The Rutland Herald: A Register of the Times from Rutland, Vermont on December 8, 1794 · 1
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The Rutland Herald: A Register of the Times from Rutland, Vermont · 1

Rutland, Vermont
Issue Date:
Monday, December 8, 1794
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-i '' ' ' ' -i V , j r T' ' II' l " " ' " ' .' 1 , ' t-ggg"1 1 min M " 1 '" "" ' l''3- ; . I ... N - 'in " Til - V .."VjiV .. H' incapable of "dohiV wubow pet uoiaiy -Whea tKe'fcbrernofntif haled bf the peo ihere U ro cjd of thiir vvv?, -.v.'4 . 'V , - ; ' - ' - 5 wnca iuomurxiwc?ntne iworeptipr . & v- ' .---gs-, - . . . . i. i s m Ajnachr acquires thtir i vTpurchaicdjof IIr 5 , ? J9V?$J Wty , y ) repeatedly iaterruptef by the ip. ' ;r Pr mrlntffi'cc;Appaatas,taod i Privileges .annexed, byt Uw to hi hVtbc Commm:?, " '-V,';pSbere il!Afor tbcv-Wtarr;befmrfw bjr ihejiubrcribOT The, bne fccicury- then fcai; 4;&H'r "Fy ' ' rA, ; ,Vf' 'viiV.s !ihe CDovenu5tweQlicdtotbjatf-f i - ;:Hi(aa;urefulUovd?enrertainirig Fa pefyAp5cdotes:. Poetical Fnch people have never for . i :i,mtfv& Speco!ativaPicccin fee admitted;in rtheir, proper 'pW- "VH f-S?' ;;;R!2cc;Andproportton V;,f.:pubUftothcnuc'andccurafeau pi6p!a Albica, rDdmftic tranfaaions tvhIcb;jfroro uosctome; tnay take; place. ?f tld io orood. -and mW fo airac. .! T'At)d tfeftiiil enJeaVour that jour reVderimay find '.the articles of) cdThcy fcnt their armies, to ? a1 lufcriiiintclfeence i -'-W'"''- VC v M'r 1 r;' shcwdepeijdenceofaiateounu), uie 'Wr 1: '-Vlh' ITolfialmat(er uhlifliJaapHcef Wnch at the fame 'tiine learned to ' ' T xiferv mav be of ufeoVonimunicare information.' 6rWn be con- !at d fcepire their ow tyraaay 'fidetcdastela 5yon vaefceii'd topu6lt3i any thing iri the! Herald of an Jmmoial wtufe Jrb ;.;;,! prjehdency. becomejh -vv, ?;;(,dvpesofLcIcajonecnng olitjcians rnorillwc be employed inTTbc Preladent .procVedfdtoTfe-V. .Vcrivatenioueyand quarv6rCin'rnUrdcrinff rcputatfohsand characlrthat'iheL alliance beiwecrriKe 1 ; w , ter$: or in4diaurbjng the.eniOymcnts of domeftic happmeft.r J o jeiublicj waa not ojerel a diplo, :;j V:"-;.V' The puce'ofihe Herald will bcii?iwwrtp thofe j cordial triendfhip - He "Wed that ' .tohofAWCTfcnd th6 papers 'onrfelvesj yeixnfytllmxiQndfxpencctJ indtiToWble, thofe-Svbb call Wtthe Ofnce'aW-take them anduhe loweft 4tProv i'rtrucVswmcHa ; ;t&cmlin;cwfid not be .in oufj tmmtih been ie- ;yjwwet to beat.the expehce of .publtfhmgahc He-rald till . thd4cved in France yean Wo by the J ' jpxiatibn of' th'o ivinter;after thivHvuhout receiving4 fotne, part or ihfyci of he hBertiei pf ce eeopfe, , - nnvtrt'f'nahle?us to defrav tht-heceflaiV eipenccs.. In the! md hoVtnlich itierit be tvciifd have rfy ourfe of the prefetttWintef,thergcmlcmen,vvhd WuVqswith' havbracicl-fly ynl leatauoabl tha awcletv and infoiro . that pre AM erciy part of the UnV M&gaveiitaeaui.;. -v r T A rfw W igo, poet coMer Walv ; aUo iov ciiHody