The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1932 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 27, 1932
Page 5
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Ho had Ireen fighting off this feeling of futility for weeks. He awoko with U in the morning, During the day ho seemed able to shake It on but when ha was tired o.' when his brain lagged as It did now it returned In full force. "What I need is a holiday," ho told hlniBclf. lie rose and strolled about restlessly,-picking up small objects and putting tliem down. Us supposed Ttuth would bo quite late. Slio was playing brldgo at the Hamilton's and they had planned to go later to the clnD to dance. He might us well go to bed but since he was not In the least disposed to sleep he- wandered into tho garden, lie stood thcro gazing up at the cold, remote. Inaccessible sky. as if tt might provide an answer to bis problem. It was a perfect fall alght. There was a cool, high wind from the west and a strange stillness seemed to brood over all. U was always quiet there but tonight seemed especially so. Thus it was that when a epllttlng sound suddenly rent the stillness the listening man felt his nerrcs tingle with annoyance. Thero was a grinding ot sears. There was, Just once, a faint cry. Heath began to run tn the direction of the- noise. Down the laae he went, hatlesa, a tall man In a dinner suit, - When ho reached tha Intersection of tho main road he was breathless. Kt looked to right and left aud for an Inrtant could see Dothlut;. Then a Illtlo wa> btyond he taught Bight of a IMP, (re?bound shapo at the side ot the road. Ho walked briskly In Its direction. For a moment Heath thought tho ear was empty. • Then just ho discovered what hfs nearsighted oyes had previously missed. Two (all, young figures, A girl nnd a man. Itoltof surged over him nnd auger, too. "Young fools," he muttered. "I might Jmvo known (hero was nothing really wrong." Ho slurtcd to return to his n.ulet garden when something about tlio girl's poeo arrested him. A fragment of what she was i-nylug reached blin. "I tell you I'm not going. Nolh- IiiE could Induce me to!" fTMIEUB Bcomcd to bo BomctlitiiB A tremulous and appealing about tho voice. Heath squared his shoulders. Ho was » thy man hut a conscientious one and ha thought ho had no choice. His long legs brought him in a-few strides to tho quarreling pair. "I bog your pardon," ho 8.ild quietly, addressing tho girl whose face was only a wl.ilo blur in the darkness.' "Is there anything I can do? I thought 1 heard a crash—" Ha was shaken when tha voice that answered proved to be that ot hts secretary. Trembling, oiclted, yet unmistakably Susan Carey's. "Mr. Heath!" th'al Voice said. "I wonder if you would bo so awfully good as to take me back to the Ackroyds. I'm staying there and tho others liatro gono to another parly and I have a ragiui; hcaJ- ache." . Heath loncKilee his surprise. "I should bo delighted," ho said. Ignoring her escort and wishing he had not left his eyeglasses on his study desk. Thesu tall, young ruffians all looked alike. "1 should be delighted," he repeated, Th« youth, tali something In low voice, too low for Henth to hear. The older man waited, embarrassed. Then he felt a light touch on his arm. "Shall wo start now?" Susan said. 8he wna trembling. "You'd better keep hold of my arm," he admonished her. "These roads are full of ruts if you're, not familiar with them. I can walk them in my alecp." Ufa manner was «a calm u though nothing unusual had happened. "We'll go «Jong to my house iind pick up a car," he continued. "It's too far to walk all the way anil you'r« cold." Sim began to speak all In a rush, "1 think I ought to explain," Coldly he «aid, "Don't toll me unleds you especially want to," "Oh, but I do." Sho via shiver- It If you don't mind. yon He-ho enld dreadful (Lings." Sho felt tlio mnn'n arm stiffen under her ilogers and hastened to amend v;lmt tlio had said. "Oh no, don't he nngry." she ueggoil. "It koumla \vor.w :lian It was, really. Ilo inaullcd my trloiidu —mndo fun of thorn—nnd then he Insinuated—" "Yes?" llio man's voice prompted. 'Insinuated what?" "Ho—ho'J boon drluklug," Susan told him. "It wns nt tlio club. Then ho nud another boy fought. Oh, It WM horrlblo!" "Sounds rather rqwilylsh," commented llcnlh dryly. TMJE ivholo' affair offended his scnso of fastidiousness. "I shouldn't liavo come," lh« girl rushed on. "It was all a mistake. My aunt GMrt EO and she was right." Plloously she demanded, "Do you suppose older peoplo always know best?" "J'vo heard (t said but I'm not sure it's true." "Well, nuyhow, wo wcro driving and he nskeil mo 1C I wns engaged to Den. Ikn's poor," H ho Intorpolal- cd. "Jlo doesn't belong (o this crowd any more than I ilo." "Well, what was It ho insinuated?" Heath asked. "Whoever the young wan. ho needed a thrashing. They were almost at his own front door now. Tho llslitn stream- Ins out of tho lower windows 11- lumlr.iM tho glrrg pa:o lace. "What ho said wns that ! was a flirt—that I wfcEii't being fair with Ben," she told him with passionate Indignation. "Was all?" Heath was so relieved his voice was almost amused. "All?