The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 29, 1932
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Served by the United Pre$s BLYTHEVILLE COURIER 'NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AN^ «^£u?:J!?..!L,f ^ ** ^ * •*-« TT k-/ VOJ.. XXIV— XO. 37 AKKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blylhevllle Daily News. Blytheville Herald." Mississippi Valley Leader. HlyUievllle Courier, FAILS IB HIT PEJKE TIM j EflST Five High Ja|)anesc Officials Injured But Nego- liulions Si ill Underway. SHANGHAI, April 29 <Ul>> Peace negotiation;, between J.ip.ui :ind Cliin.i al Shanghai probably noL be broken otf because of AI>KH, •»), Uday'.s bombing in ivhidi live- Japanese odiciais were injured, il^ believed lunlijlil. 'Jin- b:.inl> n;c; Known at Hi ri'viev.ii!|i Maud in Hon»kcu- par): Teachers Meet In Cimlnrnce Here Saturday The WO tiachci-.s uf Misslssipjji county schools are to nut-nil the County Education Conference in Oil" cily tomorrow. The all-il.iv (uv.-ijr.ini l;:is bri-ii divided intu two tcHiims with ihe j le.acln.-r :!!'.:! vlslton uileiullns tin- j:rc(ji-.i;m- .11 the i>j gn school whiii- th? diiectoi.s nnd natron: ol sch ;ol districts will be at the court lioir:,- lor ;tn nfcernoon ^e.ssiOii. An ndflri-sn by D. A. lirtulliani of Wniren, pc-sieloni, cf Hie stale Yes, Silence Is Golden banrd ol wluc.-uion. ON RIGHT TO Pfil w mm Mouse Finds No Plnc.c In l''.coiiomy Program (or Proposal to Ban Praclice KV ItAVMON'lk Ol.AI'l'KIt iComriiila in:«. by Uiiitnl 1'ri'ss) WASHINCITON. A|jf. -_>9 - Kvi- dence is al hand to dlsprovi' ilic I <illl ' i ":- .lapanese 'celebration ' tit tin? emperor's birthday. The five liijli officials w:iiind"d were: Minisivr, rii;hl IfK biutoi: Admiral NoKiura. com- m:ii:dfr of i'iival-;forccs. wounded in the f.ire nnd eyes, may lose cyesi-ht; Gcntral. Sliirnkawa. coiu- nnndr-r of Japanese Irwips. wuiind- i:d in liio face; Crnsiilar General Mur.ii, lelt leg injmed; C.cneial Oicdii, who commanded tlie Ot'n •division in the Shanghai fifjht- inj, left ami injured. In addiiion, I|. Tomono, general decrcliiry nf (In- J:i|).iiiei'!> HCA- :c!ouis css-jrlation, was woiindc-1 sliulitly in bi!h arms. Several .sjioelators vcrc i-Jisliily hiirl. A lelinlk- source said Kama M'.iiVL 1 ., consular of the Japanese Irgaiinn ivouM IK apiMintcd shortly by acling minister to succeed Shiscmiisu. Peace negotia- licns pi-obably will bn resumed next wee];. The invesi!-jat:oa cf llic Ixunb- 1115 wns surrounded by ihe greatest secrecy and an army com- incnique anuo'.mced Shirakuwa had 30 wounds which were especially .serious about, ihe face. He will bs,in Hit hcspinl aboiit !> monlh, Uyeda had 15 wounds. His left loov was smuslied and several l:oues broken in his right foot. Bruti lianrls wr>rc broken nnd lie will lie in Ihe hospital ;ibo::l C \vjic wili Forger Goes lo County Farm For Vagrancy T. W. I* "^jjcJ^e-tlt^d of j \ fdruier cr'"" lf nf fl"f<ricltv 1 * atlioii ot ".'A'-" 1 , Sl:l li--s in i Ac.Ung Judge Vlvgirt'ftbtiV 1 - h~Ai'- niclpal court this morning alter lie had iraiveri prelliniiiary hearing on a roiyery charge. PittensbArger admitted his guilt nnd also entered a plea of guilty to n chnrge of vagrancy. On the lal- ter charge, a misdemeanor, he was fined SCO and sentenced to 60 days on (lie county farm. Tr.c court explained thai the unusually heavy fine and term for ihe misdemeanor olfeiuc was meted or.t -nol so much because of the seriousness of the olTcnse but in order that you may do some work at the county farm instead of the county h.iviii? to keep you in jnil here until the fall court lerm." Judge Greene told the defendant that in the event lie could make $500 bond on the forgery charge