qpobVfofpicioa 0f cauiou arid tre al?nable oraflicesJ'A J wxtm lm prevjoufly, obtained 'toV; j,, featcU btf, fialVio; Which, wire found r J zh old a tennyxcorth' of htefc 1 wrapped p to eaf o one V the M ' pamp-jew puifbed by order of Mr, ' tjetvraWmiee, and Mo Ma All thcrtrVwithMhecobleril1-": wre ct.ied before a erv "htitni gnrate;,V bb atiebtlvel exnnneJ tha V J v 1 ftjupti roiclearly of ooiniodt,, 1 wroaei(fboft intended to be Wortfij V E-ralifccobiV fon aKi? the French had. pfaft ted the Tree of ,S Liberty in SU Jaattvi.PrjL-'. The. tht'fi-paper hii tvorfliip.decUrxi' hzdf' I' a Aton of fedindn andkt in the' he bad nb dobi . hut tby - 9 fwg1jt.Be ired it fubaimteV for k j All t thf? circuraflancM. .aken . to - Vi' . 1 learnedumouvert.ift b r treafon.J it-, . J -The Knrghtpntheafrroiemnly;'' V.1 protefted hit innocence :out the rna. thai heMa$ajrw.,vjL ..f; ? for far- 1 ter of a year,' to abE3supplyjAjr ' othcrrtbrccr . v-v y ,---'t,'Tli?tnoft propetaof foliating thpubiic favour, i$f-to de-VferVc it: tMsflidlbe ouf cb' wemean -V to have ftcadily; iri view if,', to maVehe Hraldani Inftrvc; ?C: Iintcmimng;nd;Uftftil' Paper; itipinfluenc by parties, 4andya$ ; free i a'soflible fromany ml)ctu);csof prejydice.--VVhile yc keep W this ru1e,we feel, a onfidehcp tbat'fliallobtoin .encourage-.;Vtncnt in the public approbation arid favour ;rarid wc-earrieftly rc- ,l; Ja v,1 . r.V -".-HJ-.. f, "tlierdayof oppfffiiotrof dangcr,and ' , I -I cnn' t - ? . v . of btoodfhed i 'but her font were vin ''.iVfet iyhXsU- "t?tM$ and brave, Thevftorm Which' lVl; fctf folong darkened her pHtteil ; .j ,y;V RAC. - J v -ioa 4pcjied( and hativen be -V ,1- f-j M- 'te-j lfo cnioymeptof peace of liberty, 1 V-MERIfiAM AMBASSADOR.' of lappin'. . V rVY v ? v 4 a A ineuinnffoiinc Naonai uon ; trance, the tnena ana any or.vrnc A;S;emion;h lrnaldcr, vVfcujl.Mrf,Muwpe.(ntorm.ea tiCon; mw entered upon( the fame; honour., venaon truhe W ;acjuaime3 'V&ii 'ti addrefi them fir itbuiai he hid a " herdlfm of her troop attraH the wbiiv . 1 erf i a r y - toVea it j- the I fpeech was B v orid the wifdorn and fi rrnnefsMof f&i&qCvfcniif terrwaatioa .to;tc tf , Ij 'TMyyidrDiitftaee into ,pt auemoiy, ;ipCjtiirnxot.tne great quuvt a cer. iitrijihercfeoce.t ll-fl?- p ckrtatcc(3' m ArortK :?.U'fTeQeij;''iity i fenChifity. to- a degree 5viuareVo4at:tWCom!eeDta!'X)a V .; vhicU I cannot.'expreft. ,1 Cregard 1 Wef have requeUed' the Pfident to v-'biiii;.ne proof, f friencthip and"v raWbiowiofou;.this fentlinehl j; v-":f ieneero?Vrh;cb;tbe F.erch: nauorv hoi Cand hi?c ifling a jreeable to the de r Vi: alayaiVxprt C c hclr lliei .tW fire pf the two H9ufeir the Prefident, pUited &aiesfAenca epjded rhe to declare the'ebne-' lUpublics ooitcf be (nirner C.fciality of hi fenttrt?eai' th tte1?. 'f wurnatery ebiuieOed .thari they ; are, (- As the poVeri enunflcd to ' rne are 1of,"theynateVon arrnWjtfde iofac nbw acknowledged by you,' I proiaife j:S roohjn the faros intercfty. 