The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York on August 19, 1906 · Page 13
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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle from Brooklyn, New York · Page 13

Brooklyn, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1906
Page 13
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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. NEW YORK SUNDAY. AUGUST 19. 1906. ! Brooklyn 5 MAY BEDFORD'S engagement, he death of Frederick Leighton Mrs. Pearl Craigie's icr's home in Lancaster e news that Mrs. Spen- r Trask i the former Miss Kate Ni hoi, f Brooklyn), for the benefit, of 1: - 1 spend several months in a onely Island of Lake Geo-ge I Society thrs week. It Is proving an tin- , largest American ommerrlal interests . '. k. ,e k...' .. ! usually quiet summer upon the whole, abroad. Mis. Cralgie was. nevertheless, I j rake in quant 1 1 les un, ,i !i ulc I,:.'- ha ve been with not very much of real Interest a.i an important and frequent visitor upon Other Gifts Include a Church, a Par-1 provided for the County Clerk's little Phoenix Company Will Furnish the By jlXU'S CHAMliini. the d,ys pass by. the Heights. Mrs. Josiah T. Mareaa, of sonnge, a Seminary, and Library I Oat'nt' to.Tr'nce.'We" VangeSelu Necessary Material-Work to Be The Bedford Engagement. WUow atmt. was ""Jv JW and Piano for Firemen. having been made for their transpor.a. Finished in 1909. Miss Bedford's engagement came as a 6 dinners and lemngs Mrs. lion from the scene ot the festivities to "Now. we are In Dundee." began John est momenr. 1 here,,, , ould I se; all dnuVe good deal of a tonz Ee It had "e !ulrean aVe in n"r bonar hcnever Mrs. ' their re.ldence. by the committee of Stirl!ng .,UlrT aD absence of a quar,er at reS, Kiery ,mporlant tr...s. lion I .h. Bertfnrd family In -' i,. Cralgie came t o New York. These enter- (Special to the Eagle ) rangements. With the assistance of Bridge Comma- ' ,0 Btaw of '''" myst. rious customer known to the Bedford family conncc.ioti Wmo mH ',,,. ,.v,... sioner Stevenson the Rvan & Parker, ,mur' 1 naT re.i.rnec lo ln was firmly impressed upon the ab isif and close friends for some week, hul . tainments became red .etter nights in Suffern. N. V.. August 18 Mrs. Thomas ! s.'oner 8 cCDSn- "f Ryan fc I arker m. WfHt A , M(j yQU my 4rwMM my m .,unry ,,,.,., ,la,,.. when he the first intimation Society (...rally hoi and will always be romcm- F. Ryan. wife of the New York financier MISS SUTTON ON HER DEFEAT. ZZTZ Z 1. buiM CeM ' " f :'" ' '" " ,be of it wa a startling announcement out i bered' 1 ney gaVe ,he fam0u5 auihores who boughl lhe Equltable Life Assurance 1 . awarded the contrail , Ml id ih, "lyoA Mj. ftMlUt spirit nndl had mf .B',, excla med : or It was a sta lling announc mem out wry deflnitP part , Brooklyn's life. Society. Is regarded as a patron saint by r I rt, A V A TV, superstructure of the Manhattan Bridge. ( iim . ,,or a , im , mBaert , ' 'Be careful, no'. ' Kvery . heriahed b- h b eZE r ,.,!. ulien I re:,,,,.,, -he r.r-.v .Md .,., d.d I Tler a JX'MzWdk.r:;;'::-; :;:;.;;;,;,,;1;,:::n:;;; x -r:r;-' ''brriu r,:,::t';:;;:ir-ir:';,ri;-r-'';r:; r:rrLrran,r: J ; -iiiMMir rsvr ,;:r:: - - tprr :ar:;.;r'::..;:::;;;,',:;:1 - r; ,,t..:: ;f r--1 " - no' drive nd nan no. n a mo .1 mst MtT V '(M , ,, , ,, pany. and nstructe.1 tm:;)i.