The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1932
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Served by the United Press LE THE DOMiNAOT NWSPAP1S OP Cljlhevllle Dally News, lilylhevllle Herald"" *i<.i n r,! «.»... , ^. f M|vU j cvlno Cm ,rlcr, ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST UISSOHRl _ .=: ni.YTUKVlU.R AliKANSA^ TllUUSDAY. AI'Kll. -\S l'( AWAI VERDICT IN HONOR G.FARM BOARD'S WHEAT EFFBRIT8! Farm Board Money Well I Spent, Say Defenders of; Stabilization Program. list <>f three slorir.t on the l'i-d- VIill Kami Miiurd \vliicb is -oon |jl I* . inv<-s-(iiM(r<( l»y ;i SVtud- K>- ROUNKV mi-ruiKit NKA Service Writer :ht, 1932, NEA S:rvicc, Int.) WASHINGTON. April 23 -Thcr.-'s a wide spread or opinion bet the Federal Farm Hoard's ide.i its operations have been delinit-ly beneficial to the farmer, nuii- V.WD their cost, and the contention cl it.s enemies that (he entire Kum Board program h : , s wo-k' 1 onlv 1 harm. j The Senate Agriculture Cnnnnit- lee. which is (joing 10 investi^als the board, will try to give li»lu on Hint point. Some definite chums of iminj- lairt ncliieienienl, are made, lul only by the board but also bv such large farmer organizations "as the American P.irni Bureau Federation and the National Grange. Those two oiyani/alJons. however demand that the board be empowered to invoke the equalisation fee and the export debenture plan in | order to raise domestic farm prices. BOARD COTTON If liiM end lo end, (he 500- liouiul bales would reach from the cotton fields near Atlanta to lh« mills in Xew favor Chiefly, the arguments in of lhe board are that: 1—During its stabilization activities the farmers received from ->0 lo K cents a bushel abavc the world price level for wheat and thnt cotton growers were saved from $80,000,000 to'SlM.DOO.GW by loans find by stabilimiou opinions. - 3—The bo.ird has laid the foi:n- ..dntions'in what, is necessarily a slow process for ihc building of a sound, slablo system of co-operative marketing which may . eventually "place aBiicnltme on nn ?qinl basis with industry." . 30.WXI.OCO persons on very low- purchasing money spent has not investment The board's cnemifs counter thai t!:c eftecl of holding great hoards of wheat and ration and ti'-e necessary liquidation of tho;e stores causes more than jnoi]..|i damase to o(Ts:t any past tenerus and ilm by improper moihods the farms willi power, the beon a bad Immensity of the Federal F.irm Hoard's holdings of wheat and cotton is illustrated by this graphic 190.COO.OM he baked sketch. The board's uiKhels of \vhent coul<l i«to 8.500,000,000 loaves of brcatl or enotigh to supply every person in the world with 4!i loaves Tin board's 1,310,000 bales of cotton if laid end lo end, would extend from the cotton fields of nixie to u. New England textile dislrici or would HI 2G.2fi) -freight, cnrs mak "i_B-a_tratn 218 miles long ••'- , fl Little Rock Bank Head Draw Public Funds. By UAYMONU <:I..U>I>I:K. WASHINGTON. April •>». (UP) — , "me of the most iiupar(:int Iljjures , in eoneress ony relatives on (ho j official payroll. . | One of th; most eminent <tis- clawd today is Hie Democratic leader of the senate. Joseph T.'rjoh- »«»:i of Arkansas. He b allowed live clerical employes. They ;ue so- leclcd by iiim and paid out of'llifc .senate u[ij)roprlntion. Three ol' iliese Hvo are hisircln- tlvc.s. Oi:e b, a l:rother-in-law'wh6 K u Little Rock bank pi-esideiH and •dom comes lo Wa.shintlon Hs lhe .wnntor's conlncl man In Ar- tnnsns. Auoilitr is llv seiMi-j.-'s aged moihci-in-lnw. 