U:e sentence and fine in Ihe i-ai'miicy ra.?e would lie suspended. Pitlensbarger was taken into custody here after placing a S500 draft, bearing the forged ncime of a member of the con.strnctiDn firm on ivhfch Ihe draft was drawn, wilh a Ideal bank. He readily admitted the forgery and a similar art at Carutheravilb. He told officers lie had been convicted in a similar charge in Dallas county nnd had served a term in the iraiilentiary, Closing Stock Prices . e:ich nieeiing. (n ilm ninrniiv, | bnckhuie I he wil! talk 'on -Tlii- Teai-lur':: fie.s|:r]::sil:iliiy in Mninninlirj EUu- c;itirn Slundards" and the diivc- lurs Lind patrons will hear him talk en "Arkansas and Us S'-l:oni Situation". Oilier ^K':iJ:er.s fo: 1 ibr leiichcrV IM'O'jraii'i v.ill !:•.•: L. fl. Autry, Uur- dctle, who nill tell oi the (.-linl- lensc aii.-iUTri-d by Mississippi conniy uml will iireienl Ihe linr- cltllc -111 i-lub In i: demonstration- i.t club uork: Mrs. llaimoti Scf- ."d, Red Ci'Oi"; dii loll of Ihe Wliitn cnc.; and Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, coiimv .supers isor, who is U 1 t::ke up the eoimiy r.rl come. 1 :!;;. The ficv. Alfr-.'J a. H:\rvell. pus- tor cf the first Dap'.ist clinrch, \-ill conduct the devotional. Pri'ienlalicn oi award:; will be mafic v.ilh Floyd White, nf tlie American I.egio:i, prespntin^ t!ic O?or^e'.inylon Dicenlenninl Visitors Day attendance awunl, Mrs. L. S. Mitchell. Osceola, edn- calicm chainiiiin of . the couniy fedei'ation oi women's club, awnrrl- iiii! ihe prices in Ihe scrap book contest anil Mrs. I : '. P. Jacobs, Gridcr, ail cliriirniau of the coun- iy .'nitration. j)«?sen(ii.™ Hie contest in art prl7es, G. II. £e£raves, Oscco'.a. pi'csi- denl of the county board of cdu- caliun. -,sill preside al the inecl- ing of the directors and patrons. Hesides Mr. Uradham's addi'ess Miss v.'iunie- Virgil 'Vunicr will speak on "Ilov; Hie Dircetors May IIolp in Improving the Teaching Silu;ition". 1 camiv frefiinnt ah.s<-ilton there is iin! in i-oiierp.s-i. U depends 1 on what U in Make, on HIL- matter ol keeping wives and other relative", on 11:." payroll the liuiise officially n.s .1 iKXly. nnd nmiu'ir.iis senators :uid <-om.-res.s- inen In particular, are .-.landing firmly Im tln-ir lights MK.-iliisI a widespread clamor for economy. Tin- house lasl nlqlit, by a vole of dS lo -I-!, d?feuted an nmend- ineiil lo the general oconomy bill wliirh would prevent congressmen fiom emnloying any member of their Inmilies who do nnt actually Hoi;s; i-rmfer-1 i-i-i-form the work for which cue listed on ihe conun-ssionat payroll, Representative Mou*?r, TFeftub- lican, Ohio, offered Ihe amend- in-ills. He referred lo yesterday's di.si3.ilch by this wrilcr revealing tint Senator Uobinr.rm. Democrat, Arkansas, amone others, hns three mc.'iibets of his family on (he payroll, including his mother-in- law who receives 52.58(1. but does tint work., and his broth?r-in-law. ... who receives S2.2Sn nml looks after WU5t> " 1 A. T. k T Auacomla Coptxr Auburn Caterpillar Tractor Chrysler Cities Sarvice Coca Crla » Continental Baking General Electric General .\folors Mldd'ewrst Ulililies Montgomery Ward .. New York Central .. Packard Radio Corp Simmons Standard of N. J. .. Texas Corp U. S. steel 97 3-4 4 7-8 32 5-8 B 8 7-S 4 04 13 5-8 10 1-2 3-8 7 17 1-2 1 1-2 4 1-2 5 22 1-2 10 7-S 27 7-8 Judge's Commillec Effects Permanent Organization; fo Aid Re-Apportionment County Judge Zal B. Harrison's ccinmiitee of 33. named a number cf weeks ago to study the couniy government and county expenses, was organized iulo a per- manem tody here lotlay at ihe first mceiiny since the group, as temporary organization, met with SINGLECOPIES FIVE CENTO ; FtflB DUIBBEi ".. th0re ' S " f!llr01 ' c; "" |1! '' 1 ll(lu " l >' " lni > Silence . -, in » recent beamy cnnlcsl in Wellpsluy Collide fallen :he senator's |>olitieal Interests nt to " 11;1 l"' r Silence, liome'is In Washington, was awarded hist home. Still fse Mails Free The house also defeated an amendment by Representative Black, Democrat, New York, lo eliminate the frank-ins privilege v/hieh giv.?s congressmen Ircc use of Ihc mails:. II did, however, reduce I'onsmssiomil travel allowances 25 nci- e?nt. and the pay cut. section of the bill will lake SS2=> from the congressmen's SJOOOQ salaries. If nnv member of congress has dropped his wife, elnuahtcr or oilier relative Irom ihe con'jres- sional payroll since thc cconooiy drive started he has kept il a deep secret. There is, for Instance. Repr«entativo • Jossph Hooper. Republican, Michigan, wlja nns Ills ' wife on the payroll nV Police Guard Courtroom While; Jury Slill Deliberates in Murder Case. COUHTHOOM. Honolulu, April 39 iUl')-Birhiscm nolle;.- hues were drawn tilxiut. ihe Judiciary Imlldnn-s us n inmuillonary iniiis- ure today as the jury dcliliernllni; tin' fati- uf four Aiiu-rleana In Ihi- Jw. Kiiluihawul honor slaying trlnl mnahfd deadlocked. jllnn lo prevent a deiiionslniilon 1 lanliisl lh(- Jury." 1'ollce CJhlef Olmrli-s Webbi'i- told Ihr Unlt.-d 'ri'ss. -"I'hus fur there have been no iiniowiird Incidents, bill tin- eli'iiirnis In Hie CUM carry pou-ti- lulltk-s." Meantime In a nonrby hotel the frair licensed of killing •evi-iiRn for iin listened nssnull Mrs. Timlin Forl?sciio Musile, Lli-iileii;int Thomas H. Musslc. husband; Mrs. Cunnvllle T'Orlcs- :iie, lumber; and E. J. Lord and rt. O. .lories, U. S. editors, uroso fneliig nnothcr day ol taul nerves n" iliey waited for Ihe Jury's r«- iwrl. i •» • Darrow came Into the courl- rcwiii today for the first time since tin: ease wns yivcn lo Hie. Jury mid asked newspaiKrmcn If Iheix- was any authority for reports ti'pardl.i^ which way the Jury wns voting, lie was 'Informed there Washington Man S«*kt To Contact Kidnapers WASHINGTON, A|irll •£> iIJP)_ A io;li'd iidvcrilsciiient iipimued under the personal lirnillii); In tde clii.uilllc(| iulvi-rtlslng .sertlon nf Ihe \Va.slilmjtiin Times lixluy. II. II. KM'/. WK.sli|iig(«j| Illlllclry inachliicr) di-ali-r, iiduillled plnc- lii'j llu^ navcrllseiiii-nl and llua II ivn.s ci)niii'cli>{| ulth his ncgothi- llim'i with parlies lie Ix'lleu-.s con- nrrlrd wlili i| tt . kldnnpm of the l.fii[|l.'[Ti:li baby. Viulil Sds Sail NCKI'OI.K. Vu., April •£) tUl'i — (.'n|il. 1'. II. I .ickniiuin, skl]>]H:|- »f llio yacht Morton, believed pri'/c for DEflTH 1JCD1LE1E IE OF DRUG STORE Oklahoma Attorney! Robinson Drug • Store Cliarges Illegal Opera- Changes Hands; .Buyers lions Cause of Deaths. the averapc' pay cf two government cl'-rks. She is seldom at ilie office. They live at .the swanky Cnrllon hotel. Sneaker Garner was rnporled in earlier d-isp.itcher, ns having his wife on th? payroll ns secretary. OKLAHOMA CITY, April 2D IU PJ—Continuing 1 his investigation inlo lerenl de.ilhs bt-lk-vcil caused , by illegal.. operations Lewi? uri-ucn nnd girls died hen 1 In the pasl year" tioni that cause. Since Tiiiu.sclny when it became known Hint two University ol Oklahoma students had died in a week as the result ol such operations the scope of thc In- She is. ns was stated, an cxcep- i vesligiuion lias widened with tiounlly iiKlustriatB worker. It is now learned the speaker also has lv a.s hour. Today an held nnd denied bond' fnr . lus son employed al SlOOn a year., a preliminary henrln His son lives in Texas and in ad- I charge of murder. He wa's John May li on ' ilitlon to managing his falhrr's ranch ntui other interests handles .he