- sho echoed. "That's enoush! H was so stupid rniyway. The whole evening was horrid, not a fill Ilko what I expected, tt wasn't any better than n west side dnnco hall." Bhe finished with superb disdain. Jlc-aih liail loil her to the garage find was helping her into tho cur. "So you thought wo did things better up here, eh?" ho Inquired sardonically. "Too bad you were "Harvard League of Nations" CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP) — A group of Harvard undergraduate* have begun organization of a permanent "Harvard League of Nations,""in which students from all countries represented In the university would have membership. ay uu MKt me. ^^""""""""•"••"•"•••••.^.^ "I llwuiiht—od i dou'J inow what I ^bought," fho faltered. "Anyhow Its over now nml I've learned a lesson." "'" !? "K |lts of another ear waa showed vn tho drive. Hcalh disturbed. Und luck Hutu's golllnj liacfe just theu. lluth would l>o cer- tnlu in mlsuinlorslanil. lie turned otl llio Ignition, muttered "KxcuM ma H moment," to Susan and Jiniilieil out. Tho lights of th« Hamilton* 1 car sw.out nrouuit the drlvo nud ho could ECO Itiilh. hold- Ins her furs sujicrbly about her. SOI'iK "n tho flHjgw path. H« would hnve tu explain. It would b» bolter that wny. Slio turned as b» balled bor. "1 thought you'J bo tn bed ho*n ago." 'Ton't hither to ting. I liars * key," ho told hor. She, t.iccd him | n tho Imll, nicking her eyes Insolently over him. " lvl1 " 1 . <ui rarth havo you boon Your hntr'i blown erory Royalty'* Fancy T«rw to Palace Garden LONDON, (UP)— in the iprhuj oyally's fancies lightly turn to noughts of — gardening and Jrlght clotlivs. uecn Mary Is personally super- iKentllng tho laying out O f tho ardons at Buckingham Pujaro. "resiiire o( ciigagGiiicnIs. however, KTOIIU her donning the leather loves and linen apron Mic wears t Sandringham. As usual, tlie Kins <>n<l Qiiccn nive chosen their Uvorlle okl itMiloiicd flowers — ceriinliiins her un (o? way." He ljegan haltingly to tell hut she Interrupted him. "Some Klrl from that Ackroyd chlWs ir.irty?" slio Inquired. "Yes, they wero tearing things up at the clnh, llonny said. A rowdy young crowd, I can't tlilnk wliy I.olty Ackroyd pernilla it to go o». Of roiirsu she's never homo ntid Mr*. Klenry Is Just a feuruhend." Patiently lle;ilh pursued his narrative, "nut you ilon't understand, lliith. This glrl-sho'n Miss Carey." "\Vho on earth—1" Then tho woman's face hardened. "Not—oh, you can't mean—thin Is loo Tunny!" "It'a very nwknnnl." ho nald quietly, "hut o! courso I'll aeo tlmt alio gets homo nil right." His wife's C3'C3 narrowed. "Slio'a clevpjor tlmn I thought," sho said Icily. "She's determined to ho noticed. Thin was as good » way u any." "Don't bo foolish," Heath salcl sharply. "The girl's cm Innocent aa a chllil." Itnth dropped her wrap on a chair and reached for u clgaroL Her t-rows woro mormy. 'The whole story nounda absurd," nho naltl, "and I warn you It you (afro this gtrl homo now It will be tho worst night's work yoa'vo «er dono In your life." "I don't know what you mean." Ho turned to go. "Don't you? Well, perhaps you PAGE mm |»nslts, slockB, asters and wallflowers. Me*n«hUe the Kliij has turned Buckingham palace |ard«ns Into a hlrd wncttiary. The gray squirrel, chief *nemy o( London's wild birds, liu <turlnp recent years been to active u to make these sanctuaries ,a necessity. Tlic Prlnv« of Wales has cliosei) to drck hlmsclt In brlBht colors. He has chosen shillings In tifnatl sdi|Hjii puttcnis of reds and blues on n wlilte ground. PORTLAND, Ore. tUPJ-ProimH- PrwioUr ila4 "NaUraT er Joe Walermmi knew lie had a "naturai" wlien he signed Ah Wlrig' U«, PortlatK) Chinese bmttler, to nghl, " St»o Hlr'akaw, Jjparwse cJmhploii, In 'the Jat- , ttr's flrat bout In a, United B'.ttes Veteran AfraU t* ( « HM» LONDON. (UP) - Gewje -Bennett, 33, a truck driver, who was wounded S3 times In the war, said Iw was afraid to go IronW because h« had been robbed of the money, when lie was charjed -with cm- »I85. Read Courier News Want Ads WAS EKPec-fiMG T<iR I WOMPER IF Vaa LET ME r/AV/6 Me, ok/ER BOOT'S AND HER BUDDIES OlIK SI'KNOK! By Martij SECOND HAND FURNITURE See Us First R. J. Dodson Ml-3*3 E. Bfate Alabama's Cotton Queen While other southern slates arc pondering selection of Ihclr roy«l rcprcsonlallvcs, Alabama's 'Oovernor B. M. Miller named Miss Helen Stuart, Montgomery society belle, as Cotton Queen of the state. She . B-111 represent Alabama at the annual Southern Cotton Festival in Anderson, 8, 0., In May, where other cotton queens will be present will ono ot thcso days. under her mocking laughter. {To Us i.'ontliiuod) West Point Cadets Put on Their Working Tog usually in colorlul, full-dress uniform that the cncicts of the U. S. Military Academy appear when they arc on ixirade. But here you see a division of the slurtciu soldiers in rough-and-ready field uniforms, and carrying packs, during.a working inspection West Point, N. Y., the other day FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS TRY THgIS ONE! T-IEtJ ~itn> TAure A ce op (/.E A> J ' LET HIV, THE SC£|JT IT— WASH TUBBS MEETS HIS .MATCH! HE'S 8WON\IN& I SO LOMjet). A w / SORE, I\E HEMW | WHAT N 6UU.V NOU I frRE. 8UT. FCUA, \NCXJ CWT «T. fOUtJE TOO FM. Too JtOtM. I HM> KO ^!>t^ SUCH * -SOFTIE.

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