'iiie thhd a nephew, works reeulnrly In the .s"n-' alor's office here. Senator Robinson cnnfjrmed ti-.c Information obtained by the Unit- ei! Prow bin. did not comment This info:mnlion is nol elted to sinelc out individuals. The praeiicc is widespread, ft reflects the same general attitude toward Ihc public's money that is shown j n llie , IU |J luxuries lite fancy mineral- vvat«r nnd free baiher, shop service to which the senators treat thcm;«lves generously. There is nothing m^z] nhout any of It. Congress makes it, 0 *n law.s. rne money involved in Hies-> eves inflividually U petty. '" Senator llobiiison's motli-r In .«' is paid S2.SSO , year. Am: 0ll , h me Boveniment »ots | from u the ;, Highlights in Massio Trial •1IPEH CENT CUT i < „ Weld ,\( Memphis- Declares Wot Season Weevil Mini- and Roll Help. But even Hie men of the grain exchanges ndmit that the f.-inncr who still had his 1030 crop late in 1830 received at least 20 cents a bushel more for it than if ibe board had not tried to peg the price It is alleged that much or most of Ihe crop was by Dial lima in thi hands of lire speculators, but romo of the fnrmerj; stm bad Roosevelt Says Nation! Should Follow Precepts! of First President. I RICHMOND, v a .. Apr. 2 8 fU p, iSci'viccs for Widow of Late -The .ovemor's conference -be-! Will.:BlackWOod Meld at Osceola loday. .illy no is In- lour iionin today, for , „ .......... "••• "iL-.\iiiiuria, d finally Washington, where to- mehl (he chief executives of more than ver at White four day ] Governor thirty states were to of. President and Mrs. a formal dinner at die Ark. Apiil 28.-Funeral services for Mrs. Mayme Will Blackwood formerly of Oscc- oin. were conducted here from the residence of her sister in law. Mrs. W. L. Moore at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Interment followed in significant in comparison with' (i- e «fevr' mri •"">• ln »'Bui Congrets itself is ,, ou . vor ^i I"S on the theory that if tltn IcalA fain i« stopped nt the bmvholc au effort shmild t^ mni ] c i 0n ,, on them .il Hio .spicyoi ,.. rt " n(0 ,' «oW'«o».'bcinjr.official leader of the Democraiic minority is allowed mie extra clerk. Ordln- ary senalnre must gel alone with tour.. Hut ibc actual, work "i ii liobinson'r, office is'done by (Itrce prisons, one .of them'his ncpl.'cw Joe Brewer, a capable young nmti anil a volunble pn-sonol 'scerelarv Mrs. Robinson's inothqr., nn elderly woman, is on' the payroll 1i s nssistanl clerk to the' "conference minority of Ibe senate." She does no work but live., with litr -relatives either hero or in Lilttc Ro-k Another .assistant clerk is Grady Miller, who receives $2.220 a year He i s Senator Robinson's brother-' MKMPHIS. Ajuil atl'iui'l - A trn |Ti- cent u'diicllnn In collon , !i.Mr».jL> is Inn-Mi'ii this sensnii by I PIHHIp 11. W-ltl, pie.sulent of the Nov. Ycife cniioii exchanjse. . "A rainy May nnd plcuiy nf toll wirvll will lie u un-ai thlnij lor the Scnilli." Weld to.'d Hie united PIUSS In discussing ihc .'ui<i' Milplu... of i-oliort airi ih^, low -price:.- "The rahr wiil cut oo«n Did -.acrcnoe am] n,,', weevil -will reduce tho yield," wns his j°i, "1 ™ y of ™' rt " (ll "S tni crop He would nnt i-omment on federal farm ta. 1r ,| 01 - ||. s t ,,,,. L , on Hie marki'thu; of wlmn auti fJIUtOll. Government c\trnv.i:;niice ralhct- than short .s?llln s .on ihn stocl: the . , by As for the very !...„ „., some officials of tlx; board's sponsored co-opcralives receive, it is argued lhat th? co-cperativM are really private concerns, privately organized and operated despite th: fact thai tl:ey do business u-ith lari:e federal 10,1115 ami are hence imrer a certain supervision by tfe board. Tho Matlonal Granec has decided ih.