suddenly that morning, turned out to be false. He had been ill, but is now able to be about again. The Perfection Flour Bins Free. Pcrsojs who have received tho Perfection flour bin free at J. W. Martin A" Sons'; Mrs. A. M. Forsyth, Mrs. William Parry, Mrs. John Briceland, Mrs. M. C. Schaughency, Mrs. John Pollook, Mrs.Everett Littasw.Mra. William Black. Mrs. 6. M. Smith, Mrs. Daniel Wellor, Miss S. Boon, Mrs. James Brady, Mrs. Work McKown, Mrs. John Emoriek, Mrs. Goorgo McPeak, Mrs. George Malono. Mrs. John Bales, Mrs. Ellis lligglo, Mrs. John Herriott, Mrs. Jatnos Kerr, Mrs. A. B. McCloy, Mrs. John Shearn, Mrs. Geo. Organ, Mrs, John Wassuin, Mrs, Robert Carlisle Mrs. J. W. Linn, Mrs. J. Harvey McMurray. Ask any one of these ladies what they would take for their Bin, providing they could not vet anothe one? "A MOSS AGATE Quarried from Our Own Country, by Rev. J. W. Bain. Of this lecture the Altoona Tribune says: "His descriptions of mountain ranges was grand. The lecture was one of the most interesting and instructive it has been our privilege to listen to, and is so presented as to hold the closest atten ion of any audience." The Altoona Miiror say : "Foil of most beautiful word picture?. Not a dry spot in it. The audience seemed spell bound. It is a literary gem." The Gazette savs : "It is as pretty a word painting of western America as one could listen to. Anecdotes, descriptions, amusement and instruction, given in away that held the audience from opening till the speaker stepped from the platform." The 2imes says: "A Most Agate was cut and carved 'by the skillful lapidary until its surface reflected most beautiful and pictnresqne images. We hops to hear it soon again." In Chartier U. P. cbnrch, Tuesday evening, October IS. Road Sale. For opening of new road beginning at the Means bridge and ending at the McMillan bridge, abont SO rods lone, apply lo R. D. Foltoti for sptcificttioim. At the lime time we will receive bids for lifting and meting 50 rods of wire fence. Sale on Toe-day October IS. at I p. M. oaths grounds. D- McClvrk. R. P. Fcitox. R. L. Mrwcc Commissioners of North 8trabSM. TERMS: LOCAL HAPPENINGS. The dry weather continues. Do not tnt to attend the Conner sale near Hickory on the 27th. Robert Moore and family of Est College street will la the near future move to the city, A good brick croi-sir g has been put down ou Pike street opposite J, II. Coleman's drug store. The California normal has a total en rollment of a little over 400 studentp. The senior class numbers 29. The ladies are given a special invitation to attend the Republican rally in the opeia bouse on Monday evening. Turn out and hear Col. W. A. Stone dis cuss the issues of ihe campaign at the opera house on Monday evening next. "One of the Finest" was favorably spo ken of by tho large audience which witnessed it in the Morgan opera house on Friday evening. Letters of administration on the estate of Elizabeth Ray, late of Peters township, have been issued to William Ray of the same township. We have just received some of the lat est style of type for invitation cards When you want anything in that line call and see simples. . At J. L. Bebout's sale of personal prop erty, on West College street on Wednesday of last week, good prices were real ized. W. V. Cook was tbe auctioneer. On Wednesday, the 10th, John C. Phil- lips cf Cecil, will sell 18 head of good dairy cows and other personal property at public sale. See advertisement and hills. William Franry of Chartiers was ar rested on Saturday on a charge of having abused .live stock belonging to W. P. Fuiton. His friends paid $34 and the matter was compromised. Persons wanting advertisements in next week's Notes should bring them in early in the week, as the paper will be sent to press on Thursday in order to allow all hands to enjoy Columbus pay. W. V, Cook, the real estate and livestock auctioneer, has a new card in this issue, which all should read. Mr. Cook has had eight years' experience and understands his business and is prepared to guarautee satisfaction. The weight social at the residence of Mr. Munnell and Mr. Clark, Central ave nue, tbis evening, promises to be a very enjoyable affair. The musical and literary part of the entertainment will open promptly at 8 o'olock. David R. Bebout is this week tearing down Ihe house on the lot on the east side of Central avenue, which he sometime since bought from H. R.. Holland, pre paratory to commencing on the site the erection of a good residence. Do not fail to hear Rev. J. W. Bain lecture in Chartiers U. f. cburcb on Tuesday evening. He was for some years pastor of the Greenside Avenue U. P. church, and is widely known as a man of ability and a favorvable speaker. If you would spend an