-.iioner Sie- . , ,, . , , , , 1 tt'l:h; "" lor ""' ln'-'X- car. except for fun. and. according to K MHi MMJWSL- WUEBHmMma i internal iona contest. ' r0,raci to tho dp- 1 ,o1''' "'"' '"" " of "Hc.ble re ' l T Bedfo.ii lhe cominc vrif') fa 'her IkHrS: ' . - ; 5'?3I "The reason that I los' to Miss Doug. ,. '' " "w"'" . w, . chief physician at lhe great Mortiingde from in,- to h in' UV-n' v. rige i,,.,t I I, is not especially exp-rt for an Z- 1 ' HBLgHLgHi ' " "' 'ha' mv Prkpr '"' Thc ih" b'"- 1 teur. Thete is mu - .-SSHHQ m'.Do" T' 'T' '"'''" ".'r's"'"",? manuka" dt" 'hp "rhK"';"' ! 1: ViZy engagemct. nevenheles,. the news HHHHnHHy(HBH hei, form h.i i , , M companies of Pennsylvania. lo .ee Bruce. reached h,a bona. je.,e , . ,. ,lr h;!j,. his brain . columns tf the Eagle ,,a- a WWU'tsmmmmWMMBBM .ie " Tha U n t.7 f fmed a combinat ,.,. which assumed J"" w"1 "'""nn hJ" r;k m:'k" i l 7 ' it " T Vi" n ! I lined. Miss Bedford's bridegroom is a tMST ' dally visitation to the Asylum. Hs '' f " "'"' ; boo. ,l,,:t first lieuter.ant of ' , ; ,?tfm mProvement In W1! time was solely imD8albie to determine whether or WM W'40 to ,M m Ba iMl.tefl that UteJ trgnaactlons 1 omoared Ithem wit 'S excellent scries that we played and was n"1 K "'"Teef'S'beitln'thi t'0M 10 ask' '""' lv" pa,s,'d ll',l8hl1"1 ' ', n" 11 1 ' 1 ' 'tv'csiom, r' way. Up to this summer V. h been a ; WSSKBlF i e ,f H ' t J I half hour together. and a.. .Iv im.uv.s.siv.,,..,. that I Brooklyn -osident. making his ho.',,, at 0.4 . . J , '' fullon- " ' '-IH champion w. s r td . T me Z, one " ".e gca, Ins- i- ,' ' , 'I M'',. ( mo ,onrtrP. ,,,. 0 ,.,-h ,v. . , i wn. Jacob W&namaKjr's Old Mill, Suffern, N. Y. ' m. u u- m , 7 b , u i rarB" ,Jllll"i um "i 'o . ,.,,., ...lirii. u... ni.,ine on a "h10- ,1"'t' is 'he demonsifHiion. You . Christian Schiotl. the mu,. at. It was Mrs. Barge:- Wallack. After that, she suiting engineers of the Bridge Depart- lnp an''1" ,,Jr,,s- ar"n8 on a , , . , at a musicals given by tits j.Mlhur that : 'said, she would go to Cincinnati, where , whl) , lvas ...,. , , sudden impulse. Dr. Rruee said: L, B New fork ret mr bool usreS'to he first met Miss eBdford. Mrs. Spencer Trask, It Is Said, Will the good people of Suffern. The sisters would .nt WlffMll tout nan it iBt. ' , l:ampanv. whicn " -No; come with me. You will no, see , , , have , lnfora vn ,, ;;.s ,M It I. the story of a very plucky for- Try Tent Life. " 'harltj of the Good Samaritan Hos- 'on' " ' ' Ms, M1.....1 ., , . s(,,.ring the con- anything disagreeable. Now that I think "n s rvles are ,n h,,-. ills , ,i. Kmit- j eigner who did not know what obstacles ,, .R, HWS ot ,e (lav.(0mes Brook. Pal of Suffern and the S. Vincent Hos- ,he ,,, a moJmrQt ,n J.rH The objPct of the combination of It. 1 believe yon can be of use to me. ' i'r,9 were and surmounted all of them. Lieu- yIl.i'-1ne,t dutlnwlihed n"al of New York regard Mrs. Kyan as International Tennis Tournament. In ' was to dls.