taxpayers association al Osce- n 3 00<i deal of congressional busi- cla lasl monlh. Judge C. A. Cunningham, chairman of [lie temporary comniUlcc v:ns re-elecled ns the head of the t>erniar.em jronp nnri J. Mel Brooks \vas chosen as secretary. "H-n committee, which is really no«- composed of 34 citizens re»- rc.seiitin^ all sections of thc county, met at Ihe chamber of commerce ollicc in the city hall here thus morning tmd reccs.sed until afternoon when the meeting wns resumed. Seventeen members of Ihc body were in aitend- ancc. Stale Sennlor R. A. Nelson of this cily appeared before Ihe com- mitlce and atiked Ihiu Ihe body -;riQiisor circiilalion of petitions providing for ic-npportlonment of representation in the state legislature. The commiilee agreed lo actively support the movement and circulate petitions in every school district in the county. A. sub-committee was named .to further ;i drive to secure prtj-- :nein of jioll laxcs. The sub-com- niillce ccjiiEisls of C. G. Smith, tie-ills- f t. F«i|ih. Ijcacl'- ville; C. J, Little, Blytheville; J. P. Tompkins, Burdcltc; E. M. ne?s In the district. Eisir.eer. 50, named in the deathbed slntemenl of Virginia Wycliolf. pretty 22-yeur-okl co-ed, as (he. jnan who had |>erfonned an op- 5 era tion upon her. 11 Anolhcr man, a physicinn, was hunted ihrougliotil Ihe southwest, i years ngo nnd Is .stild to be the HfiLE! M niunler charge h:is been filed and (ivo other complaints made. Cotm- • ly Attorney Morris also wishes lo May Purchase Others. Announcement was made today that final ncgolinlions have been cTOiiptelcd for the" of the Robinson Drue; storp to Hubert Potter, 'drug salesman widely ac- uiminteel Iliroughoiil (his territory, who has n-.arle his honii here for a number of years. As- Eoelnlcd wllh Mr. Potter in the purchase of the drug store nrc H. E. Raybtick, ot Haytl, Mo., nnd Clifford Owens of St. Ixiuls. Coiicnnenl with announcement ot finnl conflrmallon ol Ihc Rob- Inron finis,store transfer wns the statement that (he new firm IK now iieKotlating for (lie purchnse stores of ilnce oilier drug Eoutlieasi Mifsonri and The Ifobinson drug store, owned by a corporal ion comtiosed ol Dr. F. A. Kublnson. R. N. Hill and Marvin Robinson was organized 19 on similar rhargp.s. He is Dr. K. I-:. Thacker. nguinst whom one oldest rin;? store In the cily. Mr. Potter. his associau-s criminal atorlion and announced Molher o{ R. I. and A, C. Halev of Here and Harvey Haley Dies. Mrs. Mary Haley. 88. mother of R. I. and A. C. Haley ot this city nnd widely known In Temwsee IP. ... and Arkansas, died at MrKrii7ie.'oi2rt mOVC 10 Teun., early today. She had b:cn visiting a daughter when she bc- qitenion him nboul a fourth case. I son Van Morris nnnied nine assertions of f 0r ( Ue . ncciuirod Ihe entire stock of Ihc | corporation in Hie transfer, lins been n salesman for llic McKes- Vleet Ellis corporation 15 y L . ars ' th.iL each car-c wnuld be invests- ! \Valcreen Mr. Owens formerly Ihc gnlcd closely. The Untied press was In formed bv nn.. unusually reliable .source "at least six other women died a.', another hospital here." company of St. Louis, will assume his duties ra the slore here May 1st and wilh his wifr will move lo Ibis city. Mr. ! firm came seriously ill three weeks aso afler having been in failing health Hill will remain with the which will give the store Hirer rrgislrwl drngglsls. "I still KCO an excellent chance for iie(|iillinl," Ihe- 15-ycur-old Chicago nticriify snld. "I've seen juries out. longer llian this return a favorable verdict. There Is nollilng In llic present deliber- that mmial." decs not favor ac- STUDENTS STTEi DISIfllptET School Turns Chit As Students ' Go To Pava- gould For Big