The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1932
Page 6
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Vv SIX JBL^THRVILLE, (ARK.) COUR1EH KF.WS B FF IB BIG MEET BRUSHING UP SPORTS ! !uor FlTC MID IN j Brogd?n. state high point man in i! 1930. Tiptop, lonj and lanky but .! 'husky, will loss the discus nnd j heave the -javelin. Beck a likely dnsh prospect was InU. to ithif Chicks, because of the EuitoPC An? AMERICA, SCORED 1771 V/lH • • • DOT OF G.790 We I ' WITH THE PHU.U6S BftO; m f)K) CLAIKBURCKY IcncVdng by-Boyd Comslock. coacli member or ihe Unilcd States FRIDAY, APRIL ,29. 1932 Tn 5 3-5 Seconds Nine-Man Team To Rcprc- . sent Blytheville In Dis- irid Meet at Paragoulcl : Represented by one of ihi; smallest track squads In [he history of H's participating in northeast Arkansas track in?i-ts, Hly- theville high will compete with 13 oilier schools in [he mimml irlcl Pour meet at Paragould Saturday. Several members of Ccach w. D. "Mac" McClei kin's nine-man .round left for Paiagould this morning nnd ths remainder are Mated to (jo to Pavagould late this afternoon. They will probably take . tome of the literary events Friday or acliviUes connected with (he animal meet but will no! BO Inln' acllon until Saturday mor- Prc-llminnri.?s are scheduled lo be rim off tomorrow tomorrow In • all events m which more ihiin - five cinriidalcs arc. entered. Tn view o! the fact that each school will likely, nave a. £pupb of entries in each event! particularly In (he races, a number of prellmin- mie.s appear probably. They will be si aged starting al 10 o'clock In tb" morning;. Tn ih; afternoon the finals will hi put on and events in which no eliminations were held ilurhis the inonit!ii;. : The relay races arc also features of the bij; mr,?t. - Tom Short will he the princual 'hope of the Ulythcvillc Chicko- saws and will be (heir candidate for individual honors. Short will iakc part, if the events arc so nr- ran>iefi that he may have rest period-., in the following: 100 yatd and 220 yard dashes, one or more .relav;, high hurdles.- hish jump, brnad Jump and Javelin ihrou. Purlin and Morrfey. who par- iiciijp.lcd in the-Junior meet lusl wetk. graduate into senior ranks i Ills week. Purtle will -probably take part in the discuss Ihrow hi n h jump and shot put. Mosley will Iw n \m't vault cnndidutc. nrogden.. Klrkendul ; and Fisher iirr- piornects for honors in the -dashes. - Brogdrn will also b? In the pole vault and Brooks and Fisher in the broad jump. Younp; niopdrn is a-brother of B. F. teams in the 1912 Olympics. i^Cililloi's i t ,> " : :)0r^, l''roin Mouml; ... ..i.. Win Behind Gome-/.'. lace selti'lg Chita!;'; Cu!>s National lca«ne Uc:U the dinuiplon SI. l/Jiils Cardinals In Ihe American le:i»iu' the Waslitnctsn Senators Leal th:;ir old rivals. Hie I'.'afin- cliainpL-.n-i oin I'lilladeljihlii. The Senator!-: jumpwl on ttu' '-<'.. 11-rniij.s of Hube Walter); and crou: I him from the mound In six ronnJ-i. Tr.e Nals .secured IS hits incliKlin:i a houii-r by Manusii 10 win 10 lo 4. was the winning piUiiu-r Marborry camp u> Ills aid In Ihe eight!:. Thc New York Yanxi'es daf.'aletl Ihr lioblon Hed Sox 5 to 1 behin:! the li;;ht pitching of yctinfi Verncn Ooriuv. The Yankee pilclier held '• Hit- Sux to tl'.rcc hhs Co 'r,e.?l Danny MacF.iyiU-n. Bo.sfjn Imrliir. ! Cleveland's Indians trlumphi'ci! cvej- ihe Chicn^f> \Vhite Sox. Tile i |scori' wa.s II lo Li. AVL'rill L'd llie I Indian titlack witli a hom^r, bis i fourih of l'::«' sep.snn. Harder was j the winning hnric-r. Caraway re-1 ccned credit for the IOH. ! 'Hi- St. Louis Browns eked out win over tin; Detroit Timers. 