-edlt the Ryan A Parker Com- We have a pat lent here from t he States Cin The latter lum ll on depoatl m 'he tenadt Schlott had no idea of staying (.cn, . MrS s ai . Tr,k Mrs. ' Steal benefactor, she having turned which Mrs. Astor. lhe elder. Is much In- pany , , ,.v,.s o( ,he ,.hy authorities, who has been asking n.e to let him meet ;. Bank In your nam- and is , H a ving on tone leaye He aw that a start was dls1"l' lln8 for some months, does not " ' " o a , , 'roublM hvf "Ppe,r.:.l in ,he public , tract. 2"' ' ." humor b,S W,,h f0r pleted. s, ,fn., , ,, lh.. .ht. I h h ded d k the ftr t o ' ' "Mm 10 ylel1 ,u "'""' HDd nonie " h ' !" for Mme time and who left sud- when the condition of affairs was "f' " a y ar e.( reason why - should remain here portunity that offered-, clerkship in the '"a .-.-..r.Hn to -Iv"' Mrs'' Trask ' 1 m.s.loner Stevenson be Informed tho IU him.' I .uggs.t.d ! o,;;.0"'' mh'' " ''"t' ,,""c?t W" Wells Fargo Co. The navy man made a U ' '"'"'" " 'Ve 1 ! ' sit a"" lulk Vhen , r "pr.'i. -e'V. ",T rrWm. goodclk. it But this was only tern- . . 1 the combine that If tney persisted In with him.' replied Bruce. L 1 ffi . i i J? I porary. it was at this time he ""at , I ,- ' i .'. h e h ,- ""'ir al",ml" 10 Prevenl the Ryan & ..Aftcr ondos9 corridors had been trav- mrlor fnme' Tof mind I took 'my rail'tlS i to Mr. Bedford, and in true European ' Lake t,eoie;. closing N r beau- I I'arker Company from seenng steel in I . 'T,,,', ,' 1 m,.! ".l - nod he, In 1 i,.i,; aoba hi for hi sgnthi,,'. '"ful '' "' ' ' 'ounny home. V rldo. ', ho hu , lhe open market the city would prevent ' , ' ' nrs ,mn . ' " i, , , ,..., j Mr. Bedford had but one objection, and . - ' . fMP" -f'r1 'JI W ih.- d.vire.l effoei. and the ban on Byan from the main building." continued John i l0 you. He , V S.-ot.di Cov. nanter j for his daughter's going to Norway. Gayety at the Westharr.pton. aJlil' wOljlaB'' SB ...J1'" "r" , "'.'k! l! H'1oero"e on"" he broad pond, V 'he ";.hya ,"l ' mlZ Do' o,,'kemv.''as ! he nded to carry his bride away: . tni8 wteK u oucnpe pnrly and a dinner.' BHHBit' LIW'fcf'TW I MH iy ffifBSfKHLi : !!' M"""1'""" I'"1 : "," of the room ann a, a wlnnow. gazE upon a! ".' remained in Kdinburgh three weeks. nrnhlem was worked out but at all ... w, t )( & Parker's action has met with ork man ee TOU. miliar spirit, and paid six months' ke! pyooiem u woraeu out. out a an M,gg FInron,.c ,, lvliS M?a Anna y , - . - ..-,-' ' the full approval of Commissioner Sle- "The patient turned slowly, and with as a sola, e lo the Institution. Then, on events early June found Lieutenant , venson. who was anxious to have the considerable dlgnlly of manner and. be- 1 Power of ation.ey whi, I, my friend Schlott with his own business-,, concern ,,.,,., V4S ,V(... ,..,,.,.,,., . contract for furnishing the eel work fore he looked into my face extended hi. :,VV m"' 1 V. Z, 'IT f.W rnzxr Aau,r "it""" Vqj ;h: -:' 3S"PSr it r:1 I E.STr..1", BSH;ES ?fcllgli,tiif1l Brooklyn element attended, Good Samaritan Hospital, Suffern, N. Y. t'lmcand"" a a't isfacln'ry manner. the man whom face and (Igure had been 1 '-I'"!'' K"Klif.h valei and a matronly izztz zy::zt. i :?7TzfLz : rr,:K'r rrnLugriner-th:";:. . . S J" ; f ; Miss Bedford and her lieutenant are lil'r'z,i 1,nn"8 ' any Krra' oxient. i.ep- nn(1 fL.Mit of al knds abounds there, series of separations and divorces. Mrs vM (e ,,, ,,,,),. , niWadelphln. h ,,nknrt .lm,v "J0 ' n o nie-nere the catastro- be married from the Bedford's big coun- ; "sealed in the pa, ron-sses lis, uere .Mrs. rhe estate Is Just at the bottom of the Brady having come , him when Mr. Th Pomp!,nv ha8 agreed to give the " ! " c lo7v,a v ,' VZ d thine in e ok ,,h, hut t house at Greens' Farms. Conn.. Rodney A. Ward. Miss Baylis. Mrs. James , hU1 upo whUn 8ilP Montc Bello. the fgty ly v riouslv ni in Manhattan, re- ,nanfarture of the steel for the Manual- n " bl"M:a' nL'T",l,men,1 ' 'Z' .he omr.t, V, h'. tor t lXthS Bedford having purchased Ihem a home In the Thousand Islands. People here have a great veneration for When thonewaparmen gktJed AfOttna r.nrtl idp nf ,he rive, will be furnished Vork?. LJd hi?d adjoining rooin. One" n'ornlng 'D,and Clty' . Brooklvni.os amone ihem Mr and Mrs ' buildings are over 100 years old, a.,,1 wif ,,.,.. Mll ,lr n.adv ' "I do no. P2:''" W'V '"h.. h. i l. ! All he slammer. 'But I didn't know him as , l" "!?., '"T !"s .,' ""'":,n.'on I ''P..r,m,1"f.' ' ..j,.w t-ii.i- . alByKester c ,i i. Mr r! Mr M.nllard " . . . I'""..'" . 7 1 "njiuing 8.1H1 aooui my return, or matePal Which Hi- sbtapa ny ll to m.mii- , t lark. the table lav a package and n small let- TT" 8"7" T ' ! . Canda. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick w. , evolutionary oaya. taies oi meetings or . ui auaira .i r. r, . my- :ir n I I at the Bridge .. He (old me that was ,he name under tor. both addre, to me. The package Brooklyn Bridegroom, Dies Wnr.ier Mr and M-s Will, , ll x.,, sler I Rold"'r boys of lhe early " wlth tbe,r exeeni oursHa " interests none r)l,partmPnt ,h morning, will be dellv- wh.h hp w,shnd to bn k0wn; but his conlain-1 n will. prop, rly elected, leav- i Suddenly, Mr. and' Mr.. Kdgar F. Luck-n.,,,,,. Mrs! and interesting legend, are j Th'r(, wpre 0V(.r tw0 hundrPn christian l", Z',TrZ of the contract, "al ' he whispered it , J 'Z'ltoWr IZVTZZV There will be many regrets over I Henry B. ;r, .ninan. ilr aii'i Mrs u,lllllm PPNunlod , ho neighborhood of the; Eodeavorcrs on .bo Cedric in ,he llJtSoSi There couldn't be any mis- Zr, e , r , o.ttalned only these . Frederick Leigh, on Harris' death, two N. Dykman. J. Annan Dykman. Mis: Kthel " nresented Geneva , onferen.-e. ,he second class ", ".V lJ "'.i! 7J" Vhi. . h. . K , .., ' nov",. i,' W ' u ",',', "t T'l'v . Joshua W. Barnum place at Hempstead, and Mrs William Herri. Mr. and Mrs. , ,' , , ' 1 ledlous immlgraiion samlnallon and ,'',',, . ' ,,. ,, .,' ' .,,i,mi. , doctor. the past week an.) ' ice.- ,vnvi,.H by my , where he had lived since his marriage ! William O. Hardner. Mr. and Mrs. Cor. Hospital a large and finely equipped farm 80 on(. hy ,hP surgeons of the Vnl.ed in oea out of offlr. " 'Abnut tW0 yea"' repllod lhe ,tonH '' 'J'', ''; ,"i T.'", "7 'V i last fall. For Mr. Harris was one of the I nellus Hoagland Tangeman, Mr. and Mrs. of ",nct0,!n avre'- 1wh,ch ,h,as been o,md : Stalea Hospital Marine, ,he Chriallan jtration goes outor .. . 