-u the tKXird. "handicapped by a measure Inadequate lo meel the nerds of a situation 1m nevcrthele.w conlribiued greatly toward developing and D. RoosevHl 1 . R "'' E1i M 5'CfS, pastor of the «i»:inur fiMigkim D. Roosevolt' " :1 ' r '" ftl >efs, pastor of the large salaries thai!' 5 York, considered Ihe pres-! p ' rsL Methodist church, officlaled. Lhe board's f non- ^.....? d . ms c »»^»1er for Ihc' I"''! le3 ™« «'«9 Ed Q' ll »". E^rl Democratic president iol iiominn- lion, last uiohl tic-scribed what ho . H - L. Quinn. Braxton 'Brag7 Turn-r :iud and . a c - B« w ei!. Tal Tonga to . Baker of believed Washington would do,,,. the present crisis. Clarence Wilson of Blylhevill. Kelieil on Farts. Not Th-wirs [ Mrs. Blaekwood, «-ho wa.s a '"° 'j- eiv York governor djscrib-j sister in law of stale iiiohwav rt?«,,rf S | . nsl °" as onc v -ho did not connni^ioner Dwichl Blackwooil uisiuro ins m,nrt by mere effort lo "f Lil')e Rock, died Wednesday ai I.ICDIICIIO conHirtin^ srlif>nu nf|noon at her horn-? in Little nock ' of cancer. She had ln-en il) fo,- a strengthening Ihe moveinciit. and. conHirtin^ economic theory. "To concern ourselves !?ss with realism of ex- UicoiT and more with a Based,on tho hard lessons long lime. is survived by -1 child Bliickwoo;). Will 'Jr.. 17. co-oi>:r;itivc fundamental Ions as i; is Isoi'mnncnt." 'ashincton. nnd nlso the! intent * of popular noosri-Mi declared. I and ['.ml. 12. all of ld ' continuing to .serve thesj ends \ "-Washington rer^ledlv emrln i '""' allc v ' as w.tli fidelity and efficiency, de- w.ecl tho responsibility of eovern- 1 ( ° b " l2 ' m>} s. Biackwood «'as 43 She vas born in yea re •^erve.s tlie supixirt of American n<-- nculiure ami the eiilire public." Nevertheless, ajserting that the co-oper.itir e riiarkclin; maehinery must b: further extended and ftreiiathctiud. it jays pointedly tint more .mention (o building from ttic bottom up and to farmer con- u-ol^are e.^nltal for thb develop- r,,',T!! C ,," Cl . hos . b:;cn .^-.-cry help- uient for agriculture. the daughter of the USlOlltV Of Fovprn- .-"". i>,i ^..,i:,iu,-j ui encouragement of I Mr ' al:d Mrs -.»'«* Hall, and was ^ i-n^i :„,.,„. „, vcarert here and made OscMla her lhe countrv This veal father of roncaledly of .- .,|run>. l'.t«.-illtllLy Ol tlic wisdom of rteveloning asricul- pilv that na- ful to the co-operatives." idont E. A. OWrnt ,,rAji, (ural aid. Wli.n ilional leadership i-iatinnal thniipm i lrls " heeded (hat prccopl." LEXINGTON, Va.. Apr. 28 (UP> -Tlie national Democratic mock convention of Washington and Lw home tin the death of Mr. Blackwood in l!m. whri: she moved to Blylhevlll: and lived there for s*v- in-law. where lives in Little Rock is president of lhe SoiillHvcst Joint Stock Land bank He spends most of his lime in Little nock. Miller was formerly .1.,,, 'U1JI1 L -|,^ Robinson's secretary here. Now he is described as the senator's tact man in Arkansas. He- handles, the United . ,„„ was told, hundreds of tolecnms and letters for Senator Robinson. He must use sleuographrrs nnd cierlcs in his office and lhat probably absorbs Ihc moncv be rerciv- fs from (he senatorial payroll. Trumann Man KillcH in Accident at Sikeston SJKESTON. Mo.~ .1. E. lUm- bury. ap:-d !S. nf Trumjinn. Ark was iiislontly killed Wednesday mornlnn five miles soiiUi of Siken- lon on Hl p lnvay fii. when a truck he was driving left llio highway after colliding with a corn nlo'm- er, and was wrecked. L. I-aF.irlelt. companion of Mnr- "ur.v. mirnciitoiisiy escap-:d injury. The two men were riding in the cab of the lurqo Irnck. loaded wilh '•'.000 pounds of rice ccnsiifTird from Jonesboro, Ark., lo Chicago. mcm -, Bellcvme. ,„.. constnS^n ! anj to a draft, placsrl with H,., armer., Bank am , Trust co pany here for coHeetlon.h as , Ca0 n". en P and therefore " Ol ,. y "' s MMI ~ ""^ lo Liltl ° j Wcs Dt-BroVfaimer of near"waT sn iitiir!" 0011 - i'!'.3«-s. helped lo build up Ihe morale of farmers who have been in co-operatives. We have them. fays Prcs-jimiversiiv has has inec for the presidency! Gov. nom- He ballot. was named on lhe ninth when California. Louisiana *IA.