Meet. The. city high .school | s not in session today ns n Jarfre number of Ihe .students are In Paragoukl for. llic Northeast Arkansas inlcr- schoUulIc lilerury nnd [rack meet today and Saturday. Crawford Greene, superintendent, and all the leathers, accompanied • the students. Awards In' the literary events will be announced Saturday noon nt the close of the final contest. The (rock events will be staged tomorrow afternoon. Blylheville has representatives every lltornry event except Hie boys' glee club and ortheslra. The irepresenlaiives are: composition, Mildred Cudd; declamation. Harold Sudbnry: reading, Mnrgnrct Shaver: boys' debate, llyron Morse; girls' debate. Mildred Moore; typewriting. Kntherine Martin; 'shorthand, Mildred Cudd: latin. U. S. Branson. Geometry. Stanley Quorum Court Power ! Two Blytheville Men ^ • • • l « m • . •». LITTLE KOCK. April 29 lUI'l — jPelitlcns for initiallon of n consti- in-1 tul-!onal amendmem, winch would for several months. Funeral arrangements nrc complete but burial will be made \ provide for changes in tlie aduiin- tvoonaru. Uell ami W. R. Dycss' of Osccola. Another committee was to be named this aliernoon to make an exhaustive study ot county and rtate government with a view to recommending legislative reforms. at McK^nzie probably Sunday. The deceased, who came here 17 years n»o to make her homr with her son, Harvey II. Ilnley who is now supwintcndsnt of the I schools nt Hot Spriiiss, was kiioivn ; York Cotton YORK, April 29 (UP) — Colton closed barely steady. open high low close 594 May July Oct Dec Jan March Spots nt 594 GOO 031 G47 654 B70 CO!) cm 647 C54 670 585. off 30. SSI 603 CIS 622 040 572 586 COS 622 fi28 IM2 British "Perch Club" as "Mother Haley" to nil the pupils in the cily schools. For the Istratlon ot couniy governments in Arkansas will be circubtcd .scon. At a mrctiiiR o: n committee on reorganization of county gov- einrnents of the Arkansas Industries Association the proposed amendment was adopted. Some of tu-o years she hnd divided her the provisions set out in the pro- time among her children nt their , posed amendment, would lake Hie llom cs. ] Ste is survived by six sons. Harvey II. Haley of Hot Springs. Dr. ] power of fixing salaries of comity Hold Flying Permits WASHINGTON. D. C., April ' 29. — Two Blylheville aviators now hold Hying peimits from Die JDe- parlmcnt of Commerce. One of HIP Blytheville flyers holds Ilie highest llcease that It Is in thc power of the department lo bestow ii|xm an aviator, that of a transport pilot. The oilier holds a private flj'iiw license. The Blytheville flyer holding a transport pilot's license, is Cnlvln W. Wrlghl. of 700 West Wnlnnt Street. Ills license will permit Ch'arles Haley of Ran Austin. Tex-| v , or u m courts. An advisory board j as, Aimer Haley of Memphis, .mini | wollW Uc cs i a vjiislicd in officials from" the state legisla- him to fly passengers In Interstate turc and place It In Ilie hands of • commerce anywhere In Ihc United Made 10,OCO Landings S..!?:5!?/V m 5..T?. x _ M -.. a Pi. R -;..Vi l y l « "^ «* «« "» ,],j s <-i cann- M i aric s. IID ,, W Hien i. M.US.J .in A i\. LONDON. (UP) — Over 10.000 successful landings on decks of warships at sea have been made by pilots ot the British navy. Pilots, with at least; a hundred I McKenzle. Both sons had been successful landings to (lie credit 'at her bedside but relumed home qualify for membership of the I several days ano when her con- . , . . |y o c]1 x Haley and A. C. Haley of this city, T |, c mmbcrs or and two daughters. Mrs. O. C.I 5rrve wltnollt pa ,. Miller of Memphis and Mrs. D.j T consoli dale coim- l - ( ' «™« departments ™,id . C. Haley left this afternoon for "Perch Club." which