'He came to me from Paris, with , ,.7 ,.. ',. V,.. fl,,-, 'Z douMe I sr? sr;;:n::: rrri claim ancient highway jrHr asiEH : "v SS -h,..h h. h , Manhattan ..i ,,j .. ... ., .... , and Now York. The produce will be sen' ,,..u ,f-.. ,., n,e.ran,, I Insists upon staying. II" 'sn'i any more KAflcrH (Ntonii s. i jyn lniercsi. auu n.s uiarriagt gin oi ... ... h t),.nvf,,i Mr. Rvan inr were nearly 4u0 In the liner's steerage i BUring Perpetual Access to the ,, ,, ,i ,,., , . "Yes. I fear so: and bis 'familiar solrif Brooklyn connections aroused further in- Brooklyn again comes into tennis celeb. "as?" to b' ' nkful to Mrs . Ran for Rooseve,, a us,n of The B' rf q,lnr. seclusion and silence are imperative req-; .,.,. ,.,.,,, t0 ,,, i.rait in him kit.., i, Du ; she has k-i v.ti t he village no! only a fully ; Prrt(ln, ,.,.,..'" '!;; Sound Shore. ulsltes for the accomplishment of a 8c:e,,P,. 01,., innleata thai he thoueht I saln into print some of the paragraphs g, ,'.',' a, "Zn Toge-h. r Vi'hi" 50 0Urt cnurfh' a em,.Mrv and 8 ne.w 'SPcc,al ,0 the E'!- . . 1 Ho has the Pr'v" of 'h" grounds and 'old by a superior power ... t a lie his own .,h.,, ,ki. von. man Bor ho ... v... ... . . Mrs also ..,,,,:.. 1 .. new fire fUll f nil I tL. I IUN U 1" KIKIIS. Ilev.-d lhal Itlverhe.ol town will soon taK,' vlsli 'he cuy; l,ui he . Lave 'Irs m,.,h,.,, v. u , ..... ., K. much importsnce In the Brooklyn of I ag0 A11 lhcs0 mcn havc b(,en playjng ; hoU3P with furniture and a library and steps to assert Its claim to an old hich- r.m tt r. .u.r. m.. I.. - ; "" Hever In 'familiar spirits,' concluded I lr,,D,"rrn?;," I "0"Vp-".VPhar,lZ,,win,ngr,a'l "f the " COmi'any. Half of Large Estate Finally Going ' " FH "'Z8 5 I NEW SETTLEMENT SOCIETY. , Hi. home was on Lafayette avenue, and ' ' 80C " 8Vem ' lhe S'ial Contract for tho Foundation of the "an li'h "'t" Auals! a'?' hhw.y com.n..s.oner. aay. it Is J of 0,' "re,,. 'tors and ,h, assocaiio:, proposes his mother afterwards married Into Ihc irriday ueust 11 is In see a emiiinn Rn n(an "ath at heabiighl. on August dy recorded In the old records. the doctor. 'For example, he tluuks h, o s aid h senlemm: houses ,n various well known Stoppani family of Wall h ' ' '', " . ro,l"on 42-Story New Singer Building 13, was filed In the Surrogate's office yes- Th;8 road was laid out four rods from has a broker In New York who Is buyiug parts of the borough under the auspices .treet note. f r'Tv ,J!lt '!"l ,'", at r- """1"' Has Been Awarded. lerday. Mr. Will.ox left $100,000 in lega- ,. water mark, which would bring it and selling stocks and grain upon orders of ,!,. K.dg;wn.,. Household Club man- .. .. , , ia , 'argely interesting from a Brooklyn point cies to friends and relntive. and turn anil , .u u k k u. ii ,h w.v that he 'projects' to him. Curious phase, agemenl The directors are Mary E. Mr. Harris was a close friend of L. of T(ew , ,bat Mi claire ml W tes lo fronds and r, lames, and Jloo.0,,0 t0 lne bca(.h banKS ,u the was Mar. hwold. Klsie Make. Huth C Bene. Hastings Arnold. Jr.. and Edwin Parke dance with the leader The contract for digging the foundation 'o the trustees of lhe National Assocla- aOUR. But near the banks for nearly tho -Does he keep a record of these trans- diet. Ella Louisa Adams lleulah Munson. Benson. He was married to Miss Male .t oien Cove the happenine o' the hour for the new Singer Building, the forty- "on of A"0"bon Societies for the Pro- . entre distance big boulders, some asjgctions?' I asked. .Lucy Graff. S Ed, th Wilkinson. May Ual- Richmond Barnum on Saturday. October i , hc0I) the Rhodo ,sand , lambake on two-story lower skyscraper. In Broad- " , Anlmals- 'P" large as a good slsed bouse, lie In the Tim, M 0M BOOB were, oo ins .on, anr m opaius, u.irg. u m jonn 21 of last year. Miss Barnum being the ,be Red 8pr!n(t . witn ' way. at Liberty street. Manhattan, ha. .21? ' W ' -"te 'pa h rs .''