™ r -. """ ~.">»">i Louisiana 12.000 of .and Texas swunc their voles lo Ihc ,. r , I New Yorker's sid'. ,„ "«- ,S™.^! 1 ' dlsco " r . a 8 fd ^ In . f ° 11r °! 11 of »™ previous but I . surni,,, was handled, r , h.* , C St!l1 » 1 fc«lon activities in wneot and cotton were lion- en endeavors to do a Job for the srmers. If money was lost, it was lost lu a very B ood eatt'c." • • The faun .price siHiniion, naturally, has caused Mm ,> coaslderablc (r.itillnued on pase *) mock conventions the Washln"lon and Iff forecast has indicated cor- rcntly Hie actual course of history. • . * POTTER'S BAR, Middlesex England (UPl-The staves of the German airmen who perished when their Zeppelin down here In iai6 have been nov.-ited by Inral residents. brought Accompanying the todv lo Cs,'c- | o!a this nioriiins liesidcs Xfrs. Blackwood's chi.'drfn. were Hfr. and Mrs. Dwight Blnrfcwood nii<l Mi*. Tlelvd Martin of Little Rock. Salesman Back at WnA Following Accident E. E. Fletcher, local salesman, was back at work tcdav after su- slalnlnq slight injuries in an anlo accident on irishvar 61 below Dly- thcville Tuesday r.lght According (o reports Fielcher's oar, driving ncith. struck the fear end of a negro's trurk which was tnovln^ in the snmp direction. Charley Bark?r. Clear I-ikr constable, who investigated the c.ise. paid there were no charges In eon- i:ocjlon wltli (he aecldPiit. wlw was taking the coin Wanter lo the Ol naughcrty farm near Sikeston, said he saw the tiiicJc approaching, (hat it was moving from one side of the road thrown from the nml wos cr , ls h td the terrific wetohl. LaFar- said both he and (lie driver market wns blamed :; economic i!.lv« oijcratlons bv bull curators back M 1027 ml'chl l>c credited wilh slni-ifo;,, tli i; ((ciires- 5K11, but the. .sliorl sellers cannot be .bla«ii:il.-' | u . . sn id In defeiidin;. sellers." . .•"Conere.vs eaiinol ( io' ;uvny with snon sellhiK' because laws can- noi be jm-al io ,, revet n traders from loaning; securities. . Cons; liowever, tax- [he stock exchange oui nf existence. ' • "" the. sjovcrnment woidd rc- ui-ii iis exiwnscs a billion dol- lara a year by cllmlnalion o( useless dc|»rtnit-nus. nnd prohibition would be. abolished, economic con- i S -,, : "'°" W '"""St. themselves "I've traveled all over, lhe country and; flic O ni y I)laCB : ni)(| : reiil prosperity Is h, Wiislilnslon where- the \» ak 0 , n,,, |)OO|)le (VO| . |; lor ihe :;arenimeni." he said. Wold believes Hie I8lh ment will tv.u years. nmend- repealed in the next Missoiirian Who .'Gave Fake Draft Here Did the Same at Cavuthersvillc. . 56 nf>i P. N _ _ -tvi Mo., in jnii here. r?adily admitted tho forecrv here and n similar act at Caruthersville when confronted with evi- ence against him. Police Chief A >._0wyn declared. vpev placed the $500 on Hoffken Brothers con- srucllon company of Belleville. «'., with the local bank Tlie name.. "Eddie Hoffken" was sicn- ™,1° llli ! ''''?"' PUI «"bai'8er tli;n a checl: ainst lhe from Ihc slated. r. n fns- Ihc lii- was started. After he dealer sum save a local cai for a substantial nii'Oimi he was to receive , Tllinois company, it was The conslnirlion company ed lo honor the draft ami • ." /imjr n(* - "i unit Jinn ;u i VV.IIILKI oy into custody Piltsen- ofTicers at llnnisbnre. Art., in lo the other. MariNiry wns seal of (he lelt were do?,in». Dean of State Senate Files for Reelection . Apr. 28 fUPi— Arkansas legislators. J. Wilson of Fay- tils comipl prac instigation -..,,. ^.MHJHJ fill-M 1 ])- barser is .said lo have told police tic was familiar with (he company and belbvfcl the draft nii?ht Iw accepted as ihc r,rm member whose name he used, wns away from Belleville at ihe lim?. Further inveslignlion showed 'int Pitt.vnb.irge r had attempted .1 similar move at Caruihersvllle and had