derives quaint title from the fish of that name. The club badge is a rep- April 20 (Ul»- , Cotlon close barely steady. May July Of! Dec Jan March open 585 COS C43 G03 lilgh low close 5«3 COS GOB C43 CIS CG5 Spots at 5S4, off Sfi, 574 578 G01 017 625 G48 .iSOb 585 60G CIS C25 dercarriage and tall skid, wl-.ilo underneath is the significant motto "Perchance." Unsuccessful candidates for the "Perch Club" qualify for membership in Ihe "Palings Club" by colliding with the palings round the ccije of the landing deck as the result of iioor judgment when "lighting. dillfin was improved. Former Capital Resident Sues for Divorce Here Mrs. Sadie M. Steed, formerly of Washington, D. C.. but for the last slxly <1nys n resident of Blytr.cvlllr. lias filcc? Ill chancery court ti divorce Steed. Herbert Alexander nnd Cooper, local law firm, represents Mrs. RlcM. be placed In the hands of quorum courts. The proposed amendment will be submitted lo the nroale of the state in the general election In November. Slates. Sheldon D. Hall, of 1030 West Ash Street. Illythevlllc Is the local person holding a private flyln? permit. His license allows him to fly a piano unaccompanied by a pllol but will not permit him to take n passengers. His next step Is to ob- Inin a limited commercial license and then that of a transport pilot. Galloway College Has Homecoming Tomorrow SEARCY, Ark., Apr. 2<l (UP) — Gallon-ay Women's college will hold Its annual homccominG and May festival here tomorrow. One feature of Ihc day will b? the coronation of Margaret Wcnwl of Helena, as queen by Dr. J. M. Williams, president. It Seems They're At It Again In Nicaragua MANAGUA. April W <UP>—NIC- uragunii national guardsmen, led by U. S. marines, captured the main insurrectionist camp near the Honduran border today, killing ten insurrectionists, Including rlorcn- cio Sllva, chief aide (o Aujustlno Sandlno. Correspondence left by the lu- snnectlonlsts when they relrcated indicated Sandlno took part in thc flp.hltns. Atchlson; spelling. Tommy Thompson; Algebra, William Crow; history. William Crow; girls' Irio, Ollius Brackln, Virginia Tonip- klns and Page MrCall; boys' quar- lel, Alvln Hnffiimn, Frank Huffman, N. B. Menard and Tommy Thompson; piano, Virginia Tempkins; violin, diaries .Joseph; girls' voice. Page McCall. Schools nf Harrisbiirg, Martrtl Tree, Wilson, corning. Osccola. Jouesboro, Paragould, Tyronza, if.- panto. Wnlcotl. Earle. Weiner. Rec- lor and Blylheville are Included In this Rronp. Osceola Youth Stricken With Spinal Meningitis OSCEOLA. Ark., April 23— A. J. Collins Jr.. 15 year old son of Mr. nnd Mrs. A. J. Collins of Osceola was stricken with spinal menln- gills Thursday and was Inken to the Isolation Hospital. Memphis. ' Reports from the hospital last night said Ills case wns the epidemic type. It Is the first such case hers this year. Young Collins went n few days nga to the strawberry fields near Bald Knob. Ark., to pick strawberries and returned home with a sore throat Tuesday. Local physicians yesterday delected symptoms of inenlniills and rushed liim lo (lie Memphis hospital. Heart Attack Blamed For Swimmer's Death HOT SPRINGS. Apr. 29 (UP)— A heart altack while swtmmini was blamed today for the death of William Meek, IS. He was at an outing of sea scouts at Lake Hamilton when he drowned. Meek swam across a narrow la- Boon. On Ills return trip lie sank. Scouts on the bank rushed to his rescue but efforts to revive the yoiilh fnllerl. , llils iillriiuion to In- pirparlni; l:i MM .sail iinuli) irom il». MibniiirliK- '"'si- pii'Mimably on u nuw nils- ^''ii In i-wiiU'cllon wllh Jnlm II. Cm II.'. 