5 to cop. IJInchjkler went tr.o rout? fo the Drowns. The Tit'ers ssarn;rcd Ihu ino'.t lill.s hut failed to bunch Ihi'ir blows. And now it's a new world record ish of U:e '~(K Angeles Athlelic j nrivrni nvin! P •HtlHtM_B)lfULS :'irst ami Last Place Series Underway in ttbuthernp League. The Memphis Chicks took the first same in their scries with the Chattanooga Lookout;; and remained at tlie h?a<] of the Southern league. The second piacc Lookouts put up a Good nnht but vtn beaten 3 to 2. The whmlns run was scored in the eighth. E?ck of Memphis and NfcColl, Ihe Chaitanooya red- hEd, hurled good hall. Kccse of Memphis and Bloxsom of Chat- liinooaa hit for the circuit. The Little Rock Travelers were helpless before the pitching of Shealey and lost the firsl i;ome of the "cellar Juries to the Nashville Vols. The score was 6 to I 1 . Shealey hit a homer to aid his cause. The Pcbs made three and the Vols I two double plays. The Now Orleans Pelicans won and lost hi two games with ihe KiiMcvil'c Smokies at Knoxville. The Pels won the first-10 to 8 and the Smokies the second, 6 to 5. Tommy Taylor hit for ill" four hase rouie in th? second game. Johnson of New Orleans and in rope-climbing. Norman Par- I Club went up. a M-foot roi;e i Home of Knoxville -were the win's. The Browns scored two in tlia , ii.-ind-cvcr-hnr.d in 5 LI-5 seconds. Of course Norman didn't h;u p e|ninrr pitcher. second and three in the fourth to ; , , ran cn Ws ], :il .| : . ; ,. s ,s shown above, when he made his record i Thc Birmingham Barons and the chmi,. lie ,il, ,!,,,* lor Uncle Sam in Ihe Olympic Barnes lh* | ^ VSr^ T^CracS SI """ 1C1 - vo nthc second 8 to 5 after drop- line the first 7 to 3. Chapman of Atlanta, Rot seven hits in eight trips to the plate -in the two c unit Osccola Teams To Play Came Sunday A hi.; fourth an;! a MK seventh ' rxan. Hie starting Hcii liird hurler, : back. Both starting pitchers failed 1 milnc ei'v? (he Chicago Cubs u win . mls blasted from the nioiiiul in the to finish. Herman Red outfielder over tie world champion, Cnrdl- , fifth and Hue; rmclr.-rs follow id hit for the circuit in the sixth. ' nas. ine score was 12 lo 7. TliT". !- lim . . ne Brooklyn Dodgers trimmed Cubs .<cored five runs In each 3!; Cincinnati's Rods' heal Pitts • the Phils by an 11 to 5 store It their M S innings. Itooi. who rclisv- ' burgh's Pirates by a <-lo<? margin cf j was Ihe first win for the Brooklyn cd Smith, was credited with ilu 7 10 (i. The Uucs rallied to score ; club in -six games. Hhelps was the win. llijgs Slsphemon was tlio big four runs in Ihe last two innings j winning tosscr and stayed the en- Ijmi in tlie Cub allack with a born- : but fell short when Ojjden, Ihe tire game Frederick nnd Rownfieid •- with the bases loaded. Di/zy • third Red hurler. turned Ihem ' hit homers relay e e in: lrac;k. Bt'/or* . grtidUHUng 'aune. Jlmiiiy,.' Had rliabllshed ' Those Yankees were -up to tlielr old tricks again the otncr'fjav. the persecution of Robert Moses Grove, .who biippsns'-to b; Connie Mark's very finest pitcher. Rcplylnng lo n sports writer's tat:nl, Mr. Mack in• trcduced- the Lonaconlng left- hander • to Ruth. Rnppcrt .t Co.. and Moses was hustled right out of' tli2 same in the - sixth imiinc. with his ears.