even giv?n a check to a negro church fund against nn amount he expected (o receive (hcve. He admitted bolli unsuccessful Dttemnts lo f-?cure money police said. Officers found n cheek-' book of a Rosebud. Mo., hank on Plltsenbart'Cr which conlajncd .checks filled out in blank and I signed with different names, all apparently in tlio same liandwrit- hifr. they staled. Chief Gwyn salrt a fonnal charge of forgery Is to be lodged ognlnsi pittscnbarecr today. Hc'ro^arc striking closcuja of (lie tlircc'priiiel|iBJs''im(j sketches'of outstanding incidenli, teslined lo In the Massle-Fortcscue "honor murder" trim in the' hands, of a jury In Honolulu.- Tile testimony ot Lieutenant Thomas H. Mossle ami Mrs. dranvllie- Fortesciie con- ccinini! the abduction nml subsequent'' murder 'of Joseph- Kilitihawa'i readied a climax wlien Mrs. -Timlin ,\ e delled the proscciietou in nn attempt to mnke her testify lo nn..ail(- s ed rift between her hus- t>aud- and | )m eK. Sketches show, top, luring Knhahawai from courthouse steps with fuke .summons. Center, nniHiis o! body In automobile as Mutsie and Mrs. Fortescuo drove toward Diamond ncad. Below, u sketch of dcrcndajiis i n C ; Flier and Companions Injjudgc Also Directs Imme- LJ L . 1 f~\ i 1 •*. K diate Purchase of Automobile Licenses. Harrisburg and Osceolai District Thefts Probe. MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thrct men, one a former Memphis avialor, .ere held todav Seven Blytheville mold-IMS were with here lion in connection of safe robberies eastern Arkansas. Both Memphis police ami knnsas authorities believe .~ ; a series ncon and In . in the r , rsl „ ( , r] ' they c uncovered a band that lias ii res|«nsib:e for bank robberies. shoutings and at least one kidnaping in Arkansas The men are: Arch stelcer, 35, former Memphis nviainr. S. J Hoolen, lormi'i- ni. (ounty. Willille of Ark., ollicer and l-Ved Woodstock. Tenn. The Ihn'c nu'ii are wanted by , tire pledge yesterday afternoon as The ;„, conncrlion wilh lhe iiivestljiallon robbery :nul jail break of a "here and are nbo to be questioned in connection with robberies near Osrrala. Ark. Sleiger, nrreflcd a fe'.v months nfio on a burglary ehnr»e. broke ,fdl nt llarrislHiri.;. officer.-; there charge. Ilootcn, who wa.s an otlic- 31 at lhe lime, is charged uiih aiding In the escape. WUIiile also Is wanted in connection with the burglar) 1 rhavgcs nntl jail break- Ing. Insiicclnr Win. T. Grifllu was to question the three today In connectlou with several safe robberies in this city. Warren Paper Wants Futrell for Governor WARREN. Art. Apr. a top)— An editorial in the Sagls-Demo- crat here today proposed the drafting of Chancellor J. M. Futrell of Paragould as a candidate for governor. It asked the people "to prevail >n the chancellor to announce for Democratii; nominal ion." •leniiist mo'.orlsls who' have failed to secure 1932 city licenses. Five were required lo pay iln pdtleO penalty of J2.50 in uddition (o Immediate application for citv li-. ceiuie. and payment, of Ihc regular dollar fee. Arthur Fr.izicr lold the court l«' had already pureluwd a rlly (ay and (lu- charge against, him w:is diMUU-:eii. M. Copelaml. who udinillrd he diil nol have a license and used his i-jr for his business, wns let off without penalty 0:1 assurance that he v.ould purchnw a cil.t- tns iiiimedintely. Penalties of 62.50 each, "Icr tlic tioiible and expense of bringing joti into coiiri", were meieri out to the following v.ho worn also required lo secure tacs: Charles Nichols, nesro. Afr. Kisvll, D. J. Allen. ftr-Nii Tailor shop by Day- moml Fs«ny. and nob rti-m. ' ! Percy \vhite an<t o. T. Williiv:- ' ham, parlicip.