The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1932
Page 6
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White So* Win Puts Yanks In Front; Malonc Turns '-; Back Pirates. BIA'TFTKVILLE. (ARK.) COURIKR NEWS BRUSHJJMG UP SPORTS THURSDAY, APRIL 28,- 1932 La u for Cold WMlhcr nnd rain caused postponcinenl of htilf of each major league's scheduled show yesterday. ' The Cardiimls found conditions well enough for piny but fulled to will, dropping a game to the Cincinnati Reds. Tls» score was 0 lo 4'. Collins of Si. Louis got a homer while Gramhain of Cincinnati made four hits. Syl JolirisonC'\v'as the losiiiB pitcher and SI Johnson the \viuiriug hitrler.' The Chlcafio Cubs trimmed the Pittsburgh Pirates ai Chicago hy an B to 4 .wore. Pat Malouu after a rocky first Inning limited 111? Sues to one hit. During iliat- first Inning the Pirates scorctl four runs on a homer by Suhr, a Irip- ple... douWe nnd slnfitc. Wes Ferrell llmllcd tile Si. Louis Drotvns to five hits nnrt I Cleveland Indians won a 1 to verdict nt St. Louis. Averlll lilt for the clrcnii in the eighth. The victory u'as Ferrell's fourth of the season with no defeats. The Chlcnso Whit?, Sox shook the Detroit Tigers off the American league pcrcli with a 4 lo 3 triumph over the Bengals. Tin. White Sox made six errors bill ninnaE'"'! to \vln despite (1 mistakes. Snm Jones was Hie wln- nln:> hurler and Sorrell the loser rffiscii so fur lo expect n d!ss)>- polriinirm. traded by the In- '.Vhltc Sox, has ndded jvcli In Tno Chicago :; • .i-iraer hi 1 : work Hob sei-. <Jlaii<-. lo t'.. 11 v.owrf]]' He Hits 'Em for Him-Selph Mlitll-il Only MJA Service NEW YORK. .1: Aplil 'U 'Hi-. biwbnll ycur Is still ait bin 1 already _a cld/Pii of ihe new euv,t • of rookie's sern; [o hnv.? found oni- pliiymi'iil. ,, ,, .Memphis .... the three most unusual \ cbatianooea of tin- new men are Waller "Ilutk" | ui lln | n g|, !lln Bells. Dravcs pitcher; Curoy S'-lph. | KnoxvHle Whin- Sox third baseman, and lX cw' Orleaiis Moniii- Weaver, right-hander '.vilh! !>,i.,,,, n Si andings Snllllll-ril V,'. II II . 9 0 llttls wus n recruit willi ihe Phils in 1011). Now, 13 years lai- "r. he )»!» up as u iookk> ayain.' mill lias been pitching .sensational I ball for the Br;ivi;s. Lillle Itock . Nashville ... National It- must be said of Lew Fonseca that he Is^onc major league manager wi'.o'/doesn'i fool. A fcllw or many Ideas, lie doesn't hesltalc in trying to put Ihem' into prnctic?. For iastance, his latest trade. ". Chnlmer Cissell Is alleaed to ta a {123,COO piece of ivory. He came to the White Sox In 1028 from Portland. Thnt price las meant nothing to Lew Fonseca. He bundled up Cissell wilh a pitcher named Jim Moore nnd sent the two of txcm parcel post to '.Cleveland in return .tor'John Hodapp and Bob Scecs. Gels Two Gradt A Hurltrs x That was th? second .big':deal tliq White Sox had pulled off. under Ponsec.i's guidance. During the winter. Lew sent the Senators a package consisting of Outfielders Carl Reynolds and Infleldsr Johnny Kerr in return for two topnotcli yitcliers, Hadley and Jone.s. and an infleldrr. Minler Hay»s. Now It ii ; •htnled that ,Reyno!ds has a bad .leg. Hadley and Jones' have bacn 'twirling excellent ball for their new nianager. ronseca felt the need for an outfielder, lifter ' Reynolds had b;en shipped away, and lie got one In Sosds. He got, in Se.'Ss, n yos:iis would have I man who always seemed to me to ontl s faster, be inn fair way to becoming one of Ihe great players of tile American League. Bui Seeds could not Uavelop on the' Cleveland bench And it was fell that VosmiV;, Averill or Poncr coulrt no', bj \vell dls- p!acsd to allow.tor Seeds' development. Wrtflfe SoX Rookie THIRD BNfeMAii, t M «fe DWBU^MEKllV "(6 3bfM THE TfeAM ON " E Sl.LoJ'.S Alice ON ONE -HIT- 6 SIRAIGHT RNSSE^ SEPT. H -i i Chicago ," I felon Curcy Selph comes !