The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1932 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1932
Page 4
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PAGB POUR VHB BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS •mt OOOTUKB NKWS co, PB& O. R. BABCOCK, Wlwc ' H. W. HAIN£> Aaruu&Qr .. 6ot» National Advertising Representatives: Arfcatuu DtUJet, loc. New York, Chlcaeo, Xroit, Bt Lttfc, Sallw, Kuuu City, UlUti •PttblWxd Every Afternoon Except Sunday. fctrred M «cond ttass matter af- the pott Mice it Blylhevllle, Arkansas, under §ct o* Congress October 9. 1917. Served &y tne uniteo Press RATES By curler In the clly ol Bl> LV'vllIo, I5c per «*lt or M50 pt-r year In advance. By mall within a radius of 50 miles, la.OO per year, SI 60 for six months, 85c lor thr-c niontns; by roall In poslsl Mines two to six, Indus!?*, 16.50 per year, In zpnes seven and eight, (10.00 per year. payable lu advance. Smith's Victory The sinking victory achieved by Alfred K. Sinilli over Franklin I). Koosi!- vcll in the McissiieliiisuUs niMtiocnilic l)n'nuivy, and Smith's sum's.- in .s]>liL- lintr the l'ennsyiv;mia ikk'j;)ili<m, nre signilicmil not as imlinitiiig tin- possible I'cnominulioii ol' Uii: 11)28 i-jimti- ilalc—ilioy hnvc nu such mcaninc.— lint-as revealing a strong opposition to Roosevelt.. Because lie js Hie only ival pu-si- bility who altc'mploil a caniiiaign for the noiniimlicm on anything np- proiicliiiitf a ii.'ilionnl sciile Konscvdl has taken a lend in the delegiilu race tliat has attracted nuwt of tin; bund wagon boys to his standard. Hut it seems that the |£0]>k>, particularly those of tile noi-1 lieii.slei'ii .stale, \vlia have had tin; besl opportunity to observe him ut close range, are not i|iiile so enthusiastic. Party liarmon.v is a line thiuu from th'e purely polilirtiT standpoint, and a whooping, 100 per cent, first ballot endorsement of Kooscvclt at Chicago would no doubt HOIK! the Deiiiocralii: ticket oil' with a running start for llie November election, but (lie primary interest of most Democrats, we believe, is the best possible administration of public affairs, not Micro parly victory. ' If that is the case if would seem that (he eiualilication.s of such men as Newton D. Maker and Albert C. . Hilcbie, to mention only two of a nu ( <n- . Ixifof outslttmliiig' Ot'iiiocrals; iwj'rlil to' rcccivt- serious cun-uleralion from the convention. 'i'ho more anti-lioosevclt delegales lli.ttt are elected (lie more con.sitfera- tibji' ollar possible wiiidid.-ikv; u-ill receive, and lo lliose who regard Htiose- velt as falling far short of nimli lying ,as the party'i-; nniiiber one slaicsnian the election of such delegates is welcome. Married Women at The old oulery against the presence of married women on liic payrolls of oft ices and facloviw is being raised anew these days. \\' c are beinj: told that, married women should not be employed when there are so m:iny men who cannot find work. This, of coui-e, rests on llie old notion thai the married woman worker is ;i worker because of a whim, or be- cause she is looking for a little pin money for herself. It isn't generally realized that in the vast miijority of CHKCS she is working for Hie same reason that Uic married mini is working —bccau-e she has lo. The U. K. Woim-ii's llinvau rc'cenl- ly investigaled married women who are working in (lie meat packing industry. H. found out (hat only H JHM- V«il of llietu are working Ijn-ause they want lo. All Ihc rest aru suppoiling themselves; most of (hem are supporl- ing their familiiv. too. Fulrcll for Governor Slcalln» to:- & ,i r pin-pi,^ illl; | (,„,. appii^i,,,,. Hit- tliovjlit.of a umil world Malt-Minn, IYC ask: How does 11 li.iniwii thai UK KI-KIK-M office In the slnlc lo which »ny nun can rise by Ills own tncrils Is not tnorp fr«|iifn,lly nilfd Ijy Ki'i-at nn<l slrlkin;; men? With i\', K olllcc of (lie dilct iwtullvi; of the Mnic of Arkansas In inliiil. v:c prniHiiiinl [lib qui'Miun. R wnn][| |> C liilm'Mfn,: lo , u r („ s ,,iii;i.,.i vnrivd niiswcrs. lint Unit Is not oiiv dr-lijii. On AIIHHSL !l of (his .,,,, r , || 10 ucdihlal oil- i/iciislilj) of Ililn tldii; will icli-rl hy their vnles n isovi-riin/. upon wlitun v.l!l [all the ITS]):III-=I- Ijlllty af cliri-tlh!;; (he piiliMi-.d fom-ss <.,| liic .•y.'ili-'A- iilt.ilis fur Ihc ni'xl l»ri yr;ir.s. K,, |n- tflllBi'iil i-Illwn will i|Hi>sl:,jn (hr (jravc clnr- lu-ur of n,:,l i-c.s|) = ni!|,||iiy. •I'lje ))p.\t Kavmmr of ,Ukrms.i;; shmiW imvo Uircir c«cnl!;i! (iiialincuiluns-str^ing honesty, n ]>racticil kmiwlttlyc of llic Mnlc' Kovcrniiiciil, ami the moral ruiirniji; lo rfo rljlil. Many other lii.itmn chnraclnli.tus inlyhl be clwircrt, but we submit that thvsc three :irc llie sine w.\ , w n. Without InU'iulIng In dlsixu-nsc Die i-'iwJ imnn; or i:ouli- niirirasi- of llm« c ulio have ijulillcly (U-clared (heir iiiuhUlon lo lie dcclctl K ovi;riiiir. we IJi-lleve the fiiiiill(l:itc'v:hiiiii llu- pt-jple waul hiis noi, yci. aniioiiiiced. We lu'llcre he will not announce unless Ihtic Is n (iciiiuiul niiide upon him by his friends ir> mn k c [] 10 sacrincc. Living nl. I'ainjjoiiM tcday, Uu'i-c ib n nallvc tall son of Arkiiiisns. wlio lias [lie three tssen- tlal (iiiiilineiUlons, uoi'ii mid reared In [lie Twelfth Chancery District, he has a-rvod as Us chancellor since 1923. n e was educated In Ihc state's common schools and Ms university. He has S|H-nC no small part of Ihc 5!) years of his active and iisclnl life In rallhfiil nubile srrvlci 1 . We have no Intimate iicr&omil acqiiahitnnue with IhU man. to we t|>e:ik without ijrejnclicc or iwrlialily. In 1013 an,| Ifiis he served his home people as Ilidr Male .'i-nntnr. The char- ntlcr ol his Ecrvlce n-; :aich Is c-xfinplillcd Ijy the tact Hint for ucven months durin,; [he year 1013 he sciTed (lit slalc as l(s actfng gov- einor. in., background of useful imblic «•!•vice Is such lliat no sclllsli |;roii|) or jiolillc;}! IJUK-. can elalm liiui, ns Ihrir choice. He (nils fiom n section which produces men of the ty|>e of tile laic lamented Senator 'Maddens H. Cnruway. We believe the olllcc of chief executive of Arkansas should fcek Ji,d !; c .1. M . VMtM of 1'nracmild. Ark., as the whose cluuaclrr and talents b«il lit. him U, (ill; this office at I Ills time. Accordini; lo n Grecian mylh. (here a lime, of acute dislress when Ihc (icoplc uredcd a urcat leader. Ulysses wns tile num. They toiiphl him ;i!i(| (omul him plmi-ins nnd [eiijn- in« madncM lo evade their call. Uy the strnt- i'sy of iilacing his own infant son in ll, L . fm- IWY. I he \vop\c revealed his deception. The itury of his laler achlevemnils is Mnltrn in the best lictlnn of Ihc. hitman race. We would like to ll,c iKople ivlui know him liest prevail l: ,,ou Ji:d[;e I-'ntrell u> become n candidate lor governor. —Warren tiiBle-U.-niucuU. Tlic Mir|;o>-c of the Seiiale hivcMiv.minn is to we Mhethcr the American uuyer and H'lln- has a fair markel or uhother il is ligsi-tl up ;( !; ;,liist him. and wlidhi-r or not (here is n Kciier.u inovc- inciu on the part, of bear raiders - In deMriiy lirniwrty values lhroiit;li Die slock i-xcliange. — Kenalor IVler Niubcck ot South U.iknla. OUT OUR WAY By Williams ,CoOO MIGHTS] / MAt-l-t-jA.