1 i-iloit:, lo cuntiicl kiilmi|)- of Cnliinel Llndljfiiih'.s b.iliy. s FOB NEW SET«P 'roposcd Act Would Consolidate Many Functions of Stole Government. Petitions for the Initiation of an aci for the reorgiinly.nllon of tlie stale government have licen placed 'n circulation here by licp. E. E. Alexander. The proposed act provides for the abolition of n number of jlnt boards nnd commissions through consolidation wllh state departments. It also contains n section providing (hat ho notes or bonds ot tlio slalc of ArUansin stall be sold except by ti state debt board consisting ot the governor, attorney general, auditor, treasurer and secretary of state. Other provisions call for: Abolition ol suite hank commissioner and Iransfer of dullcs lo secretary of sdite. Abolition nf slnte comptroller and transfer of duties to auditor of state. Abolition of insurance commissioner and fire marshal and transfer of duties to secretary of slate. Abolition of commissioner of revenues and transfer of duties lo treasurer of state. Abolition of tax commission and Iransfer of duties to railroad commission.. ,} .:. . ... ,. AMftlon of iitate>(>Unr'.'$&tti iml transfer of duties to commissioner of mines, mmiufaeliire.s and agriculture. Abolition of apiary board and transfer of duties to cormulssloner of mines, manufactures and agriculture. Abolition of commissioner of conservation and state bonrd of con- servailon and transfer of duties to commissioner of mines, manufactures and agriculture. Provision Is made for apitoint- mont of deputies lo handle new work assigned lo the various officers and departments, subject to confirmation by at least one house of the legislature. Tlw proposed act would also establish a stale board of control consisting of Ihe governor, secrc- lary.of slale, auditor, attorney general and treasurer, lo have sutxr vision of the penitcnliarv, penlten- tiary farms, state farm for women boys industrial schools, girls industrial schools, tuberculosis sanitariums al Dormei'ille nnd Alexandria, ami state hospital for nervous diseases. . N. Ware,lr7Heads Local Rotary Club N. Ware. Jr., ims elected president of thc Rotary club .., a luncheon meeting veslerda.v at the Holcl Noble, oilier officers chosen for thc new year, to he- ein In July, were: R A. Lynch vice nrc.sidCJil; (J. S. Br.iiison. sccrc . lary and treasurer: L. H. Moore Bernard Gooch nnd j. A. Water- JIIBH. new members of the board of directors. Cecil Shane Is Ihe retiring president. Wilh Hie program .1 vccailonal one concerning produce, j ,\ Waterman was In charge. Even (he menu carried out Ihc banana !dea with each course having this Die fruit. In hi-, talk he gave ,,, v hlslor.v of the banana nnd Ihe song -Yes, We Have No Bananas" ins sung In unison for tlie clos- n« feature. Herucrl . Parker, of Joncsborc . , and Booker Lntimer. of D?\Vu:. were vlsllors. FILFS 111 TO TEST Would Forbid -Refunding Of Bonds of District. In This Couiily. c v U'lTI.E ROCK, April 29^-Paul '.. Porter, Cnlliaiin county taxjmy- er. II led suit ' In chancery qojirl . icre yestcrdny sceklnx to tost, val- •llly cf llic I'urk Hill section: oi the rond district rormullns; net IHMCI! nt the recent session of lie legislature. The suit ,ieeks su.'cmrnlly to prevent refundlii" tf unpaid bonds of Hie OsceoU nml Utlle Red Rlvir Imurowmriil IIMrlcl In Mississippi comity. - • An ordcv seeking to enjoin Sidle Treasurer Hoy V, Leonard' 'rum exchanging slate refunding • xmds for bonds ot, road districts .wued after AUK. .'-I,' 192C, which UTO nnl soli] 6r were sold under- :i •en»rcliii.