The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1932
Page 5
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FRIDAY, .APRIL -29, 1932 Hayti Society—Personal The Women's Missionary Union cf the Baptist Church met at (he home of Mrs. J. F. Henton Wednesday afternoon with 12 mem- bcrs present. The devotional lOtli chapter C'orrlntrtians, was read by Rev. Walker. Mrs. Mablc Burrrss led In prayer. The president, Msr. Melbourne presided during the business session. Rev. J. W. Walker dismissed with prayer. The. hostess served a two course luncli. They will meet at the home of Mrs. A. G. Sanders next Wednesday afternoon. * • • The Women's Missionary Society of the Melhodbt church met Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Carey Mepllc as hostess. There were 28 members present. Mrs. J. W. Oolden led the devotional and presided over the business ir.eet- JiiR. They made plans for a mother and daughter banquet to be Biven some time In May. Mes- donnvs Don Chnpln, 11. a. Mas- tcrson and Buckley gave interesting topics on the pro-cram. Mrs. Golden who was elected delegate to the Missionary Conference of St. I.onis district held at Cnpe Gjrardrau Wednesday'. Thursday and Friday, cave reports of the solely meet. Hayti raiiksd first on the honor roll. The meeting was dismissed hy Mrs. Henry Knell. Mrs. Meat served a desert course. • * • Mrs. J. H. Hinton nnd son, IJimmy, •'.. left Thursday afternoon for St. Louis where, they will visit for a fe\v days with relatives. Mrs. Ernest Long and Miss Bess Prater were the suests of Mrs. H. T. Byars. jr. Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Carrie Mfeattc left for Point Pleasant Thursday afternoon for a few days visit. Rev. and Mrs. J. R. BuJllngton, and Mrs. T. A. McNiiil. and Bert Hall attended the Missionary Conference of St. Ixniis District at Cape Girardcau Thursday. Philip Hamra and daughter. Miss Pauline visited relatives here a short while Wednesday, afternoon. Bruce Fisher of CarulliErsviUe visited here Wednesday evening. Tl)<: Sophomore Class made candy at the home of Miss Hatlie Ixiis Randolph Wednesday evening. (ARKjJCOURIER NEWS i —o and thrilling as they ! require skillful manipulation ot the I cards. A player must carefully watch his re-entries In Iwth hands Today's hand was played In a duplicate tournament ami it was surprising to no(o that only one player was successful In developing the squeeze (or six odd ' 'Grounds for Suit Lefty 1 Ttlchards, who received a tryout with the Los Angeles Coast League team, pitched a no-hit game against the Pasadena Sport- lands, but was beaten 2 to 0 when his.mates hobbled. .COPENHAGEN. (UP) — A bird caught- alive.hero, was half cdcic and half dnck, and lived on fish. Oil- B WM. E. McKENNEY isam* type oj (ore* as a one over p, American |trjdf« Ltijuf I one—In other words. R wks part" plays are always most I n " to bid again. East, would piss, and iiiriiiin* a* i>.... South should not rc-bld his spades as he has a hand that will i>lay at no trump and the spade suit is non etoo strong. Most players would respond with three no trump—however a bid o( four no trump would not be considered bold bidding. In either case, North should pass. The FUy Bast's opening lend would be Ills fourth best heart—the three—which the declarer woukl win with the ace. Declarer should immediately play liLs <i<K?cn of spades, and even though East shows out, he should take the finesse. West's best defense Is to refuse to- win the trick. An- olher spade Is led-agatn the finesse is taken and West wins with the king. West, returns tlw jack ot hearts, declarer going right up w|th the king and leading the ten of diamonds. East would cover with tho Jack, the queen would be finessed frotn dummy and then the ntr.c of spades returned, East's best defense Is to discard a heart. On the Jack of spades the declarer discards the deuce of clubs and Enst the nine of hearts. On the ace of spades the dcclar- 8'6-<H-fV* •8-6-0* e-r-x » 2-e •8-6-0* Hinos H MJ.MON