The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1932 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1932
Page 8
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>AGE EIGHT B1FI1S EFFORT TD SUPPORT PRICES (Continued from 1'age o:ie] besides Uio-'c of Hie taml itself. But the board estimates that (norc than 2,000,000 farmer:; arc now members of co-ops and .says ihcy transacted a total business of t2,WO.OOO,COO in the fiscnl year 193081. In ihrce years, according to Hie {ward, cotton handled by co-operatives Increased froni 825.000 10 2'«0,000 bales. ' Everyone agrees Hint sinblliMlloii qnd other baard aetlvilles would have done more to hold up prices II (he board had bccti sitcc^wful in i(s stietiuou.s aticnipis ID in'rsmtlc fAriners to reduce acreage. Uut ev- jryor.o, agree 1 ! that you can'i reduce acreage by persuasion, I "NobKly bill Ocrt Ahnli;luy cai> 6|xrate an acreage cut proposition." «ays Senator Oeorije W. Norrlj ol Nebraska, spansor of in? Rmn poard InveslinatiO!). "A voluntary acreage cut Is Jnu a dr?am." • Tliat fact, of conr.w. leaves us jfith the o!d nroblcn of what to do rlth the hut'? surpluses of, ,fotton ami clher commodities wliidi r ie up and drive down prices. Ills farm organizations again pro;pos? ihe cqLallz.ilfon and exjwrl iebemure plans, but Norrls jwlnls 'tut tliat I'reasidenl Hoover has vi- toccl bolli and prnijaljly would do su again. '• "The Farm Board could steady (he mnrkc-l. and prevent raids by private manipulators, but the eooJ R could do even in that resoDct would be limited." Norris says." "It, »'ou!d be worth a lot. lo the producers if the 'market hart no unnatural fluctuations." : T-I «. TlK> Fanners' Union, although eo- letter Says He's Not Lindy Baby , . - ouerating with the other two large Uo, ivc.-p inkcn Into custody hy po- rann groups in n general agrlcul- Nice in four towns diirim- an HU ' ' ' Uttle John Suult 1 , who Is 2:> momiis old ninl proud of k, col Ws dnd 10 write n letter proving Hint, he is not I lie kidnaped, child of (joirmcl Undbcrgh. John looks so iniicli lite the missing l«iby Hint he nml'hl-; parent*, Mr. ami Mrs. Frunlt tural program, wants a fnrm act which will regulate tlie market so that no product could bo buiiKht or told telov, 1 production COM. .; Senator Broolciinri of lowu favors (iving the Farm Board n billion dollars more lo handle all ixporla- Ijle surpluses. Other nroixuals cm- toJIed hi bills, before congrMs • *ouW refinance mortgaged farms al tow interest rales or inflate cur- JJency to make R easier for .farmers pay off their debts. 'medics undoubt- trip from Charlotte, N. C.. lo their liome In Afcmplik. Tenu. Now John <-'arrle.< the letter svlih him. Bank Stockholders Get Another 17 Year Payment UNIQNTOWN. Pa. <U1>) — Distribution of $100.000 lo tlie 1.000 edly win be iirsetl on Conemx dur- Inir the Senate's Investigation. St: Hats Greet ihe new Hut season wilh Ihe finest Heiidwcar available at the readjusted prices. Finer weaves, finer workmanship and finer embellishments . . . you f/et 'cm all in our new displays. Si 95 Sport Shoes White and Ulack in several new s*ylcs and Two-tone Tan . 