The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on July 2, 1952 · Page 13
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 13

Brooklyn, New York
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Wednesday, July 2, 1952
Page 13
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... . Sad Jlcutiycutt TV Review V ? ' X if 'lLJI if' V J 4 : Til Larry Storch BLADE WINTERS Milton Douglas Made History When He Launched 'Cavalcade' TV STARMAKERt I'm just as sure as I'm writing this column, that someone once said to Milton Douglas, "Milt if you try to produce a full hour variety show on Saturday nights you'll be committing TV suicide." Like similar dire predictions about completely unpredictable television, this one luckily never came true. Early last month Producer Douglas started his fourth consecutive vear at the helm of DuMonfs pride and joy, ; "Cavalcade of Stars". And, although this show is now seen regularly on Friday nights, back in 1949 it as a Saturday night show. As a matter of fact it was just about the only reason anyone had for turning on their TV sets on Saturday nights. All other stations and networks were thoroughly convinced that no one ever bothered to look at TV on Saturdays, and as a ; result nothing worthwhile was ever scheduled for this time. Douglas thought otherwise, and at the risk of losing a lot of personal prestige, and possibly his joh, he launched "Cavalcade," and made TV history. Due solely to Douglas. Saturday night is no longer TV's lnne'iest night of the week. PRODUCER JKH GLA8 was not content (o simply prove a point. On "Cavalcade" he presented the finest talent the entertainment world had to offer. Each week saw a procession of artists Culled from the operatic, athletic, circus and night club worlds. Douglas focused a great deal of his attention on music programming, and as a result, the music heard has ranged from Bop to Beethoven, and has included just about everything in between. I know of no producer who has "made" so many star comics in the television field. Jack Carter, Jerry Lester, and Jackie Gleason are three of "Cavalcade's" comedian-stars whose personal TV stature has increased tremendously during the last few years, due solely to the guidance and counsel of Milton Douglas. Admittedly, all three were headliners before "Cavalcade," but to the average televiewer across the country they were completely unknown. This Friday at 10 p.m., Milton Douglas will present Larry Storch as the new comedian-star of WARD'S "Cavalcade of Stars," and as far as I'm concerned, it is a very happy choice. I've watched Larry work almost since he started in show business, and although he is only 1!!) now, he has been entertaining professionally since he was 17 and today knows every trick in the trade. Last Summer Larry replaced Jackie Gleason on this show for four weeks while Jackie vacationed in Hollywood. I caught three of the four shows, and although Larry was good, he could have been better. I got the impression at the time that Gleason's writers were vacationing with him, and that those writing for Larry were high school kids trying to earn some money during the Summer. But not trying very hard. The only thing that ran slop Larry Slorvh from he-cominy our next htg TV star is his scripts. He has everything else. CO Mixta IT: Tile Singer Sewing Machine Co. of New York in its first full-program sponsorship on network television, will launch a new bi-weekly dramatic film series, "Four Star Playhouse," on CBS-TV, Thursday, Sept. 11, 8:;S0-9:00 p.m. This series will alternate every other Thursday with "Amos 'n' Andy". Rosalind Russell, Charles Boyer, Dick Powell and Joel McCrea are tentatively set to star in the programs on a rotating basis . . . NBC-TV will present a "live" preview tour of Chicago's International Amphitheater, where the Republican and Democratic National Conventions will be held, on "Matinee in. New York," Friday at 4:00 p.m. fie Sure to Read "TV REVIEW" in the BROOKLYN EAGLE Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. L ' J 1 WY INTEREST IN TONY MAJOR IS mm KlK MAYBE fM WOT AS SHARP I I THAT'S tT N A STATION BREAK TVl THINK YOU'VtB L STRtCTjY PROFESSIONAL ! y- "F -4 Jfl AS 1 0NC BUT. I I AND THOUGH THOSE CATS AND DIALED the m A AN f of t . Vll 1 swtt 1 SMUU-U MAVt CANARIES WOULD SCANDAL- J WRONG , 4 T jTTfV HONEY I J CJV SEEN ME IN MY PRIME- j MONGER IT TO THE CONTRARY- CHANNEL, I TIHn V vM BACK IN THE FOUR-A-DAY ! : By Lore Themes j BROOKLYN EAGLE, WED., JULY 2, 1 952 13 Dr. Brady Says: Follow Blade Winters in Full Color in the Eagle's Sunday Comic Section Madio Highlights Video Highlights- WM0L 570 WVNJ, 420-WNBC. 660 WOR. 710 WJZ. 770-WNYC. 830 WCBS, I WAAT. 970 WINS, 1010-VMGM. 1050 WNEW. 113G-WGB8. 