.X'S "'he' ' Bertha' Mot-ely. ad '"a he" e' Kmg"""' daughter of Joshua W. Barnum. of M Howar,, Mi,v, ,, a:ui ,.s ,.arktft , been awarded the Foundation Company. ? rflle of hia . hi. I rol,d d0Wn "" rooun,"noU8 rlm- show It to you. I shall leave 'you fori Hempstead, who has since died. D. Handy its hostesses. ot 3S Nassau street. broiher David Will nv to? 1 id on There " no doubt ,h,t mo,t or aM of half an hour; 1 really believe your visit QOSPEL LIGHTHOUSE. ln the Eag.e's Society column of Octo- The Singer Building will approximate hls dea'ih the principal' is to be divided ,hom wcre onc0 a P,rt ' ,h Flitta' ,or ''" "' ' " , . n J . ...,, . ,,.,,,, , thm bar 1 these Interesting detail! were L. ..,, , have ., , r into , wo equal pans of which the true, R"me of the havc been seen to .oil , "1 he moment t lie do, i or l.a.l gone and A ..i-ifleate of the ,. orporation of tha r,M ,.,.h,.n H,,rU . UL nn I nnnnnucu tony-two stories in neignt. or twice as ; .,rovldn' lha, ' ,;:.. it ,s SUgg,. t. I thai m- largest of these my old customer, rail. ! him by Ins r.-al t,. ,., v clerk's office to-lay. The six I'redenik Leighton Harris was a high as the Trinity Building, or approx- ion of 111 I , , i o, k , .. M ml oni of the nay of the mime and said: ... Rob,.t ,.., ,..., , . ( ' prominent figure on the mil not so many Big Fleet of Warships to Rendezvous jmaiely 1M feet higher than the Park any ; ((':,; ; ' ;;' r ,M ""'"nl "'" road will be pass- ;; ;J..l.n Im loond vo .,, I...,!' rVIK ;,,y. ,'harles a. Krai- rseve?.0,' r,rmoVTmrrUnt' Z- in .y o- i Si.on. for this building will Tr' ihT'pr'ot til S ! ha bVeo'W. me mg you".' 1 "" ' S"k" 1 scrlption dances. Among them was the Labor Day. he carried down to bed rock, which ,s WjlJ Rg Anjmas ; "Oloalon 01 1 cldpd , laim to the road. "The poor fellow's face was a study . , Bachelors and Spinsters, when its board Broadway8 curb 1 ' ' ft 'and TU el '' 1- " ''- PARIS FASHIONS UP TO DATS , of managers comprised R. Aubrey Barker, (Special to the Eagle.) The Foundation Company has a corps aiiTA PRIIQAnP TUC PAIICC 'That emtnaUl the towa?a Indents may " miuIh have met cry day for Miss Mattle Adams. Rufus L. Sco.t, Jr.; Oyster Bay. L. I.. August IS-At the of engineers preparing for immediate AU I U LHUoAUt I Ht UAUbb. ; ,)ff (.oi;, t0 , h wa,f.r: but ean. Without any .Ugge.tlon from me Miss Violet Harkness, William R. Simons. Navy Depanmen, in Washington ,s on on the eonstr... ; .:. of the founda- , b , ,oad , workpd by tbc low he went to lhe window b dg returned rem " , (he lolirt',v 0 I Miss Henrietta L. Jones, Edwin Parke exhibition the anchorage , ha: of he :0:' 1 "" " l: M, h,'-e as II B'g Su!nmr Hotel at Amityville ,, will effe, .ually prevent any one from oSLded it to me Abraham it 4raus Benson, Miss Louise Wurster. Mr. Harris great naval review