t-S-8 » oi-r* z-e-s 2-s-r-x*. f-9-6-Ol» Tbe BWdinc forcing two bid. Even though West lias six spades, he must not don- bis as the double would be construed as an informatory double by partner and certainly West is more interested In seeing South play the hand at spade.s than at any other declaration. North, however, would take out. with two no trump. In the one over one system a hid of two no trump is construed as the For Pains Due To Neuralgia Millions have found quick relief from • neuralgic headaches, rheu- natic pains, and women's pains by aking . Capudine. Being liquid it Ives relief much quicker than tablets or powders. It soothes the nerves and quickly stops the pain. Capudine docs not upset the lotnach and <Ioos noli contain opi- tes. At drug stores In Idc, 30c, and 60c bottles, also by the dose at founts. ~Advs! 3-1 £ every grave /no. C. McHaney, Jr. '' "Tlie Monument Man" and East is squeezed—perhaps his best defense is to drop the three of diamonds. Then flic declarer would lead the ace of diamonds and pick up East's king. The seven of diamonds would be played from dummy ajid won by d«clv«r with the nine. Again Eut Is sque«td and rjiiut dli?4i<J the nln« of ctubs. D«!»r«r thtn plays HH five o| clubs *1nn!nr In dummy wjth (lie ac« arid 4»n tends the ten of clubs. Whtn Wtft pl»h the six of clubs the hand Is «asy for lt:t declarer to r«»d-rbe Wows th»t West's other cud U a »p«de and that Eatl still has a heart, therefore declir. cr can go up with Ills kin;;, knowing Uut iic will cateh East's queen, »nd the last trick is won by the declarer with'the Jack of clubs. By cleverly playing his cards -so as to develop a squee« play, the declarer has made six odd. but us no slam was bid lie scores (he over- irlclts at 35 points each, since Uic hand was played in a duplicate match. (Copyright. 1832, NEA Service, Inc.) Keiser News Mrs. Clovis Crockett of Wilton spent part of last .week here vis. itlng her mother, Mrs. Alice Wilson, who iia* been ill. Mr. and -Mrs. otto Koihlef of Dell spent Sunday with Dr. and Mrs. Polk. Miss Pearl McClnln spent last week end in Conway with her parents'. She was accompanied by Mr. nnd Mrs. White of Osceola. Mrs. Ed Cook and Mrs. R. H. Hoblnson shopped in Osceola Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Whittim liavc moved to Missouri where they L. will' make their homo on the homestead of Mrs. Whlttne'r's parents, both of whom died early this month. Irene .Cotledge and Virginia Dunavant, who attend school at Until May 7lli Special low price for (he sendee your Ford nrcrts at this time. All For $2.00 Including Labor and HiUrial We are offering this exceptionally low rate for the service you need in the Spring—to prevent unnecessary depreciation of the life of your Ford. The special price Is good only until May 1th. It includes:— Adjust four wheel brake* Lubricate 'chassis, spray springs Tune up motor Clean and adjust spark plugs Clean and adjust carburetor jets Clean and adjust distributor points Check battery • and refill ' Clean and flush -radiator FJON'T MISS THIS SPECIAL OFFER IT MEANS A HKAL SAVING I'hone 810 Phillips Motor Company Authorized Ford Dwler Blythevillr, Ark. ". . . and the Courier News delivers your 'store news 9 to 4,000 HOMES like these". It is in these homes that the vast majority of Blythevilre'g "buying decisions" arc made, whether the purchase be one directly concerning every member of the family or an individual purchase hy an individual member of that family. You as a merchant should (hcrefore, be sure that your "store news" is being placed in the hands of ALL of these potential buyers BEFORE these family "buying decisions" have been reached ... To do so economically CONCENTRATE YOUR ADVERTISING IN THE DAILY COURIER NEWS mevhai comparable (o a B lr<iiT« with a sore throat, is „„ elephant £ noundl I? T , A " d R ' S a br ° kC " *« lllat "••* hid w Z »bu MO-pound baby elephant as you se c him here in his stall at AUam, OH. N. J. ^oobu slipped „,,,! fen „„„,, „, , ( -quired a block and tackle to Jet his leg ,„ ,,,at ^Mer "as t. Yarbro News Miss Thelma Rlchtrdson writ lut wwlc with Mia HIM) walker at Blyth«vlll«. Leslie Richardwn spent the week end with friends at ixm« Oak. R<v. O. W. Wtlih, of Ptwto-jid vUlttd friends in this vicinity Tuesday. Mlites iwll ana Atnes MCGM of Caluinit ipent Thuraday nlgh,t of Ult week wltli MUsos Clarice and Alma House. Ml»s Sarah Robertson spent Thursday night of last week with her unulc and auiil, Mr. and Mrs J. N. Robertson. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Thornton have moved to this vicinity from Holland, Mo. Miss Ofela Pruilt of Holland spent the week end with Misses Nora nnd Zclma Webb. Mlw Clarice Houso ppenl Friday night with her aunt, Mrs. Sam McOhco of Calumet, Mrs. Saruh Hall is visiting rcl- nllvej nnd friends at Driver Grovo this week. •t, KCri. Lena Cokw «r ville and Mr. and ' ptnUtr.' : HHVEYOURCM Washed Greased VHioj), spent the week end ut ome. J. W. Woolen of New York and V. A. Woolen of Memphis spent rtiudny with their sister, Mrs a . Nichols. Tho Kelser baseball team lost to oplnr Corner Sunday \u to 10, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Kennedy ure (he parents of an by girl, named R The Kelscr scln tiny night follov of the Aik Cat given at 8 p, in. entertainment w purchuscd recent library. Rose Ueuia, , K Noah." (o be Proceeds of tho |Kiy for books rec t ,,,, y for' the s= „„, Pecan drove New* Mr. and Mis. O. A. Brooks hod us their guests Sunday Mr. nnd Mrs. Bill Roberlsou and family, Mr. nnd Mrs. \\lll McCnulcy and family. Mrs. Tomlinton and Mr. and Mrs, Jess Wldner. J. W. Brooks was tho Riicst of oiiBliis Robertson Saturday night. Mrs. A. J. Wicker wns the Burst of Eunice Brooks Saturday night and Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Buford Harrison Salurdny the, former's nioth- And 6 Quarts regular 25c Oil put in Ypur CrankcaM for Only 2 ••••••••I Vollmer & Son, Inc. Yarbro Road Phone 712 1M.Y. TO FRISCO 6 DAYS BY BIKE BENT LOW 'OVER THE HRNDLEBRRS, MEN-14KE MRCHiNES-PEDftLED AROUND THE WOODEN SftUCER, J\ND ESTABLISHED THE ftLL-TIME SIX DAY BICYCLE RACE MILEAGE IN" 1915 AT NEW YORK . . . 2770.8 MILES. YOUR CRR WILL MAKE NEW HIGH MILEAGE PER GALLON, IF THE TANK IS HILLED WITH PHILLIPS 66 GASOLINE. ITS APRIL GRAVITY RANGE, FROM 62.1° TO 67.9 3 , MAKES IT HIGHER TEST THAN OTHERS-CLEAR PROOF THAT IT WILL GIVE YOU MORE MILES PER GALLON. An interfiling bistorj of U]e nil industry with on eatimue of iu future » contained in the ili i»tr> I rcl Annual Kcpor t of tbo Hiillipa Petroleum Compinr. On rcqueat, it will he mailed witboal obligtliou. Adi..: The Secretary, niiUipaPelrokuin Company, Bartlrsviile, Oklibohu THE GASOLINE OF CONTROUED VOLATILITY "HIGHEST TEST" at the price of ordinary gasoline If you are worried about the health of your motor, if it seems fired and listless, if it lacks pep and power, just try it on a tankful of Phillips 66 ; -. ; the greater gasoline. This high test fuel is the famous Spring tonic for ailing engines. It snaps them up, puts new vigor and energy into every inch.of piston travel. Makes the motor deliver more miles from every gallon; The improvement in alt 'round performance is nothing short of amazing. Science says that the reason lies in the higher test of Phillips 66. Yet this extra high test costs you nothing extra, because Phillips is the world's largest producer of natural high gravity gasoline. Why not try a tankful tomorrow?. At every Orange and Black 66 shield; For those who prefer it... Phillips 66 Ethyl . *. ot the regular price cf Ethyl Gasoline 100% Pure PARAFFIN BASE 'Motor Oil The b:gg»t, most convincing fact nbout the qudity cad value of thi» finer lubricant U that it bean the PhiTKpt name. Thi« i) your bat guarantee oT high quality aact mexe value Tor the mooey. We simply could not rrulce * bet. ter motor oD, even if you of. fcrfd ua double or triple iu present low price. 3ty a quart.

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