« the maj-' Philadelphia or:} :i.s 11 fiiirly old man, too. Fo,-1 piti.sbJrjjh wveial years vaiions clubs Irletl IO|N|, ;V York luro liim away from the Texas; Cincinnati Lsagite. but he eliutt; lo his in-j st lj)ni.s siinincc biwiii-ss In Houston. Now j [Jroaklvn he hus become the leading hit- '' .'_1'_L ter on the Sox team, and his Held- American hil! Inis l;cen exifaoidinarily i/ooil. MiMinccr Walter Johnson c.?nt j New York Miinllc Weavvr cjin ngalnsi ihe' Detroit lied Snx for his first stait of Ihc Was::iii!;iOii |yenr. Weaver gave Ihc Hosioncso | Cleveland j four hits, and asked Johnson if I chit ago h? couldn't find some learn I.Philadelphia would farm him up. The Bi<» | si. Louis Truln rclalialcd by exposing Wea- ! Rc.ston 3 ver Iwiee lo the murderous fire of' the Alhletlcs. inul Mantle made il appeur ihe Mack shock Ifoops >v.2rc; minx blank eariridgcs. Weaver \von liis firsi four major league games, one during 1031. Pet. .750 .727 .5M .4G2 .455 .385 .300 Hot summer months frequently will lliesc early blooming baseball rtowers. but for Die monlh of April, ui leasi, the White Sox earn first prize with Carey Sclph, third baseman. Rookie Selph, photographed above us Sic tripled ia a recent White Sox-Browns game, has been pacing the baiting attack of Lew Foiise'ca'K revived cellar j champs. Sclph is 29, a well-seasoned player wilh experience gained ':' -W i the St. Louis Cardinals' Houston farm, and didn't, want to ) his insuram-f: business in Houston to come'lnto-the bli; leajiic.s. League W. f.. .. 1 3 4 4 0 8 7 0 II Pet. .700 .692 .1X1 .511 .385 .3C4 .337 .273 TODAY'S GAMES McCliwkey—keep the name mind when it comes time for. lie athletics to parade to the post n the Olympic MOO meter steeiilc- •hnso. Joe Ifl a slentt?r young Comicc- :lcut Irishman—«v nghtlng Irisher. h foct—trbijs^lunt'ed ; to Fordlumi Jnivcrsity : in N'ew York's Bronx. He Is ciipltith of the Fordham rack team (his year. In Ihe outdoor iiiiercollc.jiatu wo-mlle race n year ago. the Ham eadcr WRb shouldered by u rival ind spilled in the cinders on the Irsl lurn. The pack • raced by. loc got up M yards behind and ook after them. Th; ronr of the crowd was In his cure when he inally breasled the tnpe winner In 0:17.8. record limr. Whal hi' might have done without ihe spill s probijinalical; It ir, terlain he would have been nl least five scc- The Olympic rccoril for the 10H ncter s?t by Toivo A. Loukola of Finland in 1928. Is 1 minutes 21 4-5 seconds. McClus- cey has done 0:37 in competition. He made that time In the 1931 Pcnn Relays, chapping more than 20 seconds from Ihc old record. <JO£ MS.GI.USKEY Cissell for Seeds Tiie latest deal rcsolv&s itself Into a trade of Cissell for Seeds, nl- lliciigh Clcvslanct seni alonj Ho <Iapp to tool, and L;w threw ii Jimmy Moore, a pitcher of Anievl can Associattcn caliber. Cissell ha; fall:d to live up to tils SI23.00C rcpuiation, though he has been ; very good utility, infielder. Hcdapiv has a uick 1^. He ma; add \i the Sox balling pimcb. be cause when he is in good shape he can hit them far and wld:. n t will r.sij. b: a star on dEfeivr. tut here also he is a fnlr b.ill player, if tepljat second base. To summariz;: Out cf ihe twc ceals Fonscca got one of the njcs: promising outfielders in ihe American League In Seeds: he got me of ih; topnotch pitchers of ihr American League in Hadley anr; Jones; he got a good hllter mid fnir infitMer in Hodapp; h; got n fine | inficider but weak hitter In Hays i And he gave up: An outfielder who may or may not be chronically lamed tri Reynolds: a shortstop, cisjell, wiso has been erratk- } nt tlm«, brilliant at other linus, but \\;ho has chov:n no dlsposlticn j to slug: a Toledo, pitcher. 