-THE. HE. SrtOuGvVr H-K-HOME- JUMP -- . VOO TrEM — AMD OlO <3He VOO . . .. _ Da THAT - -THATi VOU STuCK 1 so CLOSE.,-To . THE FUM ( i\_\_ FUM VOO , SCARiMCr THE: WITS- OOT OF VOO •t;-/'//>i'-'/\ |5%%%> v.irg.trt. N&VEff TOO QUO TO JLYTOEVTLLB. (ARK.) COURfER NEWS SIDE GLANCgg By George Clark I "Think vcr smart, eh? Well, how many hits Louis make in (he last world wries?" did St Child's Health By Dr. Morris Fishbein EDITOR'S NOTE: This is Ihc hird of n series ul six articles by Dr. Flsliljcln on "Ynur Cliild-s Cwllh." Olhfrs ulll follow dally. * • * BV llll. .M OK HIS HSIIIlF.iX E:ilitur, Juuniiil of Ihe American Mullral Astueiatiun, ar.d 'of llycriu, the llulth Macazine The laws of most slates "• and iiiinir)|>.ilitl« now demand 'tliat he child be Kiici.c-.v.sfully vacciu- iti'tl nt:innsl cinallpox before it liL-iihlllcd to eiilcr school. There plenty of evidence Irom all 'over ho world to indicate lhat sipall- >ox vaccination actually protects lyiiiiisl- (he disease. Millio'iiil of icojilc have- been successfully vac- •Inutcd vvilhont harm. f . : Nowadays the clilld should also » xiren tlie Ijcni'lU of liiiiniinlza- inn amilnr.t diphtheria with toxin ntitoxin cr wllh toxolcl. Here also unions iif children have had Ihc n-uvciitiiin without liarm, and the .cienlilic records .sho»- dcflnlte- y Ural the deulh rates and the .mount of illncr.'i frnm cllphlhe:i.i ire rtfadlly diTrcasliig. Today there aro Ihc two methods o.l inoculation against disease«hich TIC fully established ami which nay well be recommended us roi:- inc fcr every child.. ' 'llieic ate other methods which 're .someliiucs used in the prevcn- :on of fcrious epldcinics. The inoculation ii£:<lu!)l. scarlet fever has n pr(i\cd lo be practicable. However. c]iidcintis of scarlet fever are nlu-q'.u'nt and inoculation is not ectimmetuk'd unless s|>cclLil danger exists. \Vi- have learned to i>rnlccl chil- ilren ;ii;Liinst many Infrciions by making inspections and by pulling the child with mi Infectious disease irromntly oiili of circulation. fn most gocd schools children with coughs, colds arid sneezing are promptly sent home: A "child with fever has no business In school. The appearance .of any unusual ciuntion on (he skin should cause Ihe mother to .seek, promptly the attention of a physician so that a proper diagnosis may be' made and other children protected. • • ' • Oco.-l habits of hygiene, such as have been previously referred to. include pieiuy of rest, suitable cx- crrlsc in Ihe sunlight, and the cut- door air. a proper dletfi uiid attention to tho teeth, the tonsils and the adenoids. This will also akl In cutting down •'greatly •'the Qinrunt of Infectious diseases. MVhcii a child has been sick. »ith any of the usual infections ol rhiklhcoil. Eiich as measles, diphtheria, scarlet, lever, whooping cimgh. or mumps, or with "sonic of Hie rarer but mow serious conditions, it will. of. course, require special attention; Above everything, hbwevor. It fs important ( 0 keep the child in bed long enough after" it has recovered frcm the acute condition to make certain that, its body is free from inlectlotis discharges of any kind. The prevention of disease Is today ns important as cure. ItHs an economic measure for every community which puts il Into effect. One of the mcst important'-factors in routine prevention is regular examination of the child, perhaps on Us blrlhday, so as to provide for conlrol of conditions before they become' serious. In the long run money sjjcnt for prevention is far better spent than that paid for 'cure. TOMOKKOW: rlrrn. Defects in chl!- Germans Launch Fight to liml Doles lo Ousted Royalty !lv MI1.TON ItKONM.K rurti^ran Man.