enjoyable even ing, attend the "weight social, to be given at the residence of J. W. Munnel and Har ry L. Clark, on Central avenue, this evening. The musical and literary part of the entertainment will open promptly at eight o'clock. On Wednesday, W. V. Cook, the Can- onsbnrg auctioneer, Bold two farms for the assignee of Edward Wright estate in Peters. The bomeplace, containing 83 acres, was sold to R. B. Thompson of Pittsburg, for $91 an acre. The other tract, containing 103 acres, was sold to Mr. Wicks, for $60 an acre. Alexander J. Crawford of near Thomas will sell at public sale, on Tuesday Oc tober 25, bis personal property. Mr. Crawford and family intend leaving in a few days for Nebraska, where they will make their home. The sale will therefore be positive. See bills, also advertisement m this paper. Joe Acheson will be the auctioneer. A. W. Cummins, the McConnell's Mills real estate and live stock auctioneer, is doing a rushing business this fall ; he has a sale for almost every day in the week. Mr. Cummins is mister of hU business and no one employing him will have occasion to regret it. See the sale advertisements in The Notes at which he is to officiate. World's Fair Excursion via Pennsylvania Lines October 10th to 22d. Excursion tickets to Chicago for the Dedicatory Ceremonies of the Columbian Expotdlion and World's Fair, will le sold at reduced round trip rates, from principal ticket stations on the Pennsylvania Lines, October 19:n, 20th, 21st and 22d, valid to return until October 24th. For details please apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line ticket.agenU Worth Knowing. Many thonsaod people hare found a friend in Aunt Fanny's Health Restorer. If yon have never used this great specific for the prevailing malady of the age, dyspepsia, liver complaint, rheumatism, costiveness, nervous exhaustion, nervous prostration, sleeplessness and all diseases arising from derangement of the stomach, liver and kidneys, we would be pleased to give you a package of tbis great nerve tonic free of charge. For sale by J. B. Donaldson. Auctioneer A. W. Cnmmins's List or Public Sales Fall, 182. A. W. Cummins, the real estate and live stock toctioneer. dm booked ths following- public Oct 15. HendcwMi Dtorertv in Cunrmjbonr. Oct. 14. John Phi Hire. Cecil towofhip. 18 had of rood dairy cows, and much other property. Oct. 20, Joha Walker. Crow Creek township, real Ute and penonal prnpertr, indadins S6O0O worth of live ftoek. . ... Oct. 21 Col John Murphy of Meadow Land, hu entire herd of Shortbora cuttle nd other valuable perpoinl property ennfl'ttne of sheep and hor. Oct. Z5. 6. H. A J - M llaftinr. Cecil towoHip. one mile aorth of gcfcleliae a Mills, personal property- . Oct. ii, C. T. Conner. Boat 11 tcuoty, a large wont of peremal property. At Crcseoa's yoa will Ind a large stock of 5 aad 10 cent foods. Call whea ia need of anything ia that lias. 75 GENTS A YEAR. REDUCED OAS HILLS. The scarcity ii natural gas has advanced the price very much above what it. was several years ago, and the heating of the houses in the old crude way, Is much too expensive at the present time. During Ihe past (wo years the manufacturers of gas stoves have nude great progress in the consiructlou of gas saving, and at the same time powerful gss heating stoves, and the price brings them within the reach of "'7 uily. DEMMLERBROH., Nos. 620 and 628 Smituhcld st., Pittsduro, Pa., hive in slock a large line of the very beet, most powerful and economical Gas Stoves. The Leader is a perfect heimi ami be used with natural or artificial gas. The Woli-kl. u ... ...... .n. uic, uaiiow, oimpiex ana nous Gas Radiator are all excellent gas stoves. Sheetiron Burners, Backs and Fenders for Gas Grates a speciality. House furnishing goods and the best novelties for kitchens always in stock. Pittsburg Exposition Exclusions via Pennsylvania Lines. Excursion tickets to Pittshurir will ! sold at reduced round trio rates for all regular trains from Washington and intermediate ticket stations on the Pittsburg .'"'""ui uouj irum nepiemuer m 10 uc-tober 22d, inclusive. Tickets will include admission to Ihe Exnosition and will h gcod returning two days from date of sale, and if sold on Friday the return conpou win uo vuim unm me toiiowing Monday. Special Low Rate excursion tiki will also be sold from the same stations on Thursday, September 15th, 22d and 29th, and October 6th, 13th and 20th, and on Saturday September 10th, 24th and October 8th. Train 129. leavin? Pituhnr 10.10 p. M.. central time, will run through to Washington September 10, 15,22, 24,29, and October 6, 8, 13 and 20. These tick-ets will also include admission to the Ex position and will be eood returning twn days from date of sale. For rate