1240 WOV. 1210 WEVD. 1330-WBNX, 1 380 WNJR. H30-WH0M. 1480-WCXR. 1560-WWRl. UOO MMMMyiwyywyyM eeaeMeeaee'eewaieti 1:25 Baseball, Donblt header. Dodgers vs. Phillies, Red Barber, Connie Desmond and Vin Scully, WMGM; 1:55 Giants vs. Boston Braves, Kuss HodRes andErnie Harwell, WMCA; J:25 Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox, Mel Allen and Art Gleason, WINS. g:0fl "What's My Line?" John Daly, WNBC; "Postmark, U. S. A.," Jimmy Blaine, M. C WJZ; Hearthstone of the Death Squad. "The Sleepless Husband Murder Case," WCBS; "Music for a Half Hour," Jimmy Carroll; Prances Greer, guest (Premiere), WOR. :S Dr. Christian, "The Plight of Henry Shaw," Jean Hersholt and Rosemary DeCamp, yCBS; Great Day Show, John Reed King, WOR. 9:00 Groucho Marx Show, WNBC; Yours Truly. Johnny Dollar, "The Amelia Harwell Matter." Edmond O'Brien, WCBS; Mr. President, Edward Arnold, WJZ. 9:30 Steve Allen Show (Premiere), WCBS; The Bipr Story, WNBC; Family Theater. "These Truths We Hold," WOR; Crossfire. Governor Earl Warren of California, guest, WJZ. 10:05 Boxing, Gene Smith vs. Glen Flanagan, WCBS. 10:30 Address by President Harry S. Truman at dedication of Nor WCBS, Channel 2 WNBT, Channel 4 WABD, Channel 5 WJZ, Channel 7 WOR. Channel 9 WPIX. Channel 11 WATV, Channel U 1:30 WOR 9 Ba&eball, Doubleheader, Dodgers vs. Phillies, Red Barber, Connie Desmond and Vin Scully, sportscasters. l-.ZS WPIX (11) Baseball, Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox, Mel Allen and Art Gleason, sportscasters. 7:30 WJZ (7) "The Names the Same." Robert Q. Lewis, moderator. WOR (9) Broadway TV Theater, "Burlesque," starring Buddy Ebsen. 8:00 WCBS (2) Arthur Godfrey and Hi Friends. WNBT (4) Youth Wants to Know, Clare Booth Luce, guest. WABD (5) "Midway." Don Russell, M. C. 8:30 WABD (5) 'Straw-Hatters." Bob Haymes, M. C. 9:00 WCBS (2) "Strike It Rich," Warren Hull, M.C.; Vivian Della-chiesa, guest. WNBT (4) Television Theater, "A Time for Turning," featuring Emily Lawrence Gaby Rodgers and David McKay. WJZ (7) Adventures of Ellery Queen, featuring Lee Bowman. 9:15 WOR (9) Between the Lines," "Should the City Build More Middle Income Housinir Units?" 9:30 WCBS (2) The Web. "The Poison Tree," featuring Blanche I want to go fishing again, hut In a newspaper article by .lay Smith, Dr. Alfred L. Burg-dorf. director of the V. S. Pub lic Health Service, i quoted as saying: "Children should not have their tonsils taken out in the Summer, as tonsillectomy increases a child's chance of contracting polio. Now we know that tonsils are one of our best defenses against disease. On the whole, tonsils should be left in the throat ..." (End of Quotation.) i I, Brady, believe and advise Itht children's tonsils should not be removed, taken out. ex tirpated, except in rare .in stances of malignancy. It is my conviction that phy sicians, specialists or surgeons who attempt to remove every bit of tonsil tissue from the throat betray their ignorance of pathology. I challenge them to show scientifically that the presence of tonsil tissue per se is inimical to health In view of the waning popu larity of tonsillectomy in the past 20 years, I predict that in another 20 years it will have become obsolete. QUESTION'S AXD ANSWERS Old-Fashioned Mothe r-in-Law My mother-in-law, who is in-deed a mother to me, is greatly worried because I went fish ing I am in the fourth month of pregnancy and leeiing line Yurka, Vaughn Taylor and Nan McFarland. WABD (5 "Starring the Editors," Erwin D. Canham, moderator. 9:45 WOR (9 Harness Racing from Roosevelt Raceway. joik ana duh oiiww L-auia, w. an wun, at, y.m.; ,. WCBS 2 Boxina. Oene Smith vs. Glem Flanaean. . . and WCBS at 11:30 p.m.) , WNBT (4) TV News Conference, Martha Rountree and Law- 12:05 a.m. Commencement Address by Bernard Baruch at Armed: r(,nce gpivg interview Candidates Forces Staff College (Recorded), WCBS. WJZ ,7)WresUint from Chicago; Main bout. Jimmy Valentine I vs. Don Arnold; Wayne Griffin, sportscaster. 