5 R.D.Hughes&Co, I stockholders of [ho First National [Hank, Unlomown. which closed n years np,o. will lirlnn the total payments in stockholders to $850 :i share and i-llmnx nn ein-lahle, record. In iiddiilon lo the payments- lo .slot'khnidrrs ;ill dcposlloiY rlnlins Jinvi'' Ix'cii pui.l In fill] wilh six ))or r:-j)l niiil :il» ii|| hunk ulillitallnns linvo txvm met. I'lie l-'irsl Nniioiiitl Coin- lifiny. ivlilt-h will nniki' Ihe disdi- biillnnll wns orr-.Eiiilzed hy [he Mnckholdors nfti-r Hie hank closed. H lias u CLisli sinjiiiis of <50,(W) In addition lo Hie dividend :uul I,-10) iiercs nf coal lae.d valued :il J35I).- <XM. 11 i.s txiM-elid tlKil ixiymenls lo stockholders will tu'.al $1.200 when llnnl liquidation has l>ecn tiecomiillshed. JH*THgggj.E. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS . They wcio Mills. Puxico Misses Mamls Prllr-hrml and rtulh la-si Thursday nljhl visiting friends 1 SST v - '"!« Mi.s. John Williams, 1$ Yn ™- r O | oiisly in win, pneumonia, Llllk' Miss ]'eu:;v Holmes ___-____^2LL r USDAV, APRlL^g, 1932 "i of the fire Is not;wilh his mother, lias left for Ho'. 1 J. T, Jones ninl fnmlly mid Mi J l ",* Mlss 1 ' I ' |;;;V " olmM *Peul VPim llariiw^cm S mday, ,"u|i«l?^"" toy "* M , ™" M "' JI " lon wilh (i. J. Wl.ltile HII.I- fnmil'y °'" K " i ' Jl 1!l1 ' 1 """ 1 ' of Mrs - Ell « | nnili .lonrs SIIOIll saufrduy ""?:. "i«lit will: KVK Mansfield of Oai Manliii Adams wiis ihe Live Girls Acted as Examination Papers flldne, MIL They iiilcniMI it Dni'iy Kl«-n Ijy Mr. ;i ll( | Mrs. A J!,-is- field. 1.1:1111 linrnes speni Sunday nli'ht with t.eora IVIlelmrd. Mnxinc lioinar was Ihc- ijiiest of I lone Sterling Saturday H||J|H' William Br<K?k and Harold Wlll- linns of Armori'i w^re the Ssuiir- dny nluht guests o! Tyler Slrrl- Mr. nnd Mis. Enlrx- Bmnar wen- ill Illythevllle on IXKIHCS.S Mon- •Jnlinny Daser smyn Rhine. vislllnu in .. Alii. lUI'i—Live Blrls wrved as exainlnalion pawn ivln-n (en .slud-iits looS: thfilr linnl exams hi i^nuty IrerHnir-nt. conducted l).v llii- Alabama Hoard o! Kach of Die nindels. nr "esam- Inailon hlnnks." submitted face as pale and miadoiiK'd an iiossibJc.— lier hair stiai^lu. Then Ihe studi-n'.s went lo woik, "<lrr',sstn^ uii" the face, wr'uiiu; llielr exams in sirokrs of eyeljrnw nnd lljisiluk and in man?) Mr and Mrs. W. R. Guild of Island 2\ ranch were In" Blylhe- vil'? nn IjU^liies.s FrWay. Miss I'rcstpn Peery returned to her home here after several davs visit ivl'.li fj-iciKfs In lilytliijv'llle' Mrs. r.innb Moore and Mrs. H. II. Williamson motored to Klci-le Mo.. Ijy w.iy of niythcvlllc Snlnr- <lny. Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Bowlds of on visible ic- Survey Shows Poor Relief Has Increased LONDON. <UPj—Tin; extent lo tthieh the nily and country au- thurlllrs liave 'been burdened by ihe Nutinniil GovernmenL's reforms lu the "dole" and the Introduction a! n uiMiis ( was re- \ealrd by ihe bic of re- cl|iU'iit.s of poor relief In the. f|li:irler of 19:11. I'he total increased from 017,325 to 1.1C0.500. according lo l!ie Mlnlsliy of flenllli's statement cov- t'rlnir all of Kngland and Waifs. The corresponding to!al in the end of IDI3 was 6KW. Tlie . administrative- County of I/indon showed a ot u.840. Huffman Ne The boio (if MI.IS Maxim- Co|ie]ancl .Sriturrlay niislu. Mrs. .J. ).'. v/rlib, Mrs. Fannie Moore. Miss Manila Adams and Miss Miixlni! CojK'hmd visited rel- in Cooler Sunday. Rev. Fif/j'/Yiild or Jones- conducted servir-'s at the Hajiilsi cluireh here Suiulay jnor- Mr. and Mrs. F.'uiicnc llmv.