-ints in a iii'i^hbor- i hc<xl quarrel, wore fined K3 each j byi Aclin«f Judge Virgil Oreetv r>n ' charges of disliirbing Ihe peace hy fighilng. The flues were ordered held up by (hi- court prartins good behavior and Hie rerralion I UjJI Tip Defendants Not in Gqiiii- voom as Their Fate Is Deliberated. HONOLULU, T. n.. April M tu l'i--A comnnuiliy nrlpiml-JiKiien. -' : i"n wiiltixl nervously ludjy'':-.for the jm-y'h vcrdltl In ( """' Knlmliiiwnl hnnnr slaying Wlilli: lhe half n, s slujvrs. Thorny M .. y( ,,.. inoihe'r-ln-'iuw, imd j.;.' J. f,nfcRi'ii<! A. O. -Joncji, u. y. sailors 're- mnlned ui i-rarl , Harbor base, Honolulu ;w n.whole a' llHr Jury's rcliu.n.'v'. '• . I'Otir lordkt.s wcre'|ios.-:lhlii,- not mllly to i-uiliy of ,!,.(„., ler. or not { .|,|iiy by reason sanity. - .•/;-". Any urn; of Hie defendant';' 1 .who witally killed Hi,. ,,nlhi.. hi'if- "'Jise for n n -ittlavk on Mur^Uy.s younrj wife. Thalia Porlcscnc Massic, t-oulil In: convicted or iicmih- ted M|iar.-i(cJy. - TlK Jin-./ :-clinii:d to the coiiri- room nf ll:iio fi. M i 1::!0 ,, M Ceiilrnl Standard time) niKf-!iu- continue deliberation Ilu'ie wns hothlnejh the acllfln 31 Hie Juror.* lo.l;id!e,ilc uuy trend Almost, uvqryuic!- iii-i'dli'tcd' 'it deadlock'.('. . • '.*."£':-'<',.' ' Grady Miller . Girl Stole $2,000 Ring Miss., . l^ke "View -i - '-ro^d, him of o $J,000 d|or:K>ncl pints'- and '125' ln-,cash.. :•'-.':' <Si, •••. . "' ; • .'. According to Miller '.he moWuiss ' p.tflgfi .in.a hotel elevator and invite! tiff -la his room X K,-' VflrliA" M|s s t BlgBs denies the charjro. Stir says she formerly., lived .at Jackson! Miss., and Monroe, La . ,. . CUraBftw Will Make New Pkture (or Fox BOLLYWOOD. .Oal. ,\pi 5S (UPi —Clara Bow, wb 0 reii H( | f roni motion piclures more thnn n ycni- aso and married Rex Bell, will re- Uii'ri lo Hie 'screen in a -T"6'x~l)T^ d-jctlon, "Cnll Her Snvaae." it W as announced today. ••• •. .-.-., She will piny the part of a" girl of mix:d blood strains whose elfib- (ions affect the lives of numerous men. Tlic contract she signed .' wilh Fo.v Is for one picture with an option on her services for a nerles. Although financial consideration was no! announced it was reported the actress will receive between SI2S.OOO and $150.000 for cadi picture. ' Rev. J. Abner Safe Lead Singing at Revival Rev. J. Abner Sage, for • throe years dean of music of Emory University. AH.inM, On., and for the past fcurteen years de-tin . of music of Southern Methodist. Unl- vrn-ily. D.ilb.s-, Te.vns. since "Sep.*. 1M1. one cf Ihu merpct-rs 'of n commission to edll n new Inimral for all MethMlist rhurt-hc.s.' : ,in:l present pastor al td'CIor. Ar.'i.. I liavo chaipe nf the' ringing; iu Ihe revival al Ihr Fhw, Metliu- ciKI church. May 1st lo Irilh. llev. S!>ce choir director at Wc:;- leyan Memorial church, ihe inr;- esl church in Atlanta. (V.i.. -.iiul for ten years choir lilrecior ,"ol Hie First Methodist church, rini- las. Texas, rei many jean, hi-; glee club. reiK-esenlinr; Southern Methodist University, obtained in- tional iccocniticn. Hi" can nol only get others In PB- lul as a MSYM i>: a r.-i'o:- of hostilities In llie nrlphlxirhood "'EATHER ARKANSAS—Cloudy with local showers tonight and Friday. According lo the official weather observer, Charles Phillips jr., the minimum temperature here yesterday was 4« decrees and the maximum. « degrees, clear. Today » year ago the minimum temperature was 45 degrees and the maxiimun, 74 degrees, dm, FLASHES BANKHF.AD HOI.nS SEAT WASHINGTON, April M (IT) I —The mute- itxUy recognbttd ' John M. Rankhwi n» a rrrolir- ly rlcctfrt D»m«ra(k senatar fiv« Alabama. The action ins ukcn when the MIU(« upbeU the AttMen ef || 6 prtvlleites mi tltttbra committee whkh r««tUMnikd by a «ae vote ma«tia Uuit Emklwid be rcccjnlzed u>d Uw cwi«t traufhl by f»mvr Senator" J. Thomas Httta ke dJmhwd. Thi- vot» -nt U i» 18.

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