'Moore- i a negligible-infielder. Kerr. ( It appears to me that Lew has clone pretty well by himself league derelict . from Newark in I Firsl sicmptii-. Movie in IOW i 1026; Hodapp. an uncertain young i MEMPHIS. (UPi- Memphis"firs'. ! man whose polentialliies as a hit- i movie theater opened lure March ! ter have not been fully rjaliEeil ! 21 - 1!Xra - : since they bought him Iroin In-! dianapolts in 1925. nnd Seeds, n • I'.roniL'Ing outfielder bough! iwo; years ago from Kansas City, tul wlio has dor.c them no ficod 0:1 tile ' bench. Whatever el.=c may be said of lie Irartes, It must be admitted thai few shuffles like Ihe Wajhincinn- : Mcacjo-Clcvclaud exchanges would ' elp lo make Hie Anglican League wiiiiam more interostius. OUT 0[™ [Pebs Hand Lookouts Second Straight Drubbing And Show Signs of Life The Lilt'; Itock Travelers hand-, ed Ihe Chnll-incnia Lookoiiu their sci-nmt .-.:.n,-ia i;i-,':'n! .\,.- ilie triuinjjii. 'Die iriir-ln '..llicii :•. \-.:,ninth Inning i,^ ••!<-.• v.-.-u ii,-. and win, •! lo ... w , . , A'-:;. the roule for i.ii'.ie r '-' ' :•! [• -[• for ChaUunco.-a. TJ\., \' ,.v hitlers with three h;,m.. The Knoxvil'-i Rn-.nlik-:; \ru..iii- ' the Nev, o:!~!':r; pL-iii'.in-: Knoxvillo 'l:si •••',' • :>s . • i • Thnmas l.i . : . •' • ... :•! : =:,,. lilts. FlviVU'.. ..- -; ; !•- f ll 1 :-,!]' . The Atiant . '• -or- !.s :-v.i Bii- minghnm Jiar.jii:; it,-] up in u .hectic 15 nihiufr bniile ul Atlanta. I The Burons won, 15 to H. The ! game was a see-saw uflnir wilh llhc Crackers tying ihe score in I Ihe iiinlli with five runs, nir-1 mingham wouf ah^nd twice before their successful 15th ihing round only to have homers by Carlylc and Roscnthal tied the score. The Nashville-Memphis g;i:ne as poslpaiifd brcanrj of rain. Here and Uierc. other fresh ivory | has Ijc-on displaying useful charac- r terislic.s. fnfieltler Ui'baii-ski of i (he IJrnves has been very hnrd for! Hip pilchcrs to get out of there. Pitcher Uitl Schumacher lias b-?en labeled as the pitching find of the season lor the Giants. Lcn Koenec/.e, Iliou^h he was slow di.scovcrin^ that an outfielder also is snppnFod lo lint, still shows Ihe promise that McGriuv saw in him las! summer in Indianapolis. Southern I,ea«iif ClKUUinooga at. Memphis. Hirmmpham at Allaina. Nashville at Little Rock. New Orleans at Knoxvllle. American League Detroit at St. Louis. Cliicago at Clcvelan:!. I'iiiladelphia at. \V.i<hlnjion. lioston at -N'ew York. National I.fn»ue S'.. Ixnils at Cliicajo. Cincinnati nt Pitisburjjli. New York at Bcston. Biooklynn at Pli!lndel|>i:ia. Frank Crosettl .hns become a biifil" rixtuie with the Yankees, iliniigli Ihe brilliance of his rookie co-jmtner. Jack Saltzsaver, has been shadKl by Laa.eri's sudden flare. A great deal was expected | of C'loselli. iincl lie has given no' every grtwe Jno. C. McHaney, Jr. "The Monument Man" HiWe're feeling Head Courier News Want Ads the ISWte Sox maajgemejit. since taking the The Mian*' Side Two deals with the White have made the left side of UK Cleveland infield one cf th2 test in thj iMBtie. Billy Evans scni Pon «ca to Chicago last year for Willv Kamm. Now lie has sent Seeds an HodapptorCissell an<J Moore. The have plugged the «ak spots o chart and third without'incriricin anything tut Hodapps hitting pow or. : Ko'mm was a J100.000 bill play *r. Clsaell w« \ Jl2a,oOO man. Thu the Indians have taken on »223.K> *orth of ivory in return Cor Fon MCa, whom Uwy purcli.ised as a 1)1 ifS 13oy Blaiiclutnl Will .