and time of trains see handbills, or apply lo nearest . cuuojrivauilk ljiuv MCKei BgeUb, Harvest Excursions via Pennsylvania Lines. On September 27th excursion tickets to points in the Northwest. West. Sonihwest and South, and on October 25th to points in the South and Southwest, will be sold from principal ticket stations onthe Pennsylvania lines west of Pittsburg. The Pennsylvania is the desirable route, being direct and offering excellent service. Ihe rate will be low scd the advantages afforded via these lines cannot fail to make the journey over them a pleasant one. For details apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line ticket agent or address F. YanDusen, Chief Assistant General Passenger Agent, Pitsburg, Pa. Fresh Fish. I wish to anuounce to the tbe citizens of Canonsburg and vicinity that I will huckster fresh fish in Caoonsburg on Tuesdays, rriaays ana Saturdays ot each week, and in Houstonville on Thnrsdavs. Those wishing fish at other times can eet them at my residence, East End, near James liiack b Our sturgeon are unexceptionally fine this season. To cook properly, roll some crackers moderately fine, prepare ready for cooking.beat one egg, roll fish in crack-era first , then in egg, then again in crackers; have fat moderately hot, cook until two-thirds done, pour fat off and put in baker until done. Simon Alberts. It is not unusual for cold contracted in the fall to hang on all winter. In such cases catarrh or chronic bronchitis are almost sure to result. A fifty cent bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy will cure any cold. Can you afford tolisk so much for so small an amount? This remedy is intended especially for bad colds and croup and can always be depended upon. For sale by J. B. Donaldson and Con ley & Siuer's drug store, Canonsburg, also Dispensary drug store, Bridgeville. . a Notice to Consumers or Coal. We beg leave to inform the public that we have red need the price of coal as follows: At the platform to 4 cents per bushel ; all coal delivered at one-half cent per bushel reduction. We wish to say tbat we have been furnishing coal at the lowest market price for the past ten years, and will continue to do so. All orders left at Thomas Jackson's shoe store, accompanied with cash, will receive immediate attention. Shearn Bros. A reported outbreak of cholera at Hel-metta,N. J., created much excitement in that v cinity. Investigation showed that tbe disease was not cholera but a violent dysentery which is almost as severe and dangerous as cholera. Mr. Walter Wills rd, a prominent merchant of Jamesburg, two miles from Helmetta, says "Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy has given great satisfaction in the most severe cases of dysentery. It is certainly one of the best things ever made." For sale by J. B. Donaldson and Conley & Sauer's drug store, Canonsburg, also Dispensary drug store, Bridgeville. Shortsightedness. To waste your money on vile, dirty, watery mixtures, compounded by inexperienced persons, when you have the opportunity of testing Otto's Cure free of charge. Why will you continue to irritate your throat and lungs with that terrible hacking cough when J. B. Donaldson will furnish you a free sample bottle of this great guaranteed remedy? Hold a bottle of Otto's Cure to the light and observe its beautiful golden color and thick, heavy syrup. Largest packages and purest goods. Large bottle, 50 cents. Largest in the State. Tbe Peoples Saving Bank at No, 81 Fonrth avenne, Pittsburg, Pa , has the largest capital of any saving institution in tbe state, and is a safe and reliable place to put the money yoa have laid aside for a rainy day. Deposits of $1 and upwards are received and interest at Ihe rate of 4 per cent, allowed thereon. If you have no bank account, now is Ihe accepted time to open one, and your earnings will increase as time goes on. How to Cure a Cold. Simply take Otto's cure. We know of its astonishing cures and that it will stop a cough quicker than any known remedy . If tou have asthma, bronchitis, con sumption or any disease of the throat and lungs, a lew doses ot wis great guaranteed remedy will surprise you. It yon wish to try rail at our store, J. a. Donaldson, and we will be pleased to fur nish you a bottle free of cost, and tbat will prove our assertion. For sale by J. B. Donaldson. a a "Power Cider Presa." Brown A Pattenon of near Thompeon- vilae, Pa., are prcoared to grind and press your apples on sight, Monday and Tuesday of each week. ScoU'ste headquarters for oysters ia any quantity, and served ia any manner desired. He handles only the beat, and receives Ihesa direct from the wholesale - dealers ia BalUasore. .

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