ofT, this place on prog're3scs.n8'n"'''S eL 3 as Forced to Shorten Its Season. laying claim to the bcaca and shutting '?.n.eEvPr)bng dppouds upon ou . he ba. ' I himself. Miss Marion Davol. Miss Annette iabor Day. Monday. September 3. Peoole Avoid fie Town The Sound isaihoice nlenie spot " 'In your good faith I have entire IfeTW I Dotter. Miss Carolyn Woodhu.l. Miss The b,g flee: of warships, under com- People Avoid the Town. Th, ; ;, , I , a ho P;' , ,,,,,,0 ,,,n,e f my instru. Uons I Agnes Dyer. Miss Alice M. H. Pflzer. Miss mand 0f Admiral Evans, w .il anchor in HERE'S A WISE DOG. . , , of people I, ,ve' ,0 son,, of the many ay rr"; i 7, ' fl.oVTn I M-" Stat Fwnnlm r'' oS uh" S,UDd 0!T:lf hlf;- a3db " " AmltyrllSTl! t! Laouacsjj SoTo drlU? op'eop n" ehrU m ried to-day. In this set Mr. Harris was d, lho wlew. ln,i h , ,vhPQ (Spe, ial to the Eagle.) Moda-v ' b" (-al"?d 10 t"e Inn, ancient highway. tc( wag whln.r , toul;, rtranamlt lt VB , very much of a leader. the shins are d-essed ill be 'an iov,o Riverhead L. I.. August 18 - School is near the hotel. to you! Have or have I not succeeded? vfl "He Is to marry a very charming girl. . ' ' an ijjpo.,- c 0f this place has The season has been exceptionally bad A DEAR WEEK FOR MEATS. If so. I am ready to go ba. k to the hum- MWt0W Mlss Barnum is not at all a Brooklyn '"" ( ft a "Hie olack dog. which Is not 'very for patronage at the hotel, but Proprietlr Tb(1 p, waek has 0P,n thn dPar,.st of f? elc nce'of' a' yogi 7 doubt If,BIaS lTwm. OfTT oS5. wlllone of 17g"e aVest 'olys' ,a Ovv ''l"? animal" TA? IZZmB. BZ it "d mut'on' m'owd' .wVrdTne towo lecuUbla t Hewle'i'. of Plerrcpon. street and Miss B-OQKT ITZT"!!! wi,m..tT.ndS'a Totof scholar.: lhe VacTVf businMs"''!" Ha'ihaway a "gsSaT" 'In'bf!0 which ".."ben "i'.rpo,;"? I!5e IB . Angiesea Willet, her cousins." BROOKLYN NDRSERY AIDED. ,.,,, bu8Jr ,haslug rab. f,w we.kl Ago stated to an Eagle re- Uiiu8ualiy low pried for a year or two St word dont 001.1?' It with boota A tWvtVk. The wedding was solemnized at Meadow h by noodB and wbp porter that his transieni bus.ness from pas, an(J 5t,,a,iily go, has gained, a lib- The path to power is found In Av " . 4 . f flVV . Brook Farm at noon, and Miss Barnum Sale at Shelter Island Heights Netted was time for the boats to leave for hone .m.-.bil" par. " ' ""''ays and nun- f,ra, f,a,.,io , ,,,, ,.rolip,., ,. nut communion! If a man would swav or ISSVSWSfi had a notel beauty of the day as her More Than S75 ''the dog could not be found. Mr. Howell hu,' l ln'",,nv encouraging 10 expeeuiion of rea-iion and rule others, be must be great whop tAS & 'MWmggL bridesmaid. Miss Clara Hilgar. of Man- ,,,. , ,fc , . was considerably cast down at his loss. ..'.,'. .. . . ,h(, .,,,,. decline, but rather the reverse, according alone' I tell you. it is majesty to be BW AMH Lilian L Hastings rnold ir and Ed- (Special to the Eagle 1 bu, dP,.dcd ,0 return the next day for alleged speed violation In lhe village. h , o( liromini,nl meat whole- able to sit here and inspire thoughts In W HHk hattan. L. Hastines Arnold r and Ed shelter Island Heights. Angus, Is- The theianii.e. salers. lhe minds of the mighty in all lands f SfflBSttBBBlK win Parke Benson were two of the 8alo for ,he benefit of the Brooklv,, Nurs- Although lh dog overstayed his shore T Vfiiff'c wTT T FTT PTl U 18 'hought by both stock men and I: was 1 who inspire.! 