2 P.M. TO 4 P.M. , 7 "c-My. " wmsh-tm in.. : 10:30 WNBT (4) The Unexpected, "The Magnificent Lie," starring Raymond Burr; Herbert Marshall, narrator. LONG ISLAND RADIO PROGRAMS j : (OW TBR IB FROM I jfl A.M. TILL MIDNIGHT) -WHLI HEMMTIAD l Ct r.M Mall Thir LltM. r. i t -Mlt Tkat lint, J:4 IhIIiii. I MnlMl riayktim. 1:3 Nam Mali Ml PlaytaaM. 45 Flaata Tina. 4:0ft At tka Ciualry Clna. 4:30 Nan; At tka Cutr Club. :0Q Nawa Raun4u Silar Saranaaa. I:3S N..;.Rhiim la Hal. ay. :0O Cryital ana 014 Laaa. Jft Saarta Rauadua. JO mm: Cryital aaa I4 Laaa. I:SS Tlaa taa wutkar Ha-art. 00 Patbvaya af Malaay. ?:30 Nawa; Pathway! af Mla4y. :ftO Saranada ta L. I. :30 la Off. Tomorrow Morning y.-M A.M. Caamntara' TiaM Nan f4S Nan; Canmutara' flaw 0:40 Nan; Caanavtara' Tliaa. 0:10 Nan; Camaiatara' Tina. 0 40 Raadaayaiia aith Ronanaa. I M Nan; RaaJarmat ajltt Ramaaaa. 16 M Malady Caravan. It:ltt Nan; Malady Cara.aa. 1 1 .-08 Laaf lawM Mailt Hall 11:30 Nana; L. I. Mutla Hall. I!:00 Naan Nan Raandm. ll:liP.M. Naaatlaa Raytliiu. 11:30 Nan. 12:3a Waltl Ftataay, 12 :4 faaala'a Haiar af Maala. I -00 Luaahaaa Maladlaa. I 30 Nan; Laaahaaa Maladlaa, WGBt FREEPOKT 2:00 Tlaia. Naara; Aftarnaall Varlatlaa. 2:2IV Waathar; Aftarneaa Varlatlaa. 1:00 Tiaia, Nan; Mnla Withaut Warn. 3:2", Waathar; Haar it Racordad. 4:00 Tii. Nan; Haar H Racardtd. 4 :29'-t Waathar: Haar It Ratardad. 5:00 Tlaia. Nan; nat and Laa. :2t'i Waathar; laaat aad Liar. 4S Saarta Paaa af Air. 4:00 Tlaii. Niari; Oalaa Saranada. :29' Waathar; Nan af Naaaau. 0 45 Alrlaaw Maladlaa. 7:00 Tiki, Nan; Mutual la- tarluda. 7:IS Olua larraa Praiaati. 7:2l"t Waathar; Mum la Timi. 7:44 Ahala Land 1:00 Tlaia. Ntt; Mutltal la. tarluda. 1:15 Saranada la Olua. Wt Waathar; Mm Mia Band. 2 Ml WCBS 2d Mn. Burtoa. WNBC lana Picktm Slum. WOR Ntn; Outll fliaa. WINS Nan: Mum WNVC Annual Conttnnca af Aratriean Library Att'n. WMCA Battball. WJZ Eddia Dunn Show. WMGM Btttbalt ! 2 10 WINS Basaliall Pnvitwt.' 2:19 WCBS Parry Matin WNBC Mtrtdlth Willttn'l Millie Room. 2:29 WOR Headlim Ntarl. WINS 8enall. I:M WCBS Thlt II Nara Oram WOft Paula Stam. WNBC Llva Llka a MMIIaa alra 1 WNVC Rymphonil Mitiatl. I 41 WCBS Tha Brlahtar Oay.l . WOR Patt Barnat and j Barbara. 4:00 WCBfl Hilltop Houn. ! WNBC Lilt Can Oi Bttull- fal. WINS Nei: Mmlr. WOR John Gambllnt. 3:15 WNBC Road af Llfa WCBS Hauta Party 1:30 WNBC Papnar Vaung. WOR Aniwtr Man. WJZ Tannotton Ernll. 1:49 WNBC Rihl to Miapl nata WCBS Carl Smith Sho. WIZ Eialyn Wlnttra. 1:90 WCBS Cadrii Adiri. 3:5S WNVC Nlwt. 4 P.M. TO 7 P.M. 7:30 WNBC Biatty. aan. WMGM Flynn. am. WJZ Tha Lana Ranaar. WOR Sabrlil Hiattar. WINS Manila. Nawa. 7:49 WOR Mutual Ninraal. WNBC Ona Man'a Family. WMGM At Hima With Lional Barrymari. WINS Road ta Rhythm. WCBS Murraw. aiwt. 7:99 WOR Hurllllh, Nwt. 9 00 WCBS Htarthitani af Diath Squad. WNBC What'i My Linit WJZ Pott mark. U S. A. WMGM Ruordtd Mutlt. WINS Nrwt; F oik Fara. WOR Mutlt far a Hilf Htur. WMCA Nm; Fuhlarn In Malody. 30 WCBS Or r.hrltllan. WNBC Tha Braat Si liar. Iiivi. WJZ Valtntlno. WOR Gnat Diy Show WNYC Liwluhn Stadium Conctrt. WMGM Star Tima. WNVC Nlwt. 9:00 WCBS Voun Truly, Johnny Dillar. WNBC Grtuiha Man. WMCA Niwi; Swinftima Favorittl. WMGM Km Robarta. WJZ Mr. Pntldint. WOR Nowi; Out af tha Thundor. 1:30 WNBC Tha Bl Slam. WCBS Sttva Allan Show. WJZ Crotifln. WOR Family Thiatar. 9:49 WMGM Hal Tunlt. 10 P.M. TO I A.M. 4:00 WNBC Baekitiga Wlla. WCBS Cliff Johmon Family. WNYC Tha Viramiant. WOR Horr't ta My Lady. WJZ Cal Tinnoy. 10:00 WNBC Summor -Soranada. 4 OS WOR Lidiet Ftlr. , WNBC Nin; Bllinf. 4:19 WNBC Stolla flailaa. WINS Ntwt. WCBS Tommy Rim Ind , WMGM Dr. Itir Boltv Lou. WMCA Scnrohoard 4:30 WCBS Galin Orlkl, WNBC Wlddir Brown. WOR Tako a Numhir. WMCA Jukihni Jamboraa. WJZ Daan Camtran. WNVC Mutir. In tha Air. 4:49 WNBC Waman In My Hnuti. 4:99 WCBS It Hlppini Evary Day. WNVC Newt WIZ Daly, niwi WMCA Nawt; Saotliaht Variatilt. WOR Frank Edward! 10:15 WOR I Lovt a Myilary. WINS Paul Arnold. WJZ Spotlight, N. V. 10 25 WMGM Niwi. 10:30 WNBC A Cltllia Vltwi tha Nrwi. WOR Wialhar) Show Shag WJZ Pratidint Truman. WNYC Municipal Contort. ;00 Timi. Niwi; Kiynotat by Carta. 