'f1, hi$ rBax-'tmyfetft V? iro't i pateu1ariyltrue wu1i:the.Affi per :e-r oetici .ft icap and French Republicj,f j ( v y fefily convinced, batr WilrX.ollQr vviand unalienable iighiabf rnaa.; The M 'do kxwtU) thYfeaihrcnti f toy. bc'-! faiibful Jeptttici !txttreiy:i the ' !ntJal!adoritb real attachrpenr; vthi!o:aSeUd'ifoTliy t an 'end Heiongc4 to crown it with he frattr- oalmbracei ?J chargedvMfaid W'vio give ir jnUba 'pame" pf the French nadoa, Cooe and receive it in the came', of the Atpeiieaii i ration andtouw fcene'deftroythe laft h.ope of the ippiouj coalitidu of rjiimi.1 ' - l,The Prefident gave the fatercaliffj' to the rninifler and baa dec'ared. :thit be'recognifed Jaraei MunroVia 'thji quality -:v,;' '! -:-!N Return of the Duke of YorkVafmy on hii marching from Ooflcrhoyt to his jefent enu enched camp cearBuii le Vv i fp',: ' r Hanoverian? v - 170c, y. HetTe'.Dinhflaf,", : ' 520 ' v -' ' v KeujCaflct, iher .exnationj and'.ja theev)'-1 m VaV '" JtV Tpujcijavaljy;; nanovcTjan, : - 3913 1 ,;. ! .HeuV'OarllMrl':-Ai464- 4 .TWwhblc baffaefs cf.rJ.iu li'iiiyiias been i,fo 'tlkbL-' tft be cbrio pieces.; to. yTke folIawlait.iJ the axcotint givea byjihe FrericH Emirtinii oil rhe ccu' ttncnl of tlic ' lat hegociatibat at'V enna. Emper gacs 'Tmj day letters were received fjroc wtftjy, xa connnnaunn 01 tine &c odntf of rise lire infii'rrca ion in Po- r' $ Mi ProdiaMt appearr, that when the ; ? Crest Frederic took pon-flion cf iha: A? ' r. ? cotciry as bthhare of Poland.' in the ' C prttwftn. bf' 1773, he guaranteed tQ''"? tbe'-iohabiticts diver's 'privileges, f ai': f'; , , moo others; tbat'of (arnifhing-pnly' a certain- number of men for recruit-- V 1 tng'hit armies; ' j)ijijuniber'havir.'t pumbcrofaVoaritjDOOratheheffin.', : ';' jifrJg which pomber ib'drcaredianM V'eM waf joined by the garrifens ol : tf dilFcrMttovirni.' .It is aid tk'A q W fiopped tbe pilTtga of , between', ' utty and lixtv oieces ol heavv artxllenr . v - u V ' deOUicd for the Ccof yarlw.C ? 'Xf;chau'd.Gener-i'tncliier,o Sft'.,;!v'; Frentb army on tfie,Rhirt!V by fomd tneans cf oiher'got into Mankeiml of ' V - wnicn coo viewicpjrec. ana uepc ' inpneofiheptincrinnf his" deparTUre he jgavc-a 1 letter b ose! of the iwaitervtellln him arfcrva5rV Would call for. kin jjKe moriiini Afi , , (eilm;nObcidyiCaIIing idiilyg 'i .? f letter, ira obencdv.r;ccfera ;J , into . oiir ; pay; will potgmcnt the foreel itcM ;rc jlcyed tVjxarpll -ther I ijv memory xf their paft misformnes will '6unijfyrnetiy and;lj fhaU'do every, I peroto keepap ibenotnber he hu j I -Vv: - aijfment -tbeir. tuture tiappmeli, ana ... ttind.whtca' it m tcv power to pre-1 now in- tiie -new. nory ice arc pi i uxp'twx icoiynier irm V flxen-ikcaihtirjimot; America! had., .ferveandVerpetuatcfe B5ytan&8o b i French ; tfWnx only enable iihe Em-1 toi by gUu l.i 'ybe lieVdfiary tm . , notnbers he hu yttcti . are oMyfio . f uriulh j so.ecp 1

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