-ii of O.a-enla vislieit relatives hi this vli-lnlty .Siuidny. Miss Allies McKay, who \vas fl|i- rialcd on jocenily RITZ THEATER Thursday and Friday .Miilinee— 2:30 - Niurhl— 7:00 Adm.— Milliner:— H) and 25c t— 1C ;nuJ ,'!0c Why Black-Draught Is So Effective THE plant wlilcu gives Black- Drautrlit IIH actlvs principle I* oo e of (1m /yremost cutffartlc* (or luxaflvd herbs), wMeiy usc.l tlirouslwut,-thtf world loiluy. Becuuao k Is efle<^lve, buauM Its otlloii In =» wt-H Jcn'bwii, uila plant U prcrmrcil la vurloii.i lonnu or mpdlclno. ancti ns liquid ex- Tljedroni'a lltecK-Uruueht, tills valu- . »blo nu-Jk-lna! |il:inl IH nrovldeU In Its I f....... |nir«r. nalurnl form, wllli ttio leuv«j ^-''lllLI ilrlfjtl aiiJ Mtifly giound uo tlial Uic 'l 1 .-;,.^ 1 utKHSIIve sy«tom or your lioUy max 'Sky Bride' iJack Oakib, Arlon and Rohinil Coogan An epic of;llie air, you can't fifVnrd to miss. with feed, by (Ire Monday 'lo. fccly or Tyler. Tex., nf-1 Mrs. Fufinie Moore is sick \M, S|iendiiiK the past week, here week.' JJI1 11IIJ Last Time Today i Alatinoe— '1 :.')() - Niglil—7:0()' Adm.—M.'ilinci! and Niffhl—• j 10 :jl(t ^r>c > Of with 'Dili Fnnniosl Commodiaiv.--— Smiih & Dale \,oivif:(Iy ~~~ "Thn I Djporftvf I.over" with .hick Haley ;ind Fox News. Friday and Saturday Adm.—Sljilinoe and Niglil-- See 'Murder At Midnight' i"' "' swT^hl C.lve your faml- llNOiaiSTIOttl o y r i'K "aK h".'QU»"Ms| from iiw.;o,i'd, property conililnci), fmwilereil rulimrllo [ilantD. t>\it a luickiiKu of 1'lie.ltonl'n BbU'k-DrMiclit on your IKJIIIB ini>iili-lue iliclf, todiy— for use by nil tliu fuiully. ,/,.„ - Tl'JL'k ly—"Torchy Turns Ihe " \vitli-firtj — Sunduy nntl Mon) I'lG" with Fiiirliiifii laliwo and' Niglit— (0 and 35c Serial—"RaUlinif wilh Ruf- I'iilo liill" will) Tom Tyler and Hex HolJ, and Oswald '('; i—"Oh, T Now a YEAR SERVICE PLAN AND NEW LOWER PRICES 'I'enns If Wrink-il Snutll Down I'avmwil GENERAL $ ELECTRIC ALL-STEEL REFRIGERATOR (IUBBARD FURNITURE CO. • J. •'i 1 lliey're (Mia tliey Taste Better too" Cliesterf.(-ld Ka<l:a Program ^.sTnii?. luts.sFO. «cn.*sv. Boswtu Aif\ RUTH SISHSS GJAV [TUNG tOXJp.of 0.1. 10 i-.r,. t.B.T. SHIIKFET'S OtCHESJf A ,.,rr, r.i, 5 -,l b.l S.'BAv NCl«»'i EtDir-.S-'.rf. An.-OL-ccr SOMETHING DIFFERENT about the flavor nf CHr-STKRFIELDS - somcihi.^ about tlie cross-blending of fine tnbuc-, cns-lliat gels to you, rvery lime. ' .''']'' .;• TUF.KH'S SOM1-TI1ING DIFFl-RRNT nhoi,f% their mildness, too. ! ( ; s ,| lc mildness that comes . from flic ripcxi, sxvcctest, nicllowest Turkish anil Domestic toliuccus. There is no bitterness in them . . . no harshness. ' TIIRRF/S SOMETHING DIFFERENT about the liislc. Il is thai good, pleasing taste that comes from the right kind of tobacco, cured in the right way—cured for two years or more. [( means Ihat to make CHHSTI-RFIF.LD Cigarettes, millions of dollars arc lied up in tobacco leaf—but it's worth it. THERE'S SOMETHING DIFFERENT about CIIESTF.RFIF.I.DS-TIIEY'RE MILD AND VET THEY SATISFY! a WB5E»S'S.«&i x '4i'«fifSK;;SsS esterfield © 1912. Lratrr.v Mvm Tna.rco Co. The Cigarette tliat TASTRS BRTTER The Cigarette that's MILDKR

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