<K! agreement up to Feb. , 1027, was asked: Chancellor Dodge. said lust night. Unit a Icm- xjrary order had. not '.been asked. The petition ank s Unit uiipftld wiids or a $201,500 issue or llic Osceola and Utlle Red River dli- rlct not ho refunded. This 'Issue TOS dated Oct. 31, 102C. '~-- ; Stnle Treasurer Leonard lias imioviic/!d HIM he will nnt lssiu> nny refunding bonds nnlll after .supreme eonrt has passed: oii validity of the measure. LITTLE HOCK, Apr. 20 (UP) — An official ruling on 'the priority schedule for payments us set In tlic rond bond refunding bill lasi- c<l nt the rscent special scs'.lpn of lie legislature has been asked- by Slnlc Treasurer Roy Leonard. . " Leonard In 'a letter tn Attorney Gancral;-HaJ Norwood asked If- he must pay each Item of priority listed In the bill In full before .Iwi nun start paying the. second, and so on. . Between now and September- i." Arkansas must pay $.i,OM,187.-iii Interest mid maturities, on highway bonds, road Improvement .district bonds, toll bridge bonds and. .city -• paving aid certificates' of.' irHle,bl- cdncss. Highway revenues for- Ihp period Is estimated at orily..W;-' 600,000. flip amount that miist tb-i paid does not include op*r»Uou of.-lh ' mv. $cu,artinc iiilsilon. highway maintenance' nr.'J oilier claims against Hie state. Asks Court AoprovaJ "• Of Juvenile Contracts LOS ANGELES, Apr. M (UP! — The contracts of three budding motion picture stars with - Fox . studio were to be pretentcd to the superior court today for ao- proval. The nctresscs nr^: June Blassek, Vivian Reed, n, " and Janet Chandler, 13- Thn la\y requires contracts entered inlo' with minors be subinltlcd to Hi; coint. Miss Chandler Is from Pine Bluff, Ark. V! New Osceola Council. • • Members Take Oaths OSCEOt.A. Ark.. April 23.—Rc- cehlly elected members of the Osceola city council were sworn-Into office by Mayor A. S. Rogers nnd Uic new council organized at "a meeting here' List night. The council now is composed of Hie following aldermen: B. p. Bnt- l;r. E. A. Teaford. E. S. Driver. \V. W. Prewitt. Ft. H. Brooks and H. A. Cariwrlght Oilier city officlas sworn in wire H. E. Monlagf.e, treasurer; Herbert Brynnt, recorder, nnd Dave .Voting, cily mnrsliall. U. L. Nailling. recently elected city nltoriiey. was not |>rcsenl for the meeting nnd will lake his onlli later, it was snlil. Inspect New Residence In Better Homes Tour Mrs, Frances Bogan Is Eastern Star Lecturer OSCEOLA, Ark., April 29-Mrs. Frances Bogan of Ltixora. post matron of the Osceola Order of Eastern Slar, yesterday received notice of her appo!nlm?m as de Tlie home of Mr. nnd Mrs.. A. T. Cloar. located on the Bnrfleld highway about a mile cast of the cily. will ;bc open to the public Saturday afternoon from 1 until 4 o'clock as n demonstration .of a. model home. This project is the last pt a week's program carried out''Iff the Dlytherille Woman's club In rbrervance of lh(? Better Homes H'eek. i iiaticnDl movement, \trs_ IB. A. Bugg. Blylheville chairman', i will be the oflic;al hostess tomorrow. , This attractive home wns re- cetilly erecled by Mr. door- before he moved to this city. pf £ATHER ARKANSAS—Cloudy and local teenth . ••- - — r -liowevs tonight. Saturday partly lecturer for the Fif-l c ioiidy nnd showers In the oast; Arkansas District of (he cooler In the northwest. Brand chapter of Arkansas. The district comprises Mississippi. GrffW, Poiruetl, Cralghead and Clay counttss and Includes 20 According to the official neither observer, Charles Phillips jr.,.the minimum temperature hera yester chapters. Mrs. Bogan, who last day was 56 d«gr*es and the msxl- year he! dtlie office of warden of;mum 71 degrets, cloudy with stUirit the grand chapter, succeeds Mrs. I rainfall. Today a year ago the mln- Gulneverc Johnson of Wilson, who Iimim temperature was 51 degrees moved recently to St. Louts. and Ihr: mnslmtim 81 desires, ckir.

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