-well pasted back. But the astute tutor of tlie Alli- letics could rioi get his pitcher out of here before .Babe Ruth liai played his favorite prank, consist- Ing of .combing the' greatest pitcher in baseball for one home run. Mean OH Yanks ' Life! would not be very pleasant for Moses if'he had only the Yankees to pitch to. In the Ian five years he has been able lo win only 10 games from Ruppert's Riflemen, and he has lost the same number, though he was able lo lick olhsi American League teams during thai time 113 games, while losing 27. OH the figures, liie faci that i rjrovc lost, up to the other day. nine games to tl:c Yankees, while the other seven teams were able lo beat him only 27 games, speaks Icudly for the presence o! Orov: Gordon Is a Cleveland youlh who made his bid for colbgittte honors al Miami University, not generally recognized among the leaders last , hed Jilm- self nt Ihe top of the Ohio co'llcgl. ale. ijimrler ; mlle Reid. The slate record of seconds, created a year ago in the Buckeye Conference meet, was his final coulrlbii- tioon. Since joining the Los Aimelss clubmen. Gordon hns won the an- el:or ixuitlon on (he mlb relay quartet. He is also rnlKl numbrr one qunrlcr-mller. Ills only defeat hi the present ouldcor suascn was by EJislman of Stanford, wlio ,<ct a iww world record of WA seconds. Gordon trailed the Stanford by 12 yards, but came within onc- tomh of a second of tying the former record cf 47.4 seconds. The Ohioan won the notional Indoor 300-yard championship In 1930 and 1031. He ran third in the 1931 national collegiate and A. A. U. -HO's. bealen in both by Wil OSCEOLA, Ark.— Thc Indians i rill hike on ;!ic Ulylhevillc jlub al O.-iCeolA -Sunday in a oractle? lilt. II is likely Hint all the icoklcs trying lo Innd n job with (be Trllx> wilt li~ used in this contest. A small admission will be charged. The fence aioutid the park \vas partly blown dmvn by the tornado that vlsii,?cl O.-^cola Monday mor- | ijing.-lni; has ten rc-bi:;!i. !'£ork.on Itui gr:ir.;b:tr.nil \\\\\ j Older within thi 1 i;i-x iV'v :'..-.\.-- [ | The seorebuanl l-.r. :•••• |.Ml yet but will i .•• 1 few days, it v.:i . .. :i :-. i elcctrically-upci'iitcd .!;.. i ' Tl'.n men In car.tu ;IL • .cut i:i- I chide: Hollihaush. Cml.swi. Hurl;-C. Spuuvr, .iackj Willi-.inis. aii'l AH- • : -liirl:.-on. f!:.;!.!:.. I lames. Read Courier News Want Ads. V'->fs ':y/v Enjoy a f&EAE* pit. Sinvnll, i rr.,]^ . Orlltl', ! cock, infiolt!.- oid Gipy. ELlSt, LMUl i' M. Fulk, i pnd PL'MIOU More llli-!i :i added to Ihis \< so. Four or fiv from the liy.1 '•'.'. . i. < •.'••i:-T.,: aud ••'. -ri'iivr. I'ortei. itrhi-r.. i!r(Ki[i in a day cn • will be droop?:! wilhin Ihe nvxt I tv. Mvp hours or so. JIMMY OOP DON lianis of Southern California. Uut ; operations.' Horde if Williams falls lo recover Im 1931 form, following the serious illness thai forced him lo undergo two of .Rulh, Gehrig and the oilier hanl-swineing Yankee boys. • • r Took U to 1 I. acini; Lnst year Grove was able lo win three games from the Yankees, loflng one. His virtcries were srur- cd fit Pliilarlelphia. and the one de- • feat came tow.ird th? close cf t!'- n may become Uncle Shin's main hope with E.isi- innn in the Olympic -1UO m;leis ;it Los Angeles. Standings STAD5 it Me »iP ! 'is Sonllirrn l.c»;m- w - rsason in New York, wiicre Rhodes : chr ' tlnl1M S-i 11 r. had nil the besl ol n in lo 1 score : Ulrmiushoin 10 c Grove has wen approximately 3 • Knosville 7 10 out of 10 gam?.= in Ihe lasl fiv,':^™ 1 Orleans 1 10 years with other teams in the Am- i Allfll »a on the bench when are in town. Yankees erican Lcnguc. Bui h? WAS oniy able ' f to break even with the Yankees. | L|II1 ° TlKrefore. when lie starts against ! Iiocl; The Session of 1928 Perhaps Connie Mack got his cue In 1928, when the Yankees bt>al Grove six game.s and he could (Lefeat. them only once. Grovo be.-,; New York in April of that year, and didn't win acothc- game from'ftuth fc Co.'all year. Henry Johawn beat him at N,-w York in June. 4 to 0. and in September, 4 to 3. Grove lost fov.r games in his own ball park to the Yankees that year. Johnwm beat him in April. 