9:2n'.t Wiathir; Rntard Timi. 10:00 Timi. Niwi; Roeord Time. I9291, Wialhor: Rieord Time. 11:00 Time. Niwi and Snorto Riundua. 11:15 Ritard Time ll:29'i Waathar; RMird Time 11:52 Newt and Weather rutin! 1 1 :99 National Anthem. TOMOiflToWORN IN 0 7:00 Time. Newi and Waother Fareeut. 7:05 RIm Shine. 7:29" Weather; Hill 'a' Shine. 1:00 Timi, Niwi; Meraing variatioo. I:29'f Weather; Moralng Variatiai. 9:90 Timi. Niwi; Cammunlty Chapel. 9 :29'i Weather; Merning Melodlei. 10:00 Time, Newt: Bing Singl. 1 0:29' Weather; Rldtri of Purple Sage. 10-43 Herman Orth. 11:00 Time, Newi; According: te the Record 11:19 Cote Glat Club. II :29' , Weather; Morning Starl. 12 :09 Noon Newt. Time: Kay-beard Kapera. 12:19 March Time. 12:29", Weather; Newi aod Market Report. 12:49 Plpaa af Melldy. 1:00 Time, Newt; Luncheon at Guy Lombard!'!, 1.00 WCBS Newt; John Henry Faulk. WNBC Jutt Plain Bill. WJZ Ul Browne. WMCA Newt; Songt by Crotby. WINS Banball Roundup. WNYC Mutii From Theater. WOR Merry Mailmen. 1:19 WNBC Frant Page Farrell. WINS Liltan ta Lacy 9:30 WNBC Laranlo lonel WJZ Big Jan and Sparkie. WMGM Sport! Eltra WNYC Youth Talk. It Otar. WOR Songt af B-Rar-B. j 9:45 WNBC Tha Doctor'! Will WIZ Little Inhn. WNYC Newt. 5 50 WJZ World riioht R' portir. WOR Brown, newt 4:99 WCBS Thli I Billeve, WMRM Newt. WIZ Batehall Roundup. Frankia Frltch. 4:04 WCBS jaekton, Ntwl. WNBC Banghan. newi, WNYC The Endlett Frontier. WINS Newt: lltten lo Laty. WMGM Huting'i Bandstand WMCA Newi; Say It With Muiie WJZ-Ntwil Oynimli Cavalcade. WOR Van. nawa 4:19 WCBS You and Political Convention!. I r ft WMGM Spoilt Final. WINS Adventure! la Travel. WCBS Jerome Or. 10:39 WNBC "Portrait af a Citv." 10:49 WINS Blng Crotby. WMCA UN Today. WMGM Trotting. 10:55 WOR Spertt Winner. WNYC Niwi; Sign Off. 11:00 WNBC Bangnvt. Nan. WOR Ntwl. Van. WINS Newi: Shall We Danea. WMCA Nlwt; Amateur Num. WCBS Bryan, niwi. WMGM Newtreel Theater. WJZ Vlnea Wllllame Shaw. 11:10 WCBS Niwi Analytli 11:19 WNBC Switch ta Skiteh. WCBS Starlight Salute WMGM Tad Bream anew. WNYC Sunrlaa Sympheay. WMCA Newe: Sallaghar 4 O'Brlaa. WINS Jeha Seaman, aewe. 7114 WNBC Bab anal Ray. 7:14 WJZ WtatHer ReparL 7:19 WOR Mutltal Claifc. WIZ Tern Reddy Shew. WNYC Nawa. WINS Art Seaalen Shew. 7:30 WNBC Nawa, MeCarthy WNYC Around New York. :t OCRS Early Maralag Newe. WNBC Bob and Ray. WJZ Gardiner, aan. WNYC Waathar. 7:14 WNYC Laeal aod Worll Nen. in WCBS Newe Riundua. WNBC newt WOR Newe. Rehlneaa. WJZ Tom Reddy Shaw. WMCA Newel dallaghar aad O'Brien. WNVC Around Now York. 1:05 WNBC Bob and Ray 4:19 WCBS Phil Caak She. WJZ Fltrgeralda WOR Derethy 4 Bleb. WINS Jahn Baaman. aen 30 WCBS Margaret Arlea. WNBC Now York Cliliup. WINS Art Silnlin Shew. 40 WNYC Boalal einrlty. 45 WNYC City Faad Snlda. 4:90 WNYC Llttta ta Nutrl. Ilea. 1:99 WJZ John Cento Shew. WNVC Newe. WMGM Newe. 4:00 WCBS Thin la Ntw Yark WJZ Broakfaat Club. WOR Henneeev. nan. WINS Nawa: Mutlt shtapa WMCA Newe; Record Shoe. WMGM Carltan Frederick!. WNYC Mooterwerk Hoar, 1:19 WOR Eddla Araeld Show 4:34 WOR McCanne at Heave WCBS Joan Edward! Show. WNBC Young Dr. Milan!. 9 45 WNBC Brighter Dey 10:00 WNBC Walaema Traveler! WJ7-My True Story. WOR Newi. Sladltim WNYC U. t. Conference of Mavera. WCBS Arthur ladfray Timi WMCA Newe; Record Snog WINS Ja Hatpin Shiw. - WMGM Huilng'a BandltaaS. 14:19 WOR Martha Daana. 10-75 WIZ Whlanarlng Strut!. 10:30 WNBC Herb Sholdea. WNYC Yau and Yeur Health. WINS Muili Shopga. 10:45 WJZ When a Girl Merrier WNYC Newe. 11:00 WNBC Strike It fHet. WIZ Tome Tableld WNYC Far tha Ladiei. WOR Niwi. WINS Niwi: Muili Shoppe. WMCA Newel Record Shog 11:19 WOR Ttllo-Toot 1149 WOR Headline ' Ntn. 11:39 WCBS Brand Slam. WOR 4)uoen for a Oay. WNBC Bob and Ray. WJZ Broek the Beak. 12 M. TO 2 P.M. WOR Addroti bv Pretident 11:43 WCBS Raiemary. Truman. I WNBC Dlel ftava Barrtwiy II 30 WCBS Addron by free. H :55 WNYC New!. irlont Truman, j II 45 WOR lirame Arch 1159 WJZ Sparta Nightcap, j 12.00 WJZ Blrdland Shew, i WNBC Newi; Muili Through tka Night. WCBS Newt: Addroti by Birnard Baruch. WMCA Barry Bray Shew. WOR Newt, Paul Taubmaa. WMGM Mutle at Midnight. 12:15 WOR MeParlland Trie, 12:30 WOR Relllnl Trio. WCBS Cummlnl Orch. 12:45 WOR Carroll Trie. Other Stotiong W E V O- FOBECLOSIjRES SUPREME COURT. KINGS COUNTY Elsie Unis & Ano. Plaintiffs against Michael Florio. (. al.. DefendanU. Pursuant to judgment of foreclosuro and sale entered May 19. 