-ncr, M)A Srrvire LONDON. — "Down will: royal 'liiiU is Iho strange cry which i\v be heard on the llcor of llie German Reichstag wrrcn Ilia: body uircts again. It will rai 1 -? an up- rear. Every Hoyalisl ami Nationalist 'inity will turn purple with wrath anrl fharp \vords will br interchanged. Rut a nnumbcr of Social- is', ami Centrist deputies arc dutcr- minrd lo no ahead \\lth plans to abolish royalist dole.-.. l-'Dr Orfany is unique in the world in that it has :i ri'Riini'Ui of "rxos" — former kins*, queens, princr.s. dukra—all on ih? rtol:. They rlou't call It Dial, of co;ir»c They clou t have to stand in line to draw tlirir money and tt-.ry don't nave In wonder whether tl!(r» will 1)0 enough lo pay the mil and buy ••"me food. Kor most of them sllil have some casllrs nurt estates ,ind M'e dol'.'s llicy draw arc very hand- jsoine. In fad. II is a gl.irms (-o; : |rnsl lo the condition ot (Srrmnny gcn- "tally. 'Hie cavrrninrnt says U cannot pay Ihe \\nr rrparatiin% nnd Hi." private loans nwdc to Germany. I^-is-t August, as an extreme measure, president Illndcnburg Issue' a decree Increasing taxes, cutting (lolls of 3.000,000 unemployed and at the fame time making; a sutitan- tlal cut lu the w.i;os ai-.d salaries ol ail peo;i:c working In Germany With all this brcoght very shirp- ly to mind, various Socialist «nd Centrist deputies lisva v.-ritten nw- liens looking, to the abro ? alio:i of tr.e princely ri c | cs . They lhi,, k i t hi- icnbnrg ought lo cut Ihem dmvn or wipe them out by a decree similar lo lhat which cut the vw-es of people who work for their ]jv1 UK wlH"i fai ,', illB lllilt> tllpy lvant a "'«• which will enable l!ic .slates of Gcr- )i)any lo utkc matters huo (heir own hands. In a time wh cn every IK'iny Is needed, they are tired of wcmg hu B e sums paid out annually to princely idlers, a ,id Imndsome Announcements to announce the following candidacies, subject to the Democratic primary, August 8. Kor Frosccodnjf Atlornty UENVER L. DUDLKY S. L. OLADISH (Re-election) For Ctranly Judge ZAL B. HAEIRISON Uor 2nd term) For Sheriff ROLAND GREEN CLARENCE H. WILSON Cotnlj Treasurer W.W.HOLLIPETER dor 2nd term) Cfrcili Conrt Ckrk R. L. -BILLY" QAr (lor 2nd term) CMnljr and Probate Clerk % ,"-", D ?5" SC ^BORO me-elecuoa, MlbS CAREY \VOODBURN 1'HEU I'LKEMAN Kor County AMCSJOI JOI 6. DILLAHUNTY HOT loA tttm) Buke Krnsl i>f SachMn-Altenbcrir, abeve, It asking the ex-subjects to restore properly to him valued at 27,«00,eW marks, '.ui more than •OMOO. (Scrman Socialists arc fl biff to ;top sucli payments. iu-n property all (lie castles built out of money wrung from the German taxnayc-r. vast art collections, forests, domains imd money. In Germany there were stout republican propagandists for the total expropriation of all royal and princely nnd grand ducal property and a plebiscite was "held on the subject in June, 1323. .The kaiser got away with it. al- 14,500,000 pecnl.c voted "no" they knew the ex-kaiser belter Ihnu any place 'else, n? p;-r cent of th? vote was against him. What Wilhelm Hohenzollern sue- once ruled. Here are some of Ihc I IIKU.«, *.,« nucim wnich were obtained by agreement trist demit!** or_by j«dlciat decision: | this extravii-i in which lie nra t 51lm 0( ceeded In doing simply whetted Ihc.'coiUly won a case against" Prussia appetites ol all the other priurely ' ; " •"'""'• ' '•"exes." Each and every one of them proseiile:! claims to [he states big and mile, over ivhicli (hey had ,„..„«..