'V ushers. Four hundred people were pres- er and Inf, Ho.,, . ,, , leave eonsiderabli . h-' got homo all right J.YOIM S WILL IJ,JSJJ. meat dressers, thai the late libels upon Hie failed States with ' and then he cV- V ent at the wedding breakfast that fol- ...... h,,e, ' ' rather tired, thoughthe next nigh. The will of the late Marvin T. Lyon, of the operations of the great packing estab- told me a lale too momentous to be l.ghf- W , - lowed th" ceremony J having .ramped .1 all the way from the ,,.mu. 1 1 has been Sled ,n llshmcnts of the west, published in news- ly meniioned and which cannot be estab- nMHVP lowert mony. the summer cottage of Mrs. George P. I grove, through flood (Hound. 10 bis hone. ,lam,".n' h' " "'' "' papers and m ., c ,:. es. logcher, Hi- iished by any proofs. W , .v a wi Fiske. It was arranged by Mrs. Henry F. i here, a distance of at least twelve mile,. ,,u' Surrogate s onV, for probate. pro- iurmoil 0:1 the same lue s in W ashington "I listened to the remarkable man with Lingerie gown of embroidered and , Mrs. Craigie's Death A Brooklyn Alen and Mrs. Fiske. I Being taken there in a boat and never vides for lhe disposition or a large estate , has discouraged ihos .associated ,n the sud, curiosity that I entirely forgo, the ,T .otiv r vail. trim ersonslltv Gone Many children of ,he cottagers united having been over the road. It. Is quite a ! In trus for the widow, Frances Rudd meal industry to the effect of bringing hook 1 held In my hands. When my bo- ,ufce" w ' ' , , J , , ' A '""M vonr. jn Mrrtaf al lhn 3tV(!ra tab,ei inl ,ll(,rorsl,r,. as l0 h0iv the dog knew which Lyon, for life, and at her death for the . about a more expensive meat supply or ter saaaa demand.: d proof tho bound ree- ming top of flounce on skirt and Jacket, f Ko'-.many novellsis of the dsy had a J76 will be sent to the treasury. way to turn to head for home. two children. 1 the community. 1 ord before me berime a thing of the high- girdle ot pale blue lliierty silk. Society, wider vogue I who was Mrs. Pearl Cralgie in prlva life, and it is of interest to recall B.ooklvn Society had a part in her , It is true that Mrs. Cra'.gio never here. Py birth- she was a Dostonia by adoption a Londoner, hi ; Morgan Richards, being i ; dean of the American col. m T. RUM'S gifts Presented the Wanamaker Estate of 50 Acres to the Sisters of Charity. ,V(V tote OT OU Acres tO the to enjoy themselves in. including enrrou- no Sisters of Charity. or'hnwh,e 2TV0i.'BLiTm..'12f;i; I ctically the of refreshments for the little ones will ' in London unemT,. e : nraetlcaUy unlimited cllcllMy CHILDREN HIS GUESTS. Tammany Leader Dooling Be the Entertainer of 20,000 To-morro guests of County Clerk Peter J. Doc the Tammany leader of the Ninth sembly Dlstrici hattan Casino, to-morroiv night. kinds of games will be there (or ih( STEEL MADE AVAILABLE H FOB MANHATTAN BRIDGE Ryan and Parker Company Breaks Down Combination. AMERICAN TALES OF TIME AND PLACE The Remarkable Narrative of John Stirling and His "Familiar Spirit."

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