\Wt Former Welterweight champ HOT SrniNGS. Ark.-nig bov Dlanchnrd of Si. Louis iBIyihr". 'ille. Ark.» will get n chance Spring Coal Prices KENTUCKY NIT - - 85 Ton KENTUCKY I,I;AIT - - 85 Ton SUM MITT < ; '"»i I"'" «'»w* 85 Ton I'hnnc 107 BUCHANAN COAL CO. "All Thai's Cnod in Ciwl" N Tomm at ' Freeman, former welter- sight champion, in n bout lien ! 'liday night. I Liltle is known of nlanchard ' but Freeman Ihe former world champion is a recognized amount. Hob SaiiRster. Freeman's manager. up n camp ai McFadticn New Grand Loader Rarlicr Shop no N. 2nd Hair Cut* - - ~arl E. Pniker ' H. S. 2:V. Prc\osi Read Courier News Want Ads. Until May 7th S| \nw \\rltf for Ihe sfr\h-r ymir I'nril nrcds al this liiiu 1 . All For 82.00 Inrlmline I.ilmr am) We arc offering this exceplion.illy low late for the service you need in the Sprlne—to provrnt ininrcc.vscny <!epreclallou of the llfr of your Porri. The special puce Is pood only until May Ttli. !| includes:— Adjust four wheel brake- Lubricate chassis, i-p. ay springs Tune up motor Clean and adjust spark pines Clean nnd ndji^t carburetor jets Clean and adjust distributor pomls Check battery nnd refill Clean and (lush racilalcr DON'T MISS THIS SI'KCIAI, OVTKK , IT JIKANS A IJKA!, SAV1NC rinnip Sin IMiillips Motor Company Aullmriml Kcrcl Dr.ilrr niyllirviltf. Ark. O OTHER tire has those holes. They male possible for fhe firsf time a tire that r.over wears smooth. They're a patented ftature of Seiberling Air-Cooled tires. They form a second tread that gives anti-skid safety right down to ihe last mile! And by carrying off rubber-destroying heat they make these tires give you far greater mileage than any other tire. Come in and see how economically you can have the double safety, ilie extra mileage and the increased comfort of ihe tire that never wears smooth. IT We corny a complete line of Seiberling Tir«»/» nfl"B ILot all prices. 28 x 4.75 Standard Balloon . .?"•"« J SEIBERLING Sold exclusively by Hubbrrd Tire & Battery Co. Tire Department Phone 17li Hdw. Department Phone 32 you In fact, we feel it so keenly we make a specially of it. We can fit any man regardless of size. Be he tall, or short, stout or lean, wide or narrow, we'll fit him perfectly in Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes. Yes, and his pocketbook too—he it light or heavy. . MEASURED BY OUR 4 RIGID TESTS WILL IT SELL FAST AT A SMALL PROFIT Fabrics mu&t Fit your Weight Patterns must Fit your Figure V If you're hiy and heavy yon need a good stout long-wearing worsted .suit—in stripes or plairV''- patterns that tlo not emphasize your xii.e. We recommend the llart, Schaffner & Marx Guards- mcn; " ' , $24,59 \ If you're .sliort. a^ain we suggest worsteds in mntiotone cnrds or .sell' patterns—or stripes that give you Iieijfhl $24,50 If you're t;ill and slender we suggest a tweed or a cheviot or a crash—a more loosely , woven fabric that adds weight to your looks. Hart, Schaffnei 1 & Marx have produced some'.great value< at $24,50 It' you're just heginning to add a little weight, \vo Flannel finished worsted suits—they drape cusily nnd close and flatter your lij;in-o ffO^ CA ^4,50 NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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