„ allotltd to cliainbcrlalni; secretaries and ollitr lliuikles at lormer princely courts. The history of the financial dealings of Germany and I be Individual states, PS regards their former hereditary rulers, is an extraordinary chapter of modern history. After the cx-kalser scuttled for safety lo IXxorn in Holland, he was allowed to bring over vanloads of «llver aiul cold plate and objects of art. Then he made a colossally Impudent, demand. He claimed as ills FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 1933 - THIS CURIOUS WORLD • r MCA MftVICE. MC. LOWS STEVENSON, .13) TO ft .BECAUSE wee ofwv WALQUSCS ATTAIN A WSISMToP TONS. ln St. Johnsbury, vt., lived a little girl named Annie Ide whose birthday came on Christmas. Robert, Louis Stevenson realised the inconvenience of such a birthday and willed her his own which came on Nov. 13. The will was written out in document form and is considered a literary classic. Scientific tests made with butterflies have shown that these insects laste with their legs, and their taste is 1603 times'as sensitive as. tliat of the numan tongue in detecting the sweetness of sugar 1 Walruses make' an easy target lor hunters, who hunt for their cklns, blubber, and ivory tusks. NEXT: Where did Shy jet its name? . .--- ,.--..- ..—. ..„ Rudolstadt hands over 12,000 marks In the plebiscite. In Berlin, where i to Princess Theka, 60,000 to' Prln- cess Louise and about 50,000 to more of the same brood. Tlie Hessian stales pay out about 600.000 marks to their late rulers. Tlw former Duke of Brunswick rc- to the former royal house an i iarv. they want, «'™Wh the S , he former queen. ,marks annually to M.000,000 marks and the Dnka of Sacliscn-AIIcnkcrg is now liti B at- ing for 27,000.000 from lib ex-dear IKOple. The Social Democratic and Cenaro£ altar/king sayf the. royal . TTio tln>' state of SchwarzburR- <1o the trick—unless the reactionary courts find a way to knock out the statute. Brewery All Set SEATTLE. <UP)_if real beer is legalized, the Hemrich Brewing company, here, will be ready. It has increased Us. capitalization from $25.000 to $250,000. present facilities will be expanded for manufacture of soft .drinks and for possibility of legalization of real beer. Mile of Blue Prints Daily IIARRISUUHCi, Pa. (UP)-Two giant machines turned out. a mile of blue prints dnily as the Pennsylvania Department."of Hjghways prepared to resume road construction this season.'The prints were made for highway, engineers and inspectors. Read Courier News Want Ads Go window-shopping ii your easy chair Relax for a moment and turn the pages of your newspaper. Let the advertisements help you to make your shopping plans. Do you need a dress, or a coat, or a hat? Perhaps a new blanket for a guest-room, some curtain material, or even a few new pots and pans for the kitchen? Of course, there are many things you want and need.... but you maybe letting many of them wait untilyou see in a store or a window exactly what you have in mind, at an especially alluring price.. ^Thoseare the very things you will find in advertisements. Attractive articles, new and improved ones, prices that make quick action an economy. Think '»«•**• how many steps it can save you to hunt out these i things, and find them, in comfort at home! If a special opportunity is offered, you'll know about it in time. When new articles are announced, you can have them before they arc the least bit out of date. And you can save hours of waiting and asking, miles of steps—and money too! These arc but a few of the ways the advertisements " in your newspapers can serve you. If you read them every day, you are sure to grow wise in the ways of purchasing.,,, and saving.

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