1962. I. the Referee in eaid judKment named, will si'll at public auction, by Walter H. Hallowell, auctioneer to the highest bidder in Room 305j! In the Municipal Building:. Court & Joralemon Streeta, Brooklyn. N. Y., on July 14th. 1952. at 12 o'clock noon, the premises ,in amid Judgment directed to be sold t being a plot in Brooklyn. Kinija County. N. Y.. situate on the southerly side of Frost Street. 300 feet west : of Kingaland Avenue being 0 parcel 2S feet in width front and rear by 100 feet in depth on both sides: reference being made to judgment for a more complete description of premises; together with street rights, if sny. Known as 234 Frost St., Brooklyn. N. Y. Dated: June 17, 1952. Balthasar J. Caruso, Referee. Allen R. Taft, Attorney for plaintiff. 66 Court Street. Brooklyn 2. N. Y. je23-6t MW SUPREME COURT. KINGS COUNTY - HORTENSE JAFFE. Plaintiff. again. LAWRENCE A. HOCH-6CHWENDER. et al.. defendants. Pursuant to judgment dated Juno 5. 1952. I will kell at public auction, in Room 3053. Municipal Building. Court and Joralemon Streets. Borough of i Brooklyn. New York City, on the 9th rlav of July. 1953. St 12:00 o'clock noon, by Walter H. Hallowell. auctioneer, the premUes known as Sec-' t'on 16. Lot 76 in Block 6050. of the Tax Map of the City of New York for the Borough of Brouklyn. as tn same axlated In 1942. Dated: lune IS. 1952 . ANTHONY J. TRAVIA. efw. jelt-M ttW I.KGAT, NOTICES THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK by the grace of God free and independent. To Julia Stone. Jean Stone, Annabel Stone. Elaine linger, Bella Wilson. Louis Stone. Ar thur Stone. Rejine Kimnn Jarnh Le bofsky. William Lebofsky. Pearl Le Boyer. Frieda Field. Mary Simon. William Simon, Abraham Simon. Sum Simon. Harry Simon, SEND GREETING WHEREAS, Louis Koch, who resides at 1370 Union Street. Borough of Brooklyn. City of New Yoi k, and Harry Golin. who resldea at 34-57 73rd Street. Jac kaon Heights. Borough ot Queens. City of New York have presented a petition praying for a decree that a certain khatrument in writing, relating to real and personal property, be duly proved as the Last Will and Testament of Wolf Finkelatein, lately residing at No. 1720 Dahill Road, in the Borough of Brooklyn. Citv of New York. NOW. THEREFORE, you and each of you are hereby cited to show cauae before our Surrogate's Court of the County of Kings, to be held, in the Court Room at the Hall of Records. In the County of Kings, on the 17th day of July, 1952. at 9:30 o'clock In the forenoon, why such decree should ""'TESTIMONY WHEREOF, we have ranged the S'hI of our said Surrogate's Court to be hereunto affixed. (Seal) WITNESS, Hon. B. IVAN RUBENSTEIN. Surrogate of our Miid County, at the Borough of Brooklyn. In the said County the 131h day of June. 1952. AARON L. .TACOBY. Clerk of the Surrogate s Court. Jel8-4t W WNBC Bill Slam Sport! Show. WOR OerethY and Oitk. 4:30 WCBS Curt Maieey Time. WNBC Column Digott, Ooly: WMGM A New Wev ol Lite. WNYC Recorded Muiic. WINS Newt: "Llttli Band; What Now?" ; WOR filadotene, Niwi 9:45 WCBS Chlcage Cunvmtionl Report. i WNBC Throe Star F.Ira. WMCA -iianf Jnltlngt. jw N C W WOR Stan Lamax. tperte. 2:45 Sporte Showkete. wntc waaineri UN Nen, Maa Kan. 9:00 Norman Ttiomaa Queo- tion Box. 10 ;0O Public Service Forum: "What Da the Conventioni Meant" Vivian Wochter. Louli P, borg; Samuel H. Frl mm. moderator. 10 30 Mum You Want. 12:00 Symghanla Heur. 11:04 WCBS Warraa. aen. WNBC Nawa; Kate Smith. WJZ Jacb Bareh Shaw. WOR "Curt Mattav Time." WMGM Paula Stem Show. WNYC Midday Svmiheng. WMCA Newi: Mutll Makeri. WINS Buman. nawe. 12.-19 WCBS Aunt Jenny. WOR Caaltal Commentary. WJZ Frater, newt. WMGM Cemba. Newe. WINS Latin Amarltaaa. 12:29 WOR Bruce and Din. 12:34 WCBS Romance af Helen Trent. WIZ Kitchen Kapart. WINS Litton to Laty. WOR Roblnoan. Newi. WMGM Talk an Health. Thaiil i wnbu Skltcn a scrap. Roia. I book. wok am aiaier. WMGM Pattarne la Mini! WCBS Our Sal Sunday. 12:39 WNYC Nen 55 WNYC Newe. 7 P.M. TO 10 P.M. 7 00 WCBS Robert O l Wei-workt. WJZ Young, nowi. W NBC Symphonette. WOR Lewli. nowi. WMGM Today'! Botiball. W MCA Niwi; Muili al Braadway. WINS Martin Starr. WNYC Mattarwora Hour. 7:05 WIZ Headline Edition. 