8 to 3. Shealey beat him in May. 9 to 7. Johnson beat him again in May. 11 to 4. Johnson boat him finally In June 7 lo 4. Back In 1927, Grove won three and lost one to ths Yankees, in 1929. he von two and lost one. The lesson from tliesc figures seems to be that Mack sivcd Grove from losing lo the Yankees by not starting him. •• Thus, in 1930, we Ind Grove winning just one game from Ihe Yankees, a C lo 2 victory over George Plpgras In April at Philadelphia'. .Grove didn't jost to the Yanke:s that. year. The percentage, of cours*, was IWO, but you cannot say Uut Mack put Lefty very prom' Inentlji on display against the bats tl« Yank.'r.-. it Is an even bcl thai he will Iwe. Pshaw! Maybo thu Grnve is not sue!; a hoi pilclier. after ail National 710 W. I. 10 j If the render is n beginner at .golf. I would like to impress firm' ly on ills mond that excessir- ; strength is unnecessary to succi'.^ in the game. . After ihe beginner has Uecouu- familnir with HI; proper grip niui . stauc-.- 1 . lu- should start pr.icuv 'with a ninshle at n distance ol Levinsky, Walker to Swap Licks Chiraso Boston ............... 8 3 Cinrinnaii ............ 7 8 Philadelphia ........... C 7 New York ............ 5 G Pitlsbaigh ......... •. . . 6 R Brooklyn ............. 4 7 St. Louis .............. ft D American I.r.licur W. I.. r.ui^ > ^« CHICAGO.— Two i Deiroll colorful ficht-i C!?vrlaiid N'cw York S j \Va?hjn£lon n ~Hrt, L °." lnsk >'- " tho Chlc.iRo fish; St. Louis - ' 9 6 -C4L< I about io yards from the green an nrddlcr." and Mickey WalkiV !h bulldoK of the rinp." meet ' in i,. bout there lonight tbal Is exiwcled . tu attracl flocks of fans even with I no litle involved. | Report^ have it thai "the Kinp-i fish,' Lcvlnsky. will outweigh Ihc lilt!? "biilldos" about M pounds. | Wdlker however Im ^ivcn awayi plenty of weight before nnd iij doesn't seem to worry him. Levin- i ksyy is one of the'supposedly up and coming hravios with an exhibition asainst Jack Dempicy and 3 win ,ovcr Tommy Loughr.ui ns his best claims for fame. , Chicaso i Philadelphia TODAY'S GAMES Incrrastd ' LONDON. lUP)-There were 4.- | 372 suicides In England and W.ilcs j In 1930, 63 mora Ihsn in 1929. ' Ch.iitanonga at Memphis. Knosville al Birmingham. Xashville nl Littlo Rork. New Orleans al Atlanta. American I.oaRMf Detroit at St. Lotiis. Chicago al Cievolaud. Philadelphia at Waslilnjicn. Boston al New York. National Ix-npic SI. Louis at Chicajo. Cincinnati at Piltsbiirch. New York n't nation. Brooklynn at Philadrli'-'.ir.. rn ~ i • - c"--> i. ••w i hit sliort shots. A short stroke !) .400 is more of e. wrist sl-,ol. It imsne-! 9 .S57 i( i c( , s ,. 0 t r o(,iii r{ , much pivot, bin | s - 3 ?'| illatcly shows the HIP: 5 .2nOUahi. of the wrists in iho uolf j Iswir.g and demoiMratcs that he I need not hit tlie ball hard 1,1 ;c: : | distance. j By pr.icticinc (lie short sl-.ols first, many complication.'* ilia;, might nrise if he began with thv driver would be rliminalod. I Nc«- (irnnd Lender ISrtrlier Rhnp tin N'. 2nd I lair Cuts - - 25r Nu Grape Bottlin Co. Mnin & I,:i|< P Sis. Ulytlicvillc. Ark. ' •• •>• -V'V &'%>&% :• -::':, ^-tf^ l * .,<o!-ape . . . Even before its ? ! --- . tioiicious wi n ey 'I;ivi»r touches your lips, you nijoy the unniislak- aLIe tempting aroma of the Lig ripe purple gra|)i-s, from which this w o n (I e r f u 1 driuk .is made. One sip will convince you how much belter it is than any artificial grape drink you ever Tasted. Make sure though you get go n u i n c in ottr distinction Irade-mark- I'd hiillle. Sold every- fur MAD£ WITH W€LCH'S GRAWE JUICC

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