7:19 WINS Voton Forum WJZ Elmer Oavll. WOR Gladitone, newt. 7:20 WOR Bing Crotby ' Singt. S:no "Cov'o Caravan. 9:00 "Faith and Mutlt " 12:00 Milkman'a Matinee, W 0 X R 7.30 Llatanlng with Jacguai Fray. 8:05 Symphanv Hall. 9:05 Muiie Under the Starl. 10:0.5 Review af Opera World. 11:07 Tha World of Mutla. 1:00 WMCA Newe: Hit tuol ttw Time. WCBS BI4 Sitter. WJZ Mary M. McBrlda, WOR Roblnoan. Now!. WINS Newe; Muoic. WNYC Famaui Artloli. WMGM Ntwt; Warmug TOMORROW MORNING J.fnT WCBS Jail Sterllag. WJZ Newe. WOR Ntwt, Hinnauay. Tim I 10 WINS Battball Pnvliwt. 1:19 WCBS Ma Partlne. WMCA Ougout Chatter, 1:29 WMCA Battball. WINS Baeeball. WMGM Bate ball. 1:30 WCBS Dr. Maleaa. WOR Barbara WaHaa. WNBC Mueller. Newi. WNYC Headline! In Cham-iltry. 1:49 WCBS Balding tight WNBC Herb Sheldon. WNVC Waathar; Ntwt. l.F.(iAL NOTICES SUPREME COURT OF THHi STA'E OF NEW YORK. COUNTY OF ULSTER CHARLES R. PPATZ. Plaintiff, against CATHERINE SPAT7,. Defendant. SUMMONS WITH NO-TrcE. ACTION FOR AN ANNULMENT. To the above named Defendant: YOU ARK HERERY SUMMONED lo answer the complaint, in this action, and to serve a copy of your answer, or, if (he complaint is not served with this summons, to serve ft notice of appearance, on the Plaintiff's Attorney within twenty days after the service of this summons, exclusive of the day of service: and in case of. your failure to appear, or answer; judgment, will be taken against you- by default, for tha relief demanded In the complaint. Dat-'d. April 28th. 1952. JOSEPH Al. CAMPBELL. Esq., Attorney for Plaintiff. Office and Poat Office Address. 74 Partition Street, Saugertics, New York. TO CATHERINE SPATZ: The foregoing summons la nerved upon you by piiblhatton pursuant to an order of the Hon. Isadora Book-Klein, a Justice of tha Supreme Court of the Slat ot New York, dated tht 8:15 WPIX (ll)--Joe DiMaggio. 2:25 WPIX (ID Baseball, Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox. 3:30 WCBS (2) "The Guiding Light." WNBT 14 Here's looking at You. WJZ (7) Nancy Crai(?. J:45 WCBS (2) Mike and Buff. 3;00 WNBT (4) The Big Pay-off. WABD (5) Afternoon News. WJZ (7 Bob Reed Show. WATV (13) "Shop. Look and Cook," Ruth Bean. 3:15 WABD (5) Test Pattern. 3:30 WCBS (2) Summer School. WNBT (4) Johnny Dugan. WJZ (7) Hollywood Movie, "Face f Marble," and "Fashion Model." WATV (13) "Report to Parents." 4:00 WCBS (2) Margaret Aden. WNBT (4) Kate Smith Presents "Matinee in New York." WATV (13) Western Roundup. 4:30 WCBS (2) Tin e for Beany. 4:40 WPIX (11) Joe DiMagsio. 4:45 WCBS ;2 Laugh Time. 4:50 WABD (5) Program Notes. WPIX (ID Play Ball. 4:55 WABD 5 News. 5:00 WCBS (21 Late Matinee. "Mr. Perrin and Mr. Trail." WNBT (4) "Hawkins Falls, Pop. 6.200." WABD 15) Son of ths Eagle. WPIX (ID Bea Kalmus. WATV (13) Junior Frolics. 5:15 WNBT (4) Gabbv Hayes. 5:30 WNBT (4) Howdy Doody. WJZ (7) Bt'l Harrington. WPIX (11) Six Gun Playhouse, "Santa Fe Rides." WATV (13)-Comedy Corner. 5:45 WOR (9) Talk to the Stars, WATV (13) Hollywood Playhouse, "Queen of Burlesque.'' 6:00 WCBS 2 Six O'clock Report. WNBT 14 1 Rootle Kazootie. WJZ (7) Adventures ol Ellery Queen. WOR (9) News. Wingate. WATV (13) Golf Show from Newark Airport. 9:15 WOR (9) Between the Lines. 9:30 WCBS (2i The Web. WABD .5) "Starring th Editors." WJZ t7i In Our Time, i:l! film. WPIX UD-Sports Parade; I Ted Steele. ' 9:45 WOR (91 Harness Racing. 2 10:00 WCBS (2i-Boxing. jf WNBT (4) TV News Con- ference. u WABD (5) International Is Playhouse,, "The Hangman ! Waits." !j WJZ 17) Wrestling. !s WATV 113) Western Fea- ture. !g 10:30 WNBT (41 The Unexpected J IS WPIX' ill) Telepix News- reel; Weatherman. Ijg 10:45 WCBS (2) Sports Spot, Mel'3 Allen. ; WPIX (ID Giant Jottings. 10:50 WPIX (11) Tomorrow's g News. m 11:00 WCBS (21 Chronoscope, Robert Morris, guest WNBT (4i 11th Hour News, g. Mcuauery. WABD (5) Barry Gray. I WJZ (7i Nightcap News, ! St. Georue. i iiin ,n. Tn:ni.i'. o.T.,.. ' reel. WPIX (ID Night. Owl Theater, "One of Our Aircraft Is Missing." WATV (13) Stardust, Theater, "Melody Parade." 11:10 WNBT (4) Bill Stern Sport Final. WJZ (7) Wrestling Continued. 11:15 WCBS (2) News. Jackson. WNBT (41 Weather, Gnagy Mrs. 11. V. B Answer No reason why ou should not go fishing. Send stamped, self-addressed envelope for booklet, Preparing for Maternity. Let your husband unci mother-in-law study it along with you. Obliteration of Varicose Veins Doctor recommends injection treatment my my 21-year-old son's varicose veins. The boy is in college and plays football. Mrs. D. 8. Answer In most cases it is the best treatment. Send stamped, self-addressed envelope for pamphlet "Varicose Veins and Varicose Ulcer." j 5 SCraf Si Kill mum: STATUESQUE Tall and shapely Blossom Kagan will help make the judges' job a happy one on Thursday night at Coney Island when she competes with other Flatbush beauties at the first preliminary runoff in the Eagle's 1952 "Miss Brooklyn" contest. In private life Mrs. Kagan is the mother of a two-year-old daughter. mmmmmmmmmmm z o & 3 O o fit H Z 11 ! "MISS BROOKLYN" CONTEST ' co-sponsored by the BROOKLYN EAGLE and ; the CONEY ISLAND CHAMBER OF COMMERCE "Migi Brooklyn" Content Brooklyn Eaglo a Brooklyn 1, New York I Would liko to ontor tha "Mis Brooklyn" Contort to bo ' hold at Coney Island during tha months of July and August. , I am anclosing a rejetnt photograph of myitlf. 5 NAME ! ADDRESS : in tha a f AGE a t IMPORTANT: This antry coupon mail ba accompanied by B a photograph. jj -PHONE- S taction of Brooklyn. If 1 Radio, TV Writers Go Out on Strike afjajJBJMawMBJjaMBMaMajjajwai BaaawaBBVJJaaaaBaBBa BROOKLIN ONLY. VlaU oar TV aheerrooaai at 6218 Stb Awaj., B'kljra. HY 2-S870 QE 9-8896) OAT AND NIGHT SERVICE The Radio Writers Guild, an independent union of radio and television pews and continuity writers, went on strike at 12:01 !2 ( a.m. todav the National. Columbia and American broad-Is .B7gi.f2J JX.JfXS M astinir npturn-l-a anil ntn nnoH : "a bj in mt luina. WABD (Si-Program Notes, lo picket broadcasts and teltv.HMlL niTSlStffSltiaCTitna11 11:20 WNBT f -11th Hour :s here and in other network Mihm lMMMm6dMjtMa ter. -Vogues." !(a.nP,-, ... JZ 1 " wApo'Tv,6' i WCTS 121-lXt; Show, --Mr WOR 9 1 Merry Mailman. . . D ..' 6 : IS WCBS (2i Early Show, "Knickerbocker Holiday." WNBT 1 4 )-Sec for Yourself. 6:30 WNBT (4i New York Closeup. WABD 1 5 1 Double C Canteen, Bob Dixon. WJZ (1 Tom Corbett., Space Cadet. WOR (9) Buster Crabbe. WPIX (ID Telepix News-reel; Weatherman. 6:4S WNBT (41 News, Grauer. WJZ (7) Bill Harrington. WPIX (11 ) Jimmy Powers. WATV (13)-Pictm News. 6:50 WNBT (4) Bill Stern Sport Show. 6:55 WNBT (4i Weather bv Wethbee. 7:00 WNBT (41 Summer Show Case. WABD ,5 Captain Video. WJZ (71 Fraser, News. WOR (9i Sports, Wismer WOR (9i-Health Show. (SMitei's. S. The Republican convention, - in Chicago would he picketed, under Ihese plans, if the strike 12:20 a.m.. WNBT 4i Daily Ser- font inues into' next week. The strike was called after jiiegotialton-; broke down yes-' jierday .'ifiprnonn on the union's demand for "commercial'' fees for writers doing sponsored programs. The Guild has also asked increases which would raise minimum pay from the present $1.!0 a week to $1G0 by next monette 12:30 WPIX i Ill-News. TOMORROW MORNING 6:55 a.m. WNBT (4) Daily Sermonette. 7:00 WNBT (4) Today, with Dave Garroway. 9:00 WNBT (4) Breakfast With Music. 9:50 WCBS (2) News and Pre- vues. October. A spokesman for the 10:00 WCBS i2i Arthur Godfrey three companies said super-Time. v isorv emplovvs would attempt WNBT Mi-Hollywood Play- l0 uke over "the writers' work. ,.. ,e-,.. v,.,... 1 The first pickets appeared in 10:15 WCBS (2i-MonunK News. W $i.oo viaie Sam Day Servico K Work Done In Your Homt a NO T.V. SETS PULLED 3 UncoDditiontUt; Grftnteed HONEST ABE'S TV j GE. 8-5940 . af WABD '51 Morning Chapel. 10:30 WCBS 1 2 1 Arthur Godfrey Time. "WABD iSi KiViieil Fare. WPIX (ID Your Reporter, 10:45 WCBS (2i-A! Pearce Show J.KGALNOTICES 19th dv of"Mav. 1952. uncTfiied with Hie complaint In the offire of tha lent or trie county ot Ulster, ainu-ston. New York. JOSEPH M. CAMPBET.I Kan., Attorney for Plaintiff. Offire and Offire Addrejia. 74 Partition Strppt. aUfrtEjiWHi CUUKJ, IVliNlTB WUflll Joseph Piazza. Plaintiff, againjl Emilia Nardi. et al., Defendant!. PYank R. Madera. Plaintiff'i Attorney. 66 Court Street, Brooklyn. N. T. Pursuant to judgment dated Juna 9. 1952. I will sell at public auction fYi Room 305Q at the Municipal Building. Court and Joralemon Streets. Brooklyn, New York, on July X. 1952. at 12 o'clock noon by Elmer Donovan. Auctioneer, the premises directed by said judgment to be sold, to wit: All that lot with the buildings thereon in Brooklyn. New York, situate on the north side of Vernon Ave. 200 ft. west of Stuyvesant Ave. being 40 ft. In width front and rear, by 100 ft. in depth on both sides, known is 881 Vernon Ave., subject to two mort-gsjfes aggregating JS.683.85. as same mav bava been reduced. Dated. Junej 11. 1952. FRANK Z. HAHER. Beferee jalWtTuW Kevin Kennedy. WATV (131 Western Prairie Theater, "Gangster's Den." 7:10 WJZ (7) Weather Report. WOR (9) Weather Review. 7:15 WNBT (4) The Goldbergs. WJZ (7) Sport, Tommy Henrlch. WOR (9) Wingate, New. WPIX (ID ovietime, "Uneasv Term." I 7:25 WCBS (2 1 Rain or Shine. 7:30 WCBS 2i Edwards, News. WNBT 1 4 1 "Those Two." Martha Stewart and Pinky Iiee. WABD i5-Serial Theater. WJZ (7 "The Names the Same" WOR i9i-Broadwy TV Theater. 7:45 WCBS 2 Perry Cmo, Mills Brothers, guests. WNBT (41 Swavze, News. 8:00 WCBS (2) Arthur Godfrey and His Friends. WNBT (4) Youth WanlJ to Know. WABD (5t "Midway." WJZ (7) Paul Dixon. WATV (13) Junior Town , Meeting. 8:,1 WNBT 141 Juvenile Jury. WABD 5 "Straw-Hatters." WPIX (ID-Ted Steele. t:00 WCBS (21 "Strike It Rich." WNBT i4l Television .- Theater. 11:00 WNBT m Josephine Mc- C.:thy Cooking Show. I WABD 'Si-K&thi Norris. 11:15 WCBS (2i Bride and Groom. WOR (9) Test Pattern. 11:30 WCBS (2) "Strike It Rich.' WNBT (4) It's a Problem, j WJZ (7 Kitchen Kapers. 11:45 WOR 9 Screening the I World. New York before the RCA F.x- bibition Ifali in Rockefeller Center at 4 a.m. in an effort to black out a 7 a.m. telecast., but the program went on as scheduled, without interruption. IMMEDIATE SERVICE WORK DONE IN VOIR HOME You CANT PAY MORE Than $950 on TV Repairs and Parts (Including Picture Tube) No Matter WHAT the Trouble! MINIMUM Service Charge s2.50 FACTOR V TRAINED TECHNICIANS 1-YEAR C.lAB. ON ALL PARTS I'NIFORMETJ HFRVICEMEN (NO TAMPERED SETS ACCEPTED) Brooklyn ST. 2-5203 Queens ST. 2-6046 JOIN THAMES TV CORPORATION' TlMwaMs f Ratlftfttxl CaMnmtT WOT tar ttrrvtreracn ar PErVLEHl 1 ,,hhT SCIENTIFIC TRUSSES Ta fit yanr tndlTldnal nerfle enr emerl. htlp Ma. NE. 8-2740 A DELPHI SURGICAL CO. em Failtoaj at., eff Lafayette Ave.. tVklTn fORr.ri.nsiBi'S I'NITBP PTATKS P I . T R I C f fOl.'HT. EAiiTEKN I.HSTRICT OF NEW YORK - In Ihr Malter of DOLViEK STORTING GOODS CORP., Bnkr ipt. Pur.'-uiint to an nroVr manp hy the Hon. Iuis J. Castellano. Rpfirria in Hankruptrj . in the above niattr-r. dated June 20th. 1952. notlre is hir hv uiven to all p-rnns and tatintc laiithorities having pptnions or rluinis ;for sdimnistiation i-xp'-ne!e aKainsl. 'the above nami-d bankrupt estate Isiihscquent lo the filing of ih- pelt-!ion for at rantii-Mient pursuant tr 414, arn rill i n a la re 1 iiapii -i .l oi no- nwiiui'io vi. fifl PER CALL PARTS to wil and on and after January 22nd. VU riijr p, A V (tBUirE'11. lo file all petition of claims PARTS Per Call AIL WORK GUARANTEED . DONE BY TV EXPERTS ART TV SERVICE IN. 9-1210 SERVICE TONIGHT jnrvic LM I JEI T IVE, therefor, dulv verified Hi the offil r tm crDu rc m ru unm? day of aukum I . a II. ULIIIIUL, IIIW. II. 1 HJ4 Notire is fill 'tiler given ON CALLS RECEIVED FROM of MEYER LINDEN B A I'M. the trlle- 9 A.M. to 10 P.M DAILY to '?;.'!! Si JXBd"" r?":i that. In me event or a ralllire o ani ol in shove named persons to so file iheo- lOlaims on or Derore jaia oaie tnev j-ill We precluded ftom making anv jrlatnis therefor nranut the e.itatp of ;lhe bankrupt and iKHinnl MEYER ajr 'MNrmNBAl'M. the Trustee In Bank- runtrv herein. Daied Brooklyn, New York, Jun Z' 34th. I9f.2. WILLIAM .1. HENRY. Attorney for Trustee. Office k P. O. Address. 277 Broadway. New York. New York. ! TRADEMARK NOTU E NOTICE" 13 HEREBY GIVEN "TH AT I California Wine Association. Inc.. a has filed with ths Secv. of State of N. Y ilaj tradanvarks "ELFVEN CEl LARS'' and "ADMIRATION" fo " wines and distilled spirits. I K;8-18t rSuHc) UNDER tha General Business Law, Artirle 34. Paraaron Oil Company, Inc. filed Mav a7. 1153 In Department. of State. New York, the trademark, aj PARALANT) in CUavat 15 tor hydro- carbon luhrlcatin oil. ' JeM-lt omit Su ESTIMATE ON TV REPAIRS Service within the hour, day and I n'lth' Uork done hy experla ia your home Written -W-day guaranlre I CALL